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Archive-name: Control/virus1.txt


Archive-title: Computer Virus, The

Part One

Stan loved to read pornography. His computer was filled with text

files of every sexual act imaginable. But, by far his favorite were

stories about people being manipulated sexually through hypnosis or

other techniques.  A friend of his on a local BBS offered to upload

some hypnosis text files for him.  Her handle was Anna, but for

some reason everyone referred to her as "Mistress Anna." Stan just

figured that her name was just for fun while BBSing, and had no

bearing on her actual personality. 

     Stan was thrilled one morning to find that the promised text

files had been uploaded onto a local BBS by Anna. He quickly

downloaded the files, anxious to add more stories about hypnosis

and sex to his collection. After logging off the BBS, he shut the

door to his private office and began reading through his newly

discovered gems.

     After reading through the files for what seemed to be a few

minutes, Stan decided that it was time to get some work done. Just

then, Stan realized that something was wrong. He was sitting at his

desk completely naked! Stan was completely perplexed. He didn't

remember taking off his clothes. What was worse, his clothes were

no where to be found. 

    After frantically searching his office, he looked down into his

wastepaper basket and received his next shock. The basket was

filled with his clothes, or more to the point what used to be his

clothes. His shirt, pants, tie, underwear, and socks had been

neatly cut into one inch strips and put into the basket. Now he was

really stuck! 

     Stan called a local chat BBS in hopes of finding someone who

could bail him out of his predicament. Logging on, Stan saw that

Anna was one of those on the system. He quickly entered the

teleconference area where she seemed to be waiting for him. 

     "Hello Stan," typed Anna, "I thought you might decide to log

on here."

     "Anna," typed Stan, not paying attention to her words that

came across his screen,"Boy am I glad to see you! Something weird

has happened here, and I need your help."

     "Ah....I'll bet you're NIFOC," typed Anna.

     "NIFOC?," questioned Stan.

     "Yes, NIFOC...Naked in front of the computer. Probably playing

with yourself too, I'll bet," typed Anna.

      Stan hadn't noticed it, but his hand had gravitated to his

penis, and he was gently stroking it.

     "Yes, actually I am," typed Stan, "I was just sitting here

reading those files you sent me, and then suddenly I found myself

naked, and my clothes cut to shreds in the garbage. You're the only

one that can help me!"

     "That's true," typed Anna cryptically, "I really am the only

one who can help you....more than you realize."

     "Huh?," typed Stan, "What do you mean?"

     "Basically, you are the victim of a new computer virus," typed


     "A computer virus?," typed Stan.

     "Yes, during the Desert Storm buildup, our scientists decided

to come up with a way of destroying Iraq from within, in order to

save the lives of our soldiers," typed Anna, "They developed a

special technique for inserting subliminal text into what looks to

be plain text files. A double agent was given a computer disk that

supposedly contained secret information. The agent delivered the

disk to the Iraqis, only to discover to his amazement that they

finished reading the disk, and then went into DOS and typed the

command to reformat the hard drive and the floppy disk that the

agent had given him. Although the agent saw the Iraqi type the

command, he was shocked to hear the Iraqi cursing moments later. He

accused the agent of giving him a disk that contained a computer

virus that erased his hard drive. And since he also erased the

floppy disk, the Iraqi computer experts were unable to discover the

nature of the virus. Basically, the text files on the floppy disk

contained subliminal messages that instructed the reader to

reformat the floppy and his hard disk drive. The agent reported

what occurred to the CIA. Of course, they weren't baffled by the

incident; they were elated. The experiment had been a complete

success. The CIA continued to use this method to destroy the entire

infrastructure of Iraq. And best of all, the Iraqis were doing the

destroying themselves!"

     "But what does that have to do with my predicament?," typed


     "It has EVERYTHING to do with your little, ah, situation,"

typed Anna, "It explains why you are naked, why your clothes are

cut up, why you are jerking off, and why you are now tracing little

circles around your nipples with the tips of your fingers."

      Stan looked down. He had one hand on his penis, while his

other hand was playing with his left nipple.

     "How did you know...," Stan began to type.

     "I used to be a secretary for the CIA," typed Anna "When I

accidently discovered the way the CIA developed this computer

virus, I thought I might be able to use it to my advantage. Using

the computer program that the CIA used to encrypt the subliminal

messages to the Iraqis, I've been able to build my own little BBS

kingdom with unsuspecting BBSers like you. When you see people

referring to me as Mistress Anna, they mean it. Now assume the

position, as we continue our little conversation."

     Stan was no longer sitting on his chair. He was now on his

knees next to his desk and keyboard.

     "Yes, Mistress Anna," typed Stan.

     "Good," typed Anna, "Now the real fun can begin."





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