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Archive-name: Control/pwdreams.txt

Archive-author: Pussy Barber

Archive-title: Dreams

                         Copyright (c) 1992 by P.Barber


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    (Laymans terms: Read and enjoy this story only if you are NOT a minor,

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     license is only extended to you for *personal* use, not  for professional

     use (let the lawyers argue over this one).  I'd much rather you spent

     your professional time fighting drug dealers and other violent felons.





     Jenny awoke to the all too insistent call of her alarm clock. Opening

one eye to glare at the numerals on the wicked device of torture she

reached up and smacked the ticking monster to silence it's plaintive bleat. 

Jenny sat up, stretching as she did every morning to shake off the sleep.

As she relaxed, her hands slid down her sides, caressing herself with a

soft, sensuous motion.  It felt nice and it made her smile.  She moved to

swing her legs over the edge of the bed, feeling her thighs part with a

wet, sticky feeling.  

     "I wonder who I was dreaming about last night?" she mused to herself.

"I hope it was Kenny, and he had similar ones about me!" she added with a


     Jenny pulled the large t-shirt over her head, revealing her naked

body.  She caught the shirt before she threw it on the bed, sniffing at the

shirt's tail.  It was her own scent, heavy, musky.  "Whew!" she thought,

"It must've been some dream!"  She stepped through the door into the

adjoining bathroom to take her shower.  As she waited for the water to heat

up, Jenny's hands kept roaming over her nude form.  Her fingers teased at

her nipples, her digits squeezing and fondling her still moist labia. The

sensations were wonderfully wicked and naughty and Jenny smiled from the

pleasure she gave to herself.  Only the chance glance at her watch told her

that it was getting late so she showered, fighting the temptation to

pleasure herself even more. 

     She towelled off and returned to her room, dressing quickly, still

towelling her long hair as she entered the kitchen.  Her mother was, as

usual, moving about quickly before she herself went off to work.  For some

reason though, Jenny felt strange, as if this somehow wasn't real.  Her own

little sister seemed real enough, but the scene didn't.  She couldn't quite

place what it was.   

     Jenny took her place at the table, half listening as her mother

prattled on about laundry, dishes and going to the cleaners after work.

Jenny nodded, this portion of the day being almost a ritual.  She spooned

some cereal into her mouth. It was her mother's leaving that made this feel

all wrong.  But why should it?  This was just the way things were, since

Jenny could remember.  She looked at Debbie, her "little" sister.  Debbie

had turned 18 last night and Jenny knew that Debbie would be partying quite

a lot more that she had done on her 18th birthday.  Jenny would be glad of

her birthday in just a little more than a month. She'd be 21 and thus

wouldn't need to worry when she was bar-hopping on the weekends with


     "Got any plans for your birthday, Deb?" She inquired.

     Debbie smiled and winked. "LOTS of plans!" she giggled.

     "Yeah? Like what?" Jenny asked.

     "Ohhh, just some fun and a party at Rick's house." Debbie replied.

     "I see." Jenny said softly. Then, as if she were listening to someone

else speaking with her voice, "You're going to be on your knees all night

sucking cocks and eating pussy." 

     Debbie stared at her sister for a moment.  Her nipples stood up

quickly and very firmly against her t-shirt, a fact not lost on Jenny.  

     "You think I don't know what kind of parties you like?" Jenny asked

her sister. "Did you think you were different? That you were the ONLY one

who likes to get naked and feel people fucking and sucking her?" 

     "" Debbie stammered.

     Jenny couldn't believe her ears.  Nor could she seem to stop her voice

from saying the words.  "Sure. I know you're a cum-sucking bisexual slut.

I've known since your first party." 

     "B-b-b-but HOW?" Debbie managed to stammer, her face beet red.

     "Because I control it." Jenny said evenly.  She wasn't sure where she

was heading with this conversation. She couldn't control it, nor stop it.  

     "Control it?" Debbie said in awe.

     "Yes." Jenny said softly. "Watch.  I'll think of something I want you

to do, and you'll do it."  She smiled and made a face like she was thinking

yet all that went through her mind was "What the fuck is going on here?" 

     Debbie suddenly got up and ripped her blouse open, scooping her full

breasts out of their cups, pulling the nipples cruelly. Debbie's hips

swayed to and fro with a lusty rhythm.   In seconds Debbie was nearly

naked, save for her bra still uselessly strapped around her torso.  

     "I want to suck your clit! I want your cum all over my face!  Let me

feel you biting my tits and jamming your fingers in me!" Debbie hissed

lewdly, curling her upper lip.  To prove her point she rocked her hips

forward, sliding three fingers into her cunt, withdrawing them slowly, with

a wet, slurping sound.  Jenny watched as her sister raised her fingers to

her lips, expecting her to suck them.  Instead, Debbie licked the tip of

her longest finger, then began smearing her own juices all over her face. 

     "Ohhhh, yeah!" Debbie hissed. "Coat me with your juicy cum Jenny!"

     Jenny had been sitting there, mesmerized by the scene.  She had no

more to do with it than the man in the moon.  Yet, somehow she'd spoken the

words, made her sister into a naked, dripping wet slut.  Debbie was now

kneeling on the floor, legs wide, two fingers fucking her cunt, a white

froth showing around her knuckles.  Debbie's other hand was pulling and

twisting her left nipple so wildly it looked painful.  

     "Wanna cum for you." She panted. "Wanna give you my cum."

     "Debbie!" their mother said sharply, "Sit down and eat, you know I

don't like it when you stand at the table!" 

     Jenny blinked and looked at Debbie again.  Her sister was fully

dressed, not a single hair-sprayed lock out of place.  She was holding a

bowl of cereal and eating quickly, a dribble of milk dripping off her chin.

Jenny frowned, perplexed at the sudden change.  Had she imagined all of it?

What was going on?  Debbie sat down and Jenny noticed her sister's nipples

were erect, pushing against her tight blouse. This was the only thing that

seemed consistent.   

     "I'm going to be late coming home tonight girls." Jenny's mother said.

I have that retirement dinner to go to, so you'll have to cook dinner for  

yourselves.  Debbie announced that she had a date with her boyfriend and

wouldn't need dinner.  Jenny sighed and said she'd manage for herself.  

     "Okay then." her mother said, "I'll see you when I get home."

     "If Kenny wants to go out tonight we'll probably be back late." Jenny

said, hoping Kenny would call her tonight.   

     "Well, you girls are old enough to fend for yourselves.  Just be quiet

if you come home late." 

     "We will Mom." Debbie promised for both of them.




     Jenny worked at a local shoe store, a job she didn't mind because she

met interesting people.  She enjoyed flirting with the men and sharing

gossip with some of the women.  Today she couldn't shake the feeling that

she was moving through a fog, as if she were watching herself acting in a

drama.  It was a weird feeling that kept her slightly on edge.   

     Just after ten a tall blonde woman came into the store and Jenny

waited on her.  She was looking for "something interesting".  Jenny's eyes

had already noted the woman's expensive wardrobe and her sensible shoes.

"Business type" she thought to herself.  She showed the woman some sensible

pumps which she dismissed quickly.   

     "No, I said 'interesting' shoes." She flashed a quick conspiratorial

smile. "If you know what I mean."  

     Smiling, Jenny led her around to the next aisle, showing her flashier,

higher-heeled shoes. "More like these?"  

     "Yes, this is better." the woman said. "Oh, these are nice."  she

added as she picked up a shoe with a 4 inch heel.  

     Jenny raised an eyebrow.  These were the tallest heels they carried

and with the woman's height she'd stand nearly six foot two.  "What color

would you like to see?" 

     "Oh, patent black, of course." the woman smiled.

     Jenny had to go into the back and find the shoes in the woman's size

and when she returned the woman was waiting calmly for her, sitting in a

chair.  Jenny realized that this blonde expected to her to fit her to the

shoes, not doing much of anything for herself.  The woman commented on

Jenny's long dark hair as she placed her foot on the rest, waiting for

Jenny to put the shoe on her.  Jenny found the right shoe and lifted the

woman's foot to slide it on her.  As the shoe slipped over the woman's heel

Jenny's eyes slid up the blonde's legs noting their firmness beneath her


     "Oh, this is nice." The blonde said, slowly flexing her foot.  Jenny

slipped on the other shoe for her and let the woman walk in them.  She

stopped and looked in the mirror, turning back and forth.  She came back,

sitting opposite of Jenny. "Can I see these in red, just for a contrast?" 

     Jenny gave her a tolerant smile and nodded, removing the shiny black

shoes from the woman's feet.  She returned moments later with red ones.

This time, as she fitted the shoe, she couldn't help but look up at the

woman's legs again.  Jenny almost gasped when she saw that the woman's

skirt had ridden up from sitting in the chair and she could see clearly the

garterbelt straps holding up her stockings and the woman's blonde pussy.  

     The blonde stood, seemingly unaware of her exhibition.  She repeated

her inspection of the shoes in the mirror and returned.  "What do you

think?" she asked Jenny. "Do the black ones or red ones look better?" 

     "It depends." Jenny heard her voice saying, "The black ones are really

nice 'fuck me' shoes, but the red ones scream 'fuck me NOW'.  I like the

red ones myself."  Jenny felt faint, dizzy, waiting for the woman's


     "Well, yes, I guess you're right." The blonde said. "The black does

contrast with my hair better.  But I do so like the red ones."   Jenny was

confused, wondering if she was going crazy.  The blonde offered a foot for

Jenny to remove the shoe and as she did, she heard the blonde's voice

again. "My, you have such delicate hands."  Jenny watched as the blonde

took her hand, stroking it lightly and brought it up to her pussy. "And I

know that you could do me really nice with those hands."   

     Jenny watched, mesmerized as the blonde took her hand and began

rubbing her pussy with it.  She felt the wetness of the woman's excitement,

inhaled her fragrant aroma.  The woman slid forward, spreading her legs and

forcing Jenny's fingers, all four of them, into her sopping cunt.  "Yes!

That's what I want! Ohh, lovely!"  Jenny's hand formed a slight fist and

slipped completely into the woman's cunt, her hand surrounded by a warm

wetness.  "Ohh perfect! You're so wonderful!" the woman cried out. The

blonde slowly slipped Jenny's sopping hand from her equally drenched cunt

and smiled.  "I'll take both pair then!" 

     Jenny blinked.  The woman was sitting in the chair, immaculate and

looking pleased.  "You're very imaginative." she said, "I wouldn't have

thought of wearing the red ones to our company Christmas party next month.

Thank you." 

     Jenny looked toward the front of the store where her boss, Mr. Bechman

stood, smiling.  After she rang up the sale he congratulated her on being a

quick thinker and selling the woman two pair of shoes.  Jenny blushed and

returned to checking the stock.   

     "Am I going crazy?" She wondered. Then, as if to check her own sanity

she sniffed her hand.  Jenny's heart jumped when she realized she could

still smell the woman's juices on her hand and wrist.  She washed her hands

in the restroom and repeated her sniff-test.  No fragrance save that of the

soap.  It was worse now, for Jenny was certain that she had fist-fucked the

woman, yet there was no acknowledgement from anyone that it had happened.  

     Just before two, Mr. Bechman came into the back and reminded Jenny

that she had a 2:30 class at the college.  She smiled and thanked him,

clocking out and hurrying to her car.  The drive to the college seemed

normal enough (too many red lights) and Jenny seemed to relax a little as

she grabbed her books and headed to class.  Even her accounting class

seemed normal, save for Chris, the redheaded girl in her class.  Chris sat

just ahead of Jenny and over one row.  She seemed to be having trouble

sitting still in class which annoyed Jenny.   

     After class Chris asked Jenny if she were going to the student union

for coffee and Jenny agreed, thinking that she needed to relax and be with

some friends.  As they sat down with their cups Chris seemed to be

practically beaming.  "You'll never guess what I did last night." Chris


     "You got some?" Jenny said rather sharply.

     Chris laughed. "Yes, but that's not it.  Look!"  Jenny looked as Chris

lifted her skirt to show off her completely shaved pussy.  It was bare,

smooth and perfectly framed between taut, trim thighs.   

     "Jeezus Chris!" Jenny said breathlessly, looking around to see if

anyone had noticed.  

     "Neat huh? And it feels sexy!" she said. "Touch it."

     "Touch it...?" Jenny's voice trailed off as her hand slipped under

Chris's skirt.  Her friend moaned softly.   

     "I said..touch it..oh..gawd Jenn!" Chris's chest heaved and she

shuddered slightly.  Jenny glanced around seeing that no one appeared to

have noticed.  As she turned to look at Chris again her fingers met her

lips and she tasted her friend's cream.  

     "You want to come to a party tonight?" Chris asked suddenly. "It's

going to be a great one."  

     "Party? I don't know." Jenny was thinking about Kenny.

     "Oh, you *have* to come, Jenn." Chris said urgently. "You'll love it.

We're throwing a wild birthday bash. It's a private house with a pool and a

jacuzzi so it'll be great." 

     "Sounds good." Jenny said, feeling aroused by Chris. "Suits me."

     "Oh!" Chris laughed. "You don't have to bring a suit, skinny-dipping

and jacuzzis are more fun that way!"  

     Jenny laughed too, finding herself liking Chris even more.  She wrote

down the directions and thought about what she was getting into.   

     "Is this why you shaved yourself?" Jenny said softly.

     Chris gave her a shocked look. " did you know that?"

     Jenny started, blinking.  Chris was blushing not quite red. Even the

light dusting of freckles on her face seemed to be blushing.   

     "How did you know," Chris said softly, leaning over to Jenny, "that I

shaved myself?" 

     Jenny thought frantically. "Didn't you just...I mean...didn't we.."

     "What?" Chris urged.

     "Didn't you just lift your skirt and show me?"

     Chris sat back, staring at Jenny. "Did I say anything?"

     "You said 'Neat huh? And it feels sexy!' didn't you?"

     Chris let her jaw drop.

     "Didn't you?!" Jenny almost cried.

     Chris slowly shook her head, staring.  "I was *thinking* that."

     "You were...." Jenny's voice trailed off as the implications hit her.

If Chris had only thought of that... 

     "Think of something else like that." Jenny said quickly.

     Jenny watched Chris's eyes dart back and forth as she looked into

Jenny's eyes.  Chris smiled then and Jenny heard Chris's voice.  

     "I'd love to feel you rubbing your nipple against my bare pussy and

feel your lips sucking my nipples."  Jenny blushed.  

     "What?" Chris asked.

     "What?" Jenny repeated.

     "What are you blushing for?" Chris smiled.

     Jenny repeated what she'd heard Chris say. The redhead's blue eyes

flashed and she smiled. "Would you like to do that?"  

     "Is that what you were thinking?" Jenny asked.

     "You tell me." Chris grinned.  Jenny was anxious and a little peeved.

"I'll bet you'd love to suck my tits and rub yours against my pussy. I'd

love to feel your naked body against me and make you cum too."  

     Jenny repeated Chris's thoughts to her.

     "Fuck!" Chris said. "You *can* read minds!"

     Jenny sat upright, startled. "You're not putting me on?"

     "Have you ever made it with a woman before?" Chris asked her. Jenny

shook her head, watching Chris intently.  "Is it something you'd like to


     Jenny thought for a moment, remembering how aroused she'd been by her

fantasies.  Then she realized that all of them were centered around women.  

She nodded.  

     "Let's go then." Chris said, sliding out of her chair.

     "Where?" Jenny asked.

     "My place, of course." Chris said. "We'll see how well you can read my






     It was seven o'clock when Jenny woke up.  She snuggled back against

Chris, feeling the redhead's firm breasts pressing against her back and

their legs intertwined.  She felt a warm, happy glow throughout her whole

body.  She stirred slightly, enjoying the warmth of Chris's flesh. 

     "Awake?" Chris asked softly.  

     "Uh-huh." was all Jenny could manage. She felt Chris squeeze her

close, nuzzling into the nape of her neck.  Chris kissed her neck softly. 

     "I've *never* had such intense sex with anyone. Never!" Chris said.

     "Or me." Jenny smiled, saying the words softly.

     The two women had kissed while undressing each other, their hands

exploring places.  Jenny had understood, almost as if being instructed,

where to touch the redhead, when, how hard or softly. Chris had succumbed

to dozens of orgasms during their 2 hour lovemaking.  Jenny herself had cum

three times just by making Chris climax.  They had sixty-nined each other

into a frenzy, neither of them willing to cum until the other had. Chris

hit hers first, dragging Jenny over the edge too.  They had tried to drown

each other with their juices.   

     "At one point" Chris said, "I could hear you begging me to cum on your

face. You seemed to be screaming 'soak me with your cum'!  I thought the

neighbors were going to hear until I realized your tongue was inside me." 

     Jenny remembered. "That means I can project as well as listen."

     Chris hugged her. "Oh, it sure does!"

     "Hey!" Jenny said suddenly. "Isn't that party tonight?"

     Chris laughed. "WHAT party?"


     The two women showered and dressed quickly, talking of more

experiments and ideas to try out.  The party was a causal one so they

headed over directly from Chris's apartment.  Jenny was feeling confident

now, for she knew that she had a gift, a power, and that she would someday

be able to control it.  For now, she wanted to see what she could do with

it.  It seemed that she could read the sexual thoughts of others and she

wondered if she would ever be able to read other thoughts as well, like

those of love.  


     The house was a nice one, sitting back away from the road slightly,

and situated among a grove of trees.  It looked almost like a southern

mansion, an air of old money surrounded the place.  It wasn't pristine or

perfect, but it had a feeling of success.  They knocked and a man answered

the door, the sound of rock and roll coming from behind him.  

     "Welcome ladies." The man smiled. "Come on in."  They entered and he

directed them towards the back of the house.  People milled about in

several of the rooms.  Jenny noticed the light-duty chain across the stairs

to keep people from wandering upstairs.  They found drinks at the bar and

wandered out back by the pool where most of the people seemed to have

gathered.  Rock music came from half a dozen speakers inside the house.

Through one window, Jenny could see that a room was being used as a dance

floor with about a dozen people inside.   The pool was in use, with only

about five people in it, three men and two women, who seemed to be having a

good time.  The jacuzzi was crowded, yet most people were up to their

necks.  "Correction." Jenny mused. "The women are up to their necks in the


     It all seemed like a scene out of a movie where some wealthy person is

entertaining a large party.  Lots of talking people, wine and champagne

glasses, some playful people in the pool.  Jenny continued to follow Chris

around to the far side of the pool to where a portable bar sat.   

     "Jack, hi!" Chris addressed a nice looking man.  He turned and smiled,

opening his arms.  Chris practically jumped into them and they hugged

warmly, like old friends. "Or lovers?" Jenny thought.  

     ("Yes, lovers.") Chris's thought came back to her.

     ("He's nice looking.") Jenny thought.

     ("And great in bed.") Chris sent back.

     "Jack, this is my friend Jenny." Chris said, introducing them.

     "Nice to meet you Jenny. Or is it Jenn?" He said in a resonant voice.

     "Call me Jenn." Jenny smiled.

     "Welcome to our party." Jack smiled.

     "Thanks. It looks like it's fun here." Jenny replied, flirting a


     Jack glanced at his watch. "It should be in another half hour."

     "Did I miss something?" Jenny asked, then felt a surge of sexual

energy against her that was so strong that her nipples responded. 

     "You haven't told her?" Jack asked, raising an eyebrow at Chris.

     "Nope, but she'll figure it out before it happens." Chris laughed.

"Jenny is really....intuitive."  She winked at her new lover.  

     Someone came up and asked Jack to join their conversation and he

waved, telling the two women to enjoy.  Jenny searched Chris's face trying

to understand.     

     ("This party will turn on when the dancer gets here.") Chris's

thoughts came through.  Jenny received a mental image of a naked woman

dancing as well as vague images of people naked around a room.   

     ("Orgy?") she tried to send to Chris, but Chris was waving to a friend

across the pool.  

     "Kathy!" Chris shouted and began moving around the pool.  Jenny

followed, sipping her wine and thinking "Dammit Chris, I wanna *know*!" 

     Chris's friend, Kathy, turned out to be the same tall blonde woman

Jenny had fit for shoes earlier that day.  She recognized Jenny as well.

"Hello again." She smiled, "Imagine running into you here."  

     Jenny laughed. "Yes, it's quite a surprise for me too.  And I see

you're wearing the black heels." 

     Kathy grinned. "Yes, they're wonderful."  Then ("Gawd I hope you like

women, you're delicious looking.") 

     ("I'll bet you'd like me to fill your pussy with my hand.") Jenny sent

back experimentally.  The blonde's head jerked slightly and she looked at

Jenny strangely for a moment.   

     "Chris," Kathy smiled, "I hope you don't have to work in the morning."

     The redhead smiled, "No, but I do have a ten o'clock class I could


     ("She wants to take you home and tie you up in her bed.") Jenny sent

to Chris.  

     Both the women looked at Jenny who was sipping her wine.  She gave

them a surprised look. "What? I was thinking of something, did you say

something to me?" 

     Chris smiled, knowingly.  Kathy said, "I thought I heard you say...

oh, never mind." 

     "Say what?" Jenny asked.

     "It's not important. I must have overheard someone else." Kathy said,

glancing around.  

     "This could be really fun." Jenny thought. "I could really psyche out

a few people, like Kenny."  The thought of the man she wanted made her

wonder if she should go call him but her thoughts were interrupted by a

small commotion from inside the house.  Applause and laughter turned

everyone's heads.  

     Jack came out of the house with another, older man, and they announced

that the party was about to really get started.  People were gathering

around three sides of the pool, waiting and watching.  Jack stood on the

diving board, waiting for everyone to gather.  

     "Welcome friends and guests, to our celebration." Jack began. "As most

of you know, we enjoy sharing the celebrations of our friends in a special

style.  Those of you who are guests here have already been given some

inkling of that style, thanks to Geoffrey's beautiful home as well as his

philanthropic nature.  Before we begin, I'd like all of our guests to come

forward, to this side of the pool with their friends who have invited

them."  Jack gestured towards his left, indicating the side of the pool

near his diving-board platform.  People began milling about, moving towards

the front.  

     "Come on, Jenn." Chris said, taking Jenny by the hand and leading her

up to the front.  Jenny felt a little self conscious holding hands with


     "Fine, that's it, make a little more room, we have quite a few guests

tonight." Jack was saying.  "Alright now, what you are about to witness is

the bringing to life of a new member's deepest fantasy, something that they

have revealed to be their wildest dream.  This we will all share in, from a

voyeuristic standpoint, until our new member leaves this end of the pool.

Once that happens, the conduct of the party is up to everyone here." 

     Jenny felt aroused, knowing that Jack's mention of fantasy meant

sexual fantasy. She could feel the carnal energy surrounding her, making

her feel flushed and warm.  

     "For our guests, I want to remind you that this can be quite

stimulating and erotic.  If you feel the need to touch yourself, your

partner, or someone else, don't be inhibited by the rest of us.  The

purpose of this party is to share enjoyment, celebration, and pleasure with

our friends.  The whole first floor of the house is open for those who

would like to move inside after our little show finishes.  Geoffrey?" 

     The older man came forward, smiling.  He looked to be a trim, fit

fiftyish gentleman.  

     "Friends, I have the pleasure of bringing to you tonight a young lady

who has joined our circle and her fantasy borders on nymphomania. You will

see her energy, beauty, and creativity, not to mention her raw sexuality.  

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you CRYSTAL!!!" 

     A loud applause began as Geoffrey waved his hand towards the house. A

petite blonde woman emerged, nude except for a small ballroom mask covering

her face.  Jenny gasped at the sudden sight of her walking across towards

the front of the pool.  The girl's hair was blonde, but her eyebrows were

dark, telling Jenny she was a bleach-blonde. She couldn't be sure, for the

girl's pussy was bare as that of Chris's.  Her petite frame, small, firm

breasts and hairless pussy made her look young and innocent, save for the

mask.  That mask fascinated Jenny, for it hid just enough to make this

woman mysterious.  Raw, sharp-edged sexual energy washed over Jenny from

this woman and she knew immediately that this woman was about to become a

bisexual slut and revelling in that fact.    

     Someone had spread a blanket over the diving board to cover the rough

surface and placed a box beside the board.  The blonde seemed to ignore the

crowd and paused at the box.  She looked down inside, running her hands

sensuously over her naked form.  She sat on the diving board and picked

something out of the box.   Crystal showed off the dildo, running her hands

over it just as sensual rock and roll music began to play.  Jenny  

recognized it as Led Zeppelin.  The woman reclined, sliding the dildo into

her pussy.  She began to masturbate in front of easily a hundred people

gathered around.  As the music rolled on, she begin thrusting to the beat

and timing of Robert Plant's hypnotic voice.  Jenny felt her own pussy

wetting her underwear, her own nipples straining.   

     The girl orgasmed, then leaned over, reaching into the box again.

This time she pulled out something small. Jenny watched as this lithe

blonde pulled on her nipples then fastened small clamps to her nipples, a

silver chain draped between her small breasts.   She again reached into the

box and removed a vibrator.  A murmur went through the crowd. The vibrator

was long and thick.  Jenny could feel the arousal of the crowd around her,

adding to her awareness of her own stimulation.  The crowd was silent as

Crystal slid the thick vibrator into her pussy slowly, stretching herself,

her body quivering as she did.  Jenny tried to "listen" to the girl but

found her mind flooded with a din of sexual thoughts.  She blocked them to

watch the blonde.   

     The vibrator was deep inside the blonde.  She arched up to meet it,

moaning loudly.  In and out, in and out she plunged the thick vibrating

shaft into her pussy.  As the music trailed off it left only the sound of

her slick, sucking cunt and the sight of a glistening vibrator mixed with

her ragged breathing.  More music began to play, this time the Rolling

Stones "Satisfaction".  Crystal picked up her previously discarded dildo

and began to push it into her ass.  Jenny's body stiffened as she watched.

Chris's hand slid down her back, making her want to strip naked and have

the redhead suck her while she watched.  But Jenny couldn't move, she was

somehow mesmerized by the blonde.  

     Crystal was now thrusting both shafts in her ass and cunt, rocking her

hips wildly, on the verge of orgasm again.  Mick Jagger's voice seemed full

of lust as he crooned out "I can't get no -- Sat-Is-FACT-shun".  The woman

seemed to orgasm each time he said it.  Her hands suddenly left the twin

probes in her and reached to her nipples.  She screamed "I'm CUMMING" as

she pulled and twisted her nipples using the nipple clamps.  Her jerking

body showed that she was climaxing, hard and strong.  Jenny's became aware

of how wet she was as Chris's hand slid down her ass, the coolness of her

excitement pressing against her hot flesh.   

     Jenny tore her eyes away, looking across the pool. Several people were

half dressed, more than a few women hand their hands on cocks poking out

from men's pants, several more were enjoying hands on their breasts. There

were even a couple of women sucking on other women's breasts.  Jenny could

feel the sweat forming all over her body, even though it wasn't

exceptionally hot that day.  Her eyes moved back to the blonde.  

     Another song began to play, Cindy Lauper's "Girls just want to have

fun".  The blonde slipped out the dildos and stood up, a bit shakily it

seemed to Jenny. She moved to a folded blanket on the deck surrounding the

pool and kneeled, one hand playing with her pussy, the other roaming her

body.  Three men came out of the house, all of them naked, save for the

same ballroom mask the girl wore.  They stood around her and she took turns

sucking each of their cocks while masturbating herself.  Jenny could hear

several zippers close to her and lots of ragged breathing.  She stood,

almost paralyzed by the tableau unfolding around her.  

     A tall blonde woman walked out, wearing only high heels and stockings

with her garterbelt.  It was Kathy, the blonde from the shoe store.  She

joined the lithe blonde.  Kathy's fuller breasts and more rounded contours

made Crystal look even younger and more lithe.  Kathy lay down, her head

next to the smaller blonde's hips.  The small blonde lifted one leg,

flashing her bare pink cunt seemingly right at Jenny.  She watched as the

girl's pussy descended to Kathy's tongue.  Crystal began moaning and

sucking cocks frantically almost at once.   

     Jenny could feel her heart pounding, her breathing lusty and deep.

Almost at the same time Chris stepped behind her, cupping her smallish

breasts and pulling her close to nibble her ear.  

     "Gawd, she's hot. Would you like her to suck your pussy like that."

     "Ohhhh yessss." Jenny sighed.

     "Or would you like to take her place?"


     "I'm gonna cum!" one of the men cried.  The crowd gasped and sighed as

they watched his sperm gush onto the small blonde's chest.  He spurted a

great deal, making her chest glisten as the light was fading.  Jenny was

aware of lights around the pool, several of which were focused on the group

of "performers".  One of the other men grabbed the blonde's hair while she

was sucking him, pulling his cock out to shoot on her face.  His cum

glistened even in the air, landing mostly on Crystal's cheeks and chin. One

strand was clinging to her black mask.   

     Chris's hands slid under Jenny's top, freeing her breasts from their

cups.  Her fingers teased Jenny's nipples. "I want to sixty-nine you right

here when they're through." she whispered into Jenny's ear.   Jenny felt

her crotch was thoroughly soaked as her muscles contracted, squeezing out

even more.  

     The third man was jerking off and watching.  Now he pushed the lithe

blond back, crouching over her spread crotch.  Jenny could see Kathy's

tongue flashing over Crystal's bare pussy, the glistening wetness.  The man

came, flooding the girl's bare mons with his sperm.  Kathy hungrily began

lapping at the sticky cum, sending Crystal into wild thrashing orgasms.  

     Three more men came out of the house and stood around the blonde. This

time she hissed at them. "Cum on me! I want to drink GALLONS of cum!  I

want to SWIM in your cum!"  

     One of the men pulled her off of Kathy.  A man layed down and Crystal

mounted his thick cock quickly.  "Oh yes! Fill me with cock! Cum all over

me and fill me with cock and cum!" Another man positioned Kathy so Crystal

could lick her pussy while he began slowly fucking Kathy's mouth.  The

third man moved behind the lithe blonde, holding his long cock. 

     As he pushed his cock into her ass the crowed seemed to moan in

unison. Even Jenny seemed to feel it. The small blonde's head came up, her

face showing the pain/pleasure of his entry.  As soon as he started to pump

her ass, she became animalistic. 

     Crystal was screaming and grunting from the twin cocks sliding in and

out of her body.  Her cries muffled slightly by Kathy's pussy.  Kathy

herself was hungrily sucking the third man's cock.  Two more masked men

came out of the house watching, stroking themselves.  Crystal looked up at

them. "More COCK! More CUM! More PUSSSSEEEE!"  she screamed. 

     The man Kathy was sucking pulled out, spurting thick white semen all

over Kathy's tits and stomach.  One of the watching men moved closer,

dropping to one knee.  His cock spurted more sperm, some of it hitting

Crystal's face most of it landing on Kathy's bare pussy.  Crystal looked up

at the other standing man. "Jizz me!  Cum!  Soak us both with your cum!" 

she hissed lewdly. "You wanna do it?  Y'wanna see me lick cum from her

cunt? I love sucking spermy cunts!!" 

     Crystal extended her tongue, lapping from Kathy's hole up over her

clit, then running her tongue through the thick sperm on her mons. She

lifted her face, tongue still extended and dripping cum.  She withdrew her

tongue into her mouth. 

     "Ummmmm!" she smiled lewdly. "Now shoot yer CUM all over my FACE!"

     The man thrust his cock close and began spurting. Streams of jism

splashed Crystal's face and dripped onto Kathy's crotch and stomach.  The

lithe blonde moaned, her tongue dripping hot semen.  "Ohhhhh yesssss!"  

she cried.  

     The man pumping her ass had been working slowly and now he began to

pump harder.  Crystal tried to lick cum from Kathy's pussy but the man's

thrusting bobbed her head too much.  Instead, she put her face on Kathy's

sperm drenched mons and let her face slide back and forth in the slippery


     "Fuck! What a slut!" Jenny heard her voice say.

     "I wish it were us out there." Chris said. "Your face on my pussy."

     Jenny climaxed, leaning back into Chris, her chest heaving.

     "Yes, you'd like that, wouldn't you?"

     "Uh-huh" Jenny admitted.

     "Oh Gawd! Oh GAWD YES!" Crystal was screaming as the twin cocks pumped

her. "Cum inside me! Fill me with cum! FUCK ME FUCKME FUCKMEFUCKMEFUCKME!" 

The crowd was now openly lusty, several couples and threesomes actually

fucking amongst still dressed party goers.   

     Both men pumping Crystal began thrusting hard. The man came inside her

asshole, seemingly squirting for a long time as Crystal moaned deliriously. 

He started to pull out as the other man shot his load of hot, sticky jism

deep inside her spasming cunt.  

     Crystal shuddered and shook for several moments. Jenny could feel

mini-orgasms course through her in time with Crystal's movements.  Chris's

hands had unfastened her jeans and were toying with her bush.  Sounds of

people lustily enjoying themselves became more evident.  


     Crystal stood, somewhat shakily, letting two of the men help her. Her

body glistened in the lights, sweat and cum mixing to coat her with a wet

sheen.  She stretched her legs and turned towards the gathered guests where

Jenny stood.   

     "(Would you like her to come suck your pussy? Or watch her do mine?)"

Chris's voice came through clearly even though her mouth was nibbling

Jenny's neck.  

     "Ooohhhh." Jenny sighed. "(I'd love to see that little slut on her

knees sucking your bare pussy and see you cumming on her.") 

     Jenny opened her eyes when she heard voices saying "She's drenched."

and "Covered in cum!"  Crystal was walking towards the gathered guests, her

lithe, glistening form a sensual treat to watch. She wandered into the

crowd, her head moving as if she were searching.  She stopped and looked at

Jenny, reached out and touched her arm, moving her aside.  Jenny stepped

aside and turned to watch.   

     Crystal reached up and Chris let her skirt drop.  The lithe blonde

gushed "oh beautiful!" then yanked Chris to her by the hips and buried her

spermy face in the redhead pussy. Wet slurping and sucking noises came from

between Chris's legs as she moaned, cupping her tits.  Jenny started to

peel her jeans off when hands began helping her.  She looked behind her to

see Kathy kneeling to remove her pants.  "I have to taste your pussy." she

said.  Jenny stripped quickly, laying down to let the blonde suck her.  Her

own body began bucking as she tried to send thoughts of where and how to

lick. But she was too aroused to concentrate and simply began to squirm as

the blonde teased her.  Jenny craned her head to look at Chris and saw only

Crystal's firm, young ass with her puffy, glistening labia.  She touched

the girl's calf and she responded by moving backwards to sit on Jenny's

face.  Her bare pussy radiated heat like a furnace, the fragrance hot,

humid and wantonly sexual.  Jenny shoved her tongue inside the Crystal and

felt the woman's muscles spasming. She tasted sperm too, her own pussy

starting to spasm as her orgasms began washing over her. The four women

were soon joined by men wanting to participate. They each made room for one

here or there.  As the lights dimmed down, Jenny could hear the moans and

sounds of people all around her enjoying carnal delights.  





     Sometime later Jenny awoke to find herself in a bed, cuddling behind

Chris, her long red hair fragrant with the smell of sex.  A hand cupped her

breast and Jenny reached back to feel a bare pussy behind her.  She smiled,

remembering that they were offered a bedroom by Geoffrey.  It had been dark

and they had nearly tripped over a pair of women sixty-nining and using

dildos on each other in the hallway.   

     Jenny realized that she her body seemed covered with dry, sticky cum.

She knew a lot of it was from Chris and Crystal.  And a lot was from the

three men Crystal had dirty-talked into spraying her face and tits so she

and Chris could lick it off of her.  She'd never felt so lusty and wanton

in her life.  Nor as happy.  

     ("You awake?") she asked Chris mentally.

     ("Umm, yes.") she heard back.

     ("I feel like such a slut this morning.") she said.

     ("You were certainly a hot slut last night. I hope you don't stop.")

she heard. 

     Jenny squeezed Chris's thigh. ("Horny little bitch, aren't you?")

     ("Aren't all redheads?") Chris laughed back.

     ("Only the shaved ones!") Jenny chided.

     ("What about Crystal? Should we keep her?")

     Jenny thought for a moment.  There was something about Crystal that

made her very sexy in a way hard to describe. It was almost as if it were

somehow very wanton to have sex with *her*. ("Sure, if she wants to.") 

     ("Why don't you read her mind?")

     ("She's still asleep.")

     ("Is she having torrid dreams?") Chris chuckled.

     ("Can't tell.")

     ("You said you read her mind last night and she really was getting off

on being a naked cum-drinking bi slut.  That's when you started calling her

that and she came for a *long* time.") Chris smiled. 

     ("I remember some of that. Weren't you spanking me and calling me a

naked cunt-sucking whore?!") 

     ("I was thinking it, but I was spanking you too!) Chris was amused.

     Jenny pinched one of Chris's nipples hard. ("Fucking slut.")

     ("Sexy bi clit licker")

     ("Bitch. CUNT!")

     ("Fuck me bitch, I dare you.")

     ("strap on or fingers?")

     ("Either. BOTH!) Chris was laughing.

     Jenny's hand slipped between Chris's ass cheeks and she found her

friend's pussy, teasing her before sliding a finger inside her.  

     ("Do you remember eating me after those three guys came on your

face?") Chris asked lustily 

     ("Ohhh,  yes, how did it feel?")

     ("Hot! And slippery.") Chris smiled sexily.

     ("Did I bite your clit just right? You wanted that.") Jenny smiled.

     ("Ohhh fuck yes! That was *perfect*!")

     ("And Crystal was licking me so nice then too. I came when you did!")

     ("She's a hot little bitch, isn't she?")

     ("Uh-Huh! You said it!") Jenny smiled, sliding two more fingers into

her redheaded friend. Chris moaned softly. ("Shh! You'll wake her.") 

     ("So?") Chris shot back.  Jenny chuckled softly out loud.

     ("I'm enjoying teasing you and...") "Ohhh GAWD!" Jenny cried out.

     Chris moved and looked over to see Crystal's sparkling grey eyes

flashing above her smile.  Gone was the mask and Crystal was gorgeous. She

also had four fingers deep inside Jenny's cunt and was moving them back and


     "I'm gonna cum! Oh Jeeeeezzz!"  Chris kissed Jenny as she started to

cum, her hips bucking against Crystal's fingers.  Crystal's mouth locked

around a nipple and sucked.  Jenny arched up and shuddered over and over,

gasping for breath and finally relaxing when Crystal stopped moving her

hand without removing it from her pussy.  

     ("The little slut surprised you, huh?") Jenny heard Chris say.

     ("Oh Gawd yes.  I'd love to have both of you all the time like last


     ("You can.")

     ("Huh?") Chris asked sharply.


     ("No, 'Crystal'")

     ("What? You can hear us both?") Chris asked.


     ("You've been listening?") Jenny asked.

     ("Yes. Look at me Jenn. See who I am.")

     Jenny opened her eyes and blinked, then blinked again. "Debbie?!!" she

exclaimed loudly.   

     "Who's Debbie? Who is she?" Chris asked.

     "She's my..." Jenny started.

     "I'm her cum-sucking bi slut sister." Debbie laughed, moving her

fingers inside Jenny's pussy. "She ought to know that." 

     "I-I-I...but I..." Jenny stammered.

     "Didn't you just tell me yesterday, at breakfast?  Didn't I hear you

tell me 'Sure. I know you're a cum-sucking bisexual slut. I've known since

your first party.'?" 

     "I-um-..." Jenny kept sputtering.

     "Didn't you fantasize about me stripping in the kitchen while mom was

getting ready for work and telling you that I wanted you to cum on my face?

Don't you remember me smearing my juices all over my face for you?" 

     Jenny sat up, Debbie's fingers sliding out of her in the process.

"But..But that wasn't *real*!" 

     Debbie smiled.  Chris studied them both.

     "It was. I *was* almost naked and I *was* on my knees smearing my cum

on my face." 

     "But..but Mom! She would've..."

     "Never seen it." Debbie smiled.

     "I don't can read minds too?" Jenny asked.

     Debbie nodded.

     " mean, Mom was right there and..."

     "Jenn." Debbie said softly, putting her hand on Jenny's breast. "She

wouldn't have *seen* anything. Only you."  

     "YOU put that image there?" Jenny asked.

     "No, I put a different one in *Mom's* head!" she laughed.

     " did you..."

     "Jenn, dear." Debbie laughed. "Who do you think *GAVE* you the power?"

     Jenny looked surprised.

     "Close your mouth dear, there's a draft." Chris smiled.

     Jenny looked at Chris then at Debbie.

     "Jenn, all I did was steer you here so you'd be happy. After all, I

knew all about your dreams for years!" Debbie winked at Chris, as if to say

she'd share some of those secrets later. "Hell, dear, why do you think you

were so wet yesterday morning?  I didn't spend all night awake eating your

pussy for nothing!" 

     Jenny was suddenly dizzy. "My dreams? All of them?"

     "Yes." Debbie said.  "And in most of your dreams you wanted to do what

I did last night.  And I've wanted to be there with you, drinking cum,

sucking pussies, cumming over and over. I want to be a slut just like my


     Chris laughed. "Well, all I can say is that makes all all equal!"

     Jenny looked at them both, then pulled their heads to her breasts.

"Well, what are you two sluts waiting for?" 

     In unison, Jenny heard in her head, ("How about BREAKFAST? We're


                           -------- END -------- 



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