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Archive-name: Casual/cum2me.txt

Archive-author: Alfred

Archive-title: Cum to me

Hello dear,

    Well, you gave me an idea.  I have to ration my stamps, so I am

going to write you an "interesting" letter over email.  Ok.  I hope

you like it.

    You are at a party.  Things have been pretty stressful lately, and

you were hoping to relive some stress tonight.  The party has been pretty

dead so far.  There are a lot of people hanging around with beers, munching

on chips.  Nothing is happening.  You had hoped it would be better.  You

wore a rather tight pair of jeans with your new sweater.  But this party

is more interested in the basketball championships on TV.

    As things went from boring to sleepy, you decided to wander around

the apartment complex.  At 2:00 AM most everyone seems to be asleep.  Doors

are all closed.  The hall seems to drift off to nowhere.

    It was then that you came upon the door that had, in big yellow letters,

"Lots of fun, and VERY naughty."  You look closely at the door to make sure you

are reading it right, and then you knock.  A man opens the door, and when he

sees you, a smile grows on his face.

    "Hi," you say, " I'm Sheila."

    "What's up, Sheila?" he asks.

    "Not a lot, you?"

    "I'm just looking for some fun.  And you?"

    "I might be also."

    You look him straight in the eyes, and you smile.  Then you give him

a little wink.

    "Would that be _Naughty_ fun?" he asks.

    "That depends on the person, hon."

    He invites you inside, and you follow him over to his couch.  Like

a gentleman, he sits a distance away from you, and you chat for awhile.  You

find out that you were both born in the same area of the country.  You begin

to become very relaxed with this man.  Soon the conversation turns to the

party down the hall.  You were so bored you had to leave.  Then he asks:

    "So, do you often look for naughty fun in the hall?"

    "Sometimes," you say with a grin and a wink, "when I'm not out on


    "What kind of person are you looking for?"

    You smile a bit, and then blurt out,

    "Someone who isn't gonna get serious, and wants som good dirty fun!"

    A smile slowly crosses over the man's face.  He stands up and looks

in your eyes.  He says, "That would be me," with a wink.

    "Is that an offer? Hmmm?" you say with a smirk.

    "Sheila, dear, would you like to _come_ over to my spa, so we can...

... chat?"

    The devious side of you that has been yearning to be free all week now

has control of your thoughts and movements.  A warm feeling of anticipation

has been growing below your belly ever since you entered here.  But you can't

let this man think you will give in to every whim.  You tell him,

    "If you can 'handle' me, love, lead the way."

    The spa is in a room with a soft loop rug running from one wall to the

other.  The water has been turned on, and the rising steam is making you wish

you had worn less clothing.  You don't fret over this, though, the clothing

will probably be removed quickly enough.

    "So tell me, Sheila, what turns you on?" the man asks.

    Your face flushes for a moment, then you say,

    "Oh.. a lotta things."

    You think back on your love life for a moment, but reminicence is

not why you are here.  "I've tried quite a few things, how about you?"

    "Actually, I haven't benn with many women.  I haven't tried much

at all, really.  I have had a fantasy about being tied up..."

    "You naughty little boy.  Now, now, I wouldn't want to wear you out,


    You walk over to the man, slowly.  You look him deep in the eyes.  You

size him up and down, and can't help but giggle.  He is very handsome with

short brown hair that stands up like a soft stubble.  You could get lost in his

blue and grey eyes, that remind you of stormy skies.  He stands there, trying

to look quite aloof, and proud, yet you can't but sense that he is a soft, and

caring person.

    "Hrmph! funny?"

    "No, just fun.  So, hotstuff, where do we go from here?"  You say to

him with a giant smile, and yearning eyes.

    The man walks up to you and puts his arm around your waist.  You smile,

and kiss him softly on the lips, as you run your fingers through his hair.  as

you kiss, he opens your mouth, and thrusts his tongue deep inside.  You return

his passions with a dart of your own.  Your tongues do battle in the attempt to

please each other.  Between gasps of breath, your faces are pressed close.  His hand behind your head; your arms on his shoulders.

    The man brings his arms around your back, and slowly rubs his way

 lower and lower downwards.  You look at him lustily, and run your fingers

across his chest.  You start to unbutton his shirt slowly, then you lean down

and kiss his chest.  You remove his shirt entirely, then, and toss it to the

side.  He begins to follows suit, as his hands stop in thier treck to your

butt, and he pulls your blouse from your jeans.

    You snicker as you reach around and squeeze his butt, and say,

    "So, lover, what are you going to do to me? Hmmm?"

    "I am getting there," he gasps.  "Am I too slow for you?"

    "Oh no," you moan, "it's fine. Keep going!"

    You kiss his neck gently, as his hands trace light circles over your

belly.  You kiss up to his chin, and turn back to his lips, and the man moves

in closer.  You feel his leg press up against yours.  A hard lump is pushing

right up on your crotch.  You giggle as you feel his member pushing at her.

    "Poor little thing," you say.  "Maybe, it wants out of there, hmm?"

    "Yes," he says, "it does."

    He has been tickling your sides and slowly working his way to your

breasts.  He waorks his fingers under the tight fabric, and massages your skin.

He reaches behind your back, and unfastens the bra.  He helps you wriggle your

arms free, and he removes your bra from under your shirt.  Then you trace your

fingers down his chest, and you stop at his pant buttons.  You unbutton his

jeans and pul them off of him.  You gasp as you see him poking at the fabric in

his briefs.  You press your body against his skin.

    "Can you feel how hot I am, love?" you ask him.

    He moans, "Yes," as he kisses around your face.

    You nibble on his earlobe, and chuckle, but he turns his head and kisses

you passionately. He licks your lips, then takes one lip between his teeth, and

gently bites down as you draw away.  You look at him, and slowly you lick your

lips. You slip your finger inside his undies and tug at them.  They drop to the

ground as he steps free, and kicks his clothes aside. The man traces his finger

down to your crotch.

    "I dare you," you whisper in his ear.  "Now, now..."

    The man unzips your jeans, and yanks them to the ground.  You step out

as you pull your sweater off with your shirt.  You squeek as the warm air runs

about your bare breasts.  You rub your body against his.  He takes one of your

breasts in his mouth, and flicks his tongue over your nipple.  You feel them

begin to stiffen, and stick out like his shaft.  He puts his finger on your

crotch and starts to rub slightly.  You give him a lusty stare as he drops your

panties onto the floor.  As you step out, he is licking his way down your belly

sucking on every patch of skin.  You can't help but release a laugh as he

inserts his finger into your pussy.

    "Ohhhhh..., yesss," you sigh happily.

    You spread your legs apart some to let him enter further.  His licking

has reached the top of your cunt, and he flicks his tongue around--searching

for your clit.  You shiver, and you guide him to the spot.  When he reaches it

he traces circles around it with his tongue.  Then he flicks his tongue

lightly over it. His finger is still inside of you, and he begins to wriggle it

back and forth inside of you.

    The man then stands, takes you in his arms, and lays you back onto the

soft floor.  You lie back, and smile, as you pull him down to you.  He grabs

your legs and puts them over his shoulders.  He thrusts his face into your

mounds and licks up the juices flowing out of you.  You push his head down

to add pressure to your swollen lips, but he gets up and turns around.

He crawls over you starting at your head, and licking his way to his goal.

When he reaches your pussy, you wiggle your hips in anticipation.

    You grab his hot cock and rub it against your face.  You purr happily,

as the precum oozes out onto you.  You tease his dick with your tongue,

flicking the tip of it.  He moans with his face between your thighs.  You

unroll your tongue and very slowly, you lick it all the way from the bottom

to the top.  You take the tip of his juicy dick into your awaiting mouth.

You swirl it around in your mouth using your tongue.  Then you inchingly

descend your head on it.  The man has been pumping your cunt with his fingers

for an eternity, and now he is licking your clit ferociously.  You are sucking

slowly, purposefully along his shaft.  You begin to pump your head up and down

on his quivering cock.

    "Ohhhh... GOD. Yes," he moans.

    Then you deep throat him--quickly shoving his five inches into your

tonsils--and gasp for air.  You can see he will shoot his load soon, so you

push against him to get him to move.  He rolls off of you, with a face dripping

from your juices.  Your cunt is swollen an anxious, but you have other plans

for the moment.

    You bend over his cock, and giggle, as you place your breasts up against

his dick.  You squeeze it tightly inbetween them.  You begin to jerk his off

with your breasts.  He rocks his hips, and pumps his cock between your tits.

You touch his tip with your tongue when it reaches your mouth.  He looks you

in the eyes lustily, and licks his lips.

    "Warn me if your going to cum on my face, ok?" you ask.

    "I would rather cum inside your mouth, unless you prefer something


    "Oh, I like it either way, loverboy," you say with a wink.  "And I

always swallow, in case you were wondering."

    You smile at him again, as he parts from your chest, not coated with

his precum.  He tells you to turn over.  You get on your hands and knees, and

you spread your legs for him to enter.  He holds onto your breasts as he rubs

the tip of his member against your hole.  You moan in ecstacy.  He enters you

slowly--the tip only, and then puls out.  Again and again he does this driving

you wild.  Suddenly, you blurt out,


    He obeys.

    He rams your cunt, spreading the lips wide apart.  You can feel it fill

you as he pumps back and forth.  You start to rock on his dick.  Moving with

the motion, you can feel the urge building.  You tell him to keep it up.  He

is feeling the boiling in his balls, as he gets ready to shoot his load inside

you.  He is pumping harder and harder, and then you feel the tingling in your

whole body.  You shout at the top of your lungs,

    "Oh. Oh. GOd. I am cumming.....blow it baby!"

    He keeps pumping as you are wracked with ecstasy, then he shoots his

load all over your cunt.  You can feel the warm juices as they paint over

your entrance.  He moans louder, but all you can hear are your own screams

of joy.

    He pulls out of you, and brings you over for a deep kiss.  You rest

in his arms for awhile, but this is not the end....


I hope you like it.  I hope it gets you so horny, that you cream your

pants.  I hope it gets you so worked up, that you cum find me, so we

can live it out.

Sweet (and wet) dreams.



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