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Archive-name: Casual/chncmeet.txt

Archive-author: Hawk

Archive-title: Chance Meeting

I remember watching her.....the way she moved.  Her

skirt gently folding to the crease of her ass.  Her

legs tight from the spikes she wore...the fish nets

accenting her calves with a spider web of shadow.

As I stood there memorized the world passed me by...lost

in my vision of lust..I could almost feel her warmth...smell

her sweetness.  Her shoulders rocking...and barely

a hint of her generous bosom when she moved just right.

She must have felt my eyes upon her for she turned

and looked straight at me. vision caught

with her own.  I smiled and she winked with just a

hint of a eyes moved down taking in her

high lights...letting her know what was on my mind.

Her long dark hair floating from around her face...those

ruby red lips slightly parted showing a hint of white

from within...eyes the color of grass on a warm spring

hillside.  She stood staring...the tight leather skirt

and top suggesting what lay beneath.  Long thin arms

to match her legs...nails red as her lips long and wicket.

Wishing I could experience her just once...for a lifetime.

I felt myself stiffen as my mind wondered...oh how

I wanted to feel her.  To know her flavor the taste

of her body.  The sweet essence of her

cock palms sweating...I moved toward her.

She stood her ground looking to my I moved..I

knew she wanted me too.  I reached out my hand and

gently touched her cheek with the back of my index

finger...moving a strand of hair from her eyes.  She

looked deep into my eyes searching..I too searched.

She put her hand to my chest and slid her fingers

through my shirt..feeling the hair and muscle hidden

there.  I could see her nipples rise through the leather

of her top..breasts growing firm and erect.  I took

her hand and lead her to the privacy of my apartment.

She followed willingly...knowing what lay in store.

We just got through the door and could hold back

any longer.  I took the back of her head and moved my

mouth to her's...probing ...finding her tongue.  We

moved in rhythm..tongues dancing..enjoying the excitement.

She slid her hand down my chest and over my rock

hard cock...pressing her breasts against me.  I moved

from her mouth to her neck..behind her ear. I could

taste her sweat..smell the perfume she put on earlier

that day.  She grabbed at my shirt and tore the buttons

loose...kissing my chest..licking from one nipple to

the other.  I pulled the leather top up over her head

and found her mounds hard and sweet...taking them with

both hands and massaging gently...kissing them, first

from the center...then slowly out to the stiffened

ends.  Demanding the most of the moment.  She unfastened

my belt and pushed my pants to the floor.  She knelt..taking

my pride into her hands...looking up at me with a sinister

grin...she kissed the head of my cock...moaning as

she did.  I felt a shiver run through my body emanating

from her touch.  Moving her tongue in small flicks

just around the ridge..drooling she slowly took the

length into her mouth and moved down...down...down.

I closed my eyes and shuttered...then opend them as

she moved her hands up my thighs to clasp the cheeeks

of my ass...squeezing as she worked her magic.  I felt

weak and leaned back against the wall...then down to the

floor.  She lay back and I moved to her...taking

her skirt away.  The fish nets were secured by a garter

and she wore no panties.  I fondled her feet while

kissing her long sinuous legs.  As I moved closer to

her hidden pleasure I could smell the fragrance of

her passion.  Filling me with desire...anticipation.

I ran my hands gently along the length of her legs

moving ever closer...savoring every touch.  She spread

her legs and seized my head forcing me closer...agonizing

for what I would do.  I kissed her on the inner most

thigh just out of reach of her womanly joy.  I could

taste her sweat...vowing never to forget...I nudged

my nose to her lips.  Slowly probing with my tongue..I

parted her love...flicking madly.  She jerked and

struggled...arching her back...pushing my

if to force me inside.  Her over flowing juices mingling

with my saliva.  I thust my tongue deep...tasting her essence.

I moved my hands near...helping my advancement...massaging

her clitoris.  She let out a scream and stiffened as

I now worked my magic.  She pulled at my hair and growled...breath

moving rapidly.  She said I want you....I want you

deep!  I teased her not doing what she

wanted right away...still I worked my tongue...moving

from top to cock so hard it hurt.  Then

I stopped....looking into her rage filled eyes I lay

on top of her...forcing my mouth to hers...still full

of her sweet juices.. She groaned...I skillfully manauvared

my hardness...around her thighs...slowly pressing...her

nails digging into my back.  I moaned as I slid my

shaft deeply in...she clutched at me and screamed..Oh

my god! Yes...Yes...Yes...I shott my wad as I could

hold back no longer.  We rocked for quite some time

still longing for more.  I moved slowly as to not to

losse my hardness...not that I would with such a creature

as this!  Then she clenched my arms...wild fire in

her eyes...spasms twitching her body.  My cock again

moved with the skill of my existence...and once more

I let myself release into her...preying upon one another...

commanding the satisfaction we both needed.


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