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Archive-name: Casual/ballwrld.txt

Archive-author: Gary Plotkin

Archive-title: I Balled my way Around the World

A merchant seaman says:

                       I BALLED MY WAY AROUND THE WORLD!

  I started sailing on freighters when I was 18 years old.  That was back in

1967, and I've been sailing ever since.  It's a good life for a guy who likes

to be free, travel and have adventures.

  Not the same kind of adventures the old timers had on those sailing vessels,

though.  Those days belong to ancient history.

  I'm talking about bedroom adventures.  That was what I was looking for when

I started out and I'm still looking for them, although I have had them all

around the world.

  I've been a pussy freak since I was 12.  I guess you could describe me as a

seaman by trade and a lover by inclination.

  I've read these articles by different guys who said one certain ethnic type

of woman was the best balling.  I've tried them all and I can't say that...

they are ALL good!

  But don't let anyone tell you that women are the same all over the world

either.  They are all different.  Basically built the same of course, but

still different in so many wonderful, interesting ways.

  In Asia, Africa and Latin America, the only women a sailor can get close to

is a professional.  Married women don't dare play around and single girls live

at home and are closely guarded.

  But those whores are different than these walking cash register, these

automatic pussies we have here in the States.  Those Asian, African and Latin

American hookers enjoy what they do for a living and even the best of them ask

so little in terms of US currency that it is almost free.

  And of course, here in the States, and in most European countries and

Australia, even a seaman doesn't have to pay for pussy.

  In England, Scotland and Australia, there is a certain type of broad that

automatically gets an itchy crotch whenever she spots a seafaring man.  And

don't think we can't be spotted.  No matter how casually we dress, the broads

spot us by our tanned faces and rolling stride.

  In Liverpool, I balled a young broad AND her mom in a space of ten hours.

Joyce was a long legged brunette beauty who worked in a Liverpool office and

hung around waterfront bars because she had a thing for seamen.

  I took her out for a few drinks then we went to her parents house.  It

turned out that her father was retired British Navy and her brother was in the

merchant marine.

  We had a friendly visit, drank a lot of beer, then casually as anything,

Joyce and I went to bed.  Her parents didn't seem to mind at all.  They seemed

to take it all for granted.

  I balled Joyce most of the night.  Then she had to go to sleep so she could

get up in time for work.  In the morning, she left me in bed and went to work.

That was when her mom came in and asked me what I'd like for breakfast.

  It seemed that the old man had also gone to work and the mother and I were

alone in the house.  She was a prettyy dark-eyed, prematurely gray woman in

her mid forties, a bit on the hefty side, but still sexy.

  When I told her what I wanted for breakfast she blushed, then giggled, but I

got what I wanted.  I have always enjoyed eating pussy for breakfast.

  I was out in the Pacific islands before they got too fucked up.  They were

fucked up by the GI's to a certain extent but the tourists hadn't started

going there yet.  These Polynesian broads were probably the best, if there is

such a thing as best.  I always liked their directness.  To them, sex was no

big deep, dark secret.  It was something you did for fun, like dancing or


  The Arab whores in Beruit and Dar Es Salaam are something else.  They've

been trained since childhood in the arts of pleasing a man.  The only trouble

is you have to make sure you never fuck around when you don't have a couple of

pals along.  You could end up a naked corpse with a slit throat.

  The Filipino babes are out of sight too.  They have the tightest cunts in

the world, even the hookers.  But in Manilia, you ahve to be careful and not

get fooled by a benabae, a drag queen.  In the Phillipines it isn't easy to

tell the difference.

  But what the hell, who cares?

  The merchant marine is a great career for a pussy freak.  Naturally you go

weeks without any, but you can sure make up for it whenever you go ashore!


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