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Archive-name: Casual/brenda.txt


Archive-title: Brenda

I felt great!  I had spent the afternoon at the gym, working my

hard body into a frenzy.  For work I had a new leotard -- this

one jet black, matching my shoulder length hair, with white

stripes down the sides.  My ample, firm chest topped with

cherrystone nipples pushed tightly against the thin fabric.  My

thin, tight stomach flowed into a delicious ass.  The white

vertical stripes, while straight on the leotard, were forced in

and out when wrapped around my hourglass contours, making it

difficult not to notice my sexy perfect figure.  I encased my

long, muscular legs in black panty hose and headed off to bartend

at Buddy's.  Working always got me very horny -- there's

something about walking around in such sexy clothing in the midst

of so many hungry stares.  I knew that on any occasion I could

have my pick of the men, but I never had -- until last night.

Mike was in partying with his buddies, as he had been after work

for the last few weeks.  He's a tall blond guy -- very friendly

and likable in a shy kind of way.  He told me this was to be his

last night in Buddy's as he was leaving for a new job.  I was

going to miss him.  As always, we flirted and teased each other. 

Susy, one of the other bar waitresses, had told me about taking

her lover up to the office upstairs near the DJ's counter.  With

the noise of the tunes no one could hear them as they made love. 

I was never going to see him again so I thought I'd take a

chance.  "Mike, come upstairs with me for a minute," I whispered

to him.  He raised an eyebrow in question.  "I want to give you a

little going away present," I explained, with a sly smile.

He came around the bar and followed me through the register area

to the stairway.  I reached back and took his hand, leading him

up the stairs and to the office.  I could feel him studying my

ass as I went up the stairs in front of him; I slowed down

slightly and swung my ass for his benefit.  My pussy was already

tingling with anticipation.

I pulled Mike into the room and locked the door behind us.  I

turned to him and pulled his face to mine.  The kiss knocked him

out!  I licked his lips lightly with my tongue and, when he

opened his mouth, slipped my tongue inside for a little

exploration.  Mike wrapped his arms around me, pulling my body

into his, and kissed me deeply.  I could feel his penis hardening

through the thin fabric of his work pants and pulled my body far

enough away from his to get my hand in between us to stroke him

gently.  In no time his shaft grew to full erection.

"Unzip me," I said, as I turned my back to him.  He grasped the

tab and slowly pulled it down.  He pushed his hands around to the

front and cupped my bra-encased tits.  I turned back to face him

and grabbed the leotard at the shoulders and pulled it down. 

Wanting to give the impression that I had no bra on (I wish I

could go bra-less but my tits are just too big!) I had worn a

very thin bra that Mike was now fondling from the front.  He

caught the catch in the front and popped the article open.  My

big, firm tits pushed out, now freed from their silky confines. 

He zeroed in on the nipples, working them into little hardons

between both thumbs and forefingers.

Mike pulled the leotard off and went on to strip me completely. 

I sat back on the couch and spread my legs to give him a good

look at my snatch.  "Show me your cock," I moaned.  He stripped

down quickly and stood before me, revealing his manhood, long,

thick and rock hard, bobbing at my eye level.  "Suck my cock!" he

suggested; with that I wrapped my hands around his firm ass and

pulled his big dick towards my face.  I lightly licked the knob

of his shaft.  His cock throbbed and pulsed as I ever so slowly

inserted the entire length down my hungry throat.  Mike worked

his butt slowly in and out as I bathed his pecker with my spit. 

Mike started to moan louder and thrust his hips harder at my

pretty face.  Sensing his orgasm I slowed him down to a torturous

pace.  His cock was oozing pre-cum and dancing as I lightly

licked and nibbled at his tasty cock.   I reluctantly pulled my

face away from his cock.  "As much as I want to taste your cum in

my mouth, right now I want this thick cock in my cunt," I told

him while continuing the gently stroke his organ.

"My pleasure," he offered as he dropped to his knees between my

spread legs.  He rubbed the damp head up and down across my

equally damp lips then pushed gently.  In one slow, firm stroke

he buried his entire cock in my pussy.  I was so ready!  "I'm

coming!" I groaned as he bottomed out.  Mike quickly pulled out

and rammed his pecker back in as I came under him.  After several

thrusts, all it took to bring me off, Mike paused for what seemed

like minutes -- I could feel his cock twitching deep in my snatch

as he kissed me and felt up my bodacious tits.

"My turn.  I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked!"

I said as I pushed him off.  He pulled out slowly; I could feel

the 'pop' as his bulbous head left me.  I had him sit down on the

edge of the couch, his large cock throbbing straight up.  I

straddled his legs, facing his feet, and lowered my crack down

onto his cockhead.  I grabbed the shaft and guided it into my

hole.  I bounced up and down on his shaft as he tried to hold

back.  "Cum in me, Mike.  Shoot your cream in me.  I want your

load to ooze from me the rest of the night."  I urged him on.  He

couldn't resist and as I ground down on his cock he erupted

sending the first of his shots deep in my hole.  "Fuck me Brenda! 

Here's my jism!" he groaned as he continued to unload in my happy


All night I could feel his cum ooze out of my hole and I'd smile

knowing that I had given Mike the best going away present around.


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