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Archive-name: Control/lilone2.txt

Archive-author: Robin Ecker

Archive-title: Little One 2 - Making of a Sissy Baby

     "Say hello to Janet, my new assistant." 

     You were almost speechless. Before you stood this beautiful, exotic,

creature. Fine, chiseled features, pouting lips, creamed coffee complexion,

and legs that seemed to go on forever! She was exquisite! 

     Janet followed the Blonde psychologist into the therapy room, with you

close behind. You couldn't take your eyes of the seductive sway of her

hips, and noticed a bit of a tell-tale pantyline beneath the tightly pulled

fabric of her white, linen suit. She seemed the epitome of the modern,

sophisticated woman....elegant, almost aloof. And you were captivated by

the way her nylons 'sizzled' as her legs brushed together. 

     You've been subjected to a subtle combination mind-control technology

and drug therapy over the past few secessions. The Blonde could now induce

an almost trance like state where you were virtually helpless. It just

seemed like you almost lost all control over your inner thoughts as you

drifted through the dreamlike conversations. Soon, she was calling you

"little One" and again demanding your inner-most secrets. 

     Janet had taken off her suit coat, revealing a white silk blouse and

hint of lacy bra underneath. She sat opposite your couch, slowly crossing

her long legs, revealing a provocative glimpse of thigh. 

     "Is she wearing nylon stockings and a garter belt?" you thought. Try

as you must, you couldn't take your eyes off her. You hoped for an

indiscrete move on her part, one where her legs parted over so little,

perhaps showing a glimpse of panty. 

     "Are you staring at Janet's legs, Little One?" the Blonde asked. 

     You fell deeper into what seemed a dream-like state, and felt

compelled to answer truthfully to her questions. 

     "yes....she has very nice legs." 

     "You'd probably like to look up Janet's skirt, like a naughty little

boy, wouldn't you, Little One?" 

     You nod, blushing. You felt so embarrassed by that question, but you

DID want to look up her skirt! 

     "Does that make your little 'tinkle' nice and hard, Little One? Do you

have a little 'stiffie' growing right now?" 

     Your cheeks flushed, you slowly nodded 'yes.' You seemed to get even

harder as the Blonde used such childish words like 'tinkle' and 'stiffie'

to describe your erect penis. How could she shame you like this in front of

this girl?!! 

     "If you are a sweet and absolutely truthful little boy, maybe Janet

will let you look up her skirt." the Blonde laughed, and Janet slowly

shifted position, letting her skirt rise a bit to show off a hint of

stocking top. 

     Almost painfully, you nodded. That is what you wanted to see. But you

burned red to admit it! 

     "Very well. Janet, Little One seems to be quite interested in peeking

up your skirts. I think he likes ladies' undies, isn't that cute? Will you

indulge this naughty little boy and show him a bit more of your lingerie?"

She motioned Janet to stand. 

     Janet rose from her chair. The absolute picture of a prim and proper

lady. She bent down and took the hem of her expensive linen skirt in both

hands, then slowly straightened, raising the hem of her skirt a tantalizing

few inches above her knees! 

     She smiled innocently, like it was the most natural thing in the world

to do -- lift her skirts for your pleasure. She held her nylon clad legs

tightly together like a calender girl, the hem stopping just as the tops of

her nylons came into view. Then she turned around and looked coyly over her

shoulder. She bent over ever so slightly, showing off a hint of white satin

garter tab that tugged at her nylons. Your erection was quite visible as it

strained against the fabric of your trousers. 

     Not in your wildest imagination did you ever think this haughty young

lady would be coyly raising her skirt for you! It was a fantasy come true! 

     "Now you want to be good, and truthful, don't you, Little One? If

you're not truthful I'll have to ask Janet to lower her skirt." 

     "no, please, i'll tell the truth." 

     "Good, now you must tell me more about your naughty little secrets. I

will know if you are lying. And if you lie, you get punished, ok?" 

     You nod obediently. 

     "Good, now tell me, do you like lingerie?" 


     "Yes, Little One, ladies lingerie. You know, panties, nylons, bras,

cami tops, babydoll pj's, garter belts?" responded the Blonde. 

     "yes, I guess so." 

     Janet turned to face you. Completely innocent, but lifting her skirt a

bit higher, showing off her creamy thighs above the tops of her nylon

stockings. "Have you ever worn any lingerie, Little One?" she asked, as she

raised one leg provocatively, as you heard nylon rubbing against nylon. 

     How could she know??!! You fought hard to resist her!!! 

     "no, never..." but you feel yourself becoming more and more helpless. 

     "You are lying, Little One. Look at Janet. Tell me the truth, don't

you wish you could wear her nylons? Wouldn't those nylons feel so good on

your legs right now??" Janet was smiling sweetly, and slowly, seductively

moving her legs together as she held her skirts up ever so innocently.

"Nylons feel sooooo sexy, Little One! They make your legs feel so silky and

feminine. It makes me want to rub my legs together. It feels so sexy!"

Janet smiled, teasing you. 

     You lost your inhibitions. "yes,....i mean,... could i?" 

     "Could you 'what', Little One?" asked the Blonde. 

     "could i try wearing Janet's nylon stockings..." you whisper. 

     "But of course you can wear nylons, Little One. Perhaps you'd like

some nylon stockings of your very own? But what would a big strong man like

you know about ladies nylon stockings, unless you've actually worn a pair?

Have you ever worn women's nylons, Little One?" 

     "yes, once. i tried on some of my sister's stockings. i like the

feeling, but please don't tell anyone??" 

     "I won't tell a soul, Little One. You can share any and all of your

little secrets with me. I think you would look lovely in smooth nylon

stockings. Would you like to wear some back to your office today?" 

     Blushing, you shake your head, signifying you would like that. 

     Janet was standing there, raising her skirt higher, ever so slowly.

Then the white lace trim of her nylon panty came slowly came into view. And

Janet, striking an innocent, childlike pose, her left hand absentmindedly

holding her skirt aloft, and her right hand at her mouth. She was sucking

the tip of her right index finger. 

     "Since my little man knows all about nylon stockings, I should think

he's also worn panties, is that correct, Little One?" Janet asked. 

     "yes, but just once. i swear!" 

     "How do they make you feel, Little One?" asked the Blonde, smiling. 

     "Pretty, and -- in a hushed voice -- naughty,

a..... little sissy." you whisper. 

     The Blonde was delighted, in a very soothing and understanding voice

she continued, "But of course, like a sissy. You would feel like a sissy,

what with wearing panties and nylon stockings. Do you sometimes wish you

could wear soft, pretty undies like a sissy?" 

     "no...i" you stammer. 

     "The truth, now, Little One." she demands. 

     "well...yes...i mean...ok....yes, maybe just to see what its like." 

     Janet continued to lift her skirt, she took the hem almost above her

waist. Your eyes grew large with surprise. Janet was not wearing a sexy,

French cut panty, much in vogue with today's women. Rather, she was clad in

a pink rumba style panty, dripping with white lace and ribbons. The kind

little girls wore! 

     "Tell me, Little One, what should Janet do to make you feel like her

little sissy?" the Blonde continued. 

     "make me dress-up like a girl." 

     "Just any kind of girl? Would you like to be my little French maid,

with frilly panties and a short skirt? Or maybe my little girl, in a frilly

smock?" asked Janet. 

     "please don't make me say." you plead. 

     "Oh, you must answer, Little One! And right now!" Janet demanded. 

     "like a little sissy...... maybe even like a little sissy baby." you


     "Like a LITTLE SISSY BABY??Y!" Janet giggled. "Tell us more, Little


     You are excited, but very anxious about saying anymore. 

     "He liked the last one, the 'Little Sissy Baby' comment, go further,

Janet, we almost have him." the Blonde commanded. 

     "Good LITTLE SISSY BABIES must suck their thumbs. Go on now, put your

thumb in your mouth and suck for Mommy Janet." she commanded as she turned

around to show you the frilly bottom of her panty. 

     You can't help obey. A grown man, a powerful executive, sucking his

thumb, trying to be a good little sissy baby. You lie there in your Brooks

Bros. suit, erection pushing forward, sucking your thumb like a contented


     "Very good!" Janet smiles, "such a good widdle one! My special, widdle

panty baby." she cooed in baby talk. Janet is now in control of the

secession. "Now tell me all about your special fantasies, your LITTLE SISSY

BABY secret fantasies. Cause if you're a good and truthful Sissy Baby, I'll

MAKE YOU WEAR MY LACY LITTLE RUMBA PANTY. You can even wear it back to your


     Janet moves close to you, still holding her skirt high. The Blonde

takes your hand and gently moves it over Janet's nyloned legs. Your

erection gets even stronger. Slowly Janet spreads her legs and the Blonde

moves your hand past her smooth thighs. Janet smiled and turns around,

letting the delicate lace of her ruffled panty tickle your hand. Your

erection is so strong that you've spotted the front of your trousers, as

you feel the ultra-feminine lingerie of this beautiful, black, vixen! 

     Then Janet unhooked the clasp at her waist and let her skirt fall to

the floor. She stood there wearing a sexy white silk blouse, white lace

garter belt, nylon stockings, high heels, and those frilly rumba panties.

She looked for all the world like a sexy sophisticated woman who 'just

happened' to loose her skirt!" 

     Janet knew he was as good as hooked now. "But little BOYS don't wear

panties, do they, Little One?" 


     "If you are going to be MY sissy baby, you are going to have to be my

LITTLE GIRL BABY. Would you do that? Would you be my pretty little girl


     "yes, I will....but please don't tell anyone??" you whisper. 

     "My sissy baby GIRL??" she asks, as if confused, "do you want me to

dress you all up like a little baby girl?" 

     "yes..." you whimper. 

     "What does a sissy baby girl wear? Tell me Little One." she gently


     "a diaper," you whisper, "a diddy and panties, and a baby bonnet and

booties, and, and.... pwetty ruffled panties like Mommy has on." 

     The Blonde psychologist presses a button and begins a slide show of

various exotic fashions. "Tell me what you like from these pictures, Little

One. Tell Mommie Janet what makes you most excited." 

     The first slide showed a pretty, young woman dressed in a puffy, short

sleeved, little girl style, pink party dress. She was wearing pink panties

with white, eyelet ruffles sewn across the seat. 

     "Should I make you dress like that girl, Little One?" asked Janet. 


     Janet nodded, and smiled. The proceeded to show you a number of

slides, carefully measuring your reaction to each. You moaned with

excitement at a sexy young lady wearing a naughty French maid outfit, and

loved the pictures of pretty young women dressed in juvenile costumes of

pinafores, petticoats, ruffled panties and pretty stockings. You reacted

strongly to a young woman in a Brownie Scout Uniform with an indecently

short skirt, and swooned over a lace tiered wedding dress; not to mention

your reaction to a can-can girl costume and short-skirted leggy model

dressed in diapers and baby bonnet! 

     At that point they redirected you back to the infantilism theme. 

     "So you want to be my sissy baby, my little girl sissy baby," cooed

Janet. "Tell me, if you were my little sissy baby, would you WET YOUR

DIAPER for me?" 

     You stir, not even sub-consciously wanting to talk about this, but.. 

     "If you won't wet, you can't be my sissy baby." she pouted. 

     "yes, Mommie Janet, i wet ....your sissy baby girl, please." you beg. 

     "Ok, Little One." Janet smiles, stroking your erection through the

male trousers. I wish I could get you very wet, right now, Little One. But

I can't send you back to work in wet pants, now, could I?" she cooed. "I

want you to dream about how Mommie Janet is going to make you dress up like

Mommie's Little Sissy Baby, in a cute lil pink diaper..." 

     You are sucking your thumb hard, and obviously near ejaculation. 

     "Yes, very soon my precious lil macho male going be Mommy Janet's very

own lil sissy baby. Wearing a pretty pink diaper, ruffled plastic panty,

lovely lil baby dress, cute lil baby bonnet and when he wets, Mommy Janet

going to change her lil sissy and make him dry. BUT ONLY IF YOU OBEY ME!!!"

     you nod, eager to please Janet. 



     "yes, Mommie Janet." 

     "Any time, any place. If you hear me say "BABYKINS" you will wet


     "yes, Mommie Janet." 

     "and when you hear the words, "SISSY BABY," YOU WILL GET AN ERECTION



     "yes, Mommie Janet." 

     "And your last command, Little One, "SLEEP BABY." When you hear me say

"SLEEP BABY" you will immediately fall sound asleep. 

     "Good," the Blonde concluded, "let's return him to normal. By the way,

tomorrow I want you to order a complete set of costumes, all of those that

excited him: little girl frocks, French maid outfits, brownie uniforms, can

can girl outfit, wedding gown, prom gown, and loads of lingerie and babyish


     "It is time to end the secession. You understand he is a real bastard

where beautiful women are concerned, and that he will most certainly move

to both seduce and dominate you -- perhaps in a most cruel way. Are you

certain you are strong enough to go through with this until we arrange for

the role reversal?" the Blonde questioned. 

     Janet nodded. "It won't be easy, but I can put up with it for a week

or two. Just until we arrange the reversal. Anyway, if I find he's becoming

to cocky, you've given me "BABYKINS," "SISSY BABY," and "SLEEP BABY" to

distract him." she giggled. 

     Janet nodded, then spoke directly to you, "Ok Little One, it is time

to come back to the real world. When you wake up you will feel relaxed and

ready to go back to work. You will only have some very vague and dreamlike

impressions of what went on here. But you will have an overpowering urge to

seduce and sexually dominate me. Do you understand?" 

     You nod your head. In a few minutes you seem to awake from a light


     Aggravated over dosing off with these two bimbos (that's what you

thought of the Blonde and Janet), you ask, "Well, did you learn anything

interesting today?" Your voice laced with sarcasm. 

     Janet is once again the prim and proper young lady. The Blonde

responds to your curt question. "A very productive secession. I expect you

will learn to value Janet's expertise in her position as your new


     "What!! Now see here," you explode, "I will not have this little bimbo

as my new assistant! Just who in the hell do you people think you are?!!!"

you rage, the epitome of the aggressive, male executive. Standing, you

begin to storm out the door. 

     After you leave, the girls smile... Your training begins in full




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