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Archive-name: Control/zarah.txt


Archive-title: Story of Zarah

             ZARAH - A personal fantasy

                        I.  At the Nightclub

     I had only recently started dating a woman named Brenda whom I'd met at a

party.  This was a compact gal, in real good shape physically, chestnut-haired

with an acerbic sense of humor I really dug.  She's a feisty, feminist-type

(with a great physique, by the way), who enjoyed being in charge of things.  I

myself am fairly easy-going, so I didn't mind being dictated to, at least, if I

could count on some good times in bed eventually!

     She called me one afternoon and said she wanted to visit a certain club

that evening.  She asked me if I wanted to join her.

     "There's a weird woman there who does a psychic kind of act," she informed

me.  "A couple of my friends have been several times, and they really rave

about this stuff."

     The "club" turned out to be well out of town, in a nice suburban shopping

strip, with a small, inexpensive marquee reading:  "All this month:  Marvelous

Mentalist Madame Mesmere!"  Inside were bar, tables, and a small stage at one

end, on which the act was already progressing.

     "Madame Mesmere" was a small, somewhat sharp-featured exotic face with

dark, wide-set eyes and full but controlled mouth, set atop a nice figure only

half-hidden by a long silken garment which closed at the neck.  There was a

complete self-assurance about this woman.  It seemed more than just performer's

chutzpah.  Every gesture, every nuance of her voice lent authority and power to

this small figure.

     She was having her "victims" act like rock stars, take off their shoes

without realizing it, and all the other standard stage hypnotic stunts.  I was

still enthralled, even through the corny routines.  I had seen a lot of movies

and read a lot about hypnotism, but I'd never actually been in there "in the

flesh."   I'll explain more about my preoccupation later.

     After some tacky spoon-bending stuff, the lights were lowered further, and

a "volunteer" from the audience, a middle-aged woman with a very respectable

figure, was enlisted by the performer to aid in "a mystifying presentation of

true telepathy."  This woman gave her name, "Lily," in a timid voice, but I

figured her to be an assistant planted in the audience.  I was wrong.

     Lily stood with her back to the audience, and "Madame" proceeded to

hypnotize her.  She spoke softly to the "subject" for a short while, and took

both Lily's hands in her own palms.  Then her voice and personality suddenly

became quite firm and commanding, as she gazed intently at Lily.  She rocked

slightly sideways, back and forth in front of her and spoke aloud:

     "Lily, you see nothing, hear nothing, feel nothing outside of the two of

us now," she intoned in a deep, gentle voice.  "Watch me now, see only me  ...

that's it, and now you can just let yourself go, rocking  ...  swaying  ...

you find you are rooted to the floor  ...  now just a few more seconds  ...

there we go, Lily, now sway ver-r-ry gently now left  ...  now right  ...  now

left  ...  right  ...   close your eyes now, dear  ...  they're so-o-o heavy

...  left  ...  right  ...  " and so forth.

     As her stream of suggestions droned on and on, I noticed with a small

start that I had been swaying myself!  I was instantly breathing hard, my face

was hot with embarrassment, but I couldn't remove my eyes from Lily's pliant

form.  Back in the safe darkness of the audience, I felt secure from view or

ridicule.  The phenomenon of hypnotism has always had a very strong sexual

connotation for me.

     As the subject's sway grew more pronounced, "Madame" stepped closer, and

spoke in a voice only the woman could hear.  Very soon Lily's hands were

straight down at her sides, and her head had lolled backward till her face

pointed up at the ceiling.  A chair was quickly pushed up behind her knees,

which buckled gently, and Madame guided her backward into the seat.

     With a few more theatrical passes and firmer commands, Madame Mesmere

swiveled Lily around till she faced outwards into the audience.  Lily's face

was placid, eyes closed, head upright now, and her hands rested along the chair

arms.  One hand slipped off and dropped toward the floor like a stone.  It hung

there until Madame returned it to position.

     A mind-reading bit followed, with the robotic voice of Lily giving answers

to questions on cards passed up from the audience.  The mental act concluded,

the show came to an end.  I had been so caught up in my own reverie I actually

remember very little of the mind-reading, but "Madame Mesmere" had made a

definite impression on me.  As the house lights came up, I noticed several

other patrons shaking themselves loose from a daze.  One or two were still

slumped over in their chairs!

     "The power of the mind is limitless," intoned Mesmere, looking outwards at

the audience, "the power to control, or to give up control  ...  to give up all

control  ...  but now we should all feel alert and brisk as we leave our cocoon

and rejoin the outside world.  I know you're all fully awake now!"  and she

gave a couple sharp handclaps into the microphone, and left the stage, to

scattered applause.

     After the show, I finally paid attention to Brenda again.  I learned that

she thought she had "gone under" during the program, and still felt somewhat

woozy.  I worried that there were residual effects, and contacted the stage

manager.  We were given directions to the woman's dressing room, and made our

way backstage then and there.

     "Madame Mesmere" had a very comfortable suite for such a small club.  The

woman turned out to be just as imposing offstage as on.  Her direct gaze seemed

to penetrate all disguises and pretexts.  She introduced herself to us as


     I explained on my date's behalf, as she had become (unusually) tongue-

tied.  Brenda was quite flushed, I might say, and as she leaned briefly against

the door jamb to Zarah's room, I noticed that her breathing was hurried.   Our

eyes flicked nervously around the backstage suite.

     The room contained a wide lounge chair, more like a sofa, and seated upon

it was Lily, the woman from the recent performance.   Next to her slumped a

rather thin blond girl.  They were obviously still entranced, for the thin

girl's frizzy head was laid on Lily's shoulder, eyes tightly closed, while the

lovely, rather dark-set eyes of the older woman were blinking rather slowly and

regularly in a languid manner.  Neither acknowledged our entrance at all.

     Speaking to us, Zarah said:  "As you can see, Brenda, the phenomenon you

now experience is not unusual.  Unexpected strong responses to my technique

come to my attention often.  I was just in the process of clearing these good

ladies of all residual effects, and if you will wait a moment outside, I will

attend to you as well, my dear girl."  My date nodded, and turned to leave.

     Zarah's voice was very flexible, and there was a depth and smoothness to

her speech that I found very appealing.  As she spoke I was struck by the

absolute directness and frankness of her gaze.I knew somehow that, as I stood

before her, she was assessing me!  She came to some decision quickly.

     "Go on now, James, isn't it?"  she commanded.  "You may return in a few


     As we were retreating, I caught a startling glimpse in the corner of the

dressing-room mirror.  Zarah had moved to stand behind the sofa.  She brushed

her hands down the blonde's face and neck, and I swear I saw them slide

momentarily down the front of her sweater!  As the door closed behind us, I was

more flustered than Brenda, who seemed oblivious to the scene.  Had she missed

the reflection?  She must have, and I suddenly decided not to mention it.

Zarah had treated Brenda almost as a child, and my ordinarily prickly-pear date

had not even batted an eyelid!

     After a short while, the door opened, and the two ladies emerged.  Lily

nowseemed quite vivacious, and sparkling, while the thin girl lowered her face,

and muttered an embarrassed "Excuse me," as they left the theater.  I watched

them leave, wishing I could have that power, to have women offer themselves up

to me, helpless to resist.  I was suddenly quite horny.

     While I had been woolgathering, daydreaming about brushing my hands all

over a hypnotized woman, Brenda had hurried back inside, closing the door.

After a few moments, I got up enough courage to poke my head inside.  The women

had apparently retired to the rear of the suite, and I crept inside, breathless

with anticipation.  I was not disappointed.  I heard the hypnotist's "stage

voice" intoning continuously in the back room.

     "Of course there is no embarrassment or shame in being susceptible to

hypnosis  ...  it's so natural and helpful, really  ...  you know many people

around the country find that as they listen closely to my voice, they can

understand their feelings much better, just as you can now, can't you Brenda?

Can't you my dear?"

     There was a soft murmur in response.

     "You may speak up, Brenda  ...  how do you feel just now  ...  just now?"

     "I'm not sure  ...  it's unusual  ...  sort of dreamy  ...  everything's

far away  ...  "

     "Yes, everything will recede far, far away for you  ...  you can hear me

and see me with your deeper awareness, while you send your upper layers off far

...  farther and farther  ...  you'll find now that it's very easy to keep

looking into my eyes right here, Brenda  ...  far-r-r away to some lovely,

floaty drifting place  ...  especially the eyes, Brenda  ...  you are fixated

on my glance, I see, your body feels light as a feather, wrapping you now in a

downy, drowsy trance state  ...  deeper and deeper as you gaze  ...  deeper

under my control  ...  "

     I peeked around the door.  They stood almost toe-to-toe.  Zarah's

forefingers massaged my date's temples, running lightly but firmly now and

again down her jawline and back upwards.  As she talked to Brenda her fingers

concentrated their circling feathery touch around her brows and eyelids, which

were blinking slowly now.

     "You're responding perfectly now, Brenda.  Now let yourself be aware of

just that la-a-ast little bit of resistance in your eyelids  ...  that la-a-ast

tiny bit of tension as your eyelids feel so-o-o-o intolerably heavy  ...  oh

yes, I see they are hot and flushed as they want to close  ...  you will lo-o-

o-ove this experience, my dear.  I know how go-o-od it feels to give up all

control, your heavy, heavy eyelids are so-o-o leaden as you respond only to me

Brenda  ...  feel them burn now?  Yes-s-s  ...  ever so heavy!  ...  they are

watering and burning  ...  watering and burning so-o-o-o  badly  ...  you feel

that any second they must close down softly and drowsily, Brenda  ...   you

love drifting and floating  ...  so impossibly heavy aren't they?  ...  you may

begin to yield now  ...  go a-a-allll the way down."

     Brenda was clearly making no effort to resist the other's instructions.

Her breathing was uneven and shallow, her cheekbones glistened with moisture

from watering eyes which now fluttered and blinked rapidly.  The mentalist

stroked her temples just over the ears.  Each light stroke seemed to pull my

date's head forwards into the intense gaze of Madame Mesmere.

     Now Brenda's body jerked a little, then swayed from the ankles suddenly

towards the hypnotist, who quickly kept her upright merely by holding one

finger against Brenda's forehead.  The eyes closed, and a shuddering sigh told

me that the trance was now complete.

     "Wait there rooted to the floor now, my dear,"  was the next command,

given in a louder voice.  Think nothing, hear nothing, dream nothing until I

address you again.  You see I can have you remain standing straight and tall

without falling.  Go deeper and deeper  ...  deeper and deeper automatically

...  obey me, Brenda  ...  you may safely obey me completely!"

     Madame quickly turned her head, and she saw me before I could retreat.

Watching Brenda hypnotized close up had given me a bulging hard-on, and as the

mesmerist came to join me in the front room, I held my coat in front of me.

     "I've encountered voyeurs before, but none so fetching as you!" were her

first surprising words to me.    Looking me up and down (I fancy she approved,

as I've never been called wanting in the masculine looks department), she

turned and walked towards the sofa, beckoning me to follow.

     "I really think I should go  ...  we should go  ...  we drove here

together  ...  " I mumbled unconvincingly.  My face burned in embarrassment.

     Mesmere chuckled.  "There's more to this than you are letting on  ...

James, isn't it?  I find that little talents are appealing to many men, yes,

and women too  ...  some think it strange  ...  "  and her left hand found its

way suddenly under my coat, brushing against my still-erect penis through my

pants!  The assault made me gasp, I stepped backwards, and would have fallen if

the hypnotist's other hand had not grasped me strongly by the lapel and held me


     "I'd better set you straight on a couple of important points," she

murmured, extracting her hand smoothly.  "I have extensive experience in all

forms of trance and trance induction, James," she said.  "I offer everything

from public demonstrations in hospitals and psychology departments to rather

...  specialized personal consultations.  I can see confusion and not a little

embarrassment in you  ...  tell me now, what's this," and she looked pointedly

at my lap, then back up straight at my face, "what's this all about?"

     "  ...  I  ... "   No coherency yet, but I soon found myself speaking

frankly to her.  I know now that I had already surrendered some of my personal

control to Zarah, but at the time I found it surprisingly easy to confide in

her, quite quickly!

     I have had a fascination with the phenomenon of hypnosis since some

incident in very early age, and find that the sight of a person undergoing

trance has a strong sexual effect on me  ...  I don't know why.  I know that I

watched movies in which people were spellbound with almost religious ecstasy.

As I spoke, Madame held onto my arm, and sat me back on the sofa, as if I were

handicapped.  She nodded warmly to me.

     What power she suddenly projected!  The full force of her personality was

staggering.  I had really forgotten all about my "date," so self-absorbed was I

at that moment.  Of course, the mentalist was experienced at reading faces.

     "Hypnosis is a type of seduction, James," she nodded, "especially in my

life too!  ...  but I use it solely for my own pleasure.  Observing the

mechanisms of control and submission, those are my passions  ...  and they are

very strong passions for me indeed  ...  as I see they are to you, though you

hadn't known until this  ...  very  ...  moment  ...  Control, and  ...  deep,

deep submission  ...  yes  ...  submission  ...  those who can respond quickly

and very deeply truly are gifted  ...  that's right, James, it's a very special

gift, you know  ...   to be able to surrender control  ...  to relax and submit

...  to submit to firm, gentle control ..."

     I was suddenly aware that I had not blinked in several minutes, and was

sitting way back in my chair.  I shook my head slowly to try and clear the

cobwebs I felt forming.  Zarah gave a small friendly smile.  Defensively, I

blurted out that I felt uneasy in the dressing room, when anyone could come in

and see us, but I know my demurrer was half-hearted at best.  She gave a small,

friendly smile, and reached out to take my coat from off my lap.  As she hung

it over her chair, she continued her spiel.

     "Your masculine instinct to assert domination is naturally strong, yet

there is a yielding side even in the most aggressive,"  Zarah said.  "Usually

in my various tour cities, I observe people like you in my audience during a

performance.  I may keep up a ... personal contact with the most  ...

rewarding  ...  prospects.  I often arrange  ...  how shall I call it  ...

small private 'seances' in my hotel suite, or in their homes.  Many of my hosts

are glad to invite me back  ...  although some are not truly aware of why they

have done so."  Her gaze burned me yet again, and I felt my cock respond with a

surprising surge.  I must have blushed.  She changed the subject abruptly.

     "You don't know Brenda yet, do you?  I mean know her intimately, as an

erotic being?  She arouses you, I can see that  ...  but you and I are already

very intimate ourselves, aren't we?  The two of you seem alike in a curious way

...   very well-favored in face and physique, but perhaps a shyness, and a

self-centered nature  ...  Well, if we are to know each other better, you will

soon find yourself abandoning such confining attitudes."

     She nodded, still gazing right at me, and I found my head nodding its

agreement.  Really, I was had almost stopped paying attention to her words, her

voice was so warm!  It deepened more now, as if it were coming through a

tunnel.  Her unblinking gaze seemed to pass right through my body.  Her eyes

had lost their focus, and looked right through me, as if into infinite reaches


     "Submission is just the alternate side of dominance, James, just like Yin

and Yang.  I respect man's need for both; indeed, I often attend submission

rituals to which I give my own self-ness up.  You might eventually see this

other side of me, which would give me pleasure, but right now, I prefer being

in charge.  You and lovely Brenda need to learn these sides of yourselves

better, and I, James  ...  well, I am perfect in the teacher's role  ...

perfect for you  ...  I know you'll enjoy your revelations  ...  and I'm never

wrong  ...  never  ...  ."

     As these words flowed on and on, there seemed to be a woolly sort of buzz

in my ears, which shut out other sounds.  In the heavy silence, I became

partially aware that I hadn't moved in what seemed like hours!  I didn't even

think of moving, I felt so lazy.  Had she been talking for a short time, or

forever?  I felt comfortable and lethargic, yet more sexually aroused than

before.  Curiously, I felt that my sexuality need no longer be concealed  ...

even in front of a stranger.

     The outside world of the nightclub sounds now slowly drifted back into my

awareness.  Zarah nodded at me.  And Brenda was now standing right by my sofa,

apparently still asleep!  When had she come in?

     "James  ...  stay perfectly still for a few moments  ...  that's right,

just stay in your chair, so comfy, isn't it?"  came a warm, deep voice, as if

from a distance, yet at the same time right inside my head!  I remained seated,

unconcerned now with any outside events, as the hypnotist moved over beside

Brenda, and began murmuring softly right into her ear.  My date's eyes were

tightly shut, and her head nodded to the words.

     "I'm sure I can promise that a new world of unexpected pleasure and

gratification will soon be open to you,"  said Zarah to me.  "When you take

Brenda home, you will participate in an interesting demonstration she will show

you.  Don't take advantage of her tonight, though, will you  James?"

     My head shook in agreement, as if by its own accord.

     "Just accept what happens for now, and we'll talk at greater length later

...  Brenda, kneel down right here, now."  Miss Feminine Equality dropped

instantly to her knees, eyes still closed, at the command.

     "James, your body is motionless, but I know that you're very aroused,"

spoke the hypnotist.  "Brenda, I want to awaken some very very deep senses in

you now.  I want you to lean forward, and smell something very special.  You

will shortly take in a very powerful and special scent."  She gently pushed

Brenda's head towards my lap, and continued:

     "Inhale, hold it in, exhale  ...  again  ...  and again now.  Hold in that

smell, live that wonderful odor, let it penetrate you to your deepest, deepest

core.  Go on, Brenda, deeeep, deeeep breaths now  ...  it's a very powerful

musk that James exudes, isn't it?"  Brenda nodded quickly, still on her knees

next to me.  Her breathing seemed very loud all at once.  The  irresistible

voice droned on:

     "James, you are so horny, now!  What a powerful looking bundle you have

there, and such a strong odor too.  So unnatural to keep it confined so very

tightly  ...  let it out, please.  You must be bursting  ...  yes you look

about to burst!  You'll find you can quickly move your hands now.  Hurry, unzip

it, let it pop right out  ...  there you go  ...   my my!" she said, as my

fingers flew to do her bidding.  "What a lovely erection!  It looks so tingly

now, is it tingly and aroused, James?  Yess-s-s-s it's tingling, I see it's

throbbing quite strongly!  Just look at it quiver and try to stand up even

stiffer now  ...  stiffer  ...  stiffer and stiffer, James!  Brenda is in

heaven with the strong smell of your musk as you now become even more aroused.

I love to see a beautiful naked penis like yours pulsing, pulsing right up into

the air, straight up in the air, it shows how very responsive and free you have

become to me, in just a short time!  I will touch it now, and you may then

release your semen."

     Zarah pushed Brenda's face even closer to my erection.  The girl was

inhaling, and releasing each breath with an audible sigh.  Her torso trembled

slightly.  She leaned forward, and I jolted as her nose touched my shaft!  Go

on, I heard in my innermost thoughts, I must, the urge is strong  ...  let it

come now, I want to let it all go!

     Zarah's soft hand touched my cock, tickled the glans and rubbed lightly

over its length, as I threw my head back, and held my breath.  The electric

feel of orgasm quickly overtook me.  A few more touches, and she left my organ

jerking into mid-air.

     "Tingling  ...  tingling and burning  ...  burning and pumping, pumping

...  there it comes pumping out now!"  chanted the hypnotist.

       I felt the hot liquid burning me, forcing its way up, up my shaft  ...

surging up  ...  surging and now shooting out and up, onto the floor, dribbling

back down my slimy shaft, flowing out and over my hardness, pulse after hot


     My heaving chest finally stilled.  I knew I was almost laying back across

the couch, but I felt as if I would never want to move again  ...  I was that

drained!  Brenda had left the room while Zarah helped me clean myself off as my

dick slowly shrunk under her knowing gaze.  She zipped me up, held my chin, and

burned through me again with those eyes.  The most blissfull warmth surged into

my head from her fingers resting in easy possession of my very being.

     "My, James, what a powerful ejaculation you possess!  I envy the recipient

of such a strong, burning jet of lust and love  ...  "  I smiled sleepily and

sighed in blissful release.  She tugged at my hands suddenly now.  "All right,

you may come right out of your chair now, out of your trance and up, back

completely with us now.  Up you come, here you come, James  ...  there!  Feels

good, doesn't it?  Why don't you just wait outside for a minute, and you may

drop Brenda off at her apartment.  It's great to feel so completely alert now

...  off you go!"

     I couldn't speak, my shock and amazement at my exhibition was so profound.

I dutifully left and waited at a nightclub table, ordering a milkshake, which I

greedily gulped down.

     When Brenda emerged after about fifteen minutes, she seemed as animated as

had the woman earlier.  She chattered gaily away as we took a cab to her


     "You know, I think I was a little sucked in by that show this evening,

Jim," she mused.  "I'm glad we got that lady to bring me back to my senses!

Damn, how did it get to be so late?  I've got an early class tomorrow.  Just

drop me off at the apartment, okay?  I better sleep it off."

     She seemed as stand-offish as ever, giving no signals that I should put

the moves on her.  She had clearly no memory of the events in the dressing

room.  The cab arrived, and she asked me to see her to the door.

     Inside her foyer, she had tilted her head towards me for a kiss, when I

saw it hit her.  Her eyes glazed suddenly, and her voice thickened.  "James, I

feel so tingly all of a sudden  ...  whoo!"  As our lips met, her tongue

surprised me by thrusting its way into my mouth.  The kiss lasted and lasted,

her breath coming quicker, and then:

     "There, that's for being so understanding, and this  ...  and this  ...  "

her voice stopped, and she dropped to her knees in front of me, her eyes

closed.  She rubbed her face against the renewed lump in my trousers, inhaled

deeply, and sighed.  Her voice became higher and more girlish.

     "This is your  ...  cock, isn't it  ...  your thick, long cock  ...  it

feels so-o-o hard and smells so-o-o-o good  ...  Jimmy, I wish I could suck it

...  slurp it right into my mouth now  ...  "

     She burrowed her nose into my crotch again.  Her voice was muffled as she

seemed to want to climb right into my underwear.  "O-o-ooh  ...  I'm hungry for

it, Jimmy  ...  it could sli-i-i-de right in  ...  right between my lips  ...

"  Another deep inhalation.  "I wish I could feel it spurt into me  ...

spurting and spurting  ...  it would make me co-o-o-ome  ...  "  her voice

trailed off into quick panting, then silence.

     She gulped convulsively, and with a final nuzzle, she stood up, shivered,

and seemed to snap out it a quickly as she had went under.  She tossed me a

dizzy smile, and opened the elevator door.

     "Well, thanks again  ...  see you around!  Maybe I'll buzz you next

weekend, okay?"

     Without a backward look, she left me, throbbing there in the lobby.  The

taxi driver probably noticed me panting like a dog, and left me to my own

bemused reverie.  Needless to say when I reached my apartment, it took just a

few tortured seconds until my penis, truly hard, was spurting a burning load

over my bathroom floor.  I slept fitfully that night, to say the least.  My

imagination worked overtime, as did my right hand.  Thank God for Jergen's

Lotion - the next morning, my room smelled like a cherry!  I was so wrung out,

I took the day off from work.

                          Zarah - part II - Zarah's Office

     Several days passed while I tried to digest what had happened to me that

night.  I had been excited almost out of my mind, and this much intensity had

to have a reason.  I was bewildered, and questioned my masculinity.  I felt as

if I were a real sicko to get that turned on by someone else's helplessness ...

and even worse when I remembered my own willingness to give up self-control!

     And through it all, the calm, intense face of Zarah remained in my mind as

if it had been burned there.

     I felt angry, that I had been taken advantage of, and finally I summoned

the nerve to visit the nightclub again, this time without Brenda.

     I arrived about at the end of Zarah's last show, and sent word backstage.

My heart lurched again when the waitress led me back to that dressing room.

Zarah was alone, this time in her street clothes.  I felt almost physically ill

with emotion.

     "James, come in, please!" urged Zarah in a concerned tone.  "You are very

pale ... is something wrong?"

     Still, I couldn't speak, I was so afraid that communication would begin to

reforge that bond between us again.  I hung my head in fear and shame, and did

not meet her eyes.

     She handled it masterfully, rummaging around in her room, chatting idly to

me about her audiences, packing up some things into drawers and cases, until

she saw that I had recovered somewhat.

     "James," she began again, "you know that nothing can be mended until the

damage has been examined.  I feel sure I know the source of some of your

discomfort, but my time tonight is short, and I think you're not quite ready

yet.  Why not visit me at my office tomorrow evening about 5:30?"

     She handed me a card which read



     and the address of a local motel.  She looked at me intently for a moment,

and said,

     "I have a suite there when I am residing in this city ... Yes, I think

tomorrow at 5:30 will be perfect, we can spend some time together then.  Please

be prompt, won't you?"  and ushered me outside.  I saw her watching my car as I

drove away, and I shivered, I don't know exactly why.

     I drove to the luxury motel listed on the card at the appointed time the

next day.  I felt calmer now that I had seen her again.  Zarah's suite had a

small plaque on the door bearing only the cryptic legend "Consultant."

     I was a little early for my meeting.  As I walked around the building to

the secluded entryway, I was brought up short by the sight of a stunning, red-

haired woman leaving.  She seemed quite flushed, radiant, I might say, and as I

approached, she leaned briefly against the wall, and my gaze fastened upon her

clothing.  I had a quick view of a very well-filled t-shirt, and I lowered my

gaze to catch a glimpse of her butt ... I am a real ass connoisseur.  I was

rewarded (and amused) by the sight of lavender panties showing well above the

waistline of her trim jeans.  Her side zipper was open at least halfway down

its length, revealing more lavender.

     The woman straightened her clothing, flashed me a "drop-dead, buddy"

smile, then brushed right past me and turned the corner.  I hurried after her

to check her rear elevation once again, and was sneaking a peek around the

building, when I heard a soft voice behind me.

     "You must be James, yes?  Come on inside, please, we're on rather a tight

schedule tonight!"

     The slightly British accent belonged to a petite brunette dressed in

something white like a nurse's uniform.  Her gaze was bright and direct, and

she dazzled me with a 500-watt smile.

     As we entered the suite, she introduced herself as the office assistant


     "Zarah is waiting for you, James!"

     My glance swept across the outer motel room as we entered.  Looking

around, I noticed several bits of paraphernalia like a spiral disk machine, a

light bulb on a metronome, a crystal ball on a stand and a small shelf of books

on the subject of hypnosis.

     The "consultant" herself waited behind a large desk, and waved me to a

chair.  The setting was calculated to soothe, and I felt myself settle into the

large chair opposite Zarah, prepared to state my case with authority and


     "Madame ... er, Doctor ... ."  What a joke!  I started out with a stumble

over her name!  She looked different in this "office" setting, and yet ... that

face!  Those eyes!  I felt confidence drain away.  And now she spoke.

     "James, wait for just a moment now ... just compose yourself ... we just

can't communicate while you're in this state ... I think I can help you ...

just look here ... that's it, right here  ... " and her direct gaze drew my own

eyes to hers.  She widened those magnificent orbs slightly.

     The sounds of the room seemed to shut themselves off as if there were a

volume control turned down somewhere.  I felt so calm!  I sank back into my

chair, and let myself take a deep breath.  Was she still talking?  Who cared?

Those eyes were so calm, so knowing ... I closed my eyes for just a moment ...

a long moment ...

     "There, that's much better!"  Her voice faded back into focus as she

continued:  "You are NOT entranced, James, but I know you'll find it easier to

speak frankly now."

     I smiled and nodded in response.  Everything she said just seemed so

right!  My head wasn't at all "wooly" as it had felt the other night!  My

thoughts seemed to sparkle with clarity.

     She proceeded to grill me politely.  I realize now that my strange

succession of violent emotions had left me off-balance, and Zarah was using

this confusion to elicit very personal and honest talk from me on very short


     "James, I think I can sum up your fundamental questions about me, and

about your own needs,"  she said, finally.  "The simple term for me is

dominatrix.  You've heard that before, no?"

     I nodded, surprised at her blunt honesty.

     "As I said to you the other evening, I enjoy my abilities to dominate and

control others who are receptive to my influence.  I also enjoy taking the

other, submissive and obedient role occasionally!

     "Now you are discovering that the prospect of giving up self-control is

exciting to you.  You're not used to these emotions, because your life and

career have depended on structure and calculated control.  This does NOT mean

that you are less of a male, or less of a complete human ... in fact, I think

your experience will be richer for your acknowledgement!"  She smiled warmly at


     "Your ability to surrender control frightens you, but only because it has

come as a surprise.  With more practice and insight, your self-awareness will

not feel unwholesome, but will be a rewarding and maturing process!"

     I nodded.  This all seemed very logical and true.  She chuckled.

     "James, you are so very responsive to me that I think you have allowed

yourself to go into trance without realizing it, haven't you?"

     Why, I thought, so I had!  How amusing!  How strange!  I tried to speak,

but my voice was husky all of a sudden.

     "I think ... I think you're ... right ... "

     "James," came the firm voice of command, "I will not allow you to turn

yourself into a slave!  I don't believe in any type of slavery!  Now look at me

closely, and listen with the very depth of your being!"

     I guess I leaned forward towards her glowing face, and nodded.  Every

sound now took on a crystal clarity and importance as her voice penetrated

every fiber of me!

     "There will come a time, sooner or later, when you know that you are in

complete control of your OWN self, your own maturity.  You will find it easy to

break loose from my or anyone else's influence whenever you know it is right

that you do so ... you can USE me and my knowledge to grow into a more complete

person."  She paused a moment, and lowered her gaze deliberately. "While you

CHOOSE to be my subject, I will show you new levels of sexual fulfillment.

Trance states are liberating as well as confining."

     "Liberating ... yes ... " I heard myself say.

     "James, your quick and trusting responsiveness is very stimulating to me,

my dear!  I am attracted to you physically, and your particular turn-on is

quite unusual.  Men like you don't come my way often!  I do receive pleasure

from command, but it is a responsibility as well!"  She sighed, and swivelled

her chair away.  Instantly, I felt the "chain" break between us.  I shifted

position and cleared my throat.

     "You're going through a lot just now, but I know you welcome sexual

pleasure almost any time!"  she said over her shoulder.  "You like to 'peep,'

we both know that!  Now if you wish, you may observe my next visitor from the

back room, but you may make no sound to disturb us until I give you leave to

come in!  Go now, and sit quietly just inside the door."

     Of course I hurried to obey.  I found a chair and pulled it over to a

crack in the door, in time to see Katherine usher in a thin, nervous-faced


     "Here's Penny to see you, Doctor,"  she trilled, and sat herself down over

in a back corner of the"office."

     "Hello, Dr. Bradford," said Penny hurriedly. "I'm glad that you could

schedule an appointment tonight on such short notice."

     "It was no trouble at all, dear," replied Zarah. "I often take some

evening sessions."

     Penelope chattered on with a few complaints about boyfriend trouble, and,

I gathered, some early childhood references, and Zarah responded quite calmly.

In fact, over a very short time, Penelope's voice lost its abrasive quality,

and her herky-jerky gestures slowed noticeably.  I could see Zarah's influence

over this woman was quite strong.

     "Penny, let's sit ourselves down and shake out some of that tension, shall

we?"  Zarah took Penny's hands into her own, and my heightened perceptions

picked up something in the woman's body language that told me that she was

already responding to Zarah's influence.  Her darting gaze now rested more

calmly on Zarah's strong face, and in a lowered voice she assented.

     Zarah continued,"I'm glad you feel that this is a relaxing place you can

come to shake out of these dark moods.  You are obviously feeling more relaxed

just standing here.  Most of my clients shake off these tensions very quickly

... you feel better now, don't you dear?  Shall we move over to our work area


     Hand in hand, the two women took slow steps towards a low padded stool.

My penis was already riding up hard inside my trousers.  Penelope was under

Zarah's control already!  She sat slowly down on the stool, and Zarah knelt

down smoothly in front of her.

     "Penny, just watch me for a few more moments ... yes, just for a few more

long moments ... watch me a little longer, dear ..." as her voice quickly

assumed a lower, seductive purr ..."while I help you with your tensions.  Watch

me carefully, Penny ... very carefully ... that's right, dear, I can feel your

fingers gaining warmth as those arms get calm, relaxed and heavy ... very

heavy, aren't they?  Do you feel that weight?  You do, my dear Penny, you feel

that very heavy weight in your arms.  You can feeel that heaviness just now,

Penelope ..."

     Penny nodded slowly.  Her eyes were unblinking.  I was very hard, and my

hand found the lump in my trousers quickly.  I touched myself delicately as I

glued my eyes on Penny.

     "You've done the right thing, my girl ... you arrived here at the very

time I suggested to you last week ... you don't remember my suggestion, do


     " ...  no ... I can't remember ... everything's fuzzy!"

     "Yes, fuzzy and warm ... you're a very good girl, aren't you, Penny?"

Another slow nod. "Of course you are.  I promised you some excitement and

fulfillment last week, and we'll have a wonderful time tonight.  Ready,

darling?  You can sink right into my gaze now, Penny, just let it a-a-a-l-l go,

and fa-a-a-ll right in as you've learned to do so very well ... so very heavy

those arms, Penny, I'll drop them to your sides now ... just let their weight

hang very lo-o-o-osely down there, they are hanging down, down, down, so heavy

you just can't move them at all..."

     Penny's unblinking eyes were fixed on Zarah's face.  White showed all

round the pupils, and her hands immediately dropped straight down to her sides.

Their faces were close together now.  Zarah held Penny's chin gently. Her voice

crooned and stroked.

     "You are fa-a-a-l-l-ling right into me now ... falling and floating ...

fa-a-a-l-l-ling and flo-o-o-o-oating ... . floating right into your trance now

... your eyes are open, and you see nothing ... and there you go ..."  and her

voice faded softly into a profound silence.

     Penny's body leaned forward on her stool, almost touching Zarah's.  Her

lips were parted slightly, and her breathing seemed very noisy in the hush.

Zarah now held their two faces apart with just an index finger on the woman's


     "Close your eyelids now, take three deep breaths, and enjoy that blissful

feeling of complete submission to me.  Yes, Penny, you are mine for a while


     God, I was aroused, I pulled my rock-hard prick out of my pants, just in

time to let it spurt out violently against the door.  My face felt red-hot, and

I gave an involuntary grunt as the wonderful tingle subsided.  When I had

cleared up the goo, I felt so hot, I crept backward from the door, and washed

my face in the bathroom sink!

     Catching my breath, I returned to the door, to see that Zarah had left

Penny perched on her stool.  Katherine had taken a stance behind the subject,

and her fingers now rotated the girl's temples, and stroked through her frizzy

hair.  A blissful smile played over Penny's lips now.  Katherine saw me at the

door, and actually tossed me a wink!  She turned to Zarah, now seated at her

desk, and said, ignoring Penny:

     "He's cleaned himself up, Doctor!"

     "James, Penny sees and hears nothing but me ... you may come back in now,"

said Zarah.  I edged inside, and waited at the door.

     "Penny, I wish now that you'll briefly and honestly recapitulate your

reasons for being one of my clients."

     Penny said: "I'd heard about some mysterious parties from a girl friend of

mine, who raved about you.  I've had many personal problems in life meeting and

getting to know men, and I can't seem to hold up my end of any relationship,

especially ... in ... bed ..."  She actually blushed, and Katherine again

stroked her head briefly.

     "And in the four sessions we have had together Penny, how much you paid or

given me?"

     "I haven't paid you anything, mistress!  You turned down my present that

one time, too."

     "Yes, darling Penny, we both do what we do for our pleasure and

fulfillment!  and now Penny, now comes pleasure time!"  chanted Zarah, whose

face had taken on a slight flush. "Stand up."

     The girl rose smoothly to her feet, eyes still closed.

     "I will that you disrobe before me."

     The girl's hands flew immediately to her buttons, zippers and clasps, and

within a minute stood over the small heap of her clothing.  She seemed

completely at ease in her nudity.  Her pale skin showed few blemishes, just a

smattering of freckles on her shoulders, and over the upper side of her small

bosom.  Her body was softened in contour, and showed a small but definite bulge

around the midriff.  Most people would never have displayed their nakedness so

readily in the harsh light of a strange room.

     "I will give you some literature about physical fitness later, Penny,"

Zarah said. "You will read it, and you will soon find yourself inspired to

begin a modest program of exercise for yourself.  Do you understand?"

     Penelope's head lowered in assent.

     "Good.  I just love your beautiful body, my darling!" Zarah lowered her

voice, and stepped directly next to the sleeping girl.

     "I wish to observe all of you very intimately now  You will move your feet

apart and stand straight and tall for me.  That's it, stepping farther apart

... farther ... perfect.  Now breathe slowly and deeply ten times.  As you

exhale you will say:  'I obey my mistress.'  Each breath and repitition deepens

my control.  As you feel all resistance evaporate, your two arms will become

weightless.  They will float right up into the air no matter how you try to

keep them down.  They will float freely.  You will love the feeling that you

have no control over them.  Begin your count."

     A long inhalation, then Penny's voice: "I will obey my mistress ... I will

obey my mistress ... I will obey ..."

     Zarah and her assistant moved around the girl, feasting their eyes on her

most secret places.  Soon one arm, then the other, jerked, shivered, and rose

up until they both hung in mid-air, drifting back and forth slightly.  This

pulled up and tautened Penny's breasts somewhat.  Zarah moved her face right

next to the torso, and breathed in Penny's scent from her underarms, then

brushed her lips with a feather-light touch along the outside of one pale

breast.  The girl seemed oblivious as she finished her chant and stood waiting,

head drooping towards her chest now, arms in mid-air.

     Katherine's small face was flushed now too.  She knelt, and drew her own

cheek across Penny's buttocks, again and again.  Her own eyes were closed, and

I noticed a pursing of her pretty little mouth as she too inhaled of the

sleeping girl's intimate scents.

     "Tell me what you feel, dear," ordered the hypnotist.

     "I must obey you, mistress."

     I watched Katherine cover a recliner chair with some towels, and Penny was

now told to sit down.  She was soon lying back.  I was erect again inside my

trousers.  I moved closer to the scene, but was forestalled by Zarah.

     "Penny, darling, open your eyes now."

     The blond head nodded slowly.  With obvious labor, the girl blinked her

eyes open.  Her placid face stared up at the ceiling, with a small smile on

relaxed lips.

     "You will lie here, and soon you become drowsy.  You will feel so

deliciously drowsy that your eyes will close, and you will soon enter a very

deep sleep, do you understand?  A true sleep."

     "A chime will sound, and you will begin to enter a very exciting dream,

all to yourself.  This dream arouses you  ...  it's a sexy dream, a very sexy

dream, and it lasts and lasts.  The first stage is slow, as your unconscious

will provide you with stimulating pictures and situations.  You'll be so hot

and flushed!  You will feel those first pleasurable flutterings of sexual

arousal  ...

     "The next chime will strengthen your dreamy sexual heat, your mind will

give you strongly arousing sensations and pictures.  Your body can move only a

little now.  You'll feel your ankles magically pulling apart, separating,

pulling your lovely legs right apart, until the ankles are hooked, stuck tight

to the outer sides of the chair.  The ankles will stick tight, tight, tight.

     "As you feel your thighs part and lock themselves open, you will be able

to talk about your dream aloud, Penny."

     Another slow nod.

     "Beautiful, my dear, you will obey me perfectly.  Finally, our last chime

will provoke your dream to its height.  You will shortly feel a real touch

then, Penny.  This will release your deep sexual tensions, your longing,

yearning for release from the heights of excitement.  Yes, of course you will,

when you feel the touch ... the touch  ...  then at last you can drowse and

sleep again, sleep deeply and restfully until I awaken you, feeling rested and

refreshed.  Tell me you understand, and you will then obey."

     "I understand, mistress."

     Penny's next actions excited me still more.  She blinked and squinted her

eyes, yawned prodigiously, and with a sigh, turned her head to one side.  Soon

her body gave a sleep "jerk," and a very cute little snore began puttering

through her nose.  Her jaw fell open slightly.

     I studied her face and watched the eyeballs roll upwards into her head

through her closed eyelids.  I was hard as a rock, and moved very close to her

face, but Zarah stopped me shortly with a finger snap.  I knelt back and


     Kathy sounded a little bell on the desk.  Soon, the eyeballs jiggled, and

began to flicker in the REM motions of the dreamer.  Penny sighed, sighed

again, and the corner of her mouth twitched.  Suddenly, her lips puckered, and

the tip of her tongue protruded.  Once, twice, and twice more it stuck out and

retreated.  It was tightly curled, and the girl sighed again, this time with a

low murmur.  Her cheekbones flushed, and I actually watched a mist of

perspiration form on her upper lip.  The eyeballs were moving all over now

beneath tight lids, and Penny's breathing caught and quickened.  One hand

curled, and made a repetitive cupping and stroking motion, half in the air.

     I was startled when she suddenly muttered to herself.  Her knees were

turned off to one side, but their muscles twitched and a heavy, slow contortion

cycle began.  The knees slid along each other, back and forth.  The glistening

tongue wet her mouth, which opened and delivered a long, deepening kiss onto

the air.  I wished it was me!

     The next chime brought forth a gasp from the naked girl.  I watched her

tits jiggle, and her tongue make a long licking motion.  Penny inhaled deeply

through her nose, and muttered "ni-i-ice  ...  so ni-i-i-i.."  the voice

trailed away, and with a groan, her head stiffened on its extended neck.  I

looked down.  One knee was lifting, and turning outward from the other.  The

sleeper's hands clutched at the armrest, and it seemed she was trying to resist

her dream, but slowly, inch by inch her feet crept outwards, until her heels

dropped over the edges of the footrest.

     I felt myself nearing orgasm, but a sharp flick on my neck from Zarah

acted like a douse of cold water on my fevered genitals.  I moved my face very

close to the twitching form, and watched the belly muscles clench and loosen.

     A little voice just above me made a cooing sound, and a very young Penny

spoke:  "O-o-o-o, I want to lick it again, Bobby  ...  come up here so I can

lick and suck it!  Want to close my legs, but they're stuck, n-n-ngh.."

     I studied her thigh muscles as they clenched mightily, with the buttocks,

and the knees tried to pull inwards, but of course lost the fight against

Zarah's command.  Again and again Penny tried to close up,  and she begged

"Bobby" to "please rub me there again with that thing  ...  that's it ... up

and dowwwn ... oooh, it feels so hot!"  I realized that  she was undergoing

some form of vision involving a boy she knew.

     "Let me close, oh please, Bobby!  I'm so-o-o horny!  I'm very horny,  I

can't get them closed,  I'm so open, I'm wider open, wider, wi-ii  ...  " her

voice trailed off, and I breathed in great clouds of fragrance from her

distended pussy.  She no longer tried to close, but her butt muscles continued

their unceasing clenching.  They raised and lowered her beautiful slickened

flower slightly into the air, their petals protruded well past the dark blond

hairs now, they were indeed an angry red color.

     "I'm wide, wide, wider open for you now," gasped the voice hoarsely, bring

it there, tickle me with it  ...  a- a-h-h-h  ...  tha-a-a-t's  so-o-o  go-o-o-

od  ...  so-o-o good!  You're gonna Sli-i-i-ide it ... sli-i-i-ide it deep

inside, sliding right up inside me  ...  ooooohhh, do it slo-o-o-owly  ...

that's it  ...  torture me  ...  torture  ...  "

     As she babbled on to her dream lover, I actually saw little squirts of

liquid like saliva dribble out along her pussy lips!  A dark purple clitoris

was stone-hard and begging to be sucked.  It demanded sucking!

     "I fe-e-e-el it, honey, I fe-e-e-ellll  it," crooned the subject.  Her

inner thighs had begun a cycle of very slight vibration, like a tiny wave of

quivers.  This happened again and again.  The towel beneath her clenching

pelvis was dark with moisture.  Her voice came again, it was almost a whimper.

     "I gotta come, lover ... I'm so-o-o ready!  I want to come now!  I can't

wait, do it, do it!"

     I stared fixedly at Zarah, and received a gesture of approval.  I pushed

my face right up in between those glistening buttock muscles.  I inhaled

deeply, then flicked softly at her little button with my tongue.  The reaction

was instantaneous.  Something hot squirted onto my chin, and the hips froze

above the chair, locked in an amorous rigor, a paralysis of ecstasy.

     Another flick, and another squirt.  Penny was hoarse, gasping aloud "I'm

wider and wider, wider and wider, wi-i-i-i-i-ia-a-a-a-- n-n---ngh!"

     The vulva spurted again, and the thighs snapped shut.  Penny's suddenly-

freed heels drummed on the footrest, and she drew her pelvis upward, till my

mouth was directly planted on her clit.  I slurped on it loudly, and felt it

throbbing, throbbing, throbbing, as she quaked in her sleep, and cried with


     My dick was quivering.  Zarah pulled me up and away from the girl, now

flushed but quiet again.

     "James, you must go home right now.  I think you've seen enough for

tonight.  When you get into bed tonight, you will masturbate, of course?  Yes,

you will have to masturbate, and you'll find now that you can reach your orgasm

simply to the sound of my voice in your memory ... urging you to release your

powerful juicy pump, just as you did at the theater.  Yes, you'd better get

home and release all that burning, bursting tension.  Drive safely, enjoy

yourself ... and return here tomorrow night about eight."

     I immediately thanked Zarah for the experience.  As I left the suite, I

saw Katherine lifting Penny's knees apart, and draping them over the arms of

her recliner.  Oh, man, I was hard as iron again!

     It was about ten when I arrived home.  No TV ... no toothbrush ... no

mixed drink ... I just dropped my clothes on my way upstairs to my bed.  I sank

back naked onto the sheets, and just lay there.  I found myself studying my own

organ as it bulged up into the air.  Each knob and vein stood out along the

shaft.  Tingles and hot vibrations washed up and down its purpling length, as

it jerked and twitched before my eyes.

     I didn't touch it at all, but found myself "pretending" to be controlled

by Zarah.  Each time I heard the Voice say "clench," I let my cock tighten,

then relax.  I contracted my ass a few times, then gave in to all the

stimulation I'd received.

     I was so ready, so ready to come!  I was closer to the "point" ... closer

... the jerking had stopped, and I stuck up into the air ... waiting ...

staring at my cock and waiting ...

     And now I was over!  I no longer had the ability to hold back.  I heard

Zarah say clearly: "James, you feel hot lava rising up your length ... up ...

up ... hold yourself back one last instant ... up it comes ... up ... up ... up

... now watch closely as your cock spurts helplessly!  Spurt and come!"

     And there it came!  One pearly blob dribbled down from my opening, then a

large ropy thread of white hot liquid shot out.  Drops landed on my upper arm

as it lay clenched at my side.  They felt scalding.  Another jet, then I felt

myself actually swoon as more dribbles of semen pooled onto my belly and pubic

hairs.  My limbs shuddered but I felt I couldn't move them an inch, and I think

I cried a little, the sensation was so powerful!

     My gasping soon slowed and deepened.  I felt warm.  I tingled.  I felt

Zarah's influence lulling me, soothing me.  My penis sank towards my belly.

With each pulse, it jerked lower and lower.  Aftershocks still caused me to

clench myself, but as my eyes still stared at my relaxing cock, I felt them

droop.  I imagined hearing the command to become drowsy, and I let myself

murmur "Yes, Mistress," and immediately felt my eyelids swell and begin to

burn.  I found myself testing Zarah's control over me as I strained to hold

them open.  God, how they stung!  They squinted, they blinked, and now they

closed inexorably.  Sleep overtook me like a dark, comfortable tidal wave, and

I gave in to it with a last blissful sigh.

     Mary and Alice

     On my return next evening, I felt no more hesitancy.  I sat back in my

chair at the desk, and simply announced that I was Zarah's for the taking.

     "May I watch you some more?  I'll do whatever you say!"

     The woman toyed with a pencil, then met my earnest gaze.

     "I know you will, James," she said, calmly.  "You came for me last night,

didn't you?"

     I nodded.

     "Something about you excites me," came the surprising response.  "I shall

have you in many ways, and you shall have me ... but not for a while, yet!

Still, you may observe me, in silence, this evening."  I took a chair in a

dimly-lit corner of the room.  I was told to hold a yellow legal pad, and

pretend as if I were taking notes.

     "Quite soon, you'll find you can drop the pretense, James," said Zarah.

"I shall complete my induction quickly tonight.  One client is quite ripe, and

the other shall follow along soon, I trust."

     Soon the receptionist entered, escorting the striking redhead I'd seen

last night, and a pert, young blonde of no more than eighteen years, that would

make anyone's mouth water.  Both had close-cropped hairdos, and they held

hands.  Zarah greeted the elder as Mary and the girl was presented to her as


     I wasn't brought into the meeting, but was waved at by Zarah, and

described as her recording secretary.  I was soon ignored, and gleaned from the

conversation that Mary had dragged her girl friend to meet this "guru," so she

could learn some of Zarah's widsom.   Alice was still inquisitive about me, but

was rather brusquely shushed by the domineering Mary.

     The "clients" were seated in facing chairs, with Alice placed in the

recliner. The receptionist Katherine stood herself over near me.  Zarah now

poured a glass of wine for Mary, and sat down near Alice.

     "We'll just make some easy tests tonight, Alice," she said.  "Let's

measure your suggestibility index."  The girl nodded, clearly impressed with

Zarah's prowess.

     "Take this pendulum chain in your right hand, dear.  Now watch it.  Watch

it, and shut everything else out.  Just concentrate on the sparkle and dance of

the jewel down at the end of the chain.  Keep the chain very still.  Very very

still and quiet.  Feel it's weight ... a pendulum has weight and mass, although

very light.  Gravity pulls the gem and chain straight down toward the center of

the earth.  Wonderful!  You are doing very well, Alice.  Just keep your whole

hand and arm still as ever you can.

     "Watch the gem ... watch it's sparkly reflection.  Soon I predict that

without any effort at all it will begin to swing.  Watch it carefully, but

don't try to move it on purpose.  Watch it now as it begins swinging back and

forth all by itself ... all by itself ... watch for it ... watch ... there,"

Zarah observed, and indeed the crystal had begun a swing.  Alice was motionless

in her chair, and I noticed that Mary was watching the swinging stone as well.

     "Now again, without any effort at all, we'll cause that back-and-forth

motion to become circular, the straight line of light will curve, curve more

and more, becoming an oval, than a circle, as the gem swings round and round

... round and round ... round and around."  The stone followed the directions,

changing directions quicker and quicker, until all Zarah had to do was intone

"circle," "across" and "back-and-forth," and Alice's hand would respond.  She

had fixated on it with intensity, her teeth were biting her lower lip in

concentration.  She was trying to keep her hand steady, she said, and the

motions of the stone were not her doing.

     "You see how receptive you can be ... and now, ver-r-ry gradually you will

soon notice a subtle tingle, a kind of warm tinglyness in that hand, just a

very faint tingle and a warm lightness spreading through that hand and arm.

Just listen to my voice now, dear, listen and lose any sense of tension as we

watch that swing together.  The regular swing and sway of the line.  The line

of light.  It's a pleasant sensation to let the world fade away and focus down

the light path.

     "You'll soon notice a tendency for the swinging pathway to rise slowly

right up in the air, for that gem to swing up slowly in front of you higher and

higher, rising up ... swinging up ... there, it begins now.  Remember, you

exert no effort at all, the rise is automatic ... all you have to do is watch

it happen.  Watch the light rise and swing, swaying back ... and ... .forth ...

so slowly and steadily, slo-o-o-owly and steadily ... "

     That special powerful silence had spread through the office.  Two pairs of

eyes followed the gem as Zarah's voice grew deeper and slower, more insistent,

continuing her litany, We watched as Alice' hand began lifting the chain

higher.  Her eyes were round, and she seemed amazed, as if she really didn't

understand why the pendulum lifted.

     "As the light floats higher and higher in front of you, you may hear the

soft sound of deeper and deeper breathing in the room at this point ... deep,

relaxed, regular breathing as you focus all your deepest attention on the light

... deep, deeper and deeper attention.  Hear the breathing as the chest rises

and falls, the muscles relax, the body becomes attuned only to my voice and the

light ... the voice and the light ... very deeply relaxed now.  The eyes locked

tighter and tighter on the light.  Up it comes, up it comes.  Follow it only

with the eyes ... your head seems so heavy you find it can't move ... can't

lift that heavy, heavy head ... only the eyes ... up and up and up"

     Deep breathing was very loud now indeed.  With a heavy sigh, Mary's head

wobbled and swayed as she tried to hold it up.  She was aided by the

receptionist, who quickly but quietly moved behind her, steadying her with soft

fingers at the temples.  Mary's eyelids had long since closed.  Soon, her head

was lowered gently to her chest, where it hung there, motionless.

     Meanwhile Alice's eyelids were fluttering rapidly with strain as her own

arm lifted the swinging pendulum ever higher towards the ceiling.  Only the

whites below her pupils showed now.  Her lips were parted.  Her arm was well

above her drooping head, and the gem swung around every which way, with a

random jerkiness.

     "Follow it up, and the lids close right now, and now you are attuned only

to my voice and will.  You will close your eyes, and quickly achieve complete

trance ... there, my dear girl, you are so-o-o firmly under my command and

control ... a luscious, delicious feeling, to give up control completely ...

feel the luscious stroking warmth of my voice and will ... it's washing over

you, you are swept away, drifting ... drifting away on a warm, sweet current,

luscious and stroking and whirling ... "

     My prick was again rock-hard, as Zarah continued.  I was rubbing it, when

I felt a hand reach around and unzip my trousers.  There was heavy breathing of

another sort in my ear, and Katherine's moist mouth almost brought me to climax

as it said into my ear:  "Can you spare me a few inches of that?  This is such

a turn-on, isn't it?  Here, put this on, quick!"  She gave a quick kiss to my

erect member, and slid over it a thin condom.  Her tongue brushed my ear, and

the hot breathy whisper continued.

     "I'm almost ready to pop right now ... I never take long when I watch

Zarah work ... I'll show you, see?"  She stood in front of my chair, her skirt

hiked up around her hips, and I could see a large damp area on her dark colored

panties.  She turned her back to me, and her plump mound was clearly visible

through the thin material as she clenched her buttocks almost in my face.  She

leaned forward over a chair, keeping her long legs tightly together, and as I

pulled her panties down, she silently motioned me to hurry and slide my long,

rigid cock right up into her.

     Zarah was moving to Mary now, murmuring steadily into her ear, and

kneading the back of her neck.  She raised a finger at us to keep silence.  The

head of my cock now slipped right between the thick labia, into the dark,

slippery tunnel, which immediately started clenching and churning around my

shaft.  I drew fluttery fingertips up the rear of Kathy's legs, right up from

the back of her knees towards her damp cleft, again and again, swirled them

around lightly a bit to tickle her rear end, which caused it to twitch like a

horse's flank.

     One hand braced herself forward, while the other worked in front.  I

couldn't see it, but I felt her rubbing and tickling herself as I slid backward

and forwards.  I saw her nod frantically at me over her shoulder, and I pulled

out almost all the way, then spread her cheeks apart and gave one slow deep

final stroke, which triggered us both.  Her head lowered onto the desk as she

stuffed a forearm into her mouth.  I felt her stiff cunt hairs scratch my balls

as they drew in tight at my climax.  I bucked and pumped hot liquid into the

latex sheath.  Our muffled gasping earned us a wry smile from Zarah.

     "I hope you have stamina, James, the night's not over yet," said the

hypnotist, as Katherine left the office to clean up, kindly returning with hot

washcloth and towel for me as well.  I washed my overheated face after sharing

several exciting kisses from the willing lips of the receptionist, and just

shook my head at the amazing experiences I was having.

     "You may feel a little dizzy now, Alice, and we will help you lie back,

sink back in your trance now ... sink back ... " as Zarah raised the swaying

girl from her chair, and laid her back in her recliner.  As she knelt next to

the blonde, Katherine beckoned me outside into the night air.  I went outside,

and she favored me with more luscious smooches, drawing my hand up under her

skirt, where I encountered her thick labia, still quite damp and slippery.  She

raised one foot onto the low wall, and had me stroke and tickle her little

clitoris as we whispered together.

     "Oooh, James!"  she breathed, "I LIKED that experience!"  Another series

of kisses.  "I've never had a man while watching a trance!  You know, I've been

with Zarah for three years now, and she mostly works with women here in the

office ... I get so hot ..." and she wriggled herself around my probing hand

some more.  I let a couple fingers slide up inside her, and twiddled them

around, while still sliding my thumb lightly over her nubbin.

     "You know, I got very horny yesterday when you first came over!  You're

sexy looking, but you are vulnerable, and I don't go for the super-stud types

at all!  And when I watched you slip under her spell ... well, I hope you and

Zarah get on well, that's all.  Ooh, do that a little harder, please!"  She

gave a dainty, quiet shudder as her butt clenched around my hand.  Her head

rested on my shoulder, then with sparkling eyes, she led me back inside.

     Zarah motioned for Katherine to withdraw a bit, and beckoned me over to

her two subjects.  They were both topless now, and were standing, face-to-face,

gazing into each others' eyes.  Mary's pale bosom was picture-perfect in form

and color, her redhead's skin almost translucent, and the pale pink nipples now

jutted forth as Alice's fingers circled lightly around and around the aureoles.

Mary's fingers were performing similar figures on the fleshy but youthful tits

jutting out proudly from Alice's chest.  The two women swayed slightly on stiff

legs, but kept upright.  Their mutual gaze never wavered, even as Zarah ran an

intimate hand over both their asses, and whispered in their ears.

     Shortly the two had shucked their lower garments and, still facing close

together, resumed manipulating each other's bosoms in that oh-so-light circular


     Zarah motioned me closer, and indicated I was to have the pleasure of

removing two pairs of panties from two luscious asses.  As my fingers worked

the underwear down their legs, I felt their butt muscles subtly squeezing and

relaxing in a slow cycle.  My hands roamed over those tight curves, and I

suddenly felt envious of Zarah's control!  I wanted to assert dominance myself!

     I moved right up between the two faces, and scrutinized them closely.

Mary's green eyes had now reacquired their glaze, and, very infrequently, she

would slowly blink.  Alice's eyelids were in sync!  She would let her eyes

close and reopen at the same time!

     Zarah's hand pulled me reluctantly back as I was imagining being in total

control of a woman like Mary ... of having her gaze helplessly at me while she

ached to do my bidding!  Zarah read my mind.

     "Wait and learn, James," was all she said.  She placed a cushion at

Alice's feet.

     Her hands touching their necks, Zarah pressed downwards.  She whispered

"You may kneel now," and the pair sank down, still lost in each other's eyes.

     "Wonderful, Alice!" she droned, "Mary, you are a splendid girl!  Now you

may take an eternity to explore this relationship.  I will that you take your

intense pleasure together.  You are passion's mirror.  Passion's Mirror.

Continue your light stroking now."

     The fingers circled, circled, circled.  The buttocks squeezed tighter, and

relaxed.  The fingers reached the nipples and paused.  Their breathing caught

and their pelvises began a slow dance, inward, outward.  After another couple

of blinks, the eyelids stayed closed.  Zarah moved in again.  Her hands rested

on the buttocks, and supported their slow inward thrusts.

     "Wonderful, you are now surrendering to the touch.  I will allow you to

see as well.  You may watch your bodies as your eyes open again.  Open.  Open

them now.  Look down at your thrilling bodies."

     The pillow had raised the shorter girl enough that her torso was at an

equivalent height.  One woman pinched lightly on her partner's pink fruits, and

the other instantly copied.  Breathing was louder in the room now.  Fingers

wandered down, down, down, until they were clasping each other's rears.  I

watched as the grasps tightened harder and more insistently.  The muscles

responded more quickly, bringing the two pubic muffs closer with each

contortion.  Their breasts pressed into one another.

     A tongue suddenly pointed out from between Alice's lips, and Mary returned

the favor.  Their eyes re-locked.  Their faces moved into position, and their

mouths parted.  They kissed.  And kissed.  And kissed.

     "I love you, my darlings," cooed Zarah in a husky voice.  "You may rise

now, and lie in my bed.  It is time for love.  You are alone, and I release you

into the air ... you are free to fly."

     They rose, they swayed into the bedroom.  The door closed.  Shortly there

came soft muffled cries.  Now and again a harsher more demanding call.  Now

silence, which stretched out into our room.

     The wonder of this quiet revelation had helped me lose my own self-

important fantasies, and I had settled back on a sofa, thinking nothing,

wishing nothing, almost in a doze just caught up in the drama of that love.

     I turned my head, to find Katherine kneeling beside me.  She made a

shushing gesture, and I saw, over her shoulder, a startling sight.  Zarah was

standing where she had been earlier, staring blindly at the bedroom door.  Her

face was shiny with tears, which seemed to pour over her cheeks.

     "Alone...I'm so fucking alone ... nobody ..." I heard the soft broken

voice, over and over.

     "Zarah, we love you!"  Katherine hurried over and drew her into an

embrace.  "I love you so much, but beyond that, you are such an artist!  You

paint pictures of fulfillment, and even the actors are real!  Look!" and she

pulled Zarah over to my couch.  "Look, James understands!  Look at his

face...look, dammit, not at his cock!  his face!"

     Zarah turned her dampened cheeks to meet my gaze.  I was not intimidated.

I was not humble.  I was not challenging.  I was still feeling the beauty of

the moment, and met her gaze, open, clear and clean.  I sat upright, and opened

my arms to her.  I felt her whole body for the first time.  It was slight,

angular, and radiated tremendous heat.  I drew her down beside me, and felt her


               Zarah - part III - Threesome

     I was too far under Zarah's influence to put up a quarrel when I was

asked to leave.

     "I won't forget you, James," said Zarah, "and we'll have more

adventures soon, I promise!"

     I drove home.

     Two or three weeks passed, and strangely the excitement of those

"sessions" faded more quickly than I thought it would.  I had left the two

women alone, there in their darkened office, and gone back to my workaday

world.  I seemed to put my recent wrenching changes on a back shelf, almost

to forget about them, they were too strong and bewildering.  I didn't call

Brenda.  I didn't even masturbate for several days, although I noticed my

sheets were stained and stiff on several mornings.  I must be having wet

dreams, like I had when I was a teenager!

     Next week, I received a call from Brenda.  She let it slip that Madame

Mesmre was visiting her apartment occasionally, for "private


     The following Wednesday evening found me at Brenda's apartment door.

Madame herself let me in!  It was as if we had never been apart, the rush of

that personality washed over me immediately.

     "Where's Brenda?  Are you her roommate now?" I asked, letting my

jealousy slip through.

     "If we are to share this intimate space, James," Zarah responded

sternly, "we must be honest and tolerant with each other.  If you wish, I

can show you something of my private practice this evening."

     Zarah turned and walked right up to me.  She took my hands in hers.  I

felt instantly drawn to her gaze, frozen in place, and I rapidly lost all

awareness, as I felt drawn, pulled right into and through her huge eyes,

into a vast, humming comforting darkness.

     "Come back up now, James ... " I heard, at first faintly, then

stronger, as I swam up to the surface of consciousness again.  It was only

later that I was able to remember that I had indeed been hypnotized at all!

I smiled at Zarah, and said something inane like "Long time no see!"  She

chuckled to herself.

     "I've designed a little erotic play this evening," she continued.

"It's fairly complex, but you all haveproved to be such good subjects, I can

confidently guarantee you all a most enlightening few hours.  I'm sure that

as the lone male in my scenario, you'll hold your end up."

     I followed her gaze down to my lap.  I nearly jumped off my chair!  My

trousers were open, and I was sporting a large, firm hard-on, right out in

the open!  Why hadn't I noticed?  I cried aloud in surprise, and doubled

over in embarrassment.

     Her hand reached out and touched my forehead. Instantly I felt myself

calming.  The adrenalin rush subsided, and I even leaned back on the sofa!

My dick poked right up between us, but I paid it no more attention.

     "You'll find that you have some surprising abilities for a little

while," Zarah chuckled, and reached forward to slide a soft hand right up my

erection, which twitched at her touch.

     "Now you soften again, for a while!  Get dressed ... quickly, now,

James!"  I was soon clothed again, my cock tucked securely back in its nest.

     "You've brought a bottle or two of wine," she went on, pointing to the

coffee table, on which indeed sat two bottles of expensive red wine.  Had I

brought them?  I didn't even try to sort it out, just listened to that

luscious voice.

     "... and don't initiate any sexual activity at all tonight.  Just let

it happen!"  She left the apartment after calling out, "Girls, James has

arrived!"  With a last glance at me, she was gone.

     Brenda emerged from the back room, along with Lily!Brenda's eyes

sparkled.  Her face was made up nicely, and she was dressed in a short one-

piece knit thing that clung appealingly to her hips.  Lily came out, rather

shyly.  Her immaculate business suit was perfectly arranged.  We were

"introduced," and I realized she had no memories of ever having seen me


     We were soon seated in the living room, where we sat around chatting

idly.  No one even mentioned Zarah's name!

     As we sipped our wine, first one bottle, then the other, the women

began a subtle interplay that I only gradually intercepted.  They snatched

private glances at each other.  When Lily would laugh, she often reached

over and touched Brenda on shoulder or knee.  Both faces became flushed as

the joking got more risqu.  I was miffed that I was excluded from this

somewhat, and was actually entertaining notions of departure, when the drama

suddenly began to unfold.

     It began with an "accident."  Brenda bumped my wine glass, sending the

contents onto the carpet below my feet.  She apologized and knelt by the

sofa with a couple of napkins.  In the middle of blotting the spill, her

talk stopped, and her body froze in position for a good five seconds.

     "Brenda?"  asked Lily.  "Anything wrong?  Did you cut yourself?"

     The answer was hesitant and soft:  "I thought I smelled something ... I

felt dizzy for a second."  She bent to resume her cleaning, and very shortly

jerked upright.  Her nostrils sniffed about like a rabbit's, and her eyes

were very wide.  I saw her swallow as she excused herself and headed to the

kitchen.  "I feel strange," she mumbled.  Lily tossed me the napkins to

finish cleaning, and hurried after her.

     I was dabbling at the spill when Lily returned.

     "She's making coffee ... here, let me get that, you're just making it

worse!" she exclaimed.  As she bent over again, her head jerked up, and she

opened those large eyes wide at me.

     "Are you wearing some after-shave or cologne?" Lily asked in a small

voice.  "There's such an interesting odor ... " she sniffed around towards

me again.

     ''I don't use any smelly stuff at all," I said, feigning innocence.  I

suddenly remembered Zarah's preocupation with scents.  "Maybe it's something

on the carpet."  I sat back down to await developments.

     "No, no, it's just that ... I don't know ... it's very interesting ...

I can't quite place it ... "Brenda returned, without coffee, to find Lily,

in her elegant suit, crawling around the sofa, sniffing like a bloodhound.

     "Check out right under the edge.  And I'm afraid Jim's trousers will

need dry cleaning," Lily said, in a throaty voice.  They ignored me again,

whispering together.  I know I heard one or two giggles!

     Brenda bent down to me now; pretending to examine my pants leg, she

breathed in languidly, and remained doubled over for a moment, then sighed


     "Bring him a robe, Lily, and I'll do his ... things ... " she said in a

low voice to her friend.  I said nothing, but waited to see which way things

were going to go.  Lily returned with a heavy terrycloth robe, and I saw

that she had removed her jacket, and several undone blouse buttons now

presented a pronounced cleavage, along with a ruby pendant on a bright gold

chain that clung to the upper slopes of a full bosom.

     "Just look at this stone that Madame Mesmre gave me!"  she chirped.

"I use it for pendulum practice mostly, but it's a great piece of junk

jewelry, too!"  And she swiveled her torso back and forth, causing the ruby

to ping-pong around between her breasts.  She danced to some imaginary

bouncy beat.

     Now I'm usually not attracted to large tits, but Lily was certainly not

ashamed of them!

     "That's a great effect, there, Lily!" I said heartily.  The large red

stone bounced seductively around in her cleft as she wriggled.  I didn't

want to stare too blatantly, but I could see she didn't mind a bit!  She

actually moved closer to my sofa.  She bent forward, right over my shoulder,

and turned on a table lamp.

     When she straightened, the effect was quite startling.  There seemed

now to be a red after-image - like a comet's trail painted on Lily's white

skin as the ruby moved over it!

     I was trying to figure how the lamplight could cause that effect, when

I became aware that it was getting stronger by the moment ...  the comet

trail persisted longer and longer in my vision ...

     It's obvious now that I was responding to some prior suggestion, but at

the time I could only blink at the brilliant gem, trying to understand ...

what was I trying to figure out?  I couldn't remember ... I decided that it

was too tiring to think, and I should just watch very carefully, and enjoy

... Lily bent forward into the light again, and the ruby now hung more

freely, dangling ... shimmering ... sparkling ... deep and red ... Every

motion was so fascinating ... so very compelling ...

     Brenda had apparently risen from my side ...  when had that happened?

She stood next to Lily and whispered very low.  "He's really focused, isn't

he?  Look at his eyes!  Wiggle it some more ...

     ''Do you think he's hooked like Zarah said?" asked Lily.

     I could hear every word, but found myself unwilling (or unable!) to

move my eyes even a millimeter from that glowing track with the bright red

star twinkling at its head.

     "I'll try his hands and see," Brenda answered.

     As if it were someone else, I felt my hands being lifted up and laid

along the back of the sofa.  My arms sank deep into the upholstery - they

weighed a ton - more than a ton each!  They couldn't be my arms, could they?

I tried feebly to move them, but they might as well have been encased in

solid concrete.

     Lily stood up straight and and watched me.  I knew what was happening,

but had no desire to alter anything.  As far as my eyes were concerned, her

red stone was the center of my universe.  My eyes followed it upward, though

my head seemed suddenly as heavy as my arms.

     "He's gone for sure, honey," cooed Brenda to Lily,  "Is he watching the

stone or your boobies?''

     "Do you like what you see so far, James?" asked Lily, and to Brenda:

"Seeing him this way, you know?  I mean, what a hunk, and I can do anything,

Zarah said!  And it's safe, he won't remember a thing tomorrow!  James ...

Jimmy, do you like what you see, hmmm?"

     My throat felt so tight, I knew I couldn't speak, and I think I tried

to nod as best I could my heavy, heavy head.

     Lily's fingers seemed to drift over her blouse, and it was completely

unbuttoned.  She pulled it slowly back, whispering to Brenda, "I've never

done a strip before ... for a man, anyway!  I feel so ... safe!  Men can

hurt you, they're powerful in all the wrong ways, but James is ... different

... and he smells so fuckin' great!"  She sighed in satisfaction and her

impressive mammaries were now turned back and forth shamelessly before me.

     "He's still watching that ruby ... I want him to look at me!"

     Brenda moved behind her friend and unclasped the chain.  She dangled

the gem briefly right in front of my nose ... this made my eyes cross.  They

both giggled, then Brenda slowly lifted the gem back towards Lily's torso.

     Deliberately, she dangled it first over one breast, then the other.

She let it hover and circle, bumping and sliding over that delicious white

skin as she caused it to circle.  A glowing ruby line seemed painted across

all the contours of that glorious bosom.  The stone rose, until it rested

for a long moment right between Lily's eyes.  They were hot, and stared

raptly back into my own.  The ruby descended.  My eyes were locked in like

radar, but I was very aware of those deep curves.

     "Ooo, that feels great, Brenda!" she breathed.  "just look at him!

Talk about your burning  gaze!"

     She took hold of the chain herself and continued its slow excursions.

Brenda now reached around and began a fondling Lily with her fingertips.

She stroked outwards, over and over each breast, and soon I was intently

watching the ruby as it moved over a pair of rock-hard nipples, each in its

own setting: a deeply puckered aureole on a soft pink pillow.

     Brenda's hands would lift each breast upwards, just a little, and allow

it to bounce gently back down to rest.  The breasts were large, but round

and quite firm as they swelled out towards me.  Lily began panting now under

Brenda's knowing ministrations, her eyes closed, she slid the soft gold

chain lightly, right along her nips.

     The women soon decided to "fool around" with me some more, and Lily got

things rolling.

     "James ... let us help you with those messy trousers ... you needn't

get up," she giggled, "just slide forward a little more ... that's it, lamb

... Ooo, do your shoulders hurt?  You can't move them at all?  Come on,

Brenda, slide his pants off, what's the matter?"

     Brenda had laid her head along my thigh, her eyes closed as my scent

overtook her once again as she loosened my belt and slid my pants down as

far as my knees.

     The stone was forgotten momentarily while Lily reached down to pull

Brenda away.  The girl remained on hands and knees, overcome, as Lily

finished undressing me, and then she buried her own face in the crotch of my


     "Whoo!  I see what you mean," said Lily.  "It's like a drug or

something ... I want more, too!"

     "Look at me, I'm shaking, my pussy's gotten really wet, look!" urged

Brenda.  Her hands hiked up the short dress, and quickly pulled off a pair

of damp pantyhose.  She lingered a little, touching fingertips to her pubes,

and shivered again.

     Lily seized her hand, and sensuously licked and sucked on Brenda's

dampened fingers.  "They smell lovely too, babe!"  They embraced, and

whispered some more.  They turned to me again, and my head jerked like

Pavlov's dog toward the ruby.

     "James," cooed Lily, "Just lie back on the sofa now, I've got an idea

for those strong arms of yours!  Take the other one, Brenda."

     My hands were lowered to my sides, and I was sat forward slightly while

they were pinned right under my buttocks.  My legs were stretched out on a


     Along each thigh, a woman now sat curled up on the carpet.  Brenda lay

her head along one thigh again, and her fingers began brushing the front of

my underpants.  Lily was drawing her bosoms along my other leg, toying with

her pendant.  She pulled the bauble over my briefs, and I suddenly felt and

saw a surge under the pants.  She seized on my reaction.

     "I've got a great idea!" she breathed.  Her voice was higher now, more

girlish.  Her hands began working my briefs down, and soon my genitals were

on display.

     Lily bent over my cock and inhaled some more, then lifted its semi-firm

length into the air with thumb and forefinger.  I know she felt my surge

this time!Delicately, she draped her chain loosely around my penis, and the

stone was positioned near the top of the glans.  My body immediately began a

response, and I watched the stone as my erection grew and grew.  Lily had to

loosen the chain once, as my thickness filled the loops too tightly.  She

whispered right into my earhole as her fingers toyed and fiddled with one

end of the chain.

     Believe it or not, my dick went through its paces like a trained seal!

I watched it slowly and steadily become fuller and tighter, then after a

moment the shaft would drop back towards my belly.  This felt amazing!  I

felt no urge to come, but the spectacle of my private parts being moved by

command quickly made me very aroused indeed.  My palms cupped tightly

underneath my ass.

     Soon very soft lips began a dry, feathery flutter up and down my shaft.

Brenda would mouth very lightly around the head of my cock, then back off,

and flutter in again along one of the veins.  Occasionally she would just

run the side of her nose along my length, stopping to bury herself in my

pubic hair.

     Lily had gotten completely disrobed by this time.  Her chain was now

worn like a belt over the hips, and the stone gleamed out from the thatch of

her pubic triangle.  She was undulating right at my side, where I could look

right up her twat as it circled and writhed.  She was humming to herself.

She dropped down beside me to watch Brenda work.  My legs were parted, and

my cock was now sticking way, way up into the air.

     What a scene!  Brenda concentrated on my bursting bulb, and Lily put

her face right between my buttocks, and with her nose right up to my balls

sucked in the smell.  She'd then stand up above me and wriggle around some

more.  Her inner labia were now poking outwards like a flower, and I could

actually see a little way up into her vagina!  Her hips made the most

blatant humping motions I'd ever seen.  She hummed and muttered to herself

as she felt her sexual heat deepen.

     She straddled one of my outstretched legs, still circling, circling her

hips, her back now towards me.

     Brenda looked up briefly and said:  "Lily .. Lily ... I want to smell

both of you!  Come on, Lily, pleeeease!  I've got to smell your hot, wet

cunt ... push it back, honey, push it here!"

     Lily obediently squatted down just enough for her cunt to touch my leg.

Bracing herself with hands on my shin, she rubbed her swollen genitals

softly, up and down my thigh ... her hot dampness spread over my upper leg

like butter.  Brenda reached up now and manipulated Lily's whole rear end

with skilled fingers, rubbing, tickling, pinching lightly, dipping into the

gaping hole, poking around the anus, and so on.  She licked my leg,

following the glistening trail as if she were starving!

     She seized on Lily's chain, and pulled her buttocks backwards towards

her mouth.  She began to tongue up and down Lily's protruding labia right in

front of my eyes!

     "Can I pull your beautiful wet sex over Jimmy's dick now, honey?"

begged Brenda.  "I want to smell and taste you both now!"

     Lily's pumping hips continued to push backwards and forwards in mid-

air.  I dimly heard her murmuring things like:  "Yess-s-s ohhh yess ...

feels so good ... feels soooo hot ... sooo hot ... " Brenda grasped the base

of my cock, and positioned it right under Lily's cunt lips.  She tugged

lightly down on the chain, and slowly, slowly, my dry, hot bulb was

enveloped by a clinging molten dampness that almost caused me to faint with


     "Oooo, Lil-l-ly," crooned Brenda.  "I wish you could see your plump

cheeks, and your hot, hot lips sli-i-i-iding down!  I bet it feels great!"

     She now took Lily's cheeks in both hands and swirled her palms around

and around the fleshy curves.  She lifted the buttocks up again, spreading

them wide apart ever so slowly, and my glistening knob now popped itself

out, only to be instantly licked round and round by Brenda's willing mouth.

She was gasping with pleasure, and dipped Lily down onto my organ once

again.  This time, she let her friend slide a little further down my shaft,

but again pushed Lily's ass back up into the air.  Each time this happened,

Lily returned automatically to her "air-fucking" motions.

     Brenda now forced my erection to point downwards a little.  This made

all its contours stand out even more.  I was at a very exciting point by

this time.  I was feeling all that pre-climax tension and flaring heat all

along my cock, and it was lasting and lasting!

     "Lily ... Jim's cock is so rigid now, you have to see this ... it's

like a dildo, his veins are hard and lumpy ... his heavy, heavy balls are

pumping out perfume ... take a final dose now, before you sink him inside

you you ... come on, turn around and smell him now!  Smell it!  Hurry!"

     Lily dismounted and turned her body around to face me.  Her head

drooped heavily, to gaze down at my enormous dick, and slowly her face came

lower and lower.  Her swollen breasts brushed along my knee, then her hair

slid over me as she too tasted her own secretions glistening on my pole,

then lower and lower, till her nose was pressed up right underneath my nuts.

     Eyes tightly closed , Lily straightened back up after a few

intoxicating lungfuls.  Her nipples now poked out and upward from her bosom,

she was so turned on!  One foot stepped up beside my shoulder on the

cushion, and Lily lowered herself very slowly onto me, babbling:

     "God, I can feeelll every little bump ...  I sliiiide it in further ...

sliiiiding ... sliiiiii ... further ... more and ... more ... it's deeper

... it's deeeeeeper inside me ... Oh-h-h-h!  Brenda!"  she almost sobbed,

"I'm want to come now ... tickle my nipples ... my sweet hard nips, I feel

my cunt flowing juicy sweet I can't hold back ... I want to come and come

like a volcano! ... it's al-l-l the way up inside me now ... nnngh ...

ooooh, I feel his hairs, they're right against my clit ... tickling ...

nnnngh ... flowing ... slipping ... I'm going ... nnnnngh ... I'm going ...


     Her vagina was already beginning its tiny clutches on my erection as

Brenda licked one nipple, and flicked the other, quite sharply, with a

fingertip.  Lily instantly shook like she had malaria, and her body sat down

hard on my pelvis.  Her feet lifted off the floor, and hooked under my

shoulders to keep her balanced.  I bore her whole weight as her knees lifted

wide apart.  I could see and feel my belly dampen, as a sudden wash of

pungent liquid flowed down out of her.  She sobbed loudly with emotion.  Her

body clenched up, relaxed, clenched again, and her head lifted up, then fell

forward again.  Her magnificent breasts vibrated like jello with their rapid


     Brenda had her face right against our mashed pelvises, and now as

Lily's weight crushed me, she muttered "Get off!  Get off!" and pulled Lily

up and off of me, leaving my dick glistening, fiery red and still hard,

poking straight up.  Brenda slurped my entire pole into her mouth, I felt

released now from all control, and my buttocks clenching in my palms, I

released my semen onto her rolling tongue in burning spurts.

     I guess I passed out from the pleasure.  The rest of that evening was

passed in a thick haze of exhaustion, as somehow I recovered enough to dress

and taxi myself home.  I left Brenda's apartment with confused images of the

two women lapping and kissing each other's pussies, but I remember clearly

the amorous embraces I received from both of them just before I stumbled

downstairs.  The cabbie sniffed the sex-laden air as I entered, shook his

head and muttered to himself in some foreign tongue.  I was so tired, I took

next day off from work, dozing (and rehashing the improbable events of last

night) in a pleasant haze.  I ate like an starving animal and jogged some of

it back off over the next few days.

            Zarah - part IV - In the Garden

     One morning about a week later my bedside phone rang, very early.  I was

groggy, and I didn't recognize the sunny voice at first.

     "James, how are you?  Forgive me for bothering you so early, but something

interesting has come up."


     "James, don't you recognize my voice?    This is Katherine _______, from

Zarah Bradford's office."

     That got my adrenaline moving!   Kathy had been so much fun, and yet, so

sudden and unusual...but who was I to talk about strange sex?

     "Wow, Kathy, yeah!  Hi!  What's up?"  The old master conversationalist was

really in high gear now!

     "You're remembering the office, aren't you?" she continued, more subdued

all at once.  "Zarah told me she had worked on you after that...I guess you had

a good time...Zarah and I...share a lot of things, I suppose you might say."

     "Yeah...Kathy, listen, my life has changed so much recently, you know?

All this is real new to me, and real strange.  I haven't been able to think too


     "And you don't really want to yet?  I know, James, I understand.  Well,

maybe we'll see each other soon!  Zarah will be - presiding - over a garden

party this evening, and she especially wants you to come.  I'll be there, and

several others!  It's tonight at nine.  She asked me to see if you were


     I hesitated, events having taken on a speed I could in no way deal with.

Kathy took silence for assent.  She named an address in a fashionable suburb,

and said, "See you there!"  She hung up.

     I thought about Kathy some more.  I hadn't really gotten to know her at

all, except for the mutual response to Zarah.  The memory turned me on, and I

ended up late for work!  Luckily, I'm on good terms with the boss.  Nobody said

anything about it at the office.  I kind of kept to myself in those days.

     I think I avoided my feelings throughout that day, but couldn't help

recollecting recent "special" events.  I spent more time adjusting the

recurring lumpiness in my pants than looking at maps.  Luckily, no one's life

was at stake in a city-planner's office ... some day though, someone might find

a playground oddly located in some septic drainage area!

     The day passed, and I stayed late at the office.  The time drew near for

me to go, and yet I found I was reluctant to turn off the lights and leave!  I

wasn't doing any work, I was, in fact, feeling myIt was now past time to leave

for the "garden party" and I was deciding I had "unfortunately" been "held up

at the office," when my desk phone rang.

     "Hello, James, this is Zarah.  We're looking forward to seeing you

tonight.  Please come right over ... you know I can't wait to see you ...

please come over right now, yes?"

     "...  I ... think I forgot the address ... "

     "You remember the address quite well, I think.  Tell me the address, it's

right there on the tip of your tongue, come on, tell me now!"

     "...7116 Tremaine Drive!"  I blurted out.

     "Correct, James, you are very good.  Don't worry too much now, just drive

on out here soon.  I'll see you soon.  Drive carefully, and you can see me

quite soon...soon, James ..."

     The line went dead.

     I packed up.  I got down to the car.  I left the city.  My car drove

itself over bridges, through industrial belt, into fashionable suburbs, down

tree-lined streets, into a long circular driveway.

     A short, muscular AfroAmerican woman dressed in a dance leotard answered

the door, and ushered me through several hallways to a small gymnasium

overlooking an illuminated garden.  I followed her inside.

     There were exercises going on.  It looked like Tai Chi, led by a smallish

Filipino man in a white karate suit.  He was demonstrating the slow movements

to a group of folks scattered around the room.  None of them stopped to greet

me ... even Brenda ignored me, absorbed in her routine.

     Besides Miss Bodybuilder, there were my friend Brenda, Katherine, and

another woman, who flashed me a quick glance.  This jogged my memory, and I

remembered the redhead from Zarah's office who had .  This was our hostess, who

turned out to be a recently divorced socialite named Rebeccah.

     Also present were a slender African-American man and Zarah, who were

sitting together along one wall on a padded bench.  I walked over to the pair,

and was greeted warmly by Zarah, who gazed at me for a few seconds, and spoke:

     "James, I just knew you wouldn't be able to resist a little mystery and


     Gesturing at her neighbor, she continued:

     "I've been reinforcing Samuel here, so he's not being impolite, he just

doesn't know anyone else is in the room, do you Samuel?"

     The black man was not examining his fingernails as I had thought, but was

watching his own diamond finger ring!  He made a little murmur, and his head

bobbed from side to side.  Zarah raised his hand up, and his gaze followed.

     "Samuel, please come back to us now ... come back and join the others."

     He rose and went over to the exercise floor.  He went through the motions,

but in a rather dreamlike manner.

     "Samuel's new to my little circle, but he's so gorgeous, and he responded

so quickly at my matinee performance I decided to chance on him this evening,"

Zarah explained.  "There's really no worry - I'm seldom wrong in sizing up my

subjects - but the slight risk makes the result that much more satisfying."

She turned her searchlight gaze directly on me.

     "Now you, James!  You are indeed a happy accident if you choose to

respond, and if you don't...but I think I know you well enough!  You're fit and

cute, but shy, and more unsure of yourself than you like to let on.  I know

there's a lot of voyeur in you, and something about the power of dominance has

snared your hidden self, maybe more than you know.  Or maybe it's the

submission part?"

     I realized that this was a shrewd judge of character, and I felt as if I

really had few inner secrets that she could not discern, given time.  I was

again kept off-balance.  Her gaze was direct, knowing, unavoidable.  I tried to

summon up a witty or challenging retort, but her voice kept on, asking

questions for which she didn't wait for answers!

     "Now for this evening,"  Zarah said, decisively.  "I will very shortly

place you under my control again, in fact --" as I started with a catch in my

breathing "--your trance has begun already, hasn't it?  You hurried right over

to me after my phone call, didn't you?  If you object, just say so now, before

your trance state is complete, and you may leave."

     Her piercing glance acknowledged what we both knew already.  I was hooked.

I gulped and said nothing.  Her hand caught mine, and I was led over towards

the others.

     Exercises over, the party moved outside into the garden area.  Low lamps

and a few torches gave the area a mysterious warmth and intimacy.  There was a

central lawn with low benches scattered about.  Zarah now took "center-stage."

     Her gaze pinned me, and I again felt suddenly warm, and my head buzzed.

"James, you are the newest to our circle, and I know you haven't had much time

to settle in ... why you haven't even changed clothes yet, have you?  Phyllis

will get you a very comfortable robe, and you will of course need to use the

lavatory ... I know how full a bladder can feel when you are holding it in for

hours ..."

     Damn, I thought, I did have to pee!  I looked around for a washroom door,

but her voice summoned me again.  I was feeling some discomfort as I hobbled

over next to her, she turned me around so I faced the others and continued:

     "Here now, James, you've had no relief ... no relief at all ... you might

feel embarrassed about your need to pass water, but I can assure you that my

influence will remove all your hesitancy.  Look down here, dear, at this tiled

area, see it?  You're in luck, James, you're standing right over Rebeccah's

little drain spot, where the floor is protected from trickles of water..."

     By now I was pressing my knees tighter together, and my face felt hot,

from a blush, I guess, or the instant realization that I was under her spell


     "Yes, James, right here in the garden!  Those tickly trickles and sudden

spurts and glorious gushers of hot, hot water as you feel unable to hold back

much longer ... oh, yes, James,  you can lower your pants, go on, drop those

trousers right down, let them fall, just dropping right to the floor ... now

step forward and display yourself."

     My hands fumbled along awkwardly with belt and zipper - I was too

uncomfortable to remember to be embarrassed!  It was all happening so quickly,

and my head was buzzing and fluffy-feeling again...

     "Yes, dear, I know ... it's so painful to hold back ... oooh, just look at

his beautiful hose, everyone!"

     Her hands had pulled my two hands together behind my back.  They gripped

me tightly.  I was now naked below my shirttail.  I shifted back and forth

between my two feet, trying to hold back the piss.  I felt as if I'd downed

four or five beers about a half hour before!

     "Such a fine, long hose, and it's ready to spurt and splash and gush hot

liquid ... feel it now James, breaking through all your control,  one little

spurt ... ooh, did you all see that ... he's dribbling right down his leg ...

that's it James, the pressure builds and builds...up your tube...up to the tip,

up past the're dribbling, now you're sprinkling ... it feels so-o-oo

good to let go ... to release ... there it comes, James ... piss, James!


     God, I had no shame ... I know I was just so happy to be free to relieve

myself ... my first release splattered onto the tiles, as I moaned with

pleasure ... even when the last small trickles were dribbling down my leg onto

my feet, I felt only gratification, not shame.

     At once, my mind seemed to understand and accept that I could be caused to

do anything, and feel pleasure at my surrender!

     "James ... tell us all now, how do you enjoy my gift?  How will you

respond to me?"

     ''I want to obey you," I heard myself say in a low voice, and the other

"guests" actually applauded!

     My knees felt suddenly weak, and I was helped to one side of the garden to

remove the rest of my clothing.  Kathy gave me some towels, and helped me into

a thin robe.  She gave me a quick pat and a light squeeze to my ass, as she

whispered that I should hang up my clothing over a bench so it wouldn't rumple

too badly.  me back to join the group.  I noticed Brenda chuckling, as she

pantomimed my little water show to the Filipino.  He was staring at me, and I

noticed a small damp spot on the front of his pajamas!

     "Elizabeth, join me here, won't you?"

     The AfroAmerican bodybuilder smiled and approached Zarah.  She was told to

press her palms together tightly.

     The induction took very little time ... the athlete very shortly found

herself unable to part her hands, which seemed glued together.  Her strain

caused very interesting things to happen to her pectoral muscles.  Then Zarah

took a step closer.  She pinned the woman with those amazing eyes.

     "Elizabeth, why are you so surprised?  I'll get James to help you loosen

them right now.  You'll find that HE can part your hands easily."  I took my

cue, stepped up in front of the woman, and gently held her wrists.  I felt the

straining muscles locked against themselves, and doubted my strength, but as I

tugged, I felt them part smoothly.

     "We'll need James' help again, Beth, so he'll just sit down next to you."

As Zarah moved even closer, I sat down on a bench near Beth's side.  I was

about head high to a trim waist, and those marvelous butt muscles.  Beth's ass

was anything but ordinary, though.  Each hardened cheek was separate from the

other, and there was that exciting space between the thighs that let the light

shine right through, even when her legs were together.  A light film of sweat

from her exertions made her skin glisten.

     "Beth, honey, I see you're all in a sweat, and I'm sure you'd be much more

comfortable if you removed that itchy leotard ... can't you feel the little

itches, and the chafing?  You'll feel so-o-o much better when the itching is

gone.  Feel that irritation?  My goodness, your legs are twitching, aren't

they?  Feel the itch, it's getting'll go away when you are

completely nude."

     Oh God, that gorgeous butt was wriggling, first one cheek clenching, and

then the other.  The girl was tearing at her clothing, and was soon naked at my

side.  She wriggled in pleasure, and sighed deeply.

     "That's so-o-o-o much better, isn't it Beth?  Now you are fully and

completely at ease, dear ... just let yourself go ...that's right.  Feels so-o-

o-o good ... and you're all the way under now."

     I didn't need to look down at my robe.  There was a light caress of cool

air over my cock, now at respectful attention as it poked out.

     The hypnotist ordered the girl over to a short padded bench, and her

nakedness was soon stretched out, with her arms at her sides.  Her hips rested

at the end of the bench, and her feet rested flat on the ground.  Zarah bade us

all come gather round.

     The other guests looked as hungrily as I did at the woman.  Even relaxed,

her musculature defined almost every inch of her flesh, except her breasts

themselves.  They maintained their shape without flattening much.  In the

torchlight, there was a hint of a dark purple coloring to the nipples, and I

feasted my eyes on her electric bushiness.  So did Zarah, but her easy voice of

command continued in a pleasant stream as she sat cross-legged on the ground,

at Elizabeth's head.  Her hands cradled and stroked the bodybuilder's face and

neck lovingly.

     "Now these muscles are strong, powerful things, but you know how

everything is controlled by the mind.  And I control this mind now.

     "Remember our earlier instruction, Elizabeth.  Remember your cue for

absolute surrender.  Tell us your signal for absolute surrender.''

     "...The magic spiral ... round and round... spiral ... roundandround,"

came a low murmur.  Zarah leant forward, and her hands began a circular passage

around and around those firm boobies.  These swelled and arched upwards toward

the fingertips, which moved in slow even circles, ever inwards, til an index

finger rested lightly on each nipple.  The girl's mouth was open, and her back

was slightly arched to maintain the contact.  The nipples were now erect, and a

dark purplish-brown.

     "Sexual tension and release ... deep sexual tension and then glorious

release ... " droned the voice.  Let us watch as Elizabeth undergoes, under my

control, an intense erotic experience.  Listen to me now, dear," she commanded,

as she stood up and addressed the slumbering figure.  "My voice is within your

deepest self.  Open your very heavy eyelids now, my pet ... open them and look

around you.  Remain in deep trance as you do so.  Do you see the pleasure on

the faces?  Do you?"

     Beth's glassy stare lit briefly on each of our hungry gazes, then returned

to blink sleepily upwards at the sky.

     "Yes, mistress," came the low reply.

     "Now your body is drifting into a dream-state under my direction ... "  a


     I watched those great eyelids swell and close.  Soon there came a catch of

the breathing.  Another, and a tiny sigh, as I watched the eyeballs move slowly

beneath closed lids.  Zarah spoke again:

     "You hear the night sounds, the soft sounds of the frogs and insects, a

bird in the distance, and you feel so alone, so safe, that you let your

sexuality take control of you now.  You can dream of a lover approaching you."

     The girl gave a small start, and her body began a subtle, slow movement on

the padded bench.  Her breasts rose quicker, and I watched the nipples turn

even darker.  The aureoles puckered up, and there was another quick breath.

The rapid eye movements were jerkier now, and Beth's hands twitched.

     Zarah hurried on:  "Yes, there he is now ... tall, silent and powerful ...

he wants you to feel much pleasure ... he is very experienced ... he can feel

your breath, he can smell your heat flowing, flowing, flowing so hot and wet

from your secret places."

     The bosom quivered and shook in a most delicious way, and dark odor of

arousal wafted up from the woman's pussy.  It mingled with the heavy perfumes

of the night.  I know everyone was turned on.  My cock had never felt harder.

     Zarah said, "He's going to be slow and luxurious as he slides in and out

of you, Beth, but first ... you'll feel just the heavy, hot tip of him rest

lightly against you.  It's hot, it's heavy and hot and dry against your leg.

Feel it slide upwards, right up your leg now.   Slo-o-ow and gently.  You'll

find that your legs and thighs can part for him ... there they go ... that's open very wide now..." as the knees fell apart automatically.  I

watched as her calf muscles bunched and relaxed.

     Elizabeth was truly turned on.  I saw that her pussy hairs were matted and

damp, and her vaginal lips had become swollen.

     Zarah stood up and came to me.  She guided me down onto my knees before

that cunt, that flower of the night, burning, moist and fragrant in the

darkness of the garden.  She commanded me in a whisper:

     "You may now enter her, James.  You will enter her and remain still.  Feel

her responses as you hold yourself still within.  Enter now, and remain stiff

and still within."

     I knee-walked forward, and positioned myself.  Very slowly past the outer

petals, sliding easily inward through slickened folds and muscles, my penis now

buried itself as I leaned forward into the bunched muscles of her thighs.  My

pale shaft was easily swallowed as her legs opened even further.  The buttocks

moved tenderly, tighter and looser, tighter and looser, as her dream lover slid

and thrust powerfully through her enchantment.

     "You can throb.  Throb for your lover ... you'll find it's more

pleasurable than jerking around so.  Feel that throb?  Feel it, Elizabeth ...

and again ... and over and over, throbbing ... pulsing ... sliding in-n-n-n to

you ..."

     A beautiful smile spread wide, as the subject gave a low moan.  I felt her

belly muscles quiver, and my own shook in answer, but I could not plunge about,

even though I wanted, needed to so badly!

     Her moans became more frequent, but still Zarah kept her in check.  The

butt had stopped its outer writhings, but my shaft knew a heightened pleasure

deep between them.  The muscular stomach would rest, then a wave of small

shudders would jiggle Beth's whole torso slightly.  These waves came closer and

closer together.

     "You'll enjoy the climaxes much more if you can delay them ... can you

hold out much longer, Beth?  The release will seem so good, so strong..."

     Zarah had returned to cradle her subject's head in one hand.  She looked

up at me.  She touched one fingertip to the girl's head.  The fingertip moved

down to brush the thick, swollen mouth, and Beth's lips instantly pursed, her

cheeks hollowed, and Zarah's finger was sucked suddenly in.  At the same

moment, I felt a strong clamping sensation as the walls of my partner's vagina

contracted all at once.  Still, I remained motionless.

     The finger was slowly retracted, though Beth's lips pursed after it.

Zarah slipped it back in, and I felt the answering contration.   Out again, and

Zarah spread Elizabeth's copious saliva flow all round the mouth.  Beth's

pucker followed blindly, sucking on air, wanting the finger again.  The tongue

darted in and out now, as the contractions continued on my steel-hard phallus.

     Zarah's stiffened white finger now pressed down into the dark flesh,

tracing a straight, slow path down between the lifted breasts, down the rock-

hard and quivering abdomen, in and out of the navel, slower now, to the top of

the bodybuilder's sopping wet bush, finally approaching the clitoris.

Elizabeth's face froze, her tongue curled up and sticking far out into the air,

eyelids squeezed shut, breath coming fast and irregularly through flared


     Zarah did not twiddle the clit at all, her hand reached around the base of

my cock, encircled it tightly, making it swell inside Beth's sheath.  She held

it still.

     "Hold her legs when they rise up," she ordered me.  And to Beth:  "You may

now reach your climax.  Come for your lover now.  Come to me.  Come to my


     Beth gave a start.  She gave a long drawn-out "n-n-n-g-g-h-h-h!"  One leg

lifted powerfully off the ground, then the other.  They stiffened outwards,

quivering as if with malaria.  I held onto them, but I my strength was unneeded

against that powerful sexual engine now discharging all around me.   I watched

her deep purple labia rub and grind together into Zarah's fingers, as the

bodybuilder began a long, mewing orgasm.

     Her cunt had gripped me tightly, and the contractions of its muscles felt

like a strong, rippling hand.

     "Take your time, girl ... he's still sliding way-y-y-y up inside you ...

you want more and more, more and more ... come as often as you need ... ready

... take it all now.''

     As the girl finished her crisis, her legs slackened from, rigidity, and I

was suddenly holding their entire weight.  Our mingled perspiration almost

caused me to drop her limp legs.  I felt her pelvis continue to shiver with

further orgasmic activity.  Each tightening and relief was signalled by a tiny

cooing sigh from the slackened mouth of the hypnotized woman.

     I was now pulled backwards by Zarah's hand.  My cock popped out with a

noisy slurp, still hard as a rock.  A small rivulet of Beth's juices dripped

onto the ground.  Zarah's hand urged me to my feet, still enclosing my red-hot

eight-inch fat prick.

     Samuel and the Filipino were summoned to my side.  We were still as

statues, standing over the now quieted Elizabeth on her bench.  The women in

the garden were fingering themselves as they watched us.  The Filipino's hands

twitched at his sides as Zarah lowered his pajamas.  His cock sprang out and

upward.  I heard a woman gasp, and another moan somewhere.

     Zarah's hands opened Samuel's robe.  His dark thickness jutted straight

outwards from a thick mass of curly hair.  His arms seemed frozen at his sides


     Zarah now reached down to Elizabeth.  Both her hands caressed and stroked

the woman's pudendum.  The bodybuilder was too spent to respond, but her

secretions were still copious, and Zarah's hands grew slick and shiny.  She

seemed to hold little pools of come in her hands.

     "Look down at yourselves!"  came the soft command.  She walked behind us

and my downward stare was drawn over to the other two men, whose cocks were now

generously annointed with Elizabeth's juices.  They twitched and jerked as

Zarah firmly polished and lubricated them, up and down their rigid lengths,

until they glistened and shone in the torchlight, juicy and slickened, veins

standing out in relief, the Filipino's glans swollen almost to golfball size,

and dripping steadily with his watery male lubricant.

     I now felt my long-delayed climax burning up through my pecker as she

reached up and squeezed the nape of my neck.  Her hand burned me, and a shock

traveled right down my spine.  My pelvis reflexively squeezed itself forward in


     "You are ready to come right now, aren't you!  All of you!  Say it...say

it and let it come...come now!"

     As I felt my own buttocks squeeze tightly, and quickly experienced my

fiery release, I husked out "I'm coming now...coming now!  Oh God, it burns, it

burns!"  I heard other utterances:  "God, I'm coming, coming so hard," and the

ever-popular "N-n-ngh, n-n-ngh!"  There were muffled sounds from the "audience"

of women

     Everything was visible to all, the first shiny drops of clear lubricating

fluid, and then suddenly, thick cloudy globs of semen dribbling out and down

onto the ground as Samuel gave a full-throated moan, and I saw his testes draw

up tight and wrinkly as his release came at last.  The oriental man came

silently, spurting out a good three feet, still staring down at Elizabeth as

his hips pumped back and forth into the air.  More sounds from the women there

indicated that some had been stimulated to their crisis point by the scenario

as well.

     We three remained standing by the bench, our semen still dripping out or

hanging in thickening strands down from our slackening pricks.  I felt time

slow to a crawl, and my breath rang harshly in my own ears.

     Zarah turned Samuel away to face her, then raised herself on tiptoes,

kissed him, then whispered something to him.  I saw his eyes roll up, and his

large form sank to the ground, curling up peacefully.  His now-flaccid organ

still oozed shiny droplets out onto the grass in the dim light.  The garden was

very quiet.  I found sleepiness weighing down my own lids, and yawned


     "We are all quite heavy and drowsy now, aren't we?"  she said to us.  "You

go back into the house now, James, and find your clothing.  Get dressed, you

have to drive home.  I'll help keep you alert and safe on the road.  Get

dressed now, and wait for me inside."

     I groped my way into my clothes, and sat heavily on a gym bench, as I

watched Zarah through the glass, circulating around her "guests," embracing the

Filipino, whose name I had never learned, covering Elizabeth with a spare robe,

whispering to the other women there.  I drooped a little more each minute I

waited, and caught my head with a jerk as it began nodding heavily down to my


     Zarah was caressing Katherine, and Rebeccah still lay back against her

lawn chair, masturbating freely with her knees bent upward, and her fist

pressed against her dark red thatch.  I couldn't see Brenda any more from my

position, and I was beyond caring.  Time crept on, and lost all meaning as I

waited dumbly, patiently, for my mistress to instruct me.  I faded into a

waking dream, and even now have very little memory of the rest of the night,

except that very late the next morning, I awoke in my own bed.

     I was not alone.  As I slowly came to, I felt the warmth of another body

next to mine.  I turned my head.

     Zarah slumbered beside me.

                        Zarah.5txt     Revelation

     I caught my breath.  I had only a dim memory of driving home, and

certainly none concerning a guest.  Only "guest" wasn't the right term, was

it?  As I thought it over, it seemed likely that she'd simply "invited" me

to invite her.  We hadn't screwed, or anything, as far as I remembered.

     Her dark straight hair was cut fairly short, and her neck was bare.  I

really was so nonplussed by her presence that I felt no sexual stirrings at

all...though last night's garden "party" may have drained me.  Still, I

heard her soft breathing, and observed that she was not naked...she was

wearing a cotton nightgown of some kind.

     As I raised myself up on my elbow to see her, I heard her breath catch,

and knew she was now awake.  She sat up, turned and faced me.

     "Good morning, James," she said quietly.  Her eyes appeared very large

this close up, and showed no signs of sleepiness.  "How do you feel?"

     "I'm dragged out...and I guess I'm confused," I murmured, as I got out

of bed.  "How...did you end up here?"  I was regaining some composure, and

since my mouth tasted like camel parts, I headed towards the bathroom to

swig the Scope.  After about two steps, I realized I was nude.  I heard her

chuckle as I completed my journey in a sort of embarrassed scuttling motion.

     Once cleansed and robed, I felt more ready to face my "guest."

     "Zarah...did you here?  or did you bring me?"

     She answered with a small smile that I had driven her here late last


     "I enjoyed you immensely, James, you were wonderful."

     "A wonderful slave, you must mean," I responded, a bit sharply.  I felt

somewhat "invaded," if you can say that about a woman who makes you piss on

command, in front of several strangers.  But this invasion was territorial,

not personal, if you get my meaning.

     "James..." she began.

     "No, wait.  I'm sorry.  I remember what you said a few weeks ago...that

this is all MY choice, and so on, da-dat-da-dat-da-dah...but I just don't

remember inviting you up here...nice as it is,"  I added hastily.  Jesus, my

tongue was tied up yet again!

     She was smiling a little more, and her eyes narrowed a little.  They

suddenly opened VERY wide, narrowed, and widened again as her brows moved up

and down.  The effect was of someone trying to peer into a window at me.

Her eyes were huge...

     "James, in fact you invited me 'in' quite some time ago," she said.  "I

see you're puzzled, aren't you?  Go and open your lower right-hand dresser

drawer, and I'll explain."

     I reached over and slid open the drawer.  Where were my sweaters?  The

drawer was full of women's clothing...shorts, skirts, t-shirts, undies even!

Then I noticed an overnight case under the dresser.

     "Did you bring all this up from the party?"  I asked, bewildered.

"Where are my sweaters?"  I felt a little annoyed.

     She did the eye bit again (her dark pupils really contrasted with their

brilliant white borders), and said, "No, these are kept here for my visits."

     What visits???

     "I've been here seven or eight times thus far, and I'll be staying over

for several days while you're on vacation."

     "Seven or eight times?? ... Wait a minute ... WHAT VACATION???"

     "The one you requested from your boss last week...wait a moment,

James," she chuckled, watching me sputter.  "You'll have a stroke ... in

more ways than one!"  And her eyes crinkled up in amusement at my helpless

puzzlement.  "I'll take mercy on you and explain...after I have my morning

exercise..."  Another eye-bulge, and she held up a closed fist in the air in

front of me.  "What do you see here?" and she tapped her hand four times

with her index finger.  Her hand opened.

     On her palm rested...what was that?  It looked shiny, almost damp,

and...transparent, almost.  I was amazed.

     "It's a ball, a plastic ball I guess.  Is this the Magic Kingdom or


     "Queendom, more properly, I guess you could say, James.  Look again,


     "'s a ... a bubble.  A soap bubble?"  How the hell did she

tote a little soap bubble around, and hold it in her hand?  It had to be

plastic.  "Maybe a balloon."

     "Right, James, it's a bubble you see there.  Now watch."  And she

breathed onto her palm.  The shiny globe enlarged.  It looked exactly like a

bubble, I could see it's glistening surface more clearly now, as it swirled.

I waited for the pop, but there it stayed.

     "And now...presto!"  and she lowered her hand.  The bubble stayed right

where it was, didn't fall, didn't pop, just hung there.  She blew toward it

again, and it grew to tennis-ball size.

     "Jesus, how do you DO that?  That's great!"  I felt as amazed as any

child at a magic show.

     "I'm not really doing it, are.  It's an illusion!"  Puff.

And a basketball hovered in front of me, a globe of infinite thinness, and

infinite swirling variety, sparkling in the morning sunlight.  "Test it for


     I reached out, and my hand passed through empty air, right through the

ball!  It was immobile.  I tried again with a quick swipe.  Nothing.

     "You can change it's size, James," came her voice as I stared at the

bubble.  "Do it!"

     I breathed at the bubble, and it swelled.  I pulled air into my mouth,

and it shrank.  I reduced it to point size, but couldn't make it disappear.

I blew into it some more, and it swelled up till it seemed to fill the upper

air of my bedroom.

     The swirling colors were like a planet's atmosphere, sped up till I

could see vortexes and curved cloud fronts forming and re-forming.  I

breathed in and out, in and out.  If this were an illusion, I thought dimly

as my world grew and spun, then I was...was...what was I anyway?

     And what was that dim murmuring I could hear way out here in deep

space?  My ball shrank again, surrounded by tiny stars and galaxies, it got

farther away, and was a point...a twinkling point in black

empty space...emptiness of deep space, of deep thought, of will of deep


     Desire.  What do I desire?  I know I have a body...somewhere!  I

desire...I want...something sweet.  Where will I get it?  That's easy, just

lift my head and stick out my tongue.  Mmmmmm that's good, that's so sweet,

so sweeeeeet, no it's tart and tangy, a little's soooo juicy and

tender and thick and sweet.  Lick it and suck it and draw in its honey. pull

hard to get its juice.  Suck it in deeply, deeeeeply.  Tease it.  Wiggle it

with my tongue.  Waggle my lips over it.  Shake it.  Gently!  Faster!  It's

flowing, it's flowing into me.  Lick.  Lick.  Lick.  Lick.  Never stop...

lickandlickandlickandlick... tongue can't stop...

     It's sooo deep and dark in here, I'll open my eyes.  I'll look at my

juicysweet food.  It's red.  Red like blood, red and shiny.

Licklicklicklick.  It's moving away and my mouth follows it.  It moves back,

and around, and it jiggles and jiggles as it flows.  My tongue is stiff and

thick, stiffandthickstiffandthick.  I push it way, way, wayyy in.  I hold

still.  It's heaven, and I moan out loud.  I moan and it feels soooo good

and deep I hummm and the heavens erupt in violence.  Head is jerked and

squeezed and shook... Ahhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm the most delicious wet burst of

slippery delight into my throat.  Suck slower.  And slower.  Loosen my

tongue.  Softer and softer.  I'll rest a moment, rest in my dark pink nest.

Lick again.  Rest..... Rest.  Lean my head against the flesh, the sweet

thick flesh.  Come back.  Come back.

     "Come back, James..."

     My cheek rests against a leg, a hot, hot leg.  A thigh.  I am holding

two thighs, my head between.  I'm kneeling on my floor, cradling two

buttocks in my hands.  My nose is about an inch from a deep pink nodule.  A

bump.  A clitoris.  A cunt lies before my eyes, I can look up inside it...

     "... I can see inside it."  I became aware that I am speaking!

     "What do you see?"  Zarah.

     "I see your clit.  It sticks way up between your lips."

     "My pussy lips."

     "Yes...they are open.  They're oozing.  They're open like doors to a

cave.  Now they're squeezing together... and opening again."

     "Go on, I'm getting turned on again."

      "There's some honeyjuice running's dribbling down inside your


     "Suck up my delicious juice.  Ooooh.  Alllll the way down my crack.


     "Your clit is bright red.  It looks hot and bright and shiny.  Your ass

squeezes tight when your cunt closes and opens.  It's squeezing more.  It's

hard and tight."

     "James, stand up, right where you are.  Good... look at me.  Talk."

     "Your legs are spread out around mine.  They're dangling off the end of

my bed.  You are holding your bosom in your hands.  You're squeezing your

boobies together, and your fingers are brushing your nipples.  You're

flipping them with your fingers.  They're sticking out.  You're sliding over

your tummy, and touching your clit.  Your fingers dip inside you.  You pull

them out and they're all shiny and wet.  You're sucking on them."

     "I'm tasting my arousal, James.  While I play with myself in front of

you, turn your back to me.  I'm looking at your bottom.  There's something

there.  It's white and hard.  Back up tight against my cunt so I can reach

it.  What do you feel?"

     "I feel a hard thing between my buttocks.  It's sticking out of my

buttocks.  It's inside me, inside my ass."

     "How did it get there?"  The feeling of thickness pulling and pushing.

It's Brenda's old vibrator, but I never played with that!  My hands jerk

back for a feel as I realize that I have a vibrator sticking out of my bare

ass!  I don't pull it out, though!

     "No, you leave it right there.  It's deep within you, like I am,

James."  More touching sensations, then I feel the tingly buzz as the

instrument is switched on.

     "Turn back to face me."

     As the wand hums inside me, I watch Zarah spread her pussy, pinch it

closed, lick her fingers some more, etc.

     "You don't remember our home visits here at all, James.  I want it that

way.  But you'll remember this one, and soon I'll show you more."  The

nipples are pinched and rolled around as I stare down in confusion at her.

"We've had several, and you have become very well-trained.  You forget when

I command you.  You do many things with no hesitation or shame."  Her

fingers play on her clit, over and over, and I watch her butt clench up.

"Your vacation time will be spent with a couple final lessons."

     "Wait a minute, I don't HAVE a vacation now!" I began, feeling

distressed and a little afraid of what I was hearing.

     Get the picture?  I'm standing between the legs of a masturbating

woman, watching her spread her juice all around her belly and breasts, with

a vibrator buzzing inside my ass, and I'm trying a logical argument!

     "You phoned Jeff your boss three times to beg for it, and they gave it

to you.  They like you there.  Also, it's about time for you to have your

own dominance fantasies stimulated and fulfilled.  Do you like that idea,


     "Yes, Mistress," hummed the vibrator, and I echoed it.

     "Of course you do... because of this!"  And she removed one hand from

it busy work, and revealed the little soap bubble again.  Her hand closed

down on it, and it was gone.  "Now I'm turned on all over again... I think I

want to climax while I watch you.  Bend down with your erection against my


     Oh yes, did I mention my hard-on yet?  Well, there it was, now held in

Zarah's hand, being rubbed through her sopping hairs (lightly), against her

honey-glazed lips (harder), and now around, around and around her clitoris.

She pushed me subtly to lighten the pressure, then pulled my hips up close

again.  I was in a strained position, but the feeling of manipulation was

such a turn-on I didn't notice.

     My arms braced me on the bed, with my face hanging over Zarah's.  Her

features contorted, and the breath whistled between her exposed teeth.  Her

free hand played with a breast, moved to her mouth, or reached back and

scratched behind my nuts.

     I was turned on.

     Zarah's face reddened, and she commanded harshly:  "Stand!"  Up I

stood, again viewing her passion-mottled flesh.  "Turn up your rod!", and I

reached behind me (automatically?  from long practice?) and the vibrations

shot straight through all my tubes and membranes, right up my cock.

     "Milking machine!" came the voice, almost screaming now.  Milking

machine?!?  I barely had time to chuckle before my penis was swamped with a

powerful sensation as it stood out, pointing up the axis of the stiffened,

quivering form of my mistress.  The best I can describe it, it felt like an

oily, tight rubber doughnut or a small toy inner tube was being rolled

continually up the length of my stiff member.  Then another slide, and

another and another, always rolling from the base towards the glans, in an

irresistible pulling motion to which my body eagerly responded.  My butt

clenched up, my knees quivered, and I looked down as I began to give forth

my own treasure.

     A drop of liquid, and then a few more.  I bent backwards, and grasped

the exposed handle of the vibrator.  My penis arced upwards, and spat out a

short streamer, which landed across Zarah's neck, and as more spurted out

across her body, she mingled our fluids together, frosting herself with

them.  As she watched my eruption, her legs were outstretched and their

muscles stood out.  They pressed tightly and violently inwards, as if trying

to close, but were of course blocked by my lower legs.  They flew open, and

again scissored together.  Her voice rasped harshly again, but her words

were gentle.

     "Oh, my lover, my sweet sweet lover, I make you come!  I make you come

and come all over me, and I come and come and commmme..."  Her voice broke

in a kind of sob, then:  "You may turn off all your machinery now."  My dick

shrank down, still drooling, and the vibrations ceased to shudder through


     "Now clean my body... clean all our thick honey, our love syrup, our

thick rich cream, tastes sooo good... oooh, feels sooo good, your tongue and

lips.  That's right, taste me everywhere, yesss, in my hot hot armpits,

yesss, get my neck too, lightly, lightly, oooh, I'm still so quivery!"

     I lapped and stroked and sucked and kissed like Little Mr. Shop-Vac!

My tongue felt like it was returning from a week-long hike up and down the

rugged slopes of Mount Zarah... but God almighty!  all the different tastes

of her body!  Her tart sweat, my own bitter juice, the sharp tang in the hot

crack near her anus, and finally I was allowed to... to..."

     " kisssss my mouth, James.  Rest your tongue now.  Look in my

eyes, and take my mouth.  It is yours..." and her swollen lips opened over

glistening teeth, and I lay beside her, and our eyes met and our hot mouths

blended together.  Forever.

     Her huge eyes closed first, and then I could swoon away too, wrapped in

her care.

      We awakened close to noon, and ate sandwiches.  I was told many things

that long afternoon.

     Zarah had indeed been with me much more than I "remembered."  Induced

amnesia was one of her practices.  "For a time, anyway, and then I allow my

partners the option to control themselves fully again.  I like the confusion

on your faces, as you obey me without realizing it!"

     Other times, the trance state was a turn on to view, just as it was to

me... just as it IS to me, I should say! for I have yet to "outgrow" my lust

to render my sex partners helpless.

     But it had turned out that at least as strongly, I also wished to

pretend that I had no self-control of my own... that I could be dominated in

actions, as well as in thought or mood!  I say "pretend" because one of

Zarah's ideas is that "subjects" like me are only being assisted in acting

out deeply-buried fantasies, rather than being actual "victims," or

unwilling seductees.

     As the day passed, I "noticed" subtle and obvious clues to Zarah's

presence that I had earlier been "overlooking"... things like a camcorder on

a tripod parked in one corner of my living room... a shelf in my kitchen now

crammed with vitamin bottles, and in the bathroom, where I took a shower

every morning...

     "...An enema bag?!?  I don't use those!" I stammered yet once more,

then remembered... that vibrator stuck so deeply into my asshole, without my

knowing it!

     "I have opened you up in many ways, my friend.  You'll learn about them

as I choose.  I am leaving you for a while now, and will call on you after

breakfast in the morning.  Get out.  Jog, exercise, get a good night's rest.

Eight solid hours in deep slumber, that's my prescription for you!  No, no

more questions!  Tomorrow, James.  I have another meeting with a young

couple this evening.  We'll go there together on Wednesday, I think.  Bill

and Teresa are excellent vehicles, and I think I'll let you take charge a

little bit then!"

     My heart lurched.

     "For tonight, you may watch this tape if you want to see some more of

my methods from the 'other end,' as it were."  She held out a video, labeled

simply:  "47 - James M."

     "I suggest you watch it with the sound off, otherwise you're sure to

drop into trance again to the sound of my voice!"

     "Wait, now!  Forty-seven?  Do you mean to say that you have had forty-

six other men?"  I said, grabbing her wrist.  "Wait!  You've gotta clear

some stuff up, baby!"

     Mistake.  Her eyes widened and narrowed, in annoyance this time.

     "Nonsense, and that's my own business my dear sir.  Shackle!"

     And at the word "shackle," she thrust my wrist back against the hallway

where we stood near my front door.  I heard a "click," and found my arm was

now stuck against the wall!  Before my head could turn, she had pulled her

hand away from my grasp, grabbed my other arm and clicked it into place as

well!  My arms were stretched behind my back where I couldn't see them.  It

hurt a little, and it REALLY hurt when I tried to pull away!

     "I think you're re-asserting a dominant role, and you're doing it

rather badly just now," Zarah said, "and at a most inopportune moment!"  I

won't stand for bullying behavior at any time, dear!  I'll see you


     And as I lunged against my manacles, she opened my door.  As she left,

I heard her say, breezily:

     "Ten minute shackle, James!  Bye!"

     Damn!  I thought, she's turned my own home into a fucking dungeon!  I

pulled as hard as I could, but I may as well have tried to pull the

apartment wall down.  I could only shake and jingle my fetters impotently as

I slowly calmed down.  Soon, I began to think more coherently.  Who was

going to release me?

     You know, of course, and I should have too, by this time!  When my arms

suddenly dropped from behind my back, and I rubbed my wrists, they weren't

sore, or even red!  The only items on my wall were the usual photos... no

chains or handcuffs!  But I'd heard them clank!... just like I'd seen that

soap bubble, right in front of me, real as anything.  I had stuck myself to

that wall!

     I wandered around, poking into corners and closets and drawers.  I

pulled out Zarah's underpants, plain, sheer black, with a black cotton

crotch.  I smelled them, I wore them, they gave me a hard-on.  I looked at

her razor, and her birth-control pills.  Her shampoo.  She had a couple of

suppositories.  I left them alone, in fact, I put everything back.  I

decided to work out.  I ran seven miles, and took some laps at the "Y."  I

had a nice meal out, and returned home at seven-thirty.

     The video tape still lay on the floor to my hallway, and I picked it

up.  I took it into the TV, and popped it in the VCR.  I left the sound off,

as I had been told.

     It consisted of several short segments, all featuring yours truly, and

it felt really damn humiliating to see my own face assume that slack-jawed,

droopy-lid expression that I lusted over in others!   And I saw it many,

many times on the tape, from all angles!

     SEGMENT 1:  My face, in close-up.  A finger is held in front of me, and

my eyes are following its tip, with a wide-eyed stare.  Up, down, around...

my eyeballs strive to follow every motion, but my lids are soon blinking

rapidly, and as the finger rises to touch my forehead, they roll right

upward under closing lids.

     SEGMENT 4:  I'm standing in my living room, facing Zarah.  She dangles

a pendulum before me.  My eyeballs track, and the lids droop.  Zarah moves

around behind me.  She lowers my trousers, and plants a kiss on my backside.

She leaves the picture, returning with that vibrator.  She's rubbing

lubricant onto it.  She touches the tip to my crack, once, twice, very

lightly.  My hands reach back, and pull my cheeks wide apart.  The

instrument slips right up inside me, and now I'm led on a sleepwalk around

my floor... steered like a push-cart by Zarah holding the protruding end.  I

have a monstrous erection.

     SEGMENT 6:  Shot from the open door to my bathroom.  I'm naked,

standing nest to the tub.  My arms are being held above head by Zarah, and

Katherine sits on the closed toilet seat.  She manipulates my member and

sucks it, apparently not to a climax, because she leaves it thrust out

before me, and applies shaving cream to my whole genital area.  She is

carefully shaving all my hair off from around my cock.  I guess Zarah

"shackles" me, because my arms remain straight up in the air even as I'm

protesting my shave.  I wiggle my torso, but am "held in place."  Katherine

takes hold of my balls, and I settle right down.  She strokes the razor

gently and carefully over my crotch, and my wriggling suddenly changes

character.  The cock jiggles a little, then Kathy is stroking it with her

shaving cream as I apparently come into her hand.

     As I watch this, my hand reaches in and encounters a short stubble

inside my underpants, instead of my usual tight curls.  I hadn't noticed

that either!

     SEGMENT 7:  The camera is started and focused jerkily, as if it's been

turned on suddenly.  I'm still "chained up" in my bathroom, though I'm now

standing in the tub.  My face shows distress, and weariness.  The camera

zooms in, and I lift my head, and turn my back.  A downward pan shows dark

streaks down the back of my leg.  I have emptied my bowels right where I

stand, and the smeared stool lies on and around my feet, that try to shake

off the mess.

     My face turns to the lens, and even without sound, I can see clearly

the words "please Mistress" on my lips, over and over. There are tears.

Zoom back.  Zarah steps into the frame, and my arms fall to my sides, as I

obviously cry out in pain.  How long had I stood there, firmly chained to

the unyielding air?  Her hand strokes my cheek, and I smile, and weep.  My

naked cock rises up, untouched.

     SEGMENT 11:  A large room, holding some kind of party, about eight or

ten people all together.  The group seems happy, and there's lots of casual

hugging and touching going on.  I don't recognize anyone on screen.  Camera

closes in and reveals some kissing and fondling amongst various couples.

     Some heads turn, and I enter the picture, dressed in formal tuxedo, but

no pants or underwear.  My crotch is hairless.  I'm carrying drinks on a

tray like a butler.  A woman holds her wine glass up, and taps it with a

cocktail fork.  I set down my tray, walk to the center of the room, and

begin to turn myself round and round, like a top.  I spin round and round,

and my arm stretches straight out in front of me, pointing outwards.

     It's like "Spin-The-James," I guess, because I stop suddenly, and the

camera pans in the direction of my arm, to show a girl in a halter top,

who's now laughing and clapping.  She is helped to disrobe quickly by some

other guests, who caress and tickle her flesh as it all appears.  Her

breasts are fondled and kissed by several others there.

     Her companion says something to her, lowering his shorts, and she

kneels in front of his chair, and proceeds to suck his cock.  Her butt

wriggles in the air as she slurps on his growing erection, and into this

fascinating scene I appear, still tuxedoed, and I crawl up behind her, and

bury my face right between her ass cheeks!  As the picture fades, her

backside bucks around wildly.

     The tape ran out, but my thoughts ran on for quite a while before I

turned into bed.

                    Zarah.6txt     James' Initiation

     I spent part of the next day with Zarah.

     "Have you learned a few more things about yourself?"  were her first

words to me next afternoon.  We had met in a large park near the apartment,

and were seated together in a rather secluded area behind some hedges.  On a

workday, this park was rather empty, and no one came by our little area at


     "I know you've had a chance to re-think your notion of challenging ME!"

she said, and I apologized humbly to her.  We spoke again of my first

encounters with hypnosis, at her show, with Brenda, and my feelings as I

watched my date succumb.

     "The keys to successful induction are:  a willing subject (even though

they might not realize they're willing at first!) and ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE.

Shortly I'll give you your first practice session, with a very willing

subject.  Bill's coming over after a weight-lifting session.  Now he's a

physical kind of man, and I suggest a hand-clasp type of induction at

first... maybe arm-wrestling himself?... then you can indulge your own

fantasies once you've started him into trance.  Don't worry, James, he'll

cooperate, he's a natural... just like you!  Remember Elizabeth, from our

garden party?"

     I nodded.

     "Physical strength is just another asset to command... and you really

can enjoy controlling such raw power, once it's been yielded to you!"

     A very muscular fellow appeared soon thereafter, peering around a

hedge, and waving to Zarah when he spied us.  He bounded up the hill, and

shook her hand, then mine.  His grip was VERY firm.  He dropped a duffel bag

onto the ground, and looked me over.

     "You could use a little weight work, buddy," came his judgment, "but

you must play handball or something, you're pretty trim!"

     I allowed myself to be mostly the running type, and he shrewdly

observed that "runners are loners... I like to be around people.  The gym's

got it all!"

     "Bill and his wife Teresa are friends of mine, James," interjected

Zarah, "and we're invited over there tomorrow.  You can see Bill's

trophies... he's a local arm-wrestling champion, I believe!"

     "That's right!  I've collected a lot of junk jewelry and bar T-shirts,

but it doesn't put much bread on the table!  I work rec for the city...

summer football, weight training at the Y... you know."

     "I guess you could show James some of the finer points?" queried Zarah,

with a significant glance at me.

     "Right," I agreed, "I have some 'buddies' that regularly wrench me over

a bar table, even though I'm pretty strong," I added.  Share a couple of

secrets with me?  Looks like we'll never meet in the same division... not

with those arms!"  and I patted him on the arm.

     Zarah nodded at my approach, and Bill willingly sat us down at a picnic

table, and gave me some pointers:  bending the wrist, getting the jump of

the opponent, etc.  In the process, I got ranked pretty good, and my

knuckles were sore when I called a halt.  We chatted on about training, and

I mentioned isometrics.

     "Yeah, the old Charles Atlas shit," mocked Bill.  "Weights are more


     "But I've seen a couple of interesting techniques, like for when you're

on a plane, or bus, and don't want to lose your edge," I offered.  "They

involve some imagination."

     "Hey, I'm not a piece of beef, I got a brain!"

     "Sure, I can see you do," I answered hastily.  Let me show you

something, all right?"

     He assented, and I had him lock his hands together, and clasp them as

tightly as he could.

     "This works better if you close your eyes," I instructed.  "Now you

have to concentrate on your hands, and really get into the feeling that

they're locked together.  You must use all your strength to clasp them

tighter and tighter together.  That's right," I observed the veins in his

forearms bulge out.  "You're doing very well.  Keep squeeeezing them, and

focus, focus, focus on your locked palms.

     "Now Bill, this works better if you now take three very deep breaths,

squeezing tightly the whole time.  That's right, slow, very deeeep breaths.

Deeper.  That's great, and keep squeezing.  Those breaths help you

concentrate.  Now don't talk, just listen, listen to me as I guide you

through the rest of the session.

     "Keep breathing slowly, and clasping those hands.  They're locked

tightly together, and I'll help them stay locked tightly together with a

mental image for you.  Keep your eyes closed and breathe, and squeeeze...

Listen to my voice, listen carefully, and all the other sounds will fade and

grow very quiet as you hold tightly, tightly together."

     Bill was sitting on his bench, elbows resting on the table, and looked

like he was a statue.  I kept on about listening to my voice, etc.  I was

hypnotizing someone!  The feeling was indescribable to see a person begin to

give himself up to my persuasion.  I gained confidence, and my voice grew

deeper and slower.

     "Let's take five more breaths, Bill.  Good.  Deeep slow breathing,

brings deep, slow focus, tight hands, tight focus on my voice.  My words...

my voice... you're tuned into my voice, Bill.  I'd like you to confirm that

by the very smallest motion of your head.  Nod when you feel perfectly


     The muscular neck tilted, ever so slightly, and I saw a furrow appear

between Bill's brows.

     "Good, and you can relax again, except for those tight hands."

     The brow cleared.  "And now you're ready for some reinforcement," I

continued.  Those muscles are strong, but everyone can use some help!  So in

a moment you'll feel a touch on those clasped hands.  A touch on those tight

tight hands, as you feel my hands on yours.  The touch will help reinforce

your desire to hold tight."

     Another small nod, and I began a light all-over stroking of that block

of muscle and bone.

     "The feeling is strong, Bill, very strong, as you breeeeathe over and

over, over and over... the feeling like glue, like a strong, strong glue

that feels cool as it seeps over your hands, over and over and over your

hands, between your fingers, between your palms, and this glue is thick...

thicker and thicker as I spread it around and around... around and

around..." (moving my hands poetically over his, in time with my chant,)

"...around and around your blocked hands.  When I give you the word, you can

relax your grip, Bill, but we'll let that strong glue build and set, set up

thick, hard and strong, and then I'll let you relax for a moment, and then

you can continue to breathe deeeeply and quietly, and listen only to the

sound of my voice, Bill... only to me now... there are no other noises

anywhere, just the deep strong breathing, and the deep strong voice... give

yourself to the voice, Bill..."

     I moved my head gradually closer to Bill's, until I was speaking very

softly. "When you are perfectly aware of nothing but my voice, you may nod

your head... good, very goood, Bill, you are nodding your head.

     "That glue has set completely now, and it can hold your hands together,

so you may verrrrry slowly try to relax those fingers, and loooosen that

grip, and let the glue hold your palms together tightly, tightly, it's an

unbreakable bond, and in a moment I'll allow you to prove a very interesting

and absorbing fact... that your hands are stuck, stuck, stuck tightly

together, Bill, that my glue has fastened them together sooo strongly that

it's just impossible for you to break my hold... "

     Just as with Elizabeth, Bill found that all his strength was now

useless against the imaginary glue.  I allowed, then encouraged him to try

(and fail) to break his grip, and his face grew red with strain as his arms

shook violently.

     "Bill, you've built up a lot of tension," I now said, "and I'll let you

relax alllll that strain, as I stroke your hands again, they relax, still

holding together, relax, you can't break my hold, can you?"  He shook his


     I felt a tug at my waist, as Zarah unzipped my fly.  My prick burst

out, and she caressed it a few times, then nodded at me to continue.

     "You are relaxed and breathing and hearing only my voice.  Only my

voice.  Nothing exists but my voice for you.  Your hands relax, your arms,

and your face..." and I firmly began a temple massage as I stood behind him.

     "You're letting go and sinking into my voice.  Your signal for deep

relaxation is the increasing weight and looseness of your muscles.  You are

soft, you are yielding and soft, and now I will very easily remove that glue

and let your heavy soft arms relax limply down, down, down onto the table.

That's it, you are powerless to move them, they have no ability to lift at

all, do they?  You may answer me quietly.  Can you lift those arms at all?

Try harder."

     "... No... " and again his arms flexed impressively, as one set of

muscles fought against another.

     Zarah was miming an arm-wrestling contest to me, so I sat down across

the table and lifted his arm, which weighed a ton, and felt as limp as rags.

I stroked his forearms down to his fingertips and stopped his efforts.

     "You will attempt to use your strength against mine in a contest, which

you can never, never win, Bill!"  I commanded.  "Hold your right arm up and

stiffen it against mine.  Gooood.  Exert all your effort to keep that one

limb standing upright.  Try harder, and feel my power as my arm and my voice

have made you helpless.  Here we go.  Push!"

     Bill's face registered no effort, but his biceps tightened and his arm


     "As you feel your arm pushed easily, easily down, you'll feel my

control over you deepen and deepen... and deepen, until you're very deep

now, sinking... sinking... " and I merely pushed his arm backwards to the

table... "...and when you feel it touch the table you will give in

completely... completely... and there it lies.  You are deeply under my

control now... deep within my power.  Speak."

     "I am in your power."  The words came "Open your eyes and look straight


     He blinked slowly into the light.

     "Look over here now, right at my eyes, Bill.  That's it, gaze right

into them.  I will perfect my control now.  Watch my eyes, fall into their

power... I will make your lids heavy as lead weights... heavier... you are

droopy and drowsy now... " and I stared HARD right at him, "and you blink

and blink, and your brows lift up as you try to keep them open, but I

command them to drooooop and looosen and close.  I command them to close

now... and you are deep asleep now.  Sleep, Bill."

     His head dropped down onto his chest, and he shortly began to snore

gently.  I was now rubbing my cock, as I gave in to all my fantasies.  I

lifted his head and tilted it backwards, and tested the flaccidity of his

neck muscles.  I gently stroked his forehead.  My cock bumped against his

torso, and I almost lost a load of jism right there!  Zarah came up to me.

     "Bill's not as ... experiment oriented ... as you seem to be, James,"

she told me, "and he'd probably not take suggestions involving male sexual

contact ... yet.  You've done wonderfully though, and we have about another

hour... I have an idea for relieving both of us!"

     Soon we were back in my living room.  Bill had walked along slowly as

we guided him.  Zarah had taken his arm to surreptitiously guide him along,

and I kept up a steady stream of trance suggestion as we walked.  He now

lolled back on my sofa.  Zarah had quickly attached her camcorder to my

large-screen monitor, and motioned me to continue.  I noticed her hand

disappear beneath her denim skirt as I began my seduction of Bill.

     "Bill, listen once more, and respond to me," I intoned, "and I will let

you enjoy a very pleasant and interesting dream.  You are soon going to

watch a movie, Bill.  Do you like adult movies?"

     He nodded, and his lips formed words.

     "You will answer clearly, Bill, right now."

     "I like adult movies."

     "What do you like to see?  Answer, and go deeper as you do."

     "I like to see... to see... "

     "I'll allow you to say anything you want, use any words at all... now I

command you to answer!"

     "I like to see big tits, big tits hanging and swinging around."

     "Yes, he's a tit man, and it's causing troubles at home," interjected

Zarah to me in a whisper.  "Steer clear of tits for now, because mine aren't

so big either, are they?"

     She had soft, nice breasts, certainly not "centerfold" material, but

plenty nice to yours truly, who could now see them plainly, as she was now

undressed.   Zarah's black panties were still on, though.  She allowed me to

caress her for a moment, and I pinched her nipples rather firmly, as she had

done herself yesterday.  They hardened like rocks, and she sighed.

     "You wouldn't have been acting in sex show for a bodybuilder in your

living room four months ago!"  She then got me back to the job at hand, and

I turned again to my subject.

     "Yes, Bill.  Go on and tell me more things.  You like to see a woman's




     "I like to see a hard-on.  I like to see fucking... "

     "Wonderful, Bill, that's just what you'll watch today!  Relax wayyy

back in your seat now, and listen carefully.  When I allow your eyes to open

you will be all alone in total privacy and solitude.  You will of course

remain deeply entranced, won't you?  Yes, you are nodding, and I will let

you watch a very special silent sex movie, right in front of you.  There are

two actors, who you don't recognize.  They will be total strangers to you.

     "As you watch this most enjoyable feature, I may ask you to talk about

the action, or even to make suggestions.  SOME of your suggestions will

magically become part of that move as you watch!  Won't that be fun?"


     "Now lift your head up, and slowly, slowly open your eyes.  The movie

is starting.  Watch and enjoy!"

     I stood before him as his lids blinked and pulled upwards.  "Speak.

Tell me what you see before your eyes."

     "I see a man, with a woman behind him.  He's looking down at me, and he

has a hard-on."

     "Yes, good, now talk about his hard-on."

     "It pokes out from his belly.  There's no hair, and it's very pink.

It's twitching in the air.  Now he's spreading his legs a little and I can

see his nuts.  He's holding his nuts and flopping them around."  Bill's

breath got shorter.  "This is good, he's starting to come."

     Oh, shit, I was falling into my own trance!  I felt that orgasmic burn

starting up my shaft!  I was desperate, but Bill continued describing the


     "Now a woman comes around and looks at the man.  She's touching her

finger to his head and saying some things.  He's nodding, and his dick's

getting soft again.  Now she kisses him, and he turns around again."

     Saved! by Zarah, who saw my dilemma, and quickly removed some of my

tension.  I of course had sunk into trance instantly, and missed Bill's

(amusing) color commentary till later, when I watched the videotape.  She

roused me again, with a giggle of amusement, and I tweaked her nips again,

hoping she'd like it.  She did.

     "Yes, Bill," I continued shakily, "did you like to look at that

erection?  Why?"

     "Yes, it was hard and strong, it could stick way up inside her cunt."

     "I'll let you stay deeply hypnotized, and you may watch some more movie

now.  Watch and respond."

     He's standing facing me again.  He opens his legs a little.  Now the

woman comes around and sits on the coffee table.  Her face is touching his

hip, and she's ... she's sliding a hand through his legs.  Ohh."

     "What is, Bill?  You are here alone in the theater, there's no one else

here at all, shall I let you move your arms and hands?"

     "Yeah... I'm gettin' a hard-on.  It's exciting."  I allowed him to

release a short, thick penis from his sweatpants, and he began to fondle

himself as he watched us.

     "That's nice to see, she's sliding her fingers around his nuts, and his

dick is coming up again.  She's kissing the side of his dick.  She's licking

on it, and feeling his nuts, and it's really hard again!"

     "Tell him that your dick will become his," urged my partner, looking up

at me from her position at my groin.

     "Bill, as you watch the man's penis, it might seem that you feel

everything he feels, wouldn't that be nice?"

     "Ohhh, I can feel that slobbery tongue on my dick," came the instant


     "Yes, just describe what you see now," I commanded.

     "She's kneeling on the coffee table with her butt up in the air.  It's

wiggling.  Now she's tickling him again."

     "Yesss, Bill," I hissed.  "Her fingers are stroking, stroking, stroking

the underside of his big prick.  It gets bigger... oooh!  Go on, Bill!"

     "Now he's tickling himself, and she's tickling his nuts.  He's

squeezing his dick, and it's purple, and she's pulling on his balls to make

him move that... that... big purple dick... right up to her lips.  She's

looking up at him.  Her eyes are big, real big!"

     Tell me about it!  I was watching as her tongue got her lips all

slobbery, and slowly, slowly, slowly, she brought my balled-up glans to

them.  Her gaze was unblinking, but I felt awake.  Awake!  I felt

superhuman, ordinarily I would have shot my wad ten minutes ago!

     "Don't speak, Bill, watch now," I croaked.

     I let her pull my cock head against her closed lips, and she lightly

and wetly slid them across my tip.  Again, again, and she pulled back to

show me her slightly pursed O of a mouth, her red, red lips that looked very

thick, covered in saliva, slippery, slippery lips, that again accepted just

... the ... very ... tip of my penis.

     "Bill... remember you may come only when he does.  Speak!"

     The reply came in a croak.  "Her lips are drooling on him, she's

holding his nuts with her fingertips, and pulling it inside, it's slipping

in, its sliding in, she's stopping it.  She's looking up at him.  She's

grabbing his butt now, and squeezing his ass.  She's backing up off the

table, she's kneeling on the floor."

     She's motioned me over closer to the couch.  "Tell him to sit up


     "Bill, you want to see better, sit up and lean forward.  Forward.

Deeper and deeper as you watch.  Speak."

     "She's right up close, I can see everything real close.  Her mouth is

big and round.  Her cheeks are sucking in, they're puckered up.  She's

pushing him away... slowly.  His dick is coming out little by little.  It's

slimy and red.  Her lips are pulling after it, she's got her drool all over

his dick.  N-n-ngh.  Just the head left in now.  Nnnngh!  She's so close,

she tugs on his balls and his dick pops out."


     "Her mouth is still open, there's drool running down her chin.  She's

turning to look...  It's like she's looking right at me.  Her lips are

kissing and sucking and making that O shape.  She's flickering her tongue.

Her eyes... her eyes... " His voice got dreamy suddenly.  I knew what that

was all about, and I had to take a risk.  This was MY subject for once!

     "Oh, he's pulled her hair, and she's taking him in her mouth again.

He's moving her head around on his dick.  Faster and faster... Nnnnnngh,

mmmmph... "

     I pulled out, my dick on fire, and turned her face to Bill again.  I

brought my steaming cock right up to his face too.  It jerked near his open


     "She's... slurping it again, she's smiling.  It tastes good.  Real

good!  She's gobbling at it, and licking it all over.  It's so close.  I can

almost taste it myself!"  He licked his lips.

     Once again, I almost lost it, but had some reserve of control left.  I

brought my cock even closer to Bill's lips.  He made little kissing noises.

I pulled her mouth up right in front of his eyes, and plunged in again.  She

shook me a little, like a terrier, and I popped out again.

     Bill was making loud slurping sounds himself now as his eyes bulged out

of their sockets.  He was jerking himself off, and looked close to coming.

     "Your hands are heavy and limp again, Bill," I ordered, testing him.

"They are helpless, they are heavy, they fall to your side.  You cannot move


     He whimpered a little, but his arms dropped like stones.  His dick

poked up impatiently.

     "You are so aroused now Bill, but you can't come yet, there's lots more

movie to go! and you can enjoy all the movie better by just imagining those

sensations... the lovely slurrrpy feelings, alll over YOU!"   I made a sound

with my mouth, close to his ear, and his cock jerked.  "That's right, deeper

and deeper as you experience the next scene.  Speak!"

     "She's brought a chair in.  She's pinching her tits, and he sits on the

chair and pulls her tits over to his mouth.  He's sucking on them, and

pinching them.  She puts her head back, and he strokes her throat.  Her butt

is wiggling around.  She's turning around, and backing up to him.  She's

bending way down, oh God, her tits are dangling and flopping around,


     "He's holding her ass in his hands and he's pulling it back to his

face.  She's bent wayyy over the table, and he's tickling her butt.  He's

licking her... her whole crack, up and down, up and down.  His fingers are

twiddling her and tickling all around her crack.  He's wiggling his head to

get deeper.  He spreads her apart, there's her asshole, he's licking all

around it, she's wide apart, and he's licking her.  She's shaking."

     I pulled back, and standing, moved her rear to face my subject on the


     "Her asshole is real red.  It's puckering, and her cunt is all wet.

It's really really wet!  There's some drops coming out.  He's opening her

pussy wide, and sticks in his fingers, he's wiggling his fingers in her

cunt.  Now he's sitting back down, and he's pulling her onto his lap.  She

wiggles down on his lap.  He's reaching around and flipping her nips with

his finger, flipping them hard, and she's wiggling around."

     That was an understatement!  She was shaking like she had epilepsy!

Especially inside!  But I had a little extra plan for her.  I found my


     "Watch this part Bill, you'll like this!"  I held her buttocks and

tried to lift her up off my lap.  I managed to move her, then she got the

idea and helped with her own legs.  "Speak!"

     "He's lifting her up and down!"  said my subject.  "She's feeling his

dick in her while he lifts her up and down, up and down!  She's smiling, she

loves it, she's playing with her own tits!"

     The strain on my arms was too much, and I guided her all the way off.

She knelt again, and I sucked her bright labia and her clitoris for a few

moments.  then I stood up.

     "Did you like our movie, Bill?"

     "Nghngh... yes... yes!  I'm horny!  I'm horny!  I gotta shoot, let me

shoot!"  His poor cock was twitching, and I watched him try to lift his

hands from his couch.

     "The movie's over Bill, now let me sooooth you just a little, you're so

hot, I'll just calm you down a little bit," I intoned, and drew his eyelids

down.  He was still breathing hard.  I dared a little touch on his cock, and

my hand felt like it would melt from his heat!  I stroked his arms till I

felt resistance cease again.

     "Now Bill, you remember the end of the film, remember it well, and I'll

give you a lovely wet dream.  You know, a lovely wet dream where you can

shoot off alllll by yourself as you sleeeeep.  You can come and come and


     "This dream will star you, Zarah!" I said in an aside, "if you like."

     She nodded, understanding, and scampered into the bedroom, returning

swiftly with a condom, which she unwrapped.  She bent and kissed my dick

again.  I returned the favor by feasting on her ears, eyelids and neck as,

with intrepid fingers and palms, I explored the Amazon jungle between her

tightly-squeezed thighs.

     "Bill, you are ready now," I said confidently, and he nodded his head

vigorously, eyes closed.  His dick was still very much erect.  I moved to

kneel at his feet, and said:  "Now I will allow you to feel the same tingly

sensation you saw on the screen.  The lips slipped over and over and over

his penis, and it got bigger and bigger with excitement."  I opened the

rubber, and began slipping it onto his cock.  His whole pelvis jerked at the

contact, and I said, "Bill, don't move!  Just feeeel the tingle as you

remain asleep!"

     As I rolled the rubber down, my hands couldn't resist squeezing on his

erection.  I had never touched a man this way before, or ANY way, come to

that!  I guess his trance made it easy to dare.  I could imagine what he was

feeling pretty well, and my fingertips delicately followed his bursting


     "Now you will dream of a beautiful woman, a woman who wants you to

stick your cock right into her, Bill!  She wants you to hold her ass, and

lift her up and down on your dick.  She's wet and steamy-hot for you Bill,

so I will allow you to gain all your mighty strength back into your arms.

You will lift her and lower her many times, until I let you release your

come.  Tell me you will obey!"

     "I will obey you, I'll obey you!"

     "You may lift your arms.  Feel her beautiful soft buttocks in your

hands," and Zarah backed up to the sofa.  She was grasped, and squeezed, and

her eyes sparkled as she faced me.

     "I'm hot, James, I'm soooo hot!  No fooling around, let him pump me!"

she whispered urgently.

     "Bill, follow my timing commands.  You may lower her right down onto

your thick strong root now.  Hold her right there!"

     She was impaled on his cock.  She wriggled her bottom all around,

squeezing herself onto her intruder. This alone was enough to trigger her

orgasm.  As I watched, her neck flushed, and her fingers flew over her

clitoris.  Her eyes squeezed shut, and her breasts jiggled attractively.  I

sucked a nipple, hard as a little wooden peg, and she said "Awrkk."  I

sucked the other one, and she said "Ooooohhh."

     "Are you ready for your fucking, Zarah?"

     "Yes, you bastard... Fuck me, Bill, fuck me!" she insisted, forgetting

that he was MY subject this afternoon!  He simply sat there, waiting for my

orders!  What a power trip!  She writhed around in frustration.

     She was too hot to think of pulling her mesmeric tricks on me just

then, or she chose to let me run things.

     "You like waiting for a fucking, Zarah?"  I challenged, and she cursed

me again.

     "I'm hot, James, make him fuck me!  Make him fuck me hard!

     "Bill," I said, ignoring her (for which I'd pay a price later!), "What

weight can you curl?"

     "Nnnngh... nnnnghghgh... two-eighty for twenty reps... Urrgh, it's

tingling, it's tingling!"

     "Bill, you will remain pleasurably erect, and just a little numb until

I release you!  Obey me!"  He settled back again, and Zarah glared at me.  I

averted my eyes, I wanted to be aware of my entire production!

     "See, Zarah, he can lift a lightweight thing like you a good while,

especially when you help!  You're ready?"

     "James... look at me please... " came her voice, quivering yet low and

firm.  I resisted.  I resisted!

     "Wait, Mistress, I just want it to be perfect... I'm starting now!

Bill, you will now lift and lower your woman.  Up and down she goes,

there... " I said soothingly to Zarah, "is that all right?"

     "James, I'll....   I'll repay you for this... this.... oh God, make him

go faster."


     "Yes, please, please, you dildo head.. Oh, ohhhh..."

     I risked turning back.

     "Wonderful, Bill, it feels good, doesn't it, how does it feel on your

big cock?"

     "It's hot and slippery.  It's squeezy on my cock!"

     "Bill, you have fine strong arms.  In your deep dream now you must lift

and lower her faster, faster.  Good, it's easy, isn't it?"

     "Yes she is very light."

     "Brace your elbows a little, and you can go on and on, it feels sooo

good, Bill!"

     My mistress agreed, she had leaned back completely against Bill's

chest, and her head hung backwards.  Her thighs straddled his knees, and I

had an incredible view.  He lifted her up and lowered her down with

metronomic regularity.  Her arms now flopped down to her sides, and her

titties poked up toward me, as her shoulders pulled themselves backward.

She seemed to be pretending she was helpless and soft and unable to move by

her own will!  I made a mental note of her state, as I adjusted her camera,

and zoomed in a little.

     She was approaching another climax, when I made another change.  I was

really banking on her sexual fervor to save me from retaliation.

     "Slow down now, Bill, slow down and stop.  Hold her up higher.  Higher

and higher. Lift, I command you!"

     And soon his sheathed erection was poking into the air, just below a

gaping pair of engorged labia.  They dripped continuously onto his pubes.

She wiggled her butt, but his arms didn't budge.  Her eyes were wild as they

flew open.

     "Lower her back into your lap," I said.  As he complied, I held his

penis and prevented it from sliding back inside.  The TV screen replayed the

closeup of a cock nestled snugly in Zarah's cleft.  She reached down and

grabbed it.  She rubbed it and slid it sideways over her labia, and vibrated

it against her clit.  Now she was coming again, to the chant of "Damn you

... damn you ... damn you..."

     "Mistress, I want you please to suck me as you come," I begged, in my

most subservient tones.  "Lean forward and suck me.  Please?  I'm so hot,

Mistress!"  This was a tactic to blunt her anger, and leave her feeling in

control of SOMETHING.  It worked, she leaned forward as I requested, and her

lips met my shaft.  Then she nipped me slightly with her teeth, which set me


     "Bill, you have your dreamy hot cunt now.  Your dick is tingling.  Lift

your cunt as fast as you want.  Jiggle it.  Drop it down on your pole.

Fuck.  Your wet dream will come upon you.  Fuck fast and hard!"

     And we were off.  Later, watching this scene on the tape years later, I

would always come almost immediately, and so would anyone else who saw it.

     Zarah leaned way forward.  My knees were bent so I could lean forward.

My cock thrust forward and upwards into her mouth.  Zarah made noises in her

throat, which was being jiggled up and down by the motions of her body.  Her

arms soon dropped away and dangled and flopped loosely down, as she was

supported by Bill's strength and my hands under her armpits.  She had

stiffened her torso so that as she was lifted, her lips slid up, as she was

dropped, she took as much as possible of me in.  Sometimes she tightened her

mouth so I just jiggled.  I heard Bill grunting and gasping as he pistoned

onto her, and she had stopped saying "Damn ... damn... damn," and was now

chanting "phphphuck... phphphuck... phphuck" around my dick.

     I felt my climax.  Her tongue ravished me as it felt my first tiny wet

burst, then I was pumping out, pumping and pumping.  I pushed her back

upright, and she trailed ribbons and filaments of jism from her slack lips

as she flopped back against Bill again.  Lift and drop lift and drop lift

and drop...

     Her hands worked at her clit again, and I stepped over and coated my

hands in the juices from mouth and cunt.  I rubbed them over her breasts,

and their tips puckered up fearfully hard.  She gasped quite loudly, and

came as I massaged juice into her face and scalp as it jiggled up and down,

up and down.  The base of Bill's cock was inundated by her spendings.

     "Are you ready to come, Bill?"


     I pulled Zarah off, and she lay panting on the carpet, eyes closed,

buttocks still squeezing, fingers between her legs, and I knelt down right

between his outstretched feet.

     "And now, deep in your wet dream, you're fucking, fucking, fucking!"

His lips pulled back over his teeth.  I smelt Zarah's gusher all over his

condom, and spoke again to him, very loudly.

     "You will say "Coming" out loud now, over and over, until you are

spent, and deep asleep again.  Come."

     I touched my own fingertips to his testicles.  I smelled Zarah, I

tasted the pussy as my lips closed lightly around his shaft.  Bill was

saying "coming" very loudly, slower and slower, and I felt the tube of flesh

in my mouth, encased by its thin slippery sheath, and it suddenly seemed to

weigh more.  I pulled back and watched as I tickled Bill's balls, and felt

them pucker.  The reservoir was suddenly cloudy, and stuck out as his fluid

began to jet.  I knew how he felt, believe me!

     "Com-m-m-mingggg," crooned Bill, leaning back.  I milked and tickled

him further, watching the cloudy liquid pulse into the rubber, oozing around

his bulbous tip, backing almost halfway up the length of his pecker.

     "Com-m-m.... " came the very low voice, and now I heard his breath

deepen and strengthen again.  His erection was drooping, but when I held it

again, I felt a surge.  I rested my hand there, squeezing gently on his

softening penis like I did to myself when masturbating.  I rotated his

balls, and cupped them, as they too slowly softened and hung down again.

Bill slept.

     Zarah was whispering something from the floor, and I bent down to hear.

     "Suck me clean too, James, please?  I loved it when you cleaned me

yesterday.  Send him back to the park.  Hurry!  I'm still aroused!  Show him

a pendulum, you'll get hard again too!"

     That I couldn't believe, but I rolled myself upright, and pulled his

track pants up again.  I took his hands, and bade him stand.  He rose up out

of the sofa as if he were oiled.

     "Bill, I will now send you back to the park.  Do you remember where you

came to meet Zarah?"


     "You will be alert as you walk there now.  When you arrive, you will

give yourself a signal.  This signal will cause you to sit on a park bench

and fall deep asleep.  Understand?"

     "Deep asleep," he nodded.

     "Yes, and when you awaken, you will remember NOTHING of this

afternoon... you never met Zarah, you have not met me... you spent the whole

afternoon jogging, and sleeping in the park.  Repeat."

     "...Jogging and sleeping in the park."

     "Perfect.  Here is your signal.  extend your arm straight in front of

you.  Yes.  Open your sleepy eyes.  Good... now, hanging from your finger is

a shiny pendulum, Bill.  I'll take your hand and move it just a little.

Watch the pendulum sway and sparkle in the light.  When you see it clearly,

tell me... "

     "... I see it," he said, and his eyes swayed back and forth.  Yes, the

sight made my cock rise again!

     "You see it sparkle clearly.  This is your signal.  When you get to the

park bench, hold out the pendulum, watch it for a few seconds, become

drowsy, drop off to sleep right on the bench.  Forget everything from the

time you met us today.  Obey all my orders, Bill."

     "I will obey you."

     "Of course you will.  Now you may leave.  You are alert, and you will

stay alert enough to get to the park."

     He left us, and I turned to Zarah, with a semi hard-on.  It stiffened

as she praised my abilities.

     "You will make a wonderful master, James!" she cooed, "I knew you

would!  Would you like to fuck me now?"  She lay on her back, opened her

eyes (and her knees) wide, and lifted her pudendum up toward me.

     I was on her in a flash.  The rest you can imagine, but it didn't last

long, I was so exhausted!

                    Zarah.7txt     Bill and Teresa

     Next afternoon, Zarah and I walked up the sidewalk of a duplex on the

north side of town.  She confessed to being awfully turned on by her bout

with Bill the day before.

     "James, I'm randy as can be!" she giggled, again using a slightly

antiquated speech that made me think that English was not her primary

language.  "I just want to indulge myself with that hunk this afternoon...

I'm sure you and Teresa can find things to do, mm?"  She grabbed my hand,

and rested it right on her ass as she glided up the walk to the small row

house ahead.

     "I'm sure she'll find you attractive... especially since you don't

smell as bad today!"  Another giggle, and I blushed (and seethed a little


     After our "guest" Bill had left us, I had fucked myself quickly into a

stupor between Zarah's thin but strong thighs.  On recovering, I had been

headed for my bathroom, when she had innocently asked my purpose.

     "Gotta take a dump, Babe!" I said, nonchalantly, and stupidly!  First,

she hates cavalier macho terms like "babe!"  Second, she remembered that I

had teased her with Bill earlier that day, and now was an opportunity for

instant revenge!

     "Did you say 'dump,' my dear?" she asked innocently.  I was turning to

make another wise crack, when I felt her approach me.  Her finger reached

around to tap my forehead, and my legs stopped moving, as if a power switch

had been cut.

     "What are you doing, Zarah?" I complained (still in Stupid Mode).  I

was awake, but rooted to the floor!  I realized then that I had been

implanted with more than one unbreakable suggestion, just as I had done to

Bill a few minutes before.  THEN I remembered the video I had seen of myself

"chained" invisibly in my bathtub.

     The pressure in my bowels had perversely built up to a sharp pang all

of a sudden, and I had to go!  But Zarah was walking around behind me (I had

reached the kitchen before being zapped) and patting my bare ass fondly.  I

groaned as she rubbed my groin, pressing it and making the urgency grow


     "Ooopsy-doopsie, here comes your poopsie!" she chanted, and like an

overstrained spring, I felt my anal sphincter begin to give way.  She

pressed me again, HARD, and... you guessed it... I was emptying my bowels

onto my linoleum.  I grunted like a pig as the relief swept over me.

     I confess now that I wasn't too embarrassed.  I must have been

"persuaded" on other unremembered occasions as a part of Zarah's

reinforcement, and indeed, she stated as much to me, as I mopped and

scrubbed the mess away.

     "Do let's remember the natural pecking order here, lover!" was her

comment, "and be glad I don't have you rinse off your nice clean floor with

a deposit from the National Bladder Reserve!"  She chuckled again as I

hurried away to piss (and to clean my lower half up) before she changed her


     My success with Bill lingered in my ego, even after that small

humiliation, and carried me through my entrance into Bill's house next day.

He and his wife were both there.  Zarah had told me that she had been

"helping" Teresa deal with a feeling that her breasts were too small.  I

remembered Bill's fondness for big floppy ones, confessed to me the day


     "We work with mental images, of course," Zarah confided.  "You'll see,

and I know you'll join right in with the spirit of the thing, won't you


     I assented (I was going to say no, right?), and just before the door

opened, Zarah gave my cojones a gentle shake of encouragement.

     Teresa was a fairly skinny brunette, possessing an ordinary figure with

wide, bony hips.  Her skin was a gorgeous smooth pale cream tone,

unblemished except for several freckles on her cheeks and forehead.  I

judged her unexciting, probably because (horror of horrors!) she was

obviously uninterested in me!  She seemed quite stand-offish.

     Their living room was low-budget conventional, even sporting an old

"Lava-Lite" over on an end-table!  A small sofa and recliner, plus a couple

of chairs and the usual "entertainment module" made up the balance of the

decor.  No books, no magazines save a Newsweek and a TV Guide.

     After greeting us, Bill fetched beverages and Teresa plunked herself

down on the sofa.  She chatted exclusively to Zarah, while Bill rather

apologetically did the male-bonding bit with me about ball scores and the

like.  He seemed completely unaware of his activities on the day before, and

treated me as a stranger that Zarah had dragged along.  We were listening to

Zarah give some rather bland statistics about her "counselling work,"  when

she shot me a sideways glance, and stood up.

     "Bill and Teresa have been very helpful to me in my research, James,"

Zarah remarked.  She leaned over to the Lava-Lite and switched it on.  It

glowed and started doing it's thing.  Big deal...

     Except it was a big deal to the young couple, whose chatter had

stopped, and who watched the lamp VERY intently.

     "I use different reinforcement as is suitable and fun,"  Zarah said to

me, now ignoring Bill and Teresa, who had sat back into their cushions,

staring blankly at their lamp!  "Of course, I've already done a few sessions

with them both."

     Turning back to the pair, Zarah now commenced her verbal induction.

     "What's happening to you, Bill?"  she demanded softly, and Bill seemed

to try for a minute to turn towards her.  His eyes were already blinking


     "I am...watching the light...watching the light..." he intoned, as if

he were chanting.  "I can't look away...I must watch it...closely..."

     "Watch it, Bill...right into it...and Teresa, tell me how you feel,


     "I can't body is still...I am feeling so very...very..." she

trailed off, and I saw her right arm jerk a little on her lap.  Zarah told

her to continue, and she did so, reciting her rote lessons obediently.  I

moved right up next to her so I could watch her face and body closely.

     "I see nothing but our light," she breathed.  I saw her facial muscles

loosen, and her features become smooth as she went on.  "Nothing exists

except for the light...the wonderful light...I must watch and listen


     "What will you listen for, Bill?  And you may close your eyes now."

     "I will hear your voice, and obey your commands," Bill replied now, in

a deep monotone.

     His wife's arm jerked again, and commenced to rise off her lap,

followed by the other.  The hands lifted up towards her face, and her

fingertips began to circle and stroke herself round her temples.

     "What do you feel, Tessie?"  The answer was instant.

     "I feel my Mistress stroking me, making me go deeper and deeper."

     "Yes, of course you are.  Now as you drift away, you will find you may

speak honestly and frankly without any shame before I make you go deeper.

Tell us about your negative image of yourself."

     "I've been embarrassed about my figure," began the girl.  "I wore

padded bras, but... but why should I have to, anyway?"  she pleaded.  Her

face transparently showed frustration, and a tear lurked in the corner of

one eye, even as she continued her self-massage.

     "All right, Tessie very good.  I will now allow you to  slow-w-wly spin

right into your light... and deepen now," droned Zarah, and Teresa's face

quickly cleared and her eyes shut.  Zarah lowered the girl's hands to the


     "I shall now open your blouse, my dear Tessie, feel its silky smo-o-o-

othness slip and slide off the lovely sleek muscles of your elegant long

neck, over the shoulders, over the shoulders and down the arms... smooth,

smooth silk on your lovely bare, warm skin... those soft, strong shoulders

and arms..."

     Teresa allowed the removal of her clothing with a faint smile, and sat

up a little straighter with pride at her mistress' praise.  Her bra was

quickly unsnapped and discarded, and I saw that Teresa's breasts were indeed

narrow and elongated, with a tendency to be a little floppy.  Their pale

skin tone set off a lovely pair of pale pink tips.  They rose and fell in

deep untroubled breaths.

     Lordy, I was hard!  I wanted to lick her parted lips, and stroke that

unresisting flesh...I wanted to command her, as Zarah did so very


     "Tessie, we know that beauty starts with fitness and pride, and self-

love.  You have been working hard on your pectoral muscles over the last

three weeks, doing your exercises happily... show us how you work."

     Teresa began a typical isometric routine of pressing and pulling hand

and arm movements.  Indeed, the soft mounds lifted and fell, lifted and

fell, bouncing with smooth elasticity as Teresa exercised.  Zarah and I

watched her silently for a while, and when she spoke again, her voice had

grown huskier.

     "That's wonderful, you can be very proud, girl... you may feel proud of

your development... now that pride," she went on, seeing the woman smile

happily, "that is good for your mind and body.  Now in a moment, I will turn

you over to James.  You will allow him to guide you for a while, obey him

instantly just as you do me, yes?"  The girl nodded.

     "Oh, Williammm..."


     "Are you deep for me, dear?"

     "I am very deep now..."

     "Open your zipper."

     His fingers fumbled at his trousers, like mine must have on that first

night, like mine were now!  Zarah brought two low stools closer, and lifted

his feet up to rest on them.  She moved the stools about three feet apart,

opening his legs.  She then touched the subject's forehead, and said, more

commandingly, "James, pull off his pants and his underwear.  That's fine,

toss them over there, yes.  Now Billy..." she crooned.

     "Yes, Mistress."

     "We can look at you, we're watching you respond to my commands...

you're so lovely, my darling... we can see everything... we can see that

lovely package hanging so sweetly down between your thighs... hanging and

dangling down, dangling so-o-o heavily and thickly...  it's tingly, now,

with a tingly, prickly heat, it tickles your knees, your thick muscles on

your legs, it tingles so-o-o pleasurably, doesn't it dear?"

     As I watched, each slow regular beat of Bill's pulse seemed to surge

right up into his cock, and it stirred along his muscular thigh, stirred,

and lifted rhythmically, pulsingly, more and more upright.

     "Surging up into the air now, straight up...Billy, your penis will now

become fully erect for all of us to see.  Erect now!"

     The cock straightened out.  It gave a jerk, frozen stiffly for an

instant, and I saw its knob swell as the man gave a little gasp.  I really

had an impulse to touch its hardening length... but my hands were already


     Teresa had continued her self-deepening, apparently oblivious to her

husband's condition, and I reached out to her.  I touched her circling

fingers, and they stopped.  I pulled her arms out in front of her, and they

remained stuck in mid-air, wherever I placed them.  I lifted her arms above

her head, and looked to Zarah.

     Zarah had reached under Bill's shirt and was caressing his chest.  She

nodded at me.

     "Yes, Tessie's in a somnambulistic state... just like you're

sleepwalking, aren't you, Teresa?"

     Almost inaudibly came a low groan from the woman.  I immediately began

caressing her face and neck, as if she were a living, breathing mannequin.

When I pulled on her hands, after a moment she rose unsteadily from her

couch and stood before me.  In the background of my attention was Zarah's

voice, as she took her pleasure with Bill.

     "I just love to watch your erection, Billy... I'm so-o-o attracted to

the sight of your pulsing, twitching cock... your long root growing and

swelling... you're getting stiffer and stiffer, Billy, stiffer and

stiffer... remember, dear,  you may not come yet, just tingle a while why I

watch you."

     I saw his root sway and twitch, stiffen and loosen.  So did Zarah, who

was now undressing herself hastily.

     I was standing before Teresa, my own member throbbing madly.  My

fingers were fumbling at her skirt, pulling it down and off, and then her

pantyhose.  Her shoes were still on.  I pulled everything down to the floor,

and lifted one foot at a time out of the little heap.  I could smell her

pungent sweat.  As I led her into the bedroom, I looked back.

     Bill now sported a flaming red condom on his thick six or seven inches.

He was sitting upright, with Zarah in his lap.  His head still lay back

along the couch, but his hands were under her ass, and his bulging arms

moved her body effortlessly, up and down, impaling her slowly and

relentlessly like a weightlifter doing arm curls.  Zarah called out in

rather a breathless voice:

     "Tessie!  Do what James tells you now!   You are sleepwalking, but

responsive!  --Ohh, that feels good and hard -- James, bring her back soon

for -- ooooh! --- for her lesson!"

     I looked again at MY subject (courtesy of the REAL mistress, of

course!) and almost creamed myself right then and there!  Stark naked, soft,

relaxed, ready to obey ME!  What to do?  What to try?

     I tested her.  "Teresa...can you hear me?"


     "Teresa... I want your lovely eyes open for a moment."  They opened,

and she looked straight ahead.

     "Wonderful.  You are my subject, and I will now begin to control you.

I will soon turn a very powerful magnetism on you.  It will be

irresistible... my voice, my hands, my burning stare... You will love the

feelings inside you as my power washes over you, Teresa.  Prepare to respond

to my power."

     I made a theatrical beckoning gesture, and she turned towards me.  I

motioned towards her hands, and they floated up in front of her.  Silently,

I continued gesturing, and soon her arms hung above her head, showing

occasional tremors.  Her gaze was riveted on me, and she was breathing hard.

     I swayed from side to side, and she echoed the movement.  I closed the

gap between us, and very slowly widened my eyelids.  Again she copied the


     I now reached out and grasped her firmly by the waist.  I made her

continue her swaying movements, and circled around behind her.  My hands

stroked up her side, through her tufts of underarm fuzz, up to her quivering

fingertips, and back down.  My burning dick brushed across her spine, and I

jerked it against her body.

     I left her standing there, and returned to watch her.  I pointed down

at my cock, and her eyes stared down at it.  I held it, and circled it

around, she watching like her life depended on it.  This was all too much

for me.  I lay back on her bed, and masturbated.  It took only a few strokes

until the juice boiled out and over my hand.

     I stood up after I had calmed down.  I held my slimy fingers in front

of her mouth, and brushed her lips.

     "Sweet, very sweet," I said, and her tongue emerged to taste.  She

licked my hand clean.

     I lowered her arms to her sides, and she sighed.

     "Walk to your bathroom."

     "Yes, James," she said, and she went in.

     "Sit down.  Good.  You will wash every inch of your body now, til it's

squeaky clean.  Dry yourself well, then return to your living room.  Quickly


     I returned to see Zarah by the little stereo set in the living room.

Bill sat upright on the sofa, eyes open and looking at us, nude, hands

placed flat on his thick thighs.  There was no condom to be seen.  Zarah

smiled languidly at me.

     "You masturbated, didn't you?"  I nodded.  "Well, so did I, with some

help.  Well, good, the rest of the day is for our clients... and here comes

our lovely starlet... Teresa, can you hear me?"

     The girl ignored her, merely walked over to me and waited.

     "Oh-h-h-h, you really made an impression, James!  Give her back now!"

I gave the instructions, and Zarah roused her to a semblance of wakefulness

also.  Neither could have been truly up, because there was no reaction to

our nakedness!

     "Now dears, I will play your special secret tape for you, just like you

may do when you feel like it.  Listen closely as I've taught you!"  She

flipped the switch, and the audio began with her own voice.







     Bill reached over, and in the silence they watched their Lava-Lite,

slumping back in their seats quickly.  The silence stretched out, and then a

soft chime note faded into hearing.





     More silence, then another chime.


     Then came recorded voices of our two subjects, spliced into each other,

with lots of echo, like in a dream.
















     The chime interjected again, as the voices faded.  The two pairs of

eyes were locked together.  A soft gentle music started up in the

background, and Zarah was heard again.





     "Yes, Mistress," answered Tessie, "The edge of a spiral, the edge of a

circle, the edge of a cone, a soft cone... around the edge and inwards to

the tip, the point of the cone, the mound, the breast.  Feel my attention

spiralling slowly, slo-o-owly around the very outside edge of my bosoms, my

eyelids can close now, as you watch me... watch and feel that focus

circling, circling, circling... circling... "

     Her shoulders had ceased to slump, and were pulling backwards.

     ''I can feel my breasts.  They feel... larger... more important... they

are sticking out from my chest... When I open my eyes, I will see you

watching them."

     "I AM looking at them," answered her husband, "they're so soft and

lovely, I can't look away... talk some more, honey, I'm getting hot watching

them stick out at me!"

     "You like titties, Bill... titties... My nice, nice tits, my titty-

titty-titties... they're so-o-o nice... look hard, hard, hard at them..."

and her hands held them up towards her husband.  "What will I see when my

eyes open up?"

     "Baby, you'll see me on fire!  Hold them up higher.  Open your eyes

now, please!  I want you to see how hot you're making me with your big soft


     Tessie's shoulders were back, and her hands fondled and stroked at

herself as she looked across at the couch.  Her husband was leaning way

forward, and he actually licked his lips as he stared at her offerings.

     "Oooh sweetie," she crooned, "I love to see your eyes when they burn

like that.  Do our special booby game now, I want to hear you talk, and I'll

do whatever you say."

     "God, Tessie," he babbled on, "the skin on your tits is real smooth,

smooth and white, and they move so nicely when you breathe in...  I love to

look at them!  You're holding and rubbing them, and you're getting excited,

I can see!  Your tips are all pointy and hard!"

     "Mmmm... make me do the booby game, the booby game!"

     "O.K., here we go, baby, ready?  Concentrate, concentrate and I'll make

you feel sooooo special.  Jesus, I'm really hot now.  O.K.  I'm watching

your beautiful boobies!  They are looking so heavy and full of your sweet

hot blood pumping, honey," chanted Bill, "they're feeling strong, and heavy

and big, like big, glorious melons... like wonderful, tingly melons... they

feel like big udders, baby... like big, plump tight balloons... bigger and

tighter... don't you feel them pulling you downwards, down to hands and

knees, where they can hang heavily and softly down... their weight is

pulling you forward and down... forward and down... down on all fours now!"

     Teresa toppled over forward off her chair, panting, onto hands and

knees.  Her head hung loosely down, and swayed back and forth as she still

gazed under herself at her long swinging tits, and their hardened nipples.

She crawled towards her husband.

     "I'll lie on my back now," said Bill, stretching out on the rug, dick

standing up like a flagpole.  "Come to me, baby.  I want to look right up at

those big, sensitive boobies.  So-o-o sexy you feel, you feel just like a

big soft... beautiful... animal, you're really big now, baby."

     I lay flat on my back, and soon saw her damp black hair brush his

chest, saw her eyes, the heavily-breathing mouth and taut neck move, until

her engorged nipples dangled down just above his navel.  They swung back and

forth, sometimes achieving a circular motion as her torso wriggled.  I was

hard again, my schlong poked up from my belly, and I let it out into the

light.  Zarah held it lightly, squeezing now and then.

     "Caress me now, James... very very gently, because I'm so-o-o silky-

sensitive, you can begin a very slow caress... "

     Tessie's nipples were like hard pink buttons, as he finally reached

them with circling fingertips.

     The swaying torso quivered, and I saw a hot droplet strike Bill's

neck... Tessie's cunt was dripping!  Another drop, and that odor wafted up

to my nostrils.  His thigh muscles bunched up and relaxed as he drew

fingertips delicately down her mammaries.

     "Tessie, you're my beautiful animal." demanded Bill.   "Tell me about

your bursting milk glands... your milk tubes are really burning hot.''

     "Billy... I want to... I want to be... milked... oooh, milk my silky-

smoooth tits, Billy... I want milking so bad... so bad!"  Another splash

from her cunny.

     Bill began a loose, soft pulling sliding motion along their length...

sliding down towards the tips, and grasping more firmly as they reached

Teresa's nipples.  Tessie, eyes closed now, circled her torso around

sensuously, deep into her fantasy.

     "A-a-a-h-h... your touch is so strong, I want to give up al-l-l my hot

milk... my hot breast milk... milk me now... mil-l-l-lk and stroke... mil-l-

l-lk and stroke me... God, I feel white hot while you mil-l-l-lk me..I'm so-

o-o hot all over!"

     Bill pulled and pulled.  I saw the early droplets of liquid seeping

making the tip of his cock shiny.  He maneuvered her backwards so her

drooping head could reach him.

     "Look, honey, I'm ready to burst... I feel really long and thick

tonight!  Kiss me and finish your story now, I'm getting ready to pop!"  Her

lips murmured over his prick, then he began pinching her nipples quite hard,

and this set her off.

     "Ah-h-h... you're sucking and mil-l-lking... suck... ing... mil-l- mil-l-l-lk... " she babbled.  "I feel the milk pouring out

of me... the thick sweet milk pouring and flowing... flo-o-ow-w-wing... God,

I can't stop the flowing... don't stop... I'm wide open... I'm horny... I'm

really horny... I'm thick, I'm gushing, my bags are hhu-u-uge and bursting

with thick sweet cre-e-e-eam... creeeeeam... "  Drop after scalding drop

from her cunt landed on his face and without even touching my own dick, I

sensed my long-delayed climax nearing - as did Zarah.  She stroked herself

and me simultaneously, with a more urgent rhythm now.  Her practiced hand

brought me to fullest extension as I braced myself and leaned back on my


     "I can't wait, Billy, get up Billleeee," coaxed the girl.  Come and

smelllll meeeee, taste meeeee..." and she knelt forward as Bill surged to

his knees and approached her cunt.  His dick looked close up like a child's

baseball bat.  He snuffled and licked Tessie's cunt, and she squealed with

desire.  His strong voice rang out hoarsely.

     "You're all the way ready, cow... I'm your sweet long bull and I'm...

going... to... mount... you... and... slide... way... unnngh... up...

mmm... into YOUR CUNNNNT!"

     The penis, in one smooth powerful motion, thrust into Tessie.  She

actually made low mooing sounds as her husband grunted and snorted as he

plunged rapidly in and out.  Her labia clove wide apart to make way for his

great thickness.   His powerful hands grasped her hipbones and wiggled them

around, lifting her knees off the floor with his strength.

     Tessie's juices oozed out from time to time, and I saw her scrape her

breasts over the carpet to stimulate them even more.

     Zarah's hand automatically quickened on herself as she watched Bills

plunging buttocks squeeze tightly together, then spread wide as he reared


     I spurted my emission onto her other hand suddenly.

     Bill held Teresa's butt up in the air, as her legs waggled and white

jism oozed out from her cunt around Bill's pumping shaft.

     Finally they were still, then she was lifted up and carried off to bed,

as Zarah's "motivational tape" continued its soft program.

     I left for home alone.  Zarah insisted on staying there for a bit.  I

didn't see her for several days, and I was jealous, thinking of her enjoying

Bill's attentions, and wishing to practice on someone.

              Zarah8.TXT:   The Massage and Farewell Party

     My final segment of this "fantasy" concerns my "graduation ceremony,"  my

last face-to-face encounter with the wonderful woman who had been my  mistress

for so many weeks.  I won't try to self-analyze this tale, just to  say that

it happened as I am about to tell you.  It occurred five days after  our joint

venture with Bill and Teresa.

     Location:  Zarah's motel office suite, in her back room.  Kathy was

sorting through some papers in the front room as I entered.  She seemed to  be

busy packing some boxes, but I got a bright smile, hug (and a highly  personal

squeeze) and hello from the short, vivacious blonde "receptionist."

     "Zarah says to go on back," she chirped.

     I'd not been back to the actual bedroom before, where I'd last observed

Zarah and her two female "clients."  It was just a bedroom, but a

professional massage table and heat lamp stood along one wall.  It was  draped

with a sheet.

     "Hello, good to see you."  In fact she had stayed away (as far as I

remembered) from my apartment since Bill and Teresa.  Her manner seemed

rather cool.  Her next words turned this impression into something  different.

     "Katherine and I will be moving next week," she said.  "I have booked a

series of performances in California, and I've spent the last several days

making sure that all our "clients" here understand that we may not be back

for some time."

     My emotions were indeed mixed at this news.  First came surprise,  tinged

with anger that I hadn't been told earlier.  I guess I thought I was  someone


     "James, you know that it was our mutual needs that made our short time

together interesting.  You are not in any sort of "love" with me, nor do you

consider yourself as my "slave," Zarah answered shortly.  "You and I have

done a lot of communicating about which you have no specific memories right


     I had to agree that that was certainly true!  The woman had almost  moved

into my pad without my conscious awareness!

     But the other feeling that I felt, I'm ashamed to admit, was pure self-

indulgence.  I had used our relationship chiefly to achieve sexual

gratification, on levels I had only dreamed existed!  Menage, sex with

compliant strangers, exhibitionism, bowel and bladder control, to say  nothing

of dabbling in bisexuality, all under the "protection" and "control"  of a

mutual "ringmaster!"

     "Yes, and do you know that you stated the chief thrill in the last

place, James?" came the reply, still in that weary, semi-depressed voice.

"Most of you are discovering your own sexual liberation, using hypnosis as a

shield against embarrassment and hurt.  Yes, yes," she continued, as I

started to object, "you are different in that the domination issue is

important to you.  But do you realize that every single activity we've acted

and seen together is perfectly legal between consenting adults?  Were it not

for social strictures, you all could have been engaging in your lustful

experiments all this time without me!"

     This was true!  I really hadn't thought of it that in that way before,

but I might have performed any of these acts with Brenda, Lily or any other

willing partners!

     "Correct, James.  Now think some more.  You all are acquainted with

others in our group.  Some of your specific memories will become hazy, and I

have ensured that none of you will ever be able even to WANT to blackmail

another.  But you all live around here, and similar pleasures are merely a

phone call away!"

     She was walking around behind me as I watched her in the bedroom  mirror.

I saw her reach a hand towards my neck, then felt her ol' Vulcan  Mind-Meld

take hold.  She leant my head back (unresisting as always) till I  was

observing the plaster ceiling as my consciousness sharpened.  I didn't  blank

out, but remained docile as she caressed my face and neck.  As I write  this,

I can state that I know she was talking to me, but I don't recall  anything

but a low buzzing murmur... my attention was kind of roaming around  counting

the holes in the ceiling tiles, until she roused me with a little  kiss on the

cheek.  Everything returned to focus.

     "My back is bugging me today, James," she complained, in a manner that

struck me as distant.  "It must be from the packing."

     "How about a back rub?" I offered.  "I know something about backs."

     She responded in a nonchalant fashion that put MY back up a little!

"I'll tell you what to do."

     She demurely turned her back to me, removed her shirt and slacks,  walked

over to the table.  I watch her ass twitch as she climbed up and  positioned

herself face down on the sheet, saying, "now no funny business,  right?  I

need some muscles loosened, and that's it!"

     Strange! from a woman that had shared so many sexual experiences with

me.  Nevertheless, I assented readily, and opened the bottle of massage oil.

She told me to let it warm in my cupped hands before I began on her  shoulders

and upper back.

     As I worked, she gave me fairly brusque instructions, just as she often

liked to boss me around, as to how to press, where to roll my hands, etc.  I

enjoyed seeing her naked skin under my hands, and gave myself privately up  to

fuck-fantasies galore.  I rubbed, circled, squeezed and kneaded just as  she

told me, and bit by bit, she relaxed, and began to groan softly as I  "hit

just the right spot" now and again.  Once, I let my hands stray down to  the

top of her buttocks, and she warned, "Watch it, James!" but in a very  mild


     Soon, all her muscles were relaxed, and between groans she informed me:

"that's perfect... just keep it up... don't stop now," and remarks of that


     "That's good," she grunted.  "I feel like... like soft putty... this

is... so-o-o relaxing... just rub... you're doing great!"  My ears perked  up.

I was hearing signals in her tone unlike any I'd caught before!  It  sounded

as if let me run things... or she wanted to pretend to submit for a  while.

What an unexpected turn-on!  I had to consciously steady my voice as  I

quickly answered "You're the boss!"

         "Of course I am... " she responded, but in a distracted, offhand


     I turned on the heat lamp, and continued my ministrations.  Soon I  tried

moving her folded arms down along her sides, and she allowed this

repositioning with only another groan.

     I very gradually began rolling my oiled fists further down her spine

with each pass, until I pressed her coccyx bone each time.  I also steadily

lightened my touch, moving from heavy pressure on each pass to lighter, more

caressing strokes.  Zarah's breathing became deep and regular, and her body

was motionless.  She was not talking any more, I noticed!

     I stroked heavily down each arm in turn, from shoulder blade, bicep,

forearm and wrist, right off the fingertips.  After several of these passes  I

heard a faint whisper:  "... Just... keep... going... it's perfect... "   Her

eyes were closed.

     I lightened my strokes further, and finally dared to lift her arms away

from her sides somewhat, so that I could observe the sides of her breasts,

pressing into the bedding.  She was limp and unresisting, and I began

caressing her inner arms, and her sides.  As my fingertips brushed over and

over her palms, her fingers began to close up as if she were being tickled.

I thought I was sensitizing her bodily response more and more with each


     I moved back to her spine, and, avoiding her backside, moved down to  the

backs of her legs, very firmly and authoritatively pressing and kneading  the

muscles.  No resistance, but more sighing.  My strokes changed  direction,

starting at the knees and stopping just short of the base of each  buttock.

After only a few of these, I detected a change in her deep  breathing.  I

lightened pressure even more, until now each stroke was in  reality a light


     "I can work better if I remove all clothing, Zarah," I whispered.   There

was no reply but another soft sigh, so I gingerly took the waistband  of her

black panties and slowly but firmly slid them right down and off her  legs.

She was now completely nude.  I gloated over every pink inch of her,

especially those trim buttocks, whose muscles now appeared completely

flaccid.  I was careful to maintain a continuous stroking of her legs, and

she was apparently too far gone to care about her nakedness.

     "Zarah, I'll just keep on massaging you now," I said, tentatively.

     "... Yes-s-s... " came the low, dreamy whisper.  Her acquiescence gave

me more courage.

     "I'll keep on with my stroking," I continued.  "I like to stroke you,

Zarah.  It's very stimulating... this light stroking... I can tell you like

to be stro-o-oked this way too."  I tried to pace my voice to sound like her

own, and Zarah gave another soft "yes-s-s" in instant return.

     I brushed oiled fingers and palms right up her spine to the nape of her

neck, pinched it gently, and slid back down, where my thumbs found and

rotated the dimples at the top of her derriere.  Finally, I let my  fingertips

brush, almost by accident, right over her pink ass cheeks.  After  just a few

of these, Zarah began responding differently.  Her buttocks  quivered

slightly, and the glutei would occasionally clench up.  Each  exhalation of

her breath now brought a very soft sighing sound.

     I maintained a soft vocal tone, talking about "stroking" each time my

hands passed over her length.  I made my voice slower and deeper in pitch

little by little.

     I gained confidence with every new inch of territory gained.  I started

small fluttery circles and spirals up her legs, and now, when I reached her

ass, I found those delicious muscles pushing back up against my palms.  With

each repetition, this effect grew more pronounced.  Her breaths were coming  a

little faster now.  I made more regular passes over her buttocks, and as  my

teasing touch grew lighter, her upward response became stronger.

     My hands were eventually running all over her cheeks at will, and they

would follow as if magnetized.  The taut pale muscles pressed themselves  more

and more firmly up into my circling palms, and her sighs had grown  louder.

     I pushed Zarah's legs back down flat onto the mattress.  They were  still

pressed together, and I began seductively brushing along their outer  sides.

I tried talking to her again, very softly.

     "Zarah... ''

     "M-m-m-m... "

     "Zarah, what's happening to you?  I'm stroking you now, ver-r-ry

softly... what's happening to you as I stroke you?  What's happening to your

legs?  What are your legs doing, honey?''

     "... feels good... " came the low answer.

     "That's right, Zarah... I'm stroking your legs... stroking and stroking

and stro-o-oking... I can tell you enjoy the feeling."

     Sliding and caressing her thighs in continuous light motion.

     "You like me to stroke those beautiful legs... I've noticed how...

magnetic my touch feels to you, hmmm?  How there's an almost magical

attraction between my hands and your body... my hands and your entire body  as

I stroke it..."  I lightened up even more now as I brushed fingertips  along

her knees, which immediately quivered in response.

     "Your body shows a strong response to my hands, honey, almost a pull

right into my hands, a strong pull... " and I placed palms on butt again,  and

felt the upward thrust in response.

     "Yes, you feel it now too... a strong magnetism... stronger and

stronger, stronger and more powerful attraction... your legs now...  the

strong response as I stroke your legs."  I returned to her outer knees, and

watched in gratification as they quivered, quivered again, and began to

separate slightly!

     "Yes, each loving caress is a magnetic stroke... magnetic... feel the

strong pull, the powerful pull under my hands... what's happening to them

now?"  I tickled her outer calves, and the legs widened a little more.

     "... Opening... up... "  Her tone was suddenly high and breathless, as

she seemed to take on some little-girl persona.

     "That's right, Zarah," I went on, now surer of my dominance.  "You feel

your legs are opening at my direction.  Opening up farther and farther  now...

" I murmured, and soon her knees were a foot or so apart.  Again, she  sighed


     "Yes, you may give deep, sleepy sighs as I continue to magnetize you...

I love your deeeeep looose breathing under my soooothing touch... my  magnetic

touch... it's more and more strong, more and more hard to resist  the

magnetism... you feel soothed and relaxed, yet excited by my touch,  don't

you, honey?  I love seeing your excitement... don't you feel helpless  now?

Helpless to resist my touch?''

     "... Oh-h-h" she gulped, "... help... less... "

     I changed to just a couple fingers on the inside of her knees, and her

legs closed.  Back to the outside, and they opened.  I ran palms up to her

hips, and they instantly raised again!

     "Yes," I intoned, "your body loves my touch... you love my strong hands

to move you, guide you, magnetize you... command you... command you...


     "... command me," came the faintest of moans.

     My hands roamed everywhere now.  I rotated her temples, stroked her

throat, which made her extend her neck, and brushed the soft outer edges of

her bosom.  I pressed down onto a palm, and as I lightened my touch, her arm

followed mine up off the table!  I found her calf equally ready to lift

upward, as one hand made light contact with it.

     Now, with her knees somewhat apart, I had a subtle and captivating view

of her splendid mount, and its thick curling hairs.  I maintained my touch

and my patter as I moved around her, peering closely at the fur-lined

treasure waiting down between her oiled buttocks.  I wished to see more, and

I felt more sure of her willingness.  I reduced my touches to one or two

fingers here and there, along a shoulder blade, around her ears, and her

flesh danced with excitement wherever it felt me.

     I decided to go for broke, and now slid three heavy fingers right down

her spine and paused, pressing lightly right at the top of her cleft.  My

other hand I cupped over her forehead.  I held her there, feeling my weight

pressing her down.  Her eyes were screwed tightly together, and her mouth  was

open.  She had not moved her head in a while, there was a damp spot  where

saliva had dribbled out onto the mattress.

     "Zarah," I tried in a firmer voice, "Your body responds to me eagerly.

I have only to touch you and your body obeys... You want only to obey my

voice and my touch."  I slid lower, against the upward thrusting of her

buttocks, slid my strong fingers further between her cheeks, down along her

hot, furry channel.  My oiled fingers split her thick labia easily, and slid

between her cheeks, which only quivered, and offered no refusal.

     The flat of my palm now reached way under her and cupped her mons,

lifting upwards lightly, and her ass surged straight off the table as she

breathed "yess... yesssss!"

     I removed my hands and stood back ogling the arch of her spine, the

extreme tight curvature of her buttocks, and the clenching and relaxing of

her fists.  I gloried in the film of sweat that shone over her entire skin.

     "You may lower your beautiful buttocks now," I continued, in a very

firm, matter-of-fact tone.  "You may  relax for a moment... but only for a

moment.  Remain ready instantly to respond again.  Remain in your deep,

obedient state.  I want you to acknowledge my control now.  Please repeat...

you hear only my voice... "

     "I hear only your voice... "

     "I am your master."

     "... You... you are... " she offered up a slight hesitation, and I

pressed her head and buttocks down again, forcing some breath out of her.

     "I... am... your... master."

     This time the response was quick, accompanied by a long, shuddery sigh.

     "Yes.  You are my master."

     "Yes," I intoned, rewarding her surrender with another intimate,

slippery caress.  "Feel my strong hand as your body lets it sliiiide right

over you.  Now Zarah, I will allow you a few moments to lie completely

submissive and peaceful, knowing that I will control your thoughts and

actions as I wish.  Remain in your sweet rest until I command you further."

With another light stroke I left her there, legs apart, one knee bent


     In the outer office, Kathy's eyes widened as she took in my my oily

fingers and the flush on my face.

     "I have to have a camera... the office camcorder!"  I sputtered...

"Zarah... Zarah's... come, please and set it up for me?"  I pleaded.  She

looked solemnly at me, then without a word went to a cupboard.  She brought

back tripod and camera to the bedroom, where she started at the sight of her

boss in that uncharacteristic position!

     Still without a word, she set up and started the camera, then climbed  up

on the large bed and just watched us.

     Returning to the table, I reasserted my control over Zarah effortlessly

with a few fluttery passes, then positioned her stretched out face- downwards,

with her legs pressed together.  I made sure the camera could see  every inch

of her body.  I breathed softly into an ear hole, and stepped  back again.  I

rolled the table out into the room, so I could step behind it  and be on-


     "I can see everything, Zarah, al-l-l of your body is mine to control.

All of your will is fixed on obedience and submission... it feels so-o-o  good

to obey your master!  Speak!"  I held my breath - was this carrying  things

too far?

     "... I... obey... my master... " she droned, in a drugged tone.

     "Yes, of course you do," I commanded.  "And now, Zarah, now you will

notice that when I speak about your body it will feel just like the  powerful,

arousing magnetic touch of my hand.  My voice will touch you.  I  will

demonstrate this to you now."  I knelt down and placed my head next to  hers,

so my face would be visible on-camera.

     "I will begin long, hot caress now...  from your nape... " and I  briefly

touched her neck "... down, down, down your back... that's it, the  pressure

moves right down your sensitive backbone... pressing you strongly  down, down,

down deeper and deeper into compliance... "

     Sure enough, she arched herself as if in response to an actual physical


     "Your arms are being stroked now, right down to their fingertips... "

and her fingers twitched and fisted up as before.

     "Back dow-w-w-wn your spine, and now to a lovely light brushing and

cupping of your buttocks."  They quivered with a quick muscular contraction.

"Yes, those globes are s-o-o-o sensitive!  Swirling, tickling, caressing and

stimulating very, very lightly al-l-l over your buttocks... your beautiful

hot buttocks... keep your knees together now!"

     Her knees bent forward under her, pushing her buttocks off the bed.  I

moved back around to pan the camera in close-up from her tense face, right

along to her tush.

     "Continual delicious circling, circling, circling... I own your ass,

Zarah... I possess every luscious inch of your flesssshhh... give it to me,  I

will you to feel it!"

     She was flexing visibly, ass circling in mid-air, as she had when I was

actually touching her earlier.  One cheek tightened, then the other, then

both would stick up farther for a moment, displaying her anus and the rear

portion of her hairy slit.  I continued her arousal verbally, talking to her

of her obedience.

     Katherine was still... just watching, but her eyes were large and moist

in the lowered light of a bedside lamp.  I moved over to her.

     "Is this alright for you, Kathy?"  I asked.  "It's so strong, I have to

do it!"

     She looked back at Zarah, and her hands began to slide under her skirt.

She turned her humid orbs to me, and whispered:

     "In the drawer there, the top drawer, James!"

     I withdrew a good-sized dildo, and handed it to her.  I watched as she

fingered it suggestively.

     I returned to MY subject... MY subject, with her butt now humped up  into

the air!

     "You are trying to keep your knees together, and yet I can see right

between your hot cheeks!  That's right, no matter how hard you try and try  to

resist my power, you find that your arousal is pumping hot blood into  your

very secret places.  Pumping and pumping right into them!

     "Those very secret, private places are hot!" I chanted, "hot and

beginning to fill up.  Yes, I see your moist, thick flesh as it begins

pouting and parting... You've never experienced this thrill before, have  you?

To fe-e-l-l those lips of your sex become plump... plumper... plump -  er and

plump - er... say it, my sweet Zarah, say it!"

     I was popping little breaths into her ear with each word, and she

responded:  "...  plumper... plumper... plumper... plumper..''

     "Yes, so hot and they push outwards, they're so deliciously hot and

plump, aren't they?  There's no secret now, Zarah they're pouting open as I

seduce you and arouse your inner heat with my power... "

     And there they were as I returned to check the camera, her inner labia

swollen out dramatically, moist and reddish-brown before my feasting eyes.   I

moved the camera to one side, and set a fairly tight shot on her fanny.  I

removed my clothing, and my erection was twitching as I moved up behind that

incredible sight.

     Katherine's skirt had hiked up, and her thighs squeezed together, as  she

ran her play penis over them, then slipped it under her white cotton  panties,

rubbing it around.  Her dampness allowed her own inner engorgement  to be

visible to my fascinated eyes.  She twisted her pelvis against the  seductive

feelings of her smooth, thick tool.  It pushed the sodden material  aside, and

poked and slid delicately across the top of her triangle.

     I made sure that both she and the camcorder had a clear view of Zorah's

intimate organs, no longer intimate at all, but brazenly outthrust.

     "Yes, your knees are together, but your sex is wide wide open now.  I  am

right behind you.  You will now feel the hot head of my erect penis  stimulate

you even further.  Feel it?  I will tease your plump pussy up and  down...

up... and back down... spreading your hot, flowing arousal  everywhere."  I

let my twitching touch her at random all round her rotating  ass.

     "You hear nothing except my voice, my commands and your own pleasure

sounds," I said quickly, because Kathy over on the bed had plunged her tool

quickly inside her, and now lay there moaning as it stuck out from her  pussy.

She tapped on its end occasionally, and squeezed her thighs  together.

     Yes, Zarah was ready... her voice urgent now as she repeated  sensuously,

sort of to herself now:  "Plump-er... plump - er... "

     "Zarah, feel," I now ordered.  "Feel all your heightened tension now,  as

waves of delicious moist tingling spread from your cunt outwards!"

     I inserted my cock tip into her, and was unprepared for her instant

reaction!  Her rear pushed backwards right over most of my length.  She gave

an almost inaudible whimper.  She moved forward again too quickly, and I

stopped her hips to make sure we both felt every inch of our throbbing


     I held her still, and watched as her lips stretched open to admit my

knob, then stared as her tight channel swallowed every inch and my balls  were

dangling against those quaking muscles.  I saw that my pubic stubble,  now

growing back out but not yet curly and soft, scraped her labia lightly.

     "Zarah, obey me!  You may enjoy one silent, beautiful orgasm in ten

pulse beats.  Count them to yourself... you're hotter and hotter... then  come

for me!  Obey!"  I shouted, and gripped her cheeks, kneading her flesh.

     When her internal quiver began, I held her motionless against my belly.

Her pleasure seemed to last for minutes, fluttering against my rigidity, but

before I could come, I withdrew slowly.  Her cunt lips remained fairly wide

open as I left her.  I separated her knees by about two feet, and popped out

of the volcano.  The air felt cold on my superheated erection, but I had

decided an a final course of action for the video.

     I showed myself to Katherine, presenting my slimy length to her hungry

eyes, and, still bearing her rigid intruder, she slid down to the edge of  the

bed and presented me with HER privates!  I tickled her clit a moment,  then

pulled out her dildo, and gave it to her to suck on.  She slurped it  noisily

as I thrust into her.  She wanted a good fuck, but I knew I had only  enough

for one, and Zarah was still waiting further attention, so I grabbed  the

dildo back, and, holding Kathy's knees apart, gave it back to her fast  and

strong.  As she climaxed, I suddenly stopped the thrusting motions, and

simply tapped rhythmically on the exposed base of her dildo.  This caused  her

to thrash about and grab onto it again.  I let her finish herself off,  quite

loudly.  Zarah paid no notice.

     I remembered Zarah's willingness to exploit my bowel and bladder  control

for her own amusement.  I had a brain flash.  I left and returned  shortly

with some towels, which I spread between her legs.  I brought a  saucepan in

from the kitchen, too.  I positioned myself at her rear, and was  soon erect

again.  I dipped my cock back into her cunt an inch or so, and  rotated it in

a slow circle with my hand.  I pulled out and slid around her  now-exposed

clitoris a few times, then parked just inside her twat again.   She was moving

again, pinned by my organ in mid-air.

     "Zarah," I said, firmly,  "Zarah, your body is at my command!  All your

responses are mine to command, aren't they!"  A quick inner plunge and an

equally quick withdrawal brought a response instantly.

     "... ah-h-h-h!... yesss... "

     I continued stimulating her pussy and surrounding area with my dick.  I

had soon reduced my circling motion to just one finger.  I rocked back and

forth continually with my prick, but remaining about the same depth.

     "Zarah, you know my touch can relax you or stimulate you, can't it?  I

subjugated your will with my caresses, and I stimulate your beautiful sex

with just a word.  Listen and obey... listen and obey... focus all your

attention on THIS finger, Zarah... "  My finger circled around, twirling

lightly about her ass, moving in closer and closer to her anus.

     "That very tight sphincter is a muscle, isn't it?  What am I touching

now?  Answer me!''

     "... my... bottom... " came the whisper.

     I corrected her with sudden stop of my prick, and she gasped in

surprise.  I wriggled my fingertip all around the puckered anus.

     This muscle holds in the contents of your rectum, as you know very

well," I said.  It is your anus.  Say it!''

     "My anus," came the answer, quickly.  I resumed gently thrusts into her


     "Yes, of course.  Your anus.  You must answer immediately, Zarah.  Fe- e-

el your reward... here is your reward from Master," and I plunged in and  out

once again.  She whimpered with pleasure.

     "Yes, the anus controls your rectum and your bowels, Zarah... bowels...

your bowels... ''

     "Yes... my bowels... " came the breathless mutter as my finger roamed

over her cheeks as if poking dough, and tickled along her perineum leading  to

the brown hole.

     "Bowels, Zarah... hear and obey my voice!   Your bowels feel full right

now, don't they? and you will find yourself needing very soon to discharge

your wastes... to let go... to lo-o-o-osen those very strained muscles... "

     My finger paused at her back gate, and I inserted just its tip.  As I

continued to speak, I withdrew my erection.

     "Just a little bit at first, you'll find a strong inner pressure

beginning to build.  You soon realize your bowels are full, fuller, and

fuller as I speak to you... they are actually packed tightly with hot brown

solids, that will expand tighter against your control, Zarah... more and  more

pressure... feel the pressure building...  resist as best you can!"

     Soon, Zarah had lowered her hips to the bed to help her control, and  her

mouth tightened up, trying to restrain the feelings I was evoking.

     I had stood up to adjust the camera angle again, when I felt soft  cupped

hands roaming over my own ass, and a scalding hot tongue force its  way up my

own crack!  Katherine's surprise assault distracted me only for a  moment.

     "You can't fight me, Zarah, you are attuned to my will now!  You like

the hot feeling, the knowledge that soon I shall allow you to let go... let

go soon, on my command... test your readiness now, woman... You cannot move

now!... You are paralyzed... concentrate on my powerful finger... "

     My index finger gently circled her exposed hole and slipped further

inside.  She grunted loudly at the intrusion, and her powerful sphincter

clenched around my knuckle, but I continued pushing, and slipped in to the

last joint.  I soon was causing her to rotate her ass high in the air just

with the movement of my finger, and I felt her convulsive efforts to stay

closed.  Her face was beet red, either from embarrassment or strain, I  wasn't

sure which!

     Katherine found me bending slightly to make her own assault easier.

Soon I felt sharp teeth nipping at my buttocks, and oiled fingers slipping

between my own defenses.  I pushed backwards and let her oily fingers slide

up over my balls, and back along my crack.  She gently pushed her own oiled

hand up to my prick.  I groaned.

     Soon, under my fingertip I could actually feel the hard end of a turd,

trying to push its way towards Zarah's entrance.  "Wait, Zarah, you can't

release yet... though you want to, you won't be able to open and relax that

sphincter till I say so!  It's so full, so ready, isn't it?  The lovely,  hot,

hot pressure inside your bowels?  Tell me, Zarah!"

     She spoke loudly now, unembarassed in her need.  "God... I have to

shit... it's pressing inside, so much pushing... it's hot... let it come

out... please!"  As I withdrew my finger slowly, her anus was puckering and

pursing up like a kissing mouth, and the brown head of that first turd soon

appeared in the opening.

     "What do you feel there at your opening, Zarah?''

     "Ngnghh... a turd... can't hold it in much longer... nghghgh... "

     "Yes you can, because I leave you just enough control to make you  wait!"

     Each time she dropped her control, more and more of the turd peeped out

from her anus.  Finally it had poked out too far to be withdrawn, and a

little hard lump was cut off, and fell onto the towels spread beneath her.

     My own lower half seemed to have been dipped in oil by this time, as

Katherine's teasing fingers slid everywhere.  I wanted my own release now,

but decided to take Zarah in her ass.

     "Zarah!" I now finished, "You are so tired now, and I will now let you

relax your control... as I pull your cheeks apart, wider and wider, wider  and

wider, the impulse to release will overwhelm you.  Your crack will open  wide

now.  You must let those long, hot turds push and thrust right out!   Your

body wants to expel.  Your hole will spasmodically release.  You may l- o-o-o-

osen your bowels now, Zarah.  Open them and release... here it  comes...

letting go al-l-l that pressure... feels so good now, Zarah...  now!"

     I grasped her butt, and slowly and rhythmically pulled the cheeks wider

apart.  They softened and relaxed, but I felt her belly tighten beneath her.

     Instantly, the first turd thrust smoothly out of a wide open sphincter,

and her cracked voice bawled out.  "Un-n-ngh... un-g-g-h-h!"  With each of  my

pulls outward, more and more brown matter appeared, dropping down over  her

pussy hairs, and plopping in lumps onto the towels.  I released my grip  on

her ass to grab the saucepan, but still her expulsions continued.  She  was

now moaning and sighing very low with relief.

     I held the pan below and slightly behind her crack.  I knew that

urination would follow, and sure enough, a bright stream shot out backwards,

as she lost all residual control.  The hissing was loud as the urine  splashed

into the pan.

     Soon her clenching abdomen forced out the last small dribbles from

bladder and rectum.

     When the flow trickled to a halt, I told her:

     "Now, Zarah, relax now... there's just your beautiful ass right up in

mid air - relaxing from your delicious release.  You will keep it way, way  up

in the air, while I clean you, and you may tell me how it felt.''

     "I couldn't  hold back... I had to let go... I had to give up and let

everything out of my bottom... it was looser and looser... ah-h-h!" she

sighed deeply, shuddered and became completely limp.  I cleaned her up with

soft moist cloths, Katherine helping, then suddenly decided I'd like to try

buttfucking my mistress.  I wanted her clean inside, so I went and got her

enema bag, filled with warm water.

     "Remain motionless, and hold in this luscious liquid, Zarah," I

commanded, and injected her bowels with the enema probe.  I left the nozzle

sticking out of her asshole for a time, focusing the camera extra closely on

the sight.  Then, at my order, she released the liquid into the pan, and I

repeated the dosage a couple of times, until her output was clear.  I then

dried her, to the sound of her deep, soft exhalations.

     "Beautiful, Zarah, you relaxed, happy and ready for one final climactic

release.  Prepare for your master."

     I then paid tribute to her completely exposed beauty with soft  suckings,

licks and kisses.  I slid her down the table until her rump hung  over the

edge of the pad.  I lubricated my cock with pussy juice and lotion.   She lay

panting but motionless, as I slid my hardness into her pussy, pulled  out, and

rubbed myself all around her glistening crack.  When my cock  touched the

anus, I was pleased to note an automatic loosening of her  muscle, and I

slowly and gently pushed the tip of my dick inside.  I found  that her

distended rectum was quite moist with natural mucus, and she gave  way easily

to my penetration.  I slid slowly and steadily in, in, in, and  soon my balls

were brushing against her labia.

     I rested there for a while, savoring complete dominance, and then,

reaching forward grasped her wrists, and tugged them till her hands lay  under

her pelvic bone.

     With my dick throbbing inside her empty bowel, I began whispering

arousal suggestions to Zarah, while stroking and tickling her perineal area

more and more insistently.

     "You will now become extra, extra horny, lover... "  I commanded.

"Rouse yourself, Zarah... your rectum is completely filled... it is stuffed,

and your cunt is glistening with your juices... feel that hot, hot cunt...

that extra hard clit, poking out from your lips... poking out harder and  more

sensitive from those hot, sweet cunt lips... juicy... you're so very  very

juicy that you must feel for yourself.  Fe-e-e-el yourself... stroke  and

tickle yourself while I stimulate your bottom again!  I command you to

masturbate, harder and harder, Zarah... masturbate now!"

     I felt her muscles clench spasmodically around my cock as she began to

finger herself, and as she moved swiftly towards orgasm, I held myself still

and just watched and felt the show.  The buttocks impaled beneath my gaze

were racked by tremors.  Katherine was now rubbing them with one hand, while

her other worked around my own crack.

     Now Zarah's final climax let go, and the pressures and squeezings of  her

sphincter on my cock were just unbelievable!  Her pelvis dropped flat  onto

her flailing hands, popping my stalk out unexpectedly, even as my own  pre-

orgasmic liquid was beginning to drip.  My own legs trembled as I stood  up on

tiptoes, rubbing myself along her crack, and Katherine jerked me off,  her own

hand a blur as it slid up and down, and she tickled my own anus  unmercifully,

actually trying to hook me into the air with one crooked  finger.

      My dick could hold no more blood, and was painful!  And now my pumping

began.  A flare in my testicles! I held back, held back, held back, then let

go.  My penis bubbled and boiled over, flowing its thickened cream over

Zarah's lower body as Kathy flipped its bulb over and over in Zarah's taut

crevasse.  Another small jet that felt like a quart covered her! and Kathy

now just contented herself with caressing my buttocks and lightly pulling  and

milking out the last of my flow, spreading it over the sweat-misted,

softening curves of my mistress... mistress no longer.

     Zarah's arms were pulled from underneath her.  I noticed that her eyes

had partly opened, unfocused, and that her softened lips were slkightly

upturned in a very small smile.  I spread her cheeks one last time, and

gently paid oral tribute to her submission, laving and gently probing her

now-flaccid labia.  Zarah pulsed once again, and she sighed weakly as Kathy

and I slid her back up on the massage table.

     "Zarah, my treasure, my teacher, my slave... you will sleep, sleep and

dream of me, and my farewell to you," I now ordered.  "Sleep deeply now, you

may awaken when you are ready."

     I told Kathy, who still caressed the totally flattened body of her  boss,

to insert the dildo partway into Zarah's anus and leave it sticking  there.  I

left the camera and videotape to run out, and dressed myself.   Zarah would

view it in future, I was sure.

     Katherine now clung to me, and I led her over to the bed.  I tucked her

in, and she kissed me deeply, eyes shining, and whispered, "I know I'll see

you again, James, sometime!  Zarah will be back, and if she never does, I'll

come myself!"

     I left the motel.  As I write these last lines of my "fantasy," six

years after that evening, I have not heard from either lady again.  Much of

it seems like a dream to me, and to Brenda, Lily, Bill and Teresa and a

couple of others.  Yes, I still see them occasionally.  I am married now, to

a wonderful free-spirit (and good subject!) whom you have already met in  this

account.  My total preoccupation with hypnosis has diminished, though  we

often semi-pretend with each other, to play-act that one has enslaved the



          Since you've read this very long account, I assume that it has given

you some pleasure, some excitement... possibly some intense moments that may

have resonated within your own psyche... To command, to obey, to pretend to

command or obey... all these powerful "control" issues can bring powerful

pleasure to those attuned to them.  Perhaps you've been sitting in an easy

chair while reading... or reclining on bed or couch... perhaps your own hand,

or the hands of a loved one, have wandered into your secret gardens,

stimulated by some of the passages.  Perhaps you felt so strongly influenced

by thse words passing under your scanning eyes, that you felt some sexual

stimulation suffuse your body, as your eyes would scan left to right, scanning

left to right... word upon word, sentence upon sentence, page after page, as

you felt yourself becoming more aroused and more aroused as you allowed your

gaze to scan automatically on and on and on..... And now, as your eyes wander

across my final words, back and forth across the long long lines of letters,

left to right... you may feel with each scan and each drop that warm buzz in

your own lids as the eyes must drop down again.  Your eyes scan along, drift..

and drop another line, and they can strain as you feel your eyelids scan and

drop again and drop again to a new line as you may feel them just droop down

lower, that's right, and now at the edge of this line your eyes may just drop

down easily... each time more and more heavily...  the lids feeling heavier

and more and more heavy... drooping lower and lower and lower... and

drop those heavy eyes and those heavy heavy lids as you drift off

heavier and heavier now, soon your heavy burning lids may just

droop completely shut and you may hear your breath soften

and your limbs sink, and your mind focus and you can

just strain your eyes to focus... across the last...

heavy... heavy lines... and your eyes may

soon close heavily, and you drop into

an exciting doze where your most

intimate visions and dreams

may be realized.... here

you go now... you can

barely see these...

last.. lines...

and you are
















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