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Archive-name: Casual/bicycle.txt


Archive-title: Ode to a Boston Bicyclist

Okay, so I hate exercise-I admit it-I hate exercise.  I'm getting better about

it I met you.  My body's not the best but you've gotten me to at least move and

finally after watching your buns and those great legs of yours, I brought my

bike out of mothballs.  You're a jock-no doubt about it and I wish I had a body

to match yours but for right now I'll settle for just being able to lose 2 lbs

a week.

I have found though that you've caused my rides to be a little more exciting

lately than I remember them as a child.  Last week as I was arguing with myself

about the many reasons why I shouldn't go for a ride like I don't feel like's too hot...I don't want to...I need to do some paperwork for

work...when I heard a knock on the door.  And there you were in your biking

shorts holding your bike.  I was totally shocked because usually you never come

to visit and you've made so many remarks about the fact that I ride too slowly

so I assumed you would never ask me to go for a ride.  But there you are-God,

how I lust after you when you're in those black shorts-they leave nothing to my

overactive imagination.  You've been out for a while because you're soaked with

sweat making the curves of your muscles even more visible.

The look on your face is pure satisfaction-"So, want to go for a ride?  I've

done 40 miles so far and you can survive another 10, can't you?"

Oh, shit-I think to myself-he's doing well-he'll beat me into the ground but I

smile and sputter, "Sure, you know I'm slow though"  I've got to change-oh,

damn, now he's going see that I haven't got a tan or even a shade of a tan-at

least my legs are shaved.  I put on my sweat shorts and my jersey and wheel my

bike out.

I'm thinking-You're used to racing and you've got a bike set up for it-there's

no way I can match you-I've got a mountain bike that weighs twice as much as

yours-I outweigh you by a good amount. And you've been in training for months.

Oh, well the pain'll be over soon.

We start off slow and I follow you-at least you're not cranking-you slow down

and drift back beside me so we can talk.  "How bout we take one of the side

roads, do about 10 and then circle back to your apartment?  You take me home in

the car if I'm too tired to ride?"

"Sure".  A reasonable request it seems to me.

"Or you can put me up for the night." And off you ride and down a side street

laughing as you drop me in the dust.

I push to catch up with you.  "Did you mean you'd stay over?"

"Yeah, if you can keep up with me for the whole trip."

Is this an incentive or what-I haven't made love to anyone in 2 1/2 years and

all I have to do to get you into bed is keep up with you for 10 miles.

Unfortunately, I start to feel the effects of keeping up with you already-my

calves are aching and my knees feel like shit.  You drift back again-grinning

that mischievous grin you have and ask "How you doing?  I can make it a little

more interesting for you."

"How's that-going to give me a new set of knees?"

"Nope, I was thinking that we've gone about 3 miles already and we can stop

about 2 miles from here for a short break.  In the mean time, why don't you

think of that seat as a substitute for part of my anatomy."

And you don't lose eye contact with me as I almost ride into a ditch.

Oh Christ, am I out with a sadist or know how long it's been for

me.  I keep envisioning all the times that it would have been right for you to

have just come over and stayed.  I keep remembering all the times you said


What you said is having it's effect-I do seem to be sliding back and forth and

it's taken my attention away from the pain of my legs.  I just have that moist

feeling between my legs in the center of my concentration.  As we start up a

slight hill, I lift off the seat  and you keep up with me easily and say "I

notice you don't wear anything under your biking shorts either.  I always

wondered if you were a real red head or not-looks like you are."  And off you

go up the hill with the ease of a jaguar.

I'm starting to get pissed now because I'm losing steam and I can't really keep

up with you and I'm really horny now.  I keep wondering if I'm really going to

get laid at the end of this or if you're just going to sleep on the couch.  I'm

surprised because my knees seem to have gotten used to the ride and I'm at the

top of the hill-thank god.  You drop back and ride beside me and say "The air's

nice isn't it"  And it is too-cool as we descend-the way I like to ride-down

hill on a warm day.  "See the sign down there and you point to a blue sign on

the right-we can stop there for a minute and get a drink of water."

I just coast and feel the wind pass me and it's a great feeling-I don't feel

too bad-I'm half way there and I'm happy.

We turn into a little park that has some benches and trees and a little

waterfall.  I didn't know this park was so close to my apartment-what a

delight.  I get off my bike and lean it up against the back of the bench and go

over and dip my hands under the waterfall, drench my hair-the cool water

dripping down and soaking my jersey.  I'd like to take a shower right now,

preferably with you.  The water is so cool and I cup my hands and take a

drink-it's really cold-I know I'll get cramps if I drink too much so I just go

over and sit on the bench.

You join me and sit close with your thigh touching mine.  I really would like

to have you right here on the bench.  The silky feel of your freshly shaved leg

against mine is a sensual delight.  The thought of how wonderful it would feel

to have your thighs between mine and your cock sliding in and out of me is

rather stimulating at this moment.

There seems to be great pleasure for you in keeping me in the chase right now.

You start a conversation having to do with work and what the merits of certain

features of the product you're working on are-I lost the thread of that after

the first few words-I realize that there has only been work between us and

there's no hope for anything more.  It really hurts a great deal to think that

way and so I'd rather have the pain of my legs to think about than the breaking

of my heart.  I get up and get my bike.  "Which way?"

You're kind of shocked since you thought I was listening to the work

conversation.  "If we go down here and take a right, it goes back to your

apartment but we'll be short by about 2 miles from our agreement."

"Well, then we can go straight and circle back someway, I would imagine."

"Sure-is something the matter?"

"No, I just remembered I should go to work later-I've got some stuff to write

up."  And off I go-I try to keep my eyes averted so you don't see the tears run

down my face as I realize once again that I'm nothing more to you than a

willing listener.  I don't notice my legs any more, I just concentrate on how

I'm going to gracefully say good-bye that afternoon.  I've got to stop hurting

myself by thinking that there's any more to our relationship than work.  I'm

woken out of my thoughts by your hand on my forearm.

"Hey, stop a minute."

"There is something wrong-what is it?"  You really look concerned and I never

could resist being enchanted by the depth of those brown eyes.

"I just want to go back to my apartment because I have a lot to do and I should

be doing it instead of riding today."

"Is this another way for you to avoid me like you've been doing for 2 months

now?  Ever since I took my new job, you never have time to talk to me and I

really miss the talks we had, I thought we were friends-I feel totally

abandoned.  Don't you give a shit about me anymore?"

We're standing by the side of the road and I hate public scenes-I can't stop

the tears now.  "Of course, I care for you-I care too much, I don't want to be

just your friend, I want to be your friend and lover.  I tied myself in knots

while you worked with me and now you have a new job and a new start and it's

better that I not stay involved because you're dating other people and one of

them will work out for you-then I'll be left a second time-Please don't make me

get re-involved, it just hurts too much."

You let go of my arm and slide your arm around my waist.  "I've always loved

you in my own way-I wouldn't have spent so much time and gotten both of us in

trouble all those time if I didn't value you as a part of my life."

My first impulse is to run.  I start to move away and your grip on my becomes

firmer.  "Let's go back to your apartment and have dinner-you're too tired to

work tonight so let's have a nice night together away from work."

We get back on our bikes and I start off, you pass me and take the right side

street and I follow.  Another couple of miles and I see the back of my

apartment building.  The tears are still streaming down my face-more pain from

this relationship, I just don't want any more pain.  I keep saying to myself,

now when he says he just wants to be friends, it'll be alright, you can handle

it-it's not the end of the world.  You don't have to see him at work-it'll be

fine.  You can take him home from your apartment and it'll be over in half an

hour.  All the crap of a lifetime of rejection wells up in me:  I'm not pretty,

I'm not bright enough, I'm not mature goes on endlessly in my

head-I'm just wrong.

We get back to the apartment.  "Do you want me to take you home now or what?"

I'm really short with you now and I can't look you straight in the eye.

"Later-let's get cleaned up first."

We bring our bikes into the apartment.  I go to the refridge and get a jug of

water out.  "want some?"

"Some what?"  As you stand about a foot from me and have a strange smile on

your face.

"Water-what else is there?"

You move closer and put a hand on each side of my waist and say "How about some

of you."

This is scaring the hell out of me and I start trembling and try to move away

but you hold me tighter.  "Stop running away from reality into that very scary

fantasy world of yours.  I'm not leaving you.  You haven't any real idea of how

I feel about you because you haven't talked to me for 2 months."  The tone of

your voice shows your irritation.


"Now, I think you should take a shower and put on something cool and

comfortable and something you enjoy wearing.  I'm going to take a shower, too.

I brought clothes to wear to dinner.  Then we're going to have a conversation

about us-not work-not me-not you but us."

I come back with a short black kimono, holding it out for you.  "You might like

to wear this when you come out of the shower-you can take a shower first if you


"No, you go ahead-I have a surprise for you and I need to get it ready for

you.  Is it okay if I come in and shave while you're taking a shower?"


I start the water running and get in-it does feel good after being so hot and

sweaty-I hear the door open and then the shower curtin rustle-I turn around and

you're beautifully naked waiting for an invitation.

"Can I join you?"

It didn't take much hesitation to join me in the shower.

"So, where's the soap so I can wash your back?"  You're grinning, again.  I'm

having my fantasy come to life and you treat this like this is an everyday


I feel like I'm 17 and a virgin again-I feel awkward and scared-I hand you the

soap and the shower massage head.  You move my hair to my shoulder to keep it

from getting wet and start to wash my back.  I turn around and just stare at

your body-you've got the beginnings of a stiff cock and I notice you're quite

amply endowed.  I give in to my body's longing, knowing that I'm going to be

hurt by loving you.  I reach out for you and pull you to me and kiss you as I

have wanted to do for 2 years now.  I can feel your cock stiffening and your

breathing deepen.  I step back and take the soap and shower massage from your

hand and put them back on the shelf.  I want you now-I don't want to wait any

longer.  I move back to you and you laugh "Slow down, we have all night.

Besides my plans involve some things which require a shower for both of us."

That intriguing smile of yours.

"Alright, I'm game."

I take the shower massage and soak you from the top of your head down.  "Would

you like me to wash your hair?"  You turn around "sure."  I get the shampoo and

start washing your hair.  "I like this-could you do this on a regular basis?"

"Sure, make an appointment with my secretary."  We laugh finally.  I rinse your

hair and then run my hand down your back to make sure the soap is gone.  It

might appear that I'm overly concerned about making sure all the soap is

gone-yeah, I'm feeling you up.  Touching you is nerve wracking-I just want to

fuck right now more than anything else in the world-no foreplay-just pure lust

and rut.

That's what I've always felt with you-this lust and desire and I'm about to get

what I want.

You take the shower massage in hand and reach past me for the soap.  You dampen

my front and start soaping my tits.  My nipples show their interest standing

towards you.  I can't stand still at this point especially as you get closer

and closer to my snatch.

"Calm down, we'll get there."

You know me too well.  I feel like a racehorse at the gate and hot to trot.

The soap makes your hand slippery as it slides down my front to my bush.  That

fond remembrance of the sensation of a slick hand where no one has been for

ages.  As your hand nears my twat, I put my hand on yours and glide it down and

between my legs working it back and forth in a gentle rhythm.

My motions are quite restrained for someone on the edge of coming-I just don't

want you to stop that wonderful motion in and out of my cleft.  Please, just a

little longer.  My breathing is getting shallow, I close my eyes and start to

drift to that edge of pleasure that has been absent so long from my life.  My

breathe quickens as I near my climax and I move your hand more quickly trying

to push myself over the edge and feel the waves of relief.  You push my hand

away and pull me to you in a passionate kiss sliding your tongue in slowly,

taunting me-I respond in kind-exploring you with my tongue and letting my hands

roam over you without boundaries.  Your cock approves by standing straight

up-hard and tight-the veins coursing with blood.

I want you now and lean back up againt the wall and put one leg on the side of

the bath and pull you to me-I'm quite agressive at this point-I want you and we

can go for a more relaxed pace later-I want you and I want you now.  I reach

out and guide your member to my channel.  I expericened the feeling of being

filled for the first time in years and can only let my body do what's

natural-you feel the same way.  Your thrusting in and out of me is pushing me

to the edge again-I can't stop the waves of plearuse as they pound over me and

I feel the contractions in my snatch beginning; I'm gasping for breathe and

murmuring to you-"Don't stop, please come inside me"  As the contractions

become stronger I push back to meet your thrusts and my entire body trembles as

I start to come.  You hold my waist firm as you continue to pump into me.  The

tears of release are streaming down my cheeks- I open my eyes and see you

clenching your jaw as you approach coming-I slide back and forth and squeeze my

cunt around your cock-you open your eyes as I feel the first spasm of your

coming pass through your body-a wide smile comes over your lips as you push in

and out feeling the semen spurting out of your cock and inside of me.  The

slippery sensation of your cock moving in and out so well lubricated makes me

tingle and gets me ready for another session.  You slow your pace and just lean

up against me, the feeling of the shower cooling and relaxing to us both.  I

push you back a bit and kiss you gently and enfold you in my arms.  I whisper,

"Would yo like to take a nap and relax."

You laugh and say "That took more out of me than the ride."

"I think it did."  I reach for the shower head and move it over you washing

away the remnants of your seed.  I take a finger full of your juice to my lips

and taste it's saltiness-"Tastes good-can I have some more later?"  Smiling

that smile I reserve only for attractive single men.

You snap back, "You'll have to do something to earn it."

To be continued....


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