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Archive-name: Casual/barbie.txt


Archive-title: Barbi and Bobby

     Bobby was now glad for ONE important thing....  That he had always

thought that it was important that he always be in top physical shape..  After

all, not only was he soon to go into the service in a few months...but always

being conscious of how he looked had always been an important factor in the

way he felt.  There was also a third reason now why the 18 year old man

appreciated being in top shape.  For the past hour now, he had been riding his

bike either along with, or behind his most recent girlfriends.....Barbi.  And

in spite of his KNOWING that at any time he could easily outrace her, he was

constantly suprised and highly pleased when the 18-year old girl continually

proved that she could stay right up with him.  Like now, having ridden almost

a mile up a steep hill...following close behind her to protect her from

traffic....he was soon beginning to spend more and more time really 'noticing'

her for the first time.  At first she was merely hunched over the bike

handlebars, and as Bobby pulled up beside her...he had an unusual feeling deep

within his loins as he noticed how her costume fit her...  Consisting of a

tiny cut-off T-Shirt, of a semi transparent material....fluttering in the

breeze, from his position slightly behind her, Bobby gulped as he noticed that

he could stare into the deep gap under her shirt....and caught the soft curve

of her under breasts....amazed to see that in spite of her not too small size

breasts, that she needed NO artificial support..  From them back down her

hard, flat tummy, he saw that her stomach was extremely flat....almost like a

block of cement....where he could see the only crease in her body, at her

waist, almost hiding her tiny indented belly button...and then the slight

curve of her lower belly before it disappeared into the low cut hip band of

her jogging shorts.  Like the material of her shirt, it was semi-transparent,

and in fact at time he could see the bright sunlight through the thin

material...seeing parts of her body that really suprised him.  Now, the MOST

exotic feature of her totally overwhelmed Bobby, as the hot sun blazed down on

their heavily sweating bodies....  Even HIS flesh looked sexy, as the sun

gleamed off the muscles that were tensing and his arms and legs

worked that bike up the hill...  Yet it was NOTHING compared to the body of

Barbi.....and WHY?  Simple....because this wonderful young woman was in fact a

black woman....Not pure black, but her flesh was the color of dark

coffee...with just a twinge of cream....  And as each muscle of her body

tensed, strove to move that bicycle along the narrow country road, the bright,

burning sun gleamed off her flesh, highlighting it in such a manner that made

her look as if she were made of polished mahogany....  The special effect

caused by her body being completely coated with a sheen of perspiration made

her look like a Queen of the Nile....  Now Barbi was in fact, just a little

taller than her male companion....  Close to six foot tall... and extremely

slender...  Like many of her high school senior companions, she was into

athletic programs, and it certainly showed in her body.  While tall and

slender....her arms, long and lanky were still the long muscles

worked and flexed...gleaming like they were polished....  For the long minutes

Bobby rode beside her, he kept glancing over at those magnificant legs, unlike

any he had ever dreamed of in his life...  Long, extraordinary long, they

never-the-less showed a great deal of muscles, and as they pumped up and down,

like long, black locomotive pistons, he could hardly keep his eyes off those

strong inner thigh muscles that seemed to especially tease him, as he could

almost see the rivelets of perspiration sliding down them, and because of the

breeze blowing against her, he swore he could see the sweat flowing back into

the flapping gap of her leg openings.  Through that gap poor Bobby was shocked

to see as she lowered the leg nearest to him...and raised the other, he saw

the flash of pure white....and realized it was her tiny, almost totally

abbreviated panties, which because of the deep slit on each thigh, showed that

they consisted almost entirely of a simply narrow triangular piece of soft

cotton, and a stretchy band around her lower hip...  As they arrived at the

crest of the hill, he passed her, yelling for her to follow if she could, and

with that Bobby peddled like a mad man as he burst down the hill...along the

curving road..  Following quite easily behind him, young Barbi was also making

HER observations of her new boyfriend.  FIRST, she almost felt weak in her

knees as she could see that body of his....  And most unusual....Bobby was

white....well, he was well tanned...but never-the-less he was almost white..

His flesh no less wet than her's as a result of his perspiring.  But what

really effected her....was how handsome Bobby was...  It was simply the

combination of several things....  First his eyes.... long, narrow....almost

almond shape, like an Asian....they were the most beautiful she had ever seen

on a man.   His face was sooooo handsome, that in school, whenever she saw

him, she often found herself 'touching' herself in areas to make herself feel

sexy....  Sexy hell .... downright horny....often feeling herself getting wet

between her legs as she watched him and dreamed of making love with him.

While Bobby was indeed, several inches shorter than she was, that only made

him THAT more sexy to she often dreamed of 'seducing' him...FORCING

him to do whatever she wanted.  Yet she realized that while he was a bit

shorter...NO boy in school looked more sexy than he did....  He was built like

a small 'Superman'...his muscles really something to look she often

'peeked' at him in the gym....not able keep her eyes off that wonderful

chest...those strong breast muscles...where she could see his hard nipples..

He had a real narrow, flat stomach...a deep belly button...and a belly as hard

as a rock.  But what often REALLY turned her on, was when he wore those tight

gym shorts....and she could see the firm outline of his cock....often quite

small, but on occasions, she swore that as he wrestled with his buddies, she

could almost watch it increase as it got longer and harder....  probably

unknown to him....but not to her.  His legs also were long, but quite a bit

heavier than hers, and she would often deliberately pass by him as he sat on

the high bleachers listening to the coach, as she glanced up at him, her eyes

darting inbetween his widely open legs, until her eyes focused on that elastic

material of his jock strap....which seemed to be 'BURSTING' from the strain of

his HUGE scrotum...  Her tongue would slip out of her mouth....swirling around

her black lips as she felt some twinging deep in her lower belly...when she

realized just what his cock and balls REALLY looked like.  She could see the

swelling, and from peeking at her brothers, she well knew exactly what a cock

looked like, both when 'asleep and small, and even when it was at its peak,

and had often watched her brothers masturbating.....and used to joke with them

about that tube exploding, sending long strands of their come splashing all

over themselves.  And there was just something special about Bobby....and

especially this hot summer afternoon, she could hardly keep her eyes off that

thick bulge between his those beautiful legs pumped him down the

hill...  Even from behind him, she sighed as she watched how the bicycle seat

horn would push up...forcing his cock and balls to look even larger than they

really were....yet she could 'hardly wait' for what she had in mind later.

Within moments, they arrived at the foot of that long hill, and off to one

side Barbi saw the stream along the edge of the woods....and stopping the

bike, waited for Bobby to turn around and come back.  Facing her as he did, he

gasped as she stood there, still straddling her bike, the 'horn' of her seat

between her long, lanky legs....pressing the thin, half transparent material

of her extremely abbreviated shorts up against the curve of her pubic area....

which made it soooo tight that he could watch how the cloth was tugged

upwards, actually being pulled deep into that crevice....and it outlined the

perfect shape of her vulva....making it look as if she were naked, and the

white of her shorts was painted right on her flesh.  Barbi saw him gulp as he

saw that, and she grinned, and deliberately spread apart her legs slightly,

really teasing him more....and jokingly said why didn't they leave their bikes

and sit by the stream and cool off...  Bobby was for that, and quickly dropped

his bike, hoping that Barbi was not embarrased to see how his cock had now

swelled up to twice its normal size, not totally hard quite yet, but soon

getting there, as he followed her across the field, and into the woods.  Once

there, she yanked off her sneakers, socks, and sat on a flat rock, dipping her

feet into the cool water.  As she moved her leg back and forth, again Bobby

could watch how her short-shorts tugged deep into her pussy.....and he grinned

wondering if she would mind if HE teased HER, and with that he also sat down

on the rock, and soaked his feet, but in such a way that the gap of his shorts

opened wide,  and she could look well up into them, this time not only seeing

his huge balls, but also the long, thick tube of his hardening cock...  "Ohhh,'re doing something nice to me....", she sighed.  She leaned

closer to him, her small, but long fingered black hand touched his bare leg

and slid up under his shorts...up to his jock-strap, and she fumbled for only

a minute as she tugged it aside, allowing those swollen balls to slip

out.....and immediately she reached in and feeling that thick shaft she tugged

a moment, and with a groan Bobby slipped back onto his elbows, opening his

legs as far apart as he could, and she gasped as she saw that 'snake' slip out

of his shorts....and for a short moment lay silently in her hand.  Then as it

were alive, that cock jerked as she clenched her hot fingers around it.....and

slowly she moved her hand down, forcing his soft skin to expose that snake

like cock head.....and squeezing until his cock shone like polished white

marble.  Then she leaned over on one elbow....and looking up at Bobby's face,

she smiled as she saw the wonderful expression on his....his exotic eyes

actually MAKING her hot....and in a moment she ducked her head....opening her

mouth as wide as she could.....taking that almost hard cock between her soft,

wet, black lips....and applying suction until Bobby's hips jerked as he felt

the head of his dick banging against the back of her throat as she could not

take any more in her mouth....and he felt her nose buried deep in his soft,

dark muff of pubic hair.  Slowly and gently, Barbi began to move her head, her

lips forming a tight seal around his cock, as she sucked and sucked, her

tongue swirling around and around the tip of that shaft until poor Bobby cried

as he felt he was almost ready to explode....his cock NOW as hard as stainless

steel...  Raising his head, he looked at this exotic negro....looking sooooo

sexy there, half laying on her side, one leg raised well into the air,

spreading apart her legs, so that Bobby could see the deep gap of her

short-shorts....and again, that narrow piece of the crotch of her

underpanties....  And right before his eyes, when she knew he was watching,

she reached down with her free hand, and grabbing that thin material, she

yanked on it....and tore the crotch out of her panties....the material

snapping away from her pussy.....and with a groan, she heard Bobby cry with

delight as he saw a pussy for the FIRST time.....and a very extra special

pussy.....and a black one at that....  Her body, still gleaming from her

perspiration was like polished black slate, and leaving Bobby only

momentarily, she sat up and shrugged out of her tiny T shirt, leaned backward,

lifting her sexy hips and hooking her thumbs into the elastic of her shorts,

shoved them down past her knees and kicked them away from her.  Poor Bobby

felt the most unusual surge of hot feeling deep in his loins, and he felt his

cock strengthen, and become super long as a result of what he now saw.

Barbi's body was now completely naked before him. and for the first time in

his life he was really looking at one of the greatest works of art.  She wore

her hair fairly short, and it gave her face a very innocent look, her eyes

were large, the pupils a jet black that when they glinted made him think of

some of the sexy things she used to tell him over the phone...  She had a

small, wide nose, and while her lips were like many people of her race, very

thick, they were also very very long, and were gleaming as he watched her

tongue dip out from between her lips and cover them with a sheen of saliva as

she looked down at that now throbbing cock of his.  While she was quite tall,

Bobby saw that her breasts, while quite well formed, were so firm, that the

flesh covering them looked as if it were stretched to the tearing point,

shining like the finish on a freshly waxed black car.  But what he really

noticed about those breasts were those magnificant nipples of Barbi's.  Large,

very large, they were sticking out like large pencil erasers, sticking almost

straight up in the air....and as she again leaned towards her lover, Bobby saw

that those firm tits hardly moved, staying tight to her body.  He marveled at

her tiny, almost nonexistant waist, which he swore he could put both his hands

around...and just below that he saw her tiny 'innie' belly button, and he felt

himself almost drooling as he wanted to kiss that button, and tease her with

that tongue of his.  Her stomach was almost as hard and flat as his...and as

she moved Bobby could see the many muscles of her lower belly flexing and

contracting....looking so sexy that he felt the sudden warm wettness as large

droplets of his pre-come began to ooz from the tip of his rock hard cock,

dripping down to his inner thighs.  But THERE it was...his very first look at

the most exotic pussy he knew he would ever see.  In spite of her unusual

degree of physical development, she had very very little pubic hair, and Bobby

wanted to dive his face deep into that soft kinky hair matt....and feel it

against his lips, yet when he saw IT.....he realized that there was MUCH more

that he had to do first.  With her legs still spread apart, he saw the deep

curve that showed him how her young labia, those THICK pussy lips gently

curved down between her legs, into the black shadow of her pussy...  As the

bright sunlight filtered through the leaves, it made her pussy almost 'dance'

for him..  He watched as the long, strong muscles of her loins 'jerking' and

convulsing as she longed to really be in a sexual session with Bobby.

Stretched out as she was, it was quite simple for Bobby to look well up

between her crotch, and he could see the area that would soon be demanding the

feeling of his cock....  As she shifted her hips slightly Bobby almost 'came'

instantly, her legs widening even MORE, and for a brief moment he actually

'wink open' and he caught a glimpse of that 'love channel'....and was shocked

to see how wet it was...literary she became so suddenly aroused,

as her body prepared itself for a fantastic love session....  As she moved

slightly he watched each of those fat pussy lips slide past each other as they

massaged themselves, and KNEW that he was not going to be able to 'last' very

long the first time with Barbi because she was just too beautiful, too sexy,

and he was afraid that he might 'come' the instant his cock buried itself in

her body...  But unknown to him, Barbi had a LOT of very special ideas in her

head, and was only hesitating now, as she tried to figure out which one she

wanted to be the very first.  Quickly Bobby jumped to his feet, yanking off

his own T shirt, pulling on his shorts and for a moment stood there wearing

only his bikini underwear.  And as a result of Barbi's exploring, he looked

down and stared at that cock, that had been pulled out from the leg

opening...standing straight up into the air, throbbing, turning a darker and

darker pink every moment.  While at the same time he watched that large hole

in the tip actually 'winking'....and slowly large drops of his male sperm were

oozing from the tip, dripping down the underside of it...until it dropped off

his balls, and onto the rock he was standing on.  Barbi looked up at her

handsome boyfriend, and knew instantly that she had picked the best looking

boy possible.  From her position leaning on one elbow, at his feet, she could

look almost straight up, staring at the jerking cock, as it grew and swelled

with every second....  He was sooooo handsome, and just the way his eyes

looked down at her, she instantly felt like he was ALREADY raping her, just

staring down at her, focusing on her loins, and then her breasts, returning

again to looking at her pussy as she learned to tease him...opening her legs

wider, and pretending she was bicycling, as she caused her now soaked pussy

lips to see-saw against each other.  She looked up at that beautiful chest,

looking at how the magnificant, strong muscles bulged, and she could already

imagine what it would soon feel like with him laying stretched out on top of

her, rubbing HIS nipples against her until she felt that his could actually

burn their way into her coal black flesh.  His waist, like hers, was unusually

small, and she was really excited as how his lean, narrow hips formed, and his

flat hard stomach, the result of years of hard exercise looked sooooo sexy.

It was when she looked over and saw that muff of pubic hair that surrounded

the HUGE base of his cock that she realized that in spite of his age, 18, that

he had so little body hair, and it brought a sexy gasp to her she

marveled how extra specially sexy he looked....his tanned skin still gleaming

in the sun.  Her eyes swept down to his legs, and THAT was almost too much for

her, as she sighed, and her hand slipped between her legs, her jet black

fingers prying her wet lips apart, and her fingers began to tease and massage

her she slowly appreciated the look of his sexy legs.  They were

quite long in proportion to his body....but as a result of his heavy

exercising, they were the legs of a future bodybuilder, perfectly muscled, and

while he stood there, she could see the hundreds of muscles rippling under his

golden flesh, shining in the sun, especially those strong inner thigh muscles

that were actually pressing against that huge scrotum sack.  Instantly she

felt a shudder deep in her pussy, and she was afraid that she was going to

come almost she felt her pussy shudder and quiver as she

imagined being held close to him, surrounded by those legs, as he literally

RAPED her time and time again, so she could feel those muscles crushing him to

her, like a tremendous python, crushing the life from her, forcing that cock

soooo deep into her body that it filled her completely as she became one HUGE

recepticle - one huge pussy.  As these imaginary thoughts flowed through her

head, at the same time she felt her pussy convulse, and larger and larger

quanties of her pre-come began oozing from her pried open pussy lips, running

down the deep crack of her ass and ending up as small droplets of clear juices

on the rock under her buttocks.  Quickly she 'cancelled' many of the ways she

had been thinking of making love to Bobby, as she felt herself on the verge of

her own orgasm, knowing that she simply could NOT LAST immediately

she crawled up to her knees, and facing her golden lover, she reached up for

that throbbing cock of his, and taking it in her hands, guided it to her

saliva covered lips, opening them again as she felt that shaft slip back into

her mouth....this time bending her neck slightly as she felt that wedge-shaped

cockhead slip passed her throat and entered her neck area.  She then began

humming a soft melody, feeling her vocal cords massaging his cock like an

electric vibrator.....and she felt Bobby's hands reach for the back of her

head, as he braced his feet slightly apart, and shoved his hips forward,

almost crying out loud with happiness as he felt her hot, wet mouth massaging

every inch of that cock.


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