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Archive-name: Control/powerco1.txt

Archive-author: Peri Brown

Archive-title: Power Company - 1

This is my very own bad mind control story.  Since I see so many other

bad mind control stories I thought I might as well write one myself.

Here it is.  It is copyright by me and you can't do anything to it

except read it.

This is part one of two parts and unless an Act of Congress forbids it,

I will post the other part when I feel like it.

I don't believe in disclaimers because we're all supposed to be bright

enough to figure out that if we don't like something,  WE DON'T HAVE TO


'Nuff said.


I have a secret which I don't share with most people, but I will with

you.  Take this as you will. I don't care what you think of me.  I like

myself and the what I do and I don't give a fig if you do or don't.  Be


I have always had an irresistible power over men.  They are all pathetic

weaklings who dream of control and power but can only achieve it in ways

that don't matter one whit.  I have the REAL control and power:  I have

power over their very beings.  I can charm their penises like snakes in

a basket, or I can crush them under my heel, all according to my whim.

It is nothing for me to break a man down to the point of total

degradation and humiliation and leave him in his disgrace;  but as I can

be cruel, I can also be amusing in my own way.  Of course, nobody has

control over me.  I do only as I choose and so far, nobody has

complained.  To augment my natural control I have developed certain

methods, which are known only to me, that guarantee that any man - all

men should I so choose! - have no choice but to bow to my whims.

Men will do anything I ask of them.  Anything at all, be it with me or

with one of my more favored playmates.  It is not their decision to obey

me.  From the moment I step into their lives they do not even have the

power to ask my permission to do anything.  I simply command, and they


My first experiment with my wonderful powers over the weaker sex was

Larry.  He was a pathetic creature, vain, self-absorbed, pathetically

striving for a goal he could not reach, swaggering and devil-may-care

around women.  He could treat any other woman with contempt, that is

their affair after all, but he dared try it on me.  At first I was

affronted, but then I was amused, and when I become amused the results

are not always funny to those involved.

I invited Larry to my bedroom upon the chosen night.  He did not see the

daggers in my eyes as he said "yeah-ESS!" and did a thumbs-up to his

cohorts at the bar.  I smiled smugly inside as I thought of the lessons

Larry had to learn, and learn them he would.

Larry would seem adequate to any other woman, being tall and muscular

and a golden tan, with a ten inch penis which was as thick as my wrist.

He disrobed proudly for me, thinking that I would be duly impressed with

only the sight of his steroid-imbued body.  When I took all of him in my

sight, I laughed.

"You're pretty pathetic if you think just looking at a dick can get me

hot.  You couldn't get that thing hard if your life depended on it.

Let's pretend that it does, shall we?"  I laughed again, a bubbling of

mirth straight out of my gut, at the sight of the anger and pride which

flashed across his pretty-boy features.

"You bitch."  He said, drawing on the only vocabulary he could.  "I've

been with hundreds of girls and every one of them has begged me to stick

my cock in her.  You're not going to be any exception."

"I don't know how you intend to stuff that soft little sausage in me,

Larry, but I'll be glad to hear you tell me just how you satisfied all

those women with that marshmallow you have hanging between your legs."

And it did look like a marshmallow, too, pendulous and wrinkled looking

in the harsh overhead lights of my boudoir.

"Just give me a minute and I'll show you what a real fat, hard cock

looks like, you bitch."  He said, his teeth clenched, but I could see

the beads of worried perspiration pop out on his forehead.

"Perhaps if you have a drink that will add a little spark to those cold

ashes that used to be your libido."  I teased.  "I went out looking for

a man to give my hot, wet pussy the servicing it deserves and all I get

is an old limp potato which even a starving woman wouldn't give a second

glance."  I sauntered out of the bedroom, my black transparent peignoir

trailing on the carpet after me.  I heard his dull step behind me, three

paces behind, just as was proper.  He was a good subject, I could see

that.  He knew instinctively when he was bettered.

"Here, drink this.  It's my own special recipe."  I handed him some

amber liquid in a crystal tumbler, ice tinkling as it changed hands.

"Wow, this is great."  He said, licking his lips.  "What's in this?"

"That's none of your business.  You seem to forget that your business is

trying to get that pitiful lump of flesh into some semblance of an

erection so that you can fulfill my needs."

He blushed furiously and opened his mouth as if to speak, but closed it

suddenly as he saw the look in my eyes.  "Just you wait."  He muttered,

and drained his drink in one huge gulp.

I didn't slap him then.  I didn't have to.  The drink had already done

the work for me.

When he awoke, Larry looked around the room in confusion.

"Where am I?"  He asked, his voice sounding thick and sleepy.

"Your new home, Larry."  I grinned down at him, his chin framed in my

sight by my perfectly pointed breasts.

"Oh, okay."  He said, and smiled.  "Sorry, but I seem to have forgotten

your name."

"My name is not for your filthy mouth."  I slapped my riding crop 

against the thigh.  "You address me as Mistress when you have been good,

or Worshipful Mistress when you haven't.  I suggest you get used to the

longer term of endearment, because you have a long way to go, boy."

"Yes Worshipful Mistress."  He said, seeming to cower even as he lay in

the little cot.  "I'm sorry."  He added.

"Sorry?  Sorry for what, you idiot?  You've been asleep for ten hours,

how could you know if you've done anything to be sorry for or not?  You

presume."  I turned on my heel and faced the wall so that he could not

see my smirk.

"Oh Worshipful Mistress!"  Larry scrambled out of bed and lay on the

floor, his arms around my ankles, his cheek pressed against one of my

opera pumps.  "I'm so confused.  I did not mean to offend you."

I grinned to myself as I thought of the people who told me that the

subliminal messages would never work.  Of course they would work:  I had

designed them.  Larry was living proof that they worked.  He had been

hearing them for only ten hours and already he was my slave, his mind

completely pliable and waiting for my stern hand to shape it into an

acceptable form.

"Let's see if you're really willing to make up your numerous faults to

me."  I said, kicking him away from my shiny black shoes.  "Lie on your

back on the cot with your hands clasped over your head."

I was pleased to see that he did as he was told.  Now, I thought to

myself, the ultimate test of my power.

"I want your cock hard - NOW."  I barked out.  Larry's eyes widened and

he gasped as his pole sprang to attention almost instantly.

"Very good, as far as that goes, which isn't far."  I touched the

straining head of his cock gently with my whip.  "Stands to attention

like a good little soldier boy."  I could see the veins pulsing in the

thick shaft of his meat.  "I wonder if you can do anything with that, or

is it just all a sham?  Looks good but doesn't really do anything,

maybe?"  I gazed at him wryly.

"Oh, I know I can make you feel good, Worshipful Mistress."  He said,

hope and desire to please me shining in his eyes.  "I know I can."

"Oh?  You're giving out Cock Guarantees, now?"  I snickered.  "You

*guarantee* that you can make me come?"

Larry looked confused, a look which suited his dumb All-American face

well.  "No, Worshipful Mistress, I guess not."  His cock looked like it

was going to wilt, but at my command to be hard it sprang back up

between his legs.

"You just lie there and mind your own business.  I'm going to masturbate

myself with your cock.  I'll let you know when I am done.  If you please

me I may allow you to come, but probably not.  You've already make me

rather angry at the impertinent way you hand out absolute statements."

I poked my whip into his balls, and though he bit his lip at the contact

he did not flinch.  "Close your eyes.  I want to be alone with my dildo.

And do be quiet, or you will not like the results."

"Yes, Worshipful Mistress."  He whispered, and closed his eyes.

I kicked off my shoes and threw a leg over him, my fingers already in my

pussy.  Watching his thick cock spring to attention like an inflatable

doll had put me in the mood, and my silky cunt lips were already

slightly moist, but I desired further lubrication.  I moved up until my

cunt was almost touching Larry's chin.

"Lubricate me.  Lick my clit and stick your tongue as far up my pussy as

you can.  Do it, lick my clit, go ahead, do it."  I got more and more

excited at the thought of this helpless pink jelly lying under me, and I

ground my cunt lips into his face.  I felt his chest heave behind me as

he fought to breathe, and enjoyed the frantic sucking and licking that

my commands had produced.  I raised up and looked down at my little

tongue toy, and even though my cunt was above his mouth, out of reach,

his tongue and lips kept to their task.

"Stop!"  I said, and they instantly came to rest.  I giggled.  "Now

let's see if this dildo I've acquired is any good.  It looks big and

thick, but it might not be up to the squeezing my hot, tight cunt is

going to give it."  I backed up until my cunt was right over his rod,

and then slid my pussy down its length.  It felt good, hard as a nail,

thick and hot up inside of me.  I bounced up and down, feeling the shaft

massage the walls of my pussy, dragging at my clit.  I rubbed my

pulsating clit as it did so, and had a marvelous orgasm, my expert cunt

gushing juice all over my new toy.  It felt so good I decided to try it

again, a bit differently.

"Get out of bed and go to my boudoir and stand by my vanity chair."  I

said, taking my dildo out of my cunt and watching it quiver, still rock

hard, rising out of Larry's crisp pubic hair.  I stood up and pushed my

shining hair behind my ears.

Larry hastened to do as told, and I followed him.  I sat in my cream

silk chair, my legs thrown over the arms, my cunt wide and dripping from

my masturbation session.

"Lick my cunt clean."  Even before he fell to his knees before my

succulent offering his tongue was probing the air, eager to caress every

fold of my hothouse flower.  He did a good job after being instructed by

me, but I soon tired of this lightweight diversion.  "Rim me.  Lick my

tiny asshole.  I want my dildo up my ass."

I sighed with delight as I felt his pointy tongue inside of my throbbing

asshole.  It squirmed inside of my ass with a life of its own and made

my cunt quite wet again.

"Enough."  The tonguing instantly stopped, and Larry waited quietly,

sitting back on his heels, waiting for further instruction.  I could see

that my subliminal tapes were quite a masterpiece.

"Lie on the bed with my dildo pointing up."  He hastened to my bed and

lay down in the middle, taking care not to rumple the satin bedspread

any more than was necessary.  It made me feel almost kindly toward the

little fool.

I took a bottle of lubricant from the night stand and put it in his

hand, and then knelt on the bed, a knee on each side of his chest, my

ass wide in front of his face.  "Get me ready for my dildo."  I said,

and caught my breath as I felt the cool, slick lubricant being massaged

onto my asshole, and then a smooth finger deliver gobs of it inside my

ass.  I squirmed down on his finger and moved my ass around to help him

spread it all inside my hot asshole.

I reversed my position and again took the Female Superior position, but

this time the rigid shaft of my dildo poised at my asshole.  I slowly

sank down over the thick meat and felt my cunt spasm in time to the

contractions of my hungry asshole.

"Play with my clit, but slowly.  If you make me come before I tell you,

you will regret it."

I slid up and down with excruciating deliberateness, the big cock

expanding my tiny pucker.  I pinched my nipples as fingers slowly

squeezed and toyed with my clit.  My asshole felt so filled it was

lovely, and my clit twitched with pleasure;  my lovely firm tits cried

out with pleasure as my hands caressed them, but my cunt felt empty.  I

stopped my slow movements over my dildo and lifted myself off of it

completely.  Reaching over to the nightstand again, I took a massively

thick dildo from the drawer, a giant black god-cock.

"Suck this cock and make it wet and juicy for me."  I said, thrusting

the huge dildo into his mouth.  He instantly obeyed, his tongue licking

the wrinkled plastic surface, then sucking on it, his cheeks going

hollow.  I could see his face redden with embarrassment, but he

continued to gobble the monstrous plastic dick as told.

"Now I am going to put the living dildo in my ass," I said, slapping the

back of my hand over his own appendage, "and the other one in my pretty

little pussy.  You will hold it in place for me with one hand and

continue to play with my clit with the other.  If you do exactly as I

tell you, then I will give you a rare favor and let you actually shoot

your filthy spunk inside of my clean asshole.  Do you understand?"

He nodded furiously, his blonde hair bobbing against the pillow.  I

noted with amusement that he had remembered he had no permission to


I settled my asshole right over the meaty cockhead again, and he placed

the dildo right next to his own prong.  I settled an inch of one dildo

in my ass, and then an inch of the other in my pussy, and flicking my

body between the two felt the glorious sensation of being completely

filled to bursting, my cunt throbbing happily around one giant cock, my

ass filled full with a smaller one.  My pussy lips were stuffed and

gaping wide, and my clit was engorged and sticking out like a nipple.

His hand immediately found it and gave it light flicks with a fingertip,

and then a hard rub, and I fucked myself with my two dildos and shrieked

with pleasure.

I bobbed up and down, my breasts bouncing, nipples straining.  It felt

so good to be alone and getting fucked and masturbated so well.  Larry,

of course didn't count as another person... he was just another little

plastic friend.

"Make me come now.  I want that dildo to shoot up inside of me, and I

want everything you've got hiding in those big balls to spurt up my

asshole.  Make me come now.  I want to COME!"  I screamed as my ass and

my pussy and my clit and my tits all exploded in a gigantic orgasm.

The cock up my ass erupted in a fountain of sperm and bathed the entire

inside of my ass with its sticky warmth.  I shuddered and scratched the

skin beneath me.

I pulled myself up off my double dildos and lay down on the bed, kicking

Larry off with a well-aimed foot.  He knelt by the side of the bed, his

breath coming in ragged gasps.

I positioned my ass over the side of the bed, legs wide.  "Now you may

clean up that disgusting juice from my asshole."  I said as he scooted

forward on his legs.  "Hold my legs over your shoulders and lick every

drop of that goo out of my asshole.  You've been as good as you could

possible manage without more instruction from me, and you were favored

greatly by being allowed to squirt your hot jizz inside of my hot body.

Clean up the mess you made and then you may retire to your cot to sleep.

We will begin your daytime lessons tomorrow so that you may provide an

income for me.  After that, we will retire to the bedroom and you will

learn more about how to please a lady like me."

I lay in peace as I felt his gentle licking on my tender, satisfied




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