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Archive-name: Control/rachel.txt

Archive-author: Robert Lammey

Archive-title: Rachel 1


When I walked over to the car to talk to Rachel, the last thing

I expected was to catch her giving Dave Martin head, but that's

what she was doing. 'Ol Dave had his head back and his eyes

squeezed shut as she bobbed her head up and down in his lap.

I watched for a moment, hardly believing my eyes. This was wife's best friend...The girl with the incredible

face and turbo-butt that me and just about every other guy I

knew had lusted after for years...The stuck up bitch who always

teased, but would never let anybodyfuck her... There were rumors

going around that she and Dave were an item, but no one really

believed it, but there she was...her beautiful lips sucking away

at the guy's cock, and that's when she looked up and saw me.

I pressed my finger to my lips to tell her not to make a sound,

and walked off to sit in my car and decide what I was gonna do.

I knew Rachel would be afraid I might tell her ex-husband Carl,

and if I did, there was a very good chance she'd lose custody of

her daughter Missy. I leaned back and thought about the image

of Rachel's pretty lips sliding up and down on Dave Martin's

cock and my own got hard as a rock in my pants.

I didn't realize Rachel was outside the car until I heard her

knock on the passenger side window. I motioned for her to get

in and she sat down next to me and closed the door.

"Bill, I..." she began, looking ashamed. She couldn't finish.

There wasn't any excuse that would hold water. She was, after

all, my buddy Jerry's girlfriend, and I just caught her sucking

off one of his best friends!

"Save it, Rachel." I said. "You know I ought to tell Carl and

Jerry about this..."

Rachel panicked at the mention of their names and tears began

to form in her eyes. She knew what would happen if they found out.

"What do I have to do to make you promise not to tell?" she asked.

I smiled.

"Use your imagination." I replied. You could almost see the

wheels turning in her head as she tried to decide if she had

the courage to continue. Finally she made up her mind.

"I could do the same thing for you..." she sighed, resignedly.

"What's that?" I asked, feigning ignorance. I wanted to savor

this. After all these years of lusting after this gorgeous

stuck-up bitch, I wanted to hear her sayit!

Rachel's face turned beet red.

"You know god-damn well what I mean..." she said, angrily.

"Look Bill...Stop playing games. If you swear not to tell anybody

about this, I'll do you like I just did Dave."

"Say it Rachel..." I insisted.

Rachel fixed me with a look of pure hatred.

"Look, you bastard..." she began, but I cut her off.

"Say it!"

Rachel looked down at her hands for a moment, before meeting my

eyes once more.

"I'll suck your dick..." she said.

I leaned back in my seat and grinned.

"Gee, I don't know, Rachel...I hear you don't swallow..."

Now she was really getting mad. I could see her trying to

control herself.

"I will this time..." she said. "You can cum in my mouth and I

swear I'll swallow every drop. Just promise me you won't tell."

I pretended to consider the idea for a moment.

"Nah..." I said finally. "That's not enough."

Rachel looked stunned. She turned her head and looked out

the window.

"Alright..." she said. She took a deep breath and let it out

with a sigh of defeat.

"I'll let you fuck me..." she said, then turned to face me.

She reached out and put a hand on my leg. "You know how you've

always wanted to fuck me..."

"I know how I've always wanted to fuck your ass-hole..."

Rachel spun around as if struck.

"Oh no!" she said. "Uh-uh...You can just forget about that!"

"Well..." I said, "It's your decision." I reached over and opened

her door.

"I'll give you one hour." I said, as I pushed her out of the car.

"You be at my apartment ready to take it up the butt or I'm

calling Carl."

I started the engine and put the car in gear.

"Oh and Rachel...Make sure you bring a nice big jar of Vaseline."

 Rachel stood there looking lost and confused as I drove off.

It wasn't twenty minutes before I heard the knock on the door.

I knew it was her. I opened the door and grinned. Rachel was

standing there on my doorstep looking angry as hell, but in her

hand was a familiar blue and yellow jar of Vaseline. Behind her,

I could see my next-door neighbor, a black guy named Larry,

waxing his car.

"Well waddaya know..." I said, loud enough for Larry to hear.

"Looks like I'm gonna be fuckin' some ass-hole today!"

Rachel's face turned bright red.

"You son-of-a-bitch..." she said. Man was she pissed! She brushed

past me and entered my apartment. I looked her over as she did.

She was wearing that tiny, skin-tight white mini-skirt that I

like so much and a thin white blouse, and man did she look right!

She stopped in the middle of the room and turned.

"Was that really necessary?" she asked angrily, as I closed the

door on my gawking neighbor.

"Yeah..." I said, "It was. And that's just the beginning! See,

the way I look at it, you've been teasing everybody with that

thing for way too long. So now that I got this chance, I consider

it my sacred duty to teach you a little lesson in humility...

I'm not just gonna sodomize you Rachel...I'm gonna ream your

butt like a wild dog and make you feel like awhorewhile I do it!"

As I spoke, Rachel's face grew dark and her eyes narrowed,

but she didn't interrupt.

"Don't expect me to be gentle, Rachel...There ain't gonna

be any slow and easy introduction into butt-fuckin' for

you,babe..Uh-uh!I'm just gonna wedge the head of my dick between

those hot fuckin' ass-cheeks of yours and then bury it up to the

balls in one hard shove! And while that tight little butthole

of yours is burning like it's on fire, I'm gonna start to fuck

it...hard... and you'll know that it's my cock, Rachel...mycock

that you feel digging all the way up inside your butt...I'm gonna

fuck your ass as hard as I fuckin' can...I'm gonna stroke your

precious little shit-hole so hard and so deep you'll squeal like

a fuckin' pig! You'll beg me to stop, but I won't...I'll just

keep fuckin' it, over and over, until your ass-hole's so loose

you could drive a truck up there!"

"Your crazy!" Rachel hissed. "I'm not gonna let you do that!

I'm leaving!"

"Go ahead..." I said picking up the phone.

Rachel stopped with her hand on the door, trying desperately to

think of something to say...something which would change my mind.

"Please Bill..." She pleaded. "I said you could do it. Couldn't

you take it easy? Isn't it enough to just put it in my ass?"

"Actually, no...It isn't." I said, putting the reciever to my

ear, "You see I wantit to hurt. I want to see the look on your

face when your ass-hole suddenly stretches around my cock! I want

to look into your eyes...I want to hear you begwhile I pound my

meat up that hot fuckin' butt! ...So what's it gonna be, Rachel?

...You gonna take it, or are you gonna get the fuck out!?!"

Rachel took a deep breath. I knew what she was going to say even

before she said it. After all, she really didn't have any choice.

"Alright..." she spat. " bastard."

"Anything I say, right? No matter how filthy or disgusting or

degrading it is?"

"What do you mean?" Rachel asked, worry crossing her lovely face.

"I mean fucking your butt's just partof it...What I really aim

to do is make you feel like a whore, Rachel, and I got a lot of

ideas as to how to do just that...Like maybe we'll start with a

little humiliation before I cornhole ya...a little old-fashioned

public exposure to get you in the mood..."

"What?" she asked, stunned.

"You know...we get in my car and drive around and I make you

show yourself off...sounds great huh?"

"Oh my god..."Rachel whispered, realizing the extent of her


I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the door.

"Come on..."

We got in the car and drove off. Rachel was quiet in the seat

next to me, as I drove to the park and pulled up by a pair of

picnic tables. A hundred yards away to the right a group of young

boys played ball, and an old man sat feeding some pidgeons only

thirty feet to our left.

"Go sit on top of the table facing me." I told her, as I opened

the trunk of my car.

I reached in and took out the polaroid camera I had put there

earlier. When Rachel saw what I had in my hand her eyes flew

wide and she shook her head violently.

"No way!" She said angrily, her hands on her hips.

I reached out and took hold of her shoulder and shook her,

once...hard, and I was pleased to see the flash of fear in

her eyes.

"You don't have any choice." I said, "And if you open your mouth

to tell me you won't do one more thing,I'm gonna leave you where

you stand and go have a talk with Carl. You do whatever I say.

Understand? No matter what it is!...If I want to make you show

your stuff in public like some sleazy fuckin' whore then that's

what you'll do! And if I want to take pictures of you while

you're doing it, that's OK too, cause there ain't nothing you

can do about it...Hell, you're lucky I don't make you walk down

Main street bare-assed naked!

I gave a very confused and defeated-looking Rachel a shove

towards the picnic table.

"Now go over and sit on that fucking table bitch..."

Rachel looked as if she was about to say something else, but then

thought better of it and turned away. She walked slowly over

to the closest of the two tables, climbed up onto the bench,

then turned and sat with her rump on the edge of the tabletop,

her knees together and her hands tucking the little flap of skirt

up under her butt.. She liked to wear that skirt a lot, and I new

it was because it teased the hell out of all the guys, since it

was so daringly short. Only now it was backfiring on her as she

tried to tug it down over her cheeks and it just wouldn't go.

Rachel looked around nervously, apparently relieved that no one

was paying any attention.

I aimed my camera at her, looking her over through the viewfinder.

Her legs seemed to go on forever, stretching from the cute little

white tennies on her feet, all the way up to where her slim,

tanned thighs disappeared up under her mini-skirt.

"Ok Rachel..." I said. "This is where you get payed back for

all that teasing...Unbutton your blouse."

Rachel looked at me defiantly, tears of pure helpless rage

forming in her eyes as she took her hands from under her rump

revealing a glimpse of panty-covered cheek, and slowly began to

undo the buttons that ran down the front of her blouse. When she

finished with the last of them she sat there, nervously holding

her blouse together with both hands as I looked around...neither

the old man nor any of the young boys seemed to have noticed.

"Damn Rachel..." I said, savoring every second.  "This is gonna

be great! I'm gonna get to see your tits! you never thought

you'd be doin' this,huh?"

I couldn't wait any longer. I had to see her humiliated.

"Go on, bitch...Do it! Show me your tits!"

Rachel looked left and right, then slowly pulled her blouse open,

exposing the smooth skin the blouse had covered. Rachel was built

like a fashion model...slim, muscular build and small breasts,

so there wasn't any cleavage to speak off, but I didn't care...It

wasn't the size of her tits that was so exciting. It was the fact

that they were Rachel Miller's tits...cock-teasing, tight-assed

Rachel Miller!

I could see the gentle swell of her breasts as the blouse slowly

parted, and my heart leaped when the two cute little nubs that

were her nipples came into view.

Snap! I took a photo.

"Hey Rachel!" I teased, "I got a picture of your titties!

I wonder how many of our friends I can show it to..."

Rachel looked absolutely disgusted, and her face turned bright

red. She was holding her blouse open in a way that prevented

anyone from seeing her unless they stood directly in front.

That just wouldn't do...

"Oh don't hide them, Rachel...Open your blouse all the way.

In fact...pull it off your shoulders...I want everyone to be

able to see those cute little titties!"

Rachel looked like she would burst into tears at any moment,

but she allowed her blouse to fall off her shoulders as I had

commanded, and now she was reallyexposed--- topless in fact,

since her blouse now lay bunched up around her elbows, leaving

her bare from the waist up.

Snap! Another photo.

"Put your hands on the bench behind you. Now lean back...That's

right." Snap! "Now arch your back, Rachel. Stick out those sweet

little titties..."

Rachel started to arch her back, looking to her left as she did

and then froze. Following her gaze, I saw that the old man was

looking right at us...or I should say at Rachel.

He's looking! Rachel's expression said, and I grinned back at

her sadistically.

"What's the matter, Rachel? I thought you liked to tease?

Don't you want that old man looking at your titties?"

Rachel looked as if she was going to die of embarrasment.

"Do like I said, bitch... Arch your back and stick out your

titties so he can get a real good look at em."

Thoroughly humiliated, but still powerless to disobey, Rachel

arched her back. I moved in so that I could get a close-up of her

from the waist up, with the old man in the background watching.

Snap! As I took the picture I saw the old guy get up and start

towards us. Rachel noticed him a second later.

"Stay right like you are." I told her before she had a chance

to cover herself. "I'm warning you...Don't move a fucking muscle!"

The old man came over and stood beside me, and he spoke without

taking his eyes off of Rachel's bare chest.

"She's very pretty...Is she your girlfriend?"

"No..." I answered, "Just some cock-teasing cunt I know...I got

something on her, something real good, and I'm using it to make

her do nasty shit. You know what I mean?"

The old man seemed to think that one over.

"Looks like your tryin' to embarrass her." he observed.

"Bulls-eye!" I said "You wanna give me a hand?"

The old man said he'd be happy to do whatever he could to help.

"Can I see some more?" he asked.

I said that's just what I had in mind.

Rachel was listening to the conversation as if she couldn't

believe her ears. It must have been terribly humiliating to have

to sit there in front of us exposed like that, but I was only

just getting started!

"Spread your legs, Rachel. Let me and my friend here get a look

up your skirt. He looks like the kind of man who could really

appreciate seeing some young pussy."

"I hateyou." Rachel said, but she relaxed her knees until they

were a foot or so apart. I could just barely see her crotch, but

it was enough to tell she was wearing thin, white cotton panties.

"All the way, Rachel. Spread em as wide as they'll go!"

Rachel huffed angrily and did as she was told. Boy was she limber!

Her legs splayed open so far that her thighs came to rest on the

table top on either side of her. This caused the thin material

of her panties to bunch up in the crack of her ass and pulled

it so tight over her pubic mound that it outlined every aspect

in breath-taking detail.

"Oh yeah! Let me get a close-up of that." I moved in with the

camera until the lens was only a foot from her crotch and snapped

off a picture. Then I backed up and took another of her in the

same position, only full length. Rachel was blushing so terribly

her face was practically purple.

"Damn Rachel...If I didn't have enough to blackmail you before,

I sure as hell do now! Do you realize how many of our friends

would give thier livesto see these photos? Just look at that

hot fuckin' snatch!"

Rachel didn't answer, she just looked away.

The old man had a good suggestion.

"Make her play with herself." he said.

Damn, I thought. That wasa good idea!

"You heard the man, Rachel. Squeeze your titties for us...go on!

And while your at it...rub your pussy too!"

"Oh Bill..." she said, sorrowfully. She had to lie back on the

table in order to do it, and the old man and I stood on either

side of her so we wouldn't miss anything. We watched, as Rachel

slid her left hand up and cupped one of her breasts and used

her right to rub at the thin cotton cloth covering her crotch,

all of this while lying on a picnic table in the middle of a

county park!.

"Do it like you mean it, young lady." the man told her. "I really

want to see you play with yourself!"

The old man seemed to have things under control, so I stood up

on the tabletop above her and began to take pictures. Rachel had

her nipple between thumb and forefinger, squeezing it, and at

the same time her other hand was rubbing away at her crotch hard

enough to wedge her cotton panties into her slit as I snapped the

first picture. Rachel looked up at the sound, and I thought she

was about to cry. I saw movement out of the corner of my eye,

and turned my head to see the group young boys standing in a

clump nearby, watching.

"Hey Rachel, look!" I said. I took her by the hair and lifted

her head so she could see them.  "You've got an audience!"

"Oh my god..." she gasped, as she saw the group of young boys

pointing and giggling. They all looked to be around ten or

twelve...old enough to know about girls but not old enough to

have seen any thing like this. Rachel knew how she must look to

them, and an intense wave of shame and disgust washed over her.

"Come on, boys...Gather 'round and get a good look!" The old

man called. Without warning, he moved in and took one of Rachel's

small breasts in hand. The look of shock and horror on her face

was worth a million bucks, as the old man slid his other hand

between her legs, rubbing and cluching at her cunt through the

thin fabric of her panties.

"Stop!" Rachel pleaded, trying to push him away. "goddamnit stop!"

I just grinned and let the old guy molested her. As I watched, he

tried to work his fingers under the elastic band of her underwear.

"Ok..." I said, pulling his hand away. "That's enough."

I took Rachel's hand and pulled her up off the table.

"Come on...We're leaving."

A few minutes later we were back in the car, heading down Hull

street. Following my instructions, Rachel had simply tucked the

shirttails of her blouse into her skirt without buttoning it.

We motored down the busy highway with Rachel trying her best to

look nonchalant, as if it were somehow possible for a woman not

to notice her blouse  flapping wide open, or the stares of the

male motorists who craned their necks to gawk at her.

"I'll never forgive you for this...But thanks for stopping him,

anyway." Rachel said grudgingly.

"I didn't do it for you..." I told her. "I just didn't want that

old fucker to get in your cunt before I did."

I pulled into my apartment complex, and looked up the end of

the street towards my apartment.

"Take off your panties and put them in the glove compartment."

Rachel looked at me incredulously for a moment, then lifted her

butt off the seat and slid her panties over her hips. Stepping out

of them one foot at a time, she balled them up and stashed them

in the glovebox as ordered.

"Now roll the waist of your skirt up until it's so short your

ass hangs out. When you get out of the car and stand up, I wanna

see about that much cheek."

I held my fingers about four inches apart.

Rachel looked up the street to where my neighbor Larry and four

or five of his black friends stood around his car, and realized

what I had in mind.

"Bill, don't make me show my ass in front of them. Please?

No in front of all those...those niggers!"

I laughed.

"That's right...You don't like blacks do you, Rachel? I had

forgotten how prejudiced you were. Gee, that's too bad, cause

you're gonna have to show them a whole lotta butt. In fact,

when you get up to the steps, I want you to drop your keys, and

then bend over and get them without bending your knees. And bend

over far enough so that all those niggers can get a good look

at that tight little virgin butthole of yours, Rachel...and take

your time. Give them plenty of time to check it out...Understand?"

"If you think I'm gonna let any of those niggers touch me like

that old bastard at the park..."

"Don't worry..." I interrupted. "Not that that wouldn't be

interesting...We just don't have time for any of that shit

right now...

Rachel looked as if she wanted to ask why not, so I answered

her unspoken question.

"...'Cause you're gonna spend the next couple of hours gruntin'

like a pig while I pack your shit-hole full of dick!"

Rachel's eyes grew wide as she looked away, but in that moment

I saw fear.

I pulled up in the parking space and shut off the engine.

"You do it right..." I said, inclining my head towards the group

of blacks. "You be the sexiest, sleasiest, sluttiest thing that

ever walked...You make a big deal out of showing them your butt,

Rachel,  or I swear, I'll take it out on your ass-hole when I

get you inside."

 Not even looking back, I hustled into the apartment and grabbed

 the video camera from behind the chair, moving to the window

 to shoot out through the blinds.  Rachel was just getting out

 of the car. Good...I thought to myself as I saw her haughty

 expression, she's cooperating...playing the part...Once or

 twice before, I had seen

Rachel playing the part of the slut...just teasing of course...but the

way she walked and acted when she did! Nobody did it better.

Now she was acting like a slut again, only this time she looked the part!

Through the viewfinder, I clould clearly see the group of brothers

turn and stare as she closed the door and turned, hands on her hips.

Her blouse was in total disarray. One side had caught on her watch as

she placed her hand on her hips, pulling it so far open that her left tit

was now completely exposed.  The other side was barely any better, with

the cloth covering only half of one succulent little nipple. Best of all,

Rachel had hiked her mini-skirt up so far in the back that her whole rump

was exposed, not just the four inches I had suggested! I stared at her

butt through the lens, hardly believing it, telling myself over and over

that I was actually recording all of this! The front of Rachel's skirt

was only a little lower in the front, hardly enough to even cover her

crotch, but she had made the effort...She was really playing the part,

doing that "little slut" act I had seen her do so many times before when

shewas in control...When she knew no one could touch her.

As I watched through the lens, Rachel walked very slowly towards

the steps, the muscles in her tanned flanks flexing, her ass

swaying nastily as she mounted them one at a time. The group of

men had fallen silent as Rachel exited the vehicle, and now every

eye was glued to her. At the top of the steps her keys seemed to

slip from her fingers, and she bent...her long slim legs together,

her hands on her knees as they bent, arching her back...slowly,

like a cat, wiggling her bare, mouth-watering butt back at the

group of young blacks. Rachel looked up at me then, seeing the

camera for the first time. I saw her expression register shock,

then she hardened, mouthing the words "Fuck you" , and slowly

straightened back up. I could hear the guys next door calling

to her and making crude, disgusting comments as she stepped into

the apartment. She leaned her back against the door and let out

a long breath.

"I can't belive you made me do that, you mother-fucker..." she

said, nearly in tears. " filmedit!" She was pulling

the hem of her skirt down as she spoke. "I fuckin' hateyou!"

I walked over and took hold of Rachel's shoulders, pressing her

back against the door.

"What's the matter Rachel? Didn't you enjoy showing your pretty

little butt to all those black boys?"

"You know I didn't, you bastard!" Rachel cried. "Why are you

doingthis? My god...I never felt sohumiliated!"

"Humiliated!?!" I laughed, "Hell, Rachel...that's what I'm trying

to do! And besides...we're just getting started!"

I took hold of Rachel's blouse and pulled it off her shoulders,

exposing her titties. Then I pushed her against the door and

lifted up her skirt, holding the camera a couple of inches from

her cunt, videotaping her furry little snatch in close-up detail.

Rachel gasped in embarrasment.

"Ok...all you people in the home audience...Let's play..."guess

who's pussy this is"..."

I dropped down in front of her, parting her knees roughly with

my hands.

"Squat down, the audience that juicy little


I pulled and Rachel bent her knees. As her back slid down the

wall, her pussy almost seemed to pout, the lips looked puffy and

swollen. Rachel stared at me helplessly as I paused the camera.

"I'm gonna show this to everybody, Rachel...just think about

it...every guy you know is gonna see this...your friends...your

boss...everybody!" Rachel's eyes welled with tears, as I turned

the camera back on.

"Ok everybody...take a good look! Can you tell me who's pussy this

is? No? Well here's a couple of hints: She's got blonde hair, you

all know her, and you all want to fuck her... Yeah, that's right!

This nasty looking fuck-hole belongs to the stuck-up cunt with the

ass that won't quit...That gorgeous little bitch Rachel Miller!"

I slowly panned up, raising the camera slowly to get Rachel's

expression of utter humiliation.  Then I backed off, zooming

back out until I had her whole body in the viewfinder.

"Will you look at that..." Rachel was still squatting with

her back against the wall, her blouse pulled open and her legs

splayed wide. Her swollen cunt-lips protruded from her gash.

"Rachel Miller...naked! I know everyone of you mother-fucker's

have wanted to see that! Can you believe it? Just look at her,

posing for me like a fucking whore!"

 "You've got such a fat little pussy for such a slim girl, Rachel.

 Just right for fuckin'...but not just yet."

I stood, taking Rachel by the arm, pulling her away from the

door, into the middle of the room. I set the camcorder on a shelf

and pointed it in the same direction, then pushed Rachel to her

knees in front of me.

"Feel humiliated yet, Rachel?" I pretended to listen for a moment.

"No? Well then maybe you need to suck my dick for the camera.

Yeah...I think I need to put my dick in your mouth."

As I spoke, I dropped my pants and stepped out of them quickly.

My cock was already hard as stone, and at the sight of Rachel

kneeling there naked it twitched with a life of it's own.

"Open your mouth, Rachel..." I told her. Taking her by the hair

with one hand I used the other to press my dick to her lips.

"Suck my dick for the camera!"

Rachel parted her lips obediently, and I slid my cock into the

warm, wet cavity, filling her mouth with dick. As my cock neared

the back of her throat she gagged and attempted to pull her head

back, but I held her head firmly in my hands. It was a big joke

with our friends that Rachel doesn't like to swallow, or for

that matter, take more than a couple of inches in her mouth.

Well that was gonna change!

"Oh no you don't. You might thinkyour too good to give head,

but I know better.  Your not just gonna swallow cum today,

Rachel...Your gonna learn how to swallow cock!"

Rachel struggled, trying to push me away as I pressed my cock

further and further into her throat.

"Relax your throat. Try to swallow the head of my dick while I

fuck your face."

I held Rachel's pretty head in my hands and worked my hips back

and forth, pressing more cock into her mouth with each stroke.

She gagged and coughed and her eyes bulged as she struggled,

but I forced my cock down her throat again and again. I told her

to relax and breathe through her nose, and before long she was

visibly calmer, no longer panicking as I slid my meat all the

way down her throat until my balls pressed against her chin.

I pressed her lips to my crotch, holding my cock buried in her

throat as I forced her to tongue my balls and swallow the head

of my dick, over and over and over.

I pulled my stiff prick from Rachel's lips, holding her with a

firm grip in her hair. Taking my dick in hand I rubbed it all

over her face.

"Lick it all over..." I told her and she went right to work.

"Yeah, lick my balls too."

"Damn Rachel, It wouldn't take too much more of this to make me

unload my balls in your mouth. Maybe if you were to try real hard,

you could make me cum and I wouldn't have to fuck your ass."

Upon hearing this, Rachel looked up into my eyes as if to say

thank you, and began to bob her head, sucking my cock almost

feverishly. She was really trying her best to make me cum.

I couldn't believe she actually fell for it! I let her go on for

a minute or so, enjoying the talented way Rachel sucked cock when

she wanted to. Then I pulled her away and pushed her roughly to

the floor.

"Not!" I said, laughing. "Did you really think I'd pass up the

chance to ream out that tight ass-hole of yours, Rachel?"

Rachel looked utterly stunned as I rolled her over onto her

stomach and took her hard little rump in my hands. I spread the

cheeks of her ass with my thumbs and took my first look at her

virgin anus.

"Oh I'm gonna fuck this." I said, "I'm gonna fuck this hard!"

"Give me your hands." I ordered. When she was slow to respond

I grabbed her wrists and pulled them behind her back.

"Hold the cheeks of your ass apart, like this..." I put her

hands on her rump, indicating how I wanted her to hold herself.

She obeyed silently. I stuffed a pillow under her so that her

ass was elevated slightly, then picked up the jar of Vaseline,

scooping out a great gob with two of my fingers.

"First we grease up your tight little shithole..." I said, as

I smeared the wad of goo into the crack of her ass."..Then we

grease up my dick so it'll slide all the way up your butt on

the first shove."

I leaned over Rachel, my weight resting on my knees and one

palm, as I used the other hand to wedge my dick between her

apple-shaped ass-cheeks. Christ, I wasn't even in her ass yet,

but her ass-cheeks were tight enough to make me think so. I

pressed the head against the puckered ring of Rachel's darling anus

and grinned. She just lay there with her eyes shut tight, obediently

holding the cheeks of her ass open for me...waiting...waiting to feel

my cock push up into her anus.

"Remember how much you like to tease everybody with that ass,

Rachel? Well who's laughing now, huh? Look at you...laying there

like a whore... holding your ass open...waiting for me to fuck

your shithole!"

I grinned at the camera as I went on.

"I'm gonna stuff your shithole full of dick, Rachel...Are you

ready? Remember how I said I'd do it? I said I'd ram it all the

way up there with one shove?"

"Please Bill..." Rachel whimpered pathetically. She was craning

her neck, trying to look back at me. I had never seen Rachel

this frightened of anything. "Please don't do it like that..."

I laughed and shoved, dropping my weight onto her. I watched the

head of my dick puncture her anus like a spear, felt the tight

rubber ring stretch and the hot walls of her rectum squeeze tight

around the shaft as her unwilling ass-hole gobbled up the entire

length of my cock in a fraction of a second. I heard Rachel scream

as the head seemed to bottom out for a moment in her bowels, but

I held it there anyway, grinding my pelvis into her from behind,

digging every last centimeter of dick up into her quivering,

virgin rump. Her ass was so tight...It was

better than I had ever imagined!

I grabbed her hair in both hands pulling her head back painfully,

and jerking my hips, I whipped my prick completely from her ass.

Rachel made a sound like a strangled gasp and sucked in a great

breath of air, her eyes bulging. In that moment of shock and

surprise I sunk it back in to the balls so savagely that it

knocked the breath out of her..


Rachel wailed. Once again I held it deep inside her, feeling

Rachel's slim rump twitching under me, her asshole spasming

uncontrollably, clenching and unclenching around my cock like

a vise, the muscles in her smooth, slim butt-cheeks fluttering

as she convulsed under me.

"Guh...guh..guh..." Rachel gasped, her eyes bulging.

"Look at me, Rachel." I said, twisting my hand in her hair.

She looked back over her shoulder, her eyes wild and her mouth

agape, gasping like a fish out of water.

"That's my dick in your ass-hole, Rachel...You hear me? That's my

dick you feel up your ass."

 Once more I whipped my cock completely from her ass before

 burying it to the hilt, and once more Rachel screamed as if

 she were stabbed.

For years my favorite fantasy had been to sodomize Rachel Miller,

and I had played it over a thousand times in my head. But now

that I was  doing it...actually doing it...I simply lost control.

I began to fuck her hard...too hard...slamming my dick up into

her tight little pooper...repeating the same few words over and

over as I raped her burning anus.

"I'm in your ass-hole,Rachel...I got my dick in your ass-hole,

and everybody's watching"

Rachel was crying shamelessly as I slammed my cock home again

and again.

"Does that hurt, Rachel? Does your ass-hole hurt?"

When she didn't respond, I humped her quickly, sending my cock

up her butt, two, three, four, five!


"Answer me, bitch...Does your ass-hole hurt?"

I gave her five more strokes, real hard, feeling my cock bottom

out in her butt each time.

"Owwwwgodddddd!!!" Rachel moaned. "Yes!" She was bawling like a

baby, the tears streaming down her face as she looked back over

her shoulder at me.

"Yes, oh god ithurrrts!"

I grinned and slid my hands under her, twisting her nipples as

I plowed her ass-hole with a steady, savage rythem.

"Oh that's goodRachel..." I said, and it was the truth. Watching

this stuck-up, snooty fucking bitch suffer was almost as much

fun as packing her butt, and her pathetic sobbing and whimpering

was music to my ears. I glanced over at the camera and grinned.

I had every intention of showing the finished product to all of

her friends (and mine), and she knew it. I could imagine how

that made her feel. From now on, every time ran into someone

on the street she'd see the look in their eyes and know...He's

seen the film, she'd think. He's seen me naked, and watched me

get fucked in the butt! Yeah, Rachel and I both new her ordeal

was just beginning, and I wanted to make sure that there was

plenty for her to be ashamed of...

"Look at the camera, whore..." I pulled her hair, yanking her

head back. Her hair stuck to her pretty face.

"Now squeal for me, Rachel...squeal like a fuckin' pig!"

I slammed my dick home brutally, feeling her impossibly tight

anus gripping at my cock like a vise.

"Guhhh..." she grunted, "...hurts..."

"I said squeal, bitch! Squeal for me while I pork your butt-hole.

Show everybody watching this video what an obedient little whore

you are, and maybe I'll take it easy on ya'!"

To my delight, Rachel began making a sound...a high pitched sort

of squeek

between all the sobs and groans. It was so cute!I grinned, and

power-fucked her shit-hole a dozen more times, pulling the head completely

from her ass-hole on each stroke.

"That's it, squeal, you fuckin' pig!" I said, driving every inch

of my cock up into her ass just as hard as I could.

"Squeeeeeeeeeee!" Rachel whined, her eyes wild. "Squeeeeeeeeee!


"Can you believe this?" I said to the camera as I humped her.

"Is this fucking great, or what!?!"

I jerked my cock from Rachel's ass and stood up, pulling her with

me. She could barely stand. I sat on the sofa facing the camera.

"Get over here, slut..." I ordered, pulling her down on top of me.

"Sit on my fuckin' dick so everybody can watch it go in and out

of your ass."

I held my cock in one hand and wedged it between her ass-cheeks.

My other hand was still twisted painfully in her hair, and I

used it now to pull her down, feeling my prick slide up into

her moist, tight channel.

"Gaahhhhhhhhhhddddd!" Rachel wailed as her ass sank onto my lap.

I pulled her knees open, giving the camera a perfect view of

Rachel's gaping cunt and the thick shaft of my cock stretching

her tender rectum into a burning, wide-open fuck-hole.

"There you go..." I told the camera, "Now you can all watch me

pump my dick in and out of her ass-hole!"

Rachel closed her eyes in shame and let her head fall back.

"Oh god..." she groaned, and her whole body shivered with


"What's the matter Rachel? Don't you want everybody to see what

you look like with a dick up your butt? Well you better get used

to it, cause when the guys see

this tape they're allgonna want to try you out!"

Rachel's eyes fluttered open at that and she looked at me in

sudden confusion. I looked her right in the eye as I continued.

"Think about it...If I show ten people this tape, that's ten

people who could tell Carl or Jerry...Only you can't have that,

right? No sir...So you're gonna have to do something to keep

them quiet, just like you're doing for me right now. And after

watching you take it up the butt like this, what do you think

they're gonna want, huh? Yeah, Rachel...that's right...In a

couple of days, there's gonna be a whole crowd of guys your

gonna have to keep quiet...and they're all gonna be wantin'

to fuck this tight, little ass-hole of yours!"

As I spoke, I began to ream her butt nice and slow.

"You got that?" I called to the camera, "You can all fuck

her butt. All you gotta do is threaten to tell Carl..."

Rachel gasped and turned beet red. I laughed and took hold of her

slim waist, lifting her up and down, bouncing her on my dick like

a rag-doll. Instantly her face twisted into a grimace of pain.

"Oh god, stop!" Rachel begged, tears streaming down her face.

Her incredibly tight ass-hole hadn't even begun to loosen up

yet...not even a little...and having it forced down onto my cock,

over and over like that, must have been absolute torture.

"Aahhhhhhhaaaaaaaa!!!" Rachel bawled, "It hurts...oh god it


I turned her over onto her side, lifting her leg up high so

the camera still had a clear shot of my cock violating Rachel's

mouth-watering rump.

"Ohh yeah! I'm driving up the hershey highway, ain't I Rachel?

Yeah you fuckin' whore...This is what your ass was made for!

You hear me? Your ass-hole was made for fuckin'! Now say it!!!"

I lifted her head roughly, turning her face towards the camera

as I humped her.

"Go on whore...tell them!" I barked.

At first she refused, but when I began to sodomize her even more

violently she soon changed her mind.

"Alright!" She screamed, "I-I'll say it!"

I slowed my pace somewhat, savoring the feel of Rachel's warm

chute around my cock as she stared teary-eyed into the camera.

"I...I'm a whore..." Rachel whimpered. "...and...and the only

thing I'm good for is getting fucked up the ass..."

Rachel sounded so nasty!

"Play with yourself while I cornhole you." I commanded. "Put on

a show for everybody, bitch!"

Rachel slid one hand between her legs, rubbing half-heartedly

at her crotch while her other hand encircled a breast.

"Do it right!" I raged, slamming my dick up into her ass-cheeks.

"Show everybody see what a whore you are, or I swear I'll ream

your ass 'till it bleeds!"

Rachel gasped and looked into the camera. She could imagine

everyone watching this tape, and in her minds eye she could

see them laughing as they watched her being sodomized...each

of them thinking that she was getting what she deserved, for

she had teased them all...each of them realizing that they

could have her too, if they wanted, and there was nothing she

could do about it...She knew that if she did as she was told,

putting on a show for the camera, that it would only serve to

make them more make them want her even

was so humiliating...yet she had no choice.

Rachel slid both hands to her crotch, using one to spread her

blond-haired pussy seductively while sliding two fingers deep into

the gaping hole. She began to finger herself slowly, surprised

that it could actually feel good, even through the waves of pain

caused by the cock plowing her ass-hole. She tried to relax, to

go with it, and she felt the muscles in her ass begin to loosen.

"Oh yeah...That's it whore! Finger yourself while I pack your


I felt my balls tighten, and I knew it wouldn't be long now.

I started slamming it up into her as hard as I could.

"Oh your ass-hole feels so tight, Rachel...You're gonna make

me cum..."

I looked up at the camera and grinned.

"Whaddaya think guys? Should I bust my nut up her ass?"

I pretended to listen for a moment. "What? You think I should

make her swallow it?"

Rachel's eyes flew open at that.

"But that means she'd have to suck my cock, fresh from her slimey

fuckin' ass-hole!"

I heard Rachel groan pathetically as I pumped her butt-hole.

She knew that's exactly what I meant to do. A couple more strokes

and I was there.

"Come here, whore..." I commanded, whipping my dick from her

ass. I grabbed her by the hair and roughly pulled her around,

straddling her face. My cock was wet and glistening with juices

from her ass as I pushed it into her mouth.

"Blow me slut..." I said as I forced my cock all the way down

her throat. "Suck your shit off my dick!"

A moment later I felt the jism begin to boil out of my cock,

straight into Rachel's belly.

"Ahhhhhghhhhhh!!!" I grunted, first pressing her lips to my

pelvis, then taking her head in both hands and skull-fucking

her as I unloaded my balls in her mouth.

"Look at her!" I called, as the jit drooled from around her lips,

"Look at her swallow my load!!!"

I milked the last of it into her mouth, then pushed her to the

floor in front of me.

"Suck my cock hard again..." I told her as I sat on the couch.

"I'm not done fuckin' your butt."



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