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Archive-name: Control/sexmind.txt

Archive-author: Dax Man

Archive-title: Mind Sex - Introduction

     The sole purpose of this book is to offer readers the oppor-

tunity to improve their sex lives and increase their excitement

through the use of hypnotic techniques. Working under the premise

that variety is the spice of life, it is hoped that this addi-

tional avenue will provide all of the variety you will ever need.

Additionally, improved relaxation lends itself to increased self

awareness. You can learn techniques that will increase your

capacity to become relaxed. Apprehension often causes sexual mal-

functions such as impotence or frigidity. Acquired relaxation

techniques reduce and often eliminate the problem.

     Each of us have different ideas about sexuality and sen-

suality. Different things turn on different people. The question

of normalcy surfaces when we consider that our respective life-

styles may vary from those of our neighbors. What is normal in

sex? Perhaps the question might be, what is right or wrong in

sex? I strongly believe that the answer to what is right or wrong

will differ from one person to another. There should be one rule.

That which hurts no one is, in fact, right if it turns us on and

improves our sex life.

     How does hypnosis enter the picture? In a word, the answer

is the "mind;" that wonderful entity that can make the most of an

otherwise physical response. It has been suggested that the most

vital sex organ in the body is the mind. Why hypnosis? The

answer, in part, may be safety, but surely it is excitement.

     Our world is vastly different than it used to be. Alterna-

tive lifestyles have been adopted throughout history that incor-

porate such things as partner exchanges, prostitution, massage

parlors, masturbation, voyeurism, cross-dressing, the singles bar

scene and the like.

     Many of these very exciting things have become increasingly

dangerous and never wholly accepted by society. With disease at

an all time high and crime growing by leaps and bounds, we have

reason for concern. Many times we find that the realization of

our fantasies is much less exciting than we originally an-

ticipated. Oftentimes we realize that the fantasy was much better

than reality. It may have too high a price tag as well. Some dis-

eases that exist today are deadly. There is no second chance.

     The "seedy" world, that contains much of the excitement we

seek, often provides an atmosphere conducive to crime. An example

of this is being robbed by a prostitute or pimp. Yet other con-

cerns present themselves in that some exciting things are not so-

cially acceptable. Voyeurism can land us in jail. Being seen

walking out of an adult book store or movie can be embarrassing.

     These and numerous other fears restrict our approach to in-

creased excitement. However, if we had the ability to create any

situation we want, there is no end to our excitement and sexual

growth. It is not just imagination. It is indeed very real. Hyp-

nosis offers us this ability.

     What can be done with hypnosis? The answer is virtually any-

thing and everything. Our sexual partner can become someone else.

He or she can look different, sound different, smell different,

taste different and feel different. It is the variety that ex-

cites us so much. The variety is endless. Have you ever made love

on a secluded beach, under a hot sun, with blue sky, waves slap-

ping against a shore of soft white sand? You can.

     How would you like to watch your spouse have sex with two

other people? Would some of you readers enjoy watching your

spouse and your best friend performing oral sex on one another?

Your best friend wouldn't even have to know. Group sex is a snap

through hypnosis. There can be an endless number of new people in

your life. All of them would be absolutely safe and disease-free.

Each of them would be exciting and know your most erotic desires.

Any of them could turn you on like you have never been turned on


     Some men can have difficulty with premature ejaculation or

perceived impotence. There has always been concern by, for and

about the frigid woman. If these problems are inventions of the

mind, they can be corrected. Many women claim that they have

never had a legitimate orgasm. Most women can learn to have won-

derful orgasms using hypnotic techniques. I have seen many situa-

tions where a person can lengthen the actual orgasm by as much as

four to five times. Their climax just seems to go on and on. The

mind controls most of these functions. If you can learn to con-

trol your own mind, or control it with the help of another, the

possibilities are endless.

     What I hope to demonstrate by the stories in this book are

some of the wonderful things that have, in fact, occurred. They

will also give the reader food for thought. Additionally, they

should serve the purpose of so many stories of a similar nature.

They may turn you on. I hope so.

     All of the specific techniques of hypnosis can not be ad-

dressed in this book. Some patterns of self hypnosis are in-

cluded. There are many manuals, abstracts and text books avail-

able on the subject at your public library or at your local

bookstore. It is also becoming common to seek the assistance of a

professional clinical hypnotist to teach you and/or your partner

self hypnosis.

     After you have achieved the ability to do so, your task may

be to improve your hypnotic abilities. There is no end to what

can be accomplished. Once you have had the occasion to read this

material, you may become interested enough in the benefits of

hypnosis to acquire the skills necessary to make hypnosis a part

of your life and that of your partner.

     Each reader is WARNED that the unlawful use of hypnosis can

subject the user to criminal and civil penalties. Use it wisely

and with the permission of your partner. You will find nothing

that will give you as much pleasure and satisfaction. You will

find no other avenue that is as safe or exciting in this ever-

changing world as Hypnosex.

     Techniques for self hypnosis have been included. These will

provide a better understanding of hypnosis and a foundation on

which you may build. You will find these in the appendix. The key

to mastering these techniques is practice. You will get as much

out of it as you put into it.

                      CHAPTER ONE - MIND SEX

     Jim wondered whether he was unusual in terms of his sexual

fantasies. He had married his childhood sweetheart when they were

both relatively young. He and Peggy had started going together

when he was seventeen and she fifteen. They were married at

twenty-one and nineteen respectively. After about a year's mar-

riage, Jim began his fantasies about Peggy making love to another

man. He never really analyzed why this idea excited him. All he

knew was that his cock became eight inches of rock hard sex when-

ever he thought of it.

     He wondered how he might be able to broach the topic with

Peggy without offending her. Their regular sex life was rather

exciting. They fucked often and with a fervor. She was a fox. Her

height was about 5'3" and she weighed about 120 pounds. She had

great tits that filled a 34 C bra without trouble. With a rather

small waste, she sported the lovely undulating pair of buttocks

that rippled so nicely when she walked. Needless to say, Jim's

mind worked overtime when it came to his libido.

     Jim tried some of the traditional approaches like attending

X-Rated movies and playing touch and go with some of their

friends. She never found any of his friends exciting enough to

respond or say anything that would suggest she wanted to fuck any

of them. Then one day she returned home after working the after-

noon shift at a local assembly plant. She indicated that Ray, a

guy that worked on her line, was teasing her about her jeans

being too tight. She asked Jim if he thought that Ray was right.

Jim indicated that Ray probably was just admiring her and was

likely hitting on her. Much to Jim's surprise she showed a big

smile and said that if that were the case, that would be nice.

     Jim questioned her as to whether that excited her. She

responded that she was married and didn't allow herself to think

about it. He assured her that it wouldn't bother him if she got

excited about another man being interested in her. She seemed

surprised and wondered aloud if that wouldn't make Jim jealous.

Jim reassured her that he would be a little jealous, but told her

that it excited him to hear that other men found her sexually ap-

pealing. That pretty much started their dialog about threesomes

and open marriages.

     Jim had a few short-termed affairs in the first several

years of marriage, but he was never able to convince Peggy that

she should feel free to try some strange cock. Peggy had the

chance to interact with Ray on several occasions at work. It all

seemed relatively innocent but exciting. He would make the oppor-

tunity to spend more time in her area. Now and then he would

brush up against her ample breasts or "accidentally" bump into

her and make sure that his thick young cock pressed against her

hot ass. At first she thought that these were just coincidental

movements. As time went on, she noticed that his "accidents" were

accompanied by delays. He would time his efforts so he could

touch Peggy's heavy breasts in passing or linger when his penis

was in close proximity to her tight fanny. He would frequently

make sexual references about her nipples showing through her

clothes or the tightness of her clothing. It was becoming more

and more exciting. Peggy began to want Ray. She wanted to see the

difference between his cock and Jims. She wanted to feel his lips

on her swollen nipples; his strong hands on her naked buttocks.

     One day, while Peggy was at work, she decided to meet Ray

after work and see what developed. He had asked her several times

to stop and have a drink with him, but she always made up some

excuse not to meet him. When she had mentioned to Jim that she

would like to stop with him after work, Jim casually responded by

saying that it would be fine with him. He didn't want to show too

much excitement for fear of scarring Peggy off.

     Jim's cock was harder than nineteen dollars worth of jaw

breakers the entire evening. His mind wandered and he was sure

that Peggy would come home and tell him this wonderful story

about Ray fucking her brains out. He envisioned Ray undressing

her; lifting her heavy breasts and pouting nipples to his mouth;

squeezing her taunt buttocks as he drove his huge cock into her

honey pot. Both she and Jim were disappointed when Ray did meet

with her after work, and he was so high on some drug that she be-

came frightened and left. She decided never to see Ray again.

     On another occasion, Peggy announced to Jim that Marty, an

old high school friend of theirs, would be in town the following

week. Marty was a close friend of her brother and had spent quite

a bit of time at her home when she was a school girl. As the con-

versation developed, Peggy shared with Jim that she had always

had a crush on Marty. He was an extremely good looking man, very

sophisticated and always treated Peggy very affectionately. Jim

once again got his hopes up. He wanted Peggy to experience more

in life. He suggested that when Marty came into town she should

consider going out with Marty and her brother for old time's

sake. He didn't want to go himself because he always seemed to

intimidate most people that he went to school with because of his

muscular appearance. He decided that he would have a convenient

excuse when the time came.

     The time did come and Peggy had accepted an invitation to go

out with her brother and Marty to a local dance lounge. Jim

hadn't seen her primp like this in a long time. She entered the

living room to ask for his comments or approval. Jim was pleased

by what he saw. She wore a lovely white sweater which accentuated

her beautiful breasts and a pair of yellow slacks that framed her

smooth, undulating buttocks. Jim indicated that he had a great

deal of work to catch up on for a meeting on Monday. Soon a horn

sounded in the driveway. It was Peggy's brother Tim. Peggy gave

Jim a kiss and hurried to the waiting car.

     Fantasies of the potential experiences permeated Jim's

thoughts. If Peggy and Marty could only have a little time alone,

he was sure that she would be able to break fear's icy grip and

experience something new. Jim could feel his cock develop girth

and length as his thoughts drove wildly to the moments he wished

for Peggy. He would have to wait to see the expression on Peggy's

face when she returned. This would tell him if anything wonderful


     Jim waited as long as he could and fell asleep in a chair as

he read. He had difficulty comprehending much of what was occur-

ring in his novel because his thoughts continued to return to

Peggy and Marty. Awakened by the sound of the door opening, Jim

stirred in his chair. He could hear Peggy kicking off her shoes

and fumbling around in the dining room. Soon she entered the

living room and was surprised to see Jim awake. She apologized

for being so late. Jim noticed that her clothing was a bit

disheveled. Her sweater was slightly twisted and one leg of her

slacks appeared to have an extra crease or two. A distorted

little smile came over Peggy's face as she noticed Jim checking

her out. "Yes, I had a good time honey," she stated with a little


     "Well, how good?" Jim inquired as he tried to wipe the sleep

out of his eyes. Peggy chuckled again as she pulled her sweater

off on her way to the bedroom. Jim extracted himself from his

chair and followed Peggy waiting for additional information. "Do

you want a glass of wine honey?" Jim asked as he turned out the

living room lights.

     "If you'll have one with me. I'm going to jump into the

shower. I'll be right out," Peggy seemed to be avoiding Jim's

eyes. Jim poured two glasses of white wine and headed for the

bedroom. He could hear the shower water running and approached

the bathroom. The door was partially open, and in the large mir-

ror he could see Peggy through the frosted glass panel. Her hands

were roaming her lovely body. He couldn't help but to watch her

hands traveling from her bounteous breasts, down her stomach to

her delta of pubic hair. He felt his cock begin to stir once

again. Jim returned to the bedroom and placed Peggy's wine on the

night stand. Removing his clothing, he reached for his pajamas

and put on the bottoms. He lit a cigarette, took a long drag and

sipped his wine before reclining on the fresh sheets.

     Peggy soon appeared in the doorway wiping the remaining

droplets of water from her soft, pink skin. After a lot of small

talk about where they went and what they did, Peggy could see

that Jim was fishing for details. He was anxious to hear if Peggy

was able to broaden her horizons. "Did you have a chance to spend

any time with Marty alone?" Jim finally asked.

     "Tim begged off and Marty took me to breakfast and then

drove me home. You know, I never know quite how to take you Jim.

I know you have told me time and time again that you don't mind

if I have an affair, but sometimes I think you're just trying to

see if I would cheat on you," Peggy commented.

     "It can't be cheating if I approve, now can it?" Jim

returned. "I would like to see you do something a little risky.

Every time we talk about it we both get so damn excited. What can

be wrong with that?"

     "We danced. Marty and I danced several slow dances, and it

was exciting as hell. That's one of the reasons I had to take a

shower. I was soaking wet Jim," Peggy confessed.

     "Oh honey, tell me all about it. I want to get excited

myself. I'm already excited for you. Please, tell me everything;

every time he touched you. Tell me how excited you were," said


     "It was wonderful honey. He is better looking today than he

was when we were kids. He asked me to dance early in the night. I

got excited just thinking about being held by him. He held me

closely, and I could feel my nipples getting hard as my breasts

were crushed against his chest. Every now and then, as we danced,

he put his hand on my ass and just petted it. When he did that I

could feel myself uncontrollably pressing my pussy against him,"

Peggy offered as she replaced Jim's hand on his cock with her

own. "Jim your cock hasn't been this hard in a long time.

     "When I pressed my pussy against him, I could feel his dick

getting harder. He pulled back from me, looked down at my breasts

and then back into my eyes. He got the most devilish smile on his

face. Then he pressed his cock into my belly even harder. I

wanted to come right there. We danced several times after that

and each time his rod seemed to get harder. I was thinking about

putting it in my mouth and sitting on it. My brother suggested

that we remember that I was married and we were in public. I

decided to take the edge off somewhat by behaving and not fucking

Marty right there in front of everyone. Tim suggested that it was

late and we should leave. Marty called him a party-pooper and

asked him to stick around for a while. Tim insisted that he had

to get up early so Marty offered to drop me off. We had a lot to

talk about over breakfast, but the ride home was frightfully


     "Did you at least get a chance to give him a decent kiss

good-night?" Jim inquired with a smile.

     "We have been out in the driveway for the last two hours

Jim. It was one of the hottest times that I can remember. When we

got here he told me that this night was one of the most enjoyable

nights that he had in a long time. He also told me that he en-

joyed holding me while we were dancing, and that he had always

wanted to hold me like that. Then he reached over and kissed me.

My head was spinning. It wasn't too long before his hands were

under my sweater. He gently cupped my breasts and then unsnapped

my bra. He lifted my sweater and began sucking on my nipples. I

thought my head would explode.

     "Jim; I touched another man's cock. I unzipped his pants,

and I touched his cock," Peggy said cautiously as she watched Jim

for a response. Jim grabbed her and began to squeeze her large

pink-nippled breasts. His tongue dove into her mouth, and he

began rubbing his thick rod against the soft skin of her hip.

This took much of the fear out of Peggy. She continued to tell

Jim about the feel of another man's cock; the fluid that was

leaking out of the head of his raging penis; the weight of his

hairy balls. She went on to say that Marty had slipped his hand

down inside of her slacks and touched her thickly covered pussy;

the way he moved his hands through her wet cavern; first one

finger; then another; finally three fingers searching inside of

her hot, wet love hole.

     "Did you suck his cock?" Jim whispered, with eyes closed, as

Peggy's hand continued to travel over his gigantic shaft.

     "No honey. I got scarred. I finally stopped him and told him

that I didn't know if I was ready. I knew I was ready, but I

didn't want to take the chance that you would be upset. I also

knew that this fuckn' mammy-jammer cock of yours was sitting here

waiting for me if I needed it. I explained to Marty that I did

want him to fuck me, and that I did want to suck his cock. I told

him that one day we would probably be able to get together, but I

just needed time.

     "Well you can see that I am not upset with you. I would have

loved to see his wet bone sliding in and out of your greasy hole.

Now that you know that, please feel comfortable with doing what

you want to do. I just want you to be happy and hot," Jim

breathed into her ear.

     "I did get to see him come Jim. He asked me if I would mind

if he got off so his balls wouldn't blow up. I just smiled and

nodded my head. I kissed him while he stroked his cock and played

with my titties. He started to tense up, and I moved back to

watch. His cock went off, and thick gobs of come shot out hitting

the dash board. It was great to see that someone wanted me so

badly that their cock fluid was spilt so freely. Christ, what a

turn on. One day I would like to fuck him Jim. I just needed to

see your reaction to what has occurred already. I would even like

you to be able to watch it.

     Peggy and Jim fucked until the sun came up. The next night

and several thereafter, Jim asked Peggy to tell him the story

again. Each time she told it was like the first. Each time they

made love afterward was better.

     Jim began answering ads in swinger's magazines in hopes that

he could convince Peggy to meet with other couples. She was

afraid and declined. Jim didn't let that stop him. He met with

several couples over the next couple of years. Periodically, he

would share some of his adventures with Peggy, and their sex was

great due to the heightened libidos that result from such ac-

tivity. Year after year Jim would try new ways to lure Peggy into

experimenting with other men. Jim had to find another way.

     Hypnosis was always a hobby of Jim. He was somewhat of a in-

tellectual and enjoyed reading about such things. He read every-

thing that he could get his hands on about hypnosis. As a result

of his job, he was enabled to attend several seminars on clinical

hypnosis. He got rather good at induction techniques, and Peggy

agreed to be one of his subjects. This began by simple experi-

ments like temperature control of the body, relaxation techniques

and similar approaches. Then one day, Jim decided to take hyp-

nosis to the bedroom. He gave Peggy the suggestion that she was

lying on a warm beach. The gulls were crying, the waves were

caressing the shoreline and the sun was licking her lovely, nude


     He watched her as she lay on the bed. Her lovely pink

nipples became hard and reached for the mind-orchestrated sun.

Her legs opened to receive that warmth on her hair-covered pussy.

She was told to enjoy herself and not to concern herself about

anything as there was no one around and she had her "island" to

herself. Jim assured her that she could enjoy herself, and that

he would wake her after an enjoyable time in the sun. Jim con-

tinued to watch, his thick cock becoming harder and longer than

he ever remembered. His mind was working overtime as well. As he

watcher her turn over to permit the rays of the hot sun on her

soft, firm buttocks, his mind began to wonder about what other

"miracles" could be accomplished through hypnosis.

     That night ended in Jim having three climaxes. One occurred

while he watched Peggy masturbate while lying on the secluded

beach. He didn't even touch his straining penis. As his eyes

caressed Peggy's wriggling body, his cock began to erupt into one

of the most wonderful climaxes in memory. He buried his blood-

engorged penis in his wife's waiting cunt two times that night.

Each time he came was like the first. He had found one of the

most exciting approaches to sex he had ever dreamed of. When he

woke Peggy, he offered her a post hypnotic suggestion that she

would be well rested and remember everything.

     About a week went by. Jim continued to analyze his "new sex

tool" and try to think of other exciting uses. The following

Friday night, he planned to take Peggy on her first experimental

strange experience. They watched TV for a couple of hours after

they got home from work. He tried to think of things to talk

about that would put her in the right frame of mind for sex, and

his mind was put to the task of how he would introduce this

sleep-affair. Soon it was late enough that he could suggest they

go to bed. Teeth were brushed, PJ's were donned and they took

their respective places in bed. He had established a post hyp-

notic suggestion to reduce the time required to put her into a

trance. He merely had to snap his fingers twice.

     As they settled in, he looked at her in the eyes and snapped

his fingers, telling her to sleep deeply. Her eyes closed, and

Jim could see her body begin to melt into a deep relaxation. He

indicated to her that she was in a large hotel in Florida and

that she had made an appointment for a body massage. She would

find herself in the massage room at the hotel. She was advised to

open her eyes, remove her clothing and place a towel over herself

when Jim snapped his fingers once. He further indicated to Peggy

that an attractive man would come through the door and it was his

job to give her a full body massage. Jim snapped his fingers and

left the room.

     Jim was shaking as he peered through the crack he con-

veniently left in the almost closed door. He saw Peggy get out of

the bed, remove the top of her night clothes. Her breasts looked

glorious and he wished that another man could see their heavy

bounce and her pouting pink nipples. She laid the top aside. Her

thumbs were placed inside the waistband of her bottoms, and she

slid them down over her soft buttocks. Jim's cock was already

rock-hard. Peggy laid down on the bed and pulled a towel over

herself in a modest fashion, waiting for the man who would give

her a massage. Jim could only wonder what was going through her


     He entered the room sheepishly, towel over his arm and a

slight smile on his face. He said hello to Peggy, and she shyly

returned his smile and said hello. Jim asked her if she was ready

for her massage, and she said that she was. He asked her if she

liked it soft or hard. She responded by telling him to use his

own discretion. Jim asked her to turn over on her belly. She did

so as he held the towel in place. He turned the towel down a

couple of turns and placed baby oil on her upper back. As his

hands began to work the oil into her tense body, he felt as

though he was touching a strange body. His cock continued to

strain and he could feel the preparatory fluids seep from the

head of his hard cock. Peggy's moans told Jim that she was get-

ting a great deal of satisfaction out of his efforts.

     More and more the towel was lowered. He could see the swell

of the sides of her ample breasts as she held her hair out of the

way of the baby oil. Her moans continued as his hands moved lower

and lower down her back. Soon the towel was moved down to expose

half of her buttocks. His hands ventured onto these beautiful

mounds of flesh, and his mind spoke to him of the "strange" body

that he was touching. As his hands began to massage this new

flesh without objection, he reached for more oil. The oil ran

down into the cleft between these glorious mounds. His hand

quickly reached to capture the oil to work it into this bouncing

flesh. Peggy's moans began to increase in volume.

     Jim put oil on the backs of her thighs and massaged this in.

With each swipe of his hand he moved closer and closer to the

heated area between her legs. Her hips raised each time his hands

approached her hot cunt. Finally, Jim dipped down into this area,

and his slippery hand touched the oil drenched lips of her cunt.

With this, Peggy pressed her face into the pillow and pressed her

pussy against Jim's wet hand. For fear of scarring her with this

new experience, he moved his hand back to her buttocks to con-

tinue his assault. After a short time, he instructed her to turn

over. This was the test. There would be a "strange man" looking

into her face.

     Peggy turned over but kept her eyes closed as Jim held the

towel in place for her. She again placed her arms over her head

and had a peaceful look on her face. By this time Jim's pants

were wet from his preparatory emissions. He rolled down the towel

to expose Peggy's heavy breasts. Her juicy nipples remained hard

and pert. Jim poured oil in the valley between her large breasts.

Before it would flow off her body, his hands were on the lovely,

spongy tits. He slowly began to manipulate the firm breasts.

Peggy's eyes snapped open and looked at Jim. He gave her a slight

smile and returned his gaze to the moving tits. She could not

restrain her pleasure. Her moans escaped her lips in soft tones

as her breathing began to shorten. Jim's hands lingered over her

thick nipples as his thumbs and forefingers gently pinched and

manipulated these love zones.

     Peggy began grinding her hot ass into the sheets and strain-

ing her breasts higher and higher. Jim put oil now on her belly

and began gently rubbing it in. His eyes were blessed as he saw

the oil run down her belly into the fluffy pubic hair covering

her already greasy slit. One hand continued working her breasts

as the other moved down to her mound. He dipped periodically to

her clit with the palm of his hand. At this, a loud moan escaped

her lips as she reached for his hand and held it to her swollen

pussy. Her eyes remained closed.

     Jim allowed a finger to slip inside of her hot cunt, and he

could feel this tunnel tighten on his single finger. He worked it

around and deeper into her love hole while his other hand

remained on her heaving tits. She in turn grabbed her other

breast and started to manipulate its stiff nipple. With this as-

surance, Jim reached forward and placed his lips on the nipple he

had been pinching. Her body jumped and her hands grabbed his head

to insure against him moving it away. Jim put two more fingers

inside of Peggy's swollen cunt and began to pump it as he manipu-

lated her clit with his thumb. She began to climax and her body

shook with convulsion after convulsion. After what seemed like

five minutes, Peggy's  body came to rest. With her eyes open she

looked at this "strange man" and offered her thanks.

     Jim decided not to take it too far the first time. He washed

the oil from Peggy's body and toweled her off. He again put her

to sleep and left her with another post hypnotic suggestion to

awaken feeling well rested and remember everything as a wonderful

dream. The possibilities for the next adventure began to roll

around in Jim's head almost immediately. What was next? I think

you'll be delighted to see.

                     CHAPTER TWO - MIND SEX

     The mild winter began to recline into the arms of an anxious

spring. Jim opened the door to approach his car for the trip to

his office, as his nostrils were welcomed by the fragrance of the

changing season. His heart was light, and he had a bounce in his

step. The conversation that occupied the previous evening was

music to his ears.

     Marilyn, a computer bulletin board friend had agreed to meet

him for the first time. She wanted to know more about the use of

hypnosis in sex. They had shared many thoughts on previous eve-

nings. Some were simply warm and friendly, and others were

downright steaming. They had discussed everything from children

and pets to jumping one another's bones.

     Jim and Marilyn had become rather close friends without ever

having met one another. They had each teased from time to time

about meeting one day, but Jim never really expected Marilyn to

meet with him. Now she had agreed, and they were scheduled to see

each other this evening in a local night spot at eight o'clock.

They had some idea of how one another looked and a very good idea

of what one another thought. He was anxious and hoped that she

shared his excitement.

     The day seemed to last forever. Everything appeared to be

moving in slow motion. His productivity for the day was, as a

result, outstanding as he tried to occupy the struggling moments

toward the end of the work day. Fridays were somewhat traditional

in that he never went directly home after the work day's end. He

would generally frequent a local downtown watering hole until

about seven; remove to one of his favorite restaurants for a bite

to eat; and visit one of several of the local hot spots around


     Jim arrived at the cafe at about five o'clock and sat in his

favorite chair at the far corner of the bar. He greeted several

friends as they entered and exchanged comments about the grueling

week. He had a difficult time concentrating on the various con-

versations because his mind was on Marilyn. Would she find him


     Seven-thirty had arrived. Jim paid his bill and rose to

leave. His mind was dissecting the possibilities of the evening

as he drove to Rascal's lounge. As he pulled into the broken

black-topped parking lot he had visions of Marilyn's lovely nude

body resting on his chest. He almost didn't see the attendant

provided to direct him to available parking. His car rested well

between two other chariots as he entered the lounge.

     Jim went through the doorway with eyes wide, searching for

the evening's target. There was no single lady at the bar, so Jim

selected a seat with a view of the entry way and ordered a drink.

He noticed that his hands seemed to have a life of their own.

They were shaking as he attempted to stir his grog. Furtive eyes

continued to paint the doorway to the lounge and still no

Marilyn. It was only ten minutes to eight and no need for con-

cern. She would show.

     In a nonchalant manner, Jim allowed his eyes to travel

throughout the bar. He wasn't sure but thought that a lovely

young lady sitting with another man was checking him out rather

well. Bright eyes sparkled from an angelic face. Jim couldn't

help but notice her deep, dark and warm cleavage floating in

waves, hugged by the material of a blood-red dress, as her

shoulders moved back and forth. The curl of her generous lips and

her bright smile teased Jim as she continued her conversation

with the man next to her. Just his luck; here was a hot, sexy

woman that seemed to have interest in him. Not only was she with

another man, Jim was waiting for a woman that he had no idea of

how she looked.

     He had trouble watching the entrance in anticipation of

Marilyn. Each time his eyes moved to the door he was distracted

by the lovely woman's breasts. They seemed to be calling to him.

He continued to try to get this woman out of his mind, but she

wouldn't stop sneaking glances as him. Suddenly, she rose from

her bar stool and began walking toward the rest room. Jim's eyes

were now drawn to her magnetic buttocks. The material of her

dress seemed to massage each cheek of her undulating ass. Damn!

He would love to drink her bath water just to see her dry off.

Few times had he ever gotten an erection just looking at a woman

in a bar. This was one of them.

     Jim's eyes returned to the door once again and he noticed

the man that had been sitting with the object of his new interest

was walking out of the lounge; apparently leaving. Jim almost

hurt his neck as he spun his head back to see where the lovely

lady in red was. Soon she returned from the rest room, leaned

forward, said something to the bartender and began walking

directly toward Jim.

     Her lovely breasts continued to dance slightly as she ap-

proached. Jim wanted to look behind him to see if she was ap-

proaching someone behind him but thought that would be obvious

and make him look ridiculous. His eyes riveted on the rim of his

glass to prevent him from looking like an idiot. Soon he heard a

whispered, "is this seat taken?"

     "Nn nnno! Please do sit down. There isn't anyone sitting

there," Jim heard himself fumble through the words. Damn, why did

he sound like such a fool.

     The red dressed lady eased up to the bar and pulled her seat

after her. After she was obviously well settled, Jim made half a

motion to get up and fix her chair for her. Too late, he thought.

"Are you waiting for someone?" she breathed to Jim.

     Now what was he going to say? The fragrance of her scent

captured him, and he wanted to tell her that he had been waiting

for her ever since the doctor first slapped his ass, forty-three

years ago. He gagged on his words slightly, and then his mind

snapped back to his intended purpose. He almost felt guilty that

he was even thinking of this new lady, and he said, "Yes. I,m

waiting for a friend."

     She rolled her shoulders once again and asked, "What is your

friend's name Jim?"

     "Her name is...but... How did you know my name was Jim?" he

returned, and then it began to sink in. "You can't be Marilyn!"

He stuttered.

     Her smile grew to a full blown show of pearl delight. "When

I left the house my name was Marilyn," she stated emphatically.

"You're probably wondering what I was doing with that man that

was sitting next to me. That was my cousin. I have to confess

that I asked him to stop and have a drink with me so I would have

a way out if you turned out to be a wild looking, sex-crazed


     Jim chuckled and nodded his head in a knowing way. "Well

then, I have to assume that my looks didn't scare you too much."

     Her eyes diverted to the rim of the glass that the bartender

brought over for her in a somewhat embarrassed fashion. "I'm

sorry. I just never did anything like this before and didn't know

what to expect."

     "No apologies necessary. If you were my cousin, I wouldn't

want you to take any chances either. I'm glad you used your head,

but you still don't know whether I'm a nut case or not," Jim of-


     "Now that I have seen you, and I couple that with all of the

conversations we've had, I feel pretty comfortable. You are a

very attractive man. And I know you're a good man. I was just ap-

prehensive, and now I'm not," she said softly. "

     There was music playing softly as they continued to get to

know one another better. Suddenly, half way through an explana-

tion of the repairs her car had undergone in the past week, she

stopped and asked Jim if he would like to dance. Jim readily

agreed and they approached the dance floor. As she preceded him,

Jim couldn't help but to notice the rise and fall of each but-

tock. He felt his manhood stir once again. The red material rose

and fell as the ripple of each cheek pushed and pulled at the


     Having arrived at the small space offered for dancing,

Marilyn turned and opened her arms to receive Jim. He could see

her breasts rise to accentuate her cleavage. Her scent continued

to arouse him. His hands encircled her lovely body and were

blessed by the soft touch. She didn't waste any time getting

close to Jim. Her curves melted into his body as they moved to

the music. Marilyn pressed her ample breasts against his chest,

and he could feel the heat of her pussy against his leg. It

seemed as though she was trying to turn him on. Well, whether or

not she was trying, it was happening.

     It became obvious to Marilyn that Jim was getting excited.

His cock began to grow thick and long. He felt it pressing

against his clothing almost to the point of embarrassment. He was

intoxicated with the fact that as his thick cock grew, Marilyn

was pressing herself harder against it. His courage grew with

this thought, and he allowed his hand to drop to Marilyn's full

buttocks. He smoothed the material of her dress and returned to

the flesh of her ass to squeeze. As he did, a soft moan escaped

Marilyn's lips and her pussy pressed against him once again. Soon

the music came to an end, and they were forced to separate.

     Jim began to show signs of embarrassment as they returned to

the bar, and then his pride took over. He hoped that some of the

other patrons saw his rock-hard cock as he returned. He was proud

of it. Marilyn stopped abruptly as they returned, and Jim ran

into her tight ass with his erection. She looked over her

shoulder and smiled. "I just wanted to make sure that you were

still there."

     After they took their seats Jim indicated that it might be

nice if they were able to go someplace that would be a little bit

more private. Marilyn agreed. They finished their drinks, and Jim

pulled her chair out so they could exit.

     "The kids are at my mom's, and I would love it if you would

come over for a while Jim," Marilyn offered.

     "Are you sure it won't be any problem?" Jim inquired. Im-

mediately he knew that he should have merely said that he would

love to. Why would he take a chance like that? She might have

re-thought the matter.

     "No. It's not a problem. I'm anxious to learn more about

hypnosis and your adventures. It's pretty obvious that you have

become rather proficient at snake charming," she offered with a

cute smile as her eyes riveted on the front of his trousers.

     After assisting Marilyn into her car, Jim got into his and

followed her. His mind was racing. He couldn't remember the last

time that someone turned him on this much. He could almost see

her dress rising over her head as she removed it for his intrud-

ing gaze. He thought of her lovely buns, draped with only the

sheerest of panties. He envisioned her soft pubic hairs furtively

escaping the edge of her sex-soaked panties. He could smell her

womanhood as her excitement increased. He wanted to make this

woman part of him.

     Marilyn interrupted his mental adventure as she pulled into

a driveway. Christ! He didn't even know which street he was on.

His mind had obviously been elsewhere. He felt his heart begin-

ning to beat more rapidly as he put his car in park and extin-

guished his lights. After a quick check in the mirror to make

sure that his hair didn't look like a squirrel he was out of the

car and walking behind this lovely creature.

     She fitted the key into the lock and looked back over her

shoulder in an inviting manner. Marilyn lowered her coat to a

waiting chair and told Jim to make himself at home. "I think a

drink would be in order. Why don't you see if you can put some

nice music on. The CD's are right next to the player."

     "You must enjoy classical music. Three quarters of what you

have is classical," Jim raised his voice to assure that Marilyn

heard him. He selected several pieces, placed them into the CD

changer and pushed the play button. Looking around the room, he

was gratified to see that Marilyn's taste extended to her lovely

furnishings. Soon she returned with a bottle of wine and two


     "I've always been partial to classical music Jim. I think

you'll enjoy this wine. It's kind of hard to come by 'round these

parts partner," she teased with a country drawl as she seated

herself close to him. "Now how does this hypnosis work that you

have talked so much about?"

     Jim explained that almost anything was possible with the use

of hypnosis if the subject had the ability. The ability generally

was referred to as somnambulism. Many people were very suggest-

ible and could achieve wonderful results through hypnosis.

     "What kind of results Jim?" was her next question as she

moved closer yet to him. He seemed to be trying to formulate an

answer but encountered difficulty due to the closeness of her

soft ample breasts.

     "You can be anyone you want. You can be with anyone you want

to be with. You can be anywhere you want to be and feel as you

wish for as long as you can physically stand it," he explained as

his arm encircled her shoulders.

     "If I wanted to be with you, on a secluded beach, in the hot

sun, with gulls overhead and waves lapping at the shore, could

you make that happen?" she questioned with interest.

     "I really can't make anything happen for you Marilyn. You

actually make what happens occur. Each of us has the ability, to

one degree or another, to hypnotize ourselves. I would only be

helping you through the process you don't quite understand," Jim


     "Let's give it our best shot Jim. I would like to experience

the scenario just as I outlined it. I want to be with you. I want

it to be great and I want it to last," Marilyn pleaded.

     Jim took her through various relaxation stages and success-

fully helped her to a deep trance state. He indicated to her that

they had been marooned on a dessert island and that on a portable

radio they heard that a rescue party was two days away from

bringing them back to civilization. It would be night time and a

nice camp fire had been built. When he snapped his fingers once,

it would soon be daylight and the sun would be glorious; they

would be totally alone. He gave her the suggestion that they had

been attracted to one another during their sea voyage but hadn't

the opportunity to connect.

     He further gave her a suggestion that she hadn't had sex in

over six months and that she was absolutely insane with desire.

Even if she masturbated she could not quench her thirst for sex.

Jim told her that at the count of three she would awaken, find

herself on an old boat seat that washed ashore and be a little

cold from the night winds blowing off the water.

     She would experience a desire unlike she ever felt before.

Each time she had an orgasm, it would take violent hold of her

and last three times longer that she had ever experienced before.

Her nipples would be so sensitive that she would shudder with the

least touch. When she placed his cock in her mouth she would feel

this intense pressure on her clitoris. The deeper she placed his

rigid penis in her throat, the more intense the feeling in her

hole would be.

     Jim asked her if she understood everything that he told her,

and she acknowledged that she had with a nod of her head. He also

told her that when he placed her head between his hands and

kissed her on the forehead, she would awaken, feel wonderful and

more satisfied than she had ever felt before. The next time that

he snapped his fingers twice, while looking into her eyes, she

would fall into a fast, deep sleep. So he began, "one, two,


     Marilyn sat on the couch that she perceived to be the boat

seat. She had an utterly lost look on her face. Her arms crossed

her chest in an effort to ward off the cold. She sheepishly in-

quired, "do you think we will be OK until they arrive Jim?"

     "I'm sure we will be just fine. I don't think there are any

dangerous animals on the prowl, I have built a nice fire and it

will be daylight soon," he said.

     "Would you mind if I get out of these wet things and try to

warm myself by the fire Jim. I'm a little embarrassed, but I

don't want to get pneumonia," she pleaded shyly.

     Jim could only nod his consent. He had been waiting to see

this lovely body all of his life. Marilyn got up and turned so

that he could release her zipper. She removed the red dress, and

Jim noticed the visible goose flesh as she did so. He had ob-

viously helped her attain temperature hallucination. She was ac-

tually chilly. Jim went over to a near-by arm chair and retrieved

an afghan to place around her. By this time she had removed her

bra but modestly kept her back to Jim. He placed the afghan

around her shivering shoulders and drew her to him.

     Marilyn melted back into his arms and could feel his meat

pressed against her warming buttocks. He felt her fumble a little

and turn to look into his eyes. "You have been so very kind to

me. This is absolutely frightening not knowing exactly when they

will come for us," Marilyn whispered.

     Jim eased her down on the "boat seat" and gathered her to

him to increase her warmth. His nose was blessed with the scent

of her hair and the warmth of her body. Again their eyes met. Her

mouth opened ever so slightly as her eyes began to close. Closer

and closer their lips came to touching. At last he could feel her

hot breath bleeding into his own lungs; a kiss of gratitude

turned quickly into a kiss of passion and need. The afghan fell

from her shoulders.

     Moments later his strong hands were on her body. Touching

softly and moving on. Her back flexed as his hands moved slowly

up and down its spine resting on her buttocks. She considered

stopping, but she couldn't make herself. Her own hands began to

experiment with the muscles of his body. She felt them ripple to

her touch as a soft moan escaped his lips. This slight sound lit

off lovely explosions in her head. His hands were on her thighs

touching every inch as softly as an angel's kiss. She knew she

was wet with anticipation and hunger. Uncontrollably, her hand

soon found the hardness of the staff in his pants. Her control

was gone and she didn't care.

     His hands were under her heavy breasts cupping and teasing

her ripe, hard nipples. Once when she was a child she experienced

a fever that was accompanied by a shivering phenomenon. As his

fingers touched her dark pink nipples, this experience was

relived. She began to press her wet, hairy mound into the seat

for some simple relief from the mounting frustration. His tongue

was on her neck tracing love notes. It then moved to her heaving

swollen breasts.

     She felt teeth and lips on her blood-engorged nipples. Again

a shivering took control of her body, and ripples of excitement

thundered through her body. His hand traveled down to that moist,

fragrant hole of her womanhood. Explosions went off in her head

as his hand crept inside her panties to feel her slippery cunt.

He inserted one finger inside her body and then another. In cir-

cular motions he soon brought her to heaven. The bone shaking

convulsions continued on and on. She had never experienced such

an orgasm. Would there never be an end to this joy? She prayed

there would not. Her jerking and moaning brought yet additional

growth to his throbbing cock.

     As if drawn by a magnet, her lips traversed the distance be-

tween his hairy chest and his huge staff. Soon she brought that

gentle monster inside she mouth and teased it with delight. He

was bone hard and bursting with excitement. Her soft mouth sucked

him deep inside to her waiting throat. Something was happening to

her. Up and down went her hungry mouth as her tongue gave him yet

new pleasures. She couldn't seem to get enough of this warrior

spear into her throat. Deeper and deeper she sucked the huge cock

into her mouth until her lips brushed the depths of his public

wire. With each inch her moans grew in volume and intensity.

     His head was spinning as he whispered in her ear that he had

never had such tender bliss. The heat rising from her cunt was

quite amazing. He took her swollen sex lips in his mouth and

sucked and nibbled for minutes, his tongue teasing and probing.

All the while, one of his hands was squeezing her buttocks with

such strength it doubled her excitement. His other hand gently

twisted one of her hard nipples. He sucked her sweet love juice

and drank from her wriggling body, swallowing the divine cream

with animal-like relish.

     Her soft pussy was going into spasms now, and he felt the

muscles in her vagina grab for his teasing tongue as he lanced it

into her tense body. Her smooth, rounded hips were jerking up and

down as she attempted to shove as much cunt into his mouth as she

possible could. Spreading her legs wide apart, he raised her but-

tocks in his hands and kissed at her dripping fanny, his nose

completely buried and lost in the dark, springy hairs of her


     The lips of her sweet cunt were now spread very wide apart,

in a way that completely exposed her deep, hot cavern, the soft

lips of her slit parting and pulsing with desire. The pinkish

flesh gleamed with her love juice, which trickled and oozed down

her tunnel and greased everything ready for the fuck that she was

dying for.

     Taking his fat, throbbing weapon in both hands, he took the

tip and rubbed it all over the slippery opening of her slit,

smearing it with her juices. She had the look of a hungry animal.

She didn't want fucked any longer; she needed it. Lowering him-

self on her body, he slid seven inches of cock into her eager

hole. Her cunt swallowed every hot, steaming inch of it, the

membranes inside her gripped his penis as he rammed it deeper and

deeper into the liquid cauldron. The walls of her inner cunt con-

tracted tightly around this invading rod.

     This deprived love tunnel seemed to quiver and clutch,

enclosing the unyielding bulk of his cock in a loving grasp. The

tip of his prick was pressing against her cavity. He enjoyed the

depth of penetration for a few seconds more then grunted with

pleasure as her vaginal muscles squeezed his cock in a milking

action. In a motion that didn't dislodge his towering piston, he

swung her over and placed her above him. Her heavy glistening

breasts swayed in his pleasure-filled face. His tongue reached up

to thank each rock-hard nipple in its own way for presenting such

an erotic view.

     He began to see-saw in and out of her as she began to lever

herself up and down the long, thick pole which impaled her. Her

juices were soaking her pubic hair and the slopping, slushing,

slurping sounds from her clasping cunt were erotic music to their

ears. As she cried for it he bucked his hips even faster, match-

ing her up and down motion, her belly smacking against his with

audible slaps of flesh as she clung to him. He hung on to her,

trying to steady her, staring avidly at her bouncing tits when

she pulled away to view the penetration. A wail of ecstasy ripped

from her mouth as the violent explosion of her climax pushed

through the membranes of her passion pit, milking his cock with

the loving vise of her wet sheath.

     With one last frantic thrust, his cock exploded; shooting

his cream in a steady stream of fantastic release. She had never

had such excitement. It was new, wonderful and needed. It went on

and on with such convulsive pleasure that she was sure she would

pass out. She could have easily taken more of what that cock

promised. Jim snapped his fingers, and Marilyn saw the bright

orange sun rise over a sleepy horizon. Around her were the

loveliest trees she had ever seen. Sea gulls sang sweet melodies

as she closed her eyes and welcomed the heat of a new tropical


     Jim gently placed his hands around her resting face and

kissed her on the forehead. He told her to awake and remember

everything. This was one of the most wonderful times he had ever

had, and he was sure that Marilyn was pleased with the outcome.

The most wondrous thing about it was the fact that another

pleasure trip was just a snap of the fingers away. Maybe next


                     CHAPTER THREE - MIND SEX

     "You are now more deeply asleep than you have ever been.

Your body is weightless and seems to float among the clouds. You

can't feel your arms or legs. All tension has bled from your

muscles, and you are at complete peace. You are traveling down an

escalator. As the moments pass, you are going deeper and deeper

into a warm and satisfying trance. You feel more safe and com-

fortable than you ever have.

     "Am I correct when I say that you are interested in mentally

living through a fantasy as a spy in Russia?" Jim inquired of his

subject Maggie.

     "Yesss. I want to live my fantasy of being a sexy fem fatale

sent into Russia to extract secrets from a Russian munitions

scientist. I want it to be the sexiest and more exciting ex-

perience of my life," Maggie explained in a slow, far-away voice.

     Jim continued, "You have been sent to Russia under the

pretense of developing trade between the U.S.A. and the Soviet

Union. You work for World Trade Developers in Moscow. You are the

sexiest woman in the city. You have been moving in the upper

crust society of the Soviet Union in an effort to promote

products for the United States and surreptitiously obtain the

plans for a powerful laser weapon for your government.

     "You are at a cocktail party sponsored by the Kremlin to

enhance new markets of world trade. Around you are hundreds of

people, many of which you are sure work for the K.G.B. You have

to be careful. If your cover is blown, you will have your own

personal tour of Siberia.

     "You have just met Aleksei Vladimirovich a week ago, a supe-

rior looking young man of thirty-five years of age. You are

hoping that you will see him at this party. The intelligence net-

work assures you that Vladimirovich has top security clearance,

and the plans for the laser weapon are at his flat.

     "Alex, as you affectionately refer to him, is very well

built, 6'4", 210 pounds, works out every day and has a face that

looks like it was chiseled out of marble. His hair is blond and

his eyes are a deep azure blue. He showed a great deal of inter-

est in you last week when you were at his office on another mat-

ter. You can imagine the size of his cock by the lovely bulge

resting in his trousers, and you are grateful for the opportunity

to work on this project.

     "You glide through the room in your well-fitted sapphire

blue dress. It clings to you, accenting your lovely breasts and

rolling buttocks. Every person's eyes are on you, and each step

you take excites you more. You are casually looking for Alex as

you enjoy the attention that both men and women are showering you

with. Your eye catches a glimpse of him standing on the other

side of the room speaking with a beautiful young Russian girl.

Your heart sinks to think that your plans may be delayed by this


     "Jorgi, a chemical engineer for one of the companies you

have been dealing with, asks you to dance. Your eyes remain glued

to Alex and his conversation partner as you agree to dance with

Jorgi. If he is not a strong dance leader, you may be able to

sway him closer to Alex to overhear his conversation. Jorgi is a

strong young man with more than a casual interest in you. It

feels good to be in his arms and feel his body against yours. You

can feel yourself responding to the excitement you feel from him

as your bodies move more closely together with the soft music.

     "Jorgi holds your breasts close to his chest with his hot

hand at the curve of your soft hip. Gradually his left leg moves

between your legs to feel the heat of your womanhood. All the

while you are moving closer to Alex with ease, as Jorgi's mind is

preoccupied with the feel of your soft yielding body. You can

feel new strength and size as Jorgi's growing, climbing staff

kisses your leg in its travels upward. You are finding it in-

creasingly more difficult to concentrate on Alex's conversation.

Jorgi's stiff penis is not shy. It has become a hard wad of male

meat nestled in your tightening belly.

     "Your concentration holds; you are a professional, and you

are encouraged that your ability to control is increasing. The

music ends, and Jorgi doesn't seem to want to let go of you. He

asks if he can call you from time to time in his broken, but sexy

English. You assure him that it would be wonderful to hear from

him and notice that Alex is looking at you. You try not to give

Jorgi the 'bum's rush' but can't take the chance of Alex direct-

ing his attention elsewhere. 'Excuse me,' you direct to Jorgi, 'I

have to speak with Alex. Please do call, I'd love to see you

again' as you walk casually toward Alex.

     "A server walks by with a tray of champagne and offers a

glass. You take the drink as a prop and find that you are a bit

thirsty. Suddenly the glass is empty. 'Has champagne glass with

hole in it for you?' Alex queried with his version of English.

     "You offer your best seductive smile as you respond, 'I sup-

pose the warmth of the night has joined hands with the majesty of

your lovely country to dry out the old pipes.' Alex looks at you

with confusion about what your answer means. 'Yes,' you simplify,

'I was very thirsty. The glass was with hole in it for me,' you


     "Now, at the count of three, you will wake up and be with

Alex in his car. He has graciously offered to escort you to your

hotel room. You will try to convince him that it would be better

to go elsewhere. You must get into his flat. When he snaps his

fingers once, you will be alone with him in his flat.

     "You are beginning to feel more sexy than you ever have

before. Your senses are heightened, and every touch will send

waves of sensuous excitement through your body. You know that you

must give Alex more pleasure than he has known in order to escape

with the secrets you have come for. If Alex puts his tongue in

the crook of your neck and his penis is inside your body, you

will feel his cock grow inside of you. It will expand to a full

ten inches in length, stretching the walls of your hot cunt, and

two and a half inches in girth pressing the sensitive lips of

your womanhood outward. Each time his tongue enters your body,

you will have a small climax. You can have hundreds of orgasms.

When he holds your face in his hands, looks into your eyes and

kisses you on the forehead, you will fall back into a deep sleep

but you will remember everything when you do wake up. Do you


     "Yes, I understand," she said in the far-away voice of the


     Jim began, "One, two, three. Wake up feeling sexier than you

ever have before. You are hot and mysterious and bursting with


     "Alex, it was good of you to offer to take me home, but

there are so many people at my hotel that will tease me if I show

up with you. You know how cruel fellow workers can be. Would you

mind if we went someplace else instead?" Maggie asked in a plead-

ing fashion with her cleavage giving yet additional messages.

     "You would want for to go to Aleksei's flat? I have wonder-

ful musik and compelling wine. We will get knowing each another

more best. And crowds make uncomfortable most for me also," Alex

commented in his sexiest voice as his hand rested provocatively

on Maggie's upper thigh.

     "That would be great Alex. It's early and we have the whole

night to get to know each other better. Drive on," Maggie sug-

gested with a hungry smile."

     "Alex" snapped his fingers and they were in his flat. "I

will put musik to play and get blood of grape for I and you," Jim

played the part with no little relish. "Make comfortable and

relax yourself." Maggie's eyes began photographing the room, not

forgetting that in addition to her building lust, she must find

the plans for the laser weapon.

     Maggie watched Jim's muscles ripple as he walked across the

room. He felt her eyes glued to him everywhere he walked. Jim

knew that his body was merely average and that Maggie didn't see

it as average. He knew that with her mind she was able to make

"Alex" look anyway that she wanted him to look. She would ob-

viously make him look great. Her libido was working overtime, and

the heat developing in the center of loins only served to improve

the situation. Jim's cock began to tingle, and he developed a

heaviness in his groin that would require release before too


     Maggie soon began to tingle all over her throbbing body. The

excitement of what she hoped would soon happen sent shivers

through her beautiful body. Jim left the room, went down the hall

and returned in a pair of sweat pants and sweat shirt with the

sleeves removed. There was some writing on the shirt, but she

couldn't figure out what it said. The music began to play softly

as he returned with a tray of wine with two glasses. The cork was

removed, and he poured two half glasses; seating himself next to

Maggie, he offered a glass to her extended hand.

     With little time having passed, the empty glasses found

their respective place on the huge, glass-topped cocktail table

and Maggie found herself in Alex's arms. She offered her lips to

his hungry mouth, and the tingling increased dramatically. Her

fingers and hands painted his arms and chest with a fervor as her

lust continued to build. Shivers drove through her as his fingers

began to release the buttons to her "sapphire blue dress." She

felt the material tease her soft shoulders and back as it was

slowly drawn over her skin. With a snap maneuver that surprised

her, her bra fell away in one motion exposing her undulating

breasts and erect nipples to Alex's gaze and touch. The heat in

her brain became almost unbearable. 'Fuck, Fuck, Fuck' were the

only words repeated in her mind.

     She began envisioning the muscles of his strong ass flexing

as he drove his bone deep into her wet sheath. She imagined the

hair surrounding his erect staff mingling with her own pubic gar-

den as the rain of the combined love juices served to grease

their journey to eruption. She could see the tip of his engorged

fuck tool, glowing with her pussy juice; a huge purple knob rest-

ing atop a thick, rigid pole adorned with bulging veins feeding

the strength and length of his hardness. She could feel the

weight of his hairy balls on her tight anal button, glistening

with the milk of her natural lubrication. She could see the hair

lying deep and low in the crack between her wiggling buttocks;

wet and clinging as he drove his cock meat into the center of her


     As Jim moved his hands to and from heaving tits, rigid

nipples, glistening buttocks and wet cavern, his mind also embel-

lished the moments and searched for erotic sights, sounds and

smells. He could imagine her hands gently cradling his hairy cum

nuts. He could feel her lips begin to move on his throbbing,

straining penis. First she teased; soon she devoured his broad


     The time for imagining was gone. Jim ran his tongue from one

nipple to another circling each and gently nipping at each. Down

between the cleft of her wiggling titties his tongue traveled.

Down her stomach the wet tongue set fires until it rested in her

panting navel. His teeth bared themselves and bit at her hip

bones sending new shivers up and down her spine as his hands

filled with the fleshy meat of her tight buttocks. Closer and

closer his mouth moved toward her feminine, and fragrant hole.

     Bang! Jim's tongue entered Maggie's love tunnel and she

began to quiver in climax. She had never felt anything quite like

this. It wasn't a roaring, earth-shaking orgasm. It was as if she

had been plugged into and electrical outlet. She could feel

electric shocks traveling between her pussy, her ass hole and her

marble-hard nipples and back again. It came again, and again, and

again. She became dizzy and drove her fuck box against Jim's

intruding face. After the first few jolts, Maggie began trying to

count the eruptions to herself. 'One, two, three, four, fiiiive,

holy shit, that was a great one, six, seven, eiggggg, Oh fuck,

can it get better than this?' Maggie wondered.

     Jim withdrew his tongue and turned her over. His tongue

moved slowly up the back of her thighs, nipping at the taunt back

of her knees. Painting the back of her thighs with his saliva,

Jim soon drove his tongue into the crack of her ass. Maggie threw

her ass up in the air, and Jim's tongue drove deep into her cunt

hole once again. Bang! Another electric shock fired through her

wiggling frame. Teasing it's way up Maggie's back, Jim's tongue

played on her shoulder blades and dipped into her glistening arm

pits. She could now feel his hard meat resting in the gully be-

tween the balls of her ass cheeks. She knew she needed that bone

deep in her guts.

     Now Maggie took the offensive. Pushing Jim over to lie on

his back, she was on him with hands and tongue. Licking his swol-

len balls, she saw his huge staff grow again. Her hand stroked

his love pole, and she saw the fluid begin to come to the tip of

his lust weapon. Her hungry eyes danced from rippling belly, to

hairy chest, to the purple tip of his spear. In one motion his

cock was driven deep into her throat. It was stopped when it met

resistance from the throat muscles, but only briefly. Given the

chance to adjust, her throat opened even further, and the cock

finished its journey and was embedded deep in her throat. She had

taken it all, and her lips rested in his wiry public hair. Driv-

ing it in and out gave Jim a wonderful sensation as the head of

his cock was systematically squeezed and released by the involun-

tary muscles of her throat. He would soon cum if he didn't stop

now, and he wanted to squirt his load into Maggie's hot pussy.

     Turning her over in one quick motion, Jim spread her legs to

expose her soaked honey pot. Resting on his knees, he lowered his

face once again to her pit. Bang! The shock provided yet addi-

tional orgasms. She drove her hot pussy against his face like a

crazed animal, grunting and crying, "Oh fuck, fuck me, fuck my

deep hole, spread my hairy cunt and fuck it deep. Shove your

great cum stick into my quim and dump your hot load."

     "No! I want to see you play with your body. I want to see

you fuck yourself and pinch your hard nipples. I want to see you

finger fuck your hole and cum for me," Jim insisted.

     "Don't make me wait, Alex. I need your cock in my hole. I

need you to squeeze my ass cheeks as you drive your thick cock

into my pussy. Please!" Maggie begged.

     "Do it baby! Show me your beautiful titties. Pinch your

rock-hard nipples. Dig in your hole with your hand and show me

how you are going to cum hard for me. Show me how much you want

my bone in your hole," Jim demanded as she began to moan and

comply with his demands.

     Maggie filled her hands with her own heavy, yet firm breasts

and squeezed hard. Filling her hands with tit flesh, she offered

her raised and tight nipples to Jim's glance. Sliding her hands

toward the center of each breast, she grabbed each nipple between

forefinger and thumb and began to pinch and roll the puckered

nipple flesh. This sent waves of additional excitement through

her lust-racked body.

     Her hips began to bounce on the bed as if there was an im-

aginary cock driving deep inside of her. Releasing one ripe

nipple, her hand traveled down her stomach, pressing as it went

to delve into her waiting, wet bush. Nervous fingers separate the

lips of her cunt hole to cover them with the slick juice of her

desire. Jim watched as her glistening fingers moved to her love

button, pinching and pulling she was forced to grunt deeply and

begin shaking her breast with her other hand.

     Releasing her clit, her middle finger slipped effortlessly

into her wet cunt. She began pumping this single digit in and

out. Soon a second finger was introduced to the hot cavern, and

then a third. Deeper and deeper she drove her hand into her

steaming cunt. She released her other breast and used the other

hand to help pump her womanhood and furiously rub her clit. As

both hands were centered mindlessly on her loins, her breasts

were squeezed together as two huge mounds of shaking flesh

adorned by hot pink nipples reaching for the ceiling. Jim's hand

continued to slowly stroke his organ as he watched Maggie pound-

ing her pussy deeply. He was positioned between her outstretched

legs and she was beginning to climax. Her beautiful face

tightened as her lips were pulled taunt across it. Her eyes were

closed tightly, leaving wrinkles to frame them. The tendons in

her neck rose as if straining to keep her head on her shoulders.

Her head twisted back and forth, from side to side.

     Reaching toward her, Jim grabbed her wet hands and placed

them against his lips. He tasted this woman and smelled the

fragrance of her orgasm. If only he could bottle this scent!

Moving to one side of her, Jim rolled her over. He began massag-

ing the muscles of her back to reduce the tension she had built

up. His hands found her rubbery ass cheeks and deeply moved these

mounds of flesh. Maggie began to moan once again. He massaged the

muscles of her neck and began kissing her ear lobes and neck. She

began to stir again.

     Jim placed one of his knees between her legs into the wet

pit of her hot snatch and continued to rub her back. Ever-so-

slowly, Maggie began grinding her groin into his hard knee and

thigh. Jim pressed ahead as his eyes were blessed with the vision

of her buttocks wrapped around his leg and the sides of her

breasts pushed out by the pressure of the mounds resting on the


     Turning her over once again, Jim laid next to her and kissed

her gently on her hot lips. His lips traveled to her resting

nipples bringing them to life again. He again placed himself be-

tween her legs and kissed her navel. Soon his face was resting

over her fragrant pussy. Bang! His tongue dove into her depths

and sent her convulsing again. Before Maggie knew what was hap-

pening, Jim fell forward in one motion and his dick effortlessly

found its mark. It was deep inside of Maggie's grasping cunt but

it remained motionless. She tried to move under his weight to

drive the pole in and out, but Jim did not move. He nuzzled his

nose into the crook of her neck and allowed his tongue to dart

against her skin.

     With this move, Maggie felt something she did not know she

could feel. "Alex" had a great cock. It must be eight inches in

length and two inches wide. However, it was growing. She could

feel it getting longer and spreading her cunt lips farther apart.

She felt as if she would explode, but didn't care if she did.

When Jim's cock has reached it's full "ten inches in length and

two and a half inches in girth," Maggie felt completely full of

cock. Jim now began to move this monster pole into Maggie's

depths. Each stroke seemed to bring another climax. She didn't

know anyone could fit this much fuck bone into a cunt no matter

how big or lubricated it was.

     Jim continued to move his raging penis into Maggie's love

tunnel until he could hold off no longer. He could feel the cum

boiling in his balls. The feeling was so intense that he thought

that he could feel the cum traveling from the bottom of his legs

and from his very brain. He reached under Maggie and filled his

hands with her quaking ass cheeks as his cock continued to drive

deep into her being. Her breasts and belly were now soaked with

his perspiration and covered with his dislodged hair as he lifted

himself to watch his glistening penis drive into Maggie's body.

Her grunts resembled those of an animal driven by primordial


     Jim's cock exploded with one wave after another. His thick

cream came in gobs painting the walls of Maggie's greasy cunt.

She could feel the overflow of cum  pressing out of her hole

around his shaft, flowing down and cooling her hot ass hole. She

continued to buck hard against Jim, pulling his thick cock into

her with her heals pounding his flexing ass muscles.

     Maggie's explosion was so intense that she either passed out

or lost her sight for a short time. She could see nothing with

her eyes, but the vision of Jim's hard driving cock was burned

into her mind's eye. As her ecstasy subsided, she laid there and

continued to feel tingling throughout her spent body. Jim

couldn't or did not want to move.

     He was almost asleep when he sensed Maggie moving about the

room. 'Shit! He thought to himself. She is probably trying to

find the plans. I better not let this go any farther. "Maggie!

Did you need something?" Jim inquired.

     "No Alex. I was just looking for a towel," she responded as

she returned to the side of the bed.

     "Sit here next to me for a moment," Jim requested patting

the bed next to him. She sat but looked a bit nervous. Jim placed

his hands on either side of her face, looked into her eyes and

kissed her on the forehead. Maggie melted back onto the bed and

fell into a deep sleep once again. "You have found the plans

while Alex was sleeping, dressed and slipped out of the flat

without being detected. You are now safely away, back in your own

country, feeling wonderful and well rested. When I snap my

fingers you will begin to wake up slowly and remember everything

that happened. Do you understand?"

     Again, the far away response of "yes" came from her lips.

She was lovely laying there on the bed. Jim was reluctant to wake

her up because she looked so peaceful and angelic.

     Time was getting late, and Jim knew that Maggie would want

to get tidied up. Snapping his fingers, Jim said gently, "wake up

now feeling refreshed and comfortable. Maggie opened her eyes

slowly and allowed her glance to travel the room. Her glance

finally rested on Jim at the side of the bed.

     "That was absolutely the most exciting time I've even spent.

I have never been that hot, and I know I never came that many

times in a month. Thank you so much for teaching me a great deal

about myself and my own sexuality, Jim. Promise me we will take

other trips together," she pleaded.

     "Trips are my specialty Maggie. If you have the gas, I can

drive. I too enjoyed it more than I can say. Jorgi did feel a

little left out. Maybe you'll have a chance to spend some time

with him in the future. I plan to teach you how to accomplish

that with or without me. But that'll be another story," Jim con-

cluded with a smile.

                      CHAPTER FOUR - MIND SEX

     It was Sunday evening, and Jim was tripping through the

channels with his trusty remote. Low and behold, Captain James T.

Kirk of the Starship Enterprise was listening to Bones explaining

that he was a doctor and not a miracle worker. Spock was sharp-

ening his ears to deal with the next catastrophe, and it dawned

on Jim that one of his computer correspondent pals was a Sci Fi


     Jim had the opportunity to communicate frequently with her

over the phone lines, through the computer, but had never met

her. Her computer handle was Star; not an uncommon name for a Sci

Fi buff. He had seen a photo of her, that he downloaded in what

is referred to as a GIF format; a digitized representation of a

photo that has been scanned into a computer. The photo was, as

she suggested, somewhat old, but all of the same characteristics

must still be present. She was an exciting-looking woman sporting

shoulder length brown hair, a lovely smile, large breasts and a

well-defined waist. Her wit assured Jim that she was someone that

he would enjoy being with.

     She had indicated some interest in hypnosis, but said that

it had been tried before with her to no avail. Further, she

shared that she had a very vivid imagination and did love sex a

great deal. Her main interest was in satisfying her partner.

"Would you be willing to have me try working with you one day to

determine if you have the ability to go into a trance?" Jim asked

during one of their frequent conversations.

     "Well, I think we have gotten to know one another well

enough. I wouldn't be opposed to it, but I really don't think

that it will do any good. Do you think Thursday will be good for

you," she asked.

     "I don't think I have anything pressing. I'll double check

and leave a message for you on the system. Just leave your ad-

dress and the time you want me to show up. If there's a problem,

I'll let you know, and we can make it another time," Jim urged.

     Star's mind began to question. 'Wouldn't it be great to make

love in a space ship? I wonder what kind of a guy this Jim really

is? Could I really be hypnotized? I wonder how it would feel to

have a Romulan's thick cock inside of me? Does a Romulan have a

cock?' The questions continued to flow with no distinct result in

mind. The thought of it, none-the-less was making her horny. She

hoped that Thursday would bring some interesting answers.

     Jim returned home from the office and turned on his com-

puter. In only seconds he was on line with the bulletin board

system and found that there was a message for him. His eyes lit

up when he saw that Star had left him the information about her

address, general directions and the time of eight o'clock. He im-

mediately keyed in the information advising her that the date and

time were fine, and that he would be happy to be there.

     Method would be the difficulty. Jim knew that if Star was

intelligent and had a vivid imagination, she should be very sus-

ceptible to hypnosis. Her problem was likely that no one took

enough time to relax her sufficiently to allow the suggestions to

do their work. Jim had devised a method that had worked several

times in the past and would introduce Star to it when they met.

     Thursday arrived and Jim started to drive over to Star's

house. He was about fifteen minutes early so he decided to just

ride about the neighborhood. At 8:00 o'clock he drew together the

courage to approach Star's door. After a brief wait the door

opened to reveal a lovely woman with a warm smile and look of

slight apprehension. "Jim?" she asked, wondering if this could be

her previously unseen friend. A wordless smile assured her that

this was indeed Jim, and she invited him to enter. "Please made

yourself comfortable, Jim. I thought I would get us a drink.

Would you like a glass of white wine?, she queried.

     "That would be great Star; but please don't go to any

trouble," Jim pleaded in his best manner. He walked into the

living room and settled in what appeared to be a comfortable

chair. Soon Star returned with a tray bearing a bottle of chilled

wine, a cork screw and two stemmed glasses. He couldn't help but

to notice her warm body as it swayed into the room. She appealed

to him in several respects. He already knew that she had a

pleasant enough personality, and now he saw that she was also

physically appealing. "Would you like to begin right away, Star?"

he asked.

     "Whenever you're ready, Jim," she responded. Jim asked her

to pour herself a glass of wine and have a seat in a comfortable

chair. She did so and selected a chair close to Jim. She sipped

on the wine and leaned back to become comfortable. Jim slowly

took her through a series of relaxation exercises and noticed

that she was making fine progress. He decided to deepen the

trance and see what happened. She was indeed imaginative and

seemed to be a good subject. The trance was deepened once again.

She was mentally brought down deeper and deeper by visualizing an

escalator reaching to the depths of her mind. Jim could see the

muscles of her body begin to relax as she sunk into the chair.

     "You are now in a deeper sleep than you have ever been

before, Star. You are a very sensual woman, and you can feel

yourself tingling all over. There is a warmth spreading

throughout your lovely body, teasing your full breasts and paint-

ing your womanhood. It merely serves to make you more comfortable

and relaxed. You have often shared an interest in Science Fic-

tion. I am going to take you on a journey that will enable you to

experience things that you have never felt before. From time to

time you will perceive yourself to be in danger, but I stress

that at no time will I allow anything to happen to you. If at any

time you become too concerned, you may fall into a natural sleep

and awaken slowly; unafraid and well rested. You are not com-

pelled to do anything against your will. If you encounter any-

thing that you are uncomfortable with, feel free to share that

with me. Do you understand?" Jim asked. Star nodded slowly, and

Jim continued.

     "You will become the character in this story, and you will

see, hear and feel everything that the character does.

     "Star finds herself in a strange land. There are colors she

has never seen, sounds she's never heard and smells that have

never touched her senses. There is an abundance of lovely trees

and flowers that blend to offer her eyes the most wondrous gift.

She can hear a waterfall close by and smell the moisture in the

air. Her heart is racing in anticipation of what experience she

may meet.

     "She is science officer and has just ridden a light beam to

this strange planet's surface. Star is under orders of the Cap-

tain of the vessel which has brought her to this strange globe.

She is on a mission to discover if there exists intelligent life

on this planet. She looks about and sees Maagnex, a citizen of

Szinval. Earth and Szinval have entered into an alliance of joint

adventure to search the galaxy for other potential allies in

their common battle against an evil galactic empire. Maagnex is

neither man nor woman. Szinvalites have the ability to self

reproduce and re-generate themselves.

     "As she exchanges wary glances with her new partner, sud-

denly she sees a slow flash of bluish energy strike Maagnex

squarely in the chest. It drops to the reddish ground, and she

immediately pulls her ultra-sound weapon. Her eyes flash from

colorful rock to unrecognized tree in an effort to locate the

source of the assassin. She sees movement to the left, and

quickly turns and trains her weapon on the area of movement. A

scale-covered creature peeks out from behind a green rock and

takes aim. Star's weapon is discharged, and an inhuman sound

issues forth from behind the rock.

     "Cautiously, she approaches the spot where the sound came

from. Her eyes fix on what appears to be a monster of regal

proportions. He must have stood eight feet tall. He was com-

pletely naked and covered with reptilian scales. She believes

that it must have been a male because of the rather large sex or-

gans that resembled those of a human man. In the distance, she

hears animal-like sounds and see several similar creatures ap-

proaching. She is grateful that they don't look too bright.

Quickly she returns to Maagnex and begins to usher it into what

appears to be a cave off to her left. As she drags Maagnex into

the cave, she feels a slight upward pull.

     "She enters further into the cave and Maagnex soon feels al-

most weightless. Suddenly, she feels herself rising up into the

air in the interior of the cave. Maagnex is following her. She

settles gently onto the ceiling of the cave. She is only twenty

feet into the cave, and she feels almost weightless. The whole

world seems to be up side down. As she pulls Maagnex further into

the cave, her weight seems to increase. There was never anything

like this in her star manual. Gravity becomes reversed in this

bizarre cave.

     "Her journey continues as she attempts to find a place where

she can administer aid to Maagnex and notify her Captain. Soon

she finds a small pool of water, resting comfortably in the ceil-

ing of the cave. Maagnex groans, and she harbors some hope that

it will recover sufficiently to return to the ship's medical

staff. Its wounds are dressed to such an extent to stop the

slight bleeding that occurred, and she reaches for her communica-

tion device. 'Star to Command,' she hails the ship.

     "There is no answer and her concern increases that the

reverse field that she has encountered has hampered her ability

to reach her ship. She must return to the mouth of the cave in an

effort to contact the ship. She decides to wait in hopes that her

unwanted visitors outside the cave will take their fallen warrior

and leave the area. If the crew of the ship does not hear from

Star soon, they will surely investigate.

     "Minutes passed like lazy hours. She decides to approach the

entrance to the cave to try again to communicate with the ship.

Stealthily, she moves across the ceiling of the cave. She begins

to feel more weightless again. Just as she sees the opening, she

feels a presence and smells an odor that she can not identify.

Her weapon is advanced before her. Instantly, her arm is in the

cold grip of something or someone unidentifiable. The pressure on

her wrist is so severe that her weapon floats away. In one swift,

powerful motion she feels her suit stripped from her to expose

her bountiful breasts and vacillating thighs.

     "It was one of the creatures that she had encountered upon

arrival. Her heart pounds as she fights this frightening crea-

ture. His cold, scaled hands gently but menacingly reach for her

curving breasts and strokes her taunt buttocks wiggling toward

freedom. Suddenly her panties disappear in one movement exposing

a tuft of soft hair which protects her velvety pussy lips. Her

mind is racing. This creature is trying to rape her. She sees his

engorged, towering member standing in an erect fashion. It has

increased in size and must now be twenty inches in length and a

full four inches wide. His balls are like two soft coconuts,

devoid of hair.

     "There is no possible way that she can survive such an as-

sault. Star reaches deep within herself to muster all of her

strength and lashes out with her foot at his huge balls. After

the thud which sounded foreboding, she looks into his eyes to

determine what damage is done. It appeared as though he smiled.

Her concern turns to panic. As they float through the air, she is

helpless to stop his drive. His cold hand reaches into the

crevice of her ass, and he spreads her legs with his strong

finger-like extensions. His other hand is around her waist, and

he draws her to him. Closer and closer his huge cock comes to her

straining pussy. It touches the lips of her pussy, and she fights

him away once again. Her strength is quickly subsiding, and she

knows that only moments stand between her and agony.

     "Zap... the report of a ultra-sound weapon steals through

the cave. Star looks into the face of her assailant to find a

stupid, confused look which seemed to linger motionless. The

creature relaxed and seemed to float over into the corner of the

cavern. Star remained floating in the cave, and soon her eyes

fell upon Captain Jim Mandrel standing at the entrance to the

grotto. Star's relief was beyond words. 'Are you OK, Star?' asked


     "'Yes Captain. I've never been so glad to see anyone in my

life; in the life I almost didn't have any more. Thank you.'

     "'I've never seen a reverse gravity cave before. Is Maagnex

in there with you?' the Captain inquired as he attempted to

divert his eyes out of deference to Star's nakedness.

     "'Yes Captain. I don't know what kind of shape it's in. It

took a pretty bad shot to the chest,' she responded as she sud-

denly realized that she didn't have a stitch of clothing on.

     "The Captain explains that their is a security team outside.

He asks them to wait so that Star will not be embarrassed. He

enters the cave and she feels his eyes on her body as she

modestly attempts to cover herself as well as she may with her

hands. The Captain sees her heavy breasts floating in the air.

Her buttocks wiggle nicely as she moves her legs in an effort to

maintain balance. He indicates that he will need some help get-

ting Maagnex to the entrance to the cave. She puts her modesty on

the back burner and follows him to the rear of the cavern. She

feels her weight shift as the gravity once again begins to pull

on her breasts and buttocks. This is one of the strangest feel-

ings she has ever had. It is exciting. It is equally exciting how

the Captain looks at her body and tries to pretend not to see it.

     "Star assists Captain Mandrel carry Maagnex to the entrance

to the cavern. He indicates that she should stay well within the

cave until he returns with a new uniform for her. He helped her

locate her weapon and left the cavern with Maagnex into the hands

of the security team waiting to assist," Jim instructed Star.

     As Jim was giving the suggestions to Star as she reclined in

the chair, he noticed that she was becoming excited from time to

time. She seemed to enjoy the weightless feeling that she found

in the cave. He decided to help her capitalize on the feeling.

     "You are still in the cavern, warm but naked. You remain in

the weightless area of the cave and are enjoying a feeling that

you have never felt before. Your breasts are large but seem to

float in the air. It is almost similar to swimming in the buff.

You can feel the warm, damp air all around you; kissing your

thighs, teasing your nipples and separating your buttocks. You

enjoy the thought of Captain Mandrel sneaking peeks at your

lovely body. You enjoyed the feeling as you brushed up against

him as you assisted him removing Maagnex from the cave. You begin

to think how it would be to make love in mid-air.

     "Almost uncontrollably, your hands reach up and caress your

breasts and tweak you nipples as you wait for the Captain to

return. Suspended in the air you reach behind you to feel the

texture of your buttocks. As you cup one breast with one hand,

the other dips into your own cave to feel its wetness. You are

not sure whether it was the fear of the creature or the excite-

ment that Captain Mandrel offered that made you as wet as you

are. You slip one finger inside of your honey pot; then another

and yet another. You begin to pinch and pull at your nipples.

     "When I snap my fingers once, you will open your eyes. You

will be in the cavern in a weightless state. You will notice that

the Captain has returned and has been watching you from the

shadows. You may feel free to deal with this in any way you see

fit. When I snap my fingers again, you will wake up completely

and feel wonderfully rested and completely relaxed. The next time

that I snap my fingers twice and tell you to relax, you will fall

into a deep sleep just as you have this time. Do you understand

all that I have told you, Star?" Jim asked.

     "Yes. I understand," Star said in an almost imperceptible


     Jim snapped his fingers and Star opened her eyes. She jumped

as if she were startled and immediately covered herself with her

hands. She sheepishly looked at Jim and began searching for


     "I'm sorry Captain. It was just a strange feeling; something

that I have never felt before. I don't usually touch myself. I

prefer to leave that to someone else," Star offered.

     Jim returned, "with a body like that, I think I would touch

it as often as I could. I'm kind of sorry now that I never paid

more attention to you. This atmosphere is exciting. It must be

something like skinny-dipping. I brought a new uniform for you. I

hope that I got the size right."

     "I was just thinking the same thing.. about skinny-dipping I

mean. It is uncanny how wonderful it feels. If you don't think

you'll be missed for a while, we could always explore this cave a

little more closely. That would give you a chance to see what it

feels like," Star said.

     The Captain returned to the mouth of the cave, said some-

thing on the communicator and returned. He began removing his

uniform with a rather shy smile on his face. "You only live once.

Right?" he said to Star.

     She smiled and opened her arms to his naked body. Their lips

met in a warm kiss that seemed to melt with their heat. His hands

reached to touch her large, but weightless breasts. She could

feel her nipples harden to a marble-like quality as they tingled

in his hands. Star felt his cock begin to make the journey from

its resting place to what must be new heights. His tool was not

just floating at this point; it was straining. She could feel it

leave a trail of fluid on her thigh as it increased in both

length and girth. Her hands reached for his buttocks to feel the

hair that uniformly covered his muscular globes. His hand, in

turn, found the cleft between her own ass cheeks, and he

separated these soft, tight mounds.

     Her lovely, woolly cunt was dripping with anticipation. The

lips of her pussy began to pout and fold out in anticipation of

his inevitable entrance. Jim placed the tip of his raging organ

into the opening and allowed it to tease. First an inch went into

the depths; then another. He then pulled it out, covered with her

hot cream. He pressed further into her slippery love hole with

four inches and again withdrew. In his next effort, he slip all

eight inches of his fuck tube into her hot cunt until his balls

were well seated against her puckered ass hole. At this depth he

remained, savoring the involuntary convulsions of her hot tunnel.

     Lowering his head, he began to suck relentlessly on her ripe

nipples; feeling the spongy texture of her large breasts. It

seemed to Star as if his thick penis began to grow again. "Fuck

my sweet hole Jim. Fuck it hard and deep. Fuck me in the air. Put

your cock deeper into me than you have ever put it in any one,"

she almost screamed.

     Jim drove his diamond hard cock into Star with wild abandon.

They floated in the air as Star bucked and road this fiery rod.

Her breasts floated effortlessly, and she could feel the air sur-

rounding them. Suddenly, she could feel a new rigidity enter

Jim's cock. He grunted deeply and began to shoot hot loads of

cream into Star's waiting hole. She too, felt a tingling begin in

her toes and move throughout her body. It seemed as if it would

last forever. Again and again a new orgasm visited her.

     Soon, they were both spent; drifting in the air. They

relaxed into a cuddling position and continued to touch one

another. Jim broke the silence, "I do hope that you enjoyed it as

much as I did."

     "Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful, Captain," she responded.

     "I don't doubt that this is one of the most exciting caves

that I have ever explored. I hope that I will have the oppor-

tunity to explore with you once again, Star," Jim said as he

snapped his fingers.

                      CHAPTER FIVE - MIND SEX

     Would his mind ever quit gravitating to thoughts of gut-

twisting climaxes, beautiful bodies and the dizzying aroma of

sex? Jim sat thinking of the excitement associated with some of

his recent adventures with hypnosis and sex. He had used hypnosis

on his lovely wife Peggy on several occasions in scenarios rang-

ing from a massage by a hunk of a man to actually fucking he and

a friend at the same time. Their sex had never been so good. He

wasn't sure whether Peggy would ever have broken fear's icy grip

had he not used hypnosis, but he was glad that she did. Now she

was free to experiment with her own sexuality without concern for

traditional guilt or jealousy.

     Jim did have to deal with his own guilt however. He

developed the usual arguments about allowing his wife to be

promiscuous. They included reputation, children, jealousy and

relationship. He felt quite confident that, as long as they were

discrete, neither his nor Peggy's reputation would suffer. Their

children were all but grown now. Both daughters were away at col-

lege. On the topic of jealousy, they had seen too many of their

friends break up or divorce because they were jealous of another

person. He was confident that no man or woman could challenge

their emotional commitments. If that were possible, they

shouldn't be together in the first place.

     Before Jim ever committed to involve himself in the life-

style of sexual freedom, he searched his heart. If Peggy never

had a sexy thought about another man, she probably wouldn't be

normal. Should he allow himself to be jealous of that? Did he

want Peggy to become enraged if he wanted another woman? Vir-

tually every man he knew strayed from time to time. When it was

done with deception it was always negative and sometimes resulted

in broken relationships. Had they not been broad-minded enough,

he was sure that they would have lost one another long ago. It

would have been a terrible waste, because in all other matters

they were the best of friends and excellent partners in life.

Guilt and jealousy, as a result, were not valid issues. Their

life had been vastly enhanced with no danger of deception ruining

their relationship.

     Jim's mind began to work on sharing these principals with

others with two motives in mind. The first motive was, quite

naturally, to locate other individuals that turned him on. The

next was to promote the use of hypnosis in sex and the lifestyle

of sexual freedom. The day didn't go by that he didn't sign on to

the computer bulletin board service. They had a great x-rated

section that permitted him to chat with others about sex

anonymously. Obviously, most of the people that he chatted with

were women. They would share their sexual fantasies with him and

he with them.

     Jim had also left public messages on the system suggesting

that if anyone cared to discuss a swinging lifestyle or hypnosis

in the bed room that they should feel free to contact him. One

day after logging on to the system, he heard his computer beep.

This was accompanied by a message indicating that Don wanted to

chat with him. Jim responded to the page and welcomed the caller.

Don, a computer communicator from Western Illinois, inquired

whether or not Jim was serious about the use of hypnosis in the

bed room. Jim indicated that he was and explained some of the

uses of hypnosis to improve sexual relationships.

     Excitement was evident in Don's responses. Jim asked whether

Don and his lady had ever experimented with other persons outside

of their relationship. Don indicated that he had not, but would

not be opposed if Donna would consent. He went on to say that she

would likely not be interested, but that he would discuss the

topic with her. Jim suggested that Don allow Donna to read one of

the stories that he wrote on the topic. If she demonstrated any

interest, they could pursue the matter further. Don thanked Jim

for his information, indicated that the conversation had really

turned him on and assured Jim that he would get back to him.

     A few days went by and Jim heard nothing further from Don.

Then one day as Jim was jumping around the bulletin board system

he was again paged. He responded to the page and found Don wait-

ing to continue the previous conversation. Don indicated that he

had offered Jim's article to Donna and that she had found it very

interesting. Additionally he and Donna had discussed the topic of

"hypnosex" at length, became very aroused at the many doors that

this would open for them and fucked each other's brains out af-

terward. Jim got a smile on his face as his mind turned to mo-

ments gone by. He had similar experiences and could identify with

the other couple.

     Don asked Jim if he would ever be willing to travel to Il-

linois to put on a demonstration of hypnosis. As he heard this

request, he could feel the warmth begin to develop in his pants.

Jim's cock began to grow thinking about the prospect of teaching

yet others to reach the heights that he and Peggy did. He indi-

cated that it was possible that he could take a long weekend and

visit with them. Jim also told Don that there would be no obliga-

tion to continue to pursue such avenues if after they met him

they did not feel comfortable. Don told Jim that he would leave

some electronic mail for him explaining how to reach Don's house

and other incidentals. They bid each other good bye and signed

off the system.

     Jim was an accomplished hypnotist. He had been using hyp-

nosis clinically for years helping police departments interview

witnesses for recall of events. He had never had the occasion to

use hypnosis on anyone other than Peggy for purposes of improved

sex. This was indeed exciting. He would be able to teach Donna

how to improve and intensify her climaxes. He would be able to

teach her mind how to fly to a secluded beach with her lover,

shape her lover into any person she wanted and have the best sex

she had ever known. Don would also benefit by the same abilities.

He could stay harder longer, turn Donna into anyone he wanted to,

be more responsive to his partner's needs and generally enjoy all

of his adventures much better. His cock was hard just thinking of

all of the possibilities.

     The date was set. Jim had arranged for an extended weekend.

He would go to Chicago to attend a trade show for his business

and then scurry over to Western Illinois. As he drove, his

thoughts turned to his own sexuality and many of the experiences

he had over the years. He was getting a little older, but was

pleased that he had stayed in shape. As he hit the Indiana line a

smile appeared on his face. He was remembering several of his

friends and his children teasing him about how much he resembled

Indiana Jones. It wasn't only his appearance; he even acted like

him from time to time. The road continued to disappear under the

hood of his car as his mind turned to many of the hot times he

had experienced.

     His Chicago trip was basically routine. He pulled out of the

Holiday Inn Merchandise Mart and began moving westward. He

snapped in a cassette that responded with soft tunes designed to

invite thought. Invite it they did. Jim's mind again returned to

visions of previous hot moments; Peggy's unbridled excitement the

first time she thought she was being touched by another man. Of

course this was Jim, but Peggy's mind and body reacted as if it

were another man. New hands on her heavy breasts, a strange penis

poised at the lips of her quivering pussy, a sharp, warm tongue

pressed against her tight buttocks were the moments that traveled

through Jim's mind. He was becoming so rigid that he thought his

zipper would burst. Then there was the time that Peggy had ac-

tually touched another man for the first time. Jim could see this

as sure as if it were happening here, in the car, before his very

eyes. The miles clicked by on the odometer as visions of hot,

sweet encounters danced through his memory.

     The message and directions that Jim had received from Don

suggested that they meet at the lounge of a local hotel at eight

in the evening. Jim didn't have a problem with that. These people

didn't know him and would obviously be skeptical. What if Jim

were a gargoyle type with warts on his nose and rolls of fat

hanging from a copious frame? It was only prudent for them to

want to meet Jim in a neutral location so they could excuse them-

selves if they were uncomfortable with him. Jim checked into the

hotel, got settled, cleaned up and headed for the restaurant to

get a bite to eat.

     Dining alone was an interesting experience. You don't

usually get bogged down in a conversation that distracts you, so

you can often analyze people a little better. You eat at your

leisure, scan the room for interesting people, and enjoy an un-

common solace. Jim was convinced that his libido was in rare form

as his eyes locked on to a waitress with an usually great-looking

ass. As she moved across the room her buttocks rolled with such

grace that Jim could feel himself stiffen. Her uniform was cut in

such a way that her small but well-shaped breasts danced nicely.

He memorized her curves and her pretty face so that he might use

self hypnosis at a later date to make love with her.

     Dinner being history, Jim lit a cigarette and sipped on his

after-dinner drink. He continued to evaluate the inhabitants of

the room. Now wouldn't it be great if that couple sitting at the

table next to the aquarium were Don and Donna. The lady had

beautiful brown hair, sparkling brown eyes, about 5'5" tall, with

a very lovely shape. She appeared to be blessed with full breasts

that seemed to be about a 34 C. She had the loveliest smile and

winning manner. They were enjoying their dinner and one another.

Jim was incredulous when he thought about all of the couples that

seemed to be in competition with one another as opposed to being

partners and friends. This couple seemed to be the type that

would not let jealousy get in the way of their friendship. Jim

could see their genuine laughter tickle through the room from

time to time. They looked at one another with respect, and Jim

liked that.

     Jim paid the check and got up from the table. As he began

walking away from the table his foot caught one leg of the chair

next to him and over it went. Nothing like being embarrassed to

tears as the room came to a silent halt. Putting on his red face,

he smiled at the couple next to the aquarium and exited the room.

The lounge, called "The Hound," was an interesting place. It

resembled a victorian scene. There were old British gas lights

throughout the room providing the only lighting. The floor was

made to resemble cobblestones, and there was piped in hansom cab

and other street sounds. He expected Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Wat-

son to come through the door at any minute. He walked over to a

rough hewn table and pulled out one of the heavy wooden chairs to

sit down.

     This decor was wonderful. The walls were graced with two

mounted deer heads and one huge moose head. In another corner was

a suit of armor complete with shield and sword. Old pottery and

pewter tableware accented the room. While glancing around the

room, he was startled by someone standing next to him. He gave a

slight jump in response to Bridgit's request to assist him. What

a great looking waitress. She was dressed in the costume of an

english barmaid. He bodice was very low cut and her cleavage

seemed to speak to him. He had difficulty removing his eyes from

her breasts to answer her. When he finally did look up he saw

that Bridgit was also possessed of an absolutely beautiful face

with slightly overlapping front teeth. She smiled and again re-

quested his order handing him what appeared to be a british five

pound note. She also told him that the specials were on the

reverse of what appeared to be english currency. He ordered a

tall rum and coke.

     As Bridgit walked away, Jim's eyes were glued to her lovely

buttocks as they swayed playfully toward the bar. He watcher her

as she placed the drink on a tray and returned to his table. As

she bent over to set a napkin in front of him Jim's eyes were

again treated to a cock-wrenching view of her ample breasts. Once

again she bent over and placed his drink in front of him. Jim

said, "Good god almighty, if you continue to serve drinks to me

like that, I'll be ordering one every minute."

     Bridgit grinned at him and told him that it was early and

that it would be best if he paced himself. "Only if you promise

that one day before I die you will fall passionately in love with

me and let me drink a small cup of your bath water," Jim teased.

     The lovely waitress again chuckled and bounced away from the

table. Jim was enamored by Bridgit to say the least. She made him

want to ask the one about, what's a nice girl like you etc. Jim

was thinking that it was rather slow in the lounge as he heard

the sound of what appeared to be Big Ben sounding seven o'clock.

Just another hour to kill, thought Jim. He wanted to gulp his

drink just so Bridgit would return with another. Ten minutes went

by, and he could feel the lovely waitress sneaking peeks at him

from time to time. He wasn't peeking; he was staring, and Bridgit

didn't seem to mind.

     She returned to his table and asked if there was anything

that she could do for him. She quickly caught what she had said

and stumbled with the words, "well you know what I mean."

     "Unfortunately, young lady, I do. However, I would like

another drink if you wouldn't mind," Jim responded. She again

smiled and danced off to acquire another rum and coke. She

returned more quickly this time as the bartender wasn't very

busy. Once again her lovely globes bounced in front of Jim's

eyes. This time he was not quite so obvious in his appreciation.

He thought it would be better to be cool and collected and not

seem too anxious.

     Bridgit stood and talked with him for a while about the ob-

vious interests before she was called away to another table. Jim

had learned that she was twenty-nine years of age. She had a four

year old daughter. She had returned to school in an effort to get

her degree in computer science, and she had only been working

here for about three days. Bridgit had recently broken up with

her boyfriend, but she really didn't care to discuss that in any

detail. Jim felt comfortable that she had some interest in him.

He indicated that he was married and filled her in on the other

usual details.

     Jim's lovely waitress returned several times and offered him

a smile every time their glance met. At about 7:50 the couple

that was sitting next to the aquarium in the restaurant walked

into the lounge. They glanced at Jim, and his discomfort returned

about almost falling on his ass in front of them. They selected a

table three tables over from Jim and were seated. Bridgit was

soon there to take their orders. Again they demonstrated their

mutual excitement and interest. Things began to perk up a little.

Two other couples entered and were seated. Several single men and

women came in and gravitated to the bar. When the music began to

play the atmosphere was somewhat changed. No longer did Jim feel

as though he were trapped in a time warp. He was a little sad-

dened at the loss of the victorian era.

     Now the hard part came. There were several couples in the

lounge and many singles. How in the hell would Jim be able to

determine who Don and Donna were? His eyes traveled the room,

hoping that someone would offer some signal. One of the new

couples who had entered seemed to be making more than usual eye

contact with Jim. He got up from his chair and went over to their

table. He approached the man and asked if his name was Don. "No,

I'm sorry, you got the wrong guy," responded the man. Christ, did

he ever feel like an ass hole. Why couldn't he have agreed on a

signal that they could use? He excused himself and returned to

his table. No sooner did he get re-seated, the man from res-

taurant aquarium approached him. "You look as if you could be

Jim," he said.

     "You have to think me a real klutz," Jim smiled as he rose

to shake Don's hand.

     "Oh, you mean the chair in the dining room. No, don't worry

about it. I slipped on my ass getting out of the car to come in

here. There wasn't anyone around so I didn't feel so bad. Why

don't you come over and join us," said Don.

     Jim gathered up his glass and followed Don over to his

table. He was very pleasantly surprised that this was the couple

that he would get to know. Donna was even lovelier up close. She

had such a pleasant voice and demure handshake. Jim enjoyed the

way she continued to hold his hand while they were being intro-


     "Can you really accomplish all of the wonderful things that

I read about through hypnosis Jim?" inquired Donna.

     "I hesitate saying 'yes' without reservation. You can do

many things and do them quickly if you are a good subject. If you

are not what is referred to as a somnambulist, it may take prac-

tice and the necessary time would be increase," offered Jim.

     Don asked, "how do you determine whether or not someone is a

good subject?"

     Jim explained, "it is often a matter of trial and error.

Some methods work better with one person than another. One thing

is for sure, each of us can experience hypnosis to one degree or

another. Your sexual experiences can always be improved. If you

feel comfortable, after we finish our drinks, we can go to the

room or to your place and experiment. If you become uncomfort-

able, we can stop and return for a leisurely chat."

     Don and Donna looked at one another, smiled and agreed to

give it a shot. They indicated that they would feel more comfort-

able if they were to go to Jim's room. He assured them that it

was fine with him, that he would pay his tab and see them in room

338 as soon as they were ready.

     Jim walked up to Bridgit, tapped her on the shoulder and

asked for his bill. She seemed a little disappointed that he was

leaving. He told her that he had a meeting and may be able to

return later. She didn't respond; she merely smiled. Jim turned

to walk away when he heard her say, "I hope you can make it back.

We're open till 2:30." Jim smiled and exited the lounge.

     As he walked toward the room, he felt a shiver of excitement

run through him. He hoped that both of the subjects would be deep

trance subjects. He would interview them about what they hope to

accomplish when they got to the room.

     It didn't take long for Jim to hear a knock at the door. He

quickly opened the door and was faced with a couple that had a

look on their face as if they were at the door of a house party.

Jim immediately asked them for their coats and secured them.

"Come in and make yourselves comfortable. I'm sorry I can't offer

you anything to drink right now. After we talk for a little while

we can have a cocktail or some wine.

     The interview proved interesting and gave him a good idea of

what the couple hoped to accomplish. Donna indicated that she was

very nervous, but added that she was raised to believe that it

was sinful to wander from one's intended or chosen partner. Don

was surprised to hear her say that she had had thoughts about

other men just as any other woman would. She indicated that she

would likely not want fear or jealousy to threaten her relation-


     Jim was able to determine that her orgasms were generally

standard, and she was in good physical and psychological health.

She thought that it would be great to be able to fantasize about

making love in another, more adventurous time. She wanted to be a

girl on the Spanish Gold Coast who had been kidnaped by pirates

aboard a frigate and rescued by a dashing swashbuckler who looked

very much like Richard Gear. She thought that he was one of the

most sexy men she had ever seen.

     Don was then interviewed, and Jim was satisfied that he too

was sound and had normal fantasies. All of this excited Jim. He

was happy that he had established a rapport with this lovely

couple. Jim then said, "let's now get down to business. Donna, I

am first going to show you how to relax so you can enjoy the

experience." He moved a chair away from the table and placed it

facing a blind corner of the room. Donna was instructed to sit in

the chair and focus on a point on the wall. Jim began speaking to

Donna and showed her how to relax more completely. Soon it was

apparent to Jim that Donna would be a good subject. He put her

into a light trance and continued to speak to her. Deeper and

deeper she went. Soon she was very deeply asleep.

     Jim instructed her to remain in a deep trance and not to

awaken until she was told to wake up. Don was simply amazed as he

asked, "do you mean to tell me that she is completed hypnotized?"

Jim assured him that she was. He went on to explain that he would

do a few experiments to better illustrate what was happening. Jim

turned to Donna and gave her a post-hypnotic suggestion that when

she heard the words "the rain in Spain falls mainly in the

plane," she would find herself on a desert island all alone. She

would be on the beach. She could hear the gulls and the waves

rolling against the shore. She would have the desire to take her

clothing off and bask in the warm rays of the sun. She would be

completely alone and could then do anything that she wanted.

     The suggestions was also give that from now on, when Jim

snapped his fingers twice, she would fall into a very deep hyp-

notic trance. He also gave her the ability to create any dream

that she wanted to. All she had to do was to envision the person

she wanted to be with, where she wanted to be and what she wanted

to be doing; she would then say the word "Alpha" to herself,

close her eyes, and she would fall into a deep sleep for ten

minutes and have the dream she fashioned.

     At this point Donna was woken up slowly and told that she

would remember nothing of the experience. She was also told that

she would feel very refreshed and rested, as well as very sexy.

"Now wake up feeling wonderful," Jim urged.

     Donna told Jim and Don that she felt good but really didn't

think that it had worked. Jim had a self assured smile on his

face and indicated to the couple that this was often the case but

she really was very deeply asleep. She disagreed with Jim, but

did indicate that she was grateful for being taught how to so

deeply relax. She hadn't felt this good in a long time. Jim asked

her if she would like a demonstration of post-hypnotic suggest-

ion. She indicated that it would interest her. "The rain in Spain

falls mainly in the plane," were Jim's next words.

     Donna got up from the chair as her eyes seemed to be focused

on something far away. She kicked off her shoes as her fingers

started to unbutton her blouse. Don couldn't believe his eyes.

Donna was normally very modest about such things. Her thumbs

hooked themselves inside of her slacks and down they came. She

curled her arms up behind her back and unfasten her bra. There

was a look of embarrassment and excitement on both men's faces.

Don opened his mouth to speak not knowing whether he should do

so. Jim looked at Don and said, "feel free to talk if you want

to. She can't hear or see you."

     As her bra fell to the ground, she slipped her panties off

and discarded them also. There she was in all of her lovely nude

splendor. Her bold breasts spreading across her chest as she

stretched feeling the warmth of the sun lick her body. Her but-

tocks were flexed tight as she stood on her tip toes trying to

get closer to the sun. She let out an appreciative moan as she

lowered herself to the bed. Jim and Don watched as she lay there

soaking up the sun. She soon turned over to offer her backside to

the warmth. Jim's cock was hard now. Not only was he very excited

sexually with this vision, he was excited that he was able to

share this wonder with Donna and Don.

     Jim explained much of what was happening to Don. Soon Donna

rolled over and began to squirm. Her hands went to her breasts

and the thumb and forefinger of each hand were rolling her

nipples gently. She squeezed her thighs together and began moan-

ing. Don was very excited as he told Jim that he had never seen

Donna touch herself. He was amazed at how erotic it was. Donna's

left hand suddenly dropped to her soft public hair and her legs

opened slightly. She was searching in the folds of her pussy. Her

fingers were now wet with excitement.

     She gently ran her slippery fingers over the lips of her

swollen pussy. Don was convinced that this was likely the hottest

he had ever been. He wanted to rip his clothes off and fuck her

like he had never fucked her before. Jim calmed him down and ad-

vised him that there would be time for that later. The experiment

should continue. Don agreed, but could not take his hand off of

his rock-hard cock.

     Jim walked over to the bed and snapped his fingers twice. As

soon as he did, Donna returned to her deep sleep. Jim instructed

her that he would wake her soon. When she woke up, she would

remember everything that occurred. She would remember it without

embarrassment and feel very pleased with herself. Additionally

when she heard the word "Beta" she would feel a mini climax and a

tingling in her nipples. She was instructed to place herself un-

der the sheets and wake up slowly.

     Soon Donna was awake. She simply starred at both men. "I

can't believe it. It was one of the nicest dreams I ever had. It

was so sexy. I didn't know I could get that turned on. Holly

christ! My clothes are off. What happened to my clothes?" Donna


     Don responded to her first, "you took them off when you were

on the beach honey. It wasn't just a dream. It really happened.

We saw everything. Do you feel OK?"

     "Yes I feel great, but I can hardly believe that I took my

clothes off in front of Jim. I don't even ...." Donna began.

     "...Know me?" asked Jim. "No you don't, but apparently you

felt comfortable enough with me to do just that. You can now do

other wonderful things. Do you remember the post-hypnotic sug-

gestion that I gave you about creating your own dreams?"

     She indicated that she did, and Jim urged her to try it now.

Donna thought for a minute and said the word "Alpha" out loud.

She soon fell into a deep sleep. Don and Jim watched what ap-

peared to be a fitful sleep, but the looks on Donna's face were

those of ecstasy and lust. They watched slight movements of her

body as if she were having a wonderful sexy dream. In exactly ten

minutes she woke up and sat bolt upright in the bed. She clutched

the bed sheet to her breasts, but walked on her knees over to the

two men. Both men had large smiles on their faces. She reached up

and kissed Don. "It was absolutely wonderful honey," were her


     She offered her lips to Jim who hungrily accepted them. She

have him a big kiss and said, "I don't know how to thank you Jim.

These feelings are probably the best I've ever had. I am still so

hot I don't know what to do with myself." Jim's cock hardened

even more as Donna pressed her sheet-covered breasts against him.

As she hugged him, he was offered the greatest view of her but-

tocks over her shoulder.

     Jim, trying to keep his wits about him said, "and the nice

thing about it is that you can do this anytime you want. I want

to show you something else Donna. 'Beta!'" Donna sank back onto

the bed and let the sheet fall from her body. Her eyes rolled

slightly as the small climax began to diminish. "Anytime you want

to get to small nut, just say the word 'Beta,'" Jim assured her.

"Now I'm going to ask you both to come back tomorrow night if you

would like. I want to work with Don and teach you both how to do

some other amazing things." Donna got dressed, and she and Don

thanked Jim as they left the room.

     The clock at the side of the bed read 11:37. Jim didn't

really feel tired, and he wanted to see Bridgit again, so he

freshened up and headed for the lounge. The lovely waitress

seemed awfully happy to see him return. She came quickly over to

his table and asked him if he needed anything. This time he told

her, "you'll never know, but I'll settle for another drink."

     Bridgit said, "I'll get you the drink, but I would like to

know." She pranced away with what appeared to be an extra effort

at swinging her fanny. It didn't go unnoticed by Jim. He was so

aroused after having seen the experience that Donna just had that

he badly wanted to make love with Bridgit. He could think of

little else.

     Soon she returned with his drink. This time when she placed

it in front of him she intentionally lingered to expose her large

breasts to his gaze. He took full advantage of it and said,

"please tell me that you have fallen passionately in love with me

and can't live without me."

     "I don't know that that is the case, but I would like to

spend some time getting to know you better. It's a little slow

right now. Would you like me to see if I can get off a little

early," she asked.

     "I would love that," Jim hastened. He was wondering whether

or should just be straight forward and ask her to his room, or if

he should offer to take her someplace for a drink or coffee.

     He didn't have to wonder long. She returned to say that she

could leave in fifteen minutes. "Would you like to just go up to

your room and we could have something sent up?" she inquired.

     "That would be great. What if I go up and get the drinks or-

dered so we won't have a wait? What do you like to drink?" Jim


     "Scotch and water is fine. No, make is white wine. See you

soon. I got the room number from the restaurant. OK, so I was a

little curious," she said with a smile.

     Jim hurried to the room and placed the order for room serv-

ice. He also ordered a sea food snack tray. The time wouldn't

pass quickly enough. In a short time there was a knock at the

door. He jumped to answer it. It was room service. He admitted

the server, signed the check and quickly offered the tip. No

sooner did he get the tray over to the table, he heard another

knock at the door. His blood began to run more quickly. It was

Bridgit. She was dressed in a lovely pastel sweater that provided

sufficient accent to her lovely breasts and dark slacks that

gratefully hugged her rounded buttocks. "Please make yourself

comfortable," Jim offered.

     She sat at the table and told Jim that he shouldn't have

gone to all this trouble. He assured her it was no trouble and

joined her. They enjoyed some interesting small talk as they com-

pleted the snacks. Bridgit asked Jim if he would mind if she

freshened up a bit. Jim told her that his place was her place.

She gave him a little kiss and moved toward the bath room. Jim

was anxious to hold her in his arms. Soon he heard the water run-

ning in the bath tub. He hadn't thought that she was this serious

about freshening up. Apparently she was. Well, he could wait. He

poured himself another glass of wine and settled down for the

wait. Soon Bridgit called his name. He approached the door and

asked if she needed anything. She asked him if he would object to

washing her back. The smile spread across his face as he entered

the bath room.

     She twisted to hang up the last remnant of her clothing and

Jim was treated to a view of her exciting buttocks. Naked, they

were even more exciting with the deep groove separating them.

     She turned to him and came toward him, and he watched

shocked  and fascinated as the twin breasts swayed from side to

side, making the nipples dance. With a cute smile she stepped

into the tub, bringing her hot sweet flesh within inches of his

throbbing cock.

     He couldn't take his eyes off of her as she slid into the

water and urged him to join her. His clothes fell like rain.

Somehow they managed to twist their limbs so that they both fit

well into the tub, her legs resting neatly on his and curled

around his hips. She handed him the soap and asked him to wash

her. His initial attempt was on her back, but soon the temptation

proved too much for him and he concentrated on her bountiful

breasts, covering them in lather.

     She giggled as his hands massaged the firm flesh and tweaked

the hard nipples. He had an overwhelming urge to suck her begging

nipples, but decided that the lather would likely not be to his

liking. He confined himself to running his hands over her

breasts, tweaking her nipples with his thumbs, making her shudder

with excitement. Her red lips were parted and she was breathing

heavily while her sensuous eyes were hooded, making her look like

a feline predator waiting to spring on its prey.

     Jim knelt up and washed her flat stomach, taking his time,

tantalizing himself until he could hold back no longer. He

reached down into the forest that obscured the new object of his

desire. He soaped the thick fur and then, using the soap he

pushed the hair aside to reveal her rosy slit. He parted the

puffy lips gently and eased a finger inside her volcanic hole.

     Bridgit moaned out loud and laced an arm around his neck and

brought his face towards hers in a deep hungry kiss. Her tongue

forced itself between his lips and into his mouth. It was fran-

tic, agile and quick as it searched for Jim's tongue. He was

still sliding his finger in and out of her hot cunt while his

thumb rubbed her growing clit. His other hand was still squeezing

her breasts and nipples. Their embrace became more and more pas-

sionate and his cock was jerking around like a taunt fire hose.

     Finally they broke apart, both of them flushed with erotic

desire. Bridgit stood up and stepped out of the tub grabbing a

towel and began to dry herself off. She pulled Jim to his feet

and wiped him dry. He couldn't remember the last time someone

dried him. I reminded him of his childhood, but there was nothing

child-like about the raging erection which she also paid atten-

tion to.

     She dropped the towel to the floor as their warm, moist

bodies met in a new embrace, and they kissed deeply once again.

His stiff bone was pressed up against her hard belly as Jim

noticed the bed which seemed to beckon to him. When they got to

the bed, she again took the initiative. She pushed him back on

the bed. He felt awkward as his legs dangled off the end of the

bed. Her hands had found Jim's erect pole and were gently strok-

ing it up and down. Bridgit held the hard cock upright as her

lips lowered to meet it. He felt her lips close around it.

     His cock was getting wetter and wetter as she left a trail

of warm saliva with each plunge, and his organ was jerking power-

fully in the sheath of her lips. He could hear the erotic slurp-

ing noises as she eagerly and expertly swallowed his pulsating

ramrod to the back of her throat. Jim's hips were responding to

her rhythm by lifting to meet her attack, penetrating her more

deeply. Deeper and harder she sucked. Jim knew that he would not

be able to withstand much more without loosing control. Jim

stopped her with a groan of passion. "Wait, wait Bridgit. I don't

want it to end yet," Jim pleaded.

     Jim began kissing her body. He sucked on her nipples as her

moans came in harmony with his efforts. He reluctantly let a

nipples escape as his lips traveled down her body, kissing and

licking every inch of her flesh as he slowly slid down to his

target area. He could feel her hands trying to hurry his journey,

but he resisted and took his time, savoring the texture and taste

of her flesh. Soon he reached the forest of public hair from

which rose an intoxicating aroma of pussy juices. Her legs parted

and he could see the pink, puffy lips nestled in the patch of

hair, glistening with arousal.

     His tongue plunged into the hot lava of her love volcano. He

knew that she would not release her grip on him until he sucked,

licked and lapped her hot cunt to explosion. With his hands

firmly holding her wiggling buttocks, he furiously drove his hard

tongue into her body massaging the walls of her cunt, darting

from side to side and gathering up the love juices. Soon

Bridgit's cunt exploded and poured its cream inside Jim's waiting

mouth. He drank her womanly nectar as if he would never have the

chance to do this again. She screamed as her climax broke and

seemed to swallow her up.

     Jim didn't want her to loose all of the excitement of her

climax as he swiftly mounted her, and using his fist aimed the

head of his eight inch rod into her very slippery pussy, parting

the puffy lips and scouring through the hot liquids until his

cock was fully embedded in her. He eased his hands under her

ample ass cheeks and grasped the resilient flesh, pulling her up-

ward as he shoved his cock yet deeper into her tunnel. Her body

immediately responded and the embers of her previous climax

flared into life. She started to meet every thrust with an upward

heave of her hips.

     It was Bridgit's body that first broke the stride. Suddenly,

her hips froze the rhythm and then started to jerk up and down

very fast, thrusting her cunt more fiercely over Jim's huge or-

gan. Her greasy pussy was endeavoring to swallow his cock whole

and keep it in the greedy clutch of her vaginal muscles. She

screamed in jolts. The fierce clutch of her wet cunt on his cock

was too much for him to take. His back stiffened and arched while

his cock attempted to find new depths. Very soon his cock pole

began to erupt furiously into Bridgit's tight, hairy cunt hole.

They slipped into sleep almost immediately afterward.

     The next morning when Jim awoke, Bridgit was gone. He found

a note on hotel stationary wherein she excused herself and told

him that she hoped to see him again soon. Jim read the note as he

tried to blink away his sleep. He rolled around the bed remember-

ing the wonderful evening. After a time of lovely thought, he got

up and took a shower. He dressed and went down to the dining room

to have some breakfast. When he returned, the red message light

was flashing on his phone. He called down to the desk to find

that there was a message for him to call Don.

     After speaking with Don, it was decided that they would

again meet this afternoon at about two o'clock. Jim had brought

his lap top computer with him and was able to get a little writ-

ing in. He also wiled away part some of the day shopping and

reading. He was anxious to meet with Don and Donna to see what

other successes they could achieve.

     Two o'clock soon arrived and shortly thereafter there came a

knock at the door. Jim went to the door and opened it with a

smile. Donna's brown eyes were staring into his own, and Don was

standing just behind her.

     "Please do come in," Jim said as he stepped aside. "Did you

have a good evening last night?"

     Don hastened to respond, "I don't think we ever had such an

exciting day in our lives. When we got home we continued to talk

about the experience and conducted several experiments ourselves.

Donna was able to have several dreams. I merely watched, and it

was a very hot time. I was also able to use the post-hypnotic

suggestion "Beta" to give her multiple minor orgasms. It served

as a remarkable addition to our regular foreplay," said Don.

Donna seemed a little embarrassed by the descriptive narrative.

     Jim explained that it was now Don's turn to experience the

trance state. Don was asked to take a seat, and they got im-

mediately under way. Jim helped Don relax through a method that

requires the subject to flex and relax various parts of his body.

Soon Don was completely relaxed, and Jim began speaking softly

and clearly. After a short while Don was in the trance state. Jim

continued to work with him and deepen the trance.

     In the minutes that passed, Jim taught Don how to use auto-

hypnosis to hallucinate visually. He was able to change the

sight, sound, taste and feel of his partner. His post-hypnotic

suggestion was precipitated by the words "hypnosex partner." When

he said or heard the words "come back" all of his senses would

return to normal. He was also given the suggestion that whenever

he heard the words "rock-hard cock," he would get an immediate

erection. He was also told that when he said or hear the words,

"relax it," his erection would subside. Jim woke him up slowly,

assuring him that he would feel wonderful and well rested.

     As Don opened his eyes his head dropped to his hands. When

asked how he felt, he answered that he felt great and wanted to

know how he did. He was told that he did very well and was now

capable of doing some remarkable things. "Go ahead and try it

out," said Donna.

     Don repeated, "hypnosex partner," and stared at Donna in

shear surprise. He got up and walked over to her, putting his

hands around her waist. His lips sought hers as his right hand

dropped to the cleft of her buttocks. They were beginning to get

carried away when Jim spoke the words, "come back."

     Don was shocked at who he found in his arms. "I almost feel

guilty Donna. You were someone else. I was kissing someone else

and feeling her ass," Don said in wonder.

     "Was it exciting?" Donna asked. Don assured her that it was

and told Jim that it was unbelievable.

     "Rock-hard cock," were the next words out of Jim's mouth.

Immediately the front of Don's pants developed a huge bulge. Don

was again amazed. He couldn't believe that his penis could be

this hard on demand. He wanted to know how this was possible.

     Jim went on to draw an analogy for them. He inquired as to

whether or not Don ever woke up in the morning, not necessarily

horny, with a huge stiff. Don told him that he had. Jim continued

to explain that an erection was merely blood rushing into the

penis. There is a part in the brain that directs blood to the

penis upon arousal. The mind controls so many of our functions.

It is a simple matter to control this when all conditions are

right. He also explained that often men question themselves about

impotence because even when they want to get an erection, they

sometimes can't. They begin to question themselves. If you ever

get an erection upon waking up in the morning, your mind was

likely relaxed and thinking about sex. We all have mental images

that can make us aroused. Sometimes we don't know exactly what

they are. Don's cock remained hard as Jim explained. The words

"relax it," were then spoken, and Don's erection began to go


     "Now, let's work with Donna some more. OK with you Donna?"

Jim asked. She responded in the affirmative and was asked to take

a seat. She sat in the chair and was questioned about whether

there was anything specific she wanted to learn how to do. She

indicated to Jim that she was very impressed with what Don had

been able to do, and she would like to be able to bring on hal-

lucinations as well. Jim snapped his finger twice, and Donna's

chin fell slowly to her chest in complete relaxation.

     He took her deeper and deeper into a wonderful sleep as he

felt Don tap him on the shoulder. "Can she hear us?" Don asked.

Jim indicated that she could hear unless directed not to. Don

continued, "ask her not to hear our conversation so I can tell

you something." Jim did this and urged Don to continue. Don said,

"you know Jim, Donna and I spoke about quite a few things last

night when we got home. At my urging, she told me that she would

like to make it with another man but was afraid. She specifically

said that she thought you were very sexy. Is there anything we

could do to remove her anxiety about trying another man? I know I

am ready to ignore jealousy. I trust her, but I want her to have

it all. Do you find her desirable?"

     Jim assured him that, "she was indeed a very sexy woman. I

think we can trade places in her mind, if you think she would

like it."

     Don agreed. Jim spoke to Donna again, "you are now more

deeply asleep than you have ever been before. When you awaken,

Don will become Jim and Jim will be Don in every way. Jim will

look like Don, sound like him, feel like him and taste like him.

You will find yourself uncontrollably attracted to him and will

need to feel him inside you. You will feel free to do anything

with him that pleases you without regard for who else is in the

room. In fact, because someone is watching you, you will become

even more excited. When you hear me clap my hands twice, Jim and

Don will again trade places and be themselves. you will remember

nothing until I clap my hands twice." Jim also gave her the sug-

gestion that she will be able to change Don any time she wished,

just as Don had learned. Jim told her that she would wake up very

slowly, feeling wonderful and refreshed.

     Donna began to open her eyes slowly. "I really can't remem-

ber anything. Did it go well?" she asked and looked at Don. Don

told her that everything went very well. She got up from the

chair and moved toward Jim. "Honey, I don't really know why, but

I have this uncontrollable urge to screw you eyes out. And oddly

enough, I don't even care if Jim watches. What did you do to me

Jim?" she asked of Don with an unusual sparkle in her brown eyes.

Jim opened his arms as Donna fell into them with her mouth par-

tially open.

     Don sunk into a chair next to the table with a curious look

on his face. Jim looked over at him and Don nodded his head,

giving authority to proceed. Jim could see Don's hand fall upon

his already hard cock as his hands began to explore Donna's full

breasts. Donna stepped back and removed her top in one quick mo-

tion. She tore at the buttons to Jim's shirt. Soon they were all

but naked. Only her panties remained as she returned to Jim's

embrace, rubbing her pubic mound against his leg. Don settled

back and unzipped his trousers. His thick cock was withdrawn, and

he stroked its length as his eyes watched every move of Donna and

her lover. Jim reached his hand inside of Donna's pink panties

onto the swell of her buttocks. Squeezing the wonderfully tex-

tured flesh of her fanny gave Jim all the more reason to become

harder. Donna dipped in to his shorts, and her hand felt his cock

length increase.

     The aroma of this lovely woman rose to meet Jim's nostrils.

She felt the cream beginning to seep from the eye of his steel-

like hammer. Panties and shorts were removed in speedy unison as

they fell to the bed. Don was now stroking his huge cock more

quickly. His balls were being tortured by his zipper. He stood up

and removed his pants and shorts, continuing to beat his meat.

Each time he stroked his cock, he saw something else that drove

him crazy. Jim's hands were filled with breast flesh. He lowered

his head to suck on the pert nipples and tweaked them softly with

his teeth.

     Donna's groans were now music to Don's ears. Another man had

his fingers in her pussy. Jim would pull the slick covered

fingers from her gushing hole and rub the button of her ass hole.

Moving slowly down from her nipples, Jim began kissing the swell

of her belly, biting her lightly on the hip bones. This made her

jump half way off the bed. She grabbed Jim's head and tried to

push him into her hair-covered cunt. He resisted and continued

his efforts slowly. His tongue traveled all around her love box,

teasing the soft hairs and licking her thighs. Closer and closer

his lips came to her love button. In a quick motion, Donna moved

toward Jim's raging penis. Her lovely lips opened and she slid

the length of Jim's cock into her mouth, sucking hard. Up and

down this immense shaft her mouth moved. Don could see the trail

of his wife's saliva on this man's thick bone.

     Jim mouth suddenly opened and covered Donna's swollen cunt

lips. His tongue drove deeply into her hole as he tasted her cunt

honey. He sucked on her clit, bringing it into full hardness. It

was like a small spear between his hungry lips. Don's eyes were

glued to them as he saw breasts moving like jello and buttocks

rippling in rhythm with their oral movements. Suddenly, Donna

stiffened, pulled Jim's cock from her mouth momentarily, slammed

it deep inside her throat and climaxed in Jim's mouth. She poured

her love juices into Jim's sucking mouth as her hips gyrated

quickly against his cream-covered face. It seemed like it would

last forever. Finally, her buttocks began to slow down. Her

screams were muffled by the enormous bone in her throat. They too

subsided. Jim was still very stiff as Donna removed him from her

mouth. "Would you mind if we took a small break so I can have

something to drink honey?" she asked.

     "Not at all Donna," Jim responded as he looked at Don and

rolled his eyes. Donna looked over at Don with surprise as she

saw his erect penis in his hands.

     "Ya know Jim, I don't really blame you. I guess we did get

out of hand a little. It seems that Don and I have really turned

you on from the looks of it. Now that is a thing to be proud of,"

she said with a smile, about his cock, reaching for a water

glass. Don felt a little self-conscious as he let his cock fall

from his hands. Jim and Don both watched the sway of Donna's but-

tocks and breasts as she walked slowly across the room with her

water. Her entire body was a deep pink with exertion. She

returned to Jim on the bed and offered him a sip. He took it


     "Don, it seems like forever since I've seen another man's

penis, and Jim's is great looking, don't you think?" Donna said.

     Jim responded, "well, I really don't get into dicks with the

possible exception of my own, but I'm glad you like it."

     "You're not jealous honey?" Donna asked of Jim as she

settled back into his arms. Her breasts flowed into the hollow of

Jim's chest as she offered Don a view of her pink buttocks, her

eyes searching for Don's cock.

     Jim said, "no Donna, I'm not jealous. In fact it would ex-

cite me if you touched his cock. Jim said as he grinned over her

head at Don. Don returned the grin and moved toward the bed.

Donna rested the glass on the night stand as Don approached.

Don's half-hard penis came within close proximity to her face.

She began to reach up to touch it and stopped to look at Jim. He

nodded his support, and she again reached for Don's cock. It took

very little for Don's cock to rise again. She stared up at Don in

a sheepish manner and began to stroke it. Jim's hand cupped one

of her ample breasts as Don stepped closer. Don reached out and

ran his fingers through her hair slowly, urging her lips nearer

his now huge rod. Donna could see the fluid at the tip of Don's

cock. She turned her ass to Jim and took the first few inches of

Don's thick bone in her mouth. Donna took more and more of Don's

penis into her mouth as Don saw Jim begin to manipulate Donna's

hairy pussy. Jim then got on his knees and brought Donna to hers.

Donna moved without loosing her grip on Don's penis. She reached

around and grabbed Don's buttocks and pulled him deeper into her


     Jim moved behind Donna running his hands over her rounded

ass cheeks. His hand dipped down into the crack of her ass and

collected some of her juices. He raised his hand to his nostrils

to savor the aroma of her womanhood. He stroked his bone into

full erection as he placed saliva in his hand and applied it be-

tween her bush to Donna's cunt lips. Aiming the arrow of his

shaft at her gaping love tunnel, Jim eased his huge cock into

Don's wife. He slowly worked his penis into her body until her

could see the button of Donna's ass hole press against his hairy

belly. He started to move in and out of her hole.

     Faster and faster his slick bone drove home. His balls were

bouncing off of Donna's clit increasing her excitement. Jim could

take no more as his eyes riveted on his juice-covered cock split-

ting her cunt hairs as it drove into this musky tunnel. Her

beautiful ass cheeks were in his hands wobbling wonderfully. It

was too exciting. He began to grunt. As she felt him stiffen in-

side of her squeezing sheath, she mashed her buttocks into his

thighs to gain deeper penetration.

     Don was now driving his tool with increased fervor inside of

his wife's sucking mouth. With the beauty of this rare moment,

Donna felt both lovers go off at once. Gobs of thick cream were

pouring into her slippery cunt hole. Don's jism squirted hotly

into her sucking mouth. Her mind was spinning as she experienced

one of the most earth-shaking climaxes in her memory. She col-

lapsed beneath both men. All three participants remained motion-

less for quite some time. It was Jim that first got up from the

bed and went into the bath room. He washed up and returned to the

room with his trousers on. He poured himself a drink and took a

seat at the table. Don said, "is there any more of that? I think

I need a drink too." Jim poured Don a drink and delivered it to

bed side. Donna had the most wonderful smile on her face.

     She soon got up and moved toward the bath room. Jim thought

how sexy this woman was. He asked Don after Donna was out of ear

shot, "Do you feel OK about this Don?"

     "I'll tell you the truth, I do have some guilt feelings

about it. I think they will go away without too much problem. I

am concerned about Donna. How do you think she will fair?" asked


     "Well, there's only one way to find out. We still have to

change back remember?" stated Jim as Donna returned to the room.

     "Change back to what?" Donna quizzed while returning to "Jim

on the bed.

     Jim responded first, "Donna, how do you feel about every-

thing that has happened?"

     "I feel great. I have never felt so sexy. I have never had

such a good climax. I don't really think I feel guilty, and now I

am sure that I wouldn't be jealous if you made love to another

woman either Don," Donna said.

     "I am not Don," Jim stated as he clapped his hands twice.

Donna had a look on her face as if she didn't know where she was.

Her head turned from one to the other and back again.

     "Holy christ! Holyyyyyyy chrissssst! You two switched

places. Don do you mean that I was making love to Jim before you

agreed to let me touch his cock?" Donna asked incredulously.

     "That's it honey. You wanted to. You said that you wanted

to. I wanted you to. I know that he did. Everything happened the

way it should have, and I love you more than ever. Please tell me

you enjoyed it and you're not feeling bad," Don pleaded.

     Donna was comfortable with the events of the day. Twice

before they left she experimented with making love to two of her

favorite actors. Once she made it with both of them. Jim was not

really sure whether Don was making love with anyone in par-

ticular. He knew that he could if he wanted to. Jim felt great

about what he was able to do for Don and Donna as well as for

himself. This was one of the hottest long weekends he had ever

had. They agreed to do this again one day, and Jim hoped that he

would have a chance to see Bridgit again also.

                     CHAPTER SIX - MIND SEX

     A sweltering unseasonable heat met Jim as he left the of-

fice. He had been so busy with the rigors of a new week that he

hadn't even the opportunity to stop for lunch. Just as well, he

thought. It wouldn't hurt to shave about three pounds or so. Jim

fired up the air conditioner and headed for home.

     His mind wandered to a new computer bulletin board friend he

had met the previous day. Ed seemed like an average guy with an

interest in improving his sex life. He and his wife Linda lived

in a little town near Pittsburgh, were in their forties, appeared

to be devoted to one another, but something seemed to be missing.

Ed and Linda weren't alone. Many couples experience this common

phenomenon after being married for many years. Ed was interested

in breathing a little new life into their relationship.

     Jim had been jumping around the computer system from door to

door when he was paged by Ed. As most people, Ed seemed in-

credulous about the use of hypnosis in sex. He couldn't believe

that so many wonderful things could be accomplished by the use of

hypnosis. It all seemed supernatural and frankly, so much bull.

     After Jim had the opportunity to share some of the methods

and analogies of hypnosis, Ed became more interested and wondered

whether this may be the direction he should take. Jim's biggest

challenge seemed to be convincing Ed that is was normal to want

to make sex more exciting. In response to Jim's questions, Ed ad-

vised him that he and Linda had never actually shared any fan-

tasies with one another. Ed had wanted to experiment with

threesomes as one time, but Linda seemed to be somewhat put out

about it. She had never indicated an interest in making it with

anyone other than Ed. Jim advised Ed to try to draw Linda's in-

terests out through conversation and to get back to him so he

could prepare an approach for them.

     The following evening when Jim signed on to the system there

was electronic mail for him. He always got excited when there was

a message for him. It was a lot like getting a letter that didn't

have one of those little windows in it that meant the dirty "I"

word - invoice. Ed indicated that he was able to determine one

significant thing in his conversation with Linda. She was crazy

about Patrick Swazee. She had indicated that although she was

devoted to Ed, Patrick could park his shoes under her bed anytime

he wanted to. Ed shared that he was a little jealous, but oddly

enough, somewhat sexually excited by the prospect of Linda making

it with someone like that.

     Jim prepared a message to leave in the electronic mail sys-

tem for Ed. He indicated that chances were likely that Linda

could mentally substitute Ed for Patrick Swazee. He cautioned Ed

that much of the success of this effort had to do with whether or

not he did anything to make Linda feel guilty. If they would like

to try it, Jim would be happy to help them. He went on to say

that it would probably take a good deal of convincing on Ed's

part to get Linda to agree. Instead of visiting the house, Jim

wanted to know what interests they had that would enable him to

meet them socially. He signed off and waited for Ed's reply.

     The next time he signed on to the system another message was

waiting for him. Ed indicated that he thought that Linda found

the idea to be exciting but had some concerns about hypnosis and

the proverbial trust factor. They didn't know Jim and were a

little concerned about meeting him. Ed also explained that each

Wednesday he and Linda went to a local bowling alley with several

other duffers. They would be agreeable to meeting Jim there but

didn't want any of their friends to know that they were meeting

him for this purpose.

     Jim answered that he would meet them at the bowling alley

and maintain a discrete approach to the matter. He hadn't been

offended by their concern. It was natural, and Jim had encoun-

tered this skepticism almost every time he approached a situation

such as this. He made plans to meet with Ed and Linda and felt

confident that he would be able to help them in one fashion or

other. Each time Jim got involved in a situation like this was

erotic for him. It brought back so many exciting memories.

     Wednesday had arrived, and the work day had come to an end.

Jim stood at his mirror combing his hair and straightening his

shirt collar. Assured that everything looked presentable, he got

into the car for his short journey to the bowling alley. This was

such a beautiful time of the year for a ride. The trees began to

fill with green, flowers painted the scene and the fresh air

filled his wandering mind. Pulling into the bowling alley parking

lot, Jim reviewed the available parking spaces and selected one

close to the door. He could always tell what kind of people fre-

quented a place by the look of the parking lot. This seemed to be

a nice bunch of folks by the type and number of cars adorning the


     There was a nice looking mix of people in the place. Adjoin-

ing the bowling alley was a nicely accented lounge with soft rock

playing. Jim perused the lanes and saw that Ed and Linda could

have been any of seven different couples. He decided to take a

seat and wait for direction. One couple did seem to snatch peeks

at him more than any other. It appeared as though they were wait-

ing for someone. Soon one of the males of a couple foursome wan-

dered over with a towel in his hand. "Jim?" said the man.

     "That's me. You must be Ed. How are they rolling for you?"

Jim inquired. While waiting for his answer, he began sizing up Ed

and trying to figure out which of the ladies were Linda. It

really didn't matter as both of them were lovely looking ladies.

     "I think my balls are bigger than the ones we are using. I

bowl so badly that you have to have big balls to embarrass your-

self by bowling in front of everyone," he laughed.

     Jim assured him that he had plenty of company and that his

main claim to fame had never been bowling either. After some ad-

ditional small talk, Ed invited Jim over to meet Linda and their


     Amenities having been exchanged with Linda, Karen and Joe,

Ed explained that Jim was a computer friend that they had met on

the computer bulletin board and they were going to have a drink

and discuss some of their computer ideas. He asked Karen and Joe

to join them.

     Jim took a spectator's position and watched as the bowlers

plied their hobby. It was Linda's turn to toss the ball. Not

being an expert, Jim watched Linda make her initial approach. It

soon dawned on him that her approach was not what interested him.

Linda was about 5'5" tall and about 125 pounds of loveliness. As

Linda picked up her ball from the return, she grasped it in both

hands in front of her. This movement provided the loveliest view

of her cleavage; soft white breasts with a healthy texture that

captured the attention of most men in the area.

     His eyes were then drawn like magnets to her wonderfully

shaped buttocks. Her slacks provided cover but left very little

to the imagination. They were so perfectly lifted and separated,

and they danced so artistically as she made the short trip to

release her ball. He thought that he might just have to take up

this game on a regular basis just to return to this lovely view.

     After the four bowlers had sufficiently tired themselves

with their less-than-300 game, they stowed their equipment and

headed for the lounge. Having been seated and drinks ordered, Jim

explained that he was a sociologist, worked with behavior

modification and came to find that he and Ed shared many common

interests about computers. Shortly thereafter, Karen and Joe ex-

cused themselves so that they could pick up their son at baseball


     Linda, Ed and Jim all seemed to offer a sigh of relief as

the couple left. Additional drinks were ordered and the conversa-

tion continued. Ed began to offer apologies for his comments to

their friends, but Jim stopped him with a raised hand. "There's

no need to apologize. This is your business, and if I don't un-

derstand, I don't have any business being here. My interest is in

seeing you both learn to enjoy life and one another more. I get

off on it. Some people collect stamps. I collect happy people.

It's erotic as well as meaningful," Jim smiled.

     "I hope that's not all you get off on," Linda offered with

her own smile. She appeared to be somewhat attracted to Jim as

well. Jim felt several times as though she had been stealing

glances at him, but he couldn't figure if it was that she was

concerned about him being there or happy that he was.

     "No Linda, not at all. I'm just as normal as the next guy,

but I'm sure there would be people that would disagree with me on

that. If you don't mind, I would like to be candid with you from

the beginning. Am I correct in assuming that you are both inter-

ested in improving both your relaxation techniques and your sex

lives?" Jim asked as he casually raised his eyebrows.

     Having received a nod from them both, Jim went on. "The mind

determines what happens and how it is perceived. The reason that

we get sexually excited is that the mind sends messages from the

brain to various parts of the body. In a man's case, blood is

sent to the penis, it fills, expands and becomes rigid. Very much

the same thing occurs when a woman becomes excited mentally. Once

again, our brain tells our system to increase the blood flow to

the extremities. The breasts, nipples and buttocks become more

sensitive as the nerves are exposed because of an increased pres-

sure of the blood supply. Mucous membranes are squeezed by the

blood flow which provides lubrication to the vagina. The inner

and outer lips of the vulva expand and become heavy.

     "Our mind makes these things happen. Much of it has to do

with what we have programmed ourselves to consider sexy. That is

why we refer to men as tit men, ass men, leg men and the like.

Smell provides a real turn on for some people. Some folks are ex-

cited visually, while others can only be turned on by touch.

Again, the mind is doing these things for us and to us. As time

goes by, many people require additional or different stimuli to

provide excitement. You've heard the expression, 'variety is the

spice of life,' I am sure. That is what the expression refers to.

     "Almost all of society has their secret turn-ons. Many don't

speak of them, but most have them. My wife, for instance, never

demonstrated much interest in anything other than infrequent mis-

sionary style sex. She tried to please of course, but sex was not

very exciting for her. She never mentioned fantasies. I took for

granted that she didn't have them, until one day she said some-

thing that led me to believe that she had. I questioned her about

it. Too immediately she denied that she ever thought of anyone

but me. After additional prompting, she admitted that she may

have had fantasies but didn't have the courage to share them be-

cause it wasn't normal for a "good wife" to think of anyone

sexually but her husband.

     "This conversation occurred while we were in bed. As I was

able to pry more out of her, she noticed that I was not getting

angry. In fact, I was getting aroused; more aroused than she had

seen me in quite some time. Before the night was over we had made

love three times and climaxed with more pleasure than we ever

had. After that, fantasy had a place in our hearts and in our

pants. Sex had become better and more meaningful. I guess that's

one of the reasons that we are still together and enjoy one

another so much sexually. I was able to assure her that jealousy

had no strength or place in our relationship so long as emotion

wasn't diverted from each other. I would be jealous if I believed

that she loved someone more than me, but it only served to excite

me to think of her making it with someone else," Jim concluded.

     Linda seemed to be amazed at Jim's honesty in explaining how

he perceived fantasy and jealousy. "Have you or your wife ever

made love to someone else Jim?" she inquired.

     With a slight smile begin to curl on his lips, Jim remarked,

"On several occasions we have experimented. Jealousy did occur

the first time for both of us. Fortunately, our juices took over

and the situation was so hot, a wonderful balance resulted. Af-

terward, when we discussed it, our discussion just made us more

excited. We were left with a better understanding of our own

jealousy. Once I realized that although it turned her on, she was

also doing it for me, my jealousy went away and what was left was

pure excitement."

     "Quite honestly, you have captured my interest," Linda said.

"Would you be interested in trying to help us achieve some of the

things that hypnosis has to offer?"

     "If you are both not just interested to try it but hungry to

master it, I'd be happy to help you. This isn't something that

you put a halfhearted effort into. You should commit to submit

your mind to it and attempt to practice periodically to improve

you own ability. When would you like to start?" Jim asked.

     Linda looked at Ed for approval and direction. Seeing no ob-

jection, she said, "well it's not too late now if you wouldn't

mind following us to our place. It's only about a mile and a half

down the road, and it's in the direction you'd be traveling."

     Jim looked at his watch and agreed to follow them to their

home. He asked them to think about what they would like to ex-

periment on while they were driving back to the house. They

gathered their equipment, left a tip on the table and began the

short trip to their home. Jim followed, pleased that he had been

able to give them some initial good direction about hypnosis.

     The trip was indeed short, and soon they had arrived at

their destination. Linda and Ed lived in a lovely neighborhood.

Their house and grounds were well maintained. The inside of the

house was furnished in a lovely fashion. Jim thought to himself

how proud he was that he had read these people correctly. They

seemed to be a very nice, average couple with their heads screwed

on right. After they were settled and Linda had prepared drinks

and some snacks, Jim asked, "did you discuss what you would like

to work on with hypnosis?"

     Ed began, "we did talk about it a little, Jim. Linda and I

think that you may have something there with the jealousy theory

of yours. Both of us are willing to try making it with someone

else. We have agreed that if either of us develop a problem with

it we will stop and scrap the idea. Nothing ventured; nothing

gained. We believe that we are mature enough and love each other

enough that we can overcome it." Linda illustrated her agreement

by nodding her head, but she said nothing.

     Jim, in turn, placed each of them into deep hypnosis. They

were both excellent subjects. Much of it had to do with Jim's ex-

planation of what would occur and their commitment to their  sub-

mission. He gave them each post hypnotic suggestions that would

enable them to enter a deep trance state each time Jim snapped

his fingers twice while looking them in the eyes.

     Through the use of additional suggestions Jim established

that in Ed's eyes Linda would become Kim Bassinger and in Linda's

eyes Ed would be Patrick Swazee. They would both be extremely

horny. They also did not have to waste time with amenities. He

increased their sensitivity, increased the intensity and length

of their respective climax and ended by giving them the instruc-

tions on how and when they would wake up.  Additionally, Jim

would not be visible to them. Both were woken and Jim retreated

to a chair in the corner of the room to observe.

     Ed sat there looking in awe at Linda. She was just as cap-

tured by Ed. They both stood and immediately began removing one

another's clothing. Jim felt like a voyeur, but it was very ex-

citing. Linda was a knock-out and he could feel his cock begin to

lengthen. It was like watching his own personal porn film with

the added excitement that he helped write the script. He watched

as Ed's hands went to Linda's heavy, naked breasts. Ed's eyes

gradually lowered to view this lovely spectacle. He tweaked her

lovely hardening nipples and filled his hands with tit flesh.

     Linda moved her hands to Ed's now-naked buttocks and

squeezed as she offered her hot lips to him. His thick penis

began its upward climb to erection leaving a slight trail of

seminal fluid on Linda's baby blue panties. As his hands sneaked

inside the waist band of her panties and he filled his hands with

her ample ass cheeks, a deep moan escaped her lips into his hot

mouth. Jim watched as Linda's buttocks were exposed to his view.

His rod was now rock hard and straining for a volcanic release.

Linda's full buttocks were pressed together and separated inter-

mittently. Jim could see the deep crevice of her ass and the dark

patch of cunt hair. The smell of lust filled his nostrils and in-

creased his own excitement.

     Soon Linda dropped to her knees and placed Ed's extended

meat gently into her mouth. Ed squeezed his ass tight as he

pushed forward to gain depth. Linda lifted his balls and massaged

them gently as her wet mouth surrounded his straining cock. Each

time he pulled slightly out of her mouth, Jim was able to see the

residue of her saliva coating his huge penis; preparing it for

its trip into the depths of her slippery and swollen pussy lips.

Never had Jim seen such an erotic sight. He almost felt part of

the action, and his hand began to massage the grand lump in his

own pants.

     Gently, Ed lifted Linda into his arms and headed for the

couch. He lower her as her breasts swayed like oceans of heavy

fluid contained only by the shores of flesh that surrounded them.

Her nipples were hard and extended. The tight nipple flesh pulled

hard at the ample breast which surrounded each. After settled in

a reclining position, Linda felt her legs being separated by Ed's

strong hands. The muff of cunt hair which encircled her deep

honey pot separated to frame a slick pink gully. Jim watched as

her love cream seeped out of her hole and ran down into the deep,

warm crack of her ass to bathe her tight, quivering  ass hole.

     Ed's lips began at the knee on the inside of Linda's thigh.

Never was he this hot. His normally thick cock was as rigid as an

iron bar and felt like lead. It became so hard that he could feel

his hairy balls squeezed tightly against his body. His lips con-

tinued to move, painting Linda's inner thigh with hot saliva.

Closer and closer they came to her gaping hot tunnel. The

fragrance of her wet sex visited his senses and made him tingle

with added excitement. Linda could feel his slightly rough face

teasing its way toward the magnet of her dripping, hair-covered

pussy lips. His hands continued to test the weight of her jig-

gling tits. Each time the palms of his hands brushed her tight

nipples it sent waves of excitement to her straining clitoris.

     On his nose he could feel the moist hair which covered her

quivering cunt. Reaching from behind, spreading her tight but-

tocks, Ed used his fingers to spread the lips of her love tunnel.

Ever so gently he pressed his hard tongue into her fuck pit. Jim

removed his hand from his laboring penis, concerned that it would

ejaculate prior to their completion. His eyes remained glued to

the hot action. Linda was hotter than she had ever remembered

being. She swallowed Ed's expanded cock, and he drove it into the

depths of her throat with his 5'11", 155 pound frame. She could

feel Ed's hairy balls rest on her chin as she filled her hands

with his buttocks and pulled him yet harder toward her. Grinding

her slick pussy into his gaping mouth, she could feel the weight

of her breasts as they bounced in the air and tingled her rubbery


     Ed broke the lock that they had placed their convulsing

bodies in. Turning her on her knees to present her taunt buttocks

to his gaze and aim, Ed leaned her soft breasts against the couch

and filled his hand with his own thick organ. Stroking it several

times to bring it to yet new length, Ed placed the spear-like tip

at the door of her womanhood. Linda couldn't help herself as she

pressed backward trying to prematurely swallow his member with

her hairy, dripping sheath. Ed soon rewarded her as he smeared

love juices over the tip of his meat and began pressing its

length into the depths of her hole. Deeper and deeper it

traveled. What a vision! He could see the thick cock pole slip

effortlessly into the dark canyon of wet heat. As he withdrew, Ed

could see the evidence of her own juices glistening on his bone.

     Jim watched as the strokes increased in intensity, speed and

depth. The sound of Ed's thighs smacking against Linda's firm ass

was music to his ears. Jim could see Linda's ass wiggle as she

screwed it back to receive Ed's advances. Her breasts jiggled so

voluptuously that Jim's fuck bone almost went off without him

touching it. His gaze traveled to Linda's face. The look on her

face was a combination of angel and demon. Her earthy grunts gave

him new reason to maintain erection. He loved the sound of

pleasure, and there was no doubt that Linda had never felt so

much unadulterated bliss. She was bucking wildly as the unrelent-

ing cock drove deep into her cavernous pussy.

     The fever pitch that they had attained was soon met with the

ecstasy they sought. Linda was screaming, "fuck that deep cunt

Patrick. Fuck my hole with your hot meat and pour your come into

my guts." She was indeed being made love to by Patrick Swazee. He

wanted her and he was taking her.

     "You feel so damn wonderful Kim. Take my bone in your hole

and don't let go. I want to pump my cock into you until it falls

off," Ed responded. His cock was in Kim Bassinger's tight pussy

and his hands were squeezing her rubbery ass cheeks. All at once,

Ed threw his head back and began a series of low grunts as he

pumped his cream into Linda's pounding body. As if playing her

part in an orchestra, Linda buried the top of her head into the

couch and tossed her cunt up toward Ed driving bone. "Yes, Yes,

Yes, Harder, Harder, Now, Now, Ohhhhhh!" she screamed.

     Soon they were spent and laying together in a half sleep.

They were too tired to move or didn't care to. Jim placed them

both into another trance. He gave them post hypnotic suggestions

that they would wake up feeling wonderful, well-rested and remem-

ber everything that occurred during the love making experience at

the count of three.

     "One, two, three; awaken feeling wonderful and sexy," Jim

said as he clapped his hands loudly. They both opened their eyes

slowly. Their faces were graced with the most wonderful smile,

but each of them appeared to have experienced some embarrassment.

Jim couldn't quite tell whether it was guilt or not. "How do you


     Linda began with a smile, "I feel like a truck hit me - but

right in the correct place. It was a truck I have wanted to be

hit by for a long time. I can't really believe that Patrick

Swazee made love to me." She soon noticed that she hadn't a

stitch of clothes on. As Jim saw her concern, he offered an af-

ghan for her to cover up.

     "I don't think I have ever had a hotter experience. I was

convinced that Linda was Kim Bassinger. No -- Kim Bassinger can

not be that good. This is unbelievable. I can't wait to start

again. Thank you Jim," Ed said meaningfully.

     "There's no need to thank me. I was just the facilitator.

You and Linda made it all happen. The next time we get together,

I want to teach you both how to be anyone you want, with anyone

you want, wherever you want to be and as long as you want to be

there," Jim said. "Now I have a little drive ahead of me, and I

must be going. Beat's the hell out of bowling, doesn't it? Sit

tight. I'll show myself out. Leave me a message on the computer

and let me know if you have any suggestions on how to improve the


     Jim wasn't out the door before Ed and Linda were deeply in-

volved in their own new experiment. Jim couldn't get home quickly

enough so he could take care of his own hard business. On the

trip home his mind wandered to pat himself on the back for

another success story. These two were one of the hottest couples

he had ever helped. It didn't do him any harm either.

                    CHAPTER SEVEN - MIND SEX

     July of '91 had to be one of the most sweltering heat waves

in history for the mid west. Jim was sure that there was a direct

correlation between the heat and his libido. He seemed to stay

horny all of the time. He had to "get off" each night before

going to sleep, and he woke up with a cock hard enough to chop

oak trees. He knew that he was ready for a new adventure.

     Recently, he joined a new computer bulletin board service in

Cleveland. It really seemed to be a great board because it had a

matching service that provided an outline of all of the sub-

scribers and what their interests were. He had pulled up a list

of about thirty singles or couples that were interested in meet-

ing him.

     Sometimes the conversations got so hot on the computer that

he couldn't help but stroke his tool while trying to type in

responses. Carla was one of the most exciting new contacts he had

made. Her profile indicated that she was married, 39 years old,

5'5" tall, 135 pounds, long brown hair, blue eyes and hot to

trot. During one of their chats, she indicated that hypnosis in-

terested her, but she didn't know much about it. They had made

arrangements to meet so that Jim could better explain the process

and benefits.

     Jim arrived at the little town just east of Cleveland at a

little before seven o'clock on the agreed upon evening. By seven

o'clock he was parking the car in front of the address that he

had been given. Walking toward the door, he wondered how Carla

and her husband, Tom would be. To his pleasant surprise, the door

was answered by an extremely lovely creature wearing a small hal-

ter top that barely contained a remarkable set of breasts, a

short white skirt that accented her plentiful buttocks and high

heals that gave her legs the most interesting and seductive

curves. There seemed to be one bonus after the other. Her lovely

hair fell in soft curls to frame the face of an angel. "Please

come in Jim," she said with what appeared to be a pleased look on

her face.

     Jim stepped into the foyer and extended his hand in greet-

ing. Carla accepted his hand, cupped it and pulled it into her

breast as she kissed him on the cheek. He could already feel the

heat develop in his loins. Her eyes seemed to be memorizing him

as she said, "Come in to the den and have a seat while I get you

something to drink. Tom will be here in just a little while. I

sent him out for a few things. What would you like to drink?"

     "A little demon rum and some diet cola if you have it,

Carla. You have a lovely place," Jim offered as his eyes drank of

her form gliding across the room toward the bar. This was an ass

that he wanted to forever remember. It wasn't that her skirt was

that tight. It was the material that seemed to cling in just the

right fashion to reveal each ass cheek in all its glory. They

moved like a symphony with each step she took. Having manufac-

tured Jim's drink and preparing one for herself, Carla returned

to Jim and offered one of the glasses. Her return trip was just

as exciting. Her soft breasts bounced appealingly during her

return. She held her arms slightly away from her body as she

carried the drinks. This seemed to accent her ripened nipples.

Jim thought that she may becoming as excited by the prospects as

he was.

     "Good heavens. You are a lovely woman, Carla. I don't think

that I can keep my mind on anything with the way you look," Jim


     With a devilish smile, Carla said, "do you want me to change

or cover something up?"

     "I can think of a thing or two that I would like to see you

cover up, but please don't change on my account," he responded with a chuckle.

     "Do you mean covering your long, hot cock with my tight,

hairy cunt hole while you suck on my big tits and bite my juicy

nipples? Or maybe cover up your thick bone with my lips while I

suck the last bit of cream out of your big balls." In a flash she

had pulled up her halter top and her huge breasts bounced free.

"Conceivably, I could grease up these big knockers and let you

titty fuck me and come on my erect nipples," she said in a soft

tone with a matter-of-fact look on her face.

     Jim almost fell over backward in the chair he was in. Carla

began laughing, pulled down her top and said, "I'm just kidding

Jim. I hope that we do get to that point, but I just wanted to

see the look on your face.

     "You did take me by surprise," Jim smiled. "I do have to ad-

mit that you have two of the most remarkable tits I have ever

seen." If this was any indication of what was in store for Jim,

he knew he had made the right choice to visit. His cock stayed

hard as they continued their conversation. Suddenly, they were

interrupted by the phone ringing. Carla got up from her chair and

made her way over to the phone. Jim could not take his eyes off

her swaying buttocks and almost spilled his drink.

     Carla spoke softly, and Jim could not hear what she was

saying. After a short time she returned and explained that Tom

had gotten tied up and wouldn't be able to join them for about an

hour or so. She asked Jim if he could explain the hypnosis

process. This he did. He went into enough detail to explain how

the trance state was induced and what could be accomplished

through the use of hypnosis.

     "Could you make me believe that you or I are someone or

something other than who or what we are?" she asked leaning

toward him and offering a lucid view of her stunning cleavage.

     "I really can't do anything, Carla. I am only your guide.

You actually accomplish all of these things yourself. You can

lengthen the duration of your climax, make various parts of your

body more sensitive than normal or turn yourself or others into

anyone or anything you can imagine," he answered.

     "Let's not wait, Jim. Put me into a trance now so I can see

what you're talking about," Carla pleaded.

     "First I would like to just do some relaxation exercises. It

will enable me to determine what your ability currently is and

decide how far to go today. Is that OK with you?" he asked.

     "You're the boss. Just don't turn me into a chicken or make

me chase cars," she teased.

     Jim placed her in an upright chair and began to induce the

trance state. She seemed to be responding rather well so he con-

tinued his efforts using the escalator approach. She was brought

lower and lower into the depths of her own mind. He then relaxed

each major muscle group by lightly touching the area and drawing

attention to it. This part was difficult for Jim because he had

to maintain his professionalism while touching her wonderful


     After a couple of tests to determine depth, Jim began to

give Carla post hypnotic suggestions that would serve to

demonstrate what she would be able to accomplish. He indicated to

her that she would not feel any different and would probably not

think that she had been asleep. Her nipples would not become

rigid unless her left ear was touched. Once that happened her

nipples would become as rigid as marbles.

     He told her that whenever her left knee and left elbow were

touched at the same time, she would feel the pressure of hungry

lips on her nipples. Additionally, if these areas were slightly

shaken, she would feel a light electric shock sensation in her


     He then indicated to her that when she felt herself reaching

orgasm, she would be unable to come unless she was dancing nude.

When she started coming, all she had to do to double the inten-

sity of the orgasm was to pinch her nipples. If this night she

was made love to, she would be unable to reach a climax unless

Jim pushed her left nipple like a button. When this occurred, she

would have the most significant orgasm of her life.

     In order to more easily go into a trance the next time, Jim

gave her another post-hypnotic suggestion. When he snapped his

fingers twice and told her to fall into a deep sleep, she would

immediately do so. She was asked and indicated that she under-

stood each suggestion. Jim told her that at the count of three

she would awaken, remember as much as she liked and feel terrific

and sexy.

     At the count of three Carla's eyes opened slowly and she had

an incredulous smirk on her face. She said, "I don't feel as if

anything happened, Jim."

     "You don't always feel as though something has happened. It

is only an altered state of consciousness. It's not actually

sleep. However, now you have abilities that you have never had

before," Jim explained.

     "I don't feel any different, but all of this talk about sex

has made me awfully horny. I can feel it building in me and I

want to explode," she said almost apologetically.

     "You are not all that horny, Carla. Your nipples are not

hard and they can't get hard unless we impose one of the suggest-

ions I gave you earlier," Jim assured her.

     Carla looked at him as if her were crazy, "my nipples are

almost always hard, Jim." She looked down at her breasts but did

not see the tell-tale impressions in her halter top. When she

raised her eyes to look at Jim, she had a look of disbelief on

her face. "This is insane. I hope to hell that you haven't taken

something away from me. The sensitivity of my nipples are criti-

cal, Jim.

     Jim said, "it only takes a second to fix. I want you to try

to make your nipples hard, Carla. Touch them, think of the hot-

test experience in your life, pinch them, pull on them or even

touch your pussy. When you are convinced that you have done

everything possible, let me have a try." She followed Jim's sug-

gestions point by point. First she removed her top. Her nipples

were lovely large patches adorning her breasts, but they were

flat and lifeless. She touched them gently at first and then be-

came more demanding. With her eyes closed tightly, she pulled and

pinched at the lovely pink patches to no avail. She began to

twirl the nipple of her left breast and her other hand reached

down into the heated gap between her legs.

     "It feels great, but I can't seem to bring any life into

them. Please tell me that you will take this away," she said al-

most in a panic. He walked over to her and told her to keep her

eyes on her nipples. Then he raised his hand and touched her left

ear. Suddenly her nipples began to harden right in front of her

eyes. They became towering bundles of rigid flesh. They started

out pink and as they continued to grow they became almost red. A

smile soon replaced the frown and she lifted her breasts, began

to shake them and said, "all right! Now I have my lovely nipples

back again. You scarred the hell out of me, Jim. It is possible

that it was only a coincidence though. It could be the tempera-

ture in this room or apprehension about being so near a


     "Would you like to go on to the next step of the

demonstration?" asked Jim. She indicated that she would. Jim

knelt down next to Carla and touched her left knee and left elbow

at the same time. Immediately her eyes shot open wide and another

look of disbelief found itself on her face.

     "Jim, this is unbelievable. I actually feel a wet pressure

on my nipples. It feels like searching lips," she said. Jim

removed his hands and the sensation went away. "Oh Jim, why did

you stop. It felt so incredible."

     "Try it yourself. Place your left hand on your left knee and

your right hand on your left elbow, Carla. Go ahead. You'll be

pleasantly surprised," he coached her. Carla did this and again

got a look of amazement on her face. "If you want to try some-

thing else, let me know when you are ready," he offered.

     She indicated that she was ready so Jim explained that she

should shake her left knee and left elbow. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh

my lord. I never felt anything like this before," suddenly she

stopped. "I can't hurt myself doing this, can I Jim?"

     Jim assured her that there was not any actual electricity

other than that which the mind provided. She returned to her ef-

forts and Jim watched; becoming more excited as he watched her

breasts jumping with delight. More and more she shook herself.

She had a determined look on her face and was trying feverishly

to climax. "Why can't I get off. I've never felt this good

before, but I can't seem to get off," she said through clenched


     Jim explained that the only way she could come now was to

remove the remainder of her clothing and dance. She argued with

him and told him that she was almost there as she continued to

shake her knee and elbow. Suddenly she jumped up, removed her

clothes and started to dance wildly. This was the first time that

Jim had the occasion to see her lovely buttocks. As she danced in

one direction, her breasts and buttocks went in four separate and

quite distinct directions. The lovely muff of pubic hair began to

come to life after being matted down by her garments.

     It wasn't long before Jim noticed a strange look come over

her face. She danced over to the wall, held on to it and con-

tinued to dance. From the look on her face, it was apparent that

her climax was beginning. "Lean on the wall and pinch your

nipples, Carla," Jim urged her. As she did this she let out a

scream that seemed to shake the room. She fell in jerking motions

to the floor, and Jim hurried to make sure that she did not get

hurt on the way down.

     He gently helped her the last few inches to the ground, and

she continued to spasm in his arms; moaning and repeating, "Fuck,

fuck, fuck, myyyy fucking tits are going to explode; my cuuuunt

is a river on fire." She continued to jerk with her hot flesh

pressed against Jim. He wanted in the worst way to bury his

rock-hard cock into her cunt; the hairy, hot hole that was

visibly leaking down both of her legs and the cheeks of her ass.

Jim held her gently as she tried to recover, stoking her hair and

whispering assurances to her.

     Soon Carla began cooing. She told Jim that she hadn't remem-

bered anything that exciting in a long time. Suddenly they heard

the door close and Tom said, "where is everyone at?"

     "In the living room honey," Carla reached for an afghan to

cover herself. "Jim has done a few experiments that I can't wait

to tell you about."

     "You don't have to, honey. I was on the porch and saw most

of everything that happened. I hope you don't mind, Jim. One of

my weaknesses is voyeurism. I got off without touching myself.

That was hot. You're the only one that still has a woody, Jim,"

Tom explained. They all laughed. Carla made something for them to

eat while Jim continued to explain some of the benefits of hyp-

nosis as a tool in sex. After a lovely snack, they returned to

the living room to finish their discussion.

     "This talk has served to make me very horny again, guys.

What to you say we retire to more comfortable digs so you men can

teach me a few things," Carla offered. Both men got up without

saying a word and began to follow Carla to the bedroom.

     Carla didn't waste any time getting the bed ready for the

threesome. Jim became increasingly horny as he watched her dance

about the room getting pillows and placing a tape in the VCR.

"Well are you guys going to just stand there, or are you going to

take those things off and join me," she said as she plopped down

on the bed and struck an inviting pose.

     Both men began taking their clothes off. Carla began to rub

her legs together as she compared their heavy cocks. Jim was

finished undressing first. He was likely more anxious as Tom had

already dropped a load of thick cream in his jeans while on the

porch. Before Jim was completely in the bed, Carla had reached

out and started to guide his growing penis into her mouth. Tom

soon joined them and ran his hands up her open thighs as he

watched her lips engulf Jim's raging cock bone. Tom began licking

her soft, long legs at the knee, and Jim could feel the vibration

of her throat on his cock as she moaned at the pleasure Tom was


     Tom's hot mouth traveled further up her legs and soon her

wiggling buttocks were resting in his hands; painting them with

her juices. Tom's tongue found its ultimate mark as it dipped be-

tween the hairy lips of her cunt hole and began flicking at her

clit. The excitement drove Carla wild, and she jammed Jim's stiff

rod deep into her throat, licking his balls and moaning even

louder. Her lips began a lovely torture on the growing length of

Jim's engorged shaft. Each time he buried his fuck tool into the

depths of her mouth, she reached out with her tongue and licked

his heavy, swollen balls.

     Carla removed his raging bone so that she could turn him

over on his back. Tom got up from the bed to allow her to get

into position to return Jim's glistening bone to her mouth. She

was on her hands and knees sucking on Jim's rock-hard bone, and

her heavy pink tits bounced off of his thighs. Tom was now very

hard and approached Carla from behind. He lubricated her bushy

pussy a little more before he placed the head of his fuck snake

against the lips of her dripping cunt. Tom easily slid the length

of his tool into the depths of her fragrant hole as he filled his

hands with the flesh of her ass.

     Carla's moans continued to increase in volume as well as

duration. As Tom's cock drove deeper and deeper, Carla attempted

to take Jim's cock deeper with each thrust. Jim filled his hands

with her beautiful swaying tits and began tweaking the pink

marbles that rested on them. Carla responded by reaching up and

pinching Jim's own sensitive nipples. This was more than he could

take. To stop himself from coming prematurely, he removed his

penis from her mouth and stood up next to the bed. "I don't want

to get off yet. It's too early. Just let me watch Tom poke your

lovely whiskers while your gorgeous breasts sway," Jim pleaded.

     Jim took a position in a chair next to the bed with one leg

thrown over the arm of the chair and slowly stroked his long

cock. Periodically he would have to remove his hand to delay the

inevitable. Soon Tom got a look of building tension on his face

and announced that he couldn't hold on any longer. He was going

to come. Tom reached up, filled his hands with breast flesh and

drove his dick deep into Carla's cunt hole. He began jerking

wildly as his cream filled her guts. Suddenly, Tom collapsed on

the bed next to Carla and left her on all fours. She looked like

a motor not connected up to the machine she was intended for.

With a look of pleading in her eyes she said, "I don't know what

it is Jim, but I just can't seem to come. Please come over here

and stick your bone in my hole and help me get off. I need more

cock, and I need it now."

     Jim didn't need much encouragement. He approached the bed,

slid his hand under her breasts to feel their weight, down her

back, over her still-pumping buttocks and down into the wet,

hairy crack of her ass and slipped two finger into her moving

cunt. She groaned with pleasure as she anticipated the entry of

his swollen rod. Jim knelt on the bed behind her and lower his

nose to the cleft of her ass cheeks. He was intoxicated from the

aroma that filled his senses, and his cock grew even more than he

thought possible. Putting the globes of her ass into his hands,

he placed his cock into the wedge of her womanhood and drove his

cock into her hungry pussy. Immediately he began stroking his

pole into the depths of her greasy cunt as he bunched up her but-

tocks and watched his penetration.

     Tom moved around in front of Carla and offered his swollen

meat to her panting mouth. She took it into her mouth and reached

up to massage his harry, heavy balls. Jim watched her head as it

drove like a piston on her husband's tool. Jim could feel the

tightening in his loins that always preceded his climax. He

squeezed his buttocks together to gain deeper penetration and let

his load pour into Carla's sucking cunt hole. His spasms con-

tinued as Carla continued to suck on Tom's bone. When he had

drained every last drop of fluid from his balls, he left his

relaxing penis in her hole as she continued to pump. Soon Jim's

meat had lost its length and fell out of her gaping love tunnel.

He heard a sigh of frustration. "Will I never be able to come?"

she sighed.

     Jim instructed her to lie on her back and open her legs.

Then he told Tom to get in the saddle and drive his bone in Carla

as deep as he could. He sat on the edge of the bed and grabbed

her left breast as Tom continued his efforts. Jim lifted her

breast, kissed her nipple and pushed on it with his index finger

as if it were a button. Carla got a look on her face that was so

passionate that it temporarily frightened Tom.

     Immediately, Carla's cunt began to tighten and squeezed

Tom's thick cock. "Holy christ...... I'm coming! Oh.. Fuck my wet

hole, mother fucker! Fuck it hard.... Harder... Squeeze me

cheeks, honey... Squeeze them hard," she said in a jerking voice.

Her eyes rolled up in her head, and she began grunting in unison

with Tom's moans. They pumped together, coming, and coming, and

it seemed like it would never end. Suddenly she reached out and

grabbed Jim's cock, slammed it into her mouth, reached behind him

to squeeze his ass and shoved her index finger into his rubbery

anus. Jim began to come again. She drank from Jim's pumping cock

as Tom drained the last of himself into her spasming pussy lips.

     The three new friends collapsed into a near coma. After a

what seemed like a very long time Carla roused herself and asked

if anyone would like a shower. Slowly, as if awoken from hiberna-

tion, Jim and Tom followed Carla into the shower where they made

sure that every inch of her body was cleansed and dried. The eve-

ning ended with a night cap and a promise from Carla that she

would develop a new fantasy for the next time they met.

                    CHAPTER EIGHT - MIND SEX

  Peggy had to go to Seattle to visit her sister Carol. It was

quite natural for me to go to one of the local watering holes

after I dropped her off at the airport. I walked in and offered

my amenities to some of the patrons and took a seat. I ordered my

usual drink and lit a cigarette.

  After only a few moments, the bartender came over and told me

that I had a drink coming on the couple in the second booth. I

looked up and saw Cindy, a masseuse that both Peggy and I had

visited several times over the past few years. She shared my

interest in hypnosis, and often used relaxation techniques in her

massage therapy. Cindy looked wonderful. It seemed odd to see her

out of "uniform." She generally wore sweats when she worked. That

outfit served to hide the obvious charms that she possessed. She

was wearing a low cut electric blue fitted dress that hugged

every lovely curve and accented her bosom, tiny waist and hips.

Her lovely cleavage separated her stiffened nipples which pressed

against the thin material of her dress. I walked over to her and

thanked her for the drink. Cindy introduced me to a pleasant but

most assuredly intoxicated Gary, her husband.

  They asked me to join them, and soon I was comfortably situated

in the seat next to Cindy, across from Gary. Her warm thigh

intermittently swayed into my own as she talked about Gary just

having been promoted to district sales manager of his firm. They

had been out celebrating. I had difficulty keeping my eyes off of

her swaying breasts and pointed nipples.

  As Cindy's thigh continued its halfhearted assault on my leg in

tune with the music, I began thinking about the several times I

had visited her at her health club. She was always exciting but

never anything but professional. I could remember wanting her not

to be professional, but none-the-less she had been. I would have

been crazy not to want her. She was about 5'8" tall, dusty blond,

heavy breasted with a tight waistline and lovely fanny that

hinted of moving under her loose-fitting sweats like a symphony.

  As Gary continued to drink, I could feel her warmth touching

me. Soon Cindy suggested that it was time to go. With great

difficulty, Gary fumbled through his wallet and offered the

server his plastic money. Upon rising to exit, Gary began to

waiver and Cindy caught him with my help. I felt the weight of

her right breast as I reached around Gary to hold him aloft. The

flesh of her lush tit rose from the shelf of her bra to bulge

freely into my sight. She looked at me and asked for my

assistance getting Gary to the car. Once Gary was positioned in

the front seat of the car, Cindy brushed by me and offered her

full lips in gratitude for my assistance. The next move was mine.

I asked if I could follow her home as Gary was beyond repair, and

she would have a difficult time putting him to bed. She accepted

my offer and we were off to their home.

  I hadn't done that much work in recent memory. Gary was no

small guy, and dead weight is hard to move. After what seemed

like a very long time he was settled neatly in bed in the arms of

Morpheus. Cindy and I returned to the comfort of her den and

laughed at the memory the three of us had created. Her offer of a

nightcap was graciously accepted before she put some music on the

C.D. player and excused herself from the room. She soon returned

to her own drink wearing a cute but tight-fitting pair of

pajamas. They were a pink, thin cotton outfit with a trap door

arrangement that left nothing to the imagination. Her heavy

breasts were well outlined, and as the cotton moved over her

lovely breasts, generous nipples began to perk up.

  And there I sat wondering whether she was aware just how crazy

she was driving me as she sat down next to me on the couch. I

took a long draw on my tall drink and rolled my eyes casually. As

our glance met she asked me what was the matter. I told her that

she was absolutely lovely in that outfit. Her response was that I

was just being kind. I began to tell her that I was never kind

when it came to lovely women, but I never got the words out. She

pressed herself against me and her lips found mine. I felt the

blood begin to rush into my growing cock.

  She quickly moved away and I started to apologize for being too

forward. I didn't get those words out either. She interrupted me

by saying, "you don't mind if we get just a little kinky do you,

Jim ?" She walked over to the video tape camera which rested on a

tripod and turned the system on. My image, sitting on the couch,

soon began to appear on the large screen television. She panned

the camera and the room appear to move. The camera came to rest

on the fireplace at the far end of the room. She zoomed the lens

of the camera so that only the fireplace filled the screen. "Have

you ever watched a woman masturbate, Jim? If you don't mind I'm

going to tape this episode so we can watch it later. Just sit

back and relax."

  I watched Cindy walk toward the fireplace. "Don't watch me,

Jim. Watch the screen. You won't miss anything," she said as she

continued her trip to the far end of the room. As she appeared in

front of the screen, she began to roll her shoulders forcing her

heavy breast to dance gently for the camera. She grabbed her tits

and pushed them together letting them fall and bounce. Her hips

were thrown wide, providing a shelf for her hands and her fanny

was pushed back. Slowly her hands disappeared behind her ribs and

gently slid down her back coming to rest on her fanny.

  I could see that she was unbuttoning the trap door to her

pajamas. Soon she began to turn to expose her firm buttocks to

the screen and my view. The cleft between her ass cheeks was deep

and dark f rom this distance. I couldn't see the bottom of her

ass cheeks or her pubic garden, but my imagination started to run

wild. My cock was straining inside of its trouser prison. "You

can start taking t hose things off any time you like, Jim. Your

poor cock will choke to death if you don't let it breath. Do you

like what you see so far?" she asked with a husky voice.

  I began to remove my trousers and responded, "I love it, Cindy.

You're right. If I don't get these things off soon, my cock will

explode. Please continue. Your ass is absolutely beautiful."

  Cindy crossed her arms in front of herself, grabbed the waist

band of her top and lifted the pajamas top from her body. As she

pulled the top over her head, her ample breasts danced for the

camera. Next her thumbs were hooked inside of her bottoms and

they were pealed from her ribbed belly, her pubic mound, her

muscular thighs and off her feet. She turned a forty-five degree

angle from the cam era as she bent over to pull the elastic band

anklets free. I could see her breasts dip to inverted mountains

of flesh. Her hips and profile of her buttocks was driving me

wild. I began to stroke my fuck pole as she assumed an indian

style sitting position. She had a wonderful full crop of curly

pubic hair. It began low on her shapely belly and promised a

great texture as it disappeared between the darkness of her long


  Her chest bent forward, her eyes closed and she cupped her

dangling tits. Thumbs and forefingers started to gently twist her

growing dark brown nipples. A moan escaped her slightly parted

lips as s he continued to roll these dark rubbery marbles. "Oh

fuck, Jim. My nipples are so hard thinking about your lips and

teeth on them. I can almost feel you pulling on them and sucking

them like a hungry baby. I can feel your hands lifting my heavy

tits and squeezing them tightly. Do you like the way they wiggle

and bounce when I move? How about this. Do you like the way they

look when I lean back a nd they spread over my chest?" she asked

with a seductive voice.

  "I can almost taste your thick brown nipples between my teeth.

I had no idea that this could be so exciting. My cock is so hard.

Your heavy tit sacks look wonderful regardless of what position

their in. My imagination is running wild now. I can imagine them

hanging heavily as you are on your knees offering me your ass. I

love to fuck dog style and reach under you and hold your lovely

breasts. It also gives me access to your hard clit. Would you

like me to fuck you on your knees while I play with your tits and

rub your clit?" I asked as I watched her hands travel over her

stomach and head toward the dark patch of pubic hair.

  "Oh fuck. I can see your cock bone sliding in and out of my

split hairy pussy. When you pull it out, it is all covered with

my creamy juices. When you push it back in, it pulls some of my

cunt hair in with it and increases the friction of our fuck. When

its driven deep, our pubic hair mix together," she continued her

verbal love making.

  I was stroking my cock meat as I watched her enter her cunt

hole with her fingers. She leaned back on her haunches, and her

tits were swaying back and forth. One hand reached up to feel the

weight of her thick tit. She removed her fingers from her leaking

pussy, looked up at me and put her fingers in her mouth, sucking

and licking the honey from them. Slowly she reached behind her to

a box resting on the lip of the fireplace. She reached inside the

box and removed a large flesh colored dildo. It was almost eight

inches in length and had heavy balls attached to it. At the

bottom was a switch. She placed it into her mouth to add

lubricant to it as well as to excite me. The surrogate cock was

lowered and placed at the entrance to her greasy hairy pussy. She

closed her eyes, threw her he ad back and put the first couple of

inches into her slippery box. The sight was driving me crazy.

  Deeper and deeper it went until she was completely impaled on

its length. She sat on it fully and rocked back and forth as she

pinched frantically at her thick rubbery nipples. "Oh fuck, baby.

This is good. The vibrations are driving me insane. Now I'm going

to turn it on high speed, Jim. Imagine that it's your strong bone

in my tight slippery cunt hole. Wouldn't you love to pinch my

fucking hard nipples? Wouldn't you love to suck my big tits and

squeeze my ass cheeks? Well, you're going to mother fucker. Go

ahead and stroke that bone, cunt lapper. You're soon going to

pour all of that hot sticky fuck cream on my tits, my ass and in

my fucking guts. I want gallons of that hot fuck juice in my

mouth," Cindy spoke in well-defined words in an effort to

increase my excitement.

  Her hands continued to manipulate her exquisite breasts, and

soon her eyes shot wide open and then rolled up in her head. She

looked lovely as she began her climb to ecstasy. "Oh, mother

fucker, I'm cuming! Oh shit, this fuck'n rod in my pussy feels

wonderful. Soon your thick cock will be buried in my furry hole.

I want to suck that bone, and I want you to stick your tongue in

my honey pot, honey. Get over here," she demanded.

  I didn't require any further direction. I rose and approached

her with my rod bouncing up and down in time with my steps. My

hot nuts were tight against my body because their swelling

increased by the hot scene unfolding in front of me. I reached

down and pulled her to her feet. She extracted the still

vibrating dildo, and turned it off with one short movement,

discarding it on the floor. My lips quickly found hers and her

hot tongue entered my sucking mouth. I could feel her moist mound

come in contact with my thigh as my stiff fuckstick stabbed into

her belly. A moan escaped her hungry lips and traveled into the

depths of my lungs. Cindy's resilient breast globes pressed their

erect nipples into the hair of my chest. My trembling hands

reached behind her to treat themselves to the rippling mounds of

ass cheeks.

  My thick cock continued to grow and deposit small trails of

silvery fluid on her well-shaped stomach muscles. Suddenly she

reached between us and began to pinch and twist both of my stiff

nipples. My fingers could feel her perspiration begin to travel

down the smooth crack of her ass. The smell of her hot sex rose

to invade my nose, increasing my excitement. Maintaining a firm

grip on her strong buttocks, I reached up to feel the weight of

her heavy breast as it teased by chest. My fingers then traveled

down to the forest of thick cunt hair to find her oily, pouting

pussy lips spread with excitement. I gathered her hot emissions

and began to smear them between her legs and over her finely

textured fanny.

  "I need you to eat my cunt, Jim. Will you put your lips on my

hot pussy and drive your tongue inside of my fuck hole?" she

asked between pants.

  "Lay down, sweetheart. Let me taste your honey pot. I can't

wait to smell your sex. I need to drink your cum," I said as I

slowly lowered her to the carpeting in front of the fireplace.

Placing my hands behind her strong thighs, I gently spread her

legs to reveal her glorious, hair-shrouded vulva. A pink, flower

appeared in front of my hungry eyes. She had such a beautiful,

wet pussy. I smelled the fragrance of her heat and began to

breath heavily onto her hairy cunt hole. She began to moan and

lift her hips to expedite her joy. I continued to tease her

leaking hole with my hot breath and intermittently dip the tip of

my tongue into her body.

  She jammed my cock bone into her mouth in one fell swoop. As I

felt the tip of my love tool lodge in her moaning throat, I was

compelled to shove my tongue deep into her hole and completely

cover t he lips of her pussy with my lips. We were locked in an

embrace, our mouths filled with one another's genitals. She

rocked her hips in and out against my mouth, and I continued to

drive my fucker between her sucking lips. Suddenly I stopped. I

didn't want it to end this quickly. I would have spilled my seed

into her sucking mouth if I pumped once more.

  "I don't want to blow yet, Cindy. Just let me look at you for a

minute," I said as I rolled over and filled my eyes with her

lovely, aroused flesh. She grasped her breasts, lifted them to my

gaze a nd began to roll the nipples with her fingers. She had the

look of a hungry animal on her face. She smiled and stood in

front of me. Her hands continued to travel her body from her

heavy breasts to her rounded ass cheeks as she turned around for

me. I didn't dare touch my raging cock for fear that it would go


  "I think you need a drink, Jim. I'll be right back," she

whispered as her legs stretched into a slow gait toward the bar.

The fire painted each lovely curve during her short journey. As

her hot body moved the shadows of the flame from the fireplace

danced and frolicked across her taunt skin. She returned to my

side and offered me another glass of cool wine. "You can take a

short break and then you're in for trouble, mother fucker. Do you

like it when I call you mother fucker? Do you like it when I talk

to you about fucking and sucking?" she asked as her body lowered

itself into its seated position. I loved the way her breast sacks

swayed as she negotiated her wine glass and sat down.

  "It drives me wild her hear your hot words. Each time you utter

a sound to me, I turn to fucking butter and I think about your

butter pouring out all over my cock bone," I teased back.

  "Well then finish that wine, cunt-lapper. I don't care if you

cum quickly. The next time you'll last even longer; and there

will be a next time. I'm not going to let you out of here until

I'm done," she threatened in mock fashion.

  The wine was soon gone, and I found her lips wrapped around my

torpedo once again. I filled my hands with the cheeks of her ass

and began to lather her up to drive my pole to her depths. She

grasped my stretched penis roughly and ran her teeth slowly and

softly over its purple head. My tongue dipped between the well

defined gully between her pubic hair patch. The texture of her

cunt hair felt good on my slowly moving tongue, and the smell of

her womanhood was intoxicating. I pushed it into the pink

crevice, gathered up her thick juices and deposited them on the

lips of her swollen vulva. "I can't take it any longer, Jim. You

have to stick your fuck stick into my cunt hole, now," she cried.

"Fuck me, you wonderful cunt lapper. Bury your pole in my slimy,

hairy cunt." I rolled onto my back and pulled her toward me. She

had a hungry look on her face and didn't take her eyes off my

bone. I watched as her ample breasts sway as she moved herself

into position over my thick penis. My

 eyes traveled to the point of imminent contact, and I saw her

pink quim peak out of the wet hair that surrounded it. She

grabbed the head of my tool and placed it neatly between the

swollen lips of her pussy. I could feel the slippery skin of her

twat painting the helmet of my bone. She rubbed it between her

legs to prepare it for penetration. All the while her lovely tits

continued to dance for me. Her nipples were like sharp, angry

darts seeking a target. My hands reached up, lifted their weight,

squeezed and kneaded the flesh and allowed them to fall again to

bounce and jiggle.

  Quickly, my cock bone was buried to its limit. She grunted

furiously and began to fuck her hips back and forth over my

hidden hammer. The texture of the skin of her hips was beautiful

as she continued to ride my monster. My hands moved back and

forth between her magnificent mammaries to her strong buttocks.

Each time my hands fell into the crack of her ass where it met

her honey pot, they became soaked with her love cream. I smeared

it over the cheeks of her ass and on her swollen nipples. The

sensation of my slippery hands, greased with her fluids, gliding

over her stiff nipples was to much for her to take.

  Cindy let out a muffled squeal and became as rigid as a board.

Her eyes widened, as if in fear, and her mouth remained open in a

soundless scream. Her rocking continued as the muscles of her

love sleeve gripped the meat of my driving cock. Her words came

in a jerking fashion, "fuck.... me.... fuck the.... shit out

of.... me, mother.... fucker. Suck on my tits. I accommodated her

every demand, with glee, as well as I could. I couldn't take my

eyes from her passion-ridden face. Her teeth were clenched as she

continued, "drive that cock in me. I want it all. I want your

cum. Shoot your hot load."

  That's all I needed to cause my explosion. I could feel the cum

begin its journey from the depths of my hairy balls as my eyes

returned to her heaving tits. My nuts tightened, my cock became

as rigid as it had ever been, and my cream started to travel up

the shaft of my hose. "Ride it, you lovely bitch. Ride my cock

while I squeeze your beautiful ass cheeks. Pour your cream in my

lap and feel my dick in your greasy pussy," I said as my eyes

involuntarily rolled back in my head. My buttocks tightened as I

drove my bone one last time into her wet heaven. I could feel the

cum shooting into her guts and further lubricating my shaft. She

continued to ride as if my bone would never go away. The overflow

of my juice began to spill from her tensing pussy and collect on

my burning balls. This was some remarkable woman. I could only

wonder why I had never pursued this lovely creature before. She

had collapsed on me, and we rolled over so that she remained

cradled in my arms with her face buried in my chest.

  After a short period, she stirred and asked, "are you ready for

round two, stud-puppy? She began to rub her breasts against my

belly and grind her wet box against my leg. "We can get ourselves

worked up again by watching our little movie, if you would like."

  I had never seen myself fuck before. I thought it would be

great to see that. "Be my guest," I said as I waved with one hand

in the direction of the video player. She got up slowly and

sensuously moved toward the video equipment. She put the system

on rewind, recovered the remote control and went to the bar to

get us another drink. As we sat there sipping and cuddling, she

put pushed the play button on the remote, and we settled in to

see this new epic.

  I couldn't believe how vivid the display was. Here I was

sitting with this lovely woman, watching her masturbate for me.

Soon my cock began to stir and grow to its previous heights. I

played with her tits and her ass flesh while I watched the T.V.


  Her long fingernails reached for my nipples and started to

tease them. My hand was resting in the moist crack of her ass,

squeezing the flesh of her buttocks. "I love the look on your

face as the dildo is moving in and out of your hairy pussy,

Cindy," I whispered in her ear as her cream continued to fill my


  "And I love the way your cock grows when you watch me on the

screen. Your cock feels to good in my hand. Watch how it

continues to get harder as we talk about it. See how the head is

becoming more smooth and deeper in color. Let me polish it for

you a little bit, Jim," she said as she turned to place it in her

mouth. My fingers dipped deeper inside of her hairy, wet honey

pot as her lips glided over the head of my stiff organ. Then she

pulled it out and began rubbing it over her rubbery nipples.

  To my utter surprise and infinite joy, I suddenly felt the

vibrator slip into her slippery pussy beside my probing fingers.

She drove it in deep as her lips returned to my raging penis. We

twisted into a "69" position and my nose was soon offered the

fragrance of her twat. My eyes watched the dildo searching her

depths along side my fingers. In and out it went. Up and down the

moist crack it t raveled, teasing the swollen clit. Suddenly, she

withdrew the intruding vibrator, turned it off and bore down on

my thrusting hand and twisting fingers.

  My mouth went to her dark pink clit and my tongue started to

provide stimulation. Her lips were traveling up and down the

length of my expanded member, and all of a sudden, I felt

something pressing on my anal passage. The pressure continued to

increase, and I could feel something entering my ass hole. Then

it dawned on he what it was when she turned it on again. It was

the vibrator. It rattled my buns and relaxed my rear passage as

it continued to travel inward. The sensation was unbelievable as

she twisted it to rub its base against my hairy balls as it

invaded my bung hole. I could feel my thick penis continue to

grow in her sucking mouth. "How do you like it, mother fucker?"

she asked as she continued her gentle assault on my ass.

  My answer was wordless but definite. I began to rock my hips

back and forth serving to both bury my cock further into her

mouth and drive the plastic cock up my ass. Her tool became more

lubricated as the time progressed, and she began to twist it

while she drove it deeper and deeper. Soon, her toy was buried

deeply in my ass, and she turned the vibration up to a heavy hum.

My fucking rod, as if with a mind of its own, began a slow, long

vibration, consisting of one long spurt after another. I was

coming in a fashion that I was unfamiliar with. It seemed to come

from my toes and rock my b rain. My cum ridden balls were slowly

pumping gobs of thick cream into her sucking mouth. It was as if

I had no control over it or nothing to say about it.

  As my vibrations continued, I filled my hands with slippery ass

cheeks and drove my tongue deep within her gushing pussy. The

aroma was wonderful. The scent of her hairy cunt hole filled my

senses, and everything seemed to be happening in slow motion. She

continued her efforts long after her own climax shook her body

within my clutching hands; long after she drank all of my sticky

juice. I was soaking wet with perspiration. Her heavy breasts

slid back and forth over my hairy belly as she settled in to

relax against my spent body.

  With a husky voice she asked, "How was that for a little

variety, honey? Have you ever had a vibrator between these tight


  I spoke with difficulty, "I don't think I have ever had a

feeling quite like that. It was great. I came longer than I ever

did. The smell of your sweet pussy, the feel of your ass meat in

my hands, and the feel of my cock lodged deep in your throat

drove my over the edge. You are fucking unbelievable, Cindy."

  "Well, it wasn't bad for round one. There are a couple of ways

to look at it," she said as rested her head on my thigh. "If this

turns out to be a boxing match, we will have eleven or fourteen

rounds to go, depending on which league you follow. If we relate

it to pussy, I still have eight lives. But I would much rather

think of it in terms of the encyclopedia, and tonight we only

touched on the 'As.' Let's hope that Gary gets promoted early and


  "Now wake up feeling wonderful and remember everything, Jim,"

Peggy said as she brought me out of my trance.

  Turn about is fair play, I thought as I shook my head in


                    CHAPTER NINE - MIND SEX

     It had been a lousy week for Peggy. Faced with the prospect

of closing her boutique due to falling sales and not having found

a job as yet, she was depressed. Her children, away at college

seemed to be unusually demanding, and it seemed that she couldn't

get anything accomplished. She was convinced that she needed some

diversion. It didn't take long for her to realize that the only

thing that ever made the ugly world go away was the gut wrenching

orgasms that she had from time to time. Fast and furious fucking

would likely be her only salvation from the confusion that she

was currently feeling.

     Although she had better and more frequent climaxes when they

used hypnosis, she sometimes became concerned that Jim loved fan-

tasy more than he did her.    She preferred normal, fantasy-free

sex with Jim, but she knew that fantasy sex was his biggest

turn-on. He was obsessed with the thought of another man putting

his hands on her smooth breasts. His cock stayed as stiff as a

board each time he thought about another man sucking on her per-

fect pink nipples.

     Her mind wandered at the sexy thoughts that began to invade

her mind. She thought about the many conversations that she and

Jim had over the years. He always assured her that she was excit-

ing and that it was a matter of pride. He wanted every man to

want her; to see her naked, exciting body; to taste her fragrant

honey pot; to hold her round, smooth buttocks in their hands. He

almost came each time he thought of another man's long, thick

cock bone pounding inside of her twisting belly. That did it. She

would hint to Jim that tonight should be a fantasy night. Tonight

she needed to escape with Jim into her deepest fantasies.

     Peggy called Jim at work and asked if he would be able to

come home early tonight. He responded by saying that he would try

to be home early and questioned her as to whether anything was

wrong or if she needed anything. "Just you Jim. Ya know, I think

tonight might be the night for us to escape into a wonderful fan-

tasy. Do you think you might be interested?" she inquired.

     "Did you have anything particular in mind, honey?" Jim asked

as his mind and body began to react to the thought.

     "I think that tonight I need to be a fucking slut. I need to

meet an absolute stranger... Richard Gear... Ya, Richard Gear

should fuck my brains out tonight. I need to have his hands on

me. I want him to such my big tits and make me come all over his

face. He can bring as many friends as he would like," she of-

fered, knowing that she was driving Jim wild with anticipation.

     "I'll be home very early, honey. We can have a little light

dinner and dip into our minds as well as our bodies. Start to im-

agine thick, long cocks surrounding you, touching your skin, in-

vading your hot mouth and your dark hairy cunt hole," Jim began

to tease as his bone began to leave traces of his excitement in

his pants.

     Now it was Jim's turn to think of all of the wonderful pos-

sibilities that lay ahead. Although he had experienced a few af-

fairs over the years, never had he found any woman that could ex-

cite him as much as Peggy could. Her body was perfect for him. He

had made love with women that had larger breasts, but Peggy's

were perfect. They looked perfect, felt perfect and tasted per-

fect. It may have been her reaction to Jim's attention to her

breasts. He wasn't sure. He only knew that her tits exciting him

more than any others.

     He had probed the depths of other women's love tunnels, but

never did his cock get harder than with Peggy. It could have been

the well-defined lines of her lovely pubic patch. Maybe it was

the appearance of her fat cunt lips as they became excited and

full of anticipation. It could have been the taste of her sweet

pussy nectar. Again, he wasn't sure. He only knew that she was

the best. Peggy loved to climax, and just the look on her face

when she got off drove Jim wild.

     Peggy was blessed with the most lovely set of buttocks. Her

small but fleshy buns wiggled so nicely when she walked. It drove

him wild to fill his hands with ass flesh when he drove his cock

bone deep into her gyrating  cunt. She loved to feel his strong

hands squeeze hard as they fucked fast and furious.

     Jim's cock was so hard thinking about Peggy's lovely body

and about the prospect of her fucking someone else for him that

his hard cock almost went off in his pants. He had a raging

hard-on. He tried to hide it as he walked out to his secretary's

desk to drop off a letter to be typed. He must not have been suc-

cessful because her eyes seems to be riveted to his crotch. She

looked away, raised her eye brows slightly and smiled. It must

have been obvious to her that Jim's mind wasn't currently on

work. "I'll be leaving a bit early today. Please just take mes-

sages and make excuses for me," Jim requested.

     His secretary suggested with a chuckle as she walked over to

the copy machine that, "it may be a good idea to relax for a

little while and get your mind off the job. I'll hold down the

fort." She put a little extra wiggle in her ass, obviously think-

ing about what he would be up to.

     The garage door opened as Jim pulled into the driveway.

Having parked the car, he extracted the flowers and candy that he

had acquired on the way home. He danced up the steps and into the

house as he announced that he was home. Setting down the candy,

he began looked for a vase for the flowers. A little water in the

vase and a slight spay on the blooms offered and pleasant picture

of the arrangement. Jim set down the vase on the dinning room

table and noticed that it was set for two. There was a pleasant

aroma as he passed through the kitchen. He reached for the oven

door and heard Peggy coming down the hall from the bedroom. "Hey,

get out of the oven before you ruin our dinner," she said with a


     Jim looked up to see one of the most lovely sights he could

remember. Peggy was standing there with an extremely low-cut yel-

low blouse, a tight, light green skirt, lace hose and high heels.

Her breasts were accented so well and her cleavage seemed to

beckon to him. The high heels promoted her lovely buttocks in

such a way as to make Jim want to touch them immediately. What

great legs, he thought. "First, you are going to go get out of

that suit, put something more comfortable on and I'll make you a

cocktail. Dinner will be ready soon and we can get down to

business," Peggy directed him as she swayed toward the cabinet

where the liquor was kept. Jim smiled, walked up behind her,

filled his hands with her breasts and placed his cock against her

well shaped ass.

     "Yes young lady; whatever you say," he teased as he headed

for the bedroom. Soon he reappeared and found his drink waiting

for him. Peggy sauntered over to the table with a glass of white

wine in her hand. She seemed to glide, and she knew that she was

beginning to drive Jim wild. She was proud of her breasts, but

embarrassed to let anyone else see them. Jim had often prompted

her to show off a little, but rarely did she ever offer her

charms to any one else's view.

     Soon dinner was ready, set and consumed. Peggy had done a

wonderful job. She didn't overdo it. There was just enough to

suppress their hunger and not weigh them down.

     "Jim, I know that you would like to see me making love with

someone else, and I think I understand why. Tonight I would like

you to hypnotize me, make me a prostitute and watch me get

fucked. I want to forget about anything and everything all night.

I just want to come until I pass out. Can we do that?" she asked


     "It excites me beyond words to hear you say that. You are

going to get so much cock tonight, you may never want it again,"

Jim whispered.

     "I don't think that's possible, honey. I don't think I can

ever get enough cock. I want to eat it, suck it, fuck it and rub

jism all over my aching tits. I want to feel that hot, thick,

sticky jelly running down the crack of my ass. I want it all,"

she assured him.

     Jim told her to get comfortable in the chair, and he induced

the trance state in no time at all. "When you awaken, you will

find yourself in a lounge having a glass of wine. You are a pros-

titute. You don't fuck simply for money. You do it because you

are a horny woman that can't seem to get enough cock. You will be

approached by one or more men and asked to dance. Jim will be in

the lounge, and he will be able to see everything that goes on.

You will try your best to excite him by the way you interact with

whoever you are dancing with. The man who agrees to pay you five

hundred dollars will look and sound like Richard Gear. You will

ask him to show you his money. He will show you five one hundred

dollar monopoly bills and you will see them as real money. You

will direct him to follow you, knowing that Jim will be able to

see everything that happens. He will accompany you to your

bedroom and the rest is up to you. When I snap my fingers once,

you will awaken and remember everything as if it actually hap-

pened. Do you understand everything that I have told you?" Jim


     "Yes. I understand," Peggy spoke softly. Jim went to the

game chest and retrieved the monopoly money.

     "At the count of three wake up feeling wonderful, sexy and

extremely horny. One.... Tow.... Three.... Wake up; you are in

the lounge," Jim instructed.

     Jim moved over to the breakfast counter and sat on a stool.

He looked over at Peggy, and she threw him a seductive glance.

She crossed her legs in an inviting manner and bounced her foot.

Soon Jim stood up and walked over to the table. "Would you care

to dance?" he asked.

     Peggy responded as she was getting to her feet displaying

her cleavage to its best advantage, "I would love to."

     The music played softly as Peggy fell into Jim's arms. She

looked up into his eyes as she pressed her breasts into his

stomach. Jim had difficulty keeping his eyes off her breasts. He

could feel her press the mound of her pussy into his leg as she

seductively swayed with the music.

     Peggy's mind was on fire. She knew that Jim was someplace in

the lounge watching her dance with this man. Suddenly, she felt

his hand on the swell of her hip. Then it began to travel

downward and rest on her buttock; smoothing her flesh first and

then slightly squeezing it. She imagined Jim's cock getting hard

at the sight. The music soon came to an end and they parted with

mutual thank yous.

     The next soft song came on the radio, and she was approached

by another man. She accepted his offer to dance and walked with

him hand in hand. This man started out holding her at a distance.

She was sure that it was not because he didn't want to touch her,

but rather because he wanted to get a good look at her lovely

breasts. He did not take his eyes off her bulging tits. "Do you

like the way my breasts look?" she asked the stranger.

     Jim responded, "you have the most lovely tits I can recall

seeing. My name is Roger. What is your name?

     "Peggy. If you like the way they look, you should feel them

against your chest," she said as she pressed them into his large

frame. Again she began pressing her pussy mound into his leg. She

could feel the warmth develop between her legs as her hot nectar

began to flow. She felt his cock growing and resting against her

belly. She was so hot now, and she knew that she was putting on a

great show for Jim.

     "Do you think that we might be able to find a place a little

quieter so we can get to know one another," asked the man she was

dancing with.

     "I don't mean to disappoint you, Roger, but I am a working

girl. If you owned a candy story, it wouldn't be good business to

give it away; now would it."

     "You mean you are a prostitute?" he asked incredulously.

     "I hope I haven't offended you, but that's what I do for a

living. And I do it very well. I do it $500.00 well," she said.

     "I'm not usually given to paying for pussy, but I really

have to feel you next to me. I would love to employ you," he said

with a wicked grin.

     "Business first, Roger. Let me see the color of your money,

and we will make the necessary arrangements.

     "Roger" showed Peggy his "money" and she smiled. "Follow me,

Roger. I think this is going to be a very interesting experience

for both of us," she said with excitement, knowing that Jim would

be able to see every move that both of them made.

     In what seemed like only moments they were in the bedroom

undressing one another. Peggy could feel her love nectar begin to

drip out of her hairy cunt lips and down her leg. Her nipples

seemed to be on fire. She longed to have a tongue lick them to

put out the fire. She could almost feel tight lips nibbling on

her large pink marbles. She saw Roger's huge cock standing at at-

tention and needed to feel it in her mouth. Peggy laid down on

the bed and Roger approached the side of the bed pointing the

direction with his erect penis.

     Roger moved on his knees, forward to Peggy's head, his hard

thrusting cock standing stiffly from his belly, pointing at her

soft lips. Peggy rested her upper torso weight on one arm, lift-

ing the other, held his cock aiming it to her mouth, resting the

head on her pink tipped tongue.

     Roger held her face tenderly between his open palms, lifting

her head slightly, centering his cock at her questing lips,

slowly slid his cock between her full lips deep into her mouth.

His cock drove deeper, and Peggy began to breathe through her

nose as his prick slid over her tongue. Her lips stretched wider

as his cock moved until his bulbous glans reached the back of her

throat, then with just a little more pressure, moved into the

narrow opening and lodged.

     Peggy fought down the urge to gag, then swallowed, caressing

the head of his prick with the muscles of her throat. Quickly

learning to deep throat the throbbing prick in her mouth, Peggy

began swallowing and constricting her throat muscles around the

head of his deeply lodged prick.

     Each time Roger withdrew his prick, Peggy would relax, then

as his cock delved deep into her throat, Peggy would swallow,

giving his cock intense pleasure.

     As Roger turned over and laid on his back, Peggy settled be-

tween his open thighs. She leaned forward and took his cock be-

tween her lips, sucking at the knobby head and drawing the full

length of his prick into her warm wet mouth. Quickly, his prick

filled with blood, filling her oral cavity until she could no

longer hold it all inside her mouth and began to kiss the bulbous

head and run her flickering tongue around the tip. Holding the

pulsating head of his prick inside her sucking lips, she lapped

at his hard prick from balls to glans, and her hands were at his

balls, gently caressing and fondling.

     Peggy pulled Roger's prick from her hot lips, looking at it

closely, noting that the head of his cock was bright red and

swollen until it glistened both with her saliva and the pounding

blood filling his organ. She slipped her fingers down to feel his

balls again, and found them drawn up tight and hard. Knowing that

he was about to come, Peggy slipped her hot lipped mouth over the

head again, swirling her tongue over the glans, and driving the

tip of her tongue into the hole at the end.

     Peggy suckled at his pounding, stiff prick, circling the

base of his root with her lightly clutching fingers as she felt

the surge of sperm expanding his cock. The sticky jelly spurted

and rolled from his cock. Peggy pulled her mouth away quickly and

aimed Roger's spurting organ at her full titties, watching the

juice spatter and cling on her full trembling globes. As Roger's

prick spent it's last drop, Peggy rubbed the glistening jism into

the softness of her tits.

     Trailing a wet stream of cum, Peggy put his cock back in her

mouth and sucked, compressing her lips around the shaft of his

prick, effectively milking it of any remaining drops of sticky

sperm, until it pulled free of her still sucking lips with an

audible noise.

     Peggy left the room and returned shortly with wine for her

and a cocktail for Jim. Even after he had spent his cream, he

couldn't take his eyes off of Peggy's ass as it rolled when she

walked. As she set down his drink he watched her breasts sway.

They kissed deeply after they finished their drinks.

     Peggy posed wonderfully on the bed next to "Roger." What a

vision, he thought. He could feel his rod begin to lengthen once

again. Rolling over Roger found himself between Peggy's legs. He

lifted one large tit to his mouth and began to suck gently on her

nipple. A moan escaped her full lips as his hands began to mas-

sage her breast meat. As Roger sucked harder on her tight

pinkish-red nipples, her moans increased. His tongue began to

trail down between her ample breasts to her soft belly as he

twirled her nipples between his forefingers and thumbs.

     Peggy could feel his nose brush through her pubic hair in

his effort to avail himself of her fragrance. Electric shocks

poured through her as she reminder herself that Jim was watching

this man put his face into her womanhood. Roger's hands had left

her breasts to fill themselves with her soft, round buttocks. She

placed her own hands on her titties, cupped them tenderly and

began teasing her big nipples.

     The pink wet flesh glowed and glistened in the subdued

lighting and the shadowed darkness, and Roger placed his tongue,

pointed stiffly, into her clit at the top of her wet cunt, nuz-

zling at her wirey, sticky pubic hairs, and the hot slippery


     Licking with his tongue, Roger attempted to savor all of the

rich sticky juices now pouring from Peggy's pussy, moving his

head until he was able to touch the wet pulpy softness of the

pussy beneath his tongue. Roger darted forward, his tongue

slithering over Peggy's curly hair and wet, open slit.

     The sensation of Roger's tongue on Peggy's hot clit, brought

Peggy to orgasm with wild, fast movements. Her body arching from

the mattress as Roger's tongue laved over her clit. As Peggy con-

vulsed she grabbed his head and held it tightly to her hole.

Roger's sharp tongue drove deeply into her honey pit as he

squeezed her shaking buttocks.

     Roger drew himself up and climbed toward Peggy as she lay

shaking slightly from her recent eruption. As she felt his hard

manhood approaching her still quivering pussy, she reached out

for him and came immediately to life. She wrapped her legs up-

wards around the small of his back, as she felt the head of his

great shaft approaching her steaming hole. She bucked her hairy

cunt upwards in a frenzy to receive his cock. Her full tits

quivering each time Roger's prick drove into her cunt, her body

wriggling with pleasure at the deep hard thrusts.

     She tossed her head backwards. Her hips were moving slightly

faster, her legs clinging a little tighter to Roger's back. She

started moving her heels into Roger's flanks, digging and spur-

ring him on like a horse. Her cunt twisting and convulsing over

Roger's driving pole deep in her pussy as her tits flopped

wildly. Roger began to groan, then driving his cock to the hilt

against her ass, his balls tight between his legs. Peggy again

began to tighten and displayed an almost frightened look on her

face. This climax was earth shaking. Jolts of electricity ran

through her body from her tit to her clit. She began grunting

like a wild animal as she reached out, filled her hands with his

buttocks and pulled him yet deeper into her fuck hole.

     Suddenly Roger rolled both of them over without removing his

raging penis. Peggy's full tits were quivering and shaking as she

slowly slid down on Roger's cock, burying his cock between the

curly haired lips of her dripping cunt until only his heavy,

hairy balls were visible. Roger's hands held her full breasts,

his fingers caressing and fondling her pink swollen nipples as

his hips drove his cock slowly into the ravishing woman's steam-

ing wet cunt; her ass working in wild swinging circles as she

drove her fat lipped pussy up and down the slippery hot cock.

Twice Roger had to stop her motion to keep from coming prema-


     He tapped her on her lovely pink ass as if to give her

direction. Gently he pushed her off of his towering cock and

asked her if he could have another drink. She consented and made

another journey for refreshments, swinging her hot bottom for the

benefit of his hungry eyes. Soon she returned displaying the

drinks and her lovely breasts. She felt so sexy and knew that

Roger and Jim would both come like a lion.

     Moments after completing his drink Roger regained his com-

posure and drew Peggy to him. A deep kiss precipitated him

saying, "get on your knees, honey. I'm going to drive this cock

bone all the way home."

     She got on her knees and exhibited her lovely buttocks to

his gaze and touch. Roger placed the head of his spear between

the hairy cunt lips and sunk it deeply into her body. Slowly at

first his raging dick drove into her hole. The motion soon grew

quicker, her curvaceous ass becoming a blur as she screwed his

hard cock.  Roger withdrew and pulled his prick upwards over her

wet-lipped opening, then drove it into her cunt from behind the

kneeling lusty lady again. His cock sank deeply into her crotch

until his belly was pressed against her curvaceous ass, his balls

dangling between her richly curved trembling thighs. Peggy began

to move with his rhythm, her ass moving back as his prick sank

into her hairy cunt, quickly establishing a rhythm of lusty need.

Peggy continued moving to Roger's rhythm as she felt herself near

another climax. She knew that Jim was watching and must have his

hand on his own fuck tool.

     Roger's throbbing prick jetted, squirting his male cream in

between the her clinging thighs, filling her cavity with the

slippery male juice of his sex. A copious quantity of juicy hot

cum escaped the tight lipped opening to trail down Peggy's cur-

vaceous thigh, gleaming silver in the subdued lighting of the

bedroom, clinging to her richly curved leg.

     The feeling of hot sperm filling her wet pussy, brought

Peggy the rest of the way to a shuddering orgasm, her body insa-

tiable, moving as a blur now bucking her ass back onto Roger's

spurting prick, driving his hard squirting male organ so deeply

that his balls were squeezed tightly between her thighs. Peggy

could feel Roger's cock diminishing in size within her still con-

vulsing cunt, attempting to hold his cock between the slippery

hot lips of her cunt as long as possible. As his cock shrunk, it

pulled free by itself, trailing sperm while slippery pussy

lubricant slid down Peggy's inner thigh, dripping from the

ringlets of her soft curly pussy hair; the oily liquid matting

the curls of her pubic hair, the swollen lipped opening oozing

the hot wet combined juices of Peggy's sexual passion dripping

from the opening between her thighs. Her finger trailed down to

slip between the hairy opening, gathering up a finger tip of

slippery juice, transferring the lubricant to her mouth.  Peggy's

pink tongue darted out, capturing the silver liquid, savoring the

salty taste, as she licked her finger clean.

     Jim lay there, playing the part of Roger, spent but fully

gratified. Peggy was the hottest and most exciting woman in the

world. Peggy snuggled up to him and purred like a kitten, press-

ing her heavy, pink tits into the side of his chest. Gently, he

shook her, looked into her eyes and snapped his fingers once.

Peggy closed her eyes briefly, then reopened them. "Did you enjoy

that Peggy?" Jim asked lovingly.

     "I can't remember ever being that hot Jim. Promise we will

do it again soon," she begged.

     Jim assured her that they would enjoy many similar experi-

ments soon. "Now tell me everything that happened with this Roger

character." Peggy did just that. They fucked twice more that

night and slept like babies. Peggy loved playing the part of a

hooker. Next time maybe it would be Jim's turn.

                   CHAPTER TEN - HYPNOSEX

     Pam and Art enjoyed an existence very much like most other

couples in Huntington Beach. Having moved around the globe as an

army brat, Art had the occasion to see much of the world and

California provided much of what he found to be comfortable. With

a relatively good job, Art was satisfied with his professional

development. His one concern seemed to be a fixation that he

shared with millions of other men in their late thirties; he

couldn't seem to get enough sex.

     It wasn't as if Pam and Art didn't enjoy their sex life; he

just couldn't get his dick wet often enough. At times he ques-

tioned himself as to his libido. Was he over sexed, or did he

just want to live a complete life? He knew that life was way too

short and that he should take advantage of what was available,

while it was available.

     Pam shared a position with the majority of women in contem-

porary society. She wasn't quite sure if she had ever really ex-

perienced an orgasm. She enjoyed sex, however she couldn't recall

ever having an earth shaking, eye-rolling, toe-tingling climax.

Art was driven, via love, to make every effort to provide his

gorgeous, 5"3", 115 pound, blond princess with the orgasm that

she wanted and deserved.

     She did turn heads wherever she went. Her beautiful frame

offered measurements of 36D-24-36. Her heavy, magnetic breasts

were accented by a small waist and saucy buttocks that made most

men mad with envy. Now and then she would break fear's icy grip

and do something sexy and completely out of the ordinary. Art was

always turned on when this would occur. She talked about other

men gawking at her and fantasies like participating in a wet tee

shirt contest. The thought of other men being aroused by Pam was

exciting for Art.

     Being somewhat of a computer wiz, Art subscribed to computer

several bulletin board services. One day while on line he

downloaded several stories about hypnosis in the bedroom on an

x-rated board. The concept interested Art, and his interest con-

tinued to grow. He left a message for the author of the stories,

and low and behold the author returned his message.

     The author's name was Jim, and he indicated that hypnosis

could indeed be used to improve one's sex life. Jim had often

used, what he referred to as, hypnosex to give his wife

heightened sensibilities. She was able to climax on demand, make

love with any lover she chose and completely satisfy her desires

while increasing her sexual awareness.

     Imagine what could be accomplished, Art thought. Pam could

learn how to bring herself to orgasm whenever she chose. He

talked with her about this new approached and she indicated that

she had tried hypnosis when she was a young girl, and it didn't

work. After sharing this with Jim, it was explained to Art that

we are often hypnotized and don't even know it. Because we have

such erroneous ideas of hypnosis, we could easily be hypnotized

and not be aware of it.

     Jim suggested that Art read the induction techniques that

Jim had given and begin by trying some relaxation exercises with

Pam. It surely couldn't hurt anything, but Jim cautioned Art not

to attempt to do anything that Pam would find offensive or dras-

tically contrary to her values.

     Art began by demonstrating how comfortable one could become

by making their body completely relaxed. Pam began to enjoy the

short sessions of relaxation. He eventually moved the sessions to

the bath, where Pam could get in a hot tub of water and lose her-

self in the warmth and increased weightlessness. This excited the

hell out of Art, because he could sit by casually and look at his

wife's lovely body as she closed her eyes and his voice spoke of

lovely beach scenes; the white sand under her torso, the waves

lapping at her exposed breasts, the sun gently warming her

relaxed body, the birds filling the air with song. He took his

time with her development in an effort to teach relaxation and

increase her interest.

     In several weeks Art contacted Jim and indicated that

progress was being made, but he wanted to intensify the relaxa-

tion. Jim suggested that he may now being moving the sessions to

the bedroom and introduce sensual massage as an element in the

hypnosis effort.

     At the next session Art suggested to Pam that she could be-

come even more relaxed. He told her that after the bath he would

teach her another technique. When her bath was complete, Art

carefully helped Pam dry off and escorted her to their bed. Pre-

viously, he had prepared everything that would be needed and

placed the items next to the bed: a towel, a bottle of body lo-

tion and a hand-held electric massager.

     He suggested that she should imagine being on her favorite

beach and that there would be no one within miles. She was taking

advantage of the solitude and should feel comfortable to bask in

the sun free from the restrictions of clothing. It was just the

two of them. He asked her if she could feel the texture of the

sand under her body as she rested on her belly; could she feel

the warmth of the sun on her back, legs and buttocks. Art then

began to ever-so-gently run his fingers down her back and stopped

just above her buttocks at the small of the back. He touched her

neck at the hair line and lightly ran his fingers up to and be-

hind her ears. He could see her shiver slightly at his quiet ad-

vances. He then went completely to the opposite end of this

lovely body, just above the ankles and ran the back of his finger

tips up her calves to the back of her knees. He stopped momen-

tarily and continued the path up the back of her thighs and

stopped where the cheeks of her lovely ass met her thighs.

     His cock was raging at this point. It was as big as he had

ever remembered it being, and he could feel the semen leaking

from its head, wetting his underwear. Out of the shear fire

developing in his loins, he reached down and touched his stiff

rod and stroked it lightly with one hand as his other continued a

path up Pam's sides to the swell of the sides of her breasts

resting on the sheets. He asked her if her breasts felt good

resting on the warm sand and if she could feel her nipples becom-

ing hard as they sought new depths.

     Art then turned Pam over and gently brushed the "sand" from

her breasts, belly and thighs. He continued his efforts on the

front of her willing body. After teasing her senses with his

feather touch, her told her that he would be applying body lo-

tion. Placing an ample amount of lotion in his hands to warm it,

Art was soon applying the oily mixture to his lovely wife.

Throughout the ensuing moments, Art continued to give Pam sug-

gestions about becoming more and more relaxed; her body was feel-

ing heavier and heavier; becoming part of the earth; that she was

so relaxed she didn't want to move. He told her that she had

never felt so relaxed and that she wanted to fall into a deep

sleep; that's OK just let yourself go and enjoy the warmth of the

sun on your body.

     As the lotion was urged into every pore of her body she was

told to let her mind wander to any place that she chose. She

could be anywhere in the world with whomever she wanted to be

with. He suggested that she keep her eyes closed and imagine that

she was being given a massage by anyone that she chose. Art con-

tinued to massage his lovely wife's body as his cock strained for

release. His hands began to become more aggressive and would oc-

casionally linger on her ripe nipples and inner thighs. Soon Pam

opened her legs to admit his advancing fingers. He could see her

love juices begin to drip from her swollen pussy lips. He gently

turned her over and began to knead the meat of her buttocks,

thighs and back. Again she opened her thighs as a message to dip

into her hot love cavern. Not wanting to take this session too

far, Art began to prepare her for being fully awake. He told her

that she was beginning to become fully awake; that her body was

becoming lighter and lighter and that she would begin to count to

ten. When she reached ten she would be fully awake and feel won-


     Pam did as she was bid and told Art that they would be much

more comfortable if he would take his things off and come to bed.

The kids were in bed and there was nothing stopping them from

relaxing together the rest of the night. It didn't take much en-

couragement for his love rod to come to full attention. He rolled

into Pam's arms, his chest rested on Pam's soft, warm breasts,

and his raging cock soon found her oily, gaping tunnel to spill

his seed into. This time everything was different. She threw her

legs back in an effort to bring him as deeply inside of her as he

could be. She actually shuddered this time as he filled his

strong hands with the cheeks of her ass, and his cock continued

to pummel her moist, hairy hole.

     Art's elation was doubled when he received a message from

Jim indicating that Jim and Peggy would soon be planning a cruise

to the Caribbean and invited Art and Pam to meet with them on the

cruise. It would be on Norwegian Cruise Lines; the Seaward. The

course of travel would be one evening at sea, one day on the

cruise line's private island, on the Ocho Rios in Jamaica,

another day at sea with a stop in the Caymen Islands, a half day

in Cozumel and return. The thought of a cruise had always excited

Art. What excitement would they find in this new adventure?

     You only go around once, Art mused. What the hell! Pam was

amenable to the idea. It would be great to be away from the

everyday toils and the kids for a while. It was all set. The date

would be in February and arrangements had been made. Anticipation

was beginning to drive Art wild. He continued his experimentation

with Pam's relaxation techniques and began to introduce himself

to a series of fantasies. The holidays came and went, building a

natural anticipation in the two couples.

     The Miami Harbor was bustling with activity. Art and Pam

couldn't get over the size of the ship. Baggage check was con-

ducted without incident, and they walked up the half mile long

winding ramp which led to the entry way. Their eyes traveled from

one couple to another wondering if they would see Peggy and Jim

among the couples entering the ship. The excitement continued to

increase as their eyes fell upon any number of beautiful looking

couples, men and women.

     After settling in their cabin, they removed to the top of

the pool deck for departure. The ship's engines began their slow

but steady pull away from the dock as well-wishers moved about

like ants ten stories below the couple's vantage point. Once the

ship was clear of the harbor, Pam and Art ordered a drink from

Captain Billy's Bar and reclined on the lounge chairs on the main

pool deck. Already bodies began to rid themselves of clothing to

enjoy the 75 degree warmth of the sun deck.

     Art could feel his manhood start its upward climb to erec-

tion as one lovely woman after another pranced by his perch. One

in particular seemed to provide interest as he looked out over

the deck behind his dark glasses. Each step her rolling buttocks

seemed to provide invitation as the sway of her tantalizing

breasts lightly covered by a thin clinging tee shirt hypnotized

him and fed his erection. She continued to skip about the deck

with every intention of attracting the gaze of every man on


     He knew that she could feel eyes on her as she went to the

bar and returned with a drink. Suddenly she returned to the bar

to retrieve a cocktail napkin and provided another view of her

exciting body. Her gathered suit bottom was scant and hugged the

rolling curves of her tight fanny from the swaying cheeks of her

ass to the deep crack which provided the division between these

smooth globes. Art's eyes traced her pubic arch and perceived

tight golden curls of hair furtively peaking from beneath the

cloth designed to contain them. Traveling upward he saw each

heavy breast rise and fall with the motion of her shoulders. She

knew he was watching every move and exaggerated each to enhance

his interest. Art was hoping that this would be Peggy, but where

could Jim be.

     Pam couldn't help but to notice Art's interest. Oddly enough

she didn't feel jealous. It was kind of exciting to see Art's

focus and the resulting bulge develop in his shorts. She knew

that soon she would feel that thick bone driving inside of her

slippery love tunnel. Her own interest began to develop as many

of the ship's men began to move about the deck. Thin men, fat

men, muscular men, tall men, short, suave, fast talkers, relaxed

attitudes and mysterious men all provided a circus of observa-

tion. There were several that she seemed attracted to. She knew

that she could turn on most of the men on the ship and was bound

and determined to do just that.

     Shortly thereafter as Pam was sipping an iced pina colada,

she noticed a man that she had not previously seen on deck. She

almost laughed to herself when she began to ponder the humor of

invariably seeing several people while on vacation that bore a

strong resemblance to folks that she knew back come. This nice

looking men was the spitting image of Larry, her next door neigh-

bor. She had always fantasized about having an affair with Larry

but was hesitant because he lived so close to her. This guy's

fanny was even cuter than Larrys, she smiled as she thought. She

could feel the warmth develop in her loins as the thin material

of her panties massaged her soft pussy each time she squeezed her

thighs together. She was becoming wet thinking about a nice thick

penis resting above a pair of heavy, hairy balls.

     When Pam and Art returned to the room to get ready for an

early dinner, there was a flashing light on the phone indicating

that there was a message at the desk. Art's heart jumped slightly

knowing that it may be a message from Peggy and Jim. His hopes

were justified as the young English girl told him that Jim had

called and asked her to relate that they were in cabin 4010 and

would like Art to call when he returned. He no sooner hung up the

phone when he began dialing cabin 4010. Peggy answered the phone,

and her voice provided further excitement. "Hello. This is Art. I

presume that I'm talking to Peggy. How are you?" he said with a

slight quiver in his voice.

     "Fine, thank you. I've heard so much about you. Jim tells me

that this is your first cruise. I'm convinced that you will love

it. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make it

more comfortable. Tell Pam that I said Hi, and I'm anxious to

meet her. Would you like to talk to Jim?" Peggy's upbeat voice

rang out the question.

     Jim and Art agreed to meet on the lower pool deck for

drinks, an informal dinner and conversation. Art told Jim that he

could recognize them because Pam would be wearing a blue and

white striped halter top outfit with white shorts.

     His eyes couldn't help but to wander as Jim got off the

elevator on the lower pool deck. His anxiety increased while

looking for Art and Pam. He was also very proud of how great

Peggy looked in her revealing swim suit and open cover-up. She

wore a black and white perrot doll, two-piece suit that accen-

tuated her heavy, milk-white breasts on the top. The bottoms

separated and hugged her firm, solid buttocks as they rose and

fell with each step. Jim could feel himself becoming hard as he

watcher her tease the audience on the lower deck. Just a hint of

reddish pubic hair peaked from the vee of her suit bottom.

     They approached the Tiki bar and were greeted by a rather

pleasant English bar tender. "What will be your pleasure,

friends?" asked Bill the bar tender.

     Jim looked inquiringly at Peggy, shrugged and suggested to

no one in particular, "two pena coladas, Peg?" She nodded her

agreement and Bill began the mixology ritual. Jim's eyes con-

tinued to scan the participants, and his eyes fell on one of the

loveliest creatures in his memory. She was so lovely, he didn't

even notice that she was wearing a blue striped halter top and

white shorts. As it dawned on him that the couple approaching

were likely Art and Pam, he wanted to check his breath and locate

his Pulitzer Prize so that he could impress them. He was, in

short, pleased that the couple that they were soon to meet were

as attractive as they obviously were.

     Pam and Art seemed somewhat shy as they approached. Jim

noticed their apparent discomfort and tried his best to lighten

the moment. Jim took the initiative to break the ice by making

the introductions, ordering drinks and offering both jokes and

small talk. Soon, as is often the case, the ladies generated

their own conversation about the children, awful teachers,

P.T.A., and wardrobes. Jim and Art took a walk to the sporting

deck to observe the skeet shooting exercises.

     "How much have you really benefited through the use of hyp-

nosis, Peggy?" asked Pam as they settled onto deck chairs

situated at pool side.

     Peggy became excited as she shared her successes with Pam.

As they started on their second Pina Colada and Margarita, Peggy

spoke to her of progress in weight control, assertiveness and im-

proved sex life. "Not only I am in control of my destiny, each

day is filled with excitement and growth," Peggy told Pam.

     "What do you mean by 'excitement and growth?'" Pam inquired

of Peggy.

     Peggy went on to explain how her sexual life had been im-

proved by the added variety that hypnosex could offer. She didn't

used to think as much of herself. She didn't really know what may

have happened in her childhood to give her an inferiority com-

plex, but until Jim showed her what potential she had, she found

sex unexciting and was somewhat introverted. Now she found other

men attractive, became excited when she knew she could excite

others and was able to develop new relationships that helped her

in her professional development as well as her personal growth.

     Pam was somewhat incredulous, "doesn't Jim get jealous when

he thinks about you involved with other men?"

     "Quite the contrary. He encourages it. He knows I love him,

and I think he likes to show me off. There was a time when I

would have worn a bathing suit only if I had to in order to go

into the swimming pool. Now I like to wear as little as possible

so I can excite other men as well as Jim. It's put the excitement

back into our marriage and multiplied it a hundred-fold. In my

mind, I can fuck anyone I want to. I have had Kevin Cosner suck

my breasts... not just imagination... he has actually laid on top

of me and put my tits in his hot mouth. Sean Connery has been

kind enough to give me a full body massage with his strong hands

on my hot flesh. It continues to get better, and I can be with

anyone I want to. I usually like to finish up with Jim. He will

always be the best, especially after becoming as excited as the

fantasy makes him. Sometimes you should try it. I don't think you

would be sorry. As an example, look out at this sea of human man

flesh around the pool," Peggy suggested. "Don't any of them ap-

peal to you?"

     Pam's eyes began to scan the men around the pool. "There are

a few men that are wonderfully built," she said.

     "Well, imagine how they would look without their suits. Im-

agine how it would feel to have their hands on your beautiful

breasts, their lips sucking on your nipples, their hands holding

your tight buttocks. Doesn't that make you feel a tingle between

your legs?" Peggy asked.

     Pam started to feel just that tingle that Peggy was eluding

to. "Now that you mention it, I have had fantasies about making

it with other men. I just seem to fight the urge because of how I

was brought up. We were always taught that it was wrong. I do

find that guy over there with the red suit on exciting," Pam con-

fided to Peggy.

     "Take a good look, memorize each muscle and bulge, close

your eyes and imagine laying with your legs open, and he is rub-

bing the head of his hard rod against the lips of your vagina. He

is gathering your nectar on the head of his cock so he can slide

it inside of your body," Peggy urged.

     Pam's eyes closed and her mind began to wander. She could

feel her nipples harden, and as she moved her legs slightly back

and forth, she could feel the moisture begin to flow between her

legs. With each moment that went by, she continued to squeeze her

buttocks together to increase the sensation. "Oh christ!" she

said through pursed lips. "If I keep thinking about him, I know I

will have a climax right here. We had better change the subject

for a while."

     Peggy's smile was broadening as she watched Pam's subtle

display of sexuality. "OK, on a slightly different note... How

would you like to do some exploring on Pleasure Island when we

get there? The four of us can mix up a batch of drinks and go on

a hike up the little river. They have a great little water falls

about three miles from the beach. The road is within a half mile

and I'm told that nobody likes to hike that last half mile. We

should have the water falls to ourselves," Peggy hinted.

     Pam seemed interested as she told Peggy, "I think the guys

will get a kick out of it. Let's be adventurous.

     Meanwhile on the sporting deck, Jim and Art were discussing

their limited interest in guns and shooting sports. More often

than not they discussed a series of lovely young lady joggers

that continued to jaunt by. "I'm just glad to be away from com-

puters and business for a while, Jim. I think that Pam and I

needed to get away from the kids and home for awhile. I don't

really care what we do, if anything, while away. I just want to

relax, have a few drinks and fuck like a dog," Art pronounced.

     "You and me, both, Art. The atmosphere of the cruise and the

islands brings out the libido in me. Incidentally, I don't want

to offend, but Pam is one of the hottest women I've ever seen.

She could give the pope a stiff," Jim offered kiddingly.

     Art smirked and said, "Oh that's OK, Jim. I would feel bad

if you thought she had to sneak up on a glass of water to get a

drink. I think she's beautiful, and I appreciate it when others

think that she is exciting. Same goes for me. Peggy has a great

set of tits. My only dilemma is whether I like her tits or her

great ass better. I wouldn't mind seeing those puppies of hers

without the suit.

     "Who knows. You just may have the opportunity to do that.

She claims that she is going to broaden her horizons on this

vacation and get a little real sun. We've done a few hypnotic

fantasies about sun bathing before we left home. It turned her on

so much, one night she had eight climaxes just laying out in the

sun and playing with her pussy. If the moment is right, I'll give

her some suggestions that prompt her to explore her sensuality,"

Jim said with raised eyebrows.

     "I can feel myself getting hard at the thought of it, Jim.

What do you say we get back to the pool, get the girls and some-

thing to eat?" Art suggested.

     Their dinner was a pleasant experience. Too many varieties

and a little too much to eat. After a short rest in their respec-

tive rooms and a change of clothes, the two couples returned to

the pool deck to avail themselves of the fun calypso beat offered

by a native band. Jim was very enamored by Pam based on the heavy

state of his rod, yet still got excited as he saw many of the

eyes on board turned toward Peggy as she exhibited her flesh

while frolicking on the deck. The four adventurers swam together,

rolled around in one of the hot tubs and generally had a warm,

enjoyable time that evening. As the stars bid that day good bye,

each of the couples retired to their beds to investigate the

pleasures of an increasing sensuality.

     "Art and Pam are really nice people, honey. Don't you think

so?" Jim asked of Peggy as she shed her cover-up and swim suit.

     Peggy smiled demurely and said without expecting an im-

mediate response, "you would like to see his cock in my mouth,

wouldn't you, Jim? I saw how your bone came to attention when he

was watching me walk around the deck. I got terribly excited when

he brushed up against me in the hot tub. I felt his hard rod. I

think he is hung well, Jim. I think I would like to feel his cock

in me oily hole, honey. Imagine that! If her were touching my

naked buttocks and kissing my neck. That turns you on, doesn't

it, baby? You weren't able to hide your interest in Pam either.

Her breasts are very lovely. I'd like to see them in your mouth

as Art pumps his stiff bone in me." They continued to talk one

another into a frenzy. Jim induced hypnosis on Peggy and gave her

a sensual massage by Art. Their evening ended by Jim bringing her

back to reality and fucking her mouth and hairy pussy three

times. Sleep followed with saucy dreams and exciting hopes for a

new day in a new port.

     Pleasure Island, as it was called, was a private island

owned by the cruise line. It was little more than three miles by

seven miles with three small lakes, a river and miles of beaches.

As Jim stumbled out of bed, showered, brushed his teeth and

dressed, he heard the ship's announcer on the intercom. "We are

nearing the coast of Pleasure Island. The first shuttle will

leave in one hour."

     "I'll see you on the top deck, honey. I'll have coffee and

breakfast waiting," Jim offered to Peggy as he was leaving the

state room. "Get your sweet ass out of the rack and get moving.

There's a wonderful new world out there to see."

     The cool and salty morning air brushed Jim's cleanly shaven

face as the elevator door opened on the top deck. His eyes were

bathed with the sight of land through the mist of the morning.

The sun was already burning off the fog and the day promised

little humidity and lots of sunshine. The crew was bustling about

cleaning the decks and placing deck chairs around the pool. Other

adventurers were creating small traffic patterns as they acquired

their coffee and breakfast. Jim located a table with a great view

of the approaching island, deposited his towel and bag and got

into line for the morning's goodies.

     "Hello, Jim. Did you sleep well?" Pam inquired as she ap-

proached Jim's table.

     "Like a baby. I think I could get used to a steady diet of

this. Damn, you look great today. Please join me. Peggy will be

here shortly. I hope you won't be offended when I tell you this,

but Peggy found Art very exciting. In fact, he was the subject of

her fantasy last night," Jim revealed as his eyes traced each

move that Pam made in her approach to the table.

     Pam blushed slightly, "he is an attractive man, and she

would be blind not to notice. However, she isn't doing badly for

herself either. Did anyone ever tell you that you resemble Har-

rison Ford? I find him exciting and have seen almost everything

he had done from Star Wars to his most recent."

     Jim had been told that on several occasions, but really

couldn't see the resemblance much himself. "My kids have always

told me that. If you think he's nice looking, I'll take that as a

compliment. If anyone as lovely as you considers me attractive, I

guess I can die now and not pass go, collect two hundred dollars,

and do directly to heaven," Jim said kiddingly as they both


     Peggy came ambling by and was soon followed by Art. "You're

out of my sight for a half hour and already your cheating on me

with Pam. Well, if you must cheat, it may as well be with the

loveliest guest on board," Peggy teased as she sat down. The two

couples had a leisurely breakfast and made plans to adventure

onto the island in an hour.

     Getting to the water falls was not as difficult as they had

thought. There were five taxi stands on the only road on the is-

land. The driver told them that the blue taxi sign was the one

closest to the water falls, and a taxi came by every half hour or

so. The ride to the blue taxi stop was interesting because they

were all crammed into the back seat, and Peggy and Pam had to sit

rather close to the two men. As they emerged from the taxi, the

sun fell full on the faces of the two couples. They had packed a

light lunch and brought two thermos jugs full of pirate drinks.

After a short journey prompted by the directions of the driver,

they could soon hear the subtle song of the falls.

     Other than the swaying buttocks of the two lovely women that

walked in front of the two men, Jim thought that this was likely

one of the most beautiful sights he had ever seen when he ap-

proached the falls. Crystal clear water cascaded over the rock

formation and cut a path through a green garden. The girls

quickly placed a blanket on the ground and lost their outer wrap-

pings. Peggy's body was taunt as it stretched out in a run for

the water. Each muscle and curve was accented by the sun with

each move. Pam was a little more hesitant as she approached the

water. "Do you think that there is anything alive in the water?"

she asked as her foot reached the shore of the small lake.

     "Not just yet, honey. Soon there will be some major snakes

pop out if you look any better than you do right now," Art said

with a smile. Soon both girls were frolicking in the water. Jim

and Art settled down with a drink on towels brought along for

that purpose.

     The men soon dozed off, lulled by the sound of the water-

fall. Jim couldn't believe his eyes when he opened them. Pam and

Peggy had removed their suits and were climbing the path beside

the falls. He looked to see if Art was aware and noticed that Art

was already paying close attention as he stroked his cock through

his suit. "Holy christ! Why didn't you wake me?" Jim chastised


     "You haven't missed much, Jim. They just took their things

off, and I think they believe that we are snoozing. Damn, your

wife has great tits. I love the way they sway when she thinks she

is about to fall. Her ass is so smooth and well shaped," Art an-

nounced almost as if to himself.

     Jim felt his cock stiffen as Art spoke of Peggy's body. Pam

was indeed beautiful, he thought. She could compete with any

young girl in a glamour magazine. Playboy, look out! As Jim

watched Pam and Peggy helping one another up the side of the

falls, he slipped his cock from the side of his suit and began to

stroke it. Art couldn't help but notice what he was doing and

soon followed his lead. "Are you looking at my wife or yours,

Jim?" Art asked without taking his eyes off the girls.

     "Does it matter?" Jim asked as he continued to lightly run

his hand up and down his blood engorged fuck tube. "I haven't had

a raging hard-on like this in five years. Your wife is gorgeous,

and Peggy has never looked so good with her tits glistening as

they are and her ass wiggling. Wouldn't you love to have your

bone in one of them right now?"

     "It's OK with me if it's OK with you. I have had fantasies

about fucking Peggy ever since I first saw her. Now that I'm

looking right up Peggy's ass, do you have any reservations about

her making it with another man?" Art asked.

     Jim looked at him with a serious look in his eyes and said,

"the thought of you fucking Peggy does nothing but excite the

hell out of me. It'll be her call. If she wants some strange

cock, it may as well be yours. Go for it."

     The two men continued to pull on their enlarged cocks until

the girls began to return from the falls. As they approached,

they could see that the men were no longer asleep and attempted

to cover themselves with the clothes they carried. "I hope you're

not angry that we tried to get a little closer to nature, Art. It

was wonderful. You should try it," Pam said as she traded her

partially wet clothing for a towel to hide behind.

     Art jumped up off the towel, smiled, dropped his suit and

said, "doesn't bother me a bit, Pam." He began to head toward the

water, and Peggy's eyes riveted on his heavy cock as it bounced

off his well-tanned leg. "Last one in's a piker."

     Pam threw caution to the wind and followed Art into the

water. Jim's excitement increased as he saw Pam's buttocks roll

with the rhythm of her unabashed dance to the water. Jim stood

up, looked at Peggy as he raised his eyebrows and asked, "shall


     Peggy dropped her clothes, put her hands on her waist,

cocked her hips to one side and wiggled her hefty breasts at Jim.

"Let's get in the water before I lose my courage," she giggled.

He removed his suit, walked over, grabbed her hand and they ap-

proached the water as their eyes sought the flesh of their new

friends. Jim's cock began its upward journey to mild erection as

they entered the water.

     Art had already lifted Pam into his arms in the water in an

effort to show off her lovely assets. Pam's breasts were bobbing

in the cool water and her hardy nipples stood out as little

marbles on the globes of her substantial, yet firm breasts. As

Jim and Peggy came closer, Art lifted Pam's smooth buttocks out

of the water and seemed to point them at the other couple. Jim's

hand closed more tightly on Peggy's hand as his eyes met the wet

hair that graced Pam's pouting pussy slit. He could feel his cock

begin to throb while he viewed the ball-like flesh of Pam's ass

cheeks. Suddenly, Peggy's hand was on his raging penis and began

to stoke its full length under the water. "I haven't felt you

this hard in a long time, honey," she commented as she turned to

rub the nipples of her soft tits against his strong arm.

     Jim swung Peggy through the air in a swirl in an effort to

lift her slightly out of the cool water to place her buttocks and

breasts before the inquiring eyes of the other couple. Jim was

proud of Peggy's body and became even more excited as the other

couple's eyes became glued to her flesh. Peggy never dropped a

stroke on Jim's erection. Her hand glided easily over the skin of

his fuck tool aided by the water, yet it seemed to stick peri-

odically. Jim's balls were being pulled by his stretching erec-

tion as he filled his hands with Peggy's firm buttocks and

covered her mouth with his. Peggy placed his hard rod between her

legs and tightened them like a vice while she filled her hands

with his hairy ass and hid her tongue in his sucking mouth.

     Pam's excitement continued to sky rocket as she reviewed the

display of the other couple. She reached up, cupped her lovely

left breast and began to pinch its rock-hard nipple. Her eyes

rolled up in her head as Art's hand found the deep crack of her

ass cheeks, allowed it to caress its length and dip into her

hairy, swollen love tunnel. He inserted two fingers into her

honey pot and lowered his head to tweak her nipple with hardened

lips. He then fully sucked her nipple into his softening mouth

and continued to suck while his hand assault continued on her

flooded pussy.

     The lips of Peggy's deep love hole were opening like a

flower as her excitement increased. She soon felt Jim's hands

glide over her clenching ass cheeks, lift her by her buttocks,

spread the lips of her oily pussy and insert the head of his

thick fuck bone. They felt some resistance to his entry due to

the washing action of the water, but as the head of his penis be-

came covered with her love fluids, his cock made progress into

her depths. She had never fucked in the water with another

couple, and it didn't take long for her to begin her first mind-

blowing climax. "Oh fuck! Blow your hot cream in my hole, honey.

Fuck it up in there and cover my fucking guts with your boiling

cock juice," she raged as Jim's pulled her ass toward his as-

saulting cock bone.

     Pam and Art stopped briefly to watch Peggy enjoying her or-

gasm. Peggy's full breasts were flopping up out of the water and

pounding on Jim's hairy chest with each thrust of his pole into

her oily slot. Art glided through the water attempting to get

closer to the wildly fucking couple. He wanted to get as close as

possible in an effort see their bodies locking in their lusty

embrace. As his legs cut through the water in his short journey,

one hand remained on Pam's large breasts and the other hand con-

tinued its assault on her deep, hot slit. Soon they were standing

next to the wildly fucking couple. Art turned Pam so that his

cock bone rested in the deep crack of her tight ass. His hand

guided his hot rod down the division between her fanny globes and

placed the head of his cock at the entrance to her slippery

pussy. She spread her long legs in welcome to his hard cock and

felt Art's trembling hand slipping quickly over the hard nipples

of her floating mammary glands.

     Suddenly, Peggy reached out, in her last moment of passion,

grabbed Art's hand and crushed it to her breast. Jim, Art and Pam

had a look of disbelief on their faces as their eyes were riveted

to Art's fingers, filled with Peggy's tit flesh. She continued to

spasm with Jim's cock embedded in her hairy love tunnel. Jim was

crazed by the initiative that Peggy had taken and fell into the

arms of lust. Pam bent back to offer her gaping pussy to Art's

prodding penis. She then reached down to feel Jim's bone pulsing

as it spent his load into Peggy. Jim's cock began its long jour-

ney to the depths of Pam's quim.

     Spent as they were, Peggy and Jim parted, moved back and

began to watch Art drive his bone into his wife. They could see

Art treating himself to Pam's swinging globes and the rock-hard

nipples that adorned them. The look on Pam's face was that of a

hungry lioness, and she began to grunt with each thrust of Art's

cock. "Fuck it in there, baby. Stick your long pole in my hot

pussy just like Jim did to Peggy. Spill your cock lava into my

pit," Pam shouted through clenched teeth.

     Art pulled his bouncing cock from Pam's gaping pussy and

turned her around. She jumped in the water throwing her legs wide

and grabbed Art under his strong arms. Art re-inserted his bold

sword into her waiting hole and began pumping her again. Jim

whispered something to Peggy and moved in behind Pam. He reached

around Pam and cradled her breasts with his hands allowing her

ripe nipples to fall between his thumbs and forefingers. Pam

released her grip on Art and fell back into Jim's arms while

holding fast to Art's hips with her legs. Pam was suspended be-

tween the two men. Art was driving his meat into her womanhood

and Jim was manipulated her fleshy breasts.

     Peggy moved behind Jim and reached for his swollen, hairy

balls as she began to tenderly bite on the muscles of his back.

The attached couple were now fucking with a frenzy, their excite-

ment enhanced by the ministrations of their new friends. Pam's

eyes were wild. "Jim has got my tits in his hands, Art. Another

man is playing with my hard nipples. Does that drive you wild,

mother fucker?" she asked as she panted.

     "I love the sight of his fingers on your nipples. Peggy is

playing with my fuck nuts. Can you feel her hand down there? My

balls are so tight I think they are going to explode," Art

grunted. Peggy allowed her hand to continue its path beyond Art's

balls to his penetrating cock. She could feel his straining penis

enter Pam. She felt the slick, hair-covered pussy open to admit

Arts pounding cock as she pressed her soft, heavy tits into Art's


     "Jim has got his cock rubbing against my back, Art. I can

feel his bone on my buns, honey. It feels so good against my ass

as you're driving your cock into me," Pam jerked out the words.

     "How would you like to feel his cock in you, Pam? Can you

feel his bone spreading the lips of your hairy pussy as it spears

you? Can you feel his cum pumping into your belly? Can you feel

his hands on the cheeks of your ass, his lips on your nipples,

his tongue in your cunt?" Art went on to heighten her excitement.

Pam soon began to convulse uncontrollably as she climaxed on Art

spurting cock bone.

     The two couples separated. Art took Pam into his arms and

gently held her as a helpless baby. Jim and Peggy fell into one

another's arms, smiled at each other and headed for the beach and

their towels. As soon as Art and Pam regained their composure,

they too returned to dry land. Each of the four friends were

dealing with the interaction in their own way. Little was said as

each felt somewhat embarrassed by the scene. They soon began to

dress and headed back to the road to catch the taxi back to the

dock. It was Jim who first broke the silence while they waited

for their ride. "I guess we all feel a little weird about this,

but tell me, have any of you ever been so hot before in your


     Smiles appeared on the faces of the other three. Art

responded, "Pam never felt so good to me, and Peggy's hand on my

balls almost made me pass out while I was giving it to Pam. I'm

so damned tired and drained, it will be a good three minutes

before I'm ready to go again. Hey! Did it dawn on any of you yet

that we forgot to eat?"

     Laughter mingled with gasps of disbelief from each of them

as the taxi pulled up to carry them back to the ship. The ride

back was short and quiet. Matted hair and half-wet clothing

served to make the ride a little more uncomfortable than it would

have been. The taxi pulled up to the dock and deposited the tired

foursome. They gathered up their packages and began their trek up

the gang plank. Fernando greeted them as they re-entered the ship

and asked, "was your stay pleasurable, ladies and gentlemen?"

     "And that's not the half of it," announced Pam. "That's a

great little island you have there." Pam and Peggy helped one

another with their gear as the men trailed behind watching each

step of the girls and quietly reading one another's mind. They

were convinced that tomorrow would promise even greater enjoy-


                     CHAPTER ELEVEN - MIND SEX

     Jim could feel himself becoming more interested in what

wonders hypnosis had to offer he and Peggy and their sexual

desires. He decided to take Peggy to a new level of sexual

heights. He had helped Peggy experience complete hallucination of

the senses on two different occasions. The first was to find her

on a secluded beach masturbating, and the second was a wonderful

massage by a great looking stranger. Now what? She had still

never had a stranger's cock in her body. Jim decided that would

be the next adventure. He would introduce Peggy to this ex-

perience on Saturday night.

     The week seemed to drag on. It seemed as though Saturday

would never come. Each time Jim looked at Peggy he thought about

how exciting it would be for Peggy to give her body to a strange

man; her lovely breasts, her round buttocks, her hot pussy.

Strange hands on her skin; her lips on another man's penis; his

hairy balls resting in her hands and on the soft cheeks of her

ass. He went wild with the thought of it. And then Saturday came.

     They spent their evening in the same fashion as usual. A

movie, a pizza and a bottle of wine were their entertainment. The

movie was not bad, the pizza was different and the wine was

great. Jim did have a hard time keeping his mind on anything

other than sex. As they prepared to retire, Jim's apprehension

increased. Peggy had no idea what was to take place. As Peggy

dressed in her night clothes to get into bed, again Jim's mind

wandered to thoughts of another man gazing on her wonderful body.

Jim snapped his fingers twice, his regular post hypnotic suggest-

ion that would place Peggy into a deep trance state. He watched

her eyes close. A warm smile appeared on her lips, and she melted

into a deep sleep.

     Jim continued to bring Peggy deeper and deeper into her

trance. He suggested to her that upon reaching her deepest trance

state she would begin to feel very sexy. He continued along these

lines for quite some time until he could perceive Peggy actually

beginning to squirm. She was hot and wanted fucked. Jim told her

that he would soon wake her and when she awoke, she would find

herself all alone and extremely horny. She would dress completely

in a tight fitting outfit, get in the car and go to the all-night

grocery store.

     When she reached the store, she would complete the shopping

that she was going to do the next day. While at the grocery

store, she would meet a stranger with a green ribbon in the zip-

per of his coat. As soon as she identified the green ribbon, the

man wearing the ribbon would be the most exciting man she had

ever seen. She would have trouble taking her eyes off of him.

This would be the man she always wanted to make love to.

     Jim went on to explain that she would be attracted to this

man so much, because she may never have the chance to see him

again. He further told her not to concern herself with Jim be-

cause he would be out of town on business for two days. Before he

woke Peggy up he decided to give her one more post hypnotic sug-

gestion. That suggestion took the form of the length of each of

her orgasms. He would pyramid them. He told her that the inten-

sity of her climax would be double what she ever experienced


     After assuring her that she would remember nothing about

being in a trance, Jim woke Peggy up. Now would follow the first

test. Would she awaken, go about the business of getting ready

for the grocery store and not be able to see Jim. He waited with

a great deal of interest as he watched Peggy get ready to go to

the store. He sat in a chair in the corner of the master bedroom


     Peggy got up from the bed and went into the bathroom off the

bedroom without acknowledging Jim's presence. He never took his

eyes off Peggy as she began to pin her hair up to take a shower.

Her hair secure, she removed her night clothes, and Jim's blood

began to race. His thick penis began to grow as he viewed her

lovely bouncing breasts and the cleave of her ass cheeks. Her

soft pubic hair was brought into view as she turned. She stopped

in front of the mirror and began to admire herself.

     Her hands reached up and gently cupped her ample breasts.

Peggy pointed the nipples at the mirror and a smile crept over

her lips. As the thumb and forefinger of each hand pinched the

generous pink nipples of each mound of flesh her eyes rolled up

and closed. Maintaining her grasp on one of the nipples, she al-

lowed her other hand to dip down to her bush. Jim had never seen

Peggy alone and unaware of a spectator. He now understood what a

voyeur must feel like. His hard rod stretched to its maximum


     Peggy began to furiously rub her clit and manipulate her

breasts. Jim heard a soft moan and Peggy turned from the mirror

to head for the shower. Jim's excitement continued as Peggy en-

tered the hot stream of the shower and soaped every inch of her

hot body. She toweled herself off and moved toward the dressing

table. As she bent over to open a drawer, her buttocks were of-

fered to his intense view; so pink and round and tight. Suddenly

she removed a tight kelley green pair of slacks and tossed them

on the bed next to the dressing table.

     Next she removed a white knit top and placed it next to the

slacks. Peggy entered her undies drawer and withdrew a sexy pair

of panties. As she reached down for the panties, Jim could see

her heavy breasts swing down and undulate as if they had a life

of their own.

     Peggy stepped into the panties and pulled them up over her

tight buttocks. She quickly donned her slacks and pulled the top

on without a bra. Admiring herself in the mirror, her hands went

to her breasts, and she felt the weight in her hands. Satisfied

that her body would look its best in this outfit, she reached for

a comb. She combed her hair and reached for her make-up case to

place the final touches on this portrait. Uncontrollably, seminal

fluid began to seep out of Jim's straining cock. He began think-

ing about old baseball games to keep himself from blowing his en-

tire wad. Peggy left the room and quickly grabbed her coat and

keys. She was out of the door before Jim could follow her through

the house.

     Jim quickly got his essentials and began looking for his

keys. He couldn't find his god-damned keys. His mind was reeling.

Suddenly he remembered that he had left them in his overcoat,

retrieved them and headed for the garage. He was shaking with an-

ticipation as he grabbed his jacket and reached into the pocket

for his green ribbon. His wife was off to the grocery store and

would likely find more that ground chuck upon completion of her

mission. He headed toward the grocery store with his cock still

heavy with anticipation.

     Jim's heart jumped once again as he pulled into the parking

lot and saw Peggy's van parked there. Still shaking slightly, he

exited the car and began his journey into the store. On his way,

he recovered a shopping cart in the parking lot and pushed it

toward the automatic doors. He thought how humorous it must be

that some of the observers in the area were likely thinking that

he was doing his part to bring one of the carts back to the

store. Actually, he was trying to hide his substantial hard on.

As he entered the store, his eyes began to search for Peggy. His

gaze then went to the zipper of his jacket to assure himself that

his ribbon was in place. It was. Where would she go first? He

would try the dairy isle. True to habit, Peggy was at the dairy

section viewing the offerings. Jim just stood back and watched.

She was a good shopper, moving through the isles quickly captur-

ing all of those necessities that she was so used to buying.

     It wasn't busy in the store. There were only several shop-

pers there at the time. Many of them appeared to be single men

struggling through this chore. It didn't take Jim long to observe

that Peggy had removed her coat and hung it over the back of the

cart. Soon, it became apparent that the men in the store were

watching her fine ass as it passed. When she reached for an item,

her breasts would often swing against the material of her top and

thrill the onlookers. Jim's cock remained hard and ready. He

decided that it was about time he allowed Peggy to notice him. He

traveled the reverse way of the traffic pattern that Peggy had

established so he could face her in his travels. As he rounded

the soup section, there she was.

     Peggy was being followed casually by two men, one behind the

other. At this point they were merely pretending to shop. It was

obvious that they were benefiting from the view of her great

body. This excited Jim even more. Soon Peggy's casual gaze met

Jim. She looked away and then her head snapped back to rivet on

the green ribbon of his jacket. She immediately began to blush.

She quickly looked away and began sneaking peeks at this

"stranger." As she turned the corner, Jim could see that she was

trying to see more of him.

     Again they appeared in the same isle, the wine section,

going in their respective directions. Peggy stopped to view the

selection, Jim continued his slow walk toward her. Jim knew Peggy

well enough to know that she would probably not make the first

move. It was his responsibility. As he closed in, he stopped and

asked her if she liked the brand of wine she held in her hand.

She indicated that she liked to try different brands and types,

and he indicated that he did also. As their conversation

developed, she became more talkative. They began to walk in the

same direction, talking about many of their interests. Her eyes

periodically moved to his bulge. Her nose became filled with his

scent. She was getting aroused just walking next to him.

     They found that they had quite a bit in common, obviously,

and Jim suggested that they meet for coffee some day. Peggy indi-

cated that the idea sat well with her and assured him that she

would enjoy it. The next test was soon to come. Jim excused him-

self and told her that he enjoyed talking with her. She offered

her phone number and bid Jim good bye. As she began walking away,

Peggy's mind must have gone into high gear. The suggestion that

she may never see this man again must have assaulted her aware-

ness. She turned and Jim continued to walk.

     She caught his attention and indicated to him that she

didn't even know his name. He told her that his name was Eddie

and, she advised him that she was Peggy. She then suddenly asked

him it he had plans for the rest of the evening. He smiled and

indicated that he did not. Peggy then told "Eddie" that she was

not committed to anything either and thought that it would be a

shame to have to drink her bottle of wine all by herself. She

couldn't believe her own ears. Did that come out of her lips?

"Eddie" smiled and told her that it was late and she probably

should be escorted to her home anyway. "Let's get to check out

and I'll follow you home," he offered. She agreed with a smile

and a shake of her head and they approached the check out

counter. Having completed this task they headed toward their


     Jim actually felt as though Peggy was a stranger. She acted

a little differently. She was infinitely more sexy, and she moved

in such a way as to accentuate her lovely body. Jim continued to

imagine Peggy being with a strange man, pressing her lips to him,

touching his strange penis and offering him all of her charms.

Naughtiness - that was it. It was naughty. Every conceivable sex

act invaded his mind. He couldn't remember being this aroused.

Soon they were at "Peggy's home." She pulled into the drive and

exited the van with packages in tow. She fumbled with her keys

and opened the door. Jim was directly behind her, watching her

buttocks move under the tight material. He felt it curious how

her hands shook as she placed the key in the lock to allow them


     Once inside, Peggy told "Eddie" to make himself comfortable

and she would be right with him. "Eddie" went to the couch and

collapsed. He couldn't remember ever sitting on the couch. He

generally sat in an easy chair. He really felt as if he were in

someone else's house. He heard Peggy getting glasses and ice to

chill the glasses. Soon she joined him in the living room,

deposited the tray of wine and sat at the opposite end of the

couch. Jim got a smirk on his face, and Peggy understood. She

told him that she had never invited anyone over before, and Jim

offered a fake frown. She then hastened to mention that she was

married and it would probably be poorly perceived that she did

invite him over.

     "Eddie" told her that if she was uncomfortable, he would

leave. She indicated that she was uncomfortable, but she did not

want him to leave. She found him so interesting that she wanted

to know more about him. She wanted to know why he had accepted

her offer to come over when he didn't even know her. Jim pulled

out all of the stops. "I find you to be one of the most exciting

women I have ever met and was hoping that I could get to know you

better. I can't very well get to know you if you are sitting at

the other end of the couch," he shared as he reached and put his

hand on her arm. They slowly moved toward each other and their

lips met.

     Her body felt new. After twenty years of marriage, he was on

fire. He felt her body tremble as she pressed her breasts into

his chest. His hand cupped the back of her head and pulled her

toward him. Soon her tongue touched his lip and begged for admit-

tance to his hot mouth. His tongue met hers and they seemed to

melt together. Jim placed his left hand under her sweater and

found a warm breast with its nipple plump and straining. He felt

the weight of her flesh. He gently pinched her nipple, and she

sighed heavily as her tongue reached farther into his mouth. His

hand now reached down and slipped into her slacks and beneath her

panties to cup the swell of her buttocks. Dipping into the moist

canyon of her ass cheeks, he squeezed and felt her respond by

placing her hand on his now gigantic cock. Suddenly she stopped

her aggression and seemed to become concerned. Jim asked her if

there was something wrong. "Eddie, I have to make something clear

to you. I am married, and I love my husband very much. I have

never done anything like this before, and I'm concerned that it's

wrong," she said.

     "Do you think that Jim would be really upset with us?" he


     "Actually, it would probably be quite the contrary. Jim has

hinted many times throughout our marriage that the thought of me

making it with someone else would be a real turn on for him,"

Peggy explained.

     "Well, I promise not to take it too serious, if you don't.

What do you say? You tell Jim what you want to. You know him well

enough to pick what to tell him and when," Jim urged. She smiled

at him and placed his hand back on her soft, waiting breast.

     After what seemed like only seconds, Jim reached under both

sides of Peggy's sweater and lifted it over her head. He saw the

lovely breasts stretch upward as she raised her arms over her

head to accommodate his efforts. Her eyes were glued to his to

observe the appreciation on his face. His head immediately

dropped to her juicy nipple as his hand lifted her heavy tit to

his mouth. Again a moan escaped her lips, as her hand began work-

ing on the zipper of his pants. Soon they were both naked.

     Peggy's love tunnel was wet with her own juices. She knew

that she had never been this excited, as the cream began running

down her legs and into the crack of her ass. In a quick motion,

her head fell onto his thick bone and devoured it. Up and down

she went trying to stuff every morsel of his eight inch cock into

her throat. Her hands manipulated the hairy balls as if she were

trying to prepare his cum for its inevitable exit. He wanted to

slide his tongue into her swollen cunt but didn't want her to

stop what she was doing. He just laid back and enjoyed what was

happening. Quickly, he felt the come boiling in his heavy balls.

He was going to ejaculate. Without a word, he withdrew his vein

covered meat from her lips. He rearranged her on the couch and

threw her legs back forcing his tongue into the deep, dark honey

pot. She even tasted different. His lips began plucking at her

now hard clit, dipping his tongue deep into her hole from time to


     Peggy soon let out what can only be described as a deep

grunt. Her hips began pounding against Jim's face as she held his

head in place. Her breasts were flopping wildly as she shame-

lessly fucked his face with her dripping cunt. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

my god - Oh - Oh - Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh," she cried. It went on and

on. She continued to convulse as his tongue milked the cream from

deep in her hole. He had never seen Peggy come this hard or this

long. His face was becoming covered with her love juices and

detached pubic hair. Soon she lay there completely spent and al-

most unconscious. Jim went to the rest room and acquired a towel.

He wiped his face, sat in his easy chair and continued to stroke

his huge erection.

     Jim exited the chair and poured two glasses of wine. He

moved to the couch and offered one to Peggy. She took it with

what was clearly a weak hand. After a long sip on the cool wine,

she offered a huge grin and told him that she hoped he didn't

think that she was done. He returned the smile, took a sip of his

glass and returned to his chair, stroking his heavy penis. Peggy

quickly recovered as the sexiest look came over her face. She

moved over to the chair and placed herself between this man's

legs. She placed her lips over his flaccid penis, and he knew in-

stantly that she still had wine in her mouth. The sensation was

great. He felt the cool wine encompass his cock. Soon the wine

was gone and only her hot quick lips remained, sliding up and

down his shaft. He reached down and felt the weight of her heavy

tits, bouncing as her head pounded his penis. He looked down her

smooth back to the cleft between the cheeks of her tight ass.

Surely, heaven was like this.

     Jim had the greatest urge in the world to drive his thick,

long cock into this woman. Suddenly he rose and began to push

Peggy over to the couch, spreading her legs as she fell backward.

"Wait, Eddie. Would you please fuck me like a dog. I would love

to feel your huge bone in my cunt as your thighs pound against my

ass," she begged. Jim backed off and allowed Peggy to get on her

knees. He looked down and saw her buttocks displayed before him;

her gaping cunt with soaked hair and dripping from excitement. He

took his cock in his hand and began to stroke it once again, as

he aimed it toward her dark slit. Her breasts undulating with a

gentle bounce, she waited to be filled with this strange cock.

     Jim's thick rod encountered no resistance as it parted the

lips of her fragrant hole and slid deep into this cavern of love.

Upon initial entry, Peggy once again began to convulse with spasm

after spasm of orgasm. Her box engulfed Jim's pounding cock and

squeezed it tight. He drove deeper and deeper into her belly.

"Fuck me, fuck me harder, fuck me deeper. Drive that bone into my

cunt, mother fucker. Fill my guts with your cream. Fuck that

cunt, squeeze my ass; harder," she screamed.

     He could take it no longer. Deep within his balls he could

feel the cream exploding for release. Bang! It erupted. The first

convulsion, he squirted a huge load of come into her cunt. He

then pulled his jumping rod from her hole and shot several vol-

leys of hot juice on her ass and back. She reached back and

started to smear the thick sticky cream over her ass and back.

She grabbed Jim's cock and continued to milk it as she cried with


     They both collapsed on the couch into one another's arms and

fell off to sleep. Jim was the first to awaken. He went to the

rest room, cleaned up and returned with a hot wash cloth and a

towel for Peggy. As he nudged Peggy her eyes slowly opened. As

soon as she was aware, Jim snapped his fingers twice, and Peggy's

eyes closed again. Jim told her that she would soon awaken, feel-

ing wonderful and remembering everything as though it actually

happened. She would feel no guilt and would be proud that she

finally obtained the courage to make love with a stranger. He

further told her that she could feel free to tell him about her

experience in her own good time. Peggy was awoken, freshened up,

went to bed and fell off into a wonderful natural sleep.

     The next morning she was surprised to find Jim home, think-

ing that he would be gone for another day. He told her that he

had finished his business early and had missed her. She im-

mediately reached for his cock and placed it in her mouth. 'Let

the games begin,' he thought. He also let his mind wander about

the next experience he would treat her to. He was on fire again.

                     CHAPTER ELEVEN - MIND SEX

     Jim could feel himself becoming more interested in what

wonders hypnosis had to offer he and Peggy and their sexual

desires. He decided to take Peggy to a new level of sexual

heights. He had helped Peggy experience complete hallucination of

the senses on two different occasions. The first was to find her

on a secluded beach masturbating, and the second was a wonderful

massage by a great looking stranger. Now what? She had still

never had a stranger's cock in her body. Jim decided that would

be the next adventure. He would introduce Peggy to this ex-

perience on Saturday night.

     The week seemed to drag on. It seemed as though Saturday

would never come. Each time Jim looked at Peggy he thought about

how exciting it would be for Peggy to give her body to a strange

man; her lovely breasts, her round buttocks, her hot pussy.

Strange hands on her skin; her lips on another man's penis; his

hairy balls resting in her hands and on the soft cheeks of her

ass. He went wild with the thought of it. And then Saturday came.

     They spent their evening in the same fashion as usual. A

movie, a pizza and a bottle of wine were their entertainment. The

movie was not bad, the pizza was different and the wine was

great. Jim did have a hard time keeping his mind on anything

other than sex. As they prepared to retire, Jim's apprehension

increased. Peggy had no idea what was to take place. As Peggy

dressed in her night clothes to get into bed, again Jim's mind

wandered to thoughts of another man gazing on her wonderful body.

Jim snapped his fingers twice, his regular post hypnotic suggest-

ion that would place Peggy into a deep trance state. He watched

her eyes close. A warm smile appeared on her lips, and she melted

into a deep sleep.

     Jim continued to bring Peggy deeper and deeper into her

trance. He suggested to her that upon reaching her deepest trance

state she would begin to feel very sexy. He continued along these

lines for quite some time until he could perceive Peggy actually

beginning to squirm. She was hot and wanted fucked. Jim told her

that he would soon wake her and when she awoke, she would find

herself all alone and extremely horny. She would dress completely

in a tight fitting outfit, get in the car and go to the all-night

grocery store.

     When she reached the store, she would complete the shopping

that she was going to do the next day. While at the grocery

store, she would meet a stranger with a green ribbon in the zip-

per of his coat. As soon as she identified the green ribbon, the

man wearing the ribbon would be the most exciting man she had

ever seen. She would have trouble taking her eyes off of him.

This would be the man she always wanted to make love to.

     Jim went on to explain that she would be attracted to this

man so much, because she may never have the chance to see him

again. He further told her not to concern herself with Jim be-

cause he would be out of town on business for two days. Before he

woke Peggy up he decided to give her one more post hypnotic sug-

gestion. That suggestion took the form of the length of each of

her orgasms. He would pyramid them. He told her that the inten-

sity of her climax would be double what she ever experienced


     After assuring her that she would remember nothing about

being in a trance, Jim woke Peggy up. Now would follow the first

test. Would she awaken, go about the business of getting ready

for the grocery store and not be able to see Jim. He waited with

a great deal of interest as he watched Peggy get ready to go to

the store. He sat in a chair in the corner of the master bedroom


     Peggy got up from the bed and went into the bathroom off the

bedroom without acknowledging Jim's presence. He never took his

eyes off Peggy as she began to pin her hair up to take a shower.

Her hair secure, she removed her night clothes, and Jim's blood

began to race. His thick penis began to grow as he viewed her

lovely bouncing breasts and the cleave of her ass cheeks. Her

soft pubic hair was brought into view as she turned. She stopped

in front of the mirror and began to admire herself.

     Her hands reached up and gently cupped her ample breasts.

Peggy pointed the nipples at the mirror and a smile crept over

her lips. As the thumb and forefinger of each hand pinched the

generous pink nipples of each mound of flesh her eyes rolled up

and closed. Maintaining her grasp on one of the nipples, she al-

lowed her other hand to dip down to her bush. Jim had never seen

Peggy alone and unaware of a spectator. He now understood what a

voyeur must feel like. His hard rod stretched to its maximum


     Peggy began to furiously rub her clit and manipulate her

breasts. Jim heard a soft moan and Peggy turned from the mirror

to head for the shower. Jim's excitement continued as Peggy en-

tered the hot stream of the shower and soaped every inch of her

hot body. She toweled herself off and moved toward the dressing

table. As she bent over to open a drawer, her buttocks were of-

fered to his intense view; so pink and round and tight. Suddenly

she removed a tight kelley green pair of slacks and tossed them

on the bed next to the dressing table.

     Next she removed a white knit top and placed it next to the

slacks. Peggy entered her undies drawer and withdrew a sexy pair

of panties. As she reached down for the panties, Jim could see

her heavy breasts swing down and undulate as if they had a life

of their own.

     Peggy stepped into the panties and pulled them up over her

tight buttocks. She quickly donned her slacks and pulled the top

on without a bra. Admiring herself in the mirror, her hands went

to her breasts, and she felt the weight in her hands. Satisfied

that her body would look its best in this outfit, she reached for

a comb. She combed her hair and reached for her make-up case to

place the final touches on this portrait. Uncontrollably, seminal

fluid began to seep out of Jim's straining cock. He began think-

ing about old baseball games to keep himself from blowing his en-

tire wad. Peggy left the room and quickly grabbed her coat and

keys. She was out of the door before Jim could follow her through

the house.

     Jim quickly got his essentials and began looking for his

keys. He couldn't find his god-damned keys. His mind was reeling.

Suddenly he remembered that he had left them in his overcoat,

retrieved them and headed for the garage. He was shaking with an-

ticipation as he grabbed his jacket and reached into the pocket

for his green ribbon. His wife was off to the grocery store and

would likely find more that ground chuck upon completion of her

mission. He headed toward the grocery store with his cock still

heavy with anticipation.

     Jim's heart jumped once again as he pulled into the parking

lot and saw Peggy's van parked there. Still shaking slightly, he

exited the car and began his journey into the store. On his way,

he recovered a shopping cart in the parking lot and pushed it

toward the automatic doors. He thought how humorous it must be

that some of the observers in the area were likely thinking that

he was doing his part to bring one of the carts back to the

store. Actually, he was trying to hide his substantial hard on.

As he entered the store, his eyes began to search for Peggy. His

gaze then went to the zipper of his jacket to assure himself that

his ribbon was in place. It was. Where would she go first? He

would try the dairy isle. True to habit, Peggy was at the dairy

section viewing the offerings. Jim just stood back and watched.

She was a good shopper, moving through the isles quickly captur-

ing all of those necessities that she was so used to buying.

     It wasn't busy in the store. There were only several shop-

pers there at the time. Many of them appeared to be single men

struggling through this chore. It didn't take Jim long to observe

that Peggy had removed her coat and hung it over the back of the

cart. Soon, it became apparent that the men in the store were

watching her fine ass as it passed. When she reached for an item,

her breasts would often swing against the material of her top and

thrill the onlookers. Jim's cock remained hard and ready. He

decided that it was about time he allowed Peggy to notice him. He

traveled the reverse way of the traffic pattern that Peggy had

established so he could face her in his travels. As he rounded

the soup section, there she was.

     Peggy was being followed casually by two men, one behind the

other. At this point they were merely pretending to shop. It was

obvious that they were benefiting from the view of her great

body. This excited Jim even more. Soon Peggy's casual gaze met

Jim. She looked away and then her head snapped back to rivet on

the green ribbon of his jacket. She immediately began to blush.

She quickly looked away and began sneaking peeks at this

"stranger." As she turned the corner, Jim could see that she was

trying to see more of him.

     Again they appeared in the same isle, the wine section,

going in their respective directions. Peggy stopped to view the

selection, Jim continued his slow walk toward her. Jim knew Peggy

well enough to know that she would probably not make the first

move. It was his responsibility. As he closed in, he stopped and

asked her if she liked the brand of wine she held in her hand.

She indicated that she liked to try different brands and types,

and he indicated that he did also. As their conversation

developed, she became more talkative. They began to walk in the

same direction, talking about many of their interests. Her eyes

periodically moved to his bulge. Her nose became filled with his

scent. She was getting aroused just walking next to him.

     They found that they had quite a bit in common, obviously,

and Jim suggested that they meet for coffee some day. Peggy indi-

cated that the idea sat well with her and assured him that she

would enjoy it. The next test was soon to come. Jim excused him-

self and told her that he enjoyed talking with her. She offered

her phone number and bid Jim good bye. As she began walking away,

Peggy's mind must have gone into high gear. The suggestion that

she may never see this man again must have assaulted her aware-

ness. She turned and Jim continued to walk.

     She caught his attention and indicated to him that she

didn't even know his name. He told her that his name was Eddie

and, she advised him that she was Peggy. She then suddenly asked

him it he had plans for the rest of the evening. He smiled and

indicated that he did not. Peggy then told "Eddie" that she was

not committed to anything either and thought that it would be a

shame to have to drink her bottle of wine all by herself. She

couldn't believe her own ears. Did that come out of her lips?

"Eddie" smiled and told her that it was late and she probably

should be escorted to her home anyway. "Let's get to check out

and I'll follow you home," he offered. She agreed with a smile

and a shake of her head and they approached the check out

counter. Having completed this task they headed toward their


     Jim actually felt as though Peggy was a stranger. She acted

a little differently. She was infinitely more sexy, and she moved

in such a way as to accentuate her lovely body. Jim continued to

imagine Peggy being with a strange man, pressing her lips to him,

touching his strange penis and offering him all of her charms.

Naughtiness - that was it. It was naughty. Every conceivable sex

act invaded his mind. He couldn't remember being this aroused.

Soon they were at "Peggy's home." She pulled into the drive and

exited the van with packages in tow. She fumbled with her keys

and opened the door. Jim was directly behind her, watching her

buttocks move under the tight material. He felt it curious how

her hands shook as she placed the key in the lock to allow them


     Once inside, Peggy told "Eddie" to make himself comfortable

and she would be right with him. "Eddie" went to the couch and

collapsed. He couldn't remember ever sitting on the couch. He

generally sat in an easy chair. He really felt as if he were in

someone else's house. He heard Peggy getting glasses and ice to

chill the glasses. Soon she joined him in the living room,

deposited the tray of wine and sat at the opposite end of the

couch. Jim got a smirk on his face, and Peggy understood. She

told him that she had never invited anyone over before, and Jim

offered a fake frown. She then hastened to mention that she was

married and it would probably be poorly perceived that she did

invite him over.

     "Eddie" told her that if she was uncomfortable, he would

leave. She indicated that she was uncomfortable, but she did not

want him to leave. She found him so interesting that she wanted

to know more about him. She wanted to know why he had accepted

her offer to come over when he didn't even know her. Jim pulled

out all of the stops. "I find you to be one of the most exciting

women I have ever met and was hoping that I could get to know you

better. I can't very well get to know you if you are sitting at

the other end of the couch," he shared as he reached and put his

hand on her arm. They slowly moved toward each other and their

lips met.

     Her body felt new. After twenty years of marriage, he was on

fire. He felt her body tremble as she pressed her breasts into

his chest. His hand cupped the back of her head and pulled her

toward him. Soon her tongue touched his lip and begged for admit-

tance to his hot mouth. His tongue met hers and they seemed to

melt together. Jim placed his left hand under her sweater and

found a warm breast with its nipple plump and straining. He felt

the weight of her flesh. He gently pinched her nipple, and she

sighed heavily as her tongue reached farther into his mouth. His

hand now reached down and slipped into her slacks and beneath her

panties to cup the swell of her buttocks. Dipping into the moist

canyon of her ass cheeks, he squeezed and felt her respond by

placing her hand on his now gigantic cock. Suddenly she stopped

her aggression and seemed to become concerned. Jim asked her if

there was something wrong. "Eddie, I have to make something clear

to you. I am married, and I love my husband very much. I have

never done anything like this before, and I'm concerned that it's

wrong," she said.

     "Do you think that Jim would be really upset with us?" he


     "Actually, it would probably be quite the contrary. Jim has

hinted many times throughout our marriage that the thought of me

making it with someone else would be a real turn on for him,"

Peggy explained.

     "Well, I promise not to take it too serious, if you don't.

What do you say? You tell Jim what you want to. You know him well

enough to pick what to tell him and when," Jim urged. She smiled

at him and placed his hand back on her soft, waiting breast.

     After what seemed like only seconds, Jim reached under both

sides of Peggy's sweater and lifted it over her head. He saw the

lovely breasts stretch upward as she raised her arms over her

head to accommodate his efforts. Her eyes were glued to his to

observe the appreciation on his face. His head immediately

dropped to her juicy nipple as his hand lifted her heavy tit to

his mouth. Again a moan escaped her lips, as her hand began work-

ing on the zipper of his pants. Soon they were both naked.

     Peggy's love tunnel was wet with her own juices. She knew

that she had never been this excited, as the cream began running

down her legs and into the crack of her ass. In a quick motion,

her head fell onto his thick bone and devoured it. Up and down

she went trying to stuff every morsel of his eight inch cock into

her throat. Her hands manipulated the hairy balls as if she were

trying to prepare his cum for its inevitable exit. He wanted to

slide his tongue into her swollen cunt but didn't want her to

stop what she was doing. He just laid back and enjoyed what was

happening. Quickly, he felt the come boiling in his heavy balls.

He was going to ejaculate. Without a word, he withdrew his vein

covered meat from her lips. He rearranged her on the couch and

threw her legs back forcing his tongue into the deep, dark honey

pot. She even tasted different. His lips began plucking at her

now hard clit, dipping his tongue deep into her hole from time to


     Peggy soon let out what can only be described as a deep

grunt. Her hips began pounding against Jim's face as she held his

head in place. Her breasts were flopping wildly as she shame-

lessly fucked his face with her dripping cunt. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

my god - Oh - Oh - Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh," she cried. It went on and

on. She continued to convulse as his tongue milked the cream from

deep in her hole. He had never seen Peggy come this hard or this

long. His face was becoming covered with her love juices and

detached pubic hair. Soon she lay there completely spent and al-

most unconscious. Jim went to the rest room and acquired a towel.

He wiped his face, sat in his easy chair and continued to stroke

his huge erection.

     Jim exited the chair and poured two glasses of wine. He

moved to the couch and offered one to Peggy. She took it with

what was clearly a weak hand. After a long sip on the cool wine,

she offered a huge grin and told him that she hoped he didn't

think that she was done. He returned the smile, took a sip of his

glass and returned to his chair, stroking his heavy penis. Peggy

quickly recovered as the sexiest look came over her face. She

moved over to the chair and placed herself between this man's

legs. She placed her lips over his flaccid penis, and he knew in-

stantly that she still had wine in her mouth. The sensation was

great. He felt the cool wine encompass his cock. Soon the wine

was gone and only her hot quick lips remained, sliding up and

down his shaft. He reached down and felt the weight of her heavy

tits, bouncing as her head pounded his penis. He looked down her

smooth back to the cleft between the cheeks of her tight ass.

Surely, heaven was like this.

     Jim had the greatest urge in the world to drive his thick,

long cock into this woman. Suddenly he rose and began to push

Peggy over to the couch, spreading her legs as she fell backward.

"Wait, Eddie. Would you please fuck me like a dog. I would love

to feel your huge bone in my cunt as your thighs pound against my

ass," she begged. Jim backed off and allowed Peggy to get on her

knees. He looked down and saw her buttocks displayed before him;

her gaping cunt with soaked hair and dripping from excitement. He

took his cock in his hand and began to stroke it once again, as

he aimed it toward her dark slit. Her breasts undulating with a

gentle bounce, she waited to be filled with this strange cock.

     Jim's thick rod encountered no resistance as it parted the

lips of her fragrant hole and slid deep into this cavern of love.

Upon initial entry, Peggy once again began to convulse with spasm

after spasm of orgasm. Her box engulfed Jim's pounding cock and

squeezed it tight. He drove deeper and deeper into her belly.

"Fuck me, fuck me harder, fuck me deeper. Drive that bone into my

cunt, mother fucker. Fill my guts with your cream. Fuck that

cunt, squeeze my ass; harder," she screamed.

     He could take it no longer. Deep within his balls he could

feel the cream exploding for release. Bang! It erupted. The first

convulsion, he squirted a huge load of come into her cunt. He

then pulled his jumping rod from her hole and shot several vol-

leys of hot juice on her ass and back. She reached back and

started to smear the thick sticky cream over her ass and back.

She grabbed Jim's cock and continued to milk it as she cried with


     They both collapsed on the couch into one another's arms and

fell off to sleep. Jim was the first to awaken. He went to the

rest room, cleaned up and returned with a hot wash cloth and a

towel for Peggy. As he nudged Peggy her eyes slowly opened. As

soon as she was aware, Jim snapped his fingers twice, and Peggy's

eyes closed again. Jim told her that she would soon awaken, feel-

ing wonderful and remembering everything as though it actually

happened. She would feel no guilt and would be proud that she

finally obtained the courage to make love with a stranger. He

further told her that she could feel free to tell him about her

experience in her own good time. Peggy was awoken, freshened up,

went to bed and fell off into a wonderful natural sleep.

     The next morning she was surprised to find Jim home, think-

ing that he would be gone for another day. He told her that he

had finished his business early and had missed her. She im-

mediately reached for his cock and placed it in her mouth. 'Let

the games begin,' he thought. He also let his mind wander about

the next experience he would treat her to. He was on fire again.

                     CHAPTER TWELVE - MIND SEX

     Jim sat in the office as his mind began to settle down from

the day's activity. His pushed back from the desk, leaned back in

his chair, placed his hands behind his head and began to think

about the last hypnosex experience with Peggy, his wife. As his

thoughts began to touch those moments when his wife was making

love with another man, his cock started to grow. With eyes closed

his mind began painting pictures of Peggy parting her soaked

pussy so that "Eddie" could bury his straining cock. He was con-

vinced that it was time for another experiment. He would prepare

for another mind altering experience.

     The ride home was a blur. His mind focused on the events

that he would create for his wife's enjoyment. Up until this

point she had never shared with Jim that she had experienced

"another man." He pulled into the drive and pushed the button to

open the garage. Peggy was in the kitchen as he entered. She

smiled, welcomed him home and offered her lovely lips to him.

Peggy continued her efforts to complete dinner as Jim went into

the bedroom to change for dinner. As he undressed, he was happy

to see that the thoughts he was having on the way home nicely af-

fected the heaviness and length of his penis. He pulled it out

and began stroking it. He could feel his nipples tingling at the

thought of a new experience for Peggy. Jim dressed and made his

way out of the bedroom.

     Jim entered the dining room and walked up behind Peggy plac-

ing his extended rod against the crack of her ass. He reached up

under her sweat shirt and cupped her bra-less breasts. Her

nipples stabbed his respective palms, and his cock jumped. She

pushed back slightly and indicated that she expected some of

"that" later and giggled. He assured her that she would be

pleasantly surprised. "What does that mean?" she inquired.

     "You'll see sweetheart. I want to see the look on your face

when you get it, so I won't spoil it now," he added. Jim was

trying to feel Peggy out about the last experience she had, to

determine whether he was moving too fast and whether it turned

her on as much as it did him.

     "Tell me honey; with the exception of Marty, your brother's

friend, have you ever entertained any thoughts about making it

with another man?" Jim inquired after they had finished most of

their meal.

     "You really do want me to fuck someone else, don't you? You

know Jim, I don't really know how to take you sometimes. I get

concerned that if I do experience another man you will find that

you don't really want that. I also get concerned that you will

think I am a slut", Peggy responded.

     "I told you before honey, that I would get a little jealous,

but it would be a great turn on for me. I know you love me, and a

piece of ass wouldn't change that. I have more faith in our

relationship after twenty years of marriage to think that I would

care less for you. It's actually my request. Why would I get

angry with you. Like I told you before; if you ever want to or

get the chance to have a strange cock in you, I would love it",

Jim assured her.

     "OK, I'll take a chance. I did get fucked Jim. It was great,

and I wanted to tell you about it, but I was afraid to, because I

didn't want to upset you", she began to ramble. She got up from

the table and turned away from Jim as she finished her sentence.

Jim could feel the blood begin to flow in his loins, but he was a

little concerned about Peggy.

     "Oh honey, you don't have to worry about that. You've said

it. I know it now, and I'm happy for you," Jim said as he ap-

proached her from behind. He grabbed her arms and slowly turned

her to face him. Jim looked into her eyes, smiled and kissed her.

     "Are you sure that you're not mad?" she asked. She was trem-

bling slightly as she nestled into his strong arms.

     "No honey, I promise that not only am I not angry, I am very

turned on by it. Would you feel comfortable telling me about it?"

he asked.

     "Give me a minute while I think of where to begin. I'll put

on some coffee," She said. Jim watched her move about the dining

room. His blood was beginning to boil as he saw her buttocks move

under her tight sweat pants and her breasts sway under her shirt.

He began to remember how Peggy reacted to what she thought was a

stranger. He recalled how powerful her orgasms were. He could see

"Eddie's" hands on her breasts, his lips on her nipples and his

thick cock ramming her hole.

     Peggy put a cup of coffee in front of Jim and began speaking

quietly, "I really don't know what got into me. It was so out of

character. I went to the store to pick up a few things while you

were out of town. I entered the store and really became conscious

of several men in the place. It seemed like they were all looking

at me. I started feeling really sexy. After a short time, I ran

into one man that really seemed to turn me on. I don't know what

it was about him. I just began thinking about how it would be to

touch him, have him touch me and I wanted to see his body. I'm

never like that. We talked and he really seemed to be too good to

be true. He was intelligent, witty and not pushy. I almost let

him walk out of the store, and then something came over me. I

decided that if I could get this guy to come home with me I

would. I kept hearing your voice in the back of my head telling

me that you wouldn't mind, and it would turn you on. I was

shocked when he agreed to come over for some wine. You look like

you really enjoy hearing this."

     Jim stood up, unzipped his trousers and displayed his im-

mense cock. She had never seen it this big. It's head was swollen

and shiny. It looked like a huge tower. Jim said, "this should

tell you how I feel about it." She went on to explain, in detail,

what occurred as Jim stroked his cock. Peggy became so horny

telling Jim about it, that she put her hand between her legs,

pressed against her clit and swayed back and forth as she

finished the story. Jim reminded her that he thought it was won-

derful that she was able to have this new experience and en-

couraged her to feel free to express herself in the future. Both

rose and moved toward one another in the dining room. They fell

into each others arms and joined in a deep kiss. Jim's hands were

all over Peggy. She began pumping against his leg as he continued

to whisper sexy things in her ear about the man she had made love

with. They decided that they would go into bed.

     As they reached the bed, Peggy crawled up pulling Jim after

her. As her head hit the pillow, Jim snapped his fingers twice.

Peggy's smile began to fade and her eyes closed, as she seemed to

melt into the bed. She became completely relaxed and fell into a

deep sleep. Jim did what he could to make her more comfortable.

He adjusted the pillow, straightened her legs and told her that

she would fall deeper asleep than she ever had. She was again

ready to accept any suggestions that Jim would offer.

     "When you awaken, I will be out of town again. You will

begin to feel very sexy and horny. You will masturbate and enjoy

a beautiful climax, but it won't seem to be enough. You will want

to fill your love hole with a thick, long, glistening penis. All

you will be able to think of is this long cock. You can almost

taste it now. You will want to hold someone's heavy, hairy balls

in your hand. You will feel your swollen nipples tingle in an-

ticipation. Your breasts and buttocks will long to be held. You

are beginning to feel the need increase now.

     After you masturbate, you will dress in a sexy outfit and go

out to a single's bar to see if there is anyone there who inter-

ests you. When you enter, I will be there but you will not be

able to see me. You will not notice me in any way. You will then

sit at the bar by yourself and order a glass of wine. Several men

may come up to you, but you will all but ignore them. If they ask

you any questions, you will coldly tell them that you are waiting

for a friend. If a man comes up to you and you hear the words

'Green Ribbon,' you will become interested in this man. He will

be very similar in appearance to the man that you met in the

grocery store. You will not want this man to get away. You will

want to get to know him better. If you hear the word

'Catastrophe," you will explain to the stranger that although you

think he is nice, you are a married woman and must get home. If

you are comfortable with this man, you will feel free to invite

him to your house for drinks. If everything feels right and you

decide to make love, you will do so in the bedroom." Jim was sure

that in this fashion, he could protect her from unwholesome

types, someone who would turn sour during their conversation and

direct her in terms of who she would be leaving with. The entire

time that Peggy spent in the trance state, Jim's cock was hard

and anxious to spill. He controlled it, because he wanted to

remain hot to see what the rest of the evening held. He told

Peggy to remain in the trance state until he woke her.

     Jim went to the basement and disconnected the cable from the

cable service and reconnected it to a VCR in the recreation room.

He then connected the wire from the TV to a video camera that sat

on top of a high dresser. After a little adjusting of the camera,

her returned to the basement to see that he would have a ring-

side seat for anything that would occur in the bedroom. Jim

returned to the bedroom to awaken Peggy. She slowly became con-

scious. Jim sat in the chair in the corner of the room and


     Peggy began to squirm on the bed. Her hands went under her

shirt and grabbed her bra-less breasts. She began to shake them

and pinch at the nipples. Soon she removed it utterly and con-

tinued to deeply massage her breasts. This was something that Jim

rarely saw. She slipped her hand into her pants as her head bent

back into the pillow. Shortly, in one motion, Peggy slipped her

thumbs into the waistband of her sweats and slid them and her

panties down her hips and off. Her hand went immediately to her

slit and began rubbing her clit furiously. Breasts bouncing and

hand gyrating in her quim, Peggy convulsed into marvelous orgasm.

Her eyes squeezed tightly shut, and her mouth opened, gasping for


     Jim was forced to spill his cream as he watched Peggy mas-

turbate. He continued to stroke his weapon as he watched Peggy

get up from the bed and move toward the shower. He could never

get enough of the sight of her lovely buttocks as they rolled

with each step. Jim wished that the whole world could see and ap-

preciate this beautiful view. Peggy pinned up her long brown hair

and stepped into the shower.

     Good use of the time was made by Jim as he waited for Peggy

to dress. He prepared himself in the main bath room and double

checked the video equipment. He could feel himself begin to

shiver as he saw Peggy walk across the bed room while she

dressed. Preparations having been made, Jim went out to his car,

pulled it down the street and waited for Peggy to exit the house.

He didn't have to wait long, as soon he saw Peggy's car pulling

out of the driveway and heading down the street. He was directly

behind her. She drove down the major highway for about four miles

and turned into a local single's lounge. He crawled slowly into

the lot and turned out his lights. Jim watched her confidently

walk from the car to the lounge. He had never remembered her

holding her head so self-confidently.

     As she disappeared inside the lounge, Jim exited his car and

followed her. When he entered, he saw her sitting at the bar. She

looked great and already Jim observed a few of the men looking

her over. He took a position about three stools away from hers

and ordered a drink. There was no one in the bar that he recog-

nized. He had a little concern about that previous to entering

the place as he lived so closely. Soon one of the patrons saun-

tered over to her and asked her something. Jim couldn't quite

hear what it was. She turned to him and said something, and he

returned to his seat. This happened on two other occasions with

the same result. Suddenly, a rather tall, nice looking man in his

mid-thirties walked into the lounge and his eyes traveled over

the bar. When he saw Peggy, his eyes seemed to light up. He began

walking in the direction of her bar stool. He sat directly next

to Peggy but said nothing. Jim did feel comfortable with this

man. He felt confident that Peggy would enjoy him.

     "Green ribbon," issued from Jim's lips. Peggy seemed to

relax when she heard these words and crossed her shapely legs.

Soon the man next to her said something to her, and Jim observed

her turn toward the man and acknowledge him followed by a bit of

a chuckle. Jim began to get excited. It wasn't long before he

noticed the man getting up to pull Peggy's chair out. They walked

together toward the dance floor and glided into each other's

arms. It was a slow dance and Peggy's body was pressed against

this stranger. Jim's excitement continued to grow as he saw the

man's hand periodically dip down and touch Peggy's buttocks. He

wondered what must have been going through the stranger's mind as

Peggy's lovely tits were pressed against his chest. They danced

closer and closer as the minutes went by. Finally, they returned

to the bar and ordered another drink. Jim followed their lead and

ordered another.

     Jim watched them dance two times more and felt that this

would be a hot experience for all three of them. He wondered what

they must be talking about. Once again the stranger and Peggy

began to get up. This time it was not to dance but rather to

leave. The stranger held Peggy's coat while she slipped into it,

and Jim watched as the stranger's hands lingered on the lapels as

they covered Peggy's ample breasts. Out the door they went fol-

lowed by Jim. Jim got to his car first, as his was closer to the

door. He was torn between sitting to see if they would neck in

the car or rushing home to prepare himself for the show he hoped

to have. He elected the latter and sped out of the parking lot

toward home.

     As soon as Jim reached home, he parked the car and slipped

into the house. Down the stairs he went and locked the door to

the recreation room. He turned on the VCR and the monitor and

again began to shake with anticipation. The moments seemed to be

hours. He sat with frustration creeping into his bones when sud-

denly he heard a car in the drive. Peggy and the stranger wasted

no time in getting into the house. Jim could faintly hear the

sounds of glasses and a wine cork being extracted with a pop. He

sat and watched with anticipation. Nothing appeared on the

monitor. He wished that he had the foresight to set one up in the

living room.

     When Jim was just about to think that nothing would happen,

he saw Peggy enter the bedroom. She walked over to the clothes

tree and immediately removed her outfit. Jim's heart jumped as he

saw her shed her bra and panties. She reached into a drawer of

the dresser and removed a little lavender teddy with matching

panties. His cock jumped to attention as he watched her pull the

panties up over the balls of her buttocks and slide the teddy

over her head. She smoothed her hair, ran a comb through it and

admired herself in the mirror. This also excited Jim. She was

primping. He had never really seen this side of her. He felt like

a voyeur, and he loved it. Soon Peggy exited the room.

     Jim sat impatiently waiting for Peggy and the stranger to

return to the bedroom. It wasn't long. Now he could hear them.

The stranger's name was Jeff, and he followed Peggy over to the

area of the bed. Jim switched on the VCR. Their hands were all

over one another. Peggy's hands dropped to Jeff's trousers and

began working on the zipper. Suddenly, she dropped to her knees,

and Jim could see her free Jeff's huge cock. Immediately, she

opened her mouth and engulfed his straining penis. Jim almost

came in his pants. He took his own cock out and began to stroke

it in long slow movements. He could see his wife's lips cover

this huge cock. Jim wondered if this is how it looked when she

sucked his manhood. Peggy helped Jeff as he shed the rest of his

clothes. Jeff's cock jumped up and down as he moved over the a

chair to set his clothes down. Jim could see Jeff's heavy balls

bouncing with his large penis stretching heavenward. Peggy's

hands returned to his balls and her mouth to the head of his


     Peggy pulled Jeff over to the bed and they collapsed in one

another's arms. Only moments went by and Peggy's teddy and

panties were tossed to the floor. Her hands clawed Jeff's tight

buttocks and continued to return to his thick member. Jim went

wild as he watched Jeff cup the cheeks of Peggy's tight ass

cheeks and squeeze them. Jeff's hand dipped into the warm moist

cleft between Peggy's buttocks and down to her hot hole. The

stranger's head searched for and found her beautiful nipples and

began to suck hard. Jim could hear Peggy say, "fuck me, I need

fucked, I need fucked now Jeff. Put your big cock in my slippery

pussy and fuck my brains out. Yes that's it, bite my nipples as

you drive that big bone in my hot cunt hole." Jim was going wild.

He couldn't take it. His cock began to erupt in huge gobs of jism

into the palm of his hand. He continued to stoke his cock as her

heard the lovely horny screams of Peggy and Jeff's deep grunts as

they collapsed together on the bed. What a great climax! The next

was sure to be better.

     The next thing that Jim wanted to orchestrate was being in

the room and participating in Peggy's next adventure. But surely

that should be a story in itself.

                     CHAPTER THIRTEEN - MIND SEX

     It was a quiet evening in the den as Jim heard the clock

strike seven. Has hands moved effortlessly over the keyboard of

the computer, writing a letter to a computer friend in Baltimore.

The letter had served the purpose of turning him on as he shared

some rather sensual thoughts. Peggy was washing her hair, and

music was playing softly on the compact disc player.

     Having finished his thoughts, his mind turned to the sight

of Jeff's long wet shaft driving in Peggy's dripping love tunnel.

That had to be one of the hottest times he had ever experienced.

It was the first time that Peggy had ever had a strange cock in-

side her body. Jim closed his eyes and remembered the sight of

Jeff's hands on her well rounded buttocks. He could see his lips

on Peggy's nipples; his teeth slightly and tenderly biting the

rock-hard pink tips. Jeff's huge hairy balls resting in Peggy's

hands. Her perfectly shaped lips spreading to admit the bulbous

head of Jeff's straining cock. The thought that drove him the

wildest was when Peggy was on her hands and knees. Jeff came up

behind her with cock in hand and slipped it into Peggy's dripping

cunt. Her lovely breasts were dangling and swaying. Jeff reached

around and filled his hands with tit flesh as he drove his thick

rod deep inside Peggy's hole. Jim almost had a climax just think-

ing about it. He had to create yet another memory and wasn't

quite sure how he would do it.

     He had a good friend that always teased Peggy about how

lovely her body was. Tony often followed Peggy through the house

with his eyes when he came over. Peggy seemed to enjoy Tony's

eyes on her body. A few times when they were in close proximity,

Jim had noticed that Tony had "accidentally" touched Peggy. One

time, when Tony was helping her lift a chair to move it, Jim was

sure he noticed Tony's hands brush up against Peggy's ample

breasts and linger a little longer than was necessary. Yet

another time, when they had gone fishing together, Tony came up

behind Peggy and seemed to press himself into her fanny to

demonstrate how to cast the line. Peggy didn't seem to pull away

and it was obvious that Tony wanted his cock in her. From time to

time their eyes would seemed locked in silent desire. Jim had

even kidded Peggy about how Tony would die to have his hands on

her naked flesh. It was apparent that Peggy had become excited at

the prospect.

     He was somewhat concerned what Tony, or for that matter,

Peggy would think if he simply suggested that Tony fuck her. No.

That just wouldn't do. He had to find another way. He wanted Tony

to have the benefit of Peggy's lovely body, but he didn't want

Tony to know just yet. He and Tony had previously cavorted

together. They had previously enjoyed the same woman or women

together. How would it be if he told Tony that he found this

great woman, she was a real fox and she fucked like a mink. Would

Tony be interested in meeting her with Jim at a motel. It might


     Jim would have to shroud the evening in mystery. The lights

would be subdued. Peggy could even wear some kind of a fancy

mask. If she wore her hair differently than she usually did, Tony

would never suspect until it was too late that their lovely sex

kitten was Peggy. The decision was made. Jim was convinced that

she was ready. He would hypnotize Peggy and give her a post hyp-

notic suggestion that she was the most lovely sex slave in the

world. She would assume the role of a high priced call girl. He

would send her to the motel to check in and prepare for her two

lovers. He and Tony would arrive and suck and fuck to their

hearts content.

     Now the task was to prepare Tony. They sat at the downtown

cafe that they usually frequented after work. Here they often met

with and got to know several women. Jim asked Tony if he had

recently got any new pussy. Tony indicated that it had been a

couple of months, and he was ready to fuck a snake if Jim would

hold it down. "Listen Tony, what would you say if I told you that

I ran into this great lady. She is about 5'3", 115 pounds, light

brown hair, lovely heavy titties, beautiful pink nipples, has a

cute little waist, with an absolutely wonderful ass and a great

set of legs. Not only that, but she wants to fuck both of us.

     "Get out of here. Where? Who do I have to kill?" Tony

humorously inquired. Jim could see the interest in his sex-crazed

buddy. Tony was a nice looking guy, and the thought of him enjoy-

ing Peggy's goodies was beginning to drive him nuts.

     "I'm serious. I talked with this lady, she is about forty

years old, and she said that she would love to take us both on.

Does forty years old bother you," Jim asked.

     "Hell no. Many ladies don't even get good until they're

about thirty or so. They have more experience for the most part.

The best piece of ass I ever had was thirty-eight. I'm game. When

do we meet this princess?" Tony panted.

     Jim informed Tony that he had tentatively set them up for

Friday night at about eight o'clock. He further added that she

would meet them at a motel. They were supposed to bring a bottle

of wine and their cocks. Jim when on to say that she was a little

shy and got a kick out of wearing masks and sexy clothes. Tony's

eyes were bulging as he listened with lust. The trap was

set.Thursday evening, as Jim was preparing for bed, he decided to

put Peggy into a trance and give her the necessary post-hypnotic

suggestions. As always, he snapped his fingers twice, and Peggy

relaxed into a deep hypnotic sleep. He brought her deeper and

deeper into her trance. He asked her several questions about pre-

vious orchestrated fantasies as his eight inch cock began to

grow. He loved hearing from her lips how she had enjoyed the at-

tentions of other lovers. He could see her breasts swell as she

related her deepest feelings. The soft lips of her vagina filled

with lust blood at the thought of her sexual escapades. He could

see her beginning to rub her legs together as her excitement

grew. Jim asked her if she would like to make love with two men.

Peggy responded by telling Jim how it would really excite her to

have his cock in her mouth as a stranger filled her pussy with

his long pole.

     Jim directed Peggy to clear her mind of all thoughts. He

then advised her that on the following night at six o'clock she

would become tired, go into the bed room and lay down on the bed.

She would begin thinking of her previous adventures, become ex-

tremely aroused. She would close her eyes and again fall into a

deep trance. She would sleep for about five minutes. When she

awoke, she would walk over to the mirror and when she looked into

the mirror, she would see the most attractive call girl in the

world. Her only desire was to service her customers to the best

of her ability. She would get cleaned up, go to the motel, obtain

a room and await her customers. He further indicated that she

would bring some very sexy clothes and a facial mask with her.

She would wear the clothes and the mask. While she would feel

free to remove the clothes at any time she chose, she would feel

compelled to keep the mask on until she heard her name, Peggy.

     When she heard her name, she would remove the mask and real-

ize that her customers were Jim and Tony. She would not feel un-

comfortable about this. She would remember everything and enjoy

each experience of the night. She was asked if she understood

everything and was directed to repeat it. This she did without

hesitation. The stage was set. Jim woke Peggy up and found that

she was extremely aroused. They enjoyed one another as they often

did after such sessions.

     Friday morning found Jim with a huge erection. This was not

uncommon, but he was unusually large this morning. His anticipa-

tion kept him hard most of the day. Tony called at about two

o'clock in the afternoon to verify the night's arrangements. Jim

assured him that everything was on for the Holiday Inn at eight

o'clock. Tony indicated that he would meet Jim at the cafe at


     Jim didn't go home from work, but went directed to the cafe

at about 5:30. He engaged in some small talk with some of the

regulars, and Tony came bouncing in at about 5:45 rubbing his

hands together. "Where is Peggy tonight?" Tony asked.

     "Who knows. Maybe she's out finding her own piece of tail."

Jim said with tongue in cheek. He could only imagine the look on

Tony's face when he found out.

     "Yea, sure Jim. You'd just shit if Peggy fucked around on

you. Although, I have to admit, with a woman like that around the

house, I don't have the foggiest notion of why you would ever

stick your dick in anyone else," Tony commented.

     "I guess people are something like taste in candy bars Tony.

Sometimes we feel like having a Milky Way, and every now and then

you want some other kind. If all you ever ate was Milky Way, you

would get tired of them. Have some other kind and the Milky Way

is even better the next time. Your wife is a knock out, and you

are going to suck and fuck someone else. Why is that?" Jim in-


     "I see what you mean. I never quite looked at it that way

before. The way you described this woman has really got me inter-

ested. What else can you tell me about her?" Tony quizzed.

     "I told you quite a bit. She is about forty years old, great

body, sexy way about her, gives great head and really enjoys com-

ing. You will love it when you shoot your wad in this angel. She

will scream and cum in gushes," Jim assured him.

     "Phone call, Jim," the bar maid announced. Dax picked up the

phone and spoke briefly. Tony thought that it had to be their

princess calling with the room number.

     They finished a few more drinks and ordered a couple of

bottles of wine to go. Tony was visibly ready to fuck. He sat

there anxiously looking at his watch. It was time for them to

move over to the Holiday Inn. Jim told Tony to follow him, and

they were on their way.

     As they approached the room, Tony was almost shaking as he

thought about lovely undulating breasts with juicy pink nipples.

Jim wanted to shake but didn't want to give anything away. He

kept himself very calm and collected. Soon they stood in front of

the door and looked at each other. Jim said, "what are you wait-

ing for Tony, knock on the door." Tony tapped lightly and heard

from within a request to come in.

     The door was unlocked. They entered quietly noting that the

only light on was a dim light just inside the door. The voice

that they heard was a husky whisper. "Come in gentlemen; make

yourselves at home. I hope it's not too dark in here for you, but

I like it subdued. There are glasses in the foyer. Fix us a glass

of wine and get your asses over here. Both men were periodically

shivering with excitement, thinking about the mystery of it all.

     Tony poured the wine into three glasses on a tray while Jim

approached the bed. There she was. She graced the bed in the most

seductive fashion. Lying across the open sheets, Peggy was

dressed in a lace black teddy with built in wire bra holding her

lovely breasts up for inspection, garter belt, black stockings

and spike heels. Adorning the upper portion of her face was a

black cat mask with red feathers framing her face. Hot. Very hot

was all Jim could think. His cock was rock-hard. This was his

wife. He had never seen this outfit before and continued to be-

come even more aroused. "Hello Janet. Have you been waiting

long?" Jim asked.

     "Too long. Now get over here and warm me up mother fucker. I

need some of that glorious cock," she demanded in her throaty

manner. Jim immediately melted onto the bed. Tony almost felt as

though he were being left out until Jim introduced them. Tony

told "Janet" that he was enchanted and began to remove his shirt.

Jim was kissing Peggy and noticed how Tony riveted his eyes on

her body as he continued to undress. Jim indicated that they both

had an unfair advantage as he still had all of his clothes on.

     Peggy said, "listen Jim, you and I have been around the cor-

ner before. Why don't you have a glass of wine while Tony and I

get to know one another a little better." Jim's blood began to

boil. He anxiously awaited the moment when they would first

touch. Tony was no prude and had stripped all of his clothes and

left them where they fell. He was hotter than a firecracker. The

electric moment came. Tony, who had so often wanted to touch

Peggy was now touching her and had no idea who she was. He began

very gently by touching his lips to Peggy's.

     Soon their tongues touched and the kiss became more pas-

sionate. Jim watched as Tony's experienced hands began searching

for the hooks to her garment. It soon fell aside. Her breasts

fell into the subdued light much to Jim's excitement. Tony momen-

tarily pulled back from Peggy to gaze at her gorgeous mounds.

They were perfect in every way. They rolled gently from side to

side with Tony's advances. Her now hard nipples brushed against

the hair on his chest. He reached up to cup one of the beautiful

globes and pinch a nipple as he maintained his assault with his

tongue in her mouth. Jim had everything to do to keep himself

from coming in his pants as he heard Peggy begin to moan as he

had never heard her moan before.

     Tony released the snaps between Peggy legs that held the

bottom of the teddy in place. It was cast aside, and Jim watched

as Tony's hand dipped down into Peggy's soft pussy curls with one

hand as his other hand filled itself with pliant ass flesh. Jim

had removed his clothing and was slowly stroking his thickening

shaft. He had to be careful as he could come at any moment with

such a hot scene in front of him. Jim watched as Tony's lips

began sucking harder on Peggy's pert nipples. Her moans increased

in intensity, and she started rubbing her clit against Tony.

Peggy's lover touched his lips to her belly and continued trail-

ing down to her fragrant muff. Peggy moved around on top of Tony

to accommodate a position of 69 and lifted Tony's towering shaft

into her mouth. She took this love organ deep inside her mouth

and began to suck slowly.

     Jim's excitement continued to grow as he saw the globes of

Peggy's ass come into view and Tony's hands surround them. Jim

moved toward the bed stroking his gigantic member. He reached

down and felt the weight of one of Peggy's heavy breasts as his

hand moved up and down the length of his cock. Peggy reached

around and drew Jim over to her. She released Tony's cock and

replaced it with Jim's. Just when Tony was about to feel as if he

had been abandoned, Peggy switched to suck his tool again. Back

and forth she went bringing bliss to both men. Soon, both men

felt Peggy begin to change positions. They released their respec-

tive grips as Peggy got on her knees, waving her fanny in the


     "Tony, I want your thick bone in my hole now," she said.

Tony quickly agreed and moved into position for a rear approach.

He looked at the twin globes seemingly suspended in air and could

smell the fragrant odor of her dripping love tunnel. Tony guided

his now huge cock to the entrance to her gaping hair covered

hole. He could see the soft pink lips pouting out, waiting for

his organ. As the large mushroom-shaped head of his cock ap-

proached Peggy's slick quim, Jim watched in rapture stroking his

own monster. Tony's bone came closer and closer. Jim moved around

in front of Peggy and offered his penis to her mouth. As Peggy's

lips started to engulf Jim's cock, a deep moan escaped Peggy's

lips and deep hot breath caressed Jim's cock. Tony's penis was

beginning to spread the lips of Peggy's pussy. Slick with Peggy's

emissions, Tony entered her effortlessly. Deeper and deeper his

cock traveled until his hairy balls were slapping against her wet


     Peggy began to suck deeply on Jim's cock as Tony began pump-

ing slowly. As he withdrew his cock from Peggy's dripping cunt,

Tony noticed how his thick shaft was glistening with her juices.

Again he pressed forward and felt Peggy press her ass harder

against his bone. She continued to suck on Jim's cock. Then she

hollered to Tony, "Fuck that cunt hole mother fucker. Fuck it

harder. Deeper. Now." Her mouth continued to draw deeply on Jim's

cock. Tony was stroking wildly now. In and out. Deeper and

deeper. He twisted his hips as he drove forward and upward. He

rotated his long tool inside of Peggy's hot cunt as he reached

forward and grasped one of her taunt nipples.

     Jim drove his cock into his wife's mouth and reached for her

other breast. The three of them continued to pound at one another

until Peggy felt a new tightness in Tony's cock. He was going to

go off. She reached between her legs and began to massage Tony's

swaying balls. He drove once deep and hard as his hands grasped

Peggy's tightening buttocks. Peggy could feel the thick gobs of

cum shoot deep into her fuck hole. As Jim watched Peggy's mouth

slide up and down his cock, he noticed her eyes, through her

mask, roll up into her head. At this point he knew she was com-

ing. Jim's rod began to convulse as his cream crept up and out of

the head of his swollen member. Over and over again he felt gobs

of jism squirt into Peggy's mouth. She was now grunting deep3ly;

trying to get the most of her quaking hole. Tony, Peggy and Jim

fell to the bed. They were all panting and somewhat out of

breath. Jim heard Tony say that he had never had such a nut as

this. No one moved for about fifteen minutes.

     Suddenly, Peggy got up from the bed and moved toward the

rest room. Tony looked at Jim under half closed eyelids and asked

him, "where in the hell did you find this gorgeous animal?" Jim

merely smiled in response. Peggy returned after refreshing her-

self and poured three more glasses of wine, handing one to each

of her lovers.

     She pulled a side chair over to the bed and sat opposite

them. Tony said, "listen lovely lady, I would sure feel better if

you told me that this would happen again one day."

Jim tapped Tony on the shoulder and said, "  'PEGGY' won't mind,

will you honey?" Peggy removed the mask in one quick motion.

     "No Jim, I don't think I would mind, if you and Tony

wouldn't mind. I thought it was kind of fun, didn't you think so,


     It took a full minute for all of this to register to Tony.

He was incredulous and had no idea what to say. Jim told him,

"don't try to understand right now Tony. We will explain it to

you later. Just put your eyes back in your head, remember how

great it was and put your pants on."

                      CHAPTER FOURTEEN - MIND SEX

     Peggy had always admired the young relief mail man. Not only

was he a nice looking man with a great build, he was always

pleasant and cheerful. Her regular business letter carrier was an

obnoxious, obvious liar. He must have stayed up nights thinking

about some of the ludicrous tales that he shared with all of the

business owners in the shopping plaza. She would often hide in

the back of the store at the time that mail was delivered. Tim,

the relief man was a welcome change, and she looked forward to

him stopping in to chat for a few moments a day. Lately, and

quite possibly unconsciously, she had been trying to dress a

little more seductively so that he might notice her a bit more.

     Due to the worst illness reported to mankind, Bob, the

regular mail man, announced that he would be on sick leave and

may never return to the ranks of the walking or talking. "Damn

shame," Peggy thought. Well, at least she would have an oppor-

tunity to see Tim periodically.

     "How are you today, Tim?" Peggy asked as the strong, young

mail carrier entered her shop. Her shoulders rolled a bit more

than usual causing her full breasts to dance slightly. She felt

as if her fanny was rather well framed by the jeans she was wear-

ing and would periodically turn around to offer them in their

best light.

     "Great! Don't the leaves changing colors make you think of

when you were a kid?" he asked with his ever-present smile.

     "This is my favorite season. I brings to mind visions of

marshmallow roasts, cider and hay rides. We used to always go on

hay rides when we were kids. We didn't too often have a horse to

pull us; usually it was just a tractor," Peggy said with a

thoughtful, remembering look in her eyes.

     "Too bad we never had the opportunity to go on a hay ride

together," Tim offered with a slightly wicked grin as he turned

to go.

     Peggy was caught off guard. She had often thought about what

a nice young man Tim was. She hadn't considered that he may have

found her attractive enough to try to become intimate with.

Before she could formulate a response, he was out of the door.

She wondered whether he was serious or just being sociable. Peggy

never gave much thought to having an affair. As a result she

never developed many fantasies. Her husband, Jim had always indi-

cated to her that he wouldn't be opposed to her expanding her

horizons so long as she didn't become emotionally involved. She

knew that he had gone astray on a few occasions, but she didn't

want to know about it. She knew he loved her and didn't feel


     Tim and his winning manner began to make her think about it.

What would be so wrong with making love with him. The one thing

that she always thought about when it came to sex was the man's

buttocks. She would close her eyes and imagine how it looked un-

clothed; rippling as he walked across the room. Visions of his

strong buns tightening to pump his hard meat into her wet hole

would generally drive her crazy with desire. She had done it now.

She had placed the thought in her mind, and she could almost feel

it. Peggy had to get her mind on something else.

     As she busied herself with some overdue paper work, the

thoughts continued to visit her. She imagined looking down at the

erect nipples of her ample breasts. His lips moved gently from

one to the other as his teeth gently tugged and manipulated each

in turn. As her mind wandered, she felt her nipples becoming

hard. The thought of his strong hands massaging her naked but-

tocks swam into her head.

     Again she could see his erect penis entering her hairy love

tunnel as his ass tightened to drive his bone home. Almost

without thinking her hand fell into her lap, allowing her fingers

to delve into the swollen lips of her wet pussy. Paper work

wouldn't do. She would have to move around to get this out of her

head. Peggy began to do some stock work. Moving around the shop

seemed to help, at least for the time being.

     Six o'clock came and she was free to close the shop and head

for home. By seven she had a light dinner on the table for her

and her husband, and by eight the dishes were in the washer and

she retired to the couch to relax and let the day dissolve. Again

the thought that taunted her earlier returned. She tried

desperately to get her mind on a sit-com that was on the TV, but

it seemed futile. "Jim, would you like to go to bed a little

early tonight?" Peggy asked with a feigned yawn.

     "Go ahead honey, I'll be in just as soon as I get done with

the paper. I won't be but a few more minutes," Jim responded

without taking his eyes off of the newspaper. Peggy could think

of nothing but cock driving deep into her greasy love hole. She

began by imagining Jim's pole, hard and long seeking new depths.

Suddenly, her mind turned once again to Tim. She tried to imagine

how long and thick his cock was, whether his penis rested on

large, heavy balls and how his public hair looked. Peggy wondered

whether one man's penis tasted any differently or felt any dif-

ferently than another.

     After brushing her teeth, she stood nude in front of the

mirror. Her eyes were first attracted to her heavy breasts. She

could see her nipples begin to harden. Without thought her hands

rose to her breasts to feel their weight. Her sharp, painted

finger nails gently scratched the surface of her marble-like

nipples. Shivers of excitement shot like lightening from her

ultra-sensitive nipples to her loins. Her hands dropped to her

hair-covered pussy and spread its lips to reveal her pulsing

clit. Uncontrollably, her buttocks tightened increasing the sen-

sations in her moistening crotch as she slid her finger teasingly

over this fiery nub.

     Her hands began to travel from one part of her fine body to

another, touching, teasing, investigating and squeezing. Peggy's

legs became weak as her excitement increased. She thought better

of standing for this welcomed torture. Peggy sought her soft bed

and quite naturally got hotter and more aroused as her mind con-

tinued its erotic focus. She allowed her fingers to dip down into

the inner folds of her honey pot as one hand reached up and began

to manipulate a soft pink nipple. Moistening her index finger

with her saliva, she began to slide it back and forth over her

expanding nipples. Her ear was tuned in to the sound of Jim's

recliner chair being released to the ground. Shit! She was ready,

and she needed it soon.

     Jim came in shortly afterward, took off his clothes, set out

his night clothes and began to brush his teeth in the adjoining

bathroom. Peggy couldn't take her eyes off of his hairy ass and

his heavy member swinging gently between his strong legs. Each

time the head of his flaccid penis came into sight, Peggy's ex-

citement increased. Each time she saw the flex of his buttocks

she imagined that he was driving his bone into her slippery,

tight crevice. Closing her eyes she could see the thick head of

his penis pushing the lips of her tight vagina wide open. "Do you

suppose that you can do me a favor and forget to put your pajamas

on?" Peggy said seductively.

     Jim recognized the mood. Peggy needed to ride his hard cock

and get a nut. He smiled his custopeggy smile and said, "anything

for my beautiful love princess." He entered the sheets to find

that Peggy had removed her night clothes and was ready. He lifted

the sheets to gaze at her lovely body. Her heavy breasts swayed

delightfully back and forth as if they had a life of their own.

Her nipples had hardened to the point of gathering a nice expanse

of her lovely, soft breasts around them. There were wrinkles in

her white tit flesh a full half inch around her dark pink

nipples. As his eyes traveled lower, they settled on her soft,

fluffy muff of pubic hair which warmed her slick vagina. The

muscles of her stomach rippled with anticipation as she threw one

leg over Jim's thighs and devoured his waiting lips with her own.

     Peggy yearned with the excitement that she had allowed to

build throughout the day. Her breasts ached to be sucked and

squeezed. Her thoughts traveled back and forth between Jim and

Tim. Each time that she felt the warmth of Jim's hand on her

flesh her excitement increased. She was thinking about Tim's hard

tool investigating her depths. Soon Peggy slid down Jim's body

and grabbed his stiff bone in a tight grasp. Without further

warning or delay, she engulfed his raging cock with her hot


     Jim twisted around without dislodging his swollen member,

filled his hands with the flesh of Peggy's ass cheeks and drove

his hot tongue into her fragrant pussy. They were locked in the

careless, mindless embrace of passion as they had their fill of

one another's delights.

     Moving slowly and methodically, these lovers became locked

together in the traditional embrace of lust. Ever so slowly, he

placed the angry head of his thick staff at the threshold of her

slick sex. He began to slow fuck Peggy as he watcher her eyes

portray a hungry animal. Gradually he picked up the pace in

response to her pleading. As Jim drove his thick spike into

Peggy's gyrating cock-glove, he filled his hands intermittently

with her quivering thighs, bouncing breasts, and rounded ass


     The globes of her full ass rolled and rippled with each

thrust. Jim could never remember her being this horny. As Peggy

came hard for the third time, Jim pulled his cock from her tight

hole, aimed it at her gyrating breasts and shot his thick cream

between her lovely globes. As she grunted away the last of her

climax, thinking of Tim pouring his cream on her tits, Peggy

filled her still twitching hole with one hand and smeared Jim's

hot come over her nipples with the other hand.

     "I don't know what made you as crazy as you were tonight

honey, but if it was some kind of a pill, take two next time. You

turned me on more than I can ever remember being turned on. I

think it was the wild animal look in your eyes. I hope you en-

joyed it as much as I did, honey," Jim said as he gasped for

breath. Soon they were both in a deep rewarding sleep.

     The next morning Peggy woke first and found that she felt

unusually sore; as if she had done hard physical labor the day

before. Suddenly, she remembered why she felt that way. Peggy en-

tered the hot spray of her morning shower and felt the pulse of

the water dancing on her tender nipples. Soaping the hairy muff

of her womanhood, her mind returned to the visions that she had

trapped in her memory. Her soapy hands slid effortlessly over her

heavy breasts, her tightening nipples, into the crack of her ass

and between the lips of her sex. She was becoming turned on all

over again. Realizing that time was limited, she hurried her

shower and robbed herself of additional pleasure.

     As she fixed the coffee and began to realize why she had

been so horny, she began to feel confusion and shame. She had

been thinking of Tim. She could remember seeing his ass flying as

he drove his cock meat into her slick hole. Her shame soon drove

the thought out of her head. Jim came out into the dining room

and smiled at her. She tried to avoid his glance so that she

wouldn't give herself away. Finally Jim said to her, "Peggy, is

something wrong honey? It couldn't have been last night. That was

probably the best sex we've ever had. I woke up with such a hard

cock I could probably cut diamonds with it."

     Peggy began to whimper as she told Jim about her fantasy and

the guilt she was feeling. Jim listened calmly as she explained

her fantasy and who it was about. A slight smile came over Jim as

he began to comfort her, "Peggy, you didn't do anything wrong. I

have fantasies all the time. It doesn't mean that I don't love

you, or that I prefer to make love with someone else. It's

natural. Everyone has them. If it would guarantee that we would

have sex like that all the time, you could ball this guy once a

week. Just the thought of you having a fantasy about another man

excites me beyond words."

     "You're out of your mind! I would never make love with

another man. I am married to you, and my body belongs to you,"

she said with some fire. "I just found that it made it exciting

to think about someone else. I would never cheat on you Jim."

     "Your body doesn't belong to me. It belongs to you. I don't

look at it as though you were cheating or even wanted to. I'm

just glad that you enjoyed yourself. It's always been exciting

for me to know that others found you attractive and sexy. How do

you think I would feel if no one else thought you were sensual or

exciting?" Jim inquired.

     "Let's not talk about it any more right now, OK Jim?" Peggy

pleaded. "I feel very unusual, and I don't really understand

what's going on in my head right now. I just want to stop think-

ing about it right now and get ready to open the shop.

     "OK honey. Just don't be too hard on yourself. You enjoyed

it and there was no harm done. I told you once before that the

only thing that would concern me is if you got emotionally in-

volved with someone to the point that you lost your love for me,"

he said.

     Peggy answered quickly and emphatically, "I could never love

anyone more than I love you. You're my partner and my best

friend. You always will be."

     "Now that's what I like to hear. Go and get ready, you're

going to be late," Jim said in a simulated scolding as he tapped

her on the fanny.

     As she completed the opening procedure at the shop, Peggy

began to think about how she would feel when Tim brought the mail

in. Would she feel embarrassed or dirty. Could she look him in

the eye if he decided to talk to her. As the noon hour arrived

her anticipation increased. "So did you hear the newest Pea Wee

joke?" Tim asked as he opened the door and floated in. His good

spirits seemed to make everything OK. She caught herself prancing

a bit for him to show off her attributes. They talked about quite

a few different topics in the short time that Tim was able to

stay. As he began to make his last comments prior to departure,

Peggy started to feel sad to see him go. "I wish we could have

talked a little longer," Peggy said to her own surprise.

     "I'll tell you what Peggy; I get off at four. What do you

say I stop and get us some coffee and bring it by?" Tim sug-

gested. Peggy began to stumble with her words, trying to formu-

late an answer. Tim hurried to her defense by adding, "I guess

that was a bit forward. You will probably be tied up, and I

shouldn't have asked. I'll be able to stop tomorrow for a little

while, and we'll talk then when I deliver the mail.

     Peggy, having composed herself and got a grip on what was

going on, thought for a moment and offered, "I'm not all that

busy. It would be nice if you could stop back. I take my coffee

with one cream and one sugar."

     Incredulously, Tim answered, "OK Peggy. It's a deal. I

should be by at about four-fifteen. See you then."

     What in the hell have I gotten myself into now? Peggy

thought. I'll just be leading this guy on, and he's such a nice

guy. Hey! Maybe he doesn't even have anything on his mind other

than conversation. Not all men are fuck bunnies. He may just want

to talk and kill some time before going someplace. Her mind con-

tinued to develop various scenarios until after four o'clock.

     "One coffee with cream and sugar coming up," Tim announced

as he entered the door negotiating his package. He had apparently

removed his uniform shirt and was wearing his jacket over a tee


     "Come on in the back so we can drink our coffee without cus-

tomers gawking at us," Peggy invited. They sat at a small table

next to the divan as Peggy prepared her coffee and began to test

its heat with her lips.

     "I bet you were just counting the minutes until I got here,

weren't you Peggy," Tim said with a humorous grin on his face. "I

hope that I didn't give you the wrong impression when I invited

myself over for coffee. I know you are married and from what you

say you are happy. It isn't my intention to screw anything up,

but you are very attractive and great to talk to. I just enjoy

spending time with you. Don't get me wrong. I would love to make

love to you, but I fully understand the situation. So let's have

some coffee, talk about the regular mail man behind his back and

then I'll run.

     Peggy had a slightly shocked look on her face. It was soon

replaced by a sneaking smile. She was flattered by what he had

said and couldn't help but think how cute he was being. "Tim, I

would be lying to you if I told you that I didn't think about

being with you. You look great and I enjoy talking with you as

well, but..."

     "I know. I know. Don't say it. You don't have to explain,"

Tim said in an effort to spare Peggy from the embarrassment of

rejecting him. Peggy set down her coffee and reached out to

cradle his face. As if controlled by some unknown force, she

pressed her full lips to his with closed eyes. His hungry lips

caressed her own and soon moved to the side of her neck. She felt

shivers running down her neck. Her nipples began to tingle, and

she became aware of her moistening womanhood.

     As she held his lips close to her hot skin, she panted to

Tim, "I'm always so damn concerned about everyone and everything

around me - trying to be everything that everyone wants me to be.

I'm tired of trying to be perfect. I want you, Tim.  I want to

feel you touch me. I need to feel you inside of me. I want to

feel your hard bone go off in me and paint my insides with your

thick cream."

     Peggy jumped up abruptly, excused herself and told Tim that

she would return in a moment. She shot to the front of the shop,

locked the door and turned the OPEN sign around.

     Upon her return, Peggy dropped to her knees, her hands fum-

bling with his zipper. She slid her hands over the front of his

trousers, around to his buttocks and returned to quickly released

his raging manhood. Her boiling breath danced on the head of his

penis, and his legs began to weaken. Holding his massive, hairy

balls in her soft hands, she descended on his quaking tool. First

one inch, then another slipped into the comfortable sheath of her

warm mouth. As the head of his rock-hard penis touched the back

of her wet throat, her lips closed on his engorged shaft. Gently

his hands cradled her soft hair, guiding the path of his erect,

searching member. As her lips and tongue played on the thick meat

of his cock, her hands unbuttoned his trousers and lowered them

to the floor. Sensuously, her hands slid up the back of his legs

and clasped his hair-covered buttocks, squeezing him more deeply

into her hungry mouth.

     Tim was heaven-bound. He reached down, lifted her sweater

and released the catch to her bra. Peggy's full, swollen breasts

bounced into his waiting hands. Her nipples felt like marbles in

his strong hands as he squeezed her soft, firm flesh. A croaking

groan escaped her lips and made his swollen cock tremble as he

rolled her nipples between each thumb and index finger. Reaching

under her arms, Tim raised Peggy to her feet, pressed her close

to him and drove his tongue deep into her open mouth. Tim's hands

slid into the elastic waistband of Peggy's jeans, beneath her

panties to grasp her smooth, warm buttocks.

     The spongy texture of her undulating ass cheeks only served

to increase his excitement. While one hand cupped one of her

ample breasts to test its weight, his other hand dipped into the

moist crevice of her ass to feel its heat. Dropping yet further,

Tim's hand brushed her anal button, and he could feel the soft,

wiry texture of her tangled pubic hair. His search soon resulted

in the slick swollen prize of her gaping love tunnel. Moisture

began to roll from her as her mind was totally devoted to this

erotic moment.

     Peggy's hands began to fumble with his tee shirt, his jacket

having been summarily discarded. Her fingers searched through the

lustrous hair of his strong chest as she continued to kiss his

neck and shoulders. Soon they were both totally nude and began

their short trip to the divan.

     "Let's take it slow, Peggy. I want this to last as long as

possible. Get up on your knees so I can enter you from behind and

play with your lovely breasts," Tim suggested softly as his hands

continued to start new fires on her highly sensitized skin.

     Peggy slowly turned over and got up on her hands and knees

on the divan. Tim placed his hand high on her shoulders to pres-

sure her to lower her head and elevate her fanny. Taking a posi-

tion behind Peggy, Tim's eyes were blessed with the most lovely

view of Peggy's full buttocks and open pussy. He spread her

cheeks with his strong hands and began tasting her sweet honey

pot. Peggy groaned, "Oh, suck my pussy, Tim. Stick you tongue

deep inside of me." Tim obeyed her orders as he stiffened his

tongue and rubbed it hard against her clit.

     Shivering, Peggy whispered, "Fuck me with your hard tongue,

Tim. Drive it deep into my hole. Fuckkkkkkkkk me!" Peggy had

begun to experience her first climax as Tim continued to pay

homage to her burning love hole. She pushed back against his wet

mouth and reached under herself to pinch and roll her nipples. "I

need your cock, Tim. Stick that big piece of hard cock meat into

me. Drive it home, honey."

     Tim didn't need much encouragement. He wiped his face with

his hand and transferred the moisture to Peggy's wiggling ass

cheeks. Taking his long, thick pole in his trembling hand, Tim

placed the enlarged head against the swollen, greased lips of her

pulsating pussy. Immediately, Peggy began to press backward in

hopes of expediting the entry. Tim filled his hands with her

shuddering buttocks to control her rearward travel. His eyes were

treated to the lovely texture of her ass. His hands were blessed

with the spongy feel of her writhing globes. The scent of her sex

filled his head with a heavy aroma that spoke pages of primal ex-

citement. Slowly his starchy bone entered Peggy's wet cavern an

inch at a time. He heard her begin to cry ever so quietly. "Are

you OK, Peggy?" concern filled his voice.

     "I haven't been this OK in a long time, Tim. Fuck your long

pole up into my greasy pussy. Fuck me hard! Fuck me deep! Fuck me

like you've never fucked anyone before. Squeeze my ass. Tell me

you need your cock in me. Feel the weight of my tits and pinch my

nipples. Do my tits turn you on?" she continued her staccato

series of wild statements and frantic demands.

     "I do need my cock in you, Peggy. I need it bad. Your tits

turn me on more than I can say. The way you're talking to me

drives me wild. I can't hold on much longer," Tim said as he

turned his attention to anything but what he was doing. He

thought about taking out the trash. He thought about rug burn on

his knees. He began to do math problems; anything to keep him

from coming too soon. Suddenly Peggy rolled out from beneath his

driving piston and collapsed on the floor.

     "Relax for a moment, Tim. I don't want this wonderful feel-

ing to be over so soon. Kiss me," Peggy implored. Tim tenderly

placed his lips against Peggy's eyelids as they closed. Her arms

reached up to cradle his head to her rolling breasts. Tim reached

down between her splayed legs, and his eager hand rested in the

nest of her pubic bush. It was damp with her juices and covered

her thick, swollen pussy lips. They pouted for additional atten-

tion. First one finger entered her body and then the other. His

thumb began to circle her love button as her head began to roll

back and forth in time with her moans. Lowering his head to suck

on Peggy's nipples, Tim began to rotate his fingers inside of her

leaking tunnel. Deeper and deeper his efforts were directed,

remembering that the "G" spot was within his reach.

     Soon a gush of climax was released from her deepest

recesses, painting his hand as Peggy's eyes rolled up into her

ecstatic head. "Oh oh ohhhhhhhh Timmmmmm! I'm commminng," she

groaned long and low. "I need your hard meat to spray my wet hole

with your cream. Put it in. Fuck me hard, please."

     Opening her legs and raising her knees, Tim directed his

gigantic rod into her slippery crevice. The excitement continued

to build as he looked down and saw her pubic hair drenched with

her own excitement. His immense member encountered no resistance

as it quickly slid into her deepest channel. As he slowly

withdrew his glistening rod from her tight pussy, he watched her

pubic hair cling to his shaft. Looking across the room at a

floor-length dressing mirror, Peggy saw the reflection of his

perfectly shaped ass tightening to drive his bone as deeply as

possible. She began to buck wildly. Tim rolled over with Peggy in

tow. Holding her by her arms just above the elbows, Tim continued

to drive his cock up into her swollen, glistening hole. Her heavy

breasts dangled dreamily in his face. Periodically, he would

lower her so that he could intermittently suck on one nipple and

then the other.

     Peggy continued to urge him on in the throatiest voice she

could muster, "fuck my hole, Tim. Squirt your thick come into my

pussy. Kiss me! Kiss me." She lowered her floating tits onto his

chest as her tongue sought his open mouth. His hands reached be-

hind her and began to squeeze her wiggling buttocks. Allowing his

hand to dip into the crack of her ass cheeks, he found that it

too was drenched with her juice. His fingers slid over her slip-

pery anal button and dipped into the rear of her gaping, hairy

hole. He felt his own rigid penis splitting the grasping lips of

her sex.

     He drove harder and deeper as his hands continued their as-

sault on her smooth, slippery buttocks. She whispered the lan-

guage of love into his ear urging him on. "Fuck my cunt mother

fucker. Drive your cock bone into my guts. Squeeze my buttocks

and feel my heavy titties on your chest." Suddenly he could feel

the tell-tail constriction of his heavy balls as he prepared to

spill his fluid into Peggy's sucking hole. He drove it hard and

deep one last time and froze as the love cream traveled up from

his tight sack, through the rigid vessel of his throbbing cock,

out of its bulbous head and into her gripping love muscle. Peggy

took the last advantage of his unyielding bone and increased the

speed at which her quivering channel slipped over the length of

his penis. Her fingers dug deep into his flexing buttocks as her

eyes returned to the mirror to lock the memory into her fiery

mind. Soon, deep grunts began to issue forth from Peggy as if

they had their origin deep within her. Their climactic juices

mixed into a cocktail of aromatic desire.

     The soft tender moments following their union glided away

slowly. Peggy rested in his strong arms as he tenderly kissed her

hair and rubbed the smooth skin of her back. "I would have never

believed that we would have been together," Peggy spoke first.

     "It has been like a dream. Peggy, I don't think that I have

ever been that turned on. I have often thought of making love to

you. I would come into the shop and look at you. I would try not

to be obvious. I usually waited until your eyes were diverted to

sneak peeks at your lovely body; the swell of your ass as you

walked slowly across the room, the bounce of your breasts, the

smile that slowly appeared when I would come in the door. I am so

glad that you consented to let me make love to you," he rambled.

     She quickly returned, "it wasn't a matter of consenting,

Tim. I wanted you to. I hope that you won't think less of me now.

Once the heat of the moment wears off, I hope that I won't feel

so guilty that I won't be able to handle it. This is the first

time that I have ever made love with anyone other than Jim.

     "Just promise me one thing, Peggy. Just promise me that

there will be another day. Even if you don't mean it. Promise me.

Let me leave today knowing that I'll have the opportunity to be

with you again," Tim pleaded. Faced with Peggy's silence, Tim

added, "if you can't promise me that, promise me that we will

continue to be friends."

     "Friends don't need to make promises like that," Peggy said.

"Friends let things happen naturally and support one another when

they do happen. Somehow I think that we'll be together again. I

hope so." She silently wondered what Jim would think if he knew.

She also wondered whether Jim had ever felt like this with

someone else. She knew that she would again feel this wonder.

     Suddenly, Jim snapped his fingers and Peggy fell into a deep

trance. Tim's muscular young form had miraculously undergone a

metamorphosis. Jim stood in Tim's place, pleased with the fantasy

that he had led Peggy through. I knew she always wanted to fuck a

mail man, he thought. He left her with the suggestion that she

would not be guilt ridden, and she would relish the memory as a


                        CHAPTER FIFTEEN - MIND SEX

  Jim was out of town on another business trip. Peggy had been so

busy lately with her new job as a electronic technician that she

hadn't had time to give much thought to feeding her sexual urges.

  It never failed though. She was at a new job site, here was a

great looking guy, working close to her on this project for the

past three days, and she continued to be too shy to show her

interest in hi m. Michael was about 33 years of age, five feet,

ten inches tall and about 165 pounds. He was in great shape and

had a ruggedly handsome face that drew her like a magnet. He was

always dressed impeccably and his dark hair was well groomed.

  Each time they came into close proximity, Peggy smelled his

scent and could feel his masculinity. He had a great looking set

of buns that Peggy enjoyed sneaking peaks at as he walked around

the room. From the bulge in the front of his pants, she could

imagine that he would have much to offer. However, she was

concerned that at 43 years of age, he might perceive her as a

little too old for his liking. She didn't think she could deal

with his rejection. As a result, she didn't want to make it too

obvious that she found him attractive.

  "How about lunch, Peggy? Have you made any plans?" Michael

asked as they finished up the installation of part of the

equipment that his firm had purchased.

  "I didn't have any plans, Michael. What did you have in mind?"

Peggy responded.

  "I thought that maybe we could stop by the Cortez. They're

supposed to have great Mexican food. Are you game?" he queried.

Peggy was surprised and pleased that he would ask her to join

him. They removed to the parking lot and Michael offered to

drive. As they enjoyed a quiet lunch, Peggy began to think that

Michael may be interested in her after all. "I hope that your

husband won't be upset that we've gone out together, Peggy," he


  "Jim wouldn't mind at all, Michael. He is always encouraging me

to meet new people. Besides, he's out of town for the next couple

of days. We could be running naked down the middle of the road

and he wouldn't know," she responded.

  Michael thought for a moment and with his eyes focused on the

rim of his margarita glass said, "Does he also encourage you to

meet new people that find you as attractive as I do?" Peggy

looked at him with disbelief. "You're not hitting on me, are you

Michael? I thought that I would have to make the first move and I

was afraid that it would be the last as well."

  Michael's eyes lit up at hearing this, and a smile spread

across his handsome face. "Is there any chance that we can get

together later? I would very much like to get to know you on a

social basis, if you don't think it would compromise you too

much. I can assure you that I am the soul of discretion." His

hand reached out and touched her nervous hand as his eyes danced

from her lovely face to her swelling breasts.

  "Why don't you call me at about seven tonight. I'll know a

little better what page I'm on then. If all goes well, you may be

able to come over and watch a movie or something," Peggy said as

she became aware of his gaze on her breasts and began to feel a

tingling stir in the pit of her stomach. She was nervous, but she

didn't want to pass up a chance at spending a little time with

this wonderful looking and sweet man. Jim had so often suggested

that she broaden her horizons. He usually created or helped to

create her fantasies. It would be exciting to break fear's icy

grip and show Jim that she could be creative all on her own. He

would be shocked and terribly happy to know that she had.

  Peggy got home at half past five, fed the fish and began

straightening up the house. She couldn't get her mind off of

Michael. What had she gotten herself into? She was becoming more

excited but increasingly apprehensive thinking about being with

him. After putting the house in order, Peggy started to run her

bath water. She quickly removed her clothes and suddenly caught

her reflection in the full mirror. She did look great for a woman

her age. Jim always told her that she was one of the most

exciting women he had ever known. She threw her shoulders back

and pressed her full breasts toward the mirror. They were indeed


  Her hands went to the mounds of tit flesh, felt their weight

and squeezed gently. Her pink nipples were beginning to harden

and contract into beautiful knobs of rubbery meat. Taking each

into her thumbs and forefingers, she began to roll them back and

forth, increasing the pressure. Her hands traveled down the sides

of her firm breasts to her hips, around to her warming thighs and

inward to the curls of her pubic garden. Electricity shot through

her as her fingers sought the nub of her swollen clit. First one

finger entered and then another. She could feel the slick

emission of her love lubricant prepare the way for the searching

fingers of her left hand. With her right hand she reached around

her hip to feel the texture and weight of her tightening ass

cheek. Damn was she hot. She w anted to fuck Michael in the worst

way. She began to imagine how his stiff cock bone would feel in

her hairy cunt when she noticed the bath water reaching a

dangerous level.

  She stopped her self assault, turned off the bath water and

tested its temperature. It was just tolerable so she pinned up

her long brown curls and gently entered its heat, continuing to

admire her poised body in the mirror. The heat of the water

served to relax her tensed form. She quickly put herself into a

light trance and seemed to melt into the porcelain of the tub.

  The time passed quickly and soon seven o'clock registered on

the clock in the dining room. Minutes later the phone rang. Peggy

slowly approached the phone already having made up her mind to

invite Michael over. "It's your new electronic friend, Peggy.

Have I caught you at a bad time?" Michael asked.

  "Oh no, Michael. You're right on time. Everything looks good

over here, if you would like to stop over around nine. Would that

work into your plans all right?" she asked in hopes that he

hadn't changed his mind.

  Michael didn't hesitate for a moment, "My plans can only hope

that you still want to see me. I can be there at nine. Can I

bring anything with me?"

  "Just you. We'll have a little pizza and watch some videos of

the Little Rascals. Don't be late," Peggy encouraged prior to

hanging up the receiver. Oh christ, she thought. He really is

coming over. I better find something to wear.

  Peggy picked out a pair of stretch pants that accented her legs

and fanny quite well and a fitted top that was a little more low

cut than she wore out in public. Pizza in the oven and a bottle

of white wine on ice, what else, she thought. Well, I guess

that's it. Now she had only to sit and wait on pins and needles

until he arrived.

  The time couldn't pass quickly enough. Five minutes to nine and

the bell rang. Oh shit, she thought, I didn't even put on the

front light. She opened the door and Michael stood there with a

cute grin on his face. "You look great, Peggy. What's that I

smell, pizza?" he said as he entered.

  Wine was poured, pizza served and the movie was put in the

video player. Spanky was "hunt'n bugs" and the couple settled on

to the couch to appreciate the antics of the classic kids. "What

prompted you to invite me over, Peggy? I really didn't think that

you would look twice at me," Michael said in a soft voice.

  Peggy twisted to face him and then diverted her gaze at the

space between them, "In the last few days I've had a chance to

work with you and I think I have come to know you well enough to

know that you are a gentleman. That was my first concern. Beyond

that, you look great and you treat me with respect. What's there

not to like? I'm not going to lie to you. I find you exciting,

and I wanted to spend some time with you. You have....." Her

mouth was silenced when Michael covered her soft lips with his

own. Immediately, his hands were on her breasts as her breath was

stopped by his quick act ions. She seemed to melt right into his


  Soon his hands were under to blouse, but it was restrictive

because it was so tight. He reached behind her and unzipped her

zipper and gave himself room to roam. Peggy shrugged her

shoulders without taking her lips from his. The blouse fell free

and she helped him remove it. Her bra held her breasts upright as

if an offering to a god. Michael's seemingly skilled fingers

found the catch and popped it free. Again she rolled her

shoulders to shed this barrier. As her breasts fell free

Michael's eyes seemed glued to their sway and dance. His hands

returned slowly and gently as he cradled them seeking the juicy

nipples with his thumb and forefinger. A gratifying gasp escaped

from her mouth directly into his lungs.

  Peggy's fingers reached for the buttons to his shirt and began

to release them. Michael twisted in an effort to dislodge his

shirt tail from its hiding place and tore one of the sleeve

buttons as he discarded his shirt. Peggy's hands searched his

hairy chest and tweaked his sensitive nipples. Michael could feel

his cock begin its metamorphosis. It was straining within the

confines of his trousers.

  Suddenly he rose, unzipped his trousers and left them were they

fell. Peggy slipped her thumbs inside the waistband of her slacks

and peeled them from her heated loins. Michael reached for Peggy

and brought her to her feet to embrace her lovely curves. They

stood locked in one another's arms exploring, squeezing and

holding each other.

  "Come with me, Michael. Let's go where it is a lot more

comfortable. Bring the glasses and the wine, would you?" Peggy

invited. Michael watched the roll of her well-defined buttocks

under her tight, pink panties as she preceded him to the bedroom.

She seemed to be walking on air. His hot cock continued to become

more rigid as he thought about her hot flesh wrapped around him.

  As Peggy deposited Michael in the bed, she excused herself,

walked over to the stereo and turned on the soft sounds of love.

The door to the bath room closed, and she reappeared moments

later with a bottle of coconut oil. "Turn over on your stomach

and relax, Michael. I want to rub your back for you," Peggy said

seductively as she sat on the edge of the large bed.

  Her hands, filled with oil, began to spread the oil on his

back, neck, buttocks and thighs. She loved the feel of his taunt

muscles under her invading hands. Moans escaped Michael's mouth

as her hands reached between the strong ass muscles to knead the

strong flesh. He could feel the oil slowly run into the crack of

his buttocks and down to his heavy cum sack. Her hands teased his

hairy balls lightly and returned to deeply massage the tensing

knots of his ass. "Turn over, love," Peggy whispered as she

gently encouraged him with a hand on his hip.

  Her eyes were treated as his growing cock meat came into view.

She applied the oil to his pectoral muscles, belly and thighs. He

closed his eyes, put his hands behind his head and relished the

feel of her gentle, but firm hands caress his body. She watched

his eyebrows raise without opening his eyes as she assaulted his

stiff cock bone with one hand and his heavy sack with the other.

A gasp of pleasure escaped his lips as her oil-drenched hand

easily slid down his thick fuck pole to meet the hand on his

hairy balls. "If you keep that up, no pun intended, I'm going to

go off before I should," he said with a smile with a deep, sultry


  "Now its my turn, Michael. Would you mind giving me a massage?

I'm dying to have your hands on me," she said as her lips reached

down to touch Michaels. She fell into his arms, and her tongue

slipped between his open lips. She could feel her aching breasts

slide across his greased chest.

  He broke the kiss and flipped her on the bed over his hip. "I

can't wait to touch your beautiful fucking body. Get on your

belly and hand me the oil," he said authoritatively. In seconds

his strong hands were filled with the oil and touching the

hollows and peaks of her flesh. His eyes moved from her flexed,

towering ass cheeks to the hint of public hair nestled between

her slightly spread leg s. They traveled to her back and the

swell of her breasts on either side. Damn, this woman felt

wonderful. His hands both glided and penetrated her hot flesh.

  Michael turned her over and applied the warm oil to her breasts

and belly. Her spiked nipples glistened with the sheen of the

lubricant as did her red-brown public curls. His hands treated

themselves to her tit flesh, raising them into towers and

allowing them to descend to their relaxed state. He teased her

quivering pussy by approaching her enraged clit but not touching

it. Suddenly, he reached deep between her slightly parted legs

and jammed two fingers into her depth. "Ohhhhhhhh! Shit, Michael.

Fuck my hot cunt with your fingers. Move them around, deeper,

harder. Fuck my greasy pussy, honey," she grunted as her hands

reached out to pull his hand deeper inside of her quaking hole.

  "Oh fuck, baby. You are so wet and slippery. My cock is going

to feel soooo good inside your treasure hole. Move around here so

I can taste your honey," he pleaded. His mouth gorged itself with

her hairy pussy lips as he moved his bulk around so that she

could have access to his furious cock meat.

  "Give me your bone, Michael. Let me suck your mother fucking

cock. Squeeze my ass, honey," she screamed as her lips spread to

accommodate his oil-covered love pole. She drove his penis

immediately into the back of her mouth and lodged its bulbous,

purple-hued head into the tight muscles of her hot throat. Her

moans served to rattle the head of his cock with the vibrations

of her ecstasy.

  As Michael drove his tongue into the depths of her slippery

hole, his nose nestled into the rubbery button of her ass hole.

He could feel the tiny hairs surrounding this nether hole tickle

his nose, and he drove it in harder. Her musky fragrance filled

his senses and his cock felt as if it would burst. One hand

reached behind her to fill itself with meandering ass flesh,

while the other reached back to twist one of her glowing nipples.

"Pinch it, Michael. Pinch my nipple hard, harder," she demanded,

momentarily releasing her mouth from his slippery, driving bone.

  Peggy came up, apparently for air, looked down at her breasts

resting on his chest and his chin buried in her muff. "Oh, fuck

me, Michael. I need your cock in my guts. Put your fuck pole in

my cunt, honey."

  Michael released his two-handed grip on her lovely flesh and

rose from the position he was in. She quickly placed herself in

the most vulnerable position; legs spread wide and pulled back.

She saw him grasp his long cock and stroke it as his eyes seemed

to memorize the folds of her slick pussy lips and the heaving of

her breasts. Closer and closer his engorged member came to her

waiting honey pit. As his cock reached the lips of her pouting

cunt, she cradled her left breast with one hand and spread her

hungry pussy with the other.

  His cock seemed gigantic with lovely veins feeding its length

and an angry looking spear-head kissing the lips of her

womanhood. She began to quiver in anticipation of the joy she

knew would follow. Michael dipped his cock into her oily pussy

only and inch and removed it. He slid it up and down the length

of her slit to insure that he was well lubricated and then drove

it to the deepest recesses of her canal. "Holy fuuuuck. Oh my god

that feels so good and so deep. Fuck me. Move you cock in and

out. Slam your bone into my hairy hole and fuck me," Peggy was

repeating with her eyes as wide open as they had ever been.

  The look on her face was similar to fear, but Michael knew that

it was the look of love-lust. He continued to drive and withdraw

his thick, rigid cock meat in her gaping love hole. Peggy reached

between their perspiring bodies and inserted her fingers in her

pussy to feel his cock enter. She continued her travels to his

heavy sack and massaged his swaying balls. He felt so good inside

of her a nd although she had her hopes, she never imagined that

this man could make her feel this good. She hoped that his cock

would never stop fucking her sloppy, deep hole.

  Michael abruptly stopped as his cock was driven in as deep as

he could go. "Honey, I would like you to get on your knees so I

can fuck your cunt hole from behind. I want to dog-fuck your

wonderfully tight pussy. I want to watch your buns move as I

drive my love bone into your hot hole," Michael shared as his

cock continued to fuck her sweet smelling honey pot."

  She reluctantly allowed him to remove his shaft from her

treasure chest, as she quickly moved into a kneeling position to

accept his cock again. It was fortunate that he did stop his

assault when he did, as he felt his balls begin to tighten to

their eventual climax. He wanted to make his pleasure and her joy

last as long as it could. As she turned over, he watched her hole

close, and she turned over and assumed the suggested position.

She lower her nipple-crested breasts to the bed, raiser her tight

ass cheeks and greased pussy in the air and said, "Put your thick

cock in my tight, greasy cunt and fuck me like a dog."

  Michael lowered his stiff cock to her hairy, lust slit and

inserted it as he began to talk to her, "Back your  smooth ass up

against my cock bone and open your pussy so I can drive my bone

into your love slot, Peggy. I love to fill my hands with your

buttocks. I want to drop my hot fuck load into your guts and hear

you scream with desire. That's it! Point you sweet cheeks as me.

Damn you tits look good hanging there and swinging like heavy

sacks." Michael filled his hands with the flesh of her ass cheeks

and drove his straining cock in and out of her tight pussy.

  Peggy's heavy breasts rested against the palms of his hands

as the cock assault continued. Michael kissed her neck and

periodically slipped his tongue into either ear. Peggy was

senseless. At this point there was no romance. There was no

conversation. There was no awareness of anything other than the

raw animal instincts of fucking. Deep guttural grunts came from

her mouth as her eyes rolled up into her head. Peggy bore down

and pressed her gaping cunt and quivering ass cheeks as hard as

she could onto Michael's raging cock and swollen balls.

  A series of staccato, helpless grunts escaped her lips as she

began to cum like never before. Hearing this, smelling the sweet

aroma of sex, feeling his bone deep inside of Peggy's belly and

the sensation of Peggy's hard nipples torturing the palms of his

hands, Michael pulled his bone from her spasm-ridden tunnel and

began to shoot his thick cream on her pumping, wiggling ass

cheeks. With one hand Michael ran his spurting cock up and down

the crack of her ass spreading the hot cream on her

finely-textured buttocks. With his other hand he reached around

to her clit and began to furiously rub this swollen nub to

lengthen her pleasure. Then he fell forward, sliding his bone

into the deep crack of her hot cheeks and refilling his hands

with her heavy breasts. Soon they both lay exhausted and

apparently paralyzed.

  After they recovered, Peggy and Michael retired to the shower

and cleaned the perspiration and scent of love from one another's

body. Michael was soon recovered sufficiently to introduce Peggy

to yet additional pleasures. Fantasy and hypnosis were wonderful.

But now Peggy was armed with additional experiences to make the

most of her time alone and with her husband.

  When Michael had left, Peggy went over to the bookcase where

the stereo was and turned off the video tape recorder. Jim was

going to get the show of his life when he came home. He probably

didn't think she had the nerve. Now it was apparent.

                            APPENDIX I



     One of the most common questions about hypnosis is, "Can I

be hypnotize? The answer is, you already have been. I'll explain

more about that later. However, in order to answer this question

appropriately, one has to know what hypnosis is, and is not. Hyp-

nosis is not sleep as we generally think of it. It is simply an

altered state of consciousness. During hypnosis we put the body

to "sleep" and increase the awareness or concentrate the mind in

a specific direction. In a single word is can be defined as

focus. Autohypnosis is nothing more than self induced hypnosis.

     It is only possible for the mind to become focused after the

body does not serve to interrupt our focus. Therefore, our body

feels relaxed, warm, sometimes slightly tingly and at rest. Many

people describe it as the feeling of suspended animation. Our

mind is completely aware of what is going on around us, it is

receptive to suggestion and is still capable of making decisions.

Many empirical studies have been done which suggest that 95% of

the population can be formally hypnotized.

     When we are wide awake our mind is in the beta state. As we

eliminate the influences of the body, such as the minor aches and

pains or the muscle tensions, our mind drifts into an altered

state called alfa. Once this state is reached we may then enter

into the theta state. The theta state is hypnosis. With practice

we can reach the delta state which is deep hypnosis.

     When I suggested that you already have been hypnotized, I

was referring to common everyday states that are not tradition-

ally considered hypnosis. If you have ever caught yourself

daydreaming, you have reached the theta state. Your mind was

focused and you were not aware of anything else around you. Have

you ever driven your car to a destination you often drive to and

wondered how you got there?  Your mind was on something else. You

were in the theta state. Some people allow the thump of the road

or the divider lines in the road to put them to "sleep." This

also is theta. Deep concentration associated with watching a

movie or reading a book may also bring on the theta state. Vir-

tually all of us have experience one or more of these phenomenon.

If we have, we can be formally hypnotized.


     Begin the process of autohypnosis by selecting a place of

privacy and comfort; someplace free of noise and distractions. It

is also helpful to use the same place as often as possible, be-

cause as time goes on, it will become a reassuring and comforting

place conducive to your efforts. Relax on a bed, a lounge chair

or even the floor. Many people find that the bath tub is most

conducive to self hypnosis; but exercise caution with the water

level. It is unlikely you would drown, but it can be uncomfort-

able to take in a breath full of water. When possible use the

same position to allow your nervous system to let go.

     Dress in a manner that will support your efforts. You will

want to loosen or remove any tight or restrictive clothing.

Removal of any jewelry or eye glasses will also assist in your

initial efforts. Once you have obtained a comfortable position,

empty your mind of any exact thinking and let your mind wander.

Simply relax and enjoy the feeling of doing and thinking nothing.

Just be one with yourself.

     You may encounter influences that attempt to interrupt your

relaxation such as recurring specific thoughts or muscle

twitches. Simply push them out of your mind. If you continue to

experience difficulty use a technique called muscle-tensing.

Tense the large muscle groups such as the shoulders, back, but-

tocks, legs, stomach, groin and arms, one group at a time. Tense

them each tightly as you think "Tighten up!; Tense!" Then relax

each group of muscles completely while you think "Relax; Let go

completely!" Next think of your body as something that you are

not attached to. Imagine it as if it were a limp doll laying on a


     Your eyes are the next element to deal with. Select a spot

above eye level on the wall or ceiling and concentrate your focus

on it. It does not have to be a specific spot. A general spot

will do, but it should be above eye level. Think of your eyes as

becoming tired but do not close them yet. Count backwards from

ten to zero slowly and tell yourself that at the count of zero

you will be able to close your eyes. As you close your eyes think

that there is nothing that you care to see with them; that you

are turning them inward to experience the inner you.

     Breathing plays a vital part in your experience. Place your

hand on your stomach just below your chest. As you breath deeply

using your tummy, you will feel the rumble of your breath under

your hand. Don't use your chest to breathe. After you establish

the correct deep-diaphragm breathing pattern, relax your hand and

return it to your side. One third of the air we breathe goes

directly to the brain. This will also serve to feed the mind and

improve relaxation. When you exhale, your chest and tummy muscles

will relax even more. The heart and internal organs also become

relaxed, sending messages to the brain reinforcing relaxation.

     Now you are ready to relax completely. Stress and tension

generally serve to squeeze the minor muscle groups, nerves and

blood vessels. As you become more relaxed and relieve yourself of

tension, the blood circulates better and sends more oxygen to the

brain. You are now ready to give yourself suggestions that will

deepen your relaxation. Start at the top of the head and work

down the body to the feet. Tell yourself to "let go completely!"

Suggest a heavy, limp feeling into each area of the body. You may

even consider recording and playing it to yourself. Such a mes-

sage could be as follows:

     "My scalp is relaxing completely. I can feel it reducing the

     tension on my face and the temples of my head. My eyes are

     heavy and at rest. All of the little muscles and nerves sur-

     rounding my eyes are completely relaxed. As I think of my

     head relaxing, I can feel it happen.

     "The muscles of my neck are continuing to completely relax.

     My chest is relieved of tension and my arms are limp and

     heavy. I feel a warmth and a heaviness in my back and in my

     buttocks. It's as if I am melting into the surface which

     holds me. My hips are heavy and there is a wonderful relaxed

     sensation running down my legs into my feet.

     "Now my entire body feels at rest and completely free of

     pressure. I feel no tension - just an enhanced feeling of

     relaxation and well-being."

     If you experience any area of your body that does not sur-

render to this feeling of relaxation and well-being, turn your

focus to that region and continue your suggestions. It will not

take long to correct the situation. One method to assist with

difficult areas is to imagine the area being painted with a local

anesthetic with each breath you take. Soon you will be completely

and totally relaxed.

     Another method commonly used is to focus on a particular

part of the body, such as the hands or a single finger. If you

clasp your hands together, feel the sensations associated with

your interlocked fingers. Look at the nails, the cuticles, the

joints of each finger or the lines in each digit. As your focus

increases, the feeling in your fingers will begin to melt away.

You will then notice that you can, at will, recall or heighten

the sensation in your fingers.

     Continued practice in this focus effort will provide you

with the ability to turn your hands off and on. This can quickly

be transferred to other areas of the body in a natural manner. As

we concentrate on one area of the body, the rest of the body

naturally relaxes. Whether it is the former method, this method

or any other variation, you are learning to focus your attention

and the body naturally relaxes and will eventually be devoid of


     You are just about there at this point. The body has been

put to "sleep," and the mind can become your focus. Imagine a

very pleasant place from your childhood. If nothing immediately

comes to mind, invent one. It could be a warm beach with sea

gulls in the distance providing the music of nature. You are at

rest on your back as you watch the puffs of clouds wander across

the canvas of the sky. The sun is warm on your body. There is no

decision that has to be made. There is nothing that you care to

think about at this point. You simply want to relax your mind and

create a passage to your inner self.

     At this stage of your induction you will feel a sense of

well-being and a feeling of togetherness with yourself. You have

hypnotized yourself.


     There are many techniques that can be used to deepen the

trance. With a little practice, you will be able to reach the

above state within as little as five minutes on the average. Some

people have trained themselves to enter this state within

seconds. At this point your body is "sleeping" and your mind is

relaxed and open to suggestion. Imagine yourself going down a

long escalator, skiing down a long hill, or walking down a long

sloping grass-covered hill. You can select that scenario which

you are most comfortable with. You can't quite see the bottom,

but you continue to go lower and lower.

     With each foot you descend, you are falling deeper and

deeper "asleep." Soon you will come to realize that you are half

of the way down. At this point, continue to repeat the words,

"Deeper and Deeper - Lower and Lower. More relaxed than I have

ever been before." Start counting backward from fifty to zero.

With each number you will become deeper "asleep." When you reach

the bottom, you will be more deeply asleep and more relaxed than

you have ever been before.


     Once you have reached the desired state of hypnosis, what

will you do now? The answer is anything that you wish. In the

initial several sessions, I recommend that you simply enjoy the

sensation that you have created. Most people enjoy the sensation

of deep relaxation. Your body becomes very lethargic and seems to

melt into the surface which holds you. After this, it is impor-

tant to determine what improvements you wish to make. Each of us

have characteristics that we are happy with and others that we

would like to change.

     Even at this level of hypnosis we can make remarkable ad-

vances. We can correct our weight problems, quit smoking, get a

more restful sleep, reduce or eliminate pain or correct some

other habitual behavior. We can increase our sexual sensations,

improve our memory or develop our waking focus in some other

positive fashion.

     As you become advanced, positive and negative hallucinations

can be created. We can create things that are not there or erase

things that are. Each of our five senses can be hallucinated. We

can give ourselves suggestions which make us actually see some-

thing appear in a room. We can refrain from feeling something

that we are touching. We can smell a roast beef dinner that isn't

there. We can increase or decrease the room temperature. Most of

these hallucinations require a great deal of work initially. Once

it is acquired, it can be called upon at any time.

     The reduction or elimination of pain is a useful tool, espe-

cially if we encounter some chronic situation in our lives such

as arthritis. Going to the dentist has its draw-backs. We can

easily desensitize our mouth and teeth. Simply remember the sen-

sation of novocain that you experienced at one time or another.

These sensations are filed away in the computer that we call our

brain. Every sensation that we have ever had is filed in this

computer. Once you develop the ability to turn on your anes-

thetic, it can easily be reproduced at the dentist's office.

     These are only a few of the things that can be created with

the use of self-hypnosis. Each phenomenon will be very real. Al-

though virtually anything can be accomplished, I recommend that

you begin slowly. Instead of creating an hallucination, try an

illusion instead. The difference is, by way of example, turning

something into something else. Visually, you may care to turn a

coat rack into a tree. The first time you experience something

like this, it will shock you. This shock factor will strengthen

the foundation you are building for yourself. Soon you will be

your own master. Weight loss, quitting cigarettes, memory reten-

tion, improved sexual libido and pain reduction are only a few of

the things that can be accomplished. Simply remember that you

will get as much out of it as you put in. I'll try to share more

with you in the future. For now - just relax and enjoy!



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