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Archive-name: Casual/busstop.txt


Archive-title: Dream fantasy  ( a la Gloria)

   I hadn't been sitting at the bus stop long when a rather rough and muscular

man with a beard and plaid work shirt and jeans sat down next to me.  It was

just beginning to get dark.  The long shadows had disappeared, and the weak

light of a closed auto parts store accross the street cast a moonlike glow

over the nearby trees and shrubbery.  I nervously pulled my purse nearer,

looking down.

   "What's your name?" he asked.

   "Barbara," I replied, my eyes glancing up at him and then back down to my

hands.  His eyes had met mine for only an instant, but I could tell his gaze

had returned to examining my breasts under my red cardigan sweater. I suddenly

felt totally nude.

   Reaching into my purse, I removed several Hershey's Kisses, unwrapped one

and put it into my mouth.  It was soft and sticky from the day's heat.

   "Have some," I said, handing him two of the chocolates.  As he unwrapped

one, I licked the chocolate from my fingers, looking into his eyes with my

eyebrows raised.  His eyes met mine again with a smile.

   "Your hands are a mess," I said, and reached for his hand.  One by one, I

placed his fingers in my mouth, first sucking and then licking away all traces

of the chocolate with my tongue.  Without releasing his hand I stood, took my

purse, and led him around the bus stop bench.  There was a school athletic

field here, and a tiny building for athletic equipment squeezed the loose

hedges and trees into an iron fence.  In a moment we were in the

shrubbery between the fence and building.

   His hands reached for me roughly, brushing the underside of my breasts, but

I placed my hands on his shoulders and pressed him unprotesting against the

wall.  His eyes widened.  Kneeling then, I unzipped his jeans and pulled them

and his briefs down in a single stroke.  His cock swung slowly before my eyes;

I could feel its warmth radiating onto my face.  Gently I cradled it in my

hands, lifting it to my mouth.  I moved my tongue slowly around the tip and

then slid it in.  It grew pulsatingly larger every second.  Placing my hands

on his hips, I moved them around to his buns and held the loose flesh there,

moving his cock in and out.  A groan escaped his lips and he placed his hand

on the nape of my neck, slowly stroking my long yellow hair from the


   The pressure from his hand increased suddenly, his cock filling my throat.

His come filled my mouth, and the spasms from his groin pulsated from my head

down my spine.  Swallowing, I stood and smiled at him briefly.  A sound from

the street heralded the arrival of the bus.  "Bye bye," I said, slipping out

of the hedges quickly.  "Barbara!" he called.  I said nothing, leaving him

there frantically dressing himself.

   As I stepped onto the platform of the bus, I could hear "What's your phone

number?" faintly over the roar of the bus' engines.  Not looking back, the

doors closed behind me and the bus lurched into the deepening night.


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