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Archive-name: Control/mephisto.txt

Archive-author: The Mind Control Fan

Archive-title: Mephisto and Martha Part 1

     Sitting in the darkened room, she felt her apprehension

build.  The idea of being hypnotized into sexual submission had

thrilled her from the time she had first read Trilby as a teen.

When she had seen the Hypnotist at the nightclub almost a year

ago, she had watched with total fascination as several of her

girlfriends had fallen under his spell and wound up on the stage.

     Martha, a raven haired beauty who favored haute couture, had

even kissed him on that hot July evening in 1967!  She remembered

the look of unbridled lust that Martha had gotten when he

commanded her to see him as the greatest lover in the world and

that she would HAVE to kiss him whenever he snapped his fingers.

Of course, he told her she could only kiss him on the cheek, but

still ...!

     When she found out a week ago that Martha had gone back

stage and, while under his hypnotic spell, had fucked him til he

screamed (something that she had WANTED to do anyway, Martha

claimed)!  That was what had decided her to pay a call on the


     He entered the darkened room quietly and, as she figited, he

studied her from the opened door.  A small smile curved his lips

as he watched her squirm with obvious anticipation.  He had met

many women like her before.  They all wanted the hypnotic lover,

to be freed from the constraints of society and fuck until they

could fuck no more!

     She was a buxom wench, he thought as he looked her over.

About 5' 7" and maybe 125 lb.  She had firm breasts that showed

remarkably well through the cashmere sweater she wore.  The

micro-mini skirt showed off a great pair of legs above the white

go-go boots.  Her face was pretty, full lips, slightly slanted

eyes and an eager expression as she turned to face him.  He knew

he was going to have lots of fun with this one!

     He motioned her to stay still as he approached.  He could

feel her arousal as her eyes demurely looked up to meet his.  She

was already on the brink of hypnosis, even though she didn't know

it!  Her full lips parted slightly as he approached.

     "You have seen my show before?" he asked, softly.  Her head

nodded, her powers of speech already gone as he continued to gaze

into her green eyes.  "You know that, once hypnotized, you will

be very submissive to my will?"  Again her head nodded eagerly.

"Especially sexually?" he added to see her nod again in response

a small, timid smile flitting around the full lips.

     He gestured for her to stand and, keeping her eyes riveted

on his, she stood only half aware of her body.  Slowly she turned

until she was facing him.  Her breathing quickened as he raised

his finger in front of her eyes.  As she watched, it moved slowly

upwards.  She licked her full lips and gasped as the finger

rushed toward her forehead and, tapping her firmly between her

eyes.  She melted as he commanded her to, "Sleep!"

     She rode the heady roller coaster ride down into the

languorous depths of his control, her lush body collapsing into

his strong arms, the smell of his cologne filling her head as he

continued to pour his commands into her willing and open mind.

     Her arm raised itself of its own accord and went stiff.  Her

eyelids felt like lead and she couldn't seem to understand the

words he was saying as she slipped deeper and deeper under his

spell.  As she sank down into the soft couch a wave of desire

flooded her entire being; a wave of desire to please this

wonderful man who had taken her over!  She knew that she would do

anything he asked of her automatically and that she would LOVE

doing it, too!

     Her arm went limp again as she drifted further and further

out into the distance and away from everything but her own

interior world.  The desire to please him grew and grew and added

to it was a growing NEED!  A need to have his long, thick cock

bury its hairy shaft full up her love canal!  She began to pant,

licking her full lips as the desire, no, the NEED! built inside

her like a burning hunger that could only be satisfied by

gluttonous excess!

     SNAP!  Her green eyes shocked open to see the Hypnotist

standing before her.  Wave after wave of lust cascaded over her

senses each followed by the intense desire to please her new

Master.  He smiled and held out his hand.  As her fingers brushed

his it seemed that a dam broke over her inhibitions and she

literally slammed into his body knocking them both to the floor

where she tore at his clothing like a possessed animal!

     Her mouth was drawn like a magnet to his as her hands tore

away the fabric of his pants, her underwear already gone by some

magic of his doing.  She straddled his long cock, feeling the

shaft ride between her legs as her juices flowed freely.  She was

already on the brink of orgasm as his hand came up and tapped her

forehead.  She slept again, slumping over his laughing form.

     The Hypnotist felt her body go slack as he activated her

trance via the signal he had planted in her mind moments before.

Her beautiful body slumped over his as he laughed at her plight.

He was going to ENJOY this!

     His deep voice echoed in the room, commanding her to stand.

With the grace of a sleepwalker, she rose to her feet, the long

lashed lids closed, her face composed in the perfect beauty of

total surrender and complete relaxation.  Her slit was wet with

the actions of the last few moments, her breathing returning to

normal as he commanded her will into deeper and deeper submission

to his own.

     He stood behind her and slid his warm hands under the

softness of the cashmere and fondled the firm flesh of her

glorious tits.  She sighed and leaned back against him, all the

while slipping further and further under his control.

     Her nipples rose to two little towers of erotically charged

excitement as his skilled hands cupped, kneaded and pinched her

hard nipples, driving her even higher into ecstasy.  His voice,

pitched soft and low, continued to pour commands and imperatives

into her shell-like ear as his hands picked up their pace,

forcing her breathing to quicken and the juices to flow freely

down her legs!

     He commanded her to open her beautiful green eyes and walk

over to the table.  Her body complied, her eyes open in a vacant

stare as she walked to the table.  His voice forced her body to

stretch out on the table, immobile until he released her from his

hypnotic bondage.  He eased the sweater up over her ample tits,

exposing the pink globes with their marble tipped nipples to his

gaze.  He liked the way she was responding to his control, but he

felt he could extend his domination of her a bit farther.

     Reaching under the table, he brought up three small

electrodes with tape connectors at their ends.  Gently, he

attached one to each of her still-hard nipples and, reaching

under her skirt, attaching one to her engorged and exposed clit.

     The small box in his hand started to hum softly as he turned

the knob a small amount.  His new slave squirmed in ecstasy as

the tingling current flowed through her most sensitive parts!

     She felt the tingling growing and growing as she dimly heard

his voice reaching even deeper into her mind!  She was cumming

now, her moans echoing with a strange flatness in the darkness!

Her hips pumped automatically as the convulsions shook her entire

being!  She wanted more!  MORE!! and the tingling grew and grew

and grew!!!  His tongue was teasing the side of her neck, his

hands cupping her breasts, his cock entering her love-hole as the

current passed through her and into him!!!

                Mephisto and Martha Part 2

     Faster and faster he thrust into her wonderful body, feeling

the current from the machine driving her wilder with the

continuing orgasms as he started to spurt his own juices into


     Screaming, they both climaxed together as the machine

automatically shut itself off.

     She swam up through the darkness only to be greeted by more

darkness.  She was awake now, she was sure, but there was no

light to see by at all.  Breathing heavily as the fear descended

into her, she felt a hand touch her left thigh.

     "I see you're awake," the Hypnotist's voice said, calmly.

"Don't worry about the darkness, I turned off the lights after

our session.  Was I what you expected?"  A touch of humor there.

     She settled back and remembered dreamily the incredible

orgasm he had brought her to and sighed contentedly.  "Yes ...

yes and much more ..." her voice trailed off as his hand moved up

the inside of her leg.  She was wet instantly, the scent of her

arousal rising to her nostrils like steam from a cup.

     "You were very pleasing yourself," he chuckled, a low almost

animal sounding rumble in the dark that made her smile as his

fingers teased her slit.  "You are a very good hypnotic subject.

I'm surprised that you didn't go under when you saw my show."

     She laughed softly at the memory.  She had been there with

several of her friends and her mother.  Mother was always the

conservative.  She had voted for Nixon, Goldwater and even

supported Joe McCarthy at one time.  The only reason she was with

them was because her daughter's best friend had invited her

along.  Mother was one of the first ones hypnotized, sitting

right in the audience!  If it hadn't been for HER, she would have

been hypnotized, too!

     By the time she had finished explaining, the Hypnotist was

laughing as well, but for a different reason.  Her mother had

been one of the many who had visited him backstage for an

advanced experience in hypnotic control!

     His mind flashed back to that memorable night.  The woman

was in her mid-forties, sleek and trim with a very up tight

attitude.  He had noticed her in the company of about six other,

much younger, women.  At first he thought her a house-mother from

the University, but then the idea hit him that this was a

birthday party and she was somebody's real mother.  He watched

her out of the corner of his eye as she almost instantly fell

into trance.  Her reactions to his suggestions and commands were

uniformly lewd and she came on to him at every opportunity.  He

knew from the show that she was a recent widow and that she was

one of the best hypnotic subjects he had ever encountered.  A

small suggestion, while she was in trance, that she should visit

him backstage was accepted with almost panting eagerness.  Like

Mother, Like Daughter he laughed to himself, especially as he was

going to see her again, as he had weekly from the date of the

show almost a year ago.  She was a minx in bed and hotter than a

blowtorch.  His mind reeled with the idea of a threesome with the

two of them and rejected it almost immediately.  Their ethical

and moral codes would never allow something as far out as THAT!

     He looked over at his new slave and smiled.  He was almost

ready for his second go-round with her.  She looked back at him

with a sunny smile which became a glassy-eyed stare as he

casually snapped his fingers twice.  She rose from the chair

moving fluidly, like a sleepwalker, over to him as he shifted in

the chair to allow her better access to his tool.

     She knelt in front of him slowly, like fog descending from

above, her hands moving to his zipper, freeing his thick rod.

Bending over it, she slowly sank her hot, tight lips down over

the knob of his cock and continued down to the root of his shaft.

Her mouth felt like warm honey as she moved up his shaft with the

speed of molasses in january, her suction a hot and clinging

delight to his rock hard member.

     He reached down and cupped her right ear and she froze in

place, her trance deepened exponentially.  He spoke softly to her

enthralled mind.  "Each stroke you make up and down my cock, you

FEEL my cock also stroking up your pussy.  Every movement you

make with your mouth on me, you will also feel in your love-

canal!"  Snapping his fingers, he broke her trance and she

started running her baby soft lips faster and faster up and down

his tool.  Her sucking became more and more urgent as she thrust

her own hips against the imaginary cock that was doing to her

just what she was doing to him!

     She felt the hot prick Moving in and out of her like a

twisting piston, rounding the sensitive nub of her clit and

sending shocking waves of energy through her!  The taste of his

cock in her mouth was like nothing she'd ever tasted and she

couldn't get enough!!  He was stroking her hair and moaning

softly, a sound that made her ecstatic with joy.  She was making

him happy!  It seemed to be the most important thing in the

world.  She picked up speed a bit, swirling her tongue around the

knob of his rock hard tool and gasping as the cock down below did

the exact same thing to HER!

     Her lovely head bobbed up and down faster and faster.  His

breath was coming in ragged gasps as she drove them both to

heaven with her perfect mouth.  Crying aloud, he came in large,

steady spurts and, as he did, he cupped both of her shell-like

ears in a post hypnotic signal.

     She felt the hot spurts of his cream jetting into her mouth.

Tasting like a rich wine, she eagerly started to swallow every

drop when his hands touched her ears and her whole body convulsed

in the most unbelievable orgasm she had ever experienced!  She

arched her back and screamed as she came and came and came!!!

     Darkness engulfed her then.

     She awoke, alone.  On the table, a single red rose and a

note.  It was in a man's firm hand.  "We will meet again, I have

placed a compulsion in your mind to meet me in the future, a

compulsion you agreed to follow before I placed it in your mind.

You will have no idea what the signal that triggers this

compulsion is, but you WILL follow it.  I am looking forward to

it!"  It was signed simply with the letter "H."

     She could hardly wait.

                   Mephisto and Martha pt 3


     It was almost two weeks later, after her first visit to the

Hypnotist when she experienced his control over her again.  He

had left a note telling her that he had placed a compulsion in

her mind that she would meet at a future date in response to some

signal that she did not recall.  The idea of the signal had given

her some excited concern, but, after nearly two weeks without

anything happening...

     She had just returned home from work.  The modelling shoot

had been exhausting and she was looking forward to soaking her

trim body in a tub full of bubbles and hot water.

     She flipped on her favorite radio station and heard the

advertisement. " ... Tonight, at 8PM, on stage at the Ambassador!

You WILL be hypnotized and you will enjoy the experience!  Be

sure to bring your imagination!"  She knew about the show, of

course, everyone in town was talking about it, but the announcer

went on.  "And as a special treat, Ladies with the first name of

Terry will be admitted free!"

     The next thing she knew, she was heading out the door, her

body curiously distant from her senses, moving of its own accord.

She blinked and she was getting out of her car in the garage

across from the theater.  It was early yet, only about three

thirty, and she found the stage door unlocked.  She entered and

made her way to the dressing room that she knew was his and

opened the door automatically.

     The room was dark.  The heavy scent of incense hung in the

blackened room like a tangible thing.  She tried to move and

found that she was paralyzed, her body totally unresponsive to

her will.  Opening her full lips, she found that she could not

utter a sound either.

     A chuckle sounded in the darkness from across the room, a

familiar chuckle.  As her eyes adapted to the lack of light, she

could barely make out the form of the Hypnotist sitting on a

chair across from her.  His teeth showing in the dim recesses of

the chair's shadow.

     "I'm happy to see you are so responsive, Terry."  The

Hypnotist rose from his chair slwoly.  Terry's breathing

quickened as she became moist with the anticipation of his touch.

"You heard the radio announcement, I see, and you responded very

well, indeed."  He moved slowly forward through the gloom.

Terry's pulse was pounding with the anticipation of his

lovemaking as she watched him from her paralysed vantage point.

     The Hypnotist smiled a self-satisfied smile.  He loved it

when his subjects responded so very well to his coaching.

Terry's full breasts heaved as she became more and more aroused

by his mere presence.  Her nipples showed through the thin fabric

of her blouse even in the darkling room.  His hand moved up and

cupped her right breast, feeling the fullness of it, the warmth,

the hard button of her erect nipple under his strong hand.  His

smile grew as she gasped in delight at his touch.  "Just like I

commanded her to do!" he thought to himself, inwardly.  She was

well on the way to becoming another perfect addition to his

stable of hypnotically controlled lovers.

     Her body still held immobile by his command, he freely

explored her body as she closed her eyes and savored every

sensation.  His hands lingered on her large, firm breasts,

teasing her hardened nipples even further, then moving down to

the cleft between her legs, insistently massaging the warm

dampness he found there.

     Terry's head was spinning from the sheer excitement of it as

his hands drove her wilder and wilder, but she couldn't MOVE!!!

She struggled against the control he had over her body, but to no

avail.  All she wanted to do was return the pleasure he was

giving her, but she was so STUCK!!!

     He chuckled as he fondled her warming flesh.  She was so

easy to control and so eager to please!  His surprise for her was

waiting in the background, hidden in the shadows behind his


     Terry gasped as his fingers slid against the silky fabric of

her panties, her juices beginning to flow as she closed her eyes

again, the better to savor the sensations he was building within

her body.  Her nipples were already towering marbles as his other

hand cupped and pinched her breasts while his hot tongue ran

lightly from her ear down to the base of her neck.  Her breathing

was becoming ragged as his hands drove her irresistably towards a

major climax!  Stars swam in front of her vision as she opened

her green eyes at the beginning of the first shuddering orgasm

and STILL she couldn't move!!

     As her body shuddered with the orgasmic delight his hands

were producing, the Hypnotist commanded sternly, "Terry!

Locked!"  At his command, her whole body locked, frozen in mid

orgasm, her senses swimming in the frozen and seemingly eternal

tension of erotic convulsion!!!

     He stepped back to watch her torment as her body locked in

mid-orgasm, her entire sensory system frozen into an unending

orgasmic contraction!  He laughed as she trembled, her knees weak

with the strain of maintaining such a long orgasmic convulsion!

     Gently, he stroked her long lashed eyelids closed, her body

trembling even harder as the tension grew from the frozen-in-

time orgasm he had locked her into!

     Looking over at the chair he had been sitting in, the

Hypnotist quietly said, "Now," and watched with delight as the

second member of his party rose from the shadows and glided over

to him, long-nailed fingers automatically seeking his rigid stalk

as her dark eyes closed in erotic trance.

     Leaning forward to the scented neck, he nibbled gently at

her earlobe and whispered his commands.  Martha's dark eyes

opened in a glassy stare as he finished speaking.  She turned to

face the still orgasming Terry and gently stroked the fine golden

hair of her enthralled friend while continuing to stroke the

Hypnotist's crotch with her other hand.

     The Hypnotist again stroked Terry's soaking snatch as he

commanded her to be free from his hypnotic bondage.  The instant

he did so, Terry's back arched and her hands rose to her full

breasts, massaging them almost brutally as she cried out in the

full glory of sensual release!!

     Martha continued to massage the Hypnotist's cock

automatically as she reached out and cupped Terry's large and hot

tit with her left hand, her entranced eyes aglow with a lusty

light, her strong hand moving over Terry's adding the sensation

of her attentions to the orgasmic release!

     Terry's eyes rolled up into her head as she fainted from the

total sensual explosion.  Martha caught her as she fell and eased

her to the floor while the Hypnotist watched.  He moved rapidly

then, turning on a special strobe-like light and turning it to

face Terry's beautiful face.  He adjusted the blink rate as

Martha stood transfixed by the flashing, her trance deepening

even further with each blink of the light into her dark eyes.

                    Mephisto and Martha pt 4

     Terry swam back up through the blissful darkness to

wakefulness. Opening her eyes, she was instantly dazzled by the

brilliant flickering light.  Shaking her head slightly, the light

changed speed just a bit and Terry felt the world tip sideways

for a moment as the light seemed to become a wall of brightness

taking up her entire attention.  For what seemed like a second,

she thought she heard the Hypnotist say something as the light

filled her senses to the exclusion of all else.

     When she awoke, Terry was not surprised to find Martha

standing in front of her, her eyes bright and sparkling, her lips

pulled back in a self-satisfied smirk.  To Terry, it was obvious

that Martha was enjoying what was happening.  A snapping sound

from behind her caused Terry to turn her golden haired head

around to see where it came from.  As she did, Martha's long

fingered hands reached up and grabbed the sides of Terry's

beautiful face and pulled her lips into a hot, wet kiss.

     Shock and disbelief flooded Terry's mind as she tried to

pull away from Martha's insistent tongue, but the hands that held

her were far too strong!  Terry tried to scream, but the hot

mouth covered hers and all that came out was a muffled squeal.

     Martha broke the kiss and, still looking at her friend with

a haughty expression, held up a sparkling crystal pendant and

began to swing it back and forth in front of Terry's outraged


     The moment the pendant started its swing, Terry's expression

started to become a blank.  It seemed that the pendant was the

prettiest thing she had ever seen!  She wouldn't dare look away

from something SO beautiful!

     Martha's soft voice broke the silence as she continued to

swing the pendant in front of Terry's increasingly blank face.

"Just watch it, Terry, watch it and relax.  He is your Master

and, as you slip deeper and deeper into my trance, I am becoming

your Mistress.  You will obey my voice from now on, awake or

asleep.  With each swing of the pendulum, you fall deeper and

deeper under my control.  His commands will always override any

that I might give you, but in all other things, you are now my

Slave!"  She reached out her hand and stroked Terry's eyes

closed, watching with  delight as her friend surrendered her will


     The Hypnotist smiled as he watched his glamorous student

take ever deeper control of the green-eyed beauty per his

instructions.  Martha was wearing a tight leather bustier,

garters and stockings and a look of powerful control.  Her firm

tits stood at rigid attention as she placed her friend, now

slave, into even deeper trance, her voice deep and soft with a

touch of steel behind it's soothing tone.  It was a voice that

would be hard for anyone to resist, he thought to himself.

     Martha's soft voice led her down into depths she had not

plumbed before.  Her body felt a million miles away and all she

could do was float where the soothing voice led her.  She felt

herself kneel on the cold floor, her head suddenly weighing a

ton, sinking forward onto the hard parquet.  A finger, strong and

insistent was probing around her ass, but Martha's voice had to

be followed!

     The Hypnotist watched with interest as Martha examined

Terry's perfect ass, inserting one finger, then two into the

rubbery tightness as Terry squirmed in her trance.

     Looking over at Martha, the Hypnotist said quietly, "Have

her satisfy you with her mouth while I fuck her from behind."

     Martha moved around to the front of her kneeling slave and,

tilting the blonde head up ordered Terry to start to lick

Martha's shaved pussy, that it would taste like the greatest

treat she had ever tasted!

     Terry felt her mouth being drawn forward magnetically.  Her

tongue licked out of her full lips to taste the warm, wet

sweetness of Martha's slit, savouring the sweetness and the

warmth she found there.  It tasted SO good!  As she rolled her

tongue around the nub of Martha's engorged and sensitive clit,

the Hypnotist moved in from behind her and thrust his massive rod

full up into her hot box!

     Moaning, Martha leaned across her enthralled slave and

locked lips with her Master, their tongues stabbing and probing

as he continued to thrust deeper and deeper into Terry's love

hole.  His strong hands moved up from Terry's hot ass to cup and

fondle Martha's even hotter tits, rolling the rock hard nipples

between his long fingers as Terry continued to run her tongue in

and out of Martha's dripping honey pot.

     Martha, still in the depths of trance herself, thrilled to

the workings of the two tongues working in her mouth and her

cunt, but also soared on the power she now had over the glamorous

Terry!  She had almost cum when she saw Terry's eyes close as her

own voice took command of her body and mind!  She couldn't

remember being so turned on in her life and she wanted MORE!!!

     Terry felt the thick rod of her Hypnotic Master enter her

from the rear, the angle of his erect manhood rubbing her clit in

a new and dizzying way!  While she pumped her hips to take him

full up her love hole, she still could not get enough of Martha's

incredibly sweet juices!  The nub of her clit tasted like rich

vanilla cream and her cream tasted like strawberries!!  She

automatically buried her face deeper into the fragrant cleft as

her Master thrust faster and faster from behind!!

     The Hypnotist increased his pace as he thrust almost

brutally into Terry's clinging and steaming snatch.  He always

loved it when a woman gave herself to his will and both Terry and

Martha were tributes to his prowess as a hypnotic dominator.

Looking down at Terry's thrusting hips and swinging tits, he felt

the tension start to build in his balls.  His gaze traveled up to

Martha's smouldering stare.  Her eyes were alight with sexually

predatory light as she gripped her hot jugs, her incredible eyes

threatening to hypnotize HIM!

     Martha's gaze bore into the Hypnotist's smoky gray eyes, her

will reaching out to enfold his strong body and entrap his mind.

His fucking speed slowed as she focused all of her inner power on

him, feeling the coming orgasm building in her as Terry's tongue

continued to obey her command.  Reaching up to the Hypnotist's

face, she snapped her fingers abruptly in front of his eyes and

sternly commanded him to SLEEP!

     The Hypnotist felt his mind slip into the warm depths of

hypnotic trance as he listened without resistance to Martha's

soft voice, "Sleep, my Dear.  Sleep deeper with each thrust you

make.  Sleep and obey my every command!"  He fell deeper and

deeper as her irresistible voice gained more and more control of

his mind.  He was about to cum and she knew it!  All he existed

for, now, was to obey and please her!

     Martha, now fully roused from her own trance continued to

pound her commands into his now-willing mind.  Terry was bringing

her higher and higher toward orgasmic release as she took deeper

and stronger control of both of them!  As she started to cum, she

ordered her hypnotized slaves to cum at the same time!

     Terry was dimly aware of Martha hypnotizing her new Master

and loved the idea!  She was cumming as Martha ordered as the

Hypnotist rammed into her one last time, his sperm shooting full

up into her body, her hips and womanly gate spasming

uncontrollably at the unbelievable release of sexual tension.

She screamed as the room whirled around her!

                 Mephisto and Martha pt 5

                   Martha's Power Trip!

     The Hypnotist, now fully hypnotized himself by Martha's

smouldering eyes and irresistible voice felt the throbbing,

explosive orgasm detonate in Terry's hot box as Martha commanded

him to cum!  He felt like every orgasm he had ever experienced

was rolled into this one blessed release!  He fainted dead away

as he shot his full load into Terry's Streaming snatch!

     Martha felt Terry cumming as the Hypnotist came and

convulsed with pleasure at the same time!  Her world was opening

to new vistas of power and control and, as she bounced in

unbridaled passion on Terry's still-working tongue, she knew that

this was the start of something new on the horizons of


     After the three had cum to near exhaustion, Martha decided to

take matters a step farther.  Looking at her Rolex, she saw that

there was still another three hours until show time for her

hypnotized Hypnotist.

     Looking down at his panting form, she knelt next to him and,

speaking very softly, sent him even deeper under her hypnotic

control.  "Listen to me very carefully and sleep deeper with every

word I say.  From this moment forward, whenever I snap my fingers

and point at someone, you will hypnotize that person and bring them

to me.  You will always return to sleep when I command you to sleep

and you will beg me to hypnotize you when you awaken."  A wicked

smile flickered across her stunning face as he nodded his assent to

her commands.  She decided to go even farther.  "When you awaken,

you will not remember having been hypnotized this afternoon.  You

WILL follow all of my suggestions, but you will have no idea as to

WHY you are doing my bidding, do you understand?"  Her smile

broadened as he nodded his acceptance and his memory clouded.

     Turning her attentions to the still-hypnotized Terry, Martha's

sultry voice wound its web of control around the pretty blonde's

mind as she spoke, "Terry, I am your friend.  You want to make your

friend happy, don't you?"

     Terry smiled and murmured softly, "You are my friend.  I want

to make you happy."  A dreamy smile lit her relaxed face as Martha


     "Than means that you will always do what I ask of you, doesn't

it."  It was a statement, not a question.  Terry nodded, half-

asleep.  "It means that you will fall asleep like you are now

whenever I want you to, doesn't it?"  Terry's smile grew as she

nodded almost eagerly.  "It also means that you will make love to

me whenever I ask you to, doesn't it?"  Terry nodded again, the

sweet taste of Martha's pussy still lingering in her mouth.  "It

also means that you will help me to do anything that I ask of you,

doesn't it?"

     "I will help you any way I can, Martha.  You are my friend and

I want to make you happy."  Terry's voice seemed like it was coming

from far away as she spoke, but the conviction of her belief was


     Martha's grin became almost wolf like as she cupped Terry's

firm breast, kneading the hard nipple between her fingers and

watching as Terry's face flushed with a look of longing.

"Remember, Terry, you want to please me, always.  You want to obey

and fulfill my wishes.  You will always do as I say!"

     Terry, her body aflame with desire let Martha's voice encircle

her, the words becoming an integral part of her beliefs.  She could

no more disobey than she could stop her own heartbeat!  Gasping,

she breathed, "Yes, Martha, I will always do as you say!  I only

want to please you!"

     Martha moved over to the table and shifted the strobe-like

machine that the Hypnotist had used on her previously.  He had

shown her how it worked, how, if set properly, it would drive the

subject's brainwaves all the way down to the theta level where

suggestions became almost irresistible.  She had plans for this box

and for her two slaves as well!

     Martha slowly put on her clothing as she continued to

reinforce her control of her two new slaves who now were sitting up

and staring at the captivating light.  The Hypnotist would be her

fawning slave the moment he awoke, but only when they were alone or

with Terry.  Terry would now do anything to please her hypnotic


     She moved past the full length mirror and paused to look

approvingly at herself.  Her breasts were too full for the

modelling career she had wanted as a teen, but her perfect face,

full lips and raven hair were of an exotic enough bent that she

made a very good living in her work in television commercials.  Her

voice and face were known to thousands of women as the beauty

behind the Unicorn Makeup Line and to thousands of men as the swim

suited goddess of an aftershave campaign.  Now they would learn

just how powerful she REALLY was!

     Turning off the strobe system, she strode over to the

captivated pair and commanded them to wake, watching with approval

the obsequious manner of the Hypnotist and the total admiration of

the model, Terry.

     Terry looked up at Martha and thought to herself how this was

like seeing a long lost friend, one whom she would do ANYTHING for!

Her smile broadened as Martha reached out and patted Terry's creamy

white cheek.  "Terry, dear, would you please tie him to the table

for me?"  Martha's voice stilled her heart for a moment, so

beautiful it seemed to Terry.

     "Of COURSE, Martha, I'd love to tie him up, but don't you

think he will object?"  Terry was already moving toward the table,

looping the ropes she found there around the table legs in

preparation for the Hypnotist's body.

     Martha smiled a wicked smile as she looked at her former

Master's pleading expression.  "No, I don't think he will," looking

over at the Hypnotist, she merely pointed at the table and he

scrambled to it.

     He could feel the need to fall into her hypnotic control

building within him.  He knew, deep down, that he HAD to please her

to get her to place him in her wonderful trance and pleaded as he

literally ran to the table and stretched out on it.  "Please,

Martha, I'll do anything you want, just PLEASE, hypnotize me!"

     At his words, both women looked at each other and laughed,

Terry all the while looping the strong rope around his wrists and

ankles, spreadeagling him on the cold table top.  "Martha, is this

good enough, or should I add more rope to be sure?" Terry asked

after a few minutes of quick work.

     Martha moved slowly around the table, trailing one long

fingernail across the naked chest of her former Master as she

examined Terry's handiwork.

                    Mephisto and Martha pt 6

     The ropes dug into his wrists, chafing his skin as she moved

languorously around his helpless frame, her finger trailing cold

fire, rousing his maleness to full attention.  He was dimly aware

that another of his hypnotized slaves would be arriving any moment

and that worried him somewhat, But Martha's dark, expressive eyes

were watching his body's reaction to her ministrations and her

smile was getting wider with each passing second.

     She looked down at her helpless victim and chuckled a low,

evil chuckle at his plight.  When they had first met, Martha was

his victim, but he had allowed her to learn too much of his methods

and now HE was HERS!  "Yes, Terry, you've done a fine job, thank


     At Martha's words of praise, Terry felt an exultation like she

hadn't felt in years!  She had made Martha happy!  It was almost

all she seemed to live for and she was delighted to do so well.

Looking over at her glamorous friend, Terry was almost forced to

ask, "Is there anything else I can do to help, Martha?"

     Martha considered for a moment and smiled at her, winningly.

"Yes, Terry, there is.  Would you kneel down in front of me here

and not move until I ask you to?"

     Terry moved quickly, kneeling in front of her friend, the

eagerness to please Martha still the most important thing in her

life.  She looked up at Martha's dark eyes and felt like she could

continue looking into them forever.  Martha was speaking and THAT

meant Terry HAD to listen.

     "Terry, all I want you to do is stay right where you are until

I ask you to move.  Can you do that for me?"  Martha's smile got

wider as Terry nodded her beautiful head, still gazing into

Martha's eyes, a look of sweet submission on her perfect face.

"Terry, please close your eyes while you wait for me."  The sea-

green eyes closed instantly.  Martha's smile grew.

     A knock at the door snapped Martha's raven-haired head around.

Looking to the Hypnotist she whispered, "Who is that?"  The

knocking sounded again.

     The Hypnotist's mind cleared for a moment and he remembered

that Veronica, Terry's mother, was here for their weekly fuck

session.  He quietly explained the situation to Martha and

continued to beg her to hypnotize him and satisfy the overwhelming

need to have her control him hypnotically.

     On hearing this, Martha's mind went into overdrive with plans!

Terry's mother had been very disapproving of Martha's swimsuit

commercials for some time.  This was her chance for revenge!

Moving to the door, she opened it and stood aside as the statuesque

Veronica swirled into the dressing room.  She stopped in mid-stride

as she took in the tableau of the Hypnotist bound to the table and

another woman, a blonde, kneeling, naked, with her back to the

door.  As she opened her mouth to speak, Veronica heard a crisp

fingersnap sound behind her.

     The Hypnotist saw Martha's pointing finger even as the sound

of the snapping fingers echoed in the room.  Veronica turned to

face him as he said the key words that sent her svelte body

tumbling to the floor in a deep trance.

     Martha's laughter echoed in the small room as she closed the

door and stepped over to the bound Hypnotist on the table.  Smiling

a tiger-like smile, she sneered, "So you want me to hypnotize YOU?"

The single bark of laughter that followed cut into his ego like a

cat o' nine tails.  "For me to do that, you have to do something

for me."  She could barely contain the wicked satisfaction she was

getting watching him trying to please her.  "I want you to place

Veronica under MY hypnotic control."

     The Hypnotist nodded and started to speak, his voice resonant

and powerful.  "Veronica, in a moment you will listen to a new

voice, a voice that will control your trance even more completely

than mine.  You will obey this voice and go deeper into your trance

than ever before.  Do you understand?"

     From the floor, Veronica's mellifluous voice floated as though

she were talking in her sleep, "Yes, Master.  I will go deeper into

trance for the voice and I will obey all of the suggestions I am

given."  She sighed and sank even further into herself as Martha

began speaking and the strobe flashed into her mind sending her

even deeper into hypnotic submission.

     "Veronica, as you go deeper and deeper to sleep with each word

that I say, you also are becoming aware of a need you have had

since you were very small. That need is the need to obey my voice

at all times.  My voice has spoken to you in your dreams and now

you are hearing it for real and you NEED to obey, even after I

awaken you from your trance.  No matter where you are or what you

are doing, you will always do exactly as I command and you will

always return to trance whenever I tell you to.  Do you


     "Yes, I understand.  I will always obey you and fall into

trance whenever you want me to."  Veronica sighed again as the

machine forced her to fall even deeper into Martha's spell.

     Martha's voice drove her deeper under her control now; "When

you awaken, you will not be surprised to see your daughter in this

room at all, in fact, the idea of her being under my control will

turn you on even more.  You will realize when you awaken, that the

Hypnotist on the table is no longer your Master and that he has

been taking sexual advantage of you for months.  You will do

whatever comes to mind when you realize that so long as you do not

leave this room and do not permanently or visibly injure anyone.

Do you understand, Veronica?"

     Veronica's voice sounded vague and far away as she replied,

"Yes, Mistress.  He has been taking advantage of me using his

hypnotic powers.  I cannot hurt him visibly or permanently but can

do anything else I want.  I will always go to sleep when you want

me to and always obey your voice.  Seeing Terry under your control

will turn me on as well.  I understand, Mistress.  I NEED to obey

and I WANT to obey."

     Martha's wicked smile flashed in the dim room as she turned

off the hypnosis machine and counted to three, wakening the sleek

Veronica, watching carefully for how well the haute couture bitch

would respond to her commands.

     Veronica stood slowly as the realization dawned on her that

the Hypnotist had been taking sexual liberties with her while she

was hypnotized.  While one part of her had enjoyed the sessions

immensely, another part of her was outraged that he DARED to touch

her in that way without her consent!

     Veronica moved to the side of the table and looked down at the

helpless Hypnotist, a wickedly sexy revenge forming in her mind.

She slowly removed her dress and let him see her athletic and busty

form.  Her 38D breasts were still firm and upturned, the nipples

womanly and erect.  Out of the corner of her eye, Veronica saw the

hypnotically controlled form of her daughter and became moist with

the anticipation of her revenge on this man.

                Mephisto and Martha pt 7

     She stood up on the table.  Her love nest descending onto his

rigid rod in a single fluid motion.  She felt the familiar surge of

sexual power run through her like an electric current as she ever

so slowly edged up to the tip of his cock.  Her wide eyes glittered

as she slowly sank down onto his cock again.  Her voice hissed as

she spoke, malevolent glee sounding strangely in the darkness, "So,

you bastard, you used ME for your pleasure?  NOW it's MY turn to

use YOU for MY OWN PLEASURE.  When I'm through with you, you will

be so drained sexually that you won't be able to stand up, let

alone GET it up!"  Her laughter seemed to shimmer in the darkened


     The Hypnotist looked up at Veronica and felt his head clear

for a moment.  The need to have Martha hypnotize him was still

there, but he had to deal with Veronica's seeming attack.  He

smiled lazily and spoke softly. "Veronica, remember that all I have

to do is utter a certain phrase and you will revert to being my

little hypnotic plaything again!"

     Across the room, Martha had been waiting for him to pull this

and spoke firmly, "No, you can't, Mister!  You can't say that

phrase unless I SAY you can!  Try!  You can't!" and roared with

laughter as he tried.

     Veronica kept up the agonizingly slow pace up and down his

erect rod, her voice slashing quietly into his ego with each

stroke.  "Now, little man, we will see whether or not you are good

enough to really fuck a woman or whether you are fit only to

scratch an occasional itch!"

     Across the room, Martha watched approvingly as Veronica eased

herself up and down the Hypnotist's impressive rod, her hips

twisting slightly with each thrust as the Hypnotist started to gasp

as his body, still totally immobilized, strained toward sexual

release.  Turning her attention to Terry, she moved over to her and

sent her tumbling into deep trance while Veronica continued to heap

abuse on the helpless Hypnotist.

     "You wretched asshole!  How could you possibly think that that

little prick of yours was good for anything other than taking an

occasional piss?"  Her body descended again, with agonizing

slowness, to the base of his rod.  "You probably can't even find

the damn thing without a map!  It's so small that I don't believe

you could even satisfy a woman unless you HAD hypnotized her into

thinking you were a prime stud!"

     Veronica, by chance, looked over at Martha and saw her

daughter lying on the floor under Martha's hypnotic spell.  Her

juices flowed and fire danced in her eyes as her orgasm started to

come on her like a tsunami tidal wave!

     The Hypnotist, feeling her wild cunt spasming in obvious

delight, squirmed and twisted as much as he could as he, too, came

in gouts and spurts into her hot honeypot!  Screaming, he looked

over to Martha who was watching the whole proceeding while fondling

the entranced Terry's ample breasts and whispering something into

her ear.

     Terry stood slowly and moved to her mother's side, a strange

expression on her beautiful face as she bent over and kissed her

former Master on the mouth, her hot tongue fencing skillfully with

his.  As she straightened up, she looked at her mother and spoke

softly to her, "I think we can make him really sorry he tried to

take advantage of us."  Her smile was almost a sneer as she turned

to her former Master and, caressing his ear, said, "We are going to

drain you like you have never been drained before!"

     Veronica was taken somewhat aback at her daughter's sudden

interest in her victim, but, after a moment's thought, decided that

it would be very effective for the two of them to exact their

revenge on the hypnotic cur.

     Veronica stood back a bit as Terry moved over to the side of

the helpless Hypnotist and smiled a wicked smile.  She laughed at

the chills that her expression sent coursing down the Hypnotist's

bound body.  She knew that he was feeling more than a bit of fear

and excitement about what she had planned for him.

     Terry slid her hand against the still damp cock and cooed to

him, "What's the matter, darling?  Are you tired already?"  Moving

her head down to his limp member, she paused, her lips scant inches

above his aching flash.  "There, there, darling.  Terry's going to

make everything alright again.  Let me kiss it and make it better."

Suiting actions to words, Terry opened her perfect mouth and took

his tormented prick full into her heated mouth, sucking HARD!

     A moan escaped the Hypnotist's lips as Terry continued to suck

harder and harder on his tortured member while Veronica, at

Martha's command, squatted over his face, her dripping pussy almost

within reach of his tongue ... but not quite.

     Martha moved over to the struggling slave and whispered,

"Would you like me to hypnotize you now, my dear?"  Her perfume

sending waves of irresistible desire through his mind as he gasped

under Terry's continued sucking.  "Would you like to fall into a

wonderful sleep where my voice is your only will?"

     Again, as Terry redoubled her efforts on his aching tool, he

gasped, "Yes!  Yes!! I'll do anything!  Just PLEASE!!  Hypnotize


                   Mephisto and Martha pt 8

     Martha looked at the torment in his eyes as Terry kept up her

stirring pace and Veronica sat poised over his face and chuckled to

herself.  She could see, glancing down to Terry, that he was

getting hard again and from his face that he was in something akin

to agony.  Good!  She thought to herself.  He deserves it for what

he's been doing to us!

     Veronica looked down at Martha and knew that she had to follow

the command given her, but her legs were beginning to feel the

strain!  Just as she was about to say something, Martha reached up

and snapped her back into trance, where the strain on her legs

disappeared like magic.

     Martha laughed as the svelte Veronica dropped into her

control.  Her enjoyment of her hypnotic powers was just beginning.

The hypnotist was still moaning in anguish as Terry continued to

suck on his painfully erect rod and Veronica's perfumed pussy was

locked just scant inches out of his reach!  Revenge WAS sweet, she

thought to herself!

     Speaking in a low, steely tone to the entranced Veronica,

Martha decided to allow her some freedom in the situation, after

all, it wouldn't do to have her friend/slave's mother cramp up on

the table, now would it?

     "Veronica, open your eyes and look deeply into mine.  As you

do, you fall more and more deeply under my hypnotic control.  As

you stand up, you find you want more than even to obey the sound of

my voice.  In a moment, I'm going to awaken you.  Nothing you see

in this room will shock or surprise you in any way.  And whenever

I tug my ear, you will have an overwhelming need to kiss me.  No

matter what you are doing, whenever you see me tug my ear, you will

kiss me on the mouth and will not stop until I touch your neck with

my hand.  Stand up and awaken!"

     Veronica stood, her legs protesting the strain and looked down

at Martha who's voice still sounded like that of some elder Goddess

and smiled.  "Well, Martha, what shall we do with him now?"  Her

full lips parted in a savage grin as she looked down at the

tormented face of her former master as she stepped carefully off

the low table to face her wonderful new Mistress.

     Martha laughed and looked at Terry still sucking away madly on

his straining stalk and gently sent the pretty blonde into another

deep trance, her mouth slowly sliding down to the base of the

Hypnotist's outraged prick as she slid into the warm depths of her

hypnotic submission.

     Veronica looked up at Martha mischieviously and remarked,

"Boy, I wish I had known how to do that when she was growing up!"

The two beautiful women looked at the entranced Terry and laughed.

     "Veronica," Martha spoke softly, "would you kiss me if I

asked?"  She had to test the power of her control.

     "I doubt it, honey," Veronica replied, "I'm not into women.

But I might, if you asked in the right way." A smirk rippled the

creamy lips.

     Martha smiled back and absently tugged her ear.  In a flash,

Veronica's hot, creamy lips were hotly pressing against Martha's,

her tongue darting into Martha's mouth, stabbing insistently,


     As they kissed, Martha could not stifle the laughter from her

amusement at Veronica's immediate and impassioned response to her

post hypnotic command!  Even as Veronica treid to pull away in

vain, Martha was hard put to keep from laughing any harder through

the kiss - Veronica was REALLY stuck!

     After a few minutes of frenzied kissing, Martha reached up and

stroked Veronica's perfect neck and watched with almost hysterical

delight as the older woman backed off, amazed at the power the

raven-haired woman held over her will.  In an almost off-hand

manner, Martha sent Veronica tumbling to the floor, again in deep

trance, her delight at her power over the woman caused an almost

viscious laughter to bubble out across the room.

     Looking at her watch, Martha was disappointed to see that

there was a scant hour before show time.  She knew that her little

session was at an end - at least until after the show!

     Moving over to the bound Hypnotist on the table, she gently

tapped him in the center of his brow and softly commanded; "Sleep!"

His straining at his restraints melted away as he dropped into a

profound trance and awaited her next instructions.

     "You will awaken and prepare for your show.  When you go on,

you will find the most attractive couple in the room and make

certain that they fall under your hypnotic spell.  You will then

make double sure that they will come back here at the end of the

evening.  You will remember nothing of this command, but you WILL

obey, do you understand?"  Her steely tone brooked no resistance

from her captivated former master.  Her elation doubled as he

accepted her control and nodded his understanding of her commands.

     Moving quickly, Martha had her slaves reclothe themselves and

forget what had happened in the room until such time as she allowed

them to remember, substituting a memory of the four of them sitting

around and talking about his show and how wonderful it was to be

hypnotized.  Snapping them awake, she sat back and watched as the

Hypnotist moved to his dressing table and started to apply his

makeup while Martha and Veronica kept up a steady stream of gosh-

wow comments on his hypnotic prowess.  Martha laughed quietly to

herself and waited for the show to start.


    This is the last installment of this story.  If anyone has any

suggestions and/or ideas please feel free to E-MAIL your ideas to I would especially like to hear from any

women readers. Will trade hypnotic stories with anyone also. (Please,

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