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Archive-name: Control/wrldstop.txt

Archive-author: Dan Wright

Archive-title: Stopping the World

He was shopping in a department store.  He'd been there for two hours and

he was bored and drowsy.  He was in the hardware department, looking for

some obscure sprinkler attachment.  He wanted to get out of there, go home,

and kick back.  Suddenly there was an intense flash in his peripheral

vision of a pretty women disappearing down an aisle.  He followed her


She was a teenager.  She was showing off her sun-tanned legs by wearing

short shorts.  She walked gracefully like a cat.  Her flawless bronze skin

flowed over curves and muscles.  She wore sandals on her small feet, with

long decorative laces that criss-crossed up around her ankles and calves

like bondage straps, and were finally tied with an elaborate bow just below

the knee.  Her toenails were painted carefully.  The tops of her feet were

just as dark brown and smooth as her legs, but the bottoms were cream-

colored and crinkly.  He stared hungrily at her high-arched insteps; the

border where the color and texture changed.  For some reason those dainty

two-tone feet of hers fascinated him like nothing else.

She wore a halter top, which could barely halt her.  Her saucy midriff was

exposed for everyone to see and her navel was cute.  Her shorts were tight

enough to reveal the V-shape where her flat tummy tucked up between her

legs.  She had straight sun-bleached hair that rested gently on her back

and also fell forward onto her chest.  She would often fling it over her

shoulder to get it out of her eyes, or would nervously twist a strand with

one hand.

When she would stop to look at something, she would place one foot pointing

forward and place the other far away and at right angles, pointing to the

side, then she would shift her weight back and forth as though she were

fidgeting.  She did this absentmindedly.  It came naturally to her and

girls like her.  She did not realize that it was sexy:  that he could enjoy

a frontal view of one leg while admiring the other at profile, and that

with her legs thus widely separated, he could spy the creamy insides of her

thighs.  At other times she would stand with her feet close together under

her, then randomly roll one or both of her ankles out so the weight was

borne by the outside edge of the foot.  Had she known it, each time she did

this, her smooth knees parted and the light-colored wrinkly soles of her

feet could be seen.

Her face was not cute like a child; actually she had done her face up in a

sassy way.  It was quite bold of this young woman to wear such a haughty

expression.  She was shopping with her mother.  The two did not seem to be

getting along.  Her mother was dressed conservatively and looked uptight.

The girl looked impatient, as though she longed to get back in the company

of her peers.

The girl somehow sensed that she was being ogled.  She whirled around and

caught him staring at her.  Then she gave him a sharp cold look, tossed her

proud head, and minced away down the aisle.  His tiger eyes followed the

flouncing hair and sandal-strapped legs, and he decided then and there that

he wanted her in the worst way, and that he was going to get her.  He was

going to stop the world, and have his way with her.

He did not know anyone else who could do it, nor did he know why he was

gifted with it.  He had discovered and performed it on a small scale when

he was a child, and he had practiced it often since then.  He hadn't done

it in a large public place before but he felt confident that day.  He

squinted his eyes, clenched his fists, and concentrated.  He visualized his

chest as a sponge that should be squeezed and released according to a

certain pattern he'd discovered.  Over the course of the next three

minutes, while she moved on with her mom, looking idly at things on the

store shelves, he collected tons of pressure in his chest.  Then he stuck

out his arms and spread his fingers in all different directions, and let

go.  A bolt flashed down his arms and rayed out from his fingers.  The

world stopped.

There was complete silence.  People stood like mannequins, frozen in the

midst of action, with open but unseeing eyes.  The aisles, the check-out

lines, and the parking lot were all populated with statues of people in

suspended animation.  Water squirting from the drinking fountain stood

perfectly still as though a strobe had captured the image.

He had stopped everything, but he had purposefully excluded himself and the

girl.  He had left her conscious, but in a daze.  It did not occur to her

to be surprised or to rationalize the strange dream world.  She was looking

around at the frozen figures of people.  He walked to her and faced her.

In her eyes, he appeared to be a handsome lord of power and magic.  He did

not speak to her, he just looked into her eyes, and she understood.  She

was to swoon and allow him to penetrate her, as any girl would.

He considered being really sweet to her; taking her to some comfortable

nest and giving her a back-rub and cuddles before making love with her.

But her sassy attitude had changed his mind about that.  He got the idea to

pork her right there in the store.  It seemed outlandish and terribly

exciting.  He decided to just do it right away.  He came forward and

squeezed her tits through her top, then he put his hand right down her

pants to feel her pubic (public?) hairs.  She gazed into his face and

endured his handling.

He helped her take off her clothes.  He had fun untying the ribbons from

around her ankles and removing her sandals, exposing her dainty feet, while

she popped off her top and released her pert breasts.  He helped her wiggle

out of her shorts, then he lowered her panties and slipped them one at a

time over her slender ankles.  He caught a slight scent of young cunt and

he was instantly hard and erect.

He asked her to help him get undressed.  She was willing to do all the work

taking his clothes off, and soon they were both standing naked right there

in aisle 15B, the one with the cosmetics and the feminine hygiene products.

He wanted her doggy-style because that was the most animalistic.  He told

her to wait there in the aisle by her frozen mother.  He walked naked

through the crowds of silent people, waving a stiff boner in front of him.

He found two folding chairs in the outdoor furniture department and carried

them back.  She was blushing with embarrassment at having been left alone,

naked in public.

He set up the chairs side by side and arranged the nude teenage girl on

them.  He placed her left knee on the left chair and her right knee on the

right chair, so her legs were spread wide.  He showed her how to hold onto

the chair-backs with her hands, and how to lean forward so her pussy stuck

out.  She waited nervously in that position.  She felt like a child in a

doctor's office, who must take off her pants and hold still "like a good

girl", even though she knows the bastard is planning to stick something in


Before he plugged his boner into her, he stood back and admired the whole

scene in his mind.  This was a memory to cherish.  He was fully erect and

horny, and this teenage babe with the tan legs and cherry ass was propped

up on chairs, obediently waiting to be stuffed.  Her lacy sandals were

strewn on the floor nearby, and he anticipated fondling her small two-tone

feet during the time he was plugged into her.  Her stodgy mother and some

frozen strangers were looking on with blank expressions, and the room was

completely silent.

He licked his finger and stuck it in her.  She was very tight; probably a

virgin.  She was giddy with his finger being in her, and she was trembling

and breathing hard.  He lubricated his shaft with some saliva because he

wanted to completely penetrate her with one thrust.  He approached her and

placed the head of his cock at her slit.  He pushed hard, and his cock slid

just barely beyond the inner lips.  Both of them were extremely excited,

and he could feel some slight pinching contractions in her pussy as it

gripped his tip.  He pushed harder and looked down to watch with delight as

his sensitive instrument disappeared into that most private area between

her lovely buns.  The store was so silent that he could hear small glicky-

sticky noises as her pussy stretched open and his meat went in.

When it was sunk to the hilt, a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment

overwhelmed them both.  She felt like a popsicle on a stick, completely

stuffed, and she never wanted the feeling to end.  His sensation was

extreme: as though a blow-torch of pleasure was playing up and down his

cock.  They wallowed like that in perfect bliss for two or three minutes,

but he knew he wasn't going to last.  His orgasm approached, and he gave up

trying to hold back.  He pumped quickly several times to put maximum

emphasis on it, then he came like mad, depositing ribbons of sperm deep

within the young girl.

He stayed inside her for several more minutes, pumping gently.  Finally,

when he started to go soft, he pulled out.  He lifted her off the chairs

and stood her up.  There were tears on her cheek and imprints on her knees

from the chairs, and sperm leaked down her thigh, but she looked happy.  He

hugged her and held her for awhile.

He stepped back, swirled his hands in front of him like a fast swim-stroke,

then suddenly spread his arms wide.  There was a flash, then the world

returned to normal and continued on from the point when he had stopped it.

There she was, dressed and uneffected, doing her absentminded foot-dance

while looking at items on the shelves.  Her mother was there, lecturing her

about her grades, as usual.  It was as though nothing had happened.  She

did not have any sperm in her.

But as he passed by, he caught her eye and held it.  She gave a little gasp

of apprehension.  This stranger she had caught staring at her legs moments

before: she now felt that she knew him in a secret and nasty way.  He stood

right next to her and she did not move away.  He reached out with one hand

and fondled her ass gently for four whole seconds.  She did not flinch, but

instead she actually took the touch as a caress.  Her mother was furious,

but was too confused by her daughter's reaction to speak for the moment.

He turned and walked away, but before he disappeared around the last

corner, he looked back and gave her an evil grin.  She waved good-bye with

a yearning and bewildered expression on her face.



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