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Archive-name: Control/telepath.txt


Archive-title: Telepathy

Not only am I at a loss for a title, but I'm also unsure how to round this

piece out (character development, setting, additional plot, etc.). Any

writers, English minors (or majors), or people good with words out there,

please critique this story. I'm,

so either do a followup/reply or send me mail. I DESPERATELY WANT TO KNOW


"You'd think an outfit like this'd have it's logistical shit together",

the gent hissed. The elevator he and another researcher were in had gotten

stuck between floors.

The slender, bespectacled brunette next to him told him, "Chill out;

they'll have it running in a little while." Even in the lab coat, she

appeared remarkably attractive. "Perhaps", she suggested, "you could

finally get out what's been on your mind the last couple of weeks." 

"I'd considered asking you out, but I-didn't think you would have me."

"Believe it or not, below the white coat is the heart of a woman, and at

that one with emotions-passion, mind you." She undid a blouse button,

showing off a little cleavage. "I like you-a lot."

"Th-the feeling's mutual." He was somewhat taken aback by the fact that

this hard-nosed biotechnician was actually flirting with him. She quickly

swept him into her arms, and he instinctively returned the favor. She felt

good to him, especially the way her full, firm breast felt against his

heart. He blushed when she got her hands to his buttocks.

"Come on," she enticed him, giving a sweet smile, "go for it". Almost as

if they were no longer subject to his control, his hands began to slide

down the small of her back, veering off onto her hips. "Yes, you're doing

it", she whispered, nearly crushing him.

He felt himself moving to kiss her. She puckered, soon meeting him. The

next thing he knew, he felt a tongue working between his lips. She was

Frenching him, trying to infiltrate his mouth, and rapidly making herself

quite welcome. He lowered his jaw, extending his tongue to caress hers.

His heart began to beat faster. The elevator rumbled to life just as

she gasped.

	They broke their embrace as the car stopped on the first floor. As

the door slid open, he cleared his throat, then tentatively asked,


	"Yes; I know the way."

	They ducked into a corridor, quickly arriving at a lab room that

he knew to be usually vacant. I can't believe I'm doing this, he thought,

his heart pounding in his ears.

	I can; that's me you're hearing.

	That alto voice he heard was clearly hers, but she hadn't spoken

a word. He sighed, "Oh my God", looking into her deep eyes. "I


	"I's okay...I feel this way too." She snatched him

into her arms, speaking with an urgency he was now feeling. "Hal,

I want you."

	"I know, but this-this telepathic thing...I realize it's supposed

to be ninety percent in your mind, but..."

	She silenced him with a kiss. He felt as if he were sliding away

from the confines of his body, as if by gravity. Let youself go,

she told him.

	I want to, but why here? Why now?

	It's in our hearts; we both want to have this. We've got

	The room began to spin crazily out of control, and by time he

came to anything resembling his senses, he was lying on one of the work

tables, under her firm, warm form. She had him in her arms, giving him

a fair view down her blouse.

	Like what you see, don't you?

	He couldn't answer her, but as a matter of fact, she did have

a shapely bust.

	I can feel your hard-on.

	She fingered his crotch, carefully undoing his trousers. His

hands fumbled to her skirt, caressing her buttocks.

	Go for it!

	He slipped his hands under her skirt, enjoying the feel of her

thighs. As he inched his way up to her panties, she wiggled her hips.

	Do it!

	With one resolute tug, he yanked them down to her knees. She took

hold of his buttocks and pulled him into herself, slamming her own pelvis

down to meet his. He felt the slight shock of entering her, yet at the

same time, he felt as if something were permeating-penetrating him. As he

thrust into her, the feeling waned and waxed. It occurred to him that he

was getting twice what he was bargaining for-and loving it.

	I can feel it too, she thought to him, but he was too wrapped up

in their sighs and moans.

	Laura, I feel so crazy, he thought.

	So do I-OH THAT FEELS SO GOOD!-that's why we're doing this.

	His body began to rock with the earthquake that was his-or was it

her?-orgasm. Perhaps it was mutual, as she was throbbing fantastically.

When the tempest ended, she whispered, "Do that again."

	No sooner had he said that than was he thrusting into her again.

This may be ill-timed-ooh, keep it up-I love you.

	Hold my nipples; they're on fire-I love you too-mmmmMMM!

	They eventually came again, and rested in an embrace. He tried to

move, but was too dizzy. He realized, with a start, that he was only

feeling his own sensations now; she was no longer in his mind.


	At the moment, she was sitting upright, swinging her long, graceful

legs. She had gotten everything back in place, but still had a windblown

look about her. She took his hand, helping him up.

	He straightened, pulling himself to her. "Don't you think it's

weird that our minds seem to connect when our bodies do?"

	"Not at all; I'm used to being a telepath, of sorts-it's kind of

fun to do that. However, it only happens when I'm feeling hot, and you're

the only one who seems to appreciate what I call total sex." She touched

his lips with her finger. "Let's just keep this our little secret."



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