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Archive-name: Control/summfun8.txt

Archive-author: Master Chris Collection

Archive-title: Doctor's Office, The


     One night I promise to treat you to a night of pleasure such

as you've never had before.  The only catch is, I say, that you

must obey my every word.  We get in the car and I take you to a

downtown skyscraper office complex.  I bring you to an empty

doctor's waiting room and tell you to wait and that you will be

told what to do then I leave.  

     You sit nervously in the waiting room.  These kinds of

places never made you feel very comfortable anyway and you are

anxiously wondering what you will be asked to do.  

     A few minutes later, a nurse comes out into the waiting

room.  She is tall with dark hair, a good figure; definitely the

no-nonsense type.  She tells you to follow her and immediately

turns around a walks back down the corridor of the office.  

     You follow her down the short hallway and into an examining


     She turns around and tells you to remove all your clothing

including your watch and jewelry and to put on the gown then she

leaves the room.  Feeling some apprehension, you follow her


     The gown is the standard hospital issue.  It is worn with

the opening at the back and comes down to mid-thigh. There is

only one tie at the back at the neck.  You tie the one tie and as

you raise your hands to do so, feel the back of the gown part to

expose your bottom.  You feel particularly vulnerable.  

     You wait for what seems like forever (about 5 minutes) for

someone to come in.  You spend the time looking around.  It is

pretty much like any examining room.  The stirrups at the end of

the table cause a little chill to go up your spine and the

instruments on the counter cause you to shudder.  

     Finally the nurse returns.  She stands directly in front of

you for a moment looking you up and down then she says, "Clasp

your hands behind your head."  You do so, feeling once again the

gown parting behind you.  She then reaches down and grasping the

hem of the gown, pulls it up to the level of your neck.  You are

completely exposed to her.  She holds the gown up for a long

moment and then drops it.  

     "Follow me", she says.  She turns and walks out, past the

waiting room and into the main corridor beyond.  She holds the

door open for you to follow.  She walks down the hallway and

presses the elevator button.  You are now REALLY nervous.  "What

if someone sees me in this gown?! What if someone in on the

elevator?!  Where is she taking me?!", you think.  The elevator

opens and blissfully, there is no one there. 

     The nurse takes you down to the 14th floor and along a

similar corridor.  You enter another doctor's office and walk

past his waiting room and into his office.  The nurse motions you

inside. She closes the door behind you.  

     Inside the dimly lit office you see four men.  They are all

approximately 35 years old.  Behind the desk in obviously the

doctor.  He is wearing the standard white coat and seems to be in

charge.  The other men are all well dressed and as you look

around you see me sitting in a corner. 

     You are acutely aware that your only garment is the flimsy

hospital gown.  Your palms feels moist as you watch the four men

looking at you.  You notice also in this brief moment, that you

are moist elsewhere too.  

     The doctor points to a side door and tells you to enter. 

You do so, and find another examining room much like the one you

undressed in.  The doctor follows you in and starts with a

standard examination of your heart, lungs etc.  Then he tells you

to remove your gown.  He takes it from you and hangs it on a hook

on the door.  

     He has you sit on the edge of the examining table and

touches your breasts.  His hands are dry and cool as they touch

your warm body.  He squeezes each breast carefully and then

squeezes the nipples.  "I want you to tell me which gives you

more pleasure, pulling on your nipples gently like this or

pulling on them very hard like this."  "Very hard", you say.  The

doctor lets go of your nipples and without saying anything else

leaves the room.  

     Your nipples are tingling.  A moment later the nurse

returns. "Lie down on the table.", she says.  You lie back

against the cold paper of the table.  The nurse opens one of the

drawers and pulls out several leather straps.  Your heart jumps. 

The nurse fastens one strap to each wrist.  The leather straps

are sturdy with felt lining and a metal clip on the outside.  The

nurse continues, attaching leather straps to your ankles and to

your thighs just above the knee.  "Slide down to the end of the

table.", she says.  You know now exactly what position you will

be put in.  The nurse places your feet in the metal stirrups and

adjusts them for maximum exposure.  She then fastens your knees

so they are held wide apart.  Your ankle straps are attached to

the stirrups so there is no possibility of your getting up before

you are released. Moving to the head of the table, she takes your

hands and attaches them to a clip there.  You are now exposed


     The nurse then lowers the section of the table that is

between your legs.  You feel her gaze on your pussy and you are

embarrassed to feel how wet you now are.  The nurse reaches down

and you feel her grasp the sensitive lips of your pussy with her

long fingernails.  She pulls them gently but firmly apart to

uncover your last defense.  She sees how wet you are and smiles,

"You'll enjoy this, I think".  

     She then goes to the door of the doctor's office and says,

"She's ready for you now doctor."  The doctor enters after a

moment and looks down at your naked body.  You are so hot, you

can't help your hips moving a little bit.  The doctor moves to a

drawer and takes out two strange looking devices that look like

large paper clips.  "My job is to prepare you.", says the doctor. 

He takes the two clips and attaches one to each nipple already

hard with excitement.  They pinch the nipples feeling almost

exactly like the pinching of your nipples by the doctor a several

minutes before.  He then sits down between your legs.  He pulls

gently at your pubic hair and says, "This will have to go, but

not this time."  You hear him putting on his gloves and then a

moment later you feel his fingers at the lips of your pussy.  The

touch is electric.  You let out a little moan and your hips jump

at the touch.  The doctor then slides two fingers deep into your

pussy while the thumb of his other hand touches your clitoris. 

He keeps moving those fingers back and forth and every time you

feel about to come he stops.  After several minutes of this, he

pulls away.  You are aware of the heat from each nipple still

entrapped in the clips.  Now a well lubricated finger slides

slowly into your bottom.  He moves it in and out.  You can't help

gasping when he goes particularly deep. After another couple of

moments he stands up.  He looks at you and smiles, "I think an

enema is in order here."  You feel a blush hit your face.  You

have never had an enema but what you know of them doesn't seem

pleasant.  The doctor removes the nipple clips and leaves the


     You feel your own juices seeping down your bottom.  After a

couple of minutes, the door opens again and a boy perhaps 17 or

18 years old walks in wearing a white lab coat.  He looks at you

and immediately blushes, "I'm here to give you your treatment.",

he mumbles and moves to the end of the table.  You watch him fill

a large red rubber bag with water and place it on the hook of a

stand.  You are mortified to think that this young boy is looking

at your naked body stretched out on the table and that there is

nothing you can do about it. You turn your head away from him.  A

moment later you feel the thin finger of the boy lubricating your

bottom again.  He continues for a while and then stops.  You feel

the end of the rather thick enema nozzle pushing into your ass. 

The nozzle is pushed into you until a good seven inches is lodged

in your behind.  You see the boy reach up to the knob and then

you feel the warm water slowly entering your bowels.  This

continues until you have had the full quart of water and your

stomach has slowly expanded to allow it.  

     During these few minutes, the boy has not been idle.  He has

continued to move the nozzle slowly in and out, twisting it back

and forth.  The nerves in your bottom are tingling.  Finally the

container is empty.  As the nozzle is removed a plug about 3

inches long and 1 inch thick is pushed into place.  "This will

keep it in.", says the boy as he leaves the room.  You stomach is

tight with the pressure of the water. Fortunately you don't have

to wait long before the nurse and doctor return.  They remove

your restraints and with one of them on either side of you, you

are led, totally naked, out of the room to the washroom down the

hallway.  With great relief you feel the plug removed and the

water expelled.

     After cleaning up, the nurse attaches your wrists behind

your back and leads you back into the doctor's office.  The men

are still there and they eye you appreciatively as you are

brought to the side of the room. A rope dangles from a hook in

the ceiling and the nurse quickly attaches your hands to it.  You

are now standing facing the four men.  

     As the doctor describes the events of the past half-hour,

you feel your face blush and you feel the eyes of the men

examining you piece by piece.  When the doctor is finished

describing your 'preparation', the men begin to comment on your

body, "The breasts are firm.", says one, "What was the

sensitivity of the nipples?".  The doctor says, "They responded

well to hard pinching and she started to get wet as soon as the

clamps were attached."  Another asks how tight your ass was.

"Wonderful", says the doctor, "I think she might like it better

there than in her pussy." "Her pubic hair should be shaved.",

says the third man. "Yes,", says the doctor, "but we agreed that

we wouldn't do that on the first session."  

     The doctor comes over to you and turns you around so you are

facing the wall.  The men comment on the shape and firmness of

your bottom.  Your ankles are now fastened to hooks in the floor

so they are about two and a-half feet apart.  Your nipples just

touch the wall in front of you.  It feels strange to feel the

cool wall touching them.  You feel the lips of your pussy being

held apart as a small dildo is inserted there.  As soon as it has

been inserted to its fullest, someone turns it on and it begins

to vibrate.  You are unable to contain a moan as you body starts

to squirm.  As you turn your head to the side, you see one of the

men holding a wide leather strap.  It looks like a two inch brown

belt without a buckle. 

     Without further ado, he swings it down on our bottom.  You

feel a hot sharp pain and then another as he strikes again.  He

gives you six more and your bottom is feeling very warm.  You are

not in pain, but the heat of the spanking is traveling right

through your body.  The vibrator is removed and you are taken

down from the wall and placed bent over the desk.  Your hands are

attached to the sides and your ankles are spread wide apart.  The

doctor moves around to in front of you and unzips himself.  You

see his hard dick approaching your mouth and you eagerly open

your mouth to accept it.  Meanwhile, a large cock is slowly

pushing itself into your hot, wet pussy.  As both men begin to

fuck you simultaneously, you surrender yourself totally to the

sensations. It is not long before the man at your pussy comes and

is replaced by the next.  The doctor withdraws from your mouth

and comes. 

     You stick out your tongue to catch a few drops.  The man

behind you has begun lubricating your bottom and you are sure you

know why.  While everyone watches, one of the men slowly sticks

his cock into your ass and begins pumping with full strokes.  You

moan uncontrollably and a minute later you feel his come shooting

into you.  This final sensation is too much for your

over-extended nerves and you finally come and continue your

orgasm for a couple of minutes.  

     When you are done, the men remove your bonds.  They have you

stand, facing them once more.  One of them stands up.  He looks

directly at you and says, "These are the rules by which you will

abide from now on: First, you are no longer permitted to wear a

bra or panties at any time.  Second, your clothes must be such

that access to your body is always permitted.  Third, you will

obey the instructions of anyone in this group. Forth, you will

visit here at least once per month to continue your training.  Do

you agree to all of these conditions?"  You can't believe it is

your voice that you hear saying "Yes, sir."  

     I stand up and say "Follow me."  and then walk out of the

room.  You follow quietly.  We walk down the hallway and through

the empty waiting room.  I open the door and you follow me,

naked, into the corridor.  All the way back to the office where

you clothes are you are amazed that you make no attempt to cover


     When we enter the examining room where it all started, I

say, "Get up on the table."  You do so and without my asking, put

your feet in the stirrups and stretch your hands above your head. 

I look at you for a long moment and then I say, "You were very

hot tonight."  Dropping my pants, I enter you slowly and together

we come to another mind-blowing orgasm.



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