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Archive-name: Control/jane5.txt

Archive-author: Dr. Phil

Archive-title: The Humiliation of Jane

PREFACE: The original two parts of this story can be found under

the titles HOJ.ZIP and JANEP2.ZIP. The story line was then picked

up by another author who wrote JANEPRT3.ZIP and JANEP4.ZIP. I have

picked up where the second author left off and contributed Part 5

to the saga off the humiliation of Jane the Law student.

                  Part 5

   "OK, Jane. It's time to get even. You've heard that payback's a

bitch? Well, that doesn't BEGIN to describe how I'm going to pay

you back for all the shitty things you've done to me over the


  Dennis grinned from ear to ear. This was fantastic, even better

than his wildest fantasy! He had just finished hearing Jane

describe her incredible tale, complete with all the delicious

details of her treatment at the hands of the Dean and the Security


  It had all started innocently enough. He had merely asked his

older sister what she was doing home from Law School during mid-


  Jane had seen him and tried to avoid him. She knew what would

happen if he asked her any questions. The drug she had been exposed

to by the library staff at school would force her to tell him the

whole story. She couldn't bear having her obnoxious little brother

know that her free will had been destroyed by the drug. That she

was now COMPELLED to obey any order given to her by anyone, no

matter how she tried not to...

  "First thing, I want you to take ALL of your clothes off!" He

grinned and licked his lips.

  "Come on, Dennis, you little snot. I'm your SISTER. Wouldn't you

much rather look at some other girls?" Jane objected but her hands

immediately went to her blouse and started undoing the buttons.

  Jane saw him leering at her but was unable to stop herself from

obeying his order.

  "This isn't funny, Dennis! I'll KILL you, you little shit! Tell

me to stop!"

  "Nooooo way, Jane. As a matter of fact, I want you to do a

stiptease for me! Yeah!" He turned the stereo on in the living room

and sat down in the big chair, his father's chair. Nobody was home

except for him and Jane and he laughed as he watched her face turn


  "Not here in the living room, Dennis! Please!"

  "Yeah, RIGHT here! Do it slowly and bump and grind as sexily as

you can. Try to turn me on. Don't be bashful!"

  Dennis got up and walked over to the big bay window. He opened up

the vertical blinds, then did the same to the two windows on the

other wall. He then opened the front door wide and turned the music

up a little louder before sitting back down in the chair. Jane had

taken her shirt off and was swinging it over her head. She threw it

towards him then kicked off her shoes. She unbuttoned her jeans and

began slowly lowering them as she swayed and gyrated.

  "What are you doing, you little monster! Close the blinds!

Someone might see me!"

  "Oh yeah? Well, why don't you just go outside right in the middle

of the street and finish your striptease!" he shot back.

  ""No! Please! I-I'm sorry. Really!" Jane had already begun

hobbling towards the open door. Her jeans were around her knees.

  "Okay, stay here, but you better be nice to me and stop calling

me names or you'll be sorry. Now keep stripping."

  Jane groaned, half in relief, and continued pushing her jeans all

the way down to her ankles. She stepped out of them, one foot at a

time, then kicked them to the side of the room as she bumped her

hips to the music. She reached behind her back and unclasped her

bra. As she pulled the straps forward she kept her arms over her

breasts. Dennis leaned forward and leered as she lowered her arms,

exposing a very nice set of knockers with large aureoles.

  Dennis began clapping his hands and shouting "Make your nipples

stand up! Rub your titties!" His mouth watered as he watched his

sister drop the bra then begin pinching and massaging her nipples

to erection.

  In spite of herself, she licked her lips and swayed her lips as

she watched Dennis staring at her. She wanted to smack that grin

right off his face but instead she kept pulling on her nipples as

he told her to do. When they were rock hard little nubbins she

began lowering her panties.

  "Please, Dennis!" she implored. "This isn't right. You've had

your revenge, now let me get dressed again."

  "Are you kidding! For all the shitty things you've done to me

over the years I oughta make you do jumping jacks on the front

lawn. Besides, A lot of guys my age would kill to have a college

girl at their beck and call. Just because you're my sister doesn't

mean you're not a girl. I'm gonna have a LOT of fun making you do

things! I really liked how that guy at school told you not to cum

and you didn't, not until he told you it was okay. I wanna do that

too. It was cool!"

  By this time Jane was lifting her feet one at a time to pull her

panties off. She danced with them covering herself for a minute

then tossed them across the room. She was finally nude!

  "OK, you can stop dancing" Dennis told her as he turned off the

music. "I want you to lie down on the floor on your back with your

legs spread as wide as you can, then rub your titties and beg me to

FUCK you!"

  "I'll get you for this, I promise!" Jane spat out as she was

laying down on the floor. With her legs spread wide open she began

rubbing her nipples and begging her brother to fuck her.

  Dennis was enjoying the view. "Oh yeah, don't cum until I say you

can" he giggled. He watched her with a rock hard erection as she

tearfully pleaded with him to fuck her. She hated him for what he

was doing to her, but she couldn't stop herself from doing what he

told her.

  "Crawl over here now and lay across my lap. I think you've been

bad enough to get a spanking. I know I'd really like to give you

one so get over here!"

  Jane stopped rubbing herself. She felt close to cumming but she

knew she wouldn't be able to get off until he told her she could.

It really humiliated her to have her little brother have so much

control over this most intimate part of her. She got up, then

quickly crawled over to where the grinning little monster was

seated. She slowly got up and draped herself across his jeans. She

felt incredibly sluttish as she felt the coarse material against

her naked thighs. Dennis began fondling her ass with both hands. He

pinched her a few times and cupped both of her cheeks.

  "Ask me to spank you, Janie."

  "Please spank me, Dennis."

  Dennis gave her white ass a slap. "Ask me nicer. Tell me you're

sorry for all the times you got me in trouble. Tell me you want me

to punish you for all the shit I had to take from Mom and Dad

because of you. Tell me how sorry you are over and over again while

I beat your ass!"

  Dennis began slapping her helpless ass as she begged him to

punish her. She sobbed out her apologies to him as he watched her

ass turn from white to pink. He could see his handprints as he

whacked her. The more she squirmed over his lap the harder he

spanked her. After at least 50 slaps he stopped and waved his right

hand to cool it off. Jane was sobbing but still begging his

forgiveness. He pushed her off his lap and she tumbled to the


  "OK Janie, stay on your hands and knees and crawl upstairs.

You're hot, you here me? REALLY hot! You want to cum so bad but you

can't! I want you to crawl upstairs and lie down on your back on my

bed, with your legs spread real wide. You're to rub your cunt for

five minutes, getting closer and closer to cumming but you can't

get over the edge. Then I want you to crawl into Mom and Dad's room

and crawl into their closet. Shut the door and rub your cunt for

another five minutes. You're so hot it's driving you crazy! Then

you crawl back down here and I'll be waiting for you."

  "I'll get you for this you little creep! If it's the last thing

I do!" Jane sobbed as she began crawling up the stairs. Dennis

laughed at her and went to get the video camera.

  About ten minutes later Jane appeared again at the top of the

stairs. She had trouble crawling down them so she turned and came

down backwards, a step at a time. Dennis had the video camera out

and focused it on her red backside as she slowly descended. When

she got to the bottom she turned to see him pointing the camera at

her. Her face was tear-stained and her teeth were chattering


  "Put that DOWN you little creep! I'm gonna kill you!"

  Dennis lowered the camera and grinned at his sister. He despised

the stuck up snob. Now he was gonna teach the bitch a lesson in


  "Lie down on your back and spread your legs... Now lift your butt

up as far as you can and your head too. I want you to try to lick

your own pussy! I know you can't reach but I want you to get as

close as you can. Stick your tongue out and try to lick it, and

moan a lot, too!"

  Dennis focused the camera again and filmed his sister contorting

herself lewdly. Her knees were up and she was pulling her thighs

back as far as she could. Dennis was surprised that she got as

close to actually licking herself as she did! Her tongue was only

about six inches away from her spread pussy as she flicked it out

as far as it could go and moaned in frustration. Her inner thighs

gleamed wetly with pussy juice and it was obvious how incredibly

horny the poor girl was. She trembled as she begged, in between

moans, for her brother to allow her to cum.

  "Please, Dennis! I'm right on the edge. I can't take this

anymore. I'm so horny that if I don't cum I think I'll die. Enough

is enough. Please!"

  "No, Jane. I'm just starting with you. We've got a LONG way to

go! I don't know what they used on you at that Law school but just

in case that drug ever does wear off, this video's gonna be my

insurance that you'll ALWAYS do what I want! Face it, Janie, I own

you now! Hahahaha! The rest of our lives you're gonna do whatever

I tell you to do! As for letting you cum, POOR BABY! No, I want you

to get even CLOSER to the edge! Come on! Frig that pussy of yours.

Put some fingers in your cunt and hover right on the edge for me.

Spread open your ass for the camera and tell me you want a big fat

cock up your ass!"

  "Pleeeeeeease, Dennis! Put a big fat cock up my ass......" Jane

was practically convulsing on the carpet as her whole body

involuntarily shuddered again and again and again. Dennis filmed

her pathetic thrashings for about ten minutes then put the camera

down and picked up the phone.

  "Hi Steve. Dennis. Your folks still gonna be away till Sunday?

Yeah, I know. Party Time! Call up some of the guys and we'll party

a little tonight down your cellar. My sister's home from college

and I'm bringing her over.... Yeah, I KNOW she's an asshole, but

she's gonna show us a real good time tonight, if you catch my

drift... No, I'm not shitting! Just get the guys together around

seven, you're not gonna BELIEVE this! OK, bye."

  Dennis hung up the phone and leered at his pathetic sister. Maybe

if she hadn't been such an obnoxious creep to him all those years

he'd have helped her out. Now all he thought about was getting even

with her, and getting his rocks off to boot.

  She had caught him jacking off once with a Hustler magazine in

one hand. He thought the house was empty and was lying on top of

his bed naked after taking a shower. She yelled at him then laughed

her ass off. The worst part was that she told their parents and

actually gave them the magazine! What a shit! She was always

ratting on him or putting him down because she was soooo fucking

smart. Well, Miss smart ass, your ass is MINE now! Hahahaha!

  Dennis told Jane to stop and she lowered her legs down, though

her teeth were still chattering. He then told her to crawl out into

the back yard and get in Duke's dog house. Poor old Duke was gone

but his house was still out back. He told her to kneel inside with

her ass sticking out the opening. She was to reach back with one

hand and frig herself until he came out to get her.

  With a mixture of fear and hatred in her eyes she glared at him

then began crawling out through the kitchen on to the porch. She

then crawled out on the cool lawn and headed towards the doghouse. 

  Dennis nearly busted his gut laughing as he saw her pink ass

sticking out of the opening of the doghouse. He saw her small hand

appear bewtween her opened thighs and get busy rubbing herself.

This was just too much!

  He made himself a sandwich and a glass of milk and sat on the

porch watching her while he ate. After about ten minutes he got up

and walked out to the dog house.

  "How you doing, Janie?" he laughed.

  "Don't do this to me, Dennis. Not out here in the yard. Please!"

  "Come out of there, Jane. OK." He smiled as he bent over and

attached Duke's old collar around Jane's neck. He clipped the leash

onto it and stood up straight, jerking it occasionally and


  "So you're afraid of being seen, huh? Climb up on top of the dog

house. That's right. No, the other way. Put a leg on each side of

the roof and face away from me, so your ass is towards the house.

This way you won't know if anybody's standing in the yard watching

you or not."

  He took the free end of the leash and tied it to the side of the

doghouse. He straightened up then pinched her ass a few times.

  "Arch your back down and keep your ass pointing up and out. Now

I want you to balance yourself here and at the same time use your

right hand to really spank yourself HARD. Lower yourself down a

little and just graze your cunt on the peak of the roof. Keep

yourself right at the edge of orgasm and wiggle your ass as you

spank it, but don't cum."

  Jane's whole body was shaking with humiliation as she lowered her

belly until her cunt was just bisected by the peak of the roof. She

rubbed it lightly back and forth and began moaning. At the same

time she lifted her right hand and brought it down with a sharp

slap on her exposed buttock.

  "Keep it up Janie, until I tell you to stop. Also, I want you to

bark like a dog, too. Woof! Woof! Hahahaha!"

  Jane was mortified beyond belief and so horny that she thought

she would faint. As she complied with his latest instructions

Dennis went over to the driveway, got his basketball, and began

shooting hoops. He left her like that for nearly twenty minutes.

Her ass was on fire but she couldn't stop slapping it. She also

couldn't stop rubbing her swollen and dripping cunt on the rough

peak of the roof. Her titties dangled on either side of the peak

and jiggled each time her ass shook.

  Dennis finally put down the basketball and got the video camera

again. He had to add some of this footage to his tape!

  "Pleeeeeeeease l-let me down, Dennis! Pleeeeease! I p-promise

I'll do whatever you want, only let me stop!"

  Dennis untied the leash from the side of the doghouse and told

Jane she could stop what she was doing and come down. As she stood

before him he gazed at her and she lowered her eyes. For the first

time in her life she couldn't make eye contact with someone! He

told her to get back down on her hands and knees and he used the

leash to lead her back into the house.

  Once inside he stood before her and slowly began to take off his

pants. Jane knew what was coming and she began sniffling. Dennis

tugged his underpants down and stood before her, his cock was


  "I think you know what to do, Jane. Give me a real good blow job.

I've never had one before so I want you to do the best job you


  Jane lifted her head until it was only an inch away from the tip

of his cock. She sniffed it a little then stuck the tip of her

tongue out and gave the head a little lick. Dennis shuddered a

little, but when her whole mouth sucked his cock inside, his knees

nearly buckled! He sat down on the big chair and Jane crawled

closer and put her mouth around his cock again. She began sucking

on it, then licking the underside and around the head. Dennis put

his hands in her hair and began breathing heavily.

  As much as she despised what she was doing she gave him the best

head she could. She actually took a little perverse pride in being

able to make him tremble and gasp. She used one hand to cup and

fondle his balls while her mouth began making loud sucking and

slurping noises. Her head was pistoning back and forth on his shiny

dick and his eyes were closed in ecstasy.

  Finally she felt him stiffen. She bore down harder on him and she

felt him start to spasm and then shoot his load against the back of

her throat. She gobbled it down and continued sucking. When it was

finally over he opened his eyes and looked down at her kneeling

there between his widely spread thighs.

  "That was GREAT Jane! You're gonna have to do that for me EVERY

day! Mmmmmmmmmm!" He licked his lips.

  He pushed her back a little then got up and looked at his watch.

  "We gotta get moving, Jane. We're supposed to be at Steve's house

in about fifteen minutes.

  He tugged his underwear and his jeans back on and as he was

retying his sneakers he told her to put on her white beach jacket.

He always loved the way that short jacket made it look like she

wasn't wearing anying underneath, and he used to fantasize that she

didn't have her bathing suit on when he saw her in it. This time it

would be for real! As long as she didn't bend over nobody would be

able to see that she was stark naked underneath it. He unclipped

the leash and stuck it in his pocket but he left Duke's collar

around her neck.

  "Let's go, Jane. We're walking over to Steve's house."

  The two of them left the house together. He, with a mischievous

grin on his face, and her with blushing cheeks nearly as red as her

barely concealed ass.

                               End of Part 5


   Well, here's my contribution. So far there have been three

authors contributing to the story of The Humiliation of Jane (The

Snotty Law Student). I hope someone else jumps in to add to this

story line, perhaps one of the two earlier authors or maybe someone

new. Just please read the entire series first and keep to the story

line, but add in whatever floats your boat!

                                  - Dr. Phyllis Hyde-Benson



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