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Archive-name: Casual/castprty.txt

Archive-author: Robert E. Epps

Archive-title: Cast Party

When I broke my right leg after being up at the resort for only a few

days, I thought the good times were finished.  But after a day or

two, when all that was left of the skiing accident was my leg in a

cast, I started to get friendly with Elizabeth. Sleek and slender

with long auburn hair and cat-green eyes, she had the kind of boobs

that made my mouth go dry.  Her ski sweater filled to over-flowing.

Everyone was out on the slopes, and Elizabeth and I were in my room,

laying in front of the fire. Elizabeth had her head nestled on my

shoulder and one leg over my cast.  I inhaled the fragrance from her

hair, then I started to kiss her throat and her ear.  She moaned


I slid my hand in the back of her sweater and slowly started to rub

her back. Elizabeth sighed and snuggled closer.  I explored her silky

mouth with my tongue; when I found a sensitive spot, she responded

with a little shiver. Elizabeth sucked my tongue.  I nibbled on her

lips, licked them, and they seemed to swell with passion.

I felt Elizabeth press her crotch against my cast.  She murmured with

pleasure and pressed again, harder.  I slipped my hand into her

panties, massaging and squeezing her. In slow, easy waves, Elizabeth

rubbed herself against my leg.

"This is heaven," she whispered.

She stripped off her panties, and when I started to get up, she said,

"No, don't move." She snuggled against me again.  Her pussy flashed a

bright pink - now I knew where the term "hot pink" came from - and

her clitoris stood out, wet and slick with her arousal.  She dipped

her fingers into her lovehold and gave me a taste, letting me suck

her fingers clean.

Furiously now, Elizabeth began to hump my cast, jerking her hips up

and down, rubbing her love juice over me, grinding her clit into my

leg.  Her eyes were closed and her mouth open in concentration.  She

was panting, and her voice was a steady sing-song of passion.

A powerful orgasm soon shook her entire body.  She gave a small

scream, her legs quivering.  She twitched and pushed her spasming

pussy against my cast. "Oh, that's so good," she said.  Later, after

she had gotten her breath back, she murmured, "Thank you."

Since returning from the ski trip, Elizabeth has come over to my

place several times - and it is amazing how creative that girl is

with a cast!


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