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Archive-name: Control/virus2.txt


Archive-title: Computer Virus, The - 2

Part Two

Stan's mind raced. His love for pornography had really gotten him

in trouble this time. He was in his private office, kneeling naked

at the keyboard. Subliminal messages put into an x-rated computer

text file had turned him into "Mistress" Anna's computer playtoy.

Even if it weren't for the subliminal desire to obey her, Stan was

totally dependent on her, since his clothing was torn into little

pieces in the waste paper basket.

     "Mistress Anna," typed Stan, "This is fun, but how am I going

to get home now that my clothes are ripped to shreds?"

     "A messenger will be dropping something off in a few minutes

that will help you with that little problem," typed Anna.

     Anna's words had just appeared on his screen, when someone

knocked on his door.

     "Yes," said Stan nervously, painfully aware of his present


     "Delivery," said a man outside the door.

     "Just slip it under the door," said Stan.

     "I can't," said the man, "it's too big. Besides, I need to get

your signature for this."

     Stan was beside himself. He didn't know what to do. He

appealed to Anna for advice. "I think your delivery is here,

Mistress Anna," typed Stan, "But he wants me open the door and sign

for it."

     "Well, do as the man says," typed Anna, "And don't forget to

thank him properly. I believe that sucking his cock would be a

proper tip for the messenger. And that's not just a suggestion,

that's an order. Go give the nice man a blow job, Stan."

     Stan was horrified. Yet, he had no choice. Not only was his

back against the wall, he also felt strangely impelled to obey

Anna's order. Sheepishly, he got off his knees and walked to the

door and opened it. 

     The messenger was a young kid, who couldn't have been more

than 18 years old. His eyes opened wide at the sight of Stan's

nakedness. "Er...please sign here, Sir," said the boy, trying to

act as though nothing was wrong.

     "Please come in for a second so I can close the door," said

Stan, "I know this seems odd, but my clothing was destroyed in an,

er..accident, and this package contains my change of clothes.

You're a real life saver. I'd like to thank you for your trouble by

sucking your cock."

     "Er...I don't know, I'm not a fag or anything," said the boy.

     "Either am I, son," said Stan, "It's just something to do for you." Stan was frantic. Not only did Anna's

order make him ask the boy if he wanted a blow job, somehow he

needed to suck his penis. He started rubbing the boy's cock through

his jeans in an attempt to arouse him into accepting his offer.

     "No...please stop," groaned the boy. But it was too late, Stan

had already unzipped the boy's pants and started sucking on his

penis. Soon the boy had forgotten his objections and began fucking

Stan's face, while Stan furiously sucked his penis until cum

spurted out in Stan's mouth, and dribbled down his chin.

     "Thanks for the tip," said the boy, as he quickly zipped up

his pants and all but ran from the office.

     Stan went back to the computer. "I did as you ordered,

Mistress Anna," typed Stan. 

     "Very good, my little cocksucker," typed Anna, "Now let's have

some more fun. Open the package that I sent you."

     Stan opened the package and looked at its contents in horror.

Instead of finding the change of clothing he had hoped for, the

package contained a large adult cloth diaper, a little frilly hat,

and a t-shirt that said, "I'm a little baby."

     "But, Mistress, these are baby clothes!," typed Stan.

     "Yes, my little Stan Stan," typed Anna, "These are your new

clothes, or would you prefer to walk home stark naked?"

     "No, no," typed Stan, painfully aware that Anna could get him

to do just that, "I'm just surprised, that's all."

     "Well, get into your little outfit, little boy," typed Anna.

     Stan complied and put on the diaper, the t-shirt and little

hat. "You can go home now, little Stanley," typed Anna, "Go home

and call the BBS at 8 PM tonight, and we'll have some more fun."

     "Yes, Mistress Anna," Stan typed.

     After logging off the computer, Stan nervously emerged from

his office, clad in his diaper. He successfully got down the stairs

without anyone seeing him, but once outside, he couldn't avoid the

passersby on the sidewalk from gawking. Men, women, and children

all pointed and laughed at his predicament as he travelled the ten

blocks to his home. He had never been so humiliated in all his

life. Little did he know that this episode would pale in comparison

to what Anna had in mind for him next!



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