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Archive-name: Control/notagain.txt


Archive-title: Not Again....

    I knew I was in trouble when she noteced me.  Almost any time we

passed eachother, going to classes or the dining hall, she was oblivious

to my presance.  But this time, as I saw her outside the dorm, she flashed

a grin that looked posativily evil.

    Late that night, I had forgotten all about it while watching Star Trek

in the launge with some friends.  She came in the door, looked around, and 

sat down on a couch far from the TV.  You wouldn't think, seing her in 

her plaid flanel shirt and her loos fitting jeans, but I knew that underneath

was a fine looking woman.  She had long, black, waivy hair, and deep brown

eyes.  Short and curvy, but through her baggy clothing you wouldn't know it.

    She didn't look at me when she sat, but I knew I was in for a long night.

    Star Trek ended, and my friends suspected things and nobody waited up 

for Letterman.  

    I sat down next to her, and was treated to a rare smile that was warm

but painfull to look at all the same.  We talked alot, but didn't say 

anything that ment something.  Eventually, as I knew she would, she 

invited me into her room, on the pretence of seing how she'd re-arranged 


    Her room was small, but single-occupancy rooms were uncommon in the

residence halls.  I made up my mind, right then, that we wouldn't do anything.

Isn't there supposed to be something else in a relationship?  Whatever 

happend to dating and being a couple?  All she wanted was my body, and I 

decided, for the millionth time, that she wasn't going to get it.  And I knew,

for the millionth-minus-one time that she would anyway.

    We talked about mutual frinds, and classes, and she told me that I really

should do my homework.  She'd been telling me that sence high school.  I 

havn't listened to her yet.

    Then she told me how tense her back was, and I knew the talking was over.

I rubbed her shoulders, and along her spine, and down to the bottom of her 

shirt, my hands went under her shirt and up along her back against her smooth

skin.  I rubbed every part of her back, along her spine, and out to her sides.

When my hands we half way arround her sides, she lifted up her body in a way

that seemed to scream at me to feel her breasts.  She was not wearing a bra,

and her large breasts felt wonderful in my hands, even as she turned her 

head so that I could kiss her.  I almost wanted to leave.  Almost.

    I kissed her as she turned towards me, I lifted off her shirt, breaking 

the kiss for a moment.  She took the moment to jerk my shirt over my head,

so that nothing would hamper our embrace.

    I took her into my arms, her breasts pressing against my chest, her

stomach firm and flat against me.  I kissed her neck.

    She backed off a bit, then began to fumble with my belt.  I don't think

she liked my belt, but she soon got it free and started in on my button fly.

    I slid one hand down the back of her pants, feeling her smooth, firm butt,

while I unzipped her with the other hand.  I sucked on her toungue while I 

kicked off my shoes and socks.  

    She had my hard dick in her hand as I pulled her pants off, her shoes

were allready gone.  We rolled over a bit and I licked her right nipple while

she pulled off my pants.  That being done, she grabbed my head and pulled my

face into her breast.  I thought I might suffocate, but at this point I really

did not care.

    I slid my hand down her hot stomach, and she shivvered as my fingers ran

through her pubic hair.  Her hand squeezed my cock while I sucked on her neck.

I felt her slicken as my fingers explored her hot cunt.  She let go of my 

dick and kissed me with a vengance.  I nibbled on her earlobe, making her

moan.  My hand came away from her wet, and she ground against me as she 

sucked on my neck.  I slid my cock along her cunt, feeling how warm and wet

and slick she was.  If only I could put it in.....  but I forced that thought

down, there are good reasons not to.  She held me tight against her, and with

a shudder, she said 'Oh, I want you!', as she spread her legs wide.

    I didn't need more encouragement, as all reason fled my brain.  I backed 

down, and with a shudder sank my dick deep inside her.  Warm.  Slick.

    My eyes rolled to the back of my head, and I heard her say 'Oh, Dan!'

and I slid through her, pushing in and sliding out, hot and wet.  I rocked

into her as she writhed under me, and as I kissed her, she sucked my toungue

into her mouth.  I moaned as I slid into her harder and she sucked on my

toungue so hard my lower teeth were cutting into it and I fucked and she 

sucked and it felt so hot and slick and wet and the pain in my mouth burnt

as knives tore into my back and I faster felt her moist heat and pain in my

back and on my mouth and faster slick warm pain beat wet hot harder sharp and

she convulsivly arched her back and dug her nails and ate my toungue and...




 I pulled myself out of her, in time to mess up her sheets.  I tasted blood

in my mouth and my penis felt cold and I held her. 

   After we caught our breathes, she looked at me with those irresistable

brown eyes of hers, and said 'You are wonderfull'.  I knew what she didn't

say and why.  I smiled and kissed her, feeling empty.


  Several hours later, I tried not to wake up my roommate, who would be 

getting up soon and make enough noise to wake me up.  I lay there, in my bed,

and all I could think about was the emptyness.

  When I woke up, on time for lunch if not my early classes, I could still 

feel the stickyness and I thought 'Oh, god.  Not Again!'



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