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Archive-name: Control/numbrpls.txt


Archive-title: Number Please

                       (A Mind Control Sex Dialog)

   "Number, please."

   "Hello, operator.  Please don't hang up, be sure to answer all my 

questions honestly, and don't act like anything strange is going on.  Did 

you get all that?"

   "Yeah.  Yeah, I got it."

   "What's your name, operator?"

   "Kathy.  Kathy Vickers."

   "Kathy, are you the most attractive woman in the room?  Are you the one 

the guys are always coming on to and most want to fuck?"

   "No, but I'm not bad looking."

   "I'm sure you're not.  Please don't get defensive.  Just tell me the 

name of your more attractive colleague."

   "Lori Lobell."

   "Would you be able to patch me through to Lori?"

   "Sure.  Should I put you through?"

   "In a minute.  But first, let's have a little chat.  Okay, Kathy?"


   "For starters, what do you think of Lori?"

   "I think she's a stuck-up bitch."

   "You shouldn't judge people so harshly, Kathy.  You might find by 

tomorrow that she's a whole different person.  Are you married, Kathy?"


   "How often do you have sex with your husband?"

   "About once every two weeks."

   "Who wants sex more, you or him?"

   "He does."

   "Why don't you sleep with him more often, Kathy?"

   "Well, frankly, he's a bit of a slob."

   "No one's perfect, Kathy.  Why don't you give him an extra special fuck 

for me tonight?  Would you do that?"

   "I guess so."

   "Do your best.  And one more thing.  How about if I give you a little 

game to play?  Do you like games, Kathy?"


   "Well, the game goes like this.  When talking to your next five male 

customers, pretend that you're a 900 number.  Talk to them as sexy as you 

can and try to make them come over the phone.  Would you enjoy that?"

   "It could get me in trouble.

   "No, it won't.  It'll be fun."

   "Yeah, you're right.  It'll be fun."

   "Do you see the number I'm calling from on your screen?"


   "Remember that number.  If anyone complains, give me a call, and I'll 

straighten everything out.  Any other objections to playing the game?"


   "Well, go to it then.  You can connect me to Lori now.  Tell her it's an 

emergency.  Oh, before I forget, let's keep this little conversation to 

ourselves.  Never let anyone else know about it.  Okay, Kathy?"


   "Goodbye then, dear."



   "Hello.  How may I help you?"

   "Well Lori, you should not hang up, you should answer all my questions 

honestly, and you shouldn't act like anything strange is going on.  Do you 

understand all that?"

   "Uh, yeah, I understand.  Who is this?"

   "Never mind that, Lori.  Just answer my questions.  Now, what are your 


   "I'm 34, 26, 34.  Did you want my shoe size also?"

   "No, don't bother.  I'm sure you have very pretty feet.  How tall are 

you, Lori?"

   "I'm 5'6."

   "Very nice.  And how much do you weigh?"

   "120 pounds."

   "And how old are you, Lori?"

   "I'm 26."

   "A very good age.  What are you wearing today, Lori?"

   "I'm wearing a flannel shirt and jeans.  They let us dress pretty 

casually while answering the phones."

   "Well, we can fix up your clothing later.  Are you wearing a bra?"

   "Of course."

   "What's your cup size, Lori?"

   "34 C."

   "Excellent, excellent.  Why don't you go ahead and give one of your 

breasts a big friendly pinch for me?"


   "You shouldn't have done it so hard.  Are you athletic, Lori?  Do you 

have nice legs and a tight butt?"

   "I thinks so.  I do step aerobics four times a week, and I also work out 

with weights."

   "Superb!  Now listen to my voice, Lori.  It's kind of arousing, isn't 

it.  It's starting to get you so very hot."


   "In fact, Lori, you'd like to take your break now.  You'd like to take 

your break and go the bathroom and masturbate while thinking of my voice.  

You'd like to masturbate while thinking of things we could do together.  

Wouldn't you like that, Lori?"

   "Yes.  Very much."

   "Oh, and one more thing."

   "Please!  I gotta go."

   "Your bra and your panties.  Maybe you better dump them on your way out 

of the bathroom.  They're very restrictive, and they also chafe.  I don't 

think you really like them anymore."

   "You're right.  They're starting to feel very uncomfortable."

   "Wait.  You see my number on the screen."


   "Don't forget to call me back as soon as you're done."




   "How are you doing this to me?"

   "Oh, don't worry your pretty little head about it.  Are you still 

worried, Lori?"


   "Good.  What time do you get off work?"

   "At six."

   "Are you married, Lori?"

   "No.  I'm divorced."

   "Do you have a boyfriend?  Is anyone expecting you?"

   "Yeah.  I'm living with a guy now.  We were going to have dinner."

   "Did you ever cheat on your boyfriend, Lori?"

   "No.  I don't do that kind of thing."

   "Well, I guess there's a first time for everything.  Would your 

boyfriend believe you if you called him and told him that you had to stay 

late for work?"

   "Yeah.  I guess so."

   "Don't worry.  I'll get your supervisor to back you up.  Is there a mall 

near where you work?"

   "Yeah, pretty close."

   "Okay.  Right after work I'd like you to stop at the mall and get some 

new clothes.  High heel shoes, pantyhose, a mini-skirt or hot pants, and 

something very skimpy and revealing on top that shows off your breasts.  Do 

you know what I mean?"

   "Yeah!  You're a pervert."

   "Now, now, Lori, don't be crude.  I'll make sure you enjoy it too.  

Remember the bathroom.  Anyway, how long would it take you to get all this 


   "I don't know.  Maybe two hours."

   "Good enough.  Here's my address...  After you get the stuff at the 

mall, could get us some Chinese food on the way over?  Do you know of a 


   "Yeah, several."

   "Okay, use your best judgement.  I like hot and spicy stuff, and I'm not 

a big shrimp fan.  And please, no MSG.  Get anything you want for yourself.  

Also bring us some soda, none of that diet shit.  Do you think you could 

get to my place by nine?"

   "Yeah, probably."

   "I'll be expecting you.  Call if you're going to be late.  On the way 

over, stop somewhere and change into your pretty new ensemble.  You should 

put me through to your supervisor now, and then go right ahead and call 

your boyfriend.  Oh, by the way, let's keep this little conversation to 

ourselves, shall we?"


   "See you later, Lori"

   "See you."

                           The End (for now)



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