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Archive-name: Control/jillian.txt

Archive-author: Dr. P

Archive-title: Jillian's Tale

Author's note:

  I would like to apologize in advance to anybody who may feel that

parts of the following story may be racist. I assure you that it

was not meant to be, but was required for the accurate telling of

the story.

  About a year ago a woman, whose self-description matched

Jillian's, began leaving messages on Compuserve describing in great

detail the lifestyle that she had fantasized living for years. She

announced that after much consideration she had decided to actually

live it and advertised for an "appropriate" Mistress.

  After several weeks of advertising, a young woman responded to

her who said she "fit the bill" and ordered her to leave her more

specific information via private mail.

  Neither woman ever posted another message. I assume she found her

Mistress. For a long time afterward I thought of her and tried to

imagine her in her new lifestyle. The fantasy which she described

became the basis for the following story. I hope you like it...


                            Part 1 

                          The Secret


  "Really, Jillian. You ought to give up that nasty habit. Those

cigarettes will be the death of you."

  "I know, Louise. As a matter of fact I've actually made an

appointment this afternoon with that hypnotist you told me about.

This time I'm going to kick the habit for good."

  "Oh marvelous, dear! I've never actually been to see him myself,

you understand. I just know him socially and thought I'd pass his

name on to you, since he does specialize in helping people to kick

the habit. Honestly, I don't really know if I'd be brave enough to

let anybody put me `under'. Frankly I'd be a little scared that he

might tell me to rob a bank or something."

  "Nonsense!  A hypnotist can't make you do something you don't

want to do. He can only reinforce your own desires to do something.

Now I suppose if deep inside you really WANTED to rob a bank..."

  "Heavens no!" The older woman giggled. 

  She was visiting at the home of her friend Jillian. Both of their

husbands were vice-presidents at a Fortune 500 company based in

Greenwich, Connecticut. Jillian was 35 years old. She was a natural

blonde and her figure was still quite good, thanks to her hours of

aerobics and tennis lessons. Her husband, Frank, was seven years

older than her and he'd spoiled her ever since they were married

twelve years ago. 

  Louise and Jillian had met at several company functions and

managed to strike up a friendship, even though their husbands were

well known to be almost constantly at odds with each other in the

boardroom. Jillian welcomed the companionship of the older woman,

as it gave her status a boost and helped legitimize her standing in

the community as an important person.

  Her standing in the community was very important to Jillian

because she was constantly trying to shed her middle-class roots

and be accepted in the snooty circles in which she now travelled.

Jillian was very much driven by pride, and her quest for status

often caused her to be insensitive and actually derisive of women

whom she felt were now socially beneath her.

  They finished their tea and Louise eventually made her goodbye's

and returned home. Jillian saw that she had a couple more hours

until her appointment with the hypnotist so she decided to take a

leisurely bath before getting ready. She hadn't told Frank about

the appointment, partly because she wanted to surprise him (he'd

been chiding her about quitting ever since they were married) and

also because she didn't want to divulge that she had got the

appointment through Louise. Frank tolerated her friendship with

Louise, but it was clear he wasn't thrilled by it. Still, as usual,

he indulged her by never commenting negatively to her about it.

  Jillian walked upstairs to her bedroom. There was a beautiful

bathroom adjoining the master bedroom with a sunken Jacuzzi tub.

She turned it on and set the temperature to the maximum she felt

she could tolerate, then went back into the bedroom to remove her

clothes. She kicked off her shoes and stripped out of her blouse

and skirt. This left her in a bra, panties, black lace garterbelt,

and hose. Jillian didn't like pantyhose. She preferred the lustful

feel of the garterbelt and the way the clips held the sheer hose at

the tops of her thighs. She slipped her shoes back on and then

stood in front of her full length mirror. She couldn't help admire

her form. She gazed at her reflection as she unclipped and removed

her bra. Her hands moved to her nipples and she began massaging

them. The massaging quickly turned into twisting and pulling and a

small moan escaped her lips. She lowered her hands to the waistband

of her French cut panties and slowly lowered them to her ankles.

She slipped them off over her shoes and stood up again in front of

the mirror. Her right hand went right to her pussy, with its short

downy fleece of blonde hair. Her thick pussy lips could be seen

right through the fine hairs. Without even realizing it her left

hand strayed back to her left nipple.

  As she lightly rubbed a single finger up and down her moistening

slit, her left hand resumed twisting her nipple. Once again, a

small moan escaped her lips, but her finger rubbed against the nub

of her clit as she shuddered. Jillian slowly turned sideways and

bent just a bit to thrust her breast forward and her ass backwards,

like a fashion model. She liked what she saw! All those hours of

aerobics were certainly worth the pain. Yes, the pain was well

worth it. She turned a little more so that her back was facing the

mirror. Her bottom was still thrust out and she now took both hands

and began rubbing and then squeezing her small ass. Each bun was

round and firm and her long fingers squeezed harder and harder

until it actually began to hurt. Frank was one lucky man. She bent

over a little more so that her ass was now pointing right at the

mirror and gave herself a little slap on her right asscheek. She

rotated her hips and moaned a bit louder, then suddenly, as if

coming to her senses, she stopped and stood upright. She quickly

glanced around the room to reassure herself that she was alone. Of

course she was alone. She just felt suddenly embarrassed and it

showed in the flush of her face and neck.

  Jillian sat down on the end of the bed and removed her hose and

garter belt. She stood up and walked slowly into the bathroom. Her

right bun still tingled just a bit from that one slap and she

realized that her pussy had got even wetter. "Nasty thoughts" she

murmured softly to herself and chuckled. "Nasty, Nasty! Let's save

those thoughts for some other time when I don't have an appointment

and can spend a little more time with myself" she thought as she

turned off the taps and stepped into the hot water. 

  She let the hot water swallow her up and she luxuriated as the

tension was swept from her body. She lathered herself up and then

just laid there, letting the minutes drift by as she indulged

herself in another fantasy. She didn't intend to masturbate but her

hand found its way once again to her little nest and shortly

thereafter she was rubbing herself furiously as the water sloshed 

slightly at the surface. Finally she stiffened then sighed and laid

her head back down on the edge of the tub. God, but she'd needed


  She soaked another fifteen minutes then climbed out of the tub

and toweled herself dry. A half hour later she was dressed and out

the door, headed for her appointment with the hypnotist.

  When she arrived at the proper address she found herself entering

a tastefully furnished waiting room with a receptionist's desk. The

desk was presently empty and there were no other patients in the

waiting room. She was trying to decide what to do next when a

distinguished looking gentleman in a suit opened an adjoining door

and greeted her warmly.

  "Mrs. Dudley?"

  "Yes. I have an appointment for 3:00."

  "Nice to meet you Mrs. Dudley. I'm Doctor Kinder. I'm sorry but

my secretary called in sick today. Please join me in my office."

  Jillian walked past the doctor and entered his private office.

Doctor Kinder looked about 50 years old with salt and pepper hair

and a well-trimmed beard and moustache. He had an expensive dark

suit on and wore silver-rimmed glasses. He motioned her to a chair

in front of his desk and seated himself.

  "First of all, Mrs. Dudley, I have to tell you that I am not a

medical doctor. I have a PhD in Psychology and I assure you that I

have been successfully using hypnosis to help my patients for many


  "I understand, Doctor" Jillian smiled. "The fact is that Louise

Palmer referred you to me. She said you'd be able to help me to

quit smoking. I've tried for years and have never been able to

stick with it. I'm normally very active, with aerobics and tennis,

and smoking is just one nasty habit that I'd give almost anything

to break."

  "Yes, yes. I understand. Louise Palmer... hmmm. Yes, Louise and

I have met on a number of occasions. A delightful woman... Mrs.

Dudley, do you mind if I call you Jillian?"

  "Please do."

  "Thank you, Jillian. I want you to feel comfortable with what

we're going to do here. It is essential that you understand the

process and are relaxed and receptive. What we're going to do here

is to reinforce your own desires to stop smoking. It's a filthy

disgusting habit and your life will be far better after you've

quit. This process is nothing to be afraid of. It is a little like

sleeping and a little like daydreaming. You will feel very relaxed

and safe here."

  "Actually, I do feel pretty comfortable with the whole process,


  "See! It's working already." The doctor chuckled and smiled

warmly. "This process will probably require two sessions. Today I

will put you `under', as they say, and reinforce your own already

professed desires to stop smoking. I will suggest, for example,

that every time you get an urge for a cigarette you will instead

get a drink of water. As the nicotine begins to be cleansed from

your bloodstream you will find that you will be making fewer and

fewer trips to the kitchen sink.... and to the bathroom I might


  Jillian chuckled. She was definitely being put at ease by his

combination of professional demeanor and good nature.

  "After a week you will have to return for another session. This

will reinforce and strengthen the original suggestion. For many

people that will be enough. For some others we schedule additional

follow-up sessions a month apart for six months. After that you

should be well on your way to a life free from smoking."

  "That sounds wonderful, Doctor. I'm anxious to start."

  "That's good, because we already have!"

  Doctor Kinder reached behind him and turned a dial on the wall.

Immediately the room darkened. Another switch focused a small dot

of light right on top of his polished wooden desk.

  "Relax, Jillian. This is going to be a very pleasant experience.

I want you to look at the light on my desk. Don't concentrate on

it, just relax and try to block out everything else in the room

except for that light and the sound of my voice....   Let yourself

relax.... Stare at the light and think of yourself as a non-smoker.

Imagine yourself on a beach, or on a sailboat. Do you like

sailboats, Jillian?"

  "Yes, I do."

  "Good. Look at the light and imagine yourself laying back on a

beautiful sailboat. There are no clouds and you're covered with

suntan lotion. The sun is warm on your body. You feel better than

you've ever felt before. You haven't smoked a cigarette in a year

and it's such a pleasure to be free of the habit. You are relaxed.

You're very content...."

  Doctor Kinder talked to Jillian in this manner for a few minutes.

It always took a little longer when it was the first time. After

this he would be able to put her under much easier and quicker for

future session. Eventually he stopped talking and just gazed at

her. Her eyes were wide open but she had a distant look. From his

experience Doctor Kinder knew she was under. He tested her with a

few commands then sat back and sighed.

  "You can come in now, Louise."

  "Are you sure she's under, Henry?"

  "I'm positive, Louise. Come on in."

  "Jillian, your friend Louise is here. Isn't that nice?"

  "Yes, doctor. That's nice."

  "She doesn't SOUND like she's under. Are you positive?"

  "Yes, yes. I'm sure. You've only seen hypnosis on television

shows or in movies. People don't really speak like robots when

they're under. Trust me."

  "Jillian. I want you to take your shoes off and put them under

your chair.....good. Now, unbutton your blouse and show your bosom

to me and Louise. There's nothing to be ashamed of. I'm a doctor

and Louise is another woman."

  Jillian immediately unbuttoned her blouse from her neck to her

waist. She pulled her bra down and displayed a perfect set of tits

to the now smiling doctor and his shocked friend.

  "Oh my God! She really is under!" Louise put her hands to her

face then slowly lowered them and smiled at the doctor.

  "Excellent, Henry. Let's pump the stupid bitch and see what she


  "Jillian," the doctor said softly, casting a warning glance at

Louise, "Tell us about your husband, Frank. We know he's been

hiding something and we're trying to help him. Surely you know what

that is. Does he have any special secrets that might cause him to

get in trouble, or cause him a lot of embarrassment if it were

found out? Tell us, Jillian, so we can help him."

  "No, Doctor. I don't know of anything that could get him in

trouble. He's always been an honest man. He doesn't even cheat on

his taxes."

  Louise looked disappointed. Doctor Kinder motioned for her to be

patient, then he looked back at Jillian and tried again.

  "Surely there must be something, Jillian... What about his sex

life? Is it good? Do you expect he ever cheats on you? Does he have

any fetishes?"

  "No Doctor. He's always been good to me. Our sex life is... okay,

I guess. He doesn't do anything exciting or unusual."

  The doctor and Louise both looked flustered. Surely there had to

be an Achilles heel somewhere. Something they could get to hold

over him. Something to put him out of the running for the next

Executive Vice President job and thus practically ensure that

Louise's husband would get it.

  "How about her, Henry? What's her secret? Maybe we can find

something there that we can use."

  The doctor turned his attention back to Jillian, who was still

sitting there with her blouse open and her bra pulled down. She

seemed very calm and relaxed.

  "Jillian. You're still relaxed. You're among friends and

perfectly safe. We're trying to help you. You mentioned that your

husband doesn't do anything `exciting'. That your sex life is okay.

What do you think about when you're having sex? When you touch

yourself and nobody else is around, what do you think about?"

  The doctor licked his lips slightly and leaned forward. He made

sure the tape recorder was on so he wouldn't miss anything.

  Jillian wet her own lips, and began to speak:

  "When I touch myself I like to imagine that I'm tied up and it's

actually someone else's hands. Usually a woman."

  Louise stifled a gasp and gulped. She motioned for the doctor to

continue. This was more than she'd expected.

  "Go on, Jillian. How are you tied up and what is being done to


  "Lots of things. I'm usually naked. Sometimes I'm tied but other

times they won't tie me. They want to do things to me and I have to

stay still or be punished."

  "Who are `they', Jillian?"

  My Mistresses. Sometimes there's only one of them but usually

there are three or four. Sometimes there are a lot of them. They're

all young. Teenagers, but tough. And they're black. They laugh at

me and make me do terrible things to myself."

  "Why do they do that, Jillian."

  "Because they know I want it. That's the most humiliating part.

They know I want it and they love giving it to me."

  "Giving you what, Jillian? Go on..."

  "The humiliation. That's the big turn-on. Here I am, a successful

woman. Thirty-five years old and rich. I can have anything I want

but what I really want is for these young girls, this `gang', to

OWN me."

  "You want them to own you?"

  "Yes, that's right. They're tough and they're mean. They're from

the streets, see? And they own me. I've become their slave. They've

got something on me, something so bad that I can't say no to them.

But I really don't want to say no to them. I love it when they make

me crawl on my hands and knees. They slap my ass, sometimes using

their hands, sometimes using a belt. They make me rub myself a lot

while they laugh and take pictures. They let some of their other

friends use me, too. There's no way I can get out. They own me and

they love to humiliate me. I'm ashamed all the time, but I'm also

turned on.... They keep me hot all the time because they can

control me better that way. I do a lot of begging and they seem to

love that. They spank me every day, and use me for their initiation

of new girls into the gang."

  Jillian paused and the room was quiet.   

  Doctor Kinder and Louise just looked at each other in shock.

Louise had hoped to dig up some dirt on either Jillian or Frank,

but this was much more than she bargained for. She stared at her

`friend' Jillian and suddenly she started to smile. Maybe there was

a way to use this to her advantage.

  "That's good for now, Henry. I've got an idea but I'll need some

time to set it up. Tell her she has to come back in a week and

we'll take it from there."

  Doctor Kinder sat there with an erection, staring at the

beautiful woman with the short blonde hair who was sitting in his

office with her breasts exposed. Her story had certainly aroused


  "Thank you, Jillian. You've been most helpful. You can cover

yourself up now and put your shoes back on."

  At the doctor's signal Louise got up and returned to her hiding

place in the next room.

  As Jillian was rebuttoning her blouse the doctor continued:


  "Yes, Doctor".

  "Jillian, I'm going to wake you up in a few moments. You will

remember NOTHING of our conversation here this afternoon. Do you


  "Yes, Doctor."

  "When you awake you will feel very relaxed and refreshed, as if

you had just had a lovely nap. You will be full of energy and

happy. You will remember nothing of our conversation, but next week

you will very much want to come back to continue our session."

  "Yes, Doctor."

  "One other thing, Jillian. You will not have any desire to smoke

cigarettes. The thought of lighting one up will disgust you. The

smell of the smoke will make you nauseous. Whenever you feel the

urge to have a cigarette you will instead have a glass of water.

Now, wake up Jillian."

  Jillian blinked her eyes and smiled.

  "Did you do it, Doctor? Is it over? I feel a little funny, like

I just slept but I don't remember dreaming."

  "Yes, it's over Jillian. It was that simple! How do you feel?"

  "Actually I feel wonderful, Doctor! It's worth the visit just to

go away feeling this good. May I have a glass of water?"

  "Certainly Jillian." Doctor Kinder poured her a glass from the

pitcher on his desk. As he handed her the glass she looked at it,

then up at him.

  "Has it started, Doctor? Is this why I'm suddenly thirsty?"

  Doctor Kinder just smiled and chuckled. "We all have our secrets,

my dear. I'd like you to come back in again next week. Is Wednesday

at 3:00 good for you?"

  "Fine Doctor. I'm looking forward to it! Thank you ever so much."

  "I too will look forward to our next session Jillian. Good luck,

and have a nice week."

  Jillian got up and walked out of the office. Doctor Kinder

couldn't help but stare at her lovely ass and long legs as they

moved under her skirt. He really couldn't wait till next week!"

                        "Jillian's Tale"

                            Part 2 

                       The Trap is Sprung

  During the next week Jillian drank at least 10 glasses of water

a day. During that time there had been a meeting at work where her

husband, Frank, and Louise's husband had actually shouted at each

other during a boardroom meeting. In spite of the bad blood between

their husbands, Jillian was determined not to let it interfere with

her relationship with Louise. She needed the older woman's approval

and support to keep her status in the community. It was nice being

recognized in fine restaurants and stores and receiving deferential

treatment. It filled her with a snobbish pride to see maitre-d's

and store managers so eager to kiss up to her!

  When she met with Louise for lunch on Friday the older woman's

attitude toward her seemed somehow different. Almost like she was

amused with her.

  "How did your session with Doctor Kinder go?"

  "Oh, it was wonderful! You really ought to try it Louise. If for

nothing else than the relaxing feeling when you leave his office.

Honestly, it was better than a full-body massage!"

  Louise sipped her tea and continued looking amused while Jillian

raved about her experience.

  "And I actually haven't even WANTED a cigarette since I left his

office! I drink ten glasses of water a day, but the running to the

bathroom is pretty good exercise too!"

  "That's nice, Jillian. I'm so glad that I was able to help. Will

you see Doctor Kinder again?"

  "Yes, I have another appointment on Wednesday for a `refresher'.

After that we'll see how it goes."

  "That's wonderful, dear. It will be so nice to be finally free

from that filthy habit. You'll feel like a new person. I can hardly

wait to see the new you."

  "Yes. I'm pretty excited too. Thank you so much, Louise."

  "My pleasure, Jillian."

  In the meantime, Louise had been busy making arrangements to set

her plan in motion. She had a LOT of contacts, and with her

financial resources she could arrange just about anything she could

conceive of. It's one thing to be rich and powerful. It's another

thing to know how to use that wealth and power to get what you


  The following Wednesday, Jillian was again luxuriating in her

bath before getting ready for her next appointment. She felt

terrific. She hadn't had a cigarette in a week. Didn't even want

one! For some reason, she even felt hornier than usual all week.

Must have something to do with the good feelings she had from not

smoking. She even felt randy enough to slap her ass three times on

each cheek before lowering herself into her bubbling jacuzzi. She

felt so worked up that her fingers worked furiously at her pussy

until she managed to bring herself off. She laid back again and

rested for another fifteen minutes while the warm water relaxed her


  She looked around at her beautiful bathroom. The large shower

with twin heads on each wall. Her huge bedroom on the other side of

the door. She thought about her beautiful home, her furnishings,

her bank account, her new Lexus. Only thirty-five and she had the

world on a string. Still, something seemed to be missing. She knew

what it was but pushed it back into the darker corners of her mind.

She preferred to focus on the wonderful things she had.

  An hour later she was again entering the offices of Doctor

Kinder. He was waiting for her in his outer office.

  "So nice to see you again, Jillian. It seems my receptionist is

out again today, but you are my last appointment this afternoon.

So, tell me how your week went?"

  "Oh Doctor Kinder. You're a miracle-worker. I haven't felt this

good in years. I can't wait to get started again!"

  "Wonderful! Let's not waste any time then. Please come into my

office and be seated. We'll start right away."

  After they were both seated he glanced at her and smiled warmly.

Louise had filled him in on all the plans she had made. In spite of

his calm demeanor his blood was practically boiling at the things

she had told him! He was getting paid very well for this treachery,

but if he had known how things would eventually work out he would

have happily done it for free!

  "This session should be very easy going today. Since you've

already been under once we should have little difficulty getting

you under again. You had a very good experience last time. You're

relaxed. You're happy. Just sit back and enjoy it, Jillian!"

  "Oh, thank you Doctor. You make me feel so relaxed and


  Doctor Kinder again lowered the lights in the room and turned on

the tiny spotlight which was over his desktop. He repeated his

comforting patter about being on a beautiful sailboat on a warm

summer day. Jillian smiled a little and in short order was back

under in a deep hypnotic state.

  "She's under, Louise. You can come out now."

  Louise came in from the adjoining room and sat down to the

doctor's right. She was staring at Jillian like a cat looking at a

helpless bird. Doctor Kinder had already started to get a mild

erection, and they hadn't even begun yet!

  "She's in a deep hypnotic state, Louise. It's not unusual for her

to go under this quickly or deeply the second time around. In her

present state she is very... susceptible."

  "Excellent, Henry. You're a genius, and worth every penny. Let's

get to work on the little slut..."

  "How do you feel today, Jillian?"

  "Fine, thank you."

  "Jillian, I want you to remember everything you told me last week

when you were in my office. Do you remember what you told me about

your fantasies?"

  "Yes, Doctor."

  "Good. We're going to try to help you with your little problem.

You have some desires that your pride won't let you enjoy. That's

not good, Jillian, and it's not healthy either. I'm going to help

you break down the barriers you've set up so you can be happy. You

want to be happy, don't you?"

  "Yes, Doctor."

  "Good. Now I want you to trust me completely. I want you to

believe that everything I do is for your own good. I want you to do

only the things that, deep down inside, you really want to do. The

things that will make you a happier person."

  "Thank you, Doctor."

  Louise could barely stifle a snicker as she sat and witnessed

Jillian being slowly led right to the slaughter. The slaughter that

she herself had prepared for her!

  "Jillian. I want you to remove all of your clothes. It's very hot

in here and your clothes are making you very uncomfortable.

Remember, I'm a doctor and there's absolutely nothing to be ashamed

of. Take them all off, Jillian. Take off everything right now."

  Doctor Kinder flipped the switch that would turn the hidden video

camera on. Louise had said she wanted this all recorded for her own

use. He shifted in his seat in anticipation as he watched Jillian

stand up and very methodically begin removing her clothes.

  Off came her beautiful white cashmere top. She pulled it off over

her head and dropped it to the floor. Next she unfastened her

stylishly tight black skirt. It fell to the floor and she stepped

out of it. She reached behind her back and unhooked her white bra.

As it fell off, her titties pointed out straight and firm. The

nipples were pointed slightly upwards. Their firmness at thirty-

five years was a tribute to her exercise classes and good dieting.

Louise continued staring at her like a hawk and the doctor wet his

lips with his tongue as Jillian grabbed hold of her white panties

and matter-of-factly pulled them down her thighs. She lifted one

leg, and then the other, and then dropped the panties onto the

floor with her other clothes. She was left standing with only her

white garters and sheer white stockings, and her black 4" heels.

Her pussy was completely exposed to her enraptured audience.

  "Wait a minute Jillian" the doctor interrupted. This was not in

the original script but he didn't think that Louise would mind if

he improvised a little. He considered it one of his `perks'.

  "That will do fine. I want to examine you. Please turn around

with your back facing me. That's right. Now bend over at the waist

and grab onto your ankles. I need to see how flexible your aerobics

have made you."

  Jillian bent over and grabbed onto her ankles with ease. This

brought her small tight ass directly into prominence. The white

garters framed it beautifully and the skin was flawless and tight.

There were no tan lines. Doctor Kinder moaned softly and a small

shudder ran through him as he sat there gazing at this offering.

Louise noticed his shudder and chuckled as she shook her head

slightly in amusement.

  "Spread your legs a little more Jillian... A little more... just

a little more. That's good!" He could now see her labia lips

hanging there at the vee of her crotch. Oh, how he wanted to touch

her there! To kiss her! She was really beautiful. He and Louise sat

and stared at her for a full minute as she held the pose.

  "Thank you, Jillian. Everything looks... ah... fine to me. You

have a beautiful bottom, Jillian. Do you like showing it to people

like this?"

  "It's very embarrassing, Doctor."

  "As well it should be, dear. It's okay now because I'm a doctor

and I'm examining you, but it would be terribly embarrassing to you

to let anyone else see your bottom. As a matter of fact, it would

be more shameful than you could bear..."

  "Yes, Doctor."

  "But that's exactly what's going to happen, Jillian. When you

wake up you're going to feel an overwhelming need to make your

fantasy come true. The fantasy about being owned. Remember,


  "Yes, Doctor."

  "Your fantasy about being owned by teenage girls. Black teenage

girls, Jillian. They'll do all the terrible things you told me

about last week and you will be very aroused by this. At the same

time that you feel unbearable shame, you will also become sexually

hot. It's good to make your fantasy real, Jillian. You will be

compelled to become the sexual slave that you are in your


  Louise was leaning forward now and holding her breath. This was

the telling moment. Would Jillian accept the post-hypnotic

suggestion or would she reject it? Deep down inside she craved it.

The doctor was telling her that she was compelled to live it when

she awoke.

  "Yes, Doctor. I will be their slave."

  "When you wake up and leave this office you will meet a young

black girl. You will give yourself to her and her friends. You will

become their property. You won't be able to resist the compulsion.

Search inside for your darkest fantasies. You will crave that they

become reality. You will beg your Mistresses to make them a

reality. Even though you are shamed to the core by these actions,

you will not be able to resist."

  "I understand, Doctor."

  "One final thing, Jillian. You will continue to not want to smoke

cigarettes. However, when you begin to get a craving for one,

instead of wanting a glass of water you will now crave cum. Female

cum. Do you understand me, Jillian? You will crave female cum,

instead of cigarettes. You will do ANYTHING to get some..."

  "Yes, Doctor. I crave female cum."

  Louise was nearly ecstatic. "I've GOT the stupid little bitch!

And that means I've got her husband by the balls too! Henry, if

this works, I'm going to give you a REALLY big tip."

  "It's going to work, Louise. I'm not telling her to do anything

she doesn't really want to do. I'm just reinforcing it. Very

strongly. I can tell by looking at her and talking to her. It'll


  Louise grabbed Doctor Kinder by the head and planted a kiss right

on his forehead. "I'll arrange for her to be brought back to you in

a week for `reinforcing'. After that she won't need it. 

  "Jillian, get dressed now."

  "Yes, Doctor." The blonde woman bent over and picked up her

clothes. She calmly put them back on as the Doctor and Louise

watched her in fascination. When she was through she was told to

sit down in the chair.

  "Remember, Jillian. When you wake you will be COMPELLED by your

own body's desires to make your fantasy come true. You will not be

able to resist. And you will crave female cum. You'll be like a

starving animal when you get it. You won't be able to get enough.

Now when you wake up you will remember none of this. You will be

rested and happy, and you'll feel very horny. Even though you won't

remember our conversation you will obey all of my instructions


  "Yes, Doctor."

  Louise stood up and quickly walked back to the adjoining room.

  "Okay Jillian, wake up."

  The fashionably dressed blonde blinked her eyes and then smiled.

  "It's like I blinked my eyes but I know something has changed.

Did you do it already?"

  "Yes, I did. How do you feel?"

  "I feel fabulous! Actually, well, nevermind..." she giggled. "Is

this it, doctor, or do I have to come back."

  "We may have you back in here for one more session. We'll see how

it works out."

  "Doctor. I don't know how to thank you! I already feel like a

changed woman."

  "It was my pleasure, Jillian. Honestly."

  Jillian stood up, shook hands, and left the office. Once again

Doctor Kinder gazed lustfully at her retreating backside and legs.

He licked his lips and wondered what she'd be like the next time he

saw her...

  Jillian walked through the reception area. She opened the door

and let herself out. Just as she turned to close the door a young

black girl, who looked barely eighteen years old, bumped into her.

  Although it was obviously the young girl's fault she seemed to

get angry at Jillian.

  "Watch where you're goin' lady!"

  Jillian was taken by surprise. She started to protest but as she

looked at the black teenager her legs suddenly went weak.

  "I-I'm s-sorry" she managed to mumble.

  "Sorry shit, lady. That was deliberate! You think just cause you

got some fine clothes that you own the whole damn town! Well you


  I-I s-said I was s-sorry." Jillian suddenly felt her hands

trembling. She was consumed with lust, and didn't know what to


  "Don't you go dis'n me, you honky white ass whore! I'll beat yore

ass, bitch! You hear me?"

  Jillian was almost out of control now. Her teeth were chattering

lightly and she felt on the verge of swooning. She slowly raised

her eyes to look at the defiant young girl who was yelling at her.

  "I-I know. I mean, yes. I was dis'n you. You can do what you like

with me." She mumbled the last and immediately looked back down at

the floor.

  The young black girl tried to remain fierce on the outside, but

inside she was jubilant! Her name was Wanda and she was the leader

of a girls' street gang in the South Bronx. She had been hired

three days before by Louise and had been standing in the hallway

for a half hour waiting for Jillian to come out. Louise located her

through her own channels and promised the girl $10,000 to turn

Jillian into the gang's white slave slut. Louise had played her a

portion of Jillian's tape recording from her session last week

where she described the fantasies she had. Wanda was told that she

would be very receptive and that this was easy money. She was also

told that there would be another $10,000 if Wanda's gang kept

Jillian for at least six months, and then a continuing payment of

$1,000 per month every month after that. In addition, Wanda was

also promised a $5,000 bonus if she could `impress' Louise by

devising her own humiliations for Jillian. Louise gave her $5,000

up front as good faith, and a small camcorder. She made it clear

that she wanted tapes furnished on a regular basis of Jillian's


  "You just better come with me, white-assed bitch! I've got a bone

to pick with you. Your ass is mine!"

  Jillian gulped and turned to follow the swaggering girl. She

wondered what she was doing. Was she crazy? Following this strange

girl to God-knows where, for God knows what? Yet she felt compelled

to follow her. As she looked at the back of the black girl she

began getting wet between her legs. She almost seemed on the verge

of cumming just from walking behind her. She wondered what her cum

tasted like. All she knew was that she wanted some. No matter what

the cost!

  Wanda continued deriding Jillian for her clumsiness as she walked

in front of her. She told her that she had some friends who would

help her even the score for her disrespect. They headed for the

train station and got on a Metroliner headed for the City. They'd

be getting off in the South Bronx. On the train Wanda looked at

Jillian with confusion. Here was this rich white bitch, almost old

enough to be her mother. Dressed in fucking hundred dollar shoes

and wearing all kinds of expensive shit. And she wanted to be her

gang's slave slut! Well, Wanda would see that she got all she could

handle, and then some. She also planned on getting that $5,000

bonus for impressing Louise too. Man, this bitch's lily white ass

was worth some real money! One thing was certain. It wasn't going

to stay lily white for long!

                       "Jillian's Tale"

                            Part 3

                     Jillian's Punishment

  When the train pulled into the station Wanda stood up and said

"Follow me, bitch". Jillian obediently got up and followed her out

the doors and onto the platform. She was extremely nervous. She

knew that what she was doing was very dangerous, but she couldn't

seem to help herself. She knew she wanted this. It was like a dream

all of a sudden coming true. She was putting herself in the hands

of this young black girl and she had no control over what she would

do with her! 

  They descended the stairs of the station and for the first time

Jillian looked around at her surroundings. Her jaw dropped. It was

like something out of a war movie! She'd passed this area many

times in her air-conditioned car on the Cross Bronx Expressway and

had seen the burned out buildings, but she'd never got closer to it

than the highway. This was like those pictures of Berlin after the

war. There were stones and rubble everywhere. Ahead of her she

could see the charred skeletons of burned out apartment buildings.

What really shocked her was that amid all this devastation there

were children playing! People actually lived here. They had

families. They ate, they slept, they survived...

  "This way, bitch." Wanda led the way across the rubble towards

one of the buildings. When she got halfway there she stopped behind

a mound of rubble.

  "You ain't comin' in this way, bitch. You need some humblin'. You

one stuck up lily-assed whore. It's time you got taken down a peg.

Take them shoes off.... give them to me.."

  Jillian complied.

  "Now the skirt..."

  Jillian looked around in wide-eyed panic.

  "P-please, not out here!"

  "Shut your fuckin' whore trap, bitch. You don't say nuthin'

unless I tell you to. Take that fuckin' designer skirt off or I'll

cut it off!" Wanda flashed a mean looking switchblade.

  Jillian glanced around once more in panic, then undid her skirt.

It fell to the ground and she obediently picked it up and handed it

to Wanda. Wanda had to suppress a smile when she saw the white

garter and hose. Like all of the girls in her gang, she was a young

lesbian. That had been one of the key points Louise had been

searching for.

  "Pull them pretty little panties off, bitch. Then them whore

garters and stockings. Come on! I ain't got all day!"

  Jillian began to tremble as she looked around nervously then

pulled her white panties down off her slender hips. Her hands shook

so bad that she had trouble with the snaps on her garters. When she

finally got them she bent and began rolling down her sheer white

hose. She handed everything to Wanda who was impatiently tapping

her foot. Jillian now stood nude from the waist down. Wanda stepped

up to her and reached both hands under the back of her cashmere

top. Jillian felt a tug, then a snap, and her bra fell off and

down. Wanda had cut the strap. Now her only piece of clothing was

the cashmere top.

  "I like that top, whore. How many times you have to fuck for

that? Cat got your tongue? Leave it on for now... Now, like the

whore bitch that you are, get down on the ground on your hands and

knees. Hurry up!"

  Jillian gulped. She had tears welling in her eyes as she shakily

got down on the ground on all fours. She wished the cashmere top

had been longer to cover more of her ass, but Wanda grabbed the hem

and pulled it up to the small of her back.

  "Leave it there, bitch. I don't want nothin' coverin' up that

lily white ass of yours."

  Wanda took her switchblade and began cutting up Jillian's black


  "Wh-what are you doing?!" Jillian pleaded, wild-eyed.

  Wanda reached down and gave her a slap on the ass that made her



  "I told you to keep your whore mouth shut, bitch. Don't you be

givin' me no shit."

  Wanda continued cutting the skirt up into small pieces. After

that she used her knife to cut up the delicate white panties. She

kept the garter and hose and placed them, along with her shoes and

her small purse, into the pack she carried over her shoulder.

  "In case you be wonderin' how you're gonna get home with no skirt

and no panties, don't waste your time thinkin' about it." She

laughed for the first time.

  She fished around in the pack and pulled out what looked like a

long leash and a dog collar. Jillian stared at it in utter


  Wanda buckled the collar around Jillian's neck and clipped the

leash onto it. It was one of those chain leashes with the little

leather loop at one end to hold on to.

  "Let's go, bitch.

  Wanda tugged on the leash and began slowly leading the trembling

blonde woman on all fours across the trash and rubble-filled lot.

Jillian's small white ass was high in the air. As she crawled you

could see her cunt lips and little wisps of blonde hair between her

legs. Wanda indicated that she wanted Jillian to crawl ahead of

her. As she walked slightly behind and to the left of the crawling

white woman she occasionally used the thong end of the leash to

slap across her vulnerable buns.

  "Look!" came a startled high-pitched voice. One of the children

had seen her. Within seconds a half dozen children had run up and

were gathered around Wanda and the visibly shaking Jillian.

  "Get away from here, you kids. This ain't nothin for you to be

lookin at! Go home!"

   There were three boys and three girls. They were all laughing

and pointing.

  "What you gonna do with that white woman? Where are her clothes",

one of the boys asked.

  "This here is a rich white stuck up whore-bitch from Connecticut.

I'm gonna whip her ass, the way she shoulda had it whipped a long

time ago."

  "Wow! Can we watch?" pleaded another of the boys. The three girls

were busy giggling and pointing at Jillian's ass. Wanda

mischievously kicked Jillian's legs wider apart and the giggles

turned to squeals as her cunt became fully visible below her now

slightly pink cheeks.

  "Go home, I said. Or I'll whip your asses the way I'm gonna whip

hers. This is none of your business!"

  The children withdrew, but not entirely. They stayed just far

enough away to satisfy Wanda, but their eyes were kept fastened on

the now sobbing white woman as she continued her crawl of shame to

the building.

  "What's the matter, bitch? Did them children bother you?" Wanda

taunted Jillian as she sobbed and continued crawling.

  "How-how could you DO that!" she sobbed. "I've never been more

ashamed in my entire life! N-never!"

  "From that? Shit girl, you got a thin skin. That ain't NOTHING

compared to what I got in store for you. That's just like a little

warm up! Hahahaha!"

  Jillian began shaking so hard at that last comment that she

stopped. She lowered her face into her hands and cried. Wanda

stepped behind her and gave her two hard slaps on her upturned ass.

Off to the side she could hear the children laughing.

  "Get up!" she ordered. Or so help me I'll whip your ass right


  Jillian got back up. Her arms were trembling. She used the back

of her right hand to wipe the tears out of her eyes then resumed

crawling towards the building. Wanda continued holding the leash

and walking behind her, taunting her the whole way.

  Finally they reached the building. Wanda told her to crawl up the

two steps and into the hallway. There was no door. As soon as she

entered the hallway she heard other voices and whistles.

  "Look what we got here! White meat! Yeah!" 

  Wanda made Jillian turn to the right and enter a large room.

There were six other girls there, all about Wanda's age. There was

an old stuffed couch and some chairs that looked like they'd been

thrown away. The girls had been lounging on them but now all stood

up and clustered around the new arrival.

  "Girls, this here piece of white honky assed shit knocked me

over. She was dressed in some fine expensive clothes, probly had

some expensive car too so she thinks she can push a Sister around."

  "Oooohh.. Your ass is in trouble, girl..." they murmured.

  "She's gonna be stayin' with us for awhile. Gonna see how the

other half lives! Ain't that right.. ahhh.. what the fuck's your

name bitch?"


  "J-jillian? What the fuck kind of name is J-jillian? We oughta

give you a better name... like White Ass."

  "Rich Bitch!"


  "Shit for brains!"

  "Shut up!" Wanda silenced the girls who were calling out names at

random. "We'll just call you J-jillian for now. That all right with

you, J-jillian?" she laughed.

  "Yes" she sniffed.

  "Yes WHAT, you skinny assed whore!"

  "Yes... M-mistress?"

  "Hahahaha! Mistress? This ain't Connecticut J-jillian. Look

around. This SURE as hell ain't Connecticut! When you talk to me or

any of the other Sisters, you call us M'am. You got that J-

jillian?" She slapped her ass once for emphasis.

  "Y-yes M'am!" Jillian jumped from the slap.

  Wanda bent over her and removed the collar and leash.

  "Why's she got that shirt on, Wanda?"

  "I thought it looked pretty. Besides, I didn't want her to get no

sunburn on that white skin of hers while she was crawlin' over

here." They all laughed.

  "Get it off. Let's see what she's got up front."

  Two girls roughly grabbed the expensive cashmere top and pulled

it up over her head. Jillian lifted her arms and the top was pulled

off around her head, fluffing her short blonde hair in the process.

Now for the first time Jillian was completely nude. She had

goosebumps on her upper arms and she was shivering. Not from cold,

but from the shame she was feeling, and the excitement.

  The girls made her lift her body up so she was kneeling upright

with her ass resting on her heels. She kept her eyes downcast as

they began grabbing at her pert little breasts. They were fairly

small but they were firm and her nipples were quite long. She

winced as they pulled and twisted at them. When she tried to use

her arms to protect her breasts she was slapped in the face.

  "Spread those knees wider, Jillian. Okay girls, Jillian's gonna

put on a little show for us, ain't you Jillian?"

  "Yes, M'am."

  The girls turned the couch around and pushed the chairs up so

that they were all seated and facing the kneeling blonde.

  "Rub your tit's Jillian. Rub them real good and pull on your

nipples. Get them nice and hard."

  Jillian obediently began massaging her naked breasts as the girls

watched and hooted. They popped open some cans of beer and began

drinking and catcalling.

  "Rub your pussy, Jillian. Make it shiny and wet for us. We want

to see it nice and warm down there."

  With her head bowed, Jillian placed her right hand on her open

pussy. As the seven black teenagers watched and cheered, she

performed the most intimate act of masturbating in front of them.

In spite of her humiliation she was as hot as a pistol. Mostly it

was BECAUSE of her humiliation she was so hot. She began moaning

and rubbing faster and faster. Her hips began to hump and her

middle finger became a blur as it rubbed across her swollen clit.

She didn't even notice that Wanda had the camcorder out and was

recording the entire scene for Louise.

  Faster and faster she rubbed until she finally got herself right

at the edge. She stayed there for a minute, her hips convulsing,

her whole body was shivering and she was moaning with her eyes

closed. She suddenly let out a yelp and her hips began moving back

and forth again as she squeezed off her orgasm. Her cunt gushed cum

all over her hand. Without thinking she put her hand to her mouth

and started licking it. "Mmmmmm...." she moaned as she tasted the

sweetness of her own cum. She had to have more! She kept rubbing

her hands between her legs to get every bit of cum she could. She

licked one hand while rubbing with the other. All of it was being

recorded on the camcorder. The girls couldn't believe what a slut

she'd suddenly become! She was almost wild. Her tongue was flicking

back and forth across her lips and she pleaded with the girls to

give her more cum.

  Wanda leaned back in her chair and pulled her jeans and panties

down to her thighs.

  "Right here, bitch. Eat me you fucking whore!"

  Jillian practically dove between Wanda's thighs. She wedged her

face into the tuft of curly black hair and began thrusting her

tongue into her cunt as far is it would go.

  "Oh yeah, right there, bitch. Keep licking that spot or I'll beat

your sorry ass." 

  Wanda closed her thighs around Jillian's head and began humping.

Jillian's tongue was relentless. She finally put Wanda over the

edge. She squealed with delight as she lapped up every drop of cum

she could get. When it was over she looked at the other girls and


  "More, please! PLEASE!"

  One by one the girls pulled down their pants while Jillian ate

them to orgasm. Her bare ass wiggled with delight as she knelt and

licked the nectar out of each young pussy. When she finished with

the last girl she looked wildly at Wanda again and said "Please!

Once more... PLEASE!"

  "Whoa baby! You sure have turned into one hot-assed slut, haven't

you." She pushed her pants back down and once again let the 35 year

old wife eat her to a shuddering climax. Jillian went around the

room eating each girl a second time. When she was finished she

begged to do it again! When the girls declined she immediately

thrust both hands onto her own pussy and started rubbing some more.

The girls had to physically restrain her before she'd stop.

  "I don't know what got into you, bitch. One little drop of pussy

juice turned you into a fucking maniac!"

  Wanda turned off the camcorder. When Jillian saw it her eyes

nearly popped out of her head! What were they going to do with that


  "Let's get her ready girls. The real fun starts now."

  Four of the girls grabbed Jillian and half carried her, half

dragged her into the hall and then outside in front of the

building. There was a small rectangular table set up. It was old

and the wood was chipped in places. It was about three feet long by

a foot and a half wide. It stood about two feet tall. It looked

like it might have been an end table, or something that a plant

would sit on.

  They placed her on the table on her back. They got some rope and

bent her legs down over the end of the table. Two girls grabbed her

arms and pulled them straight down over the sides. They tied her

hands and feet together under the table. This had the effect of

bowing her body slightly upward, and her legs were spread. She was

helpless to move.

  One of the other girls, Cheline, held a long feather and was

giggling. She stood over the bound body of Jillian and slowly

touched the tip of it to her defenseless nipple. Jillian twitched

a bit and moaned. Encouraged by this she began twirling the feather

around her pink nipple and teasing it. Jillian's nipple became

instantly erect and ridges popped out on the large aureole.

  "Oh God! Oh No! Please! Not out here!" Jillian begged, and the

girl moved to the other nipple and excited it too. She moved the

teasing feather down her belly and then ran the tip up and down her

moistening slit. Jillian tried twisting to get away from it but she

was tied tightly across the table. Her whole body from her neck to

her knees was presented as a target for the cruel teenager and her

feather. The other girls laughed and egged Cheline on.

  "You keep yellin' like that and you're gonna attract a crowd,

whore." Cheline teased.

  Wanda rubbed her own fingers in Jillian's wet cunt. She got as

much of the cum juice as she could and placed her fingers to

Jillian's mouth. Jillian licked at the fingers and her eyes went

wild again. Her tongue was all over Wanda's fingers, trying to get

at the cum. Wanda laughed and got some more. She smeared it on

Jillian's upper lip and right under her nose.

  "How you like your own smell, bitch? It turnin' you on?"

  Jillian's tongue was extended trying to get the cum from her

upper lip. Wanda kept fingering her and adding some more. Cheline

continued with the feather; along her sides, across her belly, and

always back to the rigid nipples. Jillian was begging loudly now

for more cum. Her hips bucked as much as they could on the table,

which wasn't much. One of the other girls had set up a tripod to

hold the ever-present camcorder.

  A fourth girl had disappeared but she returned now carrying a

large bag.

  "Oh boy! Barbecue time!" They all paused for a moment to cluster

around the girl with the bag. Even Cheline paused with the feather,

leaving Jillian alone and shivering on the table.

  They opened the bag and took out some chicken wings. "Mmmmmm! We

got white meat on the table and wings in the bag! What could be


  Wanda got the container of barbecue sauce and smiled wickedly.

She took it over to the table and opened the lid.

  "We gotta change her position, girls. Get them feet up in the


  Working quickly they untied her hands and feet then retied her

hands together under the table. Lifting her knees they tied a loop

of rope around each thigh, just above her knee. They took each of

the ropes and pulled them way back and to the side. This lifted

Jillian's knees in the air and back towards her shoulders. Looking

around they found a couple of places on the ground to tie off the

ropes, holding her in this open position. Her feet were able to

dangle in the air but her thighs were spread open and her knees

pulled back and fastened to hold her that way. She was positioned

so that her ass hung just over the edge of the table. This opened

Jillian's cunt as wide as it could possibly be! Her little round

white buns were lifted slightly upward and widely parted to show

her asshole, which was pointing out at about 45 degrees. Her spread

cunt pointed directly upward and the lips were slightly parted to

display the wet pinkness within. She was a delectable sight...

  Wanda let her eyes roam over the smooth white body bound there on

the little table like an offering. Jillian's pussy lips were

swollen and red. Little droplets of moisture were clinging to them.

Her face and neck were deeply blushed and her eyes closed tightly

against the shame of being displayed as she was. Wanda poked her

index finger into the damp pussy and felt the lips cling to it as

it was withdrawn. She then grabbed each of Jillian's swollen pussy

lips between her thumbs and index fingers and pinched them cruelly.

Jillian's eyes popped open in surprise. She involuntarily shuddered

and let out a little yelp. Wanda pulled the pussy lips wide apart

and held her like that for the camcorder. With a sigh she finally

let go of those pulsing lips and watched the flower close slightly.

 "We gotta warm up the oven first". Wanda laughed as she ran her

right hand over Jillian's smooth ass. She cupped each of the buns

and pinched them. She lifted her hand in the air and brought her

palm down sharply, spanking Jillian. 

  "Owww!" Jillian wailed.

  Again Wanda slapped her helpless ass. 


  The others girls laughed as Wanda began spanking Jillian in

earnest. Slapping those poor little cheeks that hung there at her

mercy. She was rewarded each time by a wail from Jillian. After

about thirty swats she stopped and cupped her pink buns lightly

with both hands.  

  "That oughta do for now...."

  Wanda picked the container of barbecue sauce back up and very

carefully poured some of it into Jillian's open cunt.

  "Ooooohhhhhhh!" Jillian moaned, as it overflowed slightly and ran

down her crack into her asshole.

  Wanda picked up a piece of chicken and dipped it in the sauce in

Jillian's cunt, being careful to brush it up against her clit as

she pulled it out.

  "Oooooohhhhhh" the tormented woman moaned again as Wanda smiled

and bit into the chicken wing.

  "Mmmmmmm! Gotta try the sauce, girls!"

  All seven of the teenagers crowded around the lewdly displayed

Jillian. They each took turns dipping their chicken wings into her

sauce, being very careful to brush against her sensitive inner

pussy lips and stiff clitoris.

  Occasionally one would twirl a wing around the sauce collecting

in Jillian's asshole, brushing it upwards till they were at her

spasming cunt again. As the sauce got eaten up they had to refill

her several times.

  Just as Cheline had warned, Jillian's moaning had attracted a

small audience. The six children from earlier had crept back and

were watching with fascination and giggling. Jillian saw them

through her tear-blurred eyes and cried out to get them away.

  "Get outta here, you kids!" Wanda yelled and hurled a rock at

them. "This ain't something you oughta be seeing. Go home or so

help me I'll whip your asses too!"

  The children scrambled, giggling. They ran around the side of the

building but refused to leave entirely. Several other people had

also stopped by, fascinated by the sight of the seven black

teenagers tormenting the naked white woman.

  They respectfully kept their distance. Wanda's gang was known in

the area and none of the onlookers wanted to risk their wrath. They

looked at the pathetic squirmings of the mercilessly teased Jillian

and shuddered. What a horrible fate!

  When the gang had finished with their chicken they went back

inside the building, leaving Jillian still tied and on display. She

was shivering and moving her head back and forth, alternately

pleading with anyone who could hear her to let her go, or at least

let her cum...

  The others watched from their distance. Although both Jillian and

the camcorder were left unattended, nobody dared to touch either.

They knew who both belonged to...

  A mangy German Shepherd walked up to the table and sniffed. He

moved down between Jillian's spread thighs and let his tongue take

a swipe at the open pussy, glistening with barbecue sauce.

  "Nooo! Noooo! Get it away!!" she pleaded but the dog continued

licking her, enjoying the taste of the sauce. They left her on

display like that for thirty minutes. The dog stayed with her,

licking the entire time, and causing her five shuddering orgasms...

                        "Jillian's Tale"

                             Part 4

                        Homecumming Queen

  By the time the girls came back outside and shooed the dog away

most of the onlookers had moved on. Jillian was covered in a sheen

of sweat and her breast was heaving. Wanda looked down at her,

absent-mindedly using her fingers to diddle Jillian's gaping cunt.

  "Boy, you sure do look nice like that, bitch. I sure hope you're

enjoying yourself because from now on you're gonna be spending an

awful lot of your time out here tied just like that. It'll amuse

the neighbors."

  "Nooooo-nooooo-noooooo" Jillian wailed. 

  One of the other girls carried out a large white poster that was

nailed to a four-foot long pointed stick. She placed the stick in

the ground about six feet to the left of Jillian and pounded it in

with an old rusty hammer. Jillian could turn her head and read the

poster. Printed on it in large letters with a magic marker read:

  `My name is Jillian Dudley. I was a rich bitch from

   Greenwich, CT. Now I'm the lily-assed slave slut

   whore of the Debutante's. I'm very happy. Please

   look but don't touch.'

  The girl, Cheline, took the feather she had used earlier and

inserted it, quill end first, into Jillian's puckered asshole. The

slight breeze blowing the downy end of the feather around her rim

would remind her that it was there. As Cheline was attending to

this, Wanda put a blindfold around Jillian's eyes and tied it

tightly behind her head.

  "We gotta be gone for awhile, bitch. Got some business to take

care of. We'll be back in about a hour. Sure hope them kids ain't

still hangin' around here..."

  Wanda grabbed the camcorder and the girls all headed off

together. They had a prepaid mailer and were going to send the

video tape of the day's activities off to Louise. It would be the

first of many.

  Louise had also prepared a letter from Jillian to her husband,

Frank. It said simply that she needed to get away for awhile. To do

her own thing. She asked Frank not to worry about her or to be

angry with her. She just needed some time. Louise got a forger who

did a remarkable job of matching Jillian's handwriting from a

sample that was provided. The letter was sitting on the dining room

table in Jillian's house, in an envelope addressed to `Dear Frank'.

  The girls came back about an hour later. Jillian was practically

hysterical, her head whipping back and forth. All they could make

out was the word `please' over and over again. The first thing they

noticed was that the feather was still in her ass but was now

reversed, with the quill end sticking out. They didn't know who had

been at her, but whoever it was had certainly done a good tease

job. They also noted a few fresh pink handprints on her upturned

ass. They looked small.

  Jillian was taken back into the building and given some water and

something to eat. A little later when she said she had to go to the

bathroom, Wanda grabbed her cashmere top and the leash. It was

nighttime and she didn't want Jillian to catch a chill, besides,

she thought that wearing the cashmere top occasionally would be a

sad reminder to her of just how low she'd sunk. She put the collar

and leash on her and adjusted the hem of her top so it was well up

on her back. Then she lead her outside, crawling on all fours, into

the night air.

  Jillian could hear the sounds of the night. A siren wailed, some

dogs were barking. Off in the distance she heard the sound of a

train going by. Some men were shouting something but she couldn't

tell where. Wanda led her around the building to a small tree that

was standing in a clearing between buildings. She made Jillian lift

her leg up and squirt her pee on the trunk of the tree. As she was

relieving herself, Jillian looked up and saw that the closer of the

two building had some lights on in the upper floors. One of the

windows had a flower pot in it. People were living here.

  Once they were back inside and the leash removed, the cashmere

top was again stripped off Jillian. Wanda sat down on one of the

armless wooden chairs and told Jillian she was to lay down across

her lap. She explained that this was going to become part of her

ritual. Her nightly spanking by the girls. With the 35 year old

woman draped naked across the black teenager's lap the other girls

watched with rapt attention as Wanda raised her hand and delivered

a stinging slap to the doomed bottom. Jillian squirmed and pleaded

but Wanda continued spanking her until she had given her ten hard

slaps. She pushed Jillian to the floor and stood up. Cheline took

her place in the chair and Jillian was ordered across her lap next.

Cheline played with her a minute then lifted her hand and delivered

her own ten slaps to the quickly reddening bottom.

  One by one, each of the girls took their turn in the chair and

spanked Jillian. By the time the last slap was delivered, Jillian

was sobbing uncontrollably. The girls knew how to ease her pain.

On her hands and knees, with her reddened ass wiggling in

gratitude, Jillian was again allowed to go around the room eating

out each of the girls. Once again Jillian seemed wild for more and

begged for a second helping. Most of the girls obliged. When they

were through they tied Jillian's hands and feet together behind

her, and left her on her side to go to sleep. This wasn't because

they were afraid of her running away. It was to keep her from

playing with herself all night long. Wanda threw a dirty old

blanket over her then settled down herself. All of the girls lived

in the old building. They had nowhere else to go.

  The next six days were similar to the first, with subtle

variations to keep things interesting. When it wasn't raining

Jillian spent most of her time tied up outside on the table like

before. The poster remained, and so did most of her audience. The

girls had `barbecue' twice more that week. The dog didn't come

back, but the flies were just as bad till the girls got around to

cleaning her up.

  On one occasion they had to quickly hustle her inside when

someone spotted a cop car in the neighborhood, but it drove past

quickly and never came back. It probably wouldn't have stopped

anyway, even if they had seen her. The police were not a concern.

In this section of the South Bronx it was the gangs that ruled...

  When Wednesday came around again Wanda had to take Jillian into

Greenwich for her final session with Doctor Kinder. She had a

5:00pm appointment. Wanda gave her her cashmere top and took her

for her morning walk around the buildings on her leash, stopping by

that same tree to let her lift her leg and relieve herself. She

then spent the early afternoon servicing the girls. At 2:30 they

began to clean her up and get her ready. They scrubbed her till she

squeaked, then one of the girls brought out a brown paper bag with

some old clothes in it. They had belonged to her twelve year old


  Jillian looked at the red pull-over jersey and the short black

dress skeptically. There was no way the clothes of a 12 year old

would fit on the body of a 35 year old. Wanda was convinced that

they would.

  The red jersey was several sizes too small but it stretched.

Without a bra Jillian's nipples, along with the entire outline of

her breasts, could be clearly seen. The bottom came down only to

her navel.

  The black dress was even worse. There was no way it would fit

around her waist so they left it unzipped on the side and used a

rubber band to hold the ends of the waistband together. The dress

was old and wrinkled and smelled musty. It barely covered her ass

when she was standing still. With no panties Jillian couldn't help

but flash the undercurves of her cheeks whenever she walked. Wanda

got Jillian's own shoes from her bag and let her wear them. The

four inch heels made the shirt and dress look even more trashy, if

that were possible.

  Wanda grabbed her bag and began walking towards the train

station. Jillian followed meekly behind. There was nobody else on

the platform but when they boarded the train every head turned to

look and stare. Wanda told Jillian to sit down. When she did she

held her knees as closely together as she could and used her arms

to try to hide how far the dress was riding up. She was only

slightly successful. The rubber band holding the two ends of the

waistband together stretched showing a wide triangle of white

thigh. She could feel every pair of eyes on the train burning into

her, but she kept her head lowered and tried to be as motionless as


  They got off the train in Greenwich and walked to Dr. Kinder's

office. Jillian tried to take small steps and used her hands to

keep her dress down, but she had to scurry to keep up with the

fast-walking Wanda. Her eyes darted left and right in fear. What if

somebody she knew saw her? 

  When they arrived at Dr. Kinder's office it was once again empty.

The doctor came out to greet her. His eyes almost bugged out of his

head when he saw her! He looked at Wanda, who smiled very smugly at

him, then gulped and invited Jillian into his office. Wanda was

asked to remain outside in the waiting room.

  "Ahh... nice to ahh.. see you again, Jillian. How've you been

doing with the smoking?"

  Jillian's face and neck were flushed a bright red. She couldn't

meet the doctor's gaze. She coughed once and said, nervously:

  "F-fine, doctor. I haven't had a cigarette in two weeks. A-and I

haven't been drinking a lot of water either."

  Doctor Kinder cleared his voice. He blushed a little himself,

though it was hard to see above his beard.

  "This will be your final session, Jillian. It will, uh, reinforce

your desire to not smoke. Are you... okay?"

  "Y-yes, doctor.... I mean... well, uh, I guess so. I'm not

smoking at any rate. I'm okay."

  Doctor Kinder again lowered the lights in his office. Again he

asked Jillian to gaze at the single spot on his desk while he used

his skills to relax her and put her in deep hypnosis. She went

under very quickly this time. Once again, at his signal, Louise

came out from the next room and sat next to him. She gazed at the

clothes Jillian was wearing and she had a wry smile on her face.

The fact was that Louise was beginning to enjoy this immensely. She

had a very cruel streak in her. What had originally started out as

a device to embarrass Jillian's husband at the firm was becoming a

very pleasant and arousing exercise on its own. She squeezed her

own legs together under the desk as she nodded to the doctor to


  "Jillian, are you comfortable?"

  "I'm embarrassed by these clothes, Doctor."

  "That's good. You should be. Those clothes are very sluttish.

Everyone will be staring at you wherever you go. If anyone you know

were to see you in them you would nearly die of embarrassment."

  "Yes, Doctor."

  "Jillian, that girl outside and her friends have been helping you

to live out your fantasy. It would be very dangerous to keep that

all bottled up inside so they're actually helping you. You will

continue to obey their every command. You will desperately WANT to

please them and obey them, no matter what they tell you to do, no

matter how embarrassing."

  "It's very embarrassing, Doctor."

  "That's good, Jillian. It's good for you. No matter what they do

to you, you must obey them. You will never get used to the shameful

things that they do to you. Each time will be like the very first

time to you. As time goes by you will become even more shamed by

the things they do to you, and also more aroused by it. You will

also continue to crave female cum instead of cigarettes. The

cravings will get stronger and stronger, along with your desire to

obey your mistresses in all things."

  "Yes doctor." 

  Doctor Kinder gulped and looked at Louise hopefully. He was

incredibly aroused by what he was doing to this woman. Louise shook

her head no. She knew what he wanted to do now, but there wasn't

time for it. Besides, he was being well paid for his work. She got

up and went back to the other room.

  "Jillian, I'm going to wake you up shortly. You will feel

refreshed and awake, but very horny. You will not consciously

remember our conversation. Your mistress is waiting for you

outside. You will accompany her this evening and obey her." 


  "Wake up, Jillian."

  Jillian blinked her eyes and looked at the doctor. She was

embarrassed that he was seeing her the way she was dressed, but it

also aroused her at the same time.

  "Is it over, Doctor?"

  "Yes, Jillian. We're finished. I hope you enjoy a wonderful life

free from cigarettes. I'm glad that I've been able to help."

  "Thank you Doctor."

  Jillian glanced down. She couldn't bring herself to meet his

eyes. She knew he must be looking at her and thinking what a slut

she was. She got up and took small steps to the door and let

herself out. Doctor Kinder watched her in her incredibly short and

wrinkled old black dress. He saw the wedge of white thigh where the

rubber band held the dress together. He saw the curve of her lower

cheeks just under the hem of the dress. His erection was almost


  When she got into the reception room Wanda was reading a

magazine. She stood up and snapped her fingers.

  "Let's go slut, we gotta be someplace in a hour and I wanna do a

little window shoppin' first."

  Jillian meekly followed Wanda outside. They spent the next half

hour walking downtown looking at the shops. Jillian felt the eyes

of everybody they passed on them both. They must have been quite a

sight in old Greenwich. A black teenage girl wearing jeans and

sneakers accompanied by a 35 year old white woman with short blonde

hair dressed like the sluttiest prostitute from an X-rated movie.

She was horrified to be in Greenwich like this. The odds of someone

she knew seeing her were just too high, but she didn't dare voice

her objection to Wanda.

  A little before 6:00 Wanda hailed a taxi. After they both got in

the back seat Wanda handed a slip of paper to the driver with an

address on it. He flipped the lever on his meter and headed off.

  While they were in the back seat Wanda impishly ran her hand

under Jillian's short dress. Only inches from the hem she found

Jillian's pussy and inserted a finger into it. She wiggled it

around a bit and moved it back and forth as they rode. Jillian

closed her eyes and licked her lips. She tried her best not to moan

so the driver wouldn't know what was going on. Wanda removed her

hand and mischievously brushed her finger across Jillian's lips.

Jillian licked at it and her eyes sprung open. Her breathing got a

little heavier. She couldn't suppress a small whimper as she looked

at Wanda pleadingly.

  "Not now, bitch. There'll be more later." Wanda whispered.

  "Okay, ladies" the cab driver said as he pulled the car to the

side of the road. "That'll be $6.50"

  Jillian looked around and suddenly she began to panic. They were

right outside Louise's house. And there were lots of other cars

around too.

  "W-why are we stopping here?" she said in a panic.

  "This is the address you gave me, isn't it? That'll be $6.50."

  Wanda paid the driver and opened the door.

  "Let's go, bitch. We're gonna be late."

  "Oh, no! No, please! You couldn't possibly be going to..."

  "Shut up and get your whore ass outta that cab, or I'll drag you


  The cab driver's jaw dropped as he heard their conversation.

Jillian was close to tears as she got out of the cab. Wanda led the

way up to the front door with Jillian following meekly behind. Once

on the porch she rang the doorbell. A moment passed and the door

was opened. A lot of conversation could be heard in the background

as Louise's housekeeper let them in.

  "Good evening, Mrs. Dudley" she said as she showed them both in.

  Jillian's face was scarlet as she followed Wanda into the large

livingroom. When she stepped into the room she gasped and swallowed

hard. Practically everybody she knew was there! Many of the people

Frank worked with were there with their wives. Her friends, people

she socialized with, shopped with, went out to dinner with! My God,

Sylvia and George Wooley! Maryanne Dennison and her husband Paul!

The Thompsons! This couldn't be happening to her!

  Conversation practically stopped as she entered the room. There

were a couple of gasps. She heard "What on earth is she wearing!"

from the back of the room.

  Louise came over to her and pretended to be surprised.

  "Jillian! So ah... nice you could come. I take it Frank isn't


  Jillian didn't answer. She looked down at her feet.

  Wanda jumped in and introduced herself, loudly.

  "Nice ta meet you. I'm Wanda. Me 'n Jillian's living together


  "Wel-welcome! Please... ah... help yourself to something to eat

and drink. Jillian, I believe you know everybody here. I'll let you

introduce your friend."

  Jillian's face and neck were now nearly the color of her red

shirt, the child's jersey that came down to her navel and was

stretched so tightly you could actually see the ridges forming

around her nipples. As she followed Wanda to the refreshment table

she could feel cool air on the bare bottoms of her asscheeks. She

wanted to crawl into a hole somewhere and die.

  She looked up at Wanda's face. Wanda was nibbling on a small

sandwich and had a glass in her other hand.

  "Please, m'am. Please get me out of here!" She sniffed and

clasped her hands together in front of her. "D-don't do this to me.

You can do anything else, ANYTHING, but please don't do this to


  Wanda answered her in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear:

  "You BEGGING me, bitch?" There were gasps in the room.

  "I said, Are you begging me, bitch? Well, if you are then you're

in the wrong position... When you beg me you damn well better be on

your knees! Get down there! You heard me, bitch. Get down on your

knees and ask me again. Do what I say or so help me I'll whip your

ass right here in front of your friends!"

  The room was silent. Completely silent. The only sound that could

be heard was the sobbing from Jillian as she slowly dropped to her

knees in front of Wanda. Her eyes were downcast and she didn't say

a word.

  "Speak up, bitch! What do you want?"

  "P-please get me out of here" she sniffed.

  "Say what? Didn't I warn you to refer to me as M'am? You think

because you got your rich friends around that you can be dis'n me

in front of them? You need some humblin' girl! Some real humblin'!

Get down on your hands! Go on, do it!"

  "I think we'd better be leaving.." she heard someone say. A few

of the people had grabbed their coats and were leaving the room.

Most of the others were staying, not quite believing what they were

seeing, and not wanting to miss anything!

  Jillian placed her hands on the expensive carpet. She was now on

all fours. Wanda roughly shoved her around until she was crouched

by the food table with her practically bare ass pointing back

towards everybody in the room. The short black dress had ridden up

so that it only covered the very top of her smooth round buns. It

was even possible to see a little bit of her moist pussy peeking

back between a few blonde hairs.

  Wanda walked up to her and looped a finger into the rubber band

that was holding her dress closed. She yanked it, snapping it off.

The dress immediately came apart. Wanda picked it up off the small

of Jillian's back and dropped it to the floor. Then she bent and

pulled off each of her shoes. Jillian was sobbing loudly now. Her

shoulders were shaking. She lowered her head to the carpet as she

cried, not even aware that this was thrusting her bare ass even

higher into the air.

  Wanda kicked her knees wide apart so that her pussy was now in

full view, hanging between her legs, just a few inches below her

clearly visible puckered anus. Wanda gave a very hard slap to

Jillian's ass which caused her to raise her head and gasp. She then

thrust two fingers into her wet pussy and rubbed them back and

forth. All this had taken place very quickly.

  "Jillian, are you crazy?!" she heard someone gasp. "It's time to

put an end to this."

  "Stop right where you are, mister. This slut belongs to me, and

my Sisters. It was her choice. If you lay one finger on her now I

swear I'll whip her ass till the skin peels off! I mean it. She's

comin' back home with me tonight whether you like it or not. Now

back off!"

  The would-be rescuer stopped in his tracks. Then he turned and

stormed out of the room. Nobody else was leaving.

  Wanda took her fingers out of Jillian's cunt and, bending over,

put them up to the crouching woman's lips.

  "Lick it, bitch. Go on!"

  Jillian licked her own cum off Wanda's fingers.

  "Oh no...." she wailed, licking off every drop. When she was

finished she looked up pathetically and pleaded "more.... please?"

  Wanda laughed and slapped Jillian's ass again. There were now two

red handprints on the perfect white buns that were pointing out at

the guests.

  "You know what to do if you want more. Show them what a whore you

are! Rub yourself silly, go on! Let them see what a whore you are!"

  As Wanda was saying this, Jillian's right hand crept back between

her widely spread thighs. Everyone in the room could see her

working her fingers in and out of her cunt. She stopped and brought

the hand up to her own lips. She moaned as she licked off all the

juices, then returned to her pussy for more. She was hooked! She

swayed her ass back and forth as she rubbed furiously. Wanda

grabbed hold of Jillian's red jersey and yanked it up over her

head. Jillian had to lift her arms so the jersey could be pulled

completely off her. She was now totally nude.

  Wanda slapped her ass again very hard.

  "Get back down there, bitch. You ain't finished yet."

  Obediently, Jillian crouched back down and went back to work on

her cunt. Her knees were spread very wide now and her face was

pressed to the carpet to steady her as her right hand did its work.

Her breath came in ragged gasps and she moaned loudly.

  It only took a few more seconds for Jillian to get close to her

orgasm. Wanda slapped her quivering ass again and taunted her,

telling her to cum for her friends. Jillian's whole body was

shaking like a leaf. She let out a loud moan and went stiff as a

board. The guests could see the wetness of her orgasm flowing down

over her hand as she humped it. Jillian was crying as she

alternately licked her fingers and went back to her pussy for more


  She turned a tear-stained and pathetic face up to Wanda and said

"More... please?"

  Wanda had taken Jillian's collar and leash out of her bag and now

bent to put them around the neck of the trembling blonde.

  "No more now, bitch. Wait till we get back to the other Sisters."

  Wanda grabbed the discarded shirt, dress and shoes and stuffed

them in her bag.

  "Call us a cab, please." She said to Louise as she tugged on the

leash and led the naked Jillian on all fours out of the room. She

paused at the threshold to give them all one last look at those

beautiful pink and white buns, then turned in the hallway and went

out the front door.

  She led Jillian down to the sidewalk and stood there for a moment

holding the leash. Most of the guests had come out to the porch to

watch what was happening. Wanda glanced at Louise who secretly gave

her a nod and an `OK' sign. Wanda beamed. She knew she'd just

earned her $5,000 bonus.

  She unclipped the leash but left the collar on, then told Jillian

to stand up and put her clothes back on. The rubber band had broken

so she had to hold the waistband of the dress together with one

hand. Ten minutes later a cab came and took them to the train



   Jillian's performance that night had a profound effect on her

husband's career. When copies of Wanda's home-made video tapes

began suddenly appearing and being passed around amongst his co-

workers he knew he couldn't stay in Greenwich. He asked for, and

was granted, a transfer to a lesser job in the company's Dallas-

Fort Worth office. He spoke to his attorney about a divorce but was

advised that, under the circumstances, he'd make out better by just

moving to Texas and abandoning Jillian to her new lifestyle.


  Louise got what she wanted. Six months later her own husband was

promoted to Executive Vice President. With his only competition out

of the running he was a shoo-in.

  In addition to advancing her husband's career, she was kept well

stocked with a continuing supply of Wanda's video tapes. Wanda had

become quite creative and had earned another bonus within two

months. Louise enjoyed viewing the tapes and loaned them out to

quite a few of Jillian's former friends for stag parties and the

like. She had Wanda bring Jillian back to Greenwich at least once

a month for very "special" parties.

  With the influx of Louise's money, plus the notoriety of having

a white slave-slut, Wanda's gang flourished. They rented space in

the building next door which was heated and had electricity. They

were able to recruit new young girls to the gang. Jillian became

their major source of income. The money that Louise sent each

month, plus what they got for loaning her out on occasion to other

gangs had them all dressing and eating better. But they still loved

their barbecue, with it's `special' sauce!

  Doctor Kinder was right about Jillian. She never did get used to

the things that the girls did to her. Some of the new girls have

proven to be most inventive. The old worn wooden table is still

outside, and Jillian spends a good deal of her time there on her

back, watching the clouds through teary eyes and wiggling toes, but

the girls are continually finding new ways to spice things up. It

was, in fact, one of the new girls who suggested placing

clothespins on Jillian's nipples, and also on the sensitive lower

curves of her ass as it pointed up over the table's edge. It

greatly increased the level of Jillian's moaning and was

appreciated by all who saw her displayed that way.

  The thing that still bothers Jillian the most is her occasional

trips to Greenwich. Her wardrobe hasn't changed much. She still has

the cashmere top for her morning and evening walks and her red

jersey and black dress for special occasions. The girls have

benefited greatly from owning her, and Jillian, well, she still

doesn't smoke cigarettes...

                                             THE END



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