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Archive-name: Control/jane4.txt

Archive-author: DJW

Archive-title: The Humiliation of Jane

                             PART 4

     Sally Mist walked into her house after finishing her morning 

run,  sweat  running down her 26 year old petite  body.   As  she 

walked past her living room door she could not believe her  eyes.  

There, sitting in her easy chair, without a stitch of clothes on, 

sat Brian, the campus gardener, with some Bimbo kneeling in front 

on him between his legs, with her head bobbing up and down.

     "What in the hell is going on here?", she yelled at Brian.

     Brian  quickly  jumped  up, searching for  his  clothes  and 

quickly  putting  them  on.  "I can explain all  of  this  Sally, 

honest I can.  We were just having a little fun.".

     The young girl at Brian's feet also stood up and Sally could 

not  believe  it.   Jane.  That bitch.  The one  person  who  has 

caused  Sally more problems then any other student on campus.   A 

large  grin started across her face.  What a great thing to  have 

on her Sally, thought.

     "He  raped  me.  I want him, and the Dean, and  the  library 

staff all arrested right now!", Jane screamed at Sally.

     "I  did  not rape her.  She liked it all!",  Brian  defended 


     "Whoa,  right  now.", Sally said, the smile  gone  from  her 

face.   Rape was not a laughing matter.  "Jane, what's  going  on 

here.  Take your time and tell me everything.".

     Jane,  still naked, quickly told Sally everything about  the 

drug that had taken away her free will.

     "Is this true Brian.", Sally asked.

     "I  think so, Miss Mist, she did everything I  asked  her.", 

Brian replied.

     "All right Brian, get out of my house.  Don't say a word  of 

this to anyone.  I'll handle it from now.", Sally told him.

     "Yes mam!", and Brian was out of the front door like a shot.

     "I demand you arrest him at once!", screamed Jane at  Sally.  

"I want them all arrested this instance!".

     A  large grin again flowed across Sally's face, and  then  a 

long, deep laugh.  

     "Oh Jane, Jane, Jane.  Play with your pussy while you  stand 

there.   I want to see fingers moving in and out of your  hole!", 

said Sally.

     Jane's right hand quickly moved down to her pussy, her  legs 

spreading  more  as 3 fingers sunk into her hole and  started  to 

move in and out, her juice beginning to drip down her wrist.

     "Please  ,  don't  do  this to  me.   I  want  those  people 

arrested.  They have no right to do this to me!", Jane pleaded to 

Sally, as her fingers kept plunging in and out of her moist hole.

     "No  right?  You dare talk to me about rights!", Sally  said 

to  Jane.  "You have caused me more problems then any student  on 

this campus.  215 complaints against male students and staff this 

semester alone!  We are now ranked the worst campus in the  state 

because of your complaints and have lost all our federal  funding 

for the security department, which has caused the loss of 8  full 

time  officers  to protect the students that really need  it.   I 

have 15 demerits on my record because of the complaints you filed 

and  then refiled with the state security controller.  The  local 

police  will hardly answer my calls for help anymore because  the 

figure  it's just another false alarm from you.  No  dear,  don't 

talk  to  me about rights.  Beside, like Brian said,  no  one  is 

forcing you to do this, it's all by your free will.".

     "I'll  get  you  for this, too.  I'll get  all  of  you  for 

this!", Jane screamed at her.

     "Don't  scream dear, you can talk, but don't scream.   Also, 

you will no longer cum when you here the word cunt, but only when 

I  tell  you to.  You are still to stay on the verge  of  orgasm, 

however.", Sally told her.

     Jane could not believe this.  The fingers moving in and  out 

of her pussy was getting her hotter and hotter, hitting her  clit 

with each surge upward.  Her face and chest was getting red  from 

the effort, plus her embarrassment from being made to do this.

     "Jane",  Sally  said,  "quit  playing  with  yourself.    Go 

upstairs  and take a shower.  A cold shower.  And then comb  your 

hair  neatly and kneel in the bathroom and wait for me.   And  be 

sure to clean your pussy good!  And make it fast.".

     Sally watched Jane's ass and tits bounce as she went up  the 

stairs and went into the bathroom. 

     This is to good to believe, Sally thought.  Jane, I'll never 

have to worry about you again after today.

     She walked over to her phone, and dialed a number.

     "Hello,  Brad.  This is Sally.  You aren't going to  believe 

this,  I've  got  the bitch Jane here ready  and  willing  to  do 

whatever  I  tell  her.  Listen, get your video  camera  and  get 

Johnny and come over here quickly.  Yeah, bring anyone else  that 

wants to come along.  See ya soon.".

     Sally  heard  the shower starting  upstairs.   Smiling,  she 

walked up the steps to the bathroom.

     Jane turned on the cold water, her nipples standing straight 

out when it hit her.  Burr, she thought.  I'll get them for this, 

all of them.  They will pay!!!

     Her hands grabbed the soap, and began to move over her body, 

washing  every  part, spreading her pussy lips and  washing  deep 

inside  herself.  She turned off the water and  stepped  outside, 

grabbing  a  towel and drying herself.  Then grabbed a  comb  and 

began  to force it painfully through her hair.  She moved to  her 

knees as she did this, just in time to see Sally standing in  the 

doorway watching her.

     "I will get you for this!", Jane said to Sally.

     "Your  really becoming a bore dear, but that's  ok.",  Sally 

told  her  as  she pulled off her  jogging  shorts  and  panties, 

exposing her dark pussy hair to Jane's view.

     "Did you know I'm Bi Jane?", Sally asked her.

     "No.",  Jane said, her voice trembling at the  thoughts  now 

running through her mind.

     "Quit  combing your hair.", Sally told her.  "Now, put  your 

hands  behind you and lean back a little, with your  head  tilted 

back  so I can put my wet pussy on it.".  As she said  this,  her 

right  hand was rubbing her cunt, the juices beginning  to  flow, 

her left hand rubbing her tits through her jersey.

     "No, please don't make me do this, please!", Jane begged  to 

Sally as she leaned back, giving Sally easy access to her mouth.

     "Relax  Jane, you'll like it!", Sally said as she walked  to 

Jane,  spreading  her legs at Jane's body, and moving  her  pussy 

over Jane's face and mouth.  She reached down with both hands and 

grabbed Jane's hair and brought her mouth up to her wet pussy.

     "Now Jane, remember, your addicted to pussy juice,  too.   I 

want you to stick your tongue into my hole, then lick along  it's 

length to my clit, then start back down and keep doing it till  I 

tell  you to stop!  Get as much tongue into my pussy as  you  can 

and  keep your face buried in my pubic hair.",  Sally  instructed 


     Jane's  tongue lept from her mouth, going deep into  Sally's 

wetness,  getting as much of her juice as she could, they  glided 

up  the length of her vulva, lapping out at her clit,  then  back 

down  it's  length  again, burying itself  back  into  her  hole, 

sucking out all of her juice and swallowing.  Her nose was  being 

tickled  by  her  pubic hair, the extremely  salty,  musky  smell 

almost  suffocating her.  I wish she had showered after her  jog, 

Jane thought to herself.

     Sally  felt  Jane's tongue enter her  pussy  hole.   Probing 

upward inside her and then moving along it's outside to her clit, 

now  standing straight out like a miniature dick, sending  spasms 

over  her body and juice flowing from her hole.  Back the  tongue 

moved,  into her hole, sucking out all her nectar.   She  grabbed 

Jane's  head even harder, trying to force her sucking mouth  into 

her hole.  She was getting close to orgasm, the tongue under  her 

driving  her crazy with desire, in and out  of her  hole,  around 

her clit and then back inside her.  She moaned loudly, rocking on 

Jane's darting tongue.  

     The  orgasm raced over her body,making her freeze in  place, 

her  hands  pulling Jane's face against her pussy  so  hard  Jane 

couldn't breath.  She ground her hips at Jane's mouth, the tongue 

buried  inside  her love nest, flooding her mouth  with  the  cum 

juice Jane so desperately needed.  Finally, she let go of  Jane's 

head, and just stood there as Jane continued to lick her, getting 

every last drop.

     Jane  felt Sally shudder in her orgasm, her head  forced  so 

hard  against Sally's pubic area that she thought her nose  would 

break.   Her tongue worked quickly, darting into her pussy as  it 

spasmed  on her tongue, trying to keep it inside her.   As  Sally 

released  her head, Jane continued to keep sucking at her  pussy, 

licking up every drop of the salty, fishy fluid that dripped  out 

of her hole, not missing any of it.

     "Stop  now  Jane.", Sally told her.   She  walked  backward, 

sitting  on the toilet to steady herself.  The orgasm had been  a 

powerful one, and she was still shaking from it.

     "Stand up and wash your face now Jane.  Then we'll move into 

the bedroom for more fun.", Sally told her.

     "I'll  get you for this Sally!", Jane threatened her as  she 

stood  up  and started to wash her face, getting all  of  Sally's 

nectar off of her face.

     "Sure  Jane, sure.  When we get through with you,  you  will 

never harass anyone again!", Sally said.

     "Who's we?  What do you mean?", Jane asked, panic edging  in 

on her voice.

     "You'll  see later.  For now, follow me into the  bedroom.", 

Sally instructed her.

     Jane  walked into the bedroom, taking a quick survey of  it.  

Not much, she thought, just a plain bedroom with a king size  bed 

and a red satin cover on it.

     "Lie on and bed and spread your legs and play with  yourself 

Jane.   Use one hand on your tits and one on your pussy,  and  be 

sure to clean off your hand once in a while with your mouth.  And 

smile, I want to see you enjoying yourself!", Sally told her.

     "You bitch.", Jane told her as she laid down on her bed.  

     The cover felt slick and cool on her back as she laid  back, 

spread eagle, her right hand going between her legs, her  fingers 

dipping into her hot cunt, working in and out of it as her  other 

hand began to rub her tits, pinching her nipples, driving herself 

crazy with desire.

     Her  hand  was working in and out of her pussy  faster  now, 

getting  coated with a large dose of her love juice.   She  moved 

her  hand  up, her tongue darting out to lick her  finers  clean.  

Just  then a flash caught Jane's attention.  She looked  over  to 

see Sally holding a Polaroid camera.  A low moan escaped her lips 

as the flash went again, capturing her mouth engulfing her  hand, 

getting  all of the salty tasting cum off and her hand.  Back  to 

her pussy her hand shot, fingers moving in and out.  

     Flash.  Another shot for prosperity, with her fingers buried 

deep in her hot flesh.

     "Here Jane, use this instead of your fingers!", Sally  said, 

tossing  a  huge, black dildo onto the bed next to  Jane.   "Just 

like  your fingers, use it in your pussy, then suck all  the  way 

into your mouth.  Now, go for it.".

     Jane  saw  the huge dildo, moaned to herself.   My  God  she 

thought, how much longer will this go on?

     Jane's  right hand reached out to the dildo, moving it  down 

to  her pussy and shoved half of it's massive length  inside  her 

sore  pussy.   She began to work it in and out of her  cunt,  her 

juices quickly covering it.

     "Put  it  all the way inside your pussy Jane!",  Sally  told 


     "It's  to  big!", Jane protested.  But as she said  it,  her 

hand obeyed the order and plunged   it inside her to the hilt,  a 

loud  moan escaping her mouth.  Flash went the camera.  Her  hand 

moved  the dildo in and out, back and forth into her  love  nest.  

Faster  and faster, her hips jumping up to meet the dildo on  the 

way inside her.  

     Her  hand  now  moved  it to her  mouth,  opening  wide  she 

swallowed  the entire dildo down her throat, her tongue  cleaning 

off  all of her juice.  Flash, another shot for prosperity.   Her 

left  hand was still kneading her tits, now red and swollen  from 

the abuse they were taking.  And back down to her pussy the dildo 

moved,  plunging  into her soft wetness, burying  itself  to  the 

hilt, only to start back up and then plunge down again.  Over and 

over, until it was covered in cum, then up to her mouth it shot.

     For  fifteen  minutes this went on, Jane beginning  to  feel 

faint from the workout.

     Finally, the door bell rang.

     "Well,  that  will  be  Brad, the  head  of  security.   You 

remember  him don't you Jane.  You caused him more problems  then 

you even caused me.  He's brought some friends for you.  Don't go 

away,  I'll be right back.  Keep going though, he'll like to  see 

you like this!", Sally told her.

     "Please  don't  Sally, I promise I won't cause  you  anymore 

problems!", Jane pleaded.

     "Oh,  I know you won't Jane. I know you won't.", Sally  said 

so quietly it sent chills down Jane's spine as she quickly put on 

her clothes and walked out the door.

     Jane  heard voices down below.  She could  recognize  Brad's 

voice, the head of campus security, plus Rod's, the assistant  to 

Sally, and Deborah, her secretary.  Then the voices grew  louder, 

and she could hear the footsteps getting closer to the bedroom.

     They  opened  the door just as Jane was plunging  the  dildo 

deeply into her pussy, then withdrew it from her hole and sent it 

up to her wide open mouth.

     "If  I  didn't  see  it, I would  never  have  believed  you 

Sally!",  Brad told her as he watched Jane shove the  dildo  down 

her  throat and clean off all her cum, then send it  back  inside 

her pussy.

     "Please  help  me!", Jane pleaded with them,  from  a  large 

smiling face.

     They all laughed at her.

     "Boy,  this  is great.", Rod said.  "Remind me  to  buy  the 

science and library department lunch tomorrow.".

     "Yeah it's great all right.  But lets get this over with.  I 

really don't like even having this snobby bitch in my house as  a 

slave.   So  lets  get the equipment set up  and  get  this  over 

with.",  Sally  told  them.  "Jane, you  can  stop  playing  with 

yourself now, I want you rested for later!".

     "What  are you going to do to me?", Jane asked.   "I'll  get 

you all for this!".

     "Charming to the end.", Brad replied.

     "Yeah,  what a stupid bitch, doesn't have the sense to  shut 

up.", said Deborah.

     "Right, lets get this video camera and lights set up for our 

new 'Star'.", Rod said.

     Jane  watched in horror as the men began moving lights  into 

the  bedroom, setting them up in each corner of the room  to  get 

rid  of all the shadows, and set up the video camera on a  tripod 

by the side of the bed.

     Deborah took something out of a large plastic bag and put it 

under  the  bed.  Jane thought it looked almost like  a  deflated 

airmattress, but was flesh covered.

     "What is that?", Jane asked.

     "Come  outside the room with me Jane, and I'll explain  what 

is  going on here, and what you are to say, do, and  act  like.", 

Sally told Jane.

     Jane got up, following Sallying, noticing she was holding  a 

shiny  black  teddy in her hands.  As they  walked  outside,  the 

others continued their hurried efforts to get the bedroom ready.

     "She's  ready  when ever you are.", Sally told Brad  as  she 

walked back into the room.

     "She's  got  it all straight now?  I don't want to  have  to 

repeat  this to many times.  I have a meeting in 2 hours.",  Brad 

asked Sally.

     "Yeah  from  what I've seen and had her do, this  should  go 

perfectly  the  very first time, and then we won't ever  have  to 

worry  about Miss Bitchy Jane again, unless she wants to  be  the 

next  matinee  at the XXX movie house!", Sally told  him.   "Just 

yell  action  when your ready, and she'll come in and  start  the 


     Sally walked over to the dresser next to the bed and put the 

large  black dildo on it, plus another flesh colored dildo  about 

the same size.

     "Well,  that  should do it.  Is the camera  ok  Rod?",  Brad 


     "In perfect shape with lots of film boss!", Rod replied.

     "Ok, remember everyone, no  voices or noises, and keep  your 

self out of the way of the camera.  I don't want any proof of our 

involvement  to come back to haunt us.", Brad said.   "ok,  Jane, 

ACTION!", Brad yelled at her.

     Everyone was standing against the wall now, except Rod,  who 

had his video camera aimed at the door, waiting for Jane to  walk 

in,  planning  on following her every move for the  little  movie 

they had planned.

     Jane  walked into the doorway and stood there for a  moment.  

A large smile on her lips as her right hand moved down to rub the 

outside  of  her pussy through the sheer black  teddy  Sally  had 

given  her to wear.  She was a little bigger then Sally  and  she 

stretched  the teddy perfectly, her tits barely held  inside  the 

sheer material below the open v of her neck.  she had combed  her 

hair  neatly, the long strands going down her back and some  over 

her shoulder.  Her left hand moved over to her tits, rubbing them 

through the smooth silk teddy, her nipples standing straight  out 

as her hips began to rotate slowly against her right hand.

     "God  I'm horny.", she said loudly.  " I need a man to  fuck 

me.  I want to suck his cock and let him fuck me.  But I'm such a 

bitch no one will fuck me.  I guess I'll just have to make do  by 

myself like I usually do.".

     With that she walked over to the night stand, and turning to 

keep  facing  Rod and his camera, reached out and picked  up  the 

large black dildo.  Opening her mouth, she shoved the dildo  down 

her  throat,  burying  it all the way inside  her,  so  deep  her 

fingers could barely hold onto it, then withdrew it, making  sure 

the camera caught her throat bulging when it was filled, and  her 

tongue licking along it's length.  

     For  five minutes she stood there sucking the dildo,  moving 

it  in and out as Rod got every bit on film, using the zoom  lens 

to move in and out, getting the best shots he could as the others 

stood against the wall and watched in awe.

     Jane moved over to the bed, and lied down, still sucking  on 

the dildo.  Her legs spread out wide as her other hand moved down 

to  her pussy and shoving the elastic teddy aside, plunged  three 

fingers  into her hot hole.  Her left hand continued to work  the 

dildo in and out of her mouth, going all the down her throat,  as 

her fingers moved in and out of her pussy, getting her juice  all 

around her pussy and thighs, leaking down to the bed.

     Her hand grasped the elastic snap at her crotch and  yanked, 

the  teddy coming apart at her pussy.  Her hand moved  the  dildo 

from her mouth down to her open love nest and plunged it it  with 

one hard shove.

     "Yes,  oh  my God YESSSS!", Jane yelled in pleasure  as  the 

dildo bottomed out against her uterus, her hand beginning to pump 

it in and out as her hips jumped from the bed to meet the plastic 

member inside her.

     Her free hand reached for the other dildo on the nightstand, 

grabbing it and putting it in her mouth, moaning with pleasure as 

it entered her throat, moving in and out.

     Jane could not believe she was doing this, could not believe 

what  Sally  had told her to do next, with the  camera  recording 

everything as a permanent record of her depravity.  Somehow,  she 

would get the film and then get them, some how.  Only, how?

     For  5 more minutes Jane plunged both dildos in and  out  of 

herself, then she took the dildo out of her mouth.

     "Oh  yes,  yes, Please put it up my  Ass,  PLEASE!!!",  Jane 

moaned out loud to the camera.

     Her  hand  moved the dildo down past her twat to  her  tight 

asshole,  her other hand stopping for a second, the  black  dildo 

buried  to the hilt inside her.  Her ass hole was  extremely  wet 

from  all  her juices leaking down.  She grabbed the  dildo  with 

both hands and shoved against her anus.  First a little went  in, 

then  she pushed with all her might and it buried  itself  inside 

her shit hole.

     "AHHHH!!!", Jane screamed as the dildo went inside her.   My 

god, she thought, it's tearing me up!

     "YES, I love it!!!", Jane scream at the camera.

     Jane  began  forcing both dildos in and out  of  her  holes.  

When  the black one plunged inside her pussy, the other one  left 

her ass, only to plunge back in as the black dildo moved out.  In 

and out they both moved, Jane moaning loudly for the camera,  her 

hips jump and rotating on the bed.

     After 10 minutes of this, Jane yelled "I want Johnny, I need 



     She  jumped off the bed, both dildos now deep in  her  being 

held  in  by  their own pressure against each  other  inside  her 

tunnels.   Standing  up, she quickly tore off the  rest  off  the 

teddy, and knelt beside the bed, legs spread, reaching underneath 


     Rod  kept on filming, getting a close up of both  of  Jane's 

holes filled as she knelt beside the bed.

     Jane's  searching  hands came out with  that  flesh  covered 

package  that Deborah had put there.  Laying it on the  bed,  she 

could  now  see it was a inflatable man with a  11  inch  plastic 


     "Oh yes Johnny, I need you badly!", Jane said, as her  mouth 

moved forward to the plastic stop to inflate the man.  

     You  could hear her breath coming in quick gulps now as  she 

began to inflate her lover to be.  She held on with one hand,  as 

the  other  moved down to her dildos still inside  her,  grabbing 

both roughly, she began to move them up and down inside her pussy 

and asshole.

     Jane was in much pain now as the dildos moved in and out  of 

her, but she couldn't stop it, no matter how torn her ass felt at 

the time.  Besides, she knew the worst was still to come.

     "Johnny"  was  almost completely inflated now, his  11  inch 

dick  standing straight up from the bed.  Jane stood  up,  taking 

both dildos from her body and put them back on the night stand.

     "Want some head Johnny?", Jane asked the plastic man.  "Sure 

you do!".

     With  that, she plunged her mouth onto his plastic  manhood, 

going deep down her throat, her tongue working on the outside  of 

her mouth so the camera could get it all.

     Up  and  down her mouth glided over his  plastic  dick,  her 

other hand still playing with her pussy, as her tits swayed  back 

and forth as she knelt over him.

     "Fuck me Johnny!", Jane said as she moved her mouth off  the 

inflated man and moved her pussy over it.

     Jane  shoved her pussy downward, then moved back up,  taking 

the doll with her.  She grabbed hold of his sides and then  began 

to  pump her hips on and off of his member.  For ten minutes  she 

fucked the plastic man, her pussy grabbing his penis like it  was 

the real thing.

     "Whats  that Johnny, you want to fuck my ass?  You  bet  you 

can  honey, anything you want.  I love it up my ass", Jane  said, 

thinking I can't believe I'm really doing this!

     She  withdrew  the plastic phallus from her twat,  moved  an 

inch forward, and shove it all the way inside her anus.  All  the 

way  inside her it went, stretching the virgin hole further  then  

she could imagine it could without killing her.

     "AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!   YES  JOHNNY, YES", Jane screamed  as  she 

began  to hump quickly on the penis now buried deep in her  tight 

ship hole.  In and out it moved, her hips going faster and faster 

as it spread her hole.  

     She  was approaching her orgasm now, Sally had told  her  to 

cum after 5 minutes of ass fucking.  

     "I'm  cumming  Johnny, I'm CUMMING!!!", Jane yelled  as  the 

orgasm  racked  her body, her hips slamming down on  the  plastic 

penis buried deep within her.

     "That  was great Johnny.", she said as she kissed  the  doll 

repeatedly on the lips.  "Here, now let me clean you."

     With that, she moved her mouth down to his plastic dick, now 

covered  with her shit and slime, and sucked it into  her  mouth.  

Jane almost threw up when the smell of her shit hit her nostrils, 

and the taste really made her want to, but Sally had told her not 

to vomit and she couldn't.

     She  looked at Rod, a smile on her lips as she continued  to 

lick  the shit from the plastic dick, praying no one  would  ever 

see this film.  

     After  the  penis  was good and clean from  her  mouth,  she 

grabbed  the other 2 dildos, first the one that was in  her  ass, 

and plunged it into her mouth also, licking along it, working the 

dried  shit  off of it and swallowing it down.   Then  the  other 

dildo, down her throat it, too, went until it was clean.

     She  put  them back on the night stand, then  lying  on  the 

doll,  gave it one big, tonguey kiss as she laid next to it,  her 

hand on the fake penis.

     "Goodnight  Johnny", Jane said, "Thank you very much  for  a 

wonderful fuck!".

     Rod  filmed Jane laying next to the doll for 1 more  minute, 

then turned off the machine.

     "That's  it  folks, we can all breath again and  talk",  Rod 


     "Jane, that was perfect.  You can now be your old self again 

so we can talk." Sally said.

     "You  bastards, you bitches!!", Jane yelled at them.   "I'll 

get  you  all for this, I swear it.  Somewhere out  there  is  an 

honest cop who will help me!".

     "Well,  maybe,  but not in this town lady.   You  have  just 

about everyone pissed at you.  And if we here one complaint  from 

you in the future, this film goes on sale at the student  library 

plus the XXX book store.  Understand?", Brad asked her roughly.

     "Look gang, I have to be someplace in 15 minutes, so do me a 

favor and clean this up and get this bitch out of my house,  will 

you  please.", Sally asked.

     "Sure Sally, no problem.", Rod said,"Will do."

     Sally  left the bedroom, and they could hear the front  door 

closing as she left.

     "You  know,  I can't speak for you guys, but  that  show  of 

Jane's got me horny as hell.  I think I'll try her out while  you 

clean up.", Deborah said, looking at Jane.

     "No problem", Brad said, "just leave her with enough  energy 

for us, cause I'm hard as hell, too.".

     Deborah  quickly removed her clothes.  Her 30 year old  body 

was in excellent shape.  Her large 40DD tits sagged only slightly 

for  there size, her thighs already showed signs of  cum  leaking 

down them.

     "Please don't, Please let me go!", Jane begged.

     "No  way  bitch, this is to good a chance!",  Deborah  said.  

"Now, come over here and suck my tits."

     Jane got up and moved over to Deborah, her mouth opening  to 

get  as much of her tit in it as she could.  They were  so  large 

she could barely get the whole nipple inside her mouth.

     "Use  your hands to play with them, and move them  back  and 

forth.", Deborah instructed her.

     Jane's  hands went up to the soft flesh, kneading the  large 

mammories  like dough, her mouth working on one nipple, then  the 

other, both sticking out hard now.

     "Lie  back on the bed Jane, on your back.  I'm going to  sit 

on your face while you eat me."

     Oh  my God, please stop this Jane thought, as she sank  back 

onto  the  bed, her face pointing up, waiting for  the  pussy  to 

lower onto it.

     Deborah  crawled onto Jane's body, rubbing her wet pussy  on 

her tits as she moved up, finally lowering herself on her mouth.

     "Now,  Jane", Deborah said "eat my pussy and suck  my  juice 

until I tell you to stop!".

     Jane's  tongue  lept out, going up into her hot  love  nest, 

drinking  as  much of the slippery cum as she  could  find,  then 

moved  up along the crack, hitting her clit and sucking  it  into 

her  mouth before moving back down.  She loved the taste  of  the 

cum,  being  addicted  to it.  She tried to get  every  drop  she 

could,  shoving her tongue as for up Deborah's hole as  it  would 


     Deborah  came  quickly, shoving her twat  into  Jane's  open 

mouth,  staying there as Jane continued to kick her  clean  after 

she had cum, getting every last drop.

     When Deborah got off Jane, she saw they had finished picking 

up all the video equipment and where waiting their turn with her.

     "Have fun boys, I'm going back to the office.", Deborah told 

them, a huge smile on her face.

     "We'll  be in some time today.", Brad beamed back to her  as 

she left.

     Rod and Brad were sitting next to each other on the side  of 

the bed, waiting for Jane.

     "Jane,", Brad said," I understand you are addicted to sperm, 

so  we are going to help you.  Come over here and kneel in  front 

of use and give us both blow jobs, NOW!".

     Jane  walked  over between them, kneeling  down.   One  hand 

grabbed Rod's dick as her mouth went to Brad's, swallowing his  9 

inch tool to the hilt, massaging it with her throat as her tongue 

worked along it's side.  Her hand was moving up and down on Rod's 

shaft, slightly shorter, but much thicker than Brad's.

     Her  mouth moved up and down Brad's shaft, her hand  playing 

with  his balls.  After a couple more strokes, her hand moved  up 

to his shaft, and her mouth moved over to Rod's manly muscle.  In 

it  went, her mouth barely able to get it's width inside.    Down 

her  throat  it went, stretching it's sides, her  tongue  working 

along it's side, from the base of his pubic hair, all the way  to 

the sensitive head, as her other hand continued to stroke  Brad's 


     "Jesus,  Jane,  I'm about to cum, get your mouth  over  here 

now!", Brad yelled at her.

     Quickly  Jane  moved  her mouth over,the  cock  puslsing  in 

it,the  first  spurt  hitting the roof of her  mouth  before  she  

finally  buried the shooting tool inside her throat,  milking  it 

for every drop she could, loving the taste of the cum on the  tip 

of her tongue.

     Brad grabbed Jane's head, forcing it down on his shaft as it 

pumped  it's load into her eagerly sucking mouth.  He  moaned  to 

himself.  This is the best blow job I've ever had he thought.  He 

continued  to pump into her, a large load had built up  from  her 


     As  Brad started to shoot, she felt Rod's penis  enlarge  in 

her  hand  as it too, began to pump it's load out.   She  moaned, 

wanting  it, but not wanting to give up Brad's cum, too.  Like  a 

true addict, and wanted her cake and eat it too!.

     As  soon as Brad released her head, she moved over to  Rod's 

shooting penis, putting her mouth on it, trying to catch all  the 

cum  as it shot out.  Some hit her nose, and went into her  eyes.  

She  didn't care, she wanted it all in her.  She sank her  throat 

down  on the head taking it all, using her tongue to lick up  the 

cum  that had first spurted out onto his pubic hair,  getting  it 


     When  she was sure he was through, she went back to  Brad's, 

sucking in the last drops on the very tip.  Her hand was  covered 

with cum from Rod, so she licked it clean, plus used her  fingers 

to get the cum from her nose and eyes and gratefully swallowed it 


     One  shot had gone out onto the carpet, she leaned her  head 

down,  crying to herself as she did it, and used her  tongue  and 

mouth suck up every last drop.

     Rod got up, took the video equipment and left the house.

     Brad  looked  at Jane for a second, kneeling on  the  floor, 

sucking up every last drop of cum.

     "Ok Jane", Brad said, "your through. Get dressed and get out 

of this house.  I don't ever expect to hear a complaint from  you 

again or the tape goes public.  Understand?"

     "Yes, I do." Jane said, crying.  "What do I do now?"

     "I  really don't care.  I'm just sure what ever  happens  to 

you, you deserve.  Now, leave!"

     Jane quickly dressed, walked out the front door.

     What  the hell do I do now, Jane thought.  No one will  help 

me, no one likes me.  There all jerks is what they are.  If  only 

my Dad, the senator was here, he would know what to do!

     God,  Jane thought, how stupid!  Her parents,  her  powerful 

Dad would take care of this!  

     30  minutes  later  Jane  was a a  bus  home,  plotting  her 




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