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Archive-name: Control/womcont2.txt

Archive-author: Hypno User

Archive-title: Women to Control - 2

                             Chapter two  

           "Tom, may I come in?" she said. It was around eleven  in 

      the morning on Saturday.

           "Sure,  Leslie. What can I do for you?" I asked in  mock 


           "Tom,  I'm not sure how to say this, but I want you  to, 

      um, control me."

           "What do you mean?"

           "I  want you to be my master. I want you to command  me. 

      I'll do anything that you ask. Please say that you will." she 

      said as she removed her coat. She was wearing a tight Danskin 

      leotard, blue in color. She was also carrying a gym bag, with 

      the contents that my "message" specified.      

           "If you're serious about this Leslie, come with me to my 

      study." I said as I walked in that direction. She followed me 

      and  put her coat on the rack that was near the  entrance.  I 

      asked her to take a chair near a massage table that I set  up 

      the previous evening in anticipation of this moment.    

           "Are you willing to do whatever I say?"


           "Good. From now on, you will have no other romantic  in

      terest other than myself. You will be all these things to me" 

      I  said as I emphasized the words: "lover, companion,  slave, 

      plaything,  maid.  In all other respects, you will  act  com

      pletely  normal.  You will be my affectionate  girlfriend  in 

      public  and in private. You may express your opinions  to  me 

      and to others if you wish, but remember that you are my  love 

      slave, and must obey me. Do you understand what I have  said, 

      and do you agree to these things?"   

           "Yes, Tom. I understand it all, and I'm willing to obey. 

      I  want you to know that I was really worried that you  would 

      tell me to leave, and I'm so glad that it is this way between 

      us." she said as she stood up. She walked over to me and  em

      braced  me. "I want to make you happy" she said  just  before 

      she kissed me affectionately. 

           "Let  me look at you. You, know, I only get to  look  at 

      you  from  the other side of the cafeteria, and  it  probably 

      looked like that I was staring." I said.

           "Yes, I did get that impression, but I get that  impres

      sion  from a lot of other guys, too." she said as she  backed 

      away for me to look at her. She turned around slowly and  put 

      her hands on her ample breasts. As she turned, she moved  her 

      hands  slowly down to the top of her legs and palmed the  in

      sides  of her inner thighs. "Would you like to see me  nude?" 

      she said with a lustful look in her eyes.

           "No, not yet." I said. Please go into the bathroom  over 

      there and change into the clothes that you brought."           

           "How did you know that I brought clothes?" she asked. 

           "Because  you are under my complete control." I said  as 

      I motioned her along to the bathroom. "Leave your panties and 

      your  bra in the bathroom along with your leotard and  hurry. 

      It's time to eat."      

           Leslie  walked to the bathroom and soon she was  dressed 

      in  a  short  skirt and blouse. The blouse was  not  as  see-

      through   as before, but her newly unfettered breasts  filled 

      it  nicely. Her skirt went down to about half the  length  of 

      her  leg, so she had to be careful that she didn't  give  the 

      male  population a cheap thrill. She kissed me on  the  cheek 

      and said "let's go," but I had other plans.

           "Before we go, could you do something for me? Would  you 

      lean  over that massage table with your breasts touching  the 

      table ?"            

           Without hesitation, she did exactly as she was told. Her 

      skirt  crept up to her ass, and I lifted it up all  the  way. 

      Her  perfectly formed ass looked at me invitingly, and I gin- 

      gerly  took the palms of my hands and cupped her cheeks.  "If 

      you  keep  this up, I'll have to go back to the  bathroom  to 

      wash my privates." she said.

           "You're  right. we should eat, and we can continue  this 

      later." I said as my sexual excitement gave way to hunger.       

           It was twelve-thirty by the time they got there, and the 

      food  looked awful. I fumbled into my pocket and  found  some 

      money,  just  enough for the two of us to go to a  fast  food 

      restaurant. "Do you have a favorite place to go besides  Pio

      neer Mill?" I asked her.        

           "Well, I like Kentucky Fried Chicken. Let's eat there."           

           While we were talking, two of her friends showed up  and 

      heard  our  conversation. "Do you mind if we tag  along?  The 

      food  today looks like they made it Monday!" asked Rita.  "We 

      could all go in my car.         

           "Sounds fine to me." I said. 

           As  we walked over to the dorm room, Sandy  took  Leslie 

      aside.  Like most other best girlfriends, she was  interested 

      in Leslie's newest companions, male or female.

           "He's  my new boyfriend." proclaimed Leslie. "We  had  a 

      wonderful time last night. Don't you think he's cute?"                

           "But isn't that Tom, the science nerd?" I hear that he's 

      about as sexy as a wet noodle."                                  

           "Oh,  he's  not like that at all!"  Leslie  said  indig

      nantly.  "He's warm, sensitive, caring, and if you get  close 

      to  him  he has a nice body under those glasses  and  flannel 

      shirt. I had a great time with him last night at the  Pioneer 

      Mill, and later at his house off-campus. He's one guy  that's 

      not stuck on himself, like Bill Banner.       

           "You only broke up with Bill a week ago. Don't you think 

      that  the captain of the football team wants to make up  with 

      you ?"

           "He might, but I don't want to make up with him. I  want 

      to see Tom now, and only him. Bill will have to find  someone 

      else to be his girl- friday."

           "Well okay, you don't need my permission. Do you mind if 

      I try to get Bill to ask me out?"

           "Sure." said Leslie without hesitation. 

           "You're sure you won't change your mind?"

           "Positive.  Come on. Let's get those keys.  I'm  getting 


           The  three  girls  picked up the keys  and  hopped  into 

      Rita's  car. Leslie and I snuggled in the back seat  where  I 

      put  my  hand up behind her skirt. I felt warm,  naked  flesh 

      where  panties used to be and my juices began to flow.  "Tom, 

      we'd  better cool it or the girls will get an  eyeful.  Let's 

      wait until we get back to your place." whispered Leslie.        

           "I guess you're right." I said as I slipped my hand back 

      to a more respectable position.  

           "It's  time for you two to quit acting like high  school 

      kids.  We're here now." Sandy said as she  glanced  backward. 

      She spoke just as I moved my hand from Leslie's backside, and 

      I couldn't help noticing her disapproval.              

           As  we  walked into the restaurant, I gave my  order  to 

      Leslie  and I excused myself to go to the men's  room.  Sandy 

      wrote  everyone's order down, gave the note to Rita and  took 

      Leslie aside. 

           "Leslie,  what are you doing with him? I've  never  seen 

      you act this way with Bill before." 

           "That's  because you never saw Bill and I in a  car  be

      fore. I used to do it all the time with him."                       

           "Did  you  also go out without  any  underwear  before?" 

      asked Sandy, obviously aware of what went on in the car.

           "It was Tom's idea, and I think it's really sexy."           

           "You  mean he asked you to do that? And you did it?  You 

      must  really like this guy. Now I'm definitely going  to  ask 

      Bill out." she said as I walked back to them.

           "By the way, what went on in his apartment last  night?" 

      asked Sandy.  

           Before Leslie could answer,I was within earshot of their 

      conversation. "What's up, ladies? You sound like you're  hav

      ing a secret convention." I said as I stood beside Leslie and 

      held her hand.

           "Oh, just some girl talk." giggled Sandy as we picked up 

      our food and looked for a place to sit.     

           After  the meal, Rita drove us to my home. Leslie and  I 

      got out and waved goodbye to them. They giggled as they drove 

      off. We walked into the room with the massage table. "Do  you 

      want to take up where we left off." she said as I removed  my 

      jacket. The vision of her ass crept in my mind, but I  wanted 

      something else.          

           "Would  you please put on some of the sexy clothes  that 

      you brought with you?" I said. 

           "How did you know that I brought sexy clothes with me?"               

           I told you. I'm in complete control" I said as I started 

      stripping  to my BVD'S. She went to the bathroom and  removed 

      her outfit. She spent a few minutes preparing herself, and  I 

      was not to be disappointed.

           She  wore  a pair of white crotchless pantyhose  of  the 

      fishnet  variety. A matching bra came with it, and  since  it 

      was  also  fishnet I could see her erect nipples. A  look  of 

      passion accompanied her.

           "What  would you like to do next?" she said in a  barely 

      audible sexy voice. 

           "Make  love to me, here and now." I commanded,  dropping 

      my  drawers.  My penis was rock hard, and I  was  ready.  She 

      knelt down and gingerly stroked my cock, making it even  more 

      erect.  She  began licking and tickling me into a  frenzy.  I 

      eased myself to the ground and she began to rub her pussy  on 

      my  cock. I could tell that she was rubbing her clit in  var

      ious  ways  on  my body and by her hands.  I  finally  thrust 

      myself  inside  her and she and I began  pumping  harder  and 

      harder.  I couldn't take it any longer and I finally came.  I 

      shot  my load into her just as she began to cum.  Our  bodies 

      were as one as we both experienced orgasm.



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