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Archive-name: Control/womcont1.txt

Archive-author: Hypno User

Archive-title: Women to Control - 1

                             Chapter one  


           My  girlfriends and I have a most  unusual  relationship 

      for most people. They are my sexual slaves.

           It happened not too long ago. In fact, they didn't  know 

      that  I  even existed a month ago. I decided that I  had  had 

      enough of "normal" relationships, and that I wanted to be  in 

      control. Total control. 

           I don't mean that they run around like zombies. It means 

      simply  that they will do anything that I ask. Anything,  and 

      anywhere, with me or with anyone that I choose.         

           One  of  my favorite girls is Leslie, and I met  her  at 

      Heidelberg  College. She is strikingly beautiful,  with  long 

      red hair and a fair complexion. Her body is well-proportioned 

      due  to the aerobic exercise and weightlifting that she  does 


           To see her naked is a dream. Her firm breasts have  dark 

      nipples which become hard at the lightest lick. Her red pubic 

      hair  is  shaved  close to facilitate bikini  wear.  She  has 

      luscious lips and a sensuous tongue that just loves cock. Her 

      cunt is smooth and juicy at the right times. 

           A  month ago, I wanted to meet her. I was never good  at 

      meeting  women, but I was good at science. After all,  I  was 

      majoring in three subjects with a 3.8 average. With all those 

      brains you'd think that I'd understand how to control  women. 

      I didn't then, but I do now.

           I had gone with several girls in high school and in col

      lege,  but  all they ever wanted from me was  help  in  their 

      school work. I was never appreciated for what I really was by 

      any woman, until I learned how to control them.         

           One day, about six weeks ago, a brainstorm came to me. I 

      was studying the physics of sound at just below hearing level 

      when  I  put  together some things I  learned  in  psychology 

      class. There, I learned that sublinimal suggestions are  very 

      powerful.  So  powerful, in fact, that they are  outlawed  in 

      advertising. I was tinkering with some sound equipment in the 

      physics  lab when I discovered a way to load "messages"  onto 

      music.  It's not a new phenomenon, but the way that I did  it 

      was completely new and, so far as I know, undiscovered. I did 

      it at the alpha brain wave level, and I learned a way to  at

      tach my messages in a way that was completely undetectable. I 

      also theorized that since I was introducing the "suggestions" 

      at  the alpha level they would be assimilated into the  brain 

      and be completely and irreversibly irresistible.

           So  here I was, wanting to meet Leslie, and I  had  this 

      new discovery. I thought about it, and decided to try to  get 

      her to meet me.   

           I  asked her friends what her favorite music was, and  I 

      made  some  cassette copies of them with my  secret  "sugges

      tions".  My  first one was that she would ask me out  to  her 

      favorite  restaurant  on Friday evening after classes  for  a 

      date. After that, she was to come to my off-campus  apartment 

      and listen to some music that I had for her. During all  this 

      time,  she was to enjoy herself with me and be completely  at 


           I also "asked" her to go into my bedroom, stand in front 

      of the mirror and strip completely naked, then put on all her 

      clothed minus her panties and bra. She was to forget that she 

      did  this, and not think about her missing clothes  when  she 

      got  ready for bed later in the evening. She was to  do  this 

      when the Heidelberg clock tower struck twelve midnight.

           I played the tape over the cafeteria intercom, and since 

      music  was routinely played at mealtime I wasn't  doing  any-

      thing  unusual. I figured that I had nothing to lose.  If  it 

      didn't  work, we wouldn't meet because I would never be  able 

      to work up the nerve to ask her out. If it did, I had  every

      thing to gain, and then some.

           Leslie was there, and acted completely normal during  my 

      tape. I lost all hope of her ever meeting me when she  didn't 

      come to me after the tape was over. I started to walk over to 

      the  door of the cafeteria when she startled me by her  pres


           "Tom, I know this may sound forward to you, but will you 

      go  out with me this Friday? I would like to show you a  good 

      time.  Please  say that you will." she  said  with  practiced 


           "Wh-where w-ould you like to go, L-Leslie?" I  stammered 

      almost in disbelief.

           "To the Pioneer Mill. They have pretty good food  there, 

      and I want to get to know you better. How about six  o'clock, 

      after classes. Meet me at my dorm room." She said, completely 

      oblivious to by secret delight.

           "Six o'clock, then." I said with less nervousness.              

           Six o'clock on Friday seemed like an eternity away  that 

      week.  It  came, and she looked stunning, even she  was  only 

      wearing  a new pair of jeans and a loosely-fitting blouse.  I 

      couldn't  help  noticing that I could see through it  to  her 

      lacy  bra underneath, and I fantasized what I would see  when 

      the College clock chimed twelve.

           We had a wonderful time. She talked about herself a lot, 

      and I learned much about her. She also put me at ease by  her 

      natural  way of treating me, and had I not arranged the  date 

      myself, I wouldn't have believed it.

           We went to my apartment, at her suggestion, to listen to 

      some music. I played some more of my special music that I had 

      made  in anticipation to her being at my apartment. When  the 

      clock struck twelve, she said "excuse me," and walked into my 


           She  closed  the door behind her and I  could  hear  the 

      faint  sound  of her unzipping her pants. About  two  minutes 

      later she came out and acted completely normal, as if nothing 

      happened.  In  reality, to me everything happened.  Here  was 

      this  magnificently beautiful women obeying every message  on 

      my tape as if it were second nature. I couldn't help but  no

      tice her perfectly formed breasts underneath her almost sheer 

      blouse. My sexual excitement was completely aroused.   

           I couldn't wait for her to leave for the evening. I knew 

      that  she  would be returning in the morning  because  of  my 

      special  "messages" on my music that evening. She soon  asked 

      to leave, and after I took her home I viewed her "strip  act" 

      on  my VCR. I knew that if she followed the other  "messages" 

      on the tape, I was in for the day of my life.        



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