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Archive-name: Control/new_eden.txt


Archive-title: Brotherhood of New Eden, The

I don't know what to think about the following material.  A buddy of mine

says he got it from a 'friend', who wouldn't say anything more about it, or

where he got it.  It could be just fantasy stuff--but it just might be real.

The first part is sort of a manifesto.  The second part looks like a sort of

rule book or introduction sheet for a secret island somewhere, where this

group has established a private harem.  The third part seems to be a report

from someone who was about to join this 'group', evidently during a visit

to a secret island compound.  Is it real?  Fantasy?

Decide for yourself...

Part I.

The Brotherhood of New Eden takes its name from the organization

described in Jack Chalker's "Soul Rider" Science/Fantasy novels.

Its goals are very similar to those described in Chalker's novels.

Interested men are urged to read Mr. Chalker's novels with an open

mind, paying particular attention to the creed, beliefs, and actions

of the fictional Brotherhood.  Mr. Chalker casts the Brotherhood as

an evil group, the "enemy". But we reject this notion,

wholeheartedly embracing the ideas and practices which Chalker

calls "wrong".

In short, we of the Brotherhood believe that our society has been

ruined by militant Feminism; that we currently live in a

Matriarchy, and that this is counter to human nature and natural


Our brotherhood seeks to reverse this evil trend, to place males and

females in their proper, natural roles.  We recognize that this is an

almost impossible task in modern society; hence we focus on

beginning a proper society in a small area apart from the

woman-dominated nations of the world.

The Brotherhood is unashamedly Paternalistic.  Its membership is

open only to males who share its values.  In a proper society, the

male sex is dominant, and females exist only to serve and give

pleasure.  Membership in the Brotherhood is not open to women or


What are the beliefs and tenants of the Brotherhood?  They are:

(1) That males are innately superior to females, meant to rule and

    dominate all females;

(2) That females are meant for sexual pleasure and service to their

    masters, and are in no way equal to men;

(3) That all forms of "feminism", "female equality", "equal rights

    for women" are wrong, counter to human nature, and

    inherently evil.

We believe that the majority of males agree with these ideas, even

if they have been taught to deny their agreement by feminists.

Search your heart and mind, and ask yourself, as a true male, if

you do not really agree with the Brotherhood.  Why then, have

males allowed women to gain the upper hand, to gain power over

us?  Many men are manipulated by the offering or denial of sexual

favors--they want to be perceived by women as "sensitive",

understanding, forward thinking.  But this attitude has led to the

downfall of western society and placed us into the hands of the

feminist/lesbian movement.

The Brotherhood of New Eden seeks a society where females can

never again manipulate men by denial of their sexual needs.  By

placing women in their proper role of domestic and sexual servant,

men will regain their own proper place.

How will the Society of New Eden be achieved?

New Eden cannot be achieved quickly--its creation will occupy the

talents and resources of many men over many years.  But New

Eden is possible--if the men of the Brotherhood commit themselves

to its achievement.

We forsee a new society, a new start, created to foster correct

human relations, perhaps on a remote island or even a ranch in a

remote area.  In this society, men and their female servants would

live in harmony with the natural law.  Women would serve and

obey their masters.

Unfortunately, we do not have the "magical" resources of the

fictional Brotherhood.  We must build New Eden ourselves.  It will

take money and hard work.  Men who believe in the creed of the

Brotherhood must contribute to the cause in several ways:

(1) With money.  New Eden's establishment will take much money.

    If an island is to be the site, it will have to be purchased and

    stocked with everything needed to support a new society.

(2) With time.  Brothers will need to find other men to join the

    Brotherhood, explain its goals and aims, and work on the

    planning and creation of New Eden.

(3) With females.  New Eden will need many females who have not

    been tainted with feminist beliefs.  Brothers who have fathered

    girl children will be asked to donate them to the New Eden

    cause.  Other Brothers must adopt young girls and begin

    indoctrinating them into the New Eden order.  Although this

    seems cruel and heartless, it is the only way to reverse the

    female domination of society.  Young girls are quickly

    corrupted by older women with feminist beliefs.  We must

    remove girls from this influence before they are ruined by

    improper attitudes--and begin their training in the New Eden



Part II.

                         WELCOME, BROTHER!

Welcome to the Island of New Eden!  The Brothers of New Eden hope that

your stay will be a happy and pleasurable one.  Please take a moment to

read the following material, which will help to acquaint you with the rules

and conveniences of the Island.


As you know, your annual membership fee entitles you to a two-week

sabattical here in New Eden. As the end of your stay approaches, you will

be contacted by the Travel Coordinator, who will arrange your departure.

Note: due to heavy demand by Brothers worldwide, only the most unusual

circumstances will warrant an extension of your stay.


While here, you will be provided with the delightful company of our

'Cuddlebunnies'.  Each Brother is normally allocated three 'Bunnies, but

more can be supplied, depending upon demand.  The Island currently boasts

a stable of three hundred and twelve 'Bunnies, ranging in age from 5 years

to twenty-two.  The vast majority are Caucasian and Oriental.  If you have

visited here before, you may have a "favorite" you wish to enjoy again;

contact the Bunny Master on extension 2713 for special requests.

The Island is celebrating its 20th year of operation, which means that we

are enjoying the second generation of 'Bunnies. The girls of the first

generation have matured nicely, and now serve as exemplars and tutors for

the younger girls.  Of course, their companionship is available as well. Now

that we have achieved the second generation, the Island relies much more

heavily upon societal and psychological means of training, and no longer

must rely on drugs/hypnosis/collars as heavily as previously.  See the section

on 'training' below.

Meals are served three times a day.  We pride ourselves on our cuisine,

especially since all food is prepared by our older 'Bunnies.  You will find a

dining schedule and menu in this package.

The Island maintains an extensive library of video aids, recreation

equipment, and specialty items.  Your 'Bunnies will help you make use of

the facilities.  The 'Bunnies have complete knowledge of the available

services, and can arrange for snacks, trips to the beach, and many other



In order to preserve the Island and its resources, certain rules of conduct

are necessary.  These rules are also necessary to maximize the pleasure of

your fellow Brothers during your stay on the Island.  At any time, the

Island is occupied by about two dozen Resident Brothers (semi-permanent

staff) and up to one hundred visiting Brothers.  To minimize friction

between Brothers, the following rule must be absolutely followed:




  Violation of this rule is grounds for IMMEDIATE termination of the

  offending Brother's visit.  Repeated violations will result in withdrawl of

  Visiting Priviledges on a temporary basis.  In extreme cases, violation may

  be cause for Loss of Membership in the Brotherhood.

A second, equally important rule is:



  Brotherhood pride ourselves on our gentle and loving husbandry of our

  'Bunnies.  Our 'Bunnies are a delightful and valuable resource, and they

  must not be abused.  Abuse of 'Bunnies represents damage to the common

  property of all Brothers, and will not be tolerated.  Our code calls for

  gentle, but firm, mastery of our girls at all times.  See "Discipline" below

  for additional guidance.  As above, violation of this strict rule may result

  in termination of a visit or in loss of Visiting Priviledges or Membership,

  depending upon the severity of the violation.  Any Brother found to be

  guilty of the death of a Bunnie will lose his membership immediately.

Please observe the rules with respect to permissible uses of your 'Bunnies:

- Any Bunnie wearing a "cherry" symbol may NOT be deflowered.  No

  penetration of underage 'Bunnies is permitted.  Contact the Bunny Master

  if you wish to have your name added to the waiting list for a virgin

  'Bunny.  'Bunnies are available for First Time service at age 13 or upon

  onset of menstruation.  Note that all Brothers who assume First Time

  duties must undergo an instructional course and must agree to be

  video-taped for the archives during the session.

  Our younger 'Bunnies are of course available for manual or oral service,

  and will gladly comply with any sexual service which they are capable

  of. Note that 'Bunnies will resist and report any attempt to violate the

  "cherry rule".

- Many Brothers ask if they can remove one or more 'Bunnies from the

  Island for continuing use.  This is forbidden, both for reasons of security,

  and because our investment in the facility would rapidly be diminished if

  removal of 'Bunnies were permitted.

- If you grow tired or bored with a 'Bunnie, you may return her to the

  Bunny Master in exchange for a different one.  Note that exchanges are

  subject to current availability and depend on the demand from other

  Brothers. Brothers are also free to exchange 'Bunnies bewteen themselves,

  as well as to organize informal parties combining several sets of 'Bunnies.

  Please report any inter-Brother exchanges to the Bunny Master.

- Please attempt to avoid "playing favorites".  Although you may prefer one

  'Bunny to others, remember that all of your 'Bunnies are trained to do

  their best to serve and pleasure you.  'Bunnies are programmed to quickly

  form an emotional bond with each new master, and they can easily

  become "hurt" if a master seems to dislike them.  This can necessitate

  corrective programming before the 'Bunny can be assigned to a new

  Brother. Your 'Bunnies' attachment will be painlessly removed upon return

  to the Hutch, and your 'Bunnies will forget you until your next visit.


The Brothers visiting the Island are entrusted with the care of several

(normally three) Cuddlebunnies.  During your stay, you will find them to be

eager and charming playthings, attentive to your slightest whim and need.

In return, Brothers accept responsibility for the well-being and 'happiness'

of their 'Bunnies.  You will find your 'Bunnies to be innocent, trusting, and

deeply dependent on you.  They have been programmed to ask your

permission for nearly every action, even to go to the bathroom.  You should

adopt the manner of a loving, yet strict, Father to your 'Bunnies.  Even the

older 'Bunnies are childlike and naive, and will think of you as their

Father.  Some Brothers even encourage their 'Bunnies to call them "Daddy".

Your 'Bunnies will normally remain in intimate contact with you for the

duration of your stay. They are trained to stay close to you and to attend

to your every need, including your physical and hygiene.  Your 'Bunnies

have no concept of "modesty" or "body shame".  They will eagerly bathe,

shave, and brush your teeth.  Your 'Bunnies will also gladly clean your

anus after a bowel movement.  At first, this may be disconcerting, but most

Brothers eventually find that having their 'Bunnies function as "body slaves"

is among the finest and most gratifying rewards of membership in the



The dress code on the Island is very simple.  Brothers are issued loose robes

for casual wear around the facilities. Cuddlebunnies in common areas must

dress according to the strict Bunny Dress Code:

- 'Bunnies must NEVER go naked, unless on the direct command of a


- 'Bunnies must NEVER cover their chests, unless wearing "Baby Doll"


- 'Bunnies must wear nylon or acetate undies;

- 'Bunnies must wear panties at a minimum; short half-slips or nighties are

  also permitted.


COMMON AREAS.  Brothers may choose other items for 'Bunny wear in

the privacy of the Brothers' quarters.  Brothers may choose to bring their

own special items of clothing for use by the 'Bunnies.

Note:  the dresser in your quarters contain a large quantity of 'Bunny

clothes. Contact the Wardrobe Master (X 3318) if you require additional

'Bunny outfits, or if the items become soiled or stained.


All 'Bunnies are identified with an indelible tattoo on the left buttock. This

tattoo contains salient information, including:


              Serial Number

              Date of Birth

              Date of Initiation

Note that 'Bunnies have no "last" name; all have only a "given" name which

has been assigned by the Island Staff.  They will accept any name you

wish for the duration of their service, however.

Each 'Bunny also wears an ankle bracelet containing more detailed


'Bunnies are programmed to resist removal, and will even take violent

action to prevent its removal.


'Bunnies are examined once a month by the Staff Physician.  All 'Bunnies

are maintained in excellent health and fitness.  Please see that your

'Bunnies receive ample exercise.  Contact the Health Master (X 1818) for

information on 'Bunny exercise.  In addition to the rigors of providing

service to you, the 'Bunnies must have at least 60 minutes of strenuous

exercise per day.  One convenient means of exercising your 'Bunnies is via

channel 45 on the video.  If you tune to this channel, your 'Bunnies will

immediately begin following the exercise program carried on this channel.

Note that they will automatically perform a cleaning and hygiene program

upon completion of the exercise program.

If one of your 'Bunnies becomes ill or appears sick, contact the Staff

Physician on extension 4500 immediately!


The 'Bunnies of New Eden undergo a continuous training and instruction

program to ensure their pliability and submissiveness.  Our girls are

programmed for obedience and subservience, by experts in behavior and

psychology.  Please avoid tampering with the girls' programming.  We ask

that Brothers not attempt to impose their own permanent programming.  The

girls will accept nearly any 'temporary' instructions which can be used to

modify their behavior and attitude; please refrain from more permanent

instructions.  If in doubt, please contact the Training Master for help in

controlling your 'Bunnies.

'Bunnies are required to undergo daily re-inforcement of their training; your

'Bunnies will tell you when and where they must go for training.  The

training sessions last 30 minutes, and we request that all Brothers

scrupulously ensure their 'Bunnies attend.  These 30 minutes are a small

price we must all pay for our 'Bunnies' delightful attentiveness.  Note: your

'Bunny may seem slightly confused or dazed immediately after the training

session.  This is normal, and will pass quickly.  Please report any

continuation of confusion or dizziness to the Bunny Master or Training

Master (extension 2004).

A very few of our current stable of 'Bunnies remain under the discipline of

a Training Collar.  If you receive a Collared 'Bunny, the Staff member who

delivers her will instruct you in the use of the Collar and will fully

familiarize you with the controls.  Briefly, the Collar is a training and

conditioning aid which can deliver measured levels of both pain and

pleasure to the 'Bunny. It acts directly on the appropriate brain centers, and

cannot cause permanent harm to the 'Bunny.  'Bunnies may require Collar

discipline for one of the following reasons:

              (1) New 'Bunny, not familiar with required behavior;

              (2) Resistant 'Bunny, for whom less stringent methods have

                  proven ineffective;

New 'Bunnies are given Collars when they are older than about 7 years old

upon arrival; also 'Bunnies who have been selected for "rapid" training

sometimes receive Collars.  We have found that even the most willful and

resistant 'Bunny will yield to Collar discipline within three weeks at most;

few 'Bunnies require longer treatment, and repeat Collaring is never



The Cuddlebunnies of New Eden are given a set of beliefs which forms a

consistent core, almost a religion.  Brothers should be at pains not to

contradict this core, which could result in undesired mental states and/or

conflict for the 'Bunnies.  In particular, none of the 'Bunnies can read or

write, nor can any of them do even the most elementary mathematics.  It is

forbidden to introduce any of these subjects to the 'Bunnies.

Our 'Bunnies believe that the Island of New Eden is the World, and they

have no conception of any other place.  The idea of leaving the Island is

meaningless to them, for to them, there simply are no other places.

The 'Bunnies have been carefully taught that they were created by the

Brothers to serve them, and in fact that the Brothers are gods.  Each

'Bunny believes herself to be in Heaven, and her religion requires devoted

service and complete obedience to any male.  Please do not do or say

anything which would tend to falsify this belief in the 'Bunnies.


All 'Bunnies have been trained to kneel when in the presence of a Brother.

'Bunnies wearing costumes including a skirt must curtsey and lift the skirt

whenever coming into a Brother's presence.  The gaze must be lowered and

the 'Bunny must softly ask, "how may I serve you, My Lord?"

Please note any failure of any 'Bunny to follow this requirement and report

it at once to the Training Master.

'Bunnies are required to address the Brothers as "Sir", "Lord", or "Master".

You may also select other forms of respectful address for your assigned

'Bunnies to use.


Your 'Bunnies have been subjected to a regimen of deep hypnosis and

conditioning.  All have been programmed with several keywords for your

convenience.  Note: when employing a key word, in general you should

preface it with the name of the 'Bunny you wish to respond.  Use of a

keyword without a name will result in response by all 'Bunnies in the


The available keywords are:

"SLEEP"       This will cause the 'Bunny to enter a deep, dreamless sleep.

              The 'Bunny cannot be awakened from this sleep, except by:

                (a) A direct command of "WAKE", or "WAKE UP", from

                    the same Brother who gave the SLEEP command, or;

                (b) A command from the Bunny Master or Training Master.

              This command can be used to "store" your 'Bunnies for

              several hours at a time. Please avoid "storing" 'Bunnies for

              over 4-6 hours, and under no circumstances should 'Bunnies

              be "stored" for over 24 hours.  If you need to be absent

              from your 'Bunnies for an extended period, contact the

              Bunny Master to arrange a temporary return to the Bunny


"TRANCE"      This will cause the 'Bunny to enter a light hypnotic trance.

              This state can be used to give detailed command sequences to

              your 'Bunnies.  'Bunnies have virtually photographic memory

              for orders received within the TRANCE state.  Many

              Brothers also find that a light Trance state improves 'Bunny

              performance during sexual activity, especially those activities

              which require prolonged repetitive motions or which may

              cause some minor discomfort to the 'Bunny. The 'Bunny will

              remain in TRANCE state until the ALERT command is



In certain very rare circumstances, your Cuddlebunny may resist your

instructions or commands.  Resistance or disobedience was once more

common; today, it is quite rare, due to the sophistication of our training

and indoctrination techniques.  If you do experience any resistance or

refusal, do not take any action to discipline or correct your Bunny yourself.

Instead, contact the Training Master immediately. A member of the Training

staff is on call at all times to handle matters of discipline.  If your 'Bunny

becomes agitated or tries to leave your quarters without permission, you

must immediately subdue her and contact Training.

All 'Bunnies have been programmed with a key word, which when spoken

aloud by a Brother, will result in immediate unconciousness.  This word is

"Lullabye".  If necessary, speak this word loudly and with a commanding

tone. All Cuddlebunnies within earshot will immediately fall into a deep

trance.  Contact Training immediately. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO AWAKEN

ANY CUDDLEBUNNY YOURSELF.  Damage to the Bunny may result.

Note that this key word is only for emergency use; do not employ it during

normal use of your 'Bunnies.

The Training Staff will respond to any request for assistance from a

Brother.  They will judge the situation and take corrective action.  Note

that this may involve removal of one or more of your 'Bunnies for remedial

training and conditioning.  Please try to be understanding in such situations

and cooperate fully with the staff.  If 'Bunnies are removed for training,

the Bunny Master will arrange for immediate replacement of your 'Bunnies.


We are always eager for new recruits to the 'Bunny population.  We prefer

young girls, ideally 4-6 years of age.  However, girls of any age (below 20

years of age) will be considered.  The best results are obtained with the

younger children, who can be trained for extended periods and naturally

come to accept the Cuddlebunny way of life.  Older girls may require drugs

and Collar discipline, which, although effective, never quite results in the

delightful, loving, and innocent obedience of a "natural" Cuddlebunny.

We have recently begun using cloning and genetic engineering techniques,

and can now accept tissue samples for cloning.  Contact the Recruiting

Master at extension 3732 for details.

If you have a candidate for recruitment in mind, the Recruiting Master can

arrange for pick-up of your candidate.  We accept only Oriental or

Caucasian candidates.  We operate pick-up agencies in many countries and

can field pick-up groups at short notice.  In some cases, the recommending

Brother will be provided with a pick-up kit, which includes appropriate

equipment for ensuring a trouble-free and untraceable pick-up.

Brothers supplying a Cuddlebunny candidate will be placed first on the list

for her First Time, and will also be able to use her preferentially when her

training has progressed sufficiently.  Brothers who supply their own

offspring will be given an additional week of visitation privileges for each

child provided (must meet physical requirements for Cuddlebunny


When an older 'Bunny becomes pregnant, all female offspring are "recycled"

into the Cuddlebunny program.  Male offspring are terminated.

Note that the Brotherhood now operates several 'orphanages' and 'adoption

agencies' worldwide, which supply the Island with new 'Bunnies on a

regular basis.


Part III.

"Well, Mr. Smith, at last we are able to welcome you--at least as a visitor--to

our little haven," remarked my host, known to me as 'Ben'.

The Brotherhood had taken six months to check me out; six long months

since I had finally contacted them and paid the non-refundable $5000 fee.

They could still reject my application, but so far they had found nothing in

my background to disqualify me.  But this visit was as important for me as

for them--they could deny me on the basis of any poor impression I made.

I didn't know where I was.  The "little haven" was a closely-guarded secret.

I shook his hand. "Glad to finally be here," I told him.

"I'm sure," he smiled. "I recall my own application period."

I looked around.  We were in a large, softly-lit foyer. It was clean and

comfortable.  There were no other people present, but I had the feeling I

was under scrutiny.

"Please come with me, and I'll show you your room."

We walked down a series of corridors to a suite of rooms of almost palatial


Seated on the sofa, evidently asleep, was a seventeen-year-old oriental girl

of striking beauty.  She was nude from the waist up, and her long black

hair was glossy and smooth.  Her skin was perfect, glowing; her body

showed evidence of just exactly the right amount of exercise--firm but not

muscular.  She wore only tiny nylon panties and a transparent half-slip.

Ben smiled.  "This is Min-Mei.  She is to be your companion during your

stay here. Like her?"

"You're kidding.  She's a living wet dream!"

"Indeed.  And as you will see, she is all yours.  Watch."

Ben approached the still-sleeping girl.  He snapped his fingers, and said

"Min-Mei!" in a firm but gentle tone.

The girl opened her eyes, saw him, and slid off the sofa to her knees. Head

bowed, she almost whispered, "Yes, Lord, how may this flesh serve?"

Ben turned to me.  "She'll stay in that position, waiting for an order, until

I give her one.  If I don't, she would die there.  Really.  And she doesn't

even hear what I'm saying to you; if it is not intended for her, she tunes it

out; as far as she's concerned, nothing is being said."

He turned his attention back to the kneeling girl. "Min-Mei, stand up," he

ordered, still gentle but firm.

She stood, but kept her head lowered submissively, her eyes demurely

focused on the floor.

"Min-Mei, I have brought a new Master for you," Ben said.

"Yes, Lord."

"Are you ready to serve him?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"Good. Min-Mei, you may look up.  This is your new Master. His name is

John, but you will always use the proper title when you speak to him.


"Yes, Lord."  She looked up at me with soft, doe-like brown eyes.

Ben turned to me.  "There's a bit of a ceremony to be performed here.

Come over here, and take her hand."

I did. Her hand was tiny and soft as a dove's wing.

"I now bind you over to your new Master, Min-Mei.  You will serve him,

and no other, until he leaves us.  You will give him your love, devotion,

and service. You belong to him, and your flesh is his to use."

Min-Mei mumbled something, and he nodded. "Take her head in your hands,

and kiss her."

I did.  When the kiss was over, Min-Mei was transformed.  She was looking

at me with a combination of awe, ecstasy, joy, and love. As if she were

seeing God.

"She is yours now;  and she will orient only on you, and look to you for

instructions.  Other men can still command her--in an emergency, or if you

are absent, but she will never disobey a direct order from you, or act

against your interests, or harm you.  You will find that she has a

remarkable--nearly photographic--memory for your commands and orders,

and her behavior can be adjusted almost infinitely to suit your taste.  You

might say that she's the ultimate programmable toy." He grinned. "She's

incapable of lying or withholding anything from you, and she has no idea

what a secret is. She'll answer any question honestly, if she knows the


I noticed that Min-Mei was now kneeling before me, awaiting my command.

"There's a downside to all this; she is very dependent, and will ask

permission for everything you don't give her 'standing orders' for. Even

going to the bathroom.  Her IQ is normal, but her overall affect, her

emotional/psychic level, is about 6 years old.  A little girl in a big girl's


"This is fantastic--how is it accomplished?"

"Min-Mei here is one of our new generation; she was born here, and was

raised from birth as a Cuddlebunny--that's what we call the girls here. And

there is a quite rigorous training regimen, including classes, indoctrination,

drugs, even hypnosis.  By the way, she's an excellent hypnotic subject, and

you can put her under with a single phrase.  And when she's under, she is

so suggestible that most professional hypnotists wouldn't believe it.  If you

tell her that she is a fish, she would drown herself trying to breathe


"Look, I don't want her kneeling here like this..."

"Then tell her what to do.  Always try to preface any command meant for

her with her name."

"Min-Mei, go over and sit down on the sofa."

"Yes, Master." She did so.

"The little cermony here was only a temporary binding.  If you lived here

as a Brother, she would be bound to you permanently, which is much more


"In what way?"

"Not at liberty to say, but I'll say that it involves an exchange of body



"Indeed.  Now, as a visitor, you are assigned one companion--Min-Mei, here,

in your case.  Permanent residents have larger harems; my own is currently

10 girls.  Brothers are quite generous with their 'bunnies; you will find that

they are proud of them and will offer them to you for an evening.  Take

them up on it--they'll be insulted if you don't.  So I expect that you'll have

5 or 6 girls each night--if you want them.

"Two more things--these girls want to be used, to be commanded and

ordered. They need it.  Their entire sense of self-worth is connected to

giving proper service, and they really do not mind.  You'll find that

Min-Mei is much happier when she is given little things to do--even menial

things; she has no concept of a 'degrading' or 'humiliating' order or request.

As long as she is obeying an order given her by her Master, she is

content and happy.  So don't treat her as some people do servants.  Make

her work. She needs and wants and expects it, and will become unhappy if

she doesn't get enough.

"Same thing for sex.  She'll do anything you ask her to--short of harming

herself or anyone else.  She's been thoroughly trained to  give pleasure, and

she has absolutely no sense of shame or modesty.  Doesn't even know the

words.  Let me put it plainly: Min-Mei, like all of the girls here, was born

for sex. It is her purpose, her reason for living.  She knows this, believes it

it completely, and finds it normal and natural.  Use her. It is what she is


"Um, well, I..."

"One thing that all brothers have promised is never to be embarrassed or

dishonest about our way of living here.  We speak plainly and openly about

sex and our use of these girls.  We are not ashamed of our lifestyle; it is

the proper way of living."

"I understand.  I guess I'll have to leave my society-imposed baggage


"Exactly.  Well, I expect you will want to get settled. Have Min-Mei take

care of the unpacking; I'll see you in a couple hours for dinner. By the

way, there's a dresser in the bedroom which is full of little outfits in her

size. We have a strict dress code; Min-Mei can tell you everything about it.

And anyway, she literally cannot disobey it.  Enjoy her."

With this, he left, and I was alone with Min-Mei.

She sat on the sofa, head and eyes lowered submissively.  I noticed that,

unlike girls "in the world", she made no attempt to cover her breasts or

keep her knees together.  She sat, naturally poised, ready to hear my

commands, totally unaware of herself or the fact that her "modesty" was


I decided to try her out.  "Min-Mei, come into the bedroom and help me

unpack my suitcase," I told her.

An expression of joy and pleasure flooded her face. "Yes, Lord, at once.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you."

I watched her as she unpacked my case.  She would not let me do any of

the work; she did everything.  She moved like a trained dancer; graceful

and without wasted movement.  Every step, every gesture, was full of

coltish grace and unconcious beauty.  When she was finished, she curtseyed,

knelt before me (head lowered as usual) and said, "How may Min-Mei serve

you now, Great One?"

"Min-Mei, come sit with me on the bed, and tell me about the dress code

that Ben mentioned."

She sat beside me. Her eyes became slightly unfocused, and she began to

recite the dress code. It was clearly a memorized piece; recited letter-

perfectly.  Min-Mei's voice took on an even more sing-song quality than

usual as she recited:

"We must wear only certain items: panties, half-slips, baby-doll nighties.

 We must never cover our chests;

 Never to go naked unless by Master's direct command or when bathing or

 using the toilet;

 Nothing of cotton; only nylon or acetate.

 No 'outside clothes' unless by direct order of two Masters.

 This is the Law."

"Min-Mei, tell me how many Masters you have had."

"I am not sure, Lord.  You mean since I was a little 'bunny?"

"No, Min-Mei; since you began having periods."

"Oh.  Well, Ben is my Prime Master; I have served three other visitors like

you, Master."

"I see.  Ben mentioned a special phrase that will place you into hypnosis.

What is it?"

"I do not know, my Master.  When Master says the words, Min-Mei goes to

sleep; she does not remember the words.  Master Ben will tell you..."

"All right, Min-Mei.  Please show me your clothes in the dresser."

Again, that sunny look of joy to be executing a command. She went to the

dresser and opened the top drawer.  A riot of colorful nylon and silk

panties, filmy and soft.

I told her to hold them up for my inspection, and she did.  One by one, I

looked them over; then had an idea.

"Min-Mei, I want you to model these for me.  Do you know what that


"Oh, yes, Lord; many of my Masters enjoy 'fashion shows'," she giggled.

Watching her try on the tiny pants and the equally large collection of

nighties and half-slips in the other drawers soon had me excited.  I called

her to my side.

"Min-Mei, you are very beautiful, and I will now allow you to serve me by

giving pleasure."

"Oh, yes, Master," she sighed. "How may this flesh serve yours?"

"Let's start with a little head," I smiled. "Know what that is?"

"Oh, yes, Lord, we know all the words and their meanings."

Smiling sweetly, she knelt before my erect cock and expertly took in into

her soft mouth. Soon her head was bobbing up and down, slowly, on my

hard shaft.  As I watched her giving delicious pleasure, I thought: "This is

what men have dreamed of for own a female body; to control

it totally and completely--to own her life, her thoughts, her every emotion

and action.  This is truly perfection."


Later, Min-Mei led me to the dining room.  A unique scene greeted me.  At

a large table, the Brothers sat. Next to each Brother was one of his girls,

each a stunning beauty, and each dressed like Min-Mei.  The girls were not

eating; they were "attending" their Masters.  Each girl focused her complete

attention only on her owner; for her, there was no-one else at the table.

Their soft brown or big blue eyes were fixed only on their owner; their

expressions were those of enraptured devotion and concentration.  The girls

were feeding their Masters; actually taking food from the plates and

offering it on forks and spoons for their Lords to take.  When one of the

men wanted to drink, his girl offered a glass.  Other girls, dressed like the

others, waited on the table, bringing dishes and clearing them.

We sat. Ben looked up from his slavegirl, and asked, "Well, how do you like


"She's marvelous," I told him honestly.

"Yes," he said fondly. "She's one of my favorites, as is Chiako here. Well,

dig in," he said, indicating the food.  Min-Mei was already offering a bite

of veal on a fork.  As I chewed, I reflected that this would be easy to

become used to.

"Ben, you mentioned a special phrase that will put her into a trance, but

you didn't say what it is; and Min-Mei says she doesn't know what it is."

"Right. Here; I'll write it down for you." None of the girls could read.

He passed me a napkin with a single word on it. The word was Xanadu.

"If you were to speak that word here, all of them would go under at once.

If you want just one to sleep, you must say her name before the word."

"I see. And to snap her out of it?"

"Just 'wake up'".

"Thanks."  I looked around.  "Are all of your girls Asian?"

"No, but I understand how you could get that impression.  Actually about

75% are Oriental; the rest are Caucasian.  We operate several 'orphanages' in

Asian countries; the very best female infants are skimmed off and sent

here.  And many of the Brothers prefer Asian girls."


"Yes. Actually, they are legitimate, for the most part.  Most of the staff at

each one knows nothing of its real purpose.  But the director and head

physician are always Brothers; they route the new girls here.  Each one

sends us between 10 and 20 a month."

"How do you get non-Asians?"

"You will be told--later," he said.

"How many girls are here?"

"Right now, about 500, serving 40 resident Brothers.  We have capacity to

accomodate many thousands of girls and many hundreds of resident men."

Soon, the meal was finished.  Min-Mei actually wiped my mouth and

cleaned my hands with a warm towel. As Ben predicted, several of the

Brothers offered me the 'services' of one of their girls; I accepted three.

These were Chin-Lo, Susie, and Wendy.  Chin-Lo was a pretty 14-year-old

Chinese; Susie, a lovely 10-year-old from Hong-Kong, and Wendy, age 8, was

the first Caucasian girl I had seen; blonde, blue-eyed, with an angelic face

and full lips.

Each girl went through a 'temporary binding' ceremony as had Min-Mei;

they were transferred to my quarters, along with ample wardrobes.

I sat them down together on the sofa, and told them:

"Girls, you are all Sisters in my service.  You are to cooperate and help one

another to serve me.  There will be no jealousy or competition among you.


"Yes, Master," they replied in unison. "This is the Law."

"Wendy, stand up and come here."

She did.

"Turn around--slowly."

She did.  Lovely.  A pert, tight bottom, and remarkably long legs for her

age.  The slightest hint of tiny bud breasts.  Wendy was wearing a pale

blue transparent nightie, with snowy white translucent panties.

"Wendy, bend over."

She did.  I fondled that tiny butt through the nylon of her outfit. Her

flesh was firm and tender; her skin smooth and silky.  I felt my cock begin

to rise.

"Wendy, come here, and sit on my lap."

Joyfully, she did so.

"My dear, tell me about yourself," I told her.

"Myself, Lord? There is nothing to tell," she said, her voice almost a


"How long have you lived here?"

"All of my life, Master."

"Do you remember anything besides this place, this life?"

"No, Great One.  How could there be anything else?"

As we spoke, I caressed and fondled the nymphet, and she squirmed and

giggled happily.  My hands moved all over her tiny body, and she

responded with little movements and grunts of pleasure.

Soon, we had moved to the bed.  The other girls looked on, as Wendy gave

me pleasure. She was quite skilful for such a young girl; her training had

evidently been thorough and complete.


The following morning, the girls washed and shaved me, and even brushed

my teeth for me.  Susie did 'bathroom duty', gently cleansing my anus after

I had moved my bowels.  I had the distinct impression that, were they able,

they would have gone to the toilet for me as well.

A knock sounded on the door. It was Ben.  "Ready for a tour of our

training facilities?"

"I suppose so.  What about them?" I indicated the four girls.

"Easy. Put them to sleep; they will keep for a short time."

I had them sit, then spoke the word, "Xanadu". All four heads slumped at

one time.  Ben whispered something to me, and I said, "Min-Mei, Susie,

Wendy, Chin-Lo: you will remain asleep until I tell you to awaken.  While

you are sleeping, you will review your lessons and training, and they will

become even more a part of you than they are now.  Understand?"

"Yes, Master," they all said, dreamily.

We left.

"The first stop is our physical fitness facility," Ben remarked.

We entered a large gymnasium, in which at least 50 young girls were

performing aerobic exercises.  Like the others, they were clad in only the

flimsiest underwear.  Their exercises were led by a 19-year-old beauty,

dressed like the others.

"The instructress is Carolyn," Ben remarked; "She has been here since she

was only four.  The girls get at least an hour of exercise a day; designed

to make their bodies firm, but not hard."

The next stop was the dance studio. Here, another group of 50 girls

received dance instructions.  "They are trained in ballet," Ben told me.  "We

value the grace and physical stamina it gives the girls."  Again the girls

performed their lessons dressed only in tiny bikini panties and half-slips;

their instructress was another older girl.  "That's Michelle," Ben said. "We

took her at fourteen--she's 20 now."

"How did you train her to obey at such an 'old' age?" I asked.

"I'll show you a bit later," he said.

Next, we visited the locker room.  The aerobics class was entering as we

did.  We watched the little girls remove their little outfits and begin to


"They have no modesty, no body shame," Ben commented as we watched.

"To our girls, nudity is completely natural and proper."

The girls giggled and laughed as they washed.

"We stress bodily cleanliness," he told me. "The girls have a 'cleaning ritual'

that will last almost an hour.  We'll stop back here in time to see the end

of it."

Next, we visited a 'classroom' complex.

In the first, a group of 15 girls sat in what appeared, at first, to be a

normal schoolroom.  Then I noticed that, in front of each girl, was a

rubber model of a penis.  The girls were leaning forward, giving oral sex

to the phallus models.  At the front of the class, another teen-ager stood.

Ben told me her name was Christy.

"All right, girls," Christy said, "now a bit slower and tighter.  That's right.

Jana, take it deeper into your throat...Debbie, use your tongue."

Liquid sounds of slurping and licking filled the room.  I found my cock

hardening as I watched. Ben noticed.

"Yes, it is exciting, isn't it.  Here, I'll show you something."

He went to the front of the room and spoke to Christy.  She lowered her

eyes, and curtseyed.  I could hear her murmured "Yes, Master", and then she

turned and faced the girls of the class.

"Girls, Master Ben and his guest have honored us by a visit.  They would

like to try out the best girls in the class.  Let me see...OK, Chiako and

Li-Ho, come here."

Two girls rose. They were both asian.  Chiako was a lovely little 13-year-

old Japanese girl; and Li-Ho was a fetching Chinese of about 11-12.

They approached us, curtseyed, and stood with eyes and head lowered.

"These girls have learned their lessons well, Lords," Christy said.  "I hope

that you will enjoy their service."

We each selected one girl--I got Li-Ho--and opened our robes. The girls

knelt, and began to give head right there at the front of the classroom.

Christy had the other girls gather around to watch.  She commented on our

girls' techniques as they performed their service; occasionally, one of the

other girls would ask a question and she would answer.

At last, both of us reached orgasm, and our girls dutifully captured every

drop.  To our surprise, they did not swallow, but held the sperm in their

mouths. Then, quickly, the others lined up, and each girl received a drop or

two of the fluid from our girls.  Even Christy.

We thanked the class for their hospitality and returned to the locker room.

The girls were lined up, still nude.  At the head of the line, an older girl

was dispensing new "uniforms".  As each girl reached the head of the line,

she received a fresh pair of panties and half-slip, and quickly slipped them

on. We watched, entranced at the beauty of the girls and their little outfits.

Next, we returned to the "school".  In another room, a small group of girls

sat watching a film.  Their eyes were glassy, their gaze distant and

unfocused. "They're in deep trance," Ben said.  "That way, the instructions

in the film are remembered perfectly, and become seamlessly integrated with

their other programming."

The film was about obedience and giving service, and included many scenes

of submission, in which a girl demonstrated almost unbelievable subservience

to a Master's command or request.

Between scenes demonstrating obedience, a male 'instructor' told the girls

that they must obey, must serve, must become even better servants than the

girls in the film.

"You asked how we train older girls," Ben said. "Now I'll show you."

We entered another room.  There, a Brother stood before a single kneeling

girl.  The girl was about 15. She was weeping quietly.  She was dressed like

the others, but there was a curious collar about her neck.  The Brother held

a small box which was covered with buttons.

"All right, Lisa, now stand up," he ordered.

Sullenly, she did.

"Turn around."

She did.

"Bend over."

Lisa hesitated.  The man pressed a button, and a spasm shook the girl's

body. She gave a muffled scream of pain.

"Lisa, you must obey, or you will be punished.  Now bend over, as you

were commanded."

This time, she did.

Ben said, "The training collar can administer any level of pain to the

subject.  It causes no permanent harm.  It can also give pleasure-- watch."

"Very good, Lisa," said the Brother.  "When you obey, you will be


He pressed another button, and Lisa gasped with pleasure.  An orgasmic

shudder passed through her body.

As we left, Ben told me, "The conditioning you see, along with drugs,

hypnosis, and classical brainwashing techniques, never fails to 'break' a

girl's will.  In a few weeks, we will be able to remove the collar, and Lisa

will be just as submissive and obedient as any other girl here. In fact, she

will be an eager and willing servant, and will learn to love her condition.

We used this method on the first girls here, and use it now on girls who

come to us older than about 6."

The final room was a dimly-lit one, in which about a dozen girls lay on

couches. Intravenous lines were connected to their arms, and they wore

stero headphones.  All appeared to be asleep.

"They are being programmed with the aid of drugs.  The drugs magnify

suggestibility by many times, and the effect is cumulative.  By the time

these girls have finished the primary course of treatment, they will have

absorbed the program at least ten times.  For the rest of their lives, they'll

receive monthly 'booster' sessions to keep the programming fresh."

As we walked back to my room, I commented, "This has been really

interesting and illuminating.  You certainly have developed an incredible

system here."


Back in my room, I woke my sleeping companions.

They woke together, smiling sunnily when they saw me.

"How may I serve you, Master," they all said in unison.

"I believe I shall think of something," I grinned.



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