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Archive-name: Casual/1stmeet.txt


Archive-title: First Meeting

You walk in warily, not knowing quite what to expect. I say nothing,

just taking your hand and leading you through the doorway. After you

pass, I close the door behind you and throw the bolt.

You jump a bit as the spring latch slams home, and look back at me. I

only smile and wink.

You look around; you've never been in my bedroom before. You look at

the mess on the floor, look back at me, but I only shrug and smile.

You watch me light some of the oil lamps, your smile slowly growing on

your face.

I turn off the light and we are bathed in the soft, gentle glow of the


Still standing, I walk over to you and gaze into your eyes.

Nonchalantly, almost flippantly, I take off my glasses and drop them

on the dresser.  Easily, oh so easily, I put my arms around your

waist, and you put your arms around my neck.

Gently, hesitantly, we kiss.

Softly your lips press against mine, soft, smooth, warm, alive. We

kiss and kiss again, and a sigh escapes your lungs between kisses.

Your arms tighten about my neck as I hold you ever tighter in my

embrace, my arms slowly massaging your back.

We're very close, and your pelvis rocks forward, meeting my own.

For the first time, our mouths open and my tongue meets yours, both

tentative, exploring, searching. A moan builds in my throat, and you

capture it with your mouth and return it in kind. We stand there,

afraid to break the embrace, your heart beating faster and faster,

matching mine in intensity.

We break the kiss, loosening the embrace, and look into each others

eyes. You search my face, looking for a sign, afraid of "Stop", hoping

for "Yield".

I look down, and reach towards the top button on your shirt. I grasp

it, and undo it while gazing into your eyes. Your breathing has

slowed; you're afraid to move. Down your shirt I go, undoing button

after button. After I have finished, I draw you close and kiss you

again. Reaching towards your collarbones, I put my palms on your

shoulders, and running my hands over your smooth skin, I push your

shirt off of you and onto the floor.

You are not wearing a bra.

Looking down between us, your already erect nipples brushing against

my chest, you run your hands up and down my waist. I shiver, and we

smile. You pull my T shirt out of my Levi's and pull it over my head.

Enjoying the feeling of our hands on our backs, we press close again,

your breasts flattening against my chest. We kiss, not hesitating, our

tongues greeting each other like two old friends. Your pelvis presses

mine again, but with a difference... it encounters my stiffening

penis. You chuckle huskily, and wiggle your hips. I smile and tickle

your short ribs. We fall to the bed, giggling.

We roll together and, lying on our sides, embrace again. You throw

your leg over my hip and press your crotch to mine.

Taking the initiative, you kiss your way down my neck, across my

chest, and follow the hair to my navel. You tease me with your tongue,

looking up at me and smiling when I tense in response. Turning back to

your task, you undo the buttons of my Levi's, one by one, exposing my

cock. You rub it lightly with your fingers, laying my fly open. You

begin to kiss the glans, which makes me start to move my hips. I lift

my ass off the bed, and you pull the jeans down to my knees. Lifting

my legs, you pull them off, taking my socks with them.

The Levi's land in a heap upon the floor. 

You sit back, legs folded under you, facing me from at my feet.

Looking down at your breasts, you reach up, holding them up with your

hands, then slowly rubbing your fingers over your nipples. My cock,

already erect, is beginning to pulse with every beat of my heart, my

breath short as I watch you fondle your nipples.

Ever so slowly, with a saucy smile, you reach down to your white

shorts, pushing them down, taking your panties with them. Your closely

trimmed bush is exposed at last, and you sit back to take your short

off the rest of the way.

They join the Levi's in the heap on the floor.

You bend over my penis again, taking it into your your mouth. You lick

it, suck it gently, and kiss the glans. I put my hand on your neck,

and you look up. Let me return the favour, I say, and slide down the

bed.  You sigh, and straddle my torso, letting your pussy lower slowly

over my eager face.

I run my hands over your smooth ass as you again take my waiting cock

into your mouth. I read down to your pussy lips, already puffy with

passion, and gently hold them apart. Slowly, teasingly, I run my

tongue over your slit, tasting your juices. You moan, involuntarily,

as I lick your damp pussy from back to front and back again. Pulling

your hood back with my fingers, I touch my tongue to your clit for the

first time. You gasp, and my cock pops out of your mouth as you sit

back, pressing your crotch to my face. Your hips begin to move in

small circles as I lick your clit and pussy. Mmmmmmmm.

Turn around, I say, and you swing your leg over my head and position

yourself the other way, knees on either side of my waist. You reach

down, run your fingers into my long hair, and kiss and lick your

juices out my facial hair. I smile and kiss you as much as I can.

Meanwhile, your pussy has been rubbing on my cock, the shaft parting

your lips and your dripping slit lubricating my cock. You are getting

more and more excited, and I pull you up and roll my hips, thrusting

my hard hard cock into the air, pointed at your wet, waiting cunt. My

aim is true, and you impale yourself on my pole, slamming all the way


Simultaneously, I moan and you gasp, almost crying out.

With my cock buried deep inside you, all the way to your cervix, you

wiggle your hips, loving the feeling of my hard cock snug, tight,

inside your warm wet canal. You raise your hips, and begin to move

them up and down, clenching your muscles on the upstroke, relaxing on

the downstroke. This gets me, impossibly, even longer and harder and

you cry out each time my glans thrusts against, and frequently in,

your cervix.

I match you, stroke for stroke, your hair falling about your face as

you gaze down at me, arms locked, hands on either side of my chest. I

reach up, fondle your breasts and you moan even louder when I suck

your nipple between my lips, hard.

You move faster, I move faster, your arms moving to about my neck, my

hands on your shoulders from behind and we slam together, harder and

harder and harder and my cock explodes and I shoot come into your

pussy and I trigger your orgasm and both our hips tremble from the

intensity of it and you collapse onto my chest, my pulsing throbbing

cock still inside you and neither of us can speak.

A minute goes by, two, and you roll off of me to the side, my cock

cool in the naked air, and our breathing slows and the light from the

lamps dances about the walls and ceilings in delight.


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