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Archive-name: Control/jane3.txt

Archive-author: DJW

Archive-title: The Humiliation of Jane

               I did not write the original first 2     

               parts, but I was intrigued with the

               story line, so I put part 3 in after

               not seeing anything else come up after

               a couple of weeks.  If the original author

               objects to this, I'm sorry, just leave a not

               in a JaneCom.txt file and I'll stop.


     Jane ran out of the Dean's office, afraid and confused as to 

what  her next move should be.  I must get an antidote  to  this 

drug, Jane thought.  But where, and how?  No one in the  science 

lab  would help her, they all hated her, too.  And  besides,  she 

had been told there was no antidote (Oh God, please no!).

     Then  it hit her, Sally Mist, the assistant to the  head  of 

campus security could help her! 

      She's  a woman like me, Jane thought, She'll help me  and 

arrest those that drugged me and force the science lab to help!

     Jane   literally ran all the way to Sally's  house,   hoping  

to  find  her  at home before she went to work  at  the  Security 


     Panting,  barely able to breath, Jane rang the doorbell  and 

waited.   Two  seconds passed, she rang again,  then  again,  and 

again, finally just holding down the button.

     When  the door opened, Jane almost screamed in surprise. She 

looked  at  the door  expecting  to  see Sally, but  instead  saw 

Brian, the campus gardener.

     "What  do  you  want?"  asked  Brian,  looking  over  Jane's 

clothing (or lack of), a glint of lust showing in his eyes.

     "I   need   to  talk to Sally immediately.   Let   me   in!"  

Jane  shouted   at the man, while her eyes glanced down  to   his  

crotch,  her  mouth  beginning  to  fill  with  saliva,  and  her 

addiction coming on strong!

     "She's not here.", Brian replied, "Come back in a couple  of 

hours, she should be back by then.".

     Jane  pushed  past  him,  walking  into  Sally's  house  and 

flopping down into an easy chair in the living room.  "I'll  just 

wait for her." she said.

     "Like  hell  you will!", Brian replied, "I have work  to  do 

outside and don't have time to watch you while I do it.  Now  get 

out of that chair!".

     Jane  jumped out of her chair at his words, saying  "I  will 

not leave, I must stay to report those men!".

      What's  the matter with this bitch, Brian  thought,she 

says she won't go, yet jumped like a scalded cat when I told  her 

to stand up.  That bitch never does what someone says,  especially 

a man.

     "What's  the  matter, Jane?" Brian asked her,  not  trusting  

her one  bit, having been reported by her for various reasons  in  

the past.

     Jane  quickly  told him the entire story,  not  because  she 

wanted to, but the drug gave her no choice, she must do what ever 

anyone tells her, and Brian had told her to tell him.

     As   she   talked,  a smile started  to  form   on   Brian's  

mouth,  turning into a huge grin.  Bitch, he thought, if this  is 

true, we are gonna have some fun today!

     Jane,  realizing  the danger she was in, started  to  leave.  

"Tell Sally I'll stop in later." she said.

     "Stop right there." Brian said.

     Jane immediately froze in place.

     "You'll  regret  this.  I'll have you thrown  in  jail,too!" 

Jane yelled at him, tears starting to stream down her face.

     "Shut up and stop crying, NOW!" he replied.

     She  was  immediately   quite, the tears  stopping  on   her  


     This is great, he thought, now, to have some fun!

     Brian  walked over to the chair and sat down.   "Now  Bitch, 

take  off all your clothes and then start to play with  yourself.  

I want you to rub your titties and finger your pussy.  Bring your 

self  up to the point of cumming, but don't cum.  Oh, and  put  a 

smile on your face, and you can moan, but not talk!".

     Jane quickly took off her clothes.  Her left hand started to 

rub  her firm, young breasts, as her right hand moved down to her 

pussy.  A low moan escaped her lips as her hand started to rub on 

her pussy.  First she started to massage her clit with her  palm, 

then  one  finger  slipped into her hot channel,  then  two,  and 

finally  three fingers were inside as her hips began to  pump  in 

rhythm  to her hand moving in and out of her pussy.  She  was  on 

the verge of coming now, her nipples hot and hard to her touch as 

she rubbed them, her salty come beginning to drip down her thighs 

from her fingers.   She was moaning loudly, her head thrown  back 

and  swaying  gently as her body moved in rhythm  to  her  roving 

hands.  Her pussy felt like it was on fire, her fingers moving in 

and  out faster now, trying to bring herself off, but  unable  to 

quite  make  it to orgasm.  Her cheeks were flushed, as  was  her 

chest  as she tried and tried to come, but could not  because  of 

Brian's orders.

     Brian  looked  on  in shock.  She's actually  doing  it,  he 

thought, I can't believe it!

   "Now  Jane", he said, "besides being addicted to  sperm,  your 

also  addicted to female cum, but the more you eat, the more  you 

need sperm.  Now, you may lick your own cum!".

     Jane's hand left her pussy and went straight into her mouth.  

She  sucked hungrily on her fingers, trying to get all her  juice 

off.  Her other hand now moved down to her pussy, plunging in and 

out,  getting it's own load ready for her eager mouth.    Quickly 

she  switched  hands,  not missing a single  stroke.   Her  mouth 

cleaning  her fingers, her tongue getting every drop of juice  as 

she  greedily  drank  it down, each taste   of  the  salty  fluid  

making  her want more and more.  Back and forth her  hands  went, 

pussy  to mouth, pussy to mouth, till hardly a drop of cum  could 

be seen, so well did she lick herself.  

     "Jane,",Brian  said,"Stop  drinking your cum.  Get  on  your 

hands and knees and crawl over here and suck my cock!".

     Jane  dropped  to  her knees and started  crawling  over  to 

Brian,  her  firm ass wiggling back and forth as she  moved,  her 

tits swaying beneath her.  She saw Brain had removed his  clothes 

while he watched her, his huge 10" erection waiting for her as he 

sat  in  the chair.  She got between his legs and got up  on  her 

knees,  her head moving toward his penis, mouth opening  wide  as 

she  slid  her soft lips over his head! It had  a  salty,  stale, 

taste, and the strong smell of body odor hit her nostrils.   Must 

not have showered for a while, she thought. Her head moved up and 

down  about  half his shaft, low moans escaping her lips  as  she 

sucked  him into her eager mouth, the taste of cum on the tip  of 

his  penis exciting her more as she moved on his  shaft,  needing 

the whole load down her throat.

     "That's  awful  Jane.  Start using your tongue to  lick   my 

dick while you suck, and take it all the way down your  throat!", 

Brian shouted at her.

     Jane  pushed  her head down on his huge shaft.  It  hit  the 

back of her throat and kept on going down.  She started to gag on 

it,  but  could  not stop herself from swallowing  it  all.   She 

could feel it spreading her throat as it went down, it's hardness 

filling  her  neck,  as her tongue now began to  dart  along  his 

shaft, from the base, all the way to his sensitive head, where it 

danced  across  the top before started it's journey back  to  the 

bottom,  moving along the veins now sticking out of his rod  like 

speed bumps, until her nose buried itself in his pubic hair.  She 

felt  his hands move to her head, one on each side, grabbing  her 

hair and guiding her head up and down on his swollen member,  her 

mouth  working feverishly to bring him off so she could have  the 

cum she needed.

     Brian knew he was about to cum, the pressure building in his 

testicles as her mouth moved up and down his rod, glistening with 

her  spit.  Up and down she went, her tongue  now  driving  Brian 

crazy,  licking  on each section of his shaft as  she  moved  her 

velvet  mouth  on it.  Finally, he came, his  hands  pulling  her 

sucking mouth into his crotch and burying his dick deep into  her 

throat as he began to pump his load into her.  He felt her throat 

contract  again  and again, swallowing all of his cum,  until  he 

collapsed  back  into the chair, watching her  continue  to  suck 

every drop of cum from his dick.

     Jane  knew  he was getting ready to cum, her  mouth  working 

harder  and  harder to get the load she  so  desperately  needed.  

Then,  she  felt him tense, yanking her head into his  crotch  so 

hard  she  couldn't breath (not that she could anyway,  with  his 

dick  in  her throat!), his penis burying itself  deep  into  her 

sucking mouth. It began to pulse even larger, each pulse  sending 

a squirt of cum that Jane wanted.  Her throat acted like a  hand, 

milking the cum from his dick, and sending it to her stomach.  As 

Brian collapsed back, he let go of Jane. She moved her  mouth  to 

the  top  of his rod, sucking for all she was worth.   The  salty 

taste  of his cum began to satisfy her, but she  wanted  it  all.  

She sucked on his head, her tongue darting down his shaft, as her 

fingers  played with his balls, trying to get all of  his  nectar 

out.   Another  pulse  filled her mouth, she  gulped,  again  and 

again, the thick fluid sliding easily down her throat,  beginning 

to  satisfy her addiction.  Some of his cum leaked out  and  down 

his  now spent rod into his pubic hair.  Quickly she  worked  her 

tongue  down,  cleaning up what had spilled,  her  tongue  making 

little  circles  in  his pubic hair, then up  his  now  softening 

penis, licking the drops flowing down its sides, getting back  up 

to the tip, plunging her tongue into its hole seeking more of his 

nectar,  until  his dick was totally cleaned of  cum.   She  kept 

sucking and licking, moaning to herself loudly, trying to get all 

his  juice, not wasting a drop, swallowing over and over to  make 

sure she got it all, before she finally let his dick,  now  soft, 

but  still  large, slip from her mouth, her head resting  on  his 

thigh,  looking  into space,  quite satisfied now  for  cum,  but 

still  quite horny, because she still hadn't been told she  could 

cum herself.

     Brian  looked  down at Jane,   "What a day  we're  going  to 

have!", he said,  "and it's not even one quarter over with yet!".

     "I  didn't tell you to stop sucking, get your mouth back  on 

my dick and don't take it off until I tell you to!".

    Jane moved her head back to his dick.  She opened her  mouth, 

taking the member into her.  Her tongue twirled around the  head, 

then  down his shaft.  She could get the whole thing  inside  her 

mouth now with no problems, as soft as it was.  She sucked on its 

head,  stretching his penis to it's erect size, then  moved  back 

down  to  it's base.  Her tongue played with  it's  head,  moving 

around the foreskin, moving the skin back and forth, as her mouth 

worked  on the body of his placid rod, slipping over  its  entire 


     "Ok Jane", Brian said, "I realize this has not been fair  to 

you, one sided and all.  So, from now one whenever I say the word 

cunt,  you will have an orgasm, a giant powerful  orgasm.   After 

you cum, you will stay worked up and on the verge of cumming like 

you are right now!".

     Brian looked at her, the head moving over his shaft, working 

feverously to get him hard again, her breasts, milky white  until 

her nipples formed, standing straight out, hard as rocks pressing 

into the sides of his thighs.  "Cunt", he said.

     "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!",Jane  moaned, then shuddered as a  giant 

orgasm traveled through her body, shaking her so hard she had  to 

grabbed  onto  Brian's  thighs to  steady  herself.   Her  knees, 

already  sore  from kneeling so long (thank  God Sally  had  deep 

pile  carpeting),  dragged back and forth as her body  rocked  in 


     "Cunt,  cunt,  cunt,  cunt, cunt, cunt.",  Brian  said  five 

times,  looking down with glee at the affect the orgasms  had  on 


     "Awwwwwwwww,  Ohhhhhh!", Jane cried, again and again.   Five 

times  as she trembled for each orgasm and shook as  they  rolled 

though  her  body.  The dick slipped from her mouth,  her  tongue 

jumped out, trying to recapture the glistening tool.  She needing 

to feel it back inside her wet cavity.

     My  God, Jane thought, what has become of me.  I don't  want 

to do this, but I can't stop.  I have no control of my body or my 


     Her  knees hurt from there rubbing on the carpet,  her  body 

was  sore  and  aching from her  steamrolling  orgasms,  but  she 

continued  to suck on Brian's rod, working with gusto to get  him 

hard  again, and her pussy still dripped her juice, ready to  cum 


     Up and down her mouth worked, fitting his dick like a glove.  

Her  tongue  played  with  the head, plunged  at  it's  tip,  and 

traveled down to the base, twirling along his veins.

     Soon  her efforts were rewarded.  The tool began to grow  in 

her mouth, getting harder and harder with each touch of her  soft 

tongue, edging into the back of her throat, while her mouth moved 

along  it's  length.  Then it was it's full size, 10"  of  muscle 

moving  in  her mouth, down her throat.  All along  it's  massive 

length Jane sucked and tongued. Her own addiction now took  over, 

needing to taste his manly fluid again.

     Brian  look at his tool, now rock hard, disappearing in  and 

out of Jane's sucking mouth.  "Ok Jane", Brian said "stop sucking 

now.   Lie on the floor on your back with your legs spread  wide, 

ready  to be fucked, and play with yourself.  I want to see  your 

fingers moving in and out of your cunt.".

     Jane  stopped  sucking  and began  to  lie  back,  following 

Brian's  instructions until she heard the word cunt.  The  orgasm 

racked her body, sending her falling backward, her head  slamming 

into  the  carpet.   As the orgasm hit and threw  her  body,  her 

fingers moved down into her pussy, three fingers started to  pump 

in and out of her love nest, as low moans of pleasure escaped her 


     Brian saw her lying there, fucking herself with her fingers, 

her  body  moving  and  wriggling in  unison  with  her  plunging 

digits,  her juice dripping onto the carpet.  He knew he  had  to 

have  her, his dick was even harder at the sight of her there  on 

the  floor, her hard nipples pointing straight up into  the  air, 

jutting out so much, they looked like they wanted to takeoff like 

a rocket.

     With one hand on his tool, Brian moved between Jane's  legs, 

telling her to stop playing with herself.  He laid on top of her, 

kissing her mouth, forcing his tongue into her, moving it  around 

inside.  His mouth moved down to her right nipple, taking it into 

his mouth.  He sucked on the dollar size orb, then forced as much 

into his mouth as he could.  His hand was playing with her  other 

breast, kneading the soft yielding flesh in his hand.  His  mouth 

now  moved back up to her nipple, his teeth reaching  out,  first 

gently biting her tit, then harder, until Jane moaned loudly from 

the treatment.

     Jane felt Brian's weight press  against her flesh.  His hard 

chest  smashed  her  breasts, her nipples  pushing  up  into  his 

unyeilding  body.  Her mind was repulsed by his actions, but  her 

body  reacted  warmly to his manhandling of her.   As  his  mouth 

moved  down to engulf her breast, Jane's body arched  it's  back, 

trying  to  force  more of her firm tit into his  mouth.   As  he 

sucked and nibbled on her mammories, little sparks of  excitement 

went  cursing through her body, to center themselves on her  love 

nest, now feeling his manhood probing and rubbing on the  outside 

of her pussy, hitting her clit, sending long moans from her lips, 

as her juice continued to leak out, covering his huge member.  

     Brian looked up at Jane's face, a look of total sexual  want 

on  it.  He place his massive member against her  tight  opening, 

and shoved.  It's head disappeared into her hole.  Then, with one 

mighty  shove, he buried the entire length of his dick  into  her 

tight,  wet  hole.  He could feel the head run into  her  uterus, 

forcing  it back, until his pubic hair was meshed with hers,  his 

whole  pole deep within Jane, the heat of her pussy walls on  his 

dick arousing him even more.     

     Jane  felt  the head of his cock move into her  open  pussy, 

spreading it more than it had ever been.  He can't put that  huge 

thing in me, she thought, it'll rip me apart.  Then she felt  him 

slam  into her, his member going deep into her soft depths.   She 

moaned in pain, as his thrust pushed back her uterus and took the 

breath from her.  She felt as if her insides were splitting,  his 

penis a hot poker going up inside her canal, spreading her  walls 

of love, filling her up  beyond capacity. 

   God  she's tight, Brian thought!  Her pussy grabbed  onto  his 

dick, like a tight glove on a  finger.  He moved his dick out  of 

her  hole, with only the tip remaining in her, then  pushed  back 

into  her  as hard as he could, going even deeper into  her  soft 

flesh.   He began to move, faster and faster, in and out of  her.  

As his dick moved, it felt like a thousand fingers running gently 

along  it's length, massaging him, sucking him back in  on  every 

stroke.   Her pussy walls massaged his member expertly, the  heat 

spreading into his turgid member, exciting him even more.

     As  Brian  began to pump in and out of her pussy,  the  pain 

slowly  began to leave Jane, to be replaced by a burning  desire.  

She  could  feel his head move up and down her  channel.   As  it 

withdrew, a vacuum was formed, pressing her insides tight against 

his rigid member, trying to suck him back into her hot twat.  She 

timed  her breathing with his thrust, in and out.  As he  plunged 

into  her, harder and harder, her breath coming in  short  bursts 

matching  his speed.  She could feel the huge rod  moving  inside 

her,  so large it pushed her intestines aside as it moved up  and 

down her channel of lust. 

     "Move  those hips Bitch and fuck me back!" Brian  yelled  at 


     She  quickly shot her hips up to meet his downward  thrusts, 

pushing his manhood even deeper inside.  A loud moan escaped  her 

lips  with  the  deep penetration, bringing her  even  closer  to 

cumming,  her desire giving her eyes an almost glazed look.   Her 

hips  were shooting up with each of his plunges now, gyrating  in 

circles when it was buried deep inside her, then moving back down 

only  to be thrown up again with even more force.  She could feel 

her pussy now, hot and moist from her drug induce desire, massage 

his giant tool as it pounded in and out of her, the heat building 

in  her lower abdomen, spreading across her body.  She threw  her 

love nest at him, like a bitch in heat, her ass getting sore from 

the  pounding it was taking on the floor, each hit  hurting  her, 

each  thrust of his manhood in her making her need more,  getting 

her even more excited.        

     As  Jane  began to thrust her hips into Brian,  he  knew  he 

could  not last much longer before he came again.  He could  feel 

her  pussy holding onto his cock with each plunge in and  out  of 


     Boy,  he  thought, she would have been a hot number  if  she 

hadn't  been so stuck up!  Of course, she's not stuck up now,  he 

laughed to himself.

     He knew he was ready to cum, his dick moving quickly in  and 

out of her hot love nest, the slurping sound driving him crazy as 

it vacated and then refilled her hole each time.  He grabbed onto 

both  of her tits, squeezing hard, and yelled "Cunt!" just as  he 

felt  his orgasm engulf him.  He pushed himself into her as  hard 

as  he  could,  slamming her back down on  the  carpet.   He  was 

pushing  against her so hard, she no longer could move, but  just 

lied beneath him, wriggling and moaning in orgasm.  As his  rigid 

member  buried itself inside her warm depths, he could  feel  her 

tremble in orgasm, sending spasms of muscle twinges to her pussy, 

working  his huge dick for all it was worth as it began to  spurt 

shot  after shot of hot jism into her tight pussy.  Brian was  in 

heaven, his tool shooting shot after shot after shot into her hot 

cavity,  her convulsing body beneath him driving him  crazy  with 

lust.   His hands dug into her soft breasts as the  orgasm  swept 

over  him, one of the most powerful he had ever had.  He  finally 

collapsed on top of her, his breaths coming in short gasps as her 

pussy  walls  continued to massage his giant  tool.  Shoved  deep 

inside  her,  it still trickled a small stream of  cum  into  her 


     Jane  sensed he was getting ready to cum, his  pace  picking 

up,  his thrusts seemed like a blur he was moving so  fast.   Her 

ass  was  bouncing off the floor with each hit, now more  like  a 

vibrator on high speed, then a rhythmic screwing.  Her pubic area 

ached, he was slamming into her hard, each thrust of his enormous 

tool  filling  her  hole to its limit  and  pulling  out,  almost 

pulling  her inside out, only to slam back into her even  harder.  

When he grabbed her breasts, she started to cry out in pain, only 

to be cut off by her own body when she heard the word "Cunt" from 

his lips.  Like a thousand cannons going off at once, her  orgasm 

raced  through  her  body.  Pinned beneath  his  massive  weight, 

impaled to the hilt on his huge member, all she could do was  lie 

beneath  him and moan loudly as his dick filled her to  capacity.  

She could feel it pulse, again and again, each pulsed followed by 

a  hot  sensation  deep inside her that she  knew  was  his  cum, 

splashing against her tight vagina walls. They tried to suck  him 

even further inside her, massaging his cock, trying to get all of 

his jism into its hole.  

     Her orgasm was a long one, already on the verge from all  of 

their fucking, his rough handling of her tits just prolonged  it, 

the  pain going to her pussy as pleasure and heat,  centering  at 

her  clit, now swollen in orgasmic ecstasy.  Wave after  orgasmic 

wave  hit  her, not letting go, as her body shook  and  shuddered 

beneath  him,  her  pussy  holding onto his  dick  with  all  its 

strength  as  it  slowly  began to grow  soft  inside  her  body.  

Finally,  she  lay there exhausted, Brian on top of  her,  barely 

able  to breath against his weight on her chest.  She could  feel 

his  penis, growing soft now, begin to shrink quickly inside  her 

as  the joint mingling of there juices tried to force  there  way 

out of her hole, to trickle down into her asshole before dropping 

to the floor.

     Brian  got up slowly, looking down at Jane, her  legs  still 

spread  wide apart, ready to be fucked again.  Her  nipples  were 

still  standing straight up, her body following his  orders  from 

earlier to stay excited, ready to cum at a word from his mouth.

     Brian  moved backward into the chair he had sat  in  earlier 

and fell into it, to tired to move at this point, sinking  deeply 

into its soft cushions.

     He looked over at Jane, her pussy was open to his view.  Her 

hole clearly showed an opening almost an inch in diameter.  Well, 

he thought, she's not as tight now as she used to be.  He noticed 

a  mixture  of cum beginning to ooze out of  her  swollen  pussy.  

I'll fix that, he thought.

     "Jane",  Brian said, "your pussy is leaking juice  and  your 

still addicted to all cum.  You better eat up while you can!".

     Jane's  hands  shot to her pussy, one moving  inside,  three 

fingers cupped to catch the fluid that was coming from her.   Her 

hand moved up to her parted lips, her tongue already out to catch 

the  first drops off her fingers.  They plunged into  her  mouth, 

while  her  other  hand worked her pussy for more  cum.   As  she 

sucked, switching her hands back and forth, low moans were coming 

from her as she again began to build her desires up.  She  poured 

the juice into her mouth each time, then placed all her hand into 

her  mouth, cleaning each finger with her tongue, getting all  of 

the salty mixture of cum she could, not wasting a drop.  The  cum 

went down her throat easily, each taste making her want more  and 

more.  The taste grabbed her senses.  All she could think of  was 

getting all the remains of there fucking into her mouth and  down 

her throat.  The pungent smell of his jism just excited her  even 

more  as her hands worked back and forth, not losing any  of  the 

nectar.   When  some spilled onto her left breast, she  bent  her 

head  over, taking the half cantaloupe sized orb into her  mouth, 

cleaning all the drops off of it with vigor.

     Brian  watched  her for fifteen minutes,  giving  himself  a 

rest,  as she cleaned her pussy of all its juice and stuffed  her 

fingers into her mouth time after time, not letting a single drop 

escape her.

     "Jane", Brian said, "there's still some cum on my dick here.  

Why  don't  you  come  over here and clean  it  using  only  your 


     My  God,  Jane thought, won't he ever leave me  alone.   How 

will I get out of this?

     She  got  up  on  her  knees  and  moved  over  to   Brian's 

outstretched legs, her head dipping down to his crotch.

     The  smell of there lovemaking hit her nostrils  quickly,  a 

mixture  of his jism, her cum, and a lot of salty sweat,  like  a 

locker  room  with a hundred men and no fan.  Her  tongue  darted 

out,  licking  the base of his crotch, moving  around  his  pubic 

hair,  lapping  back and forth, from his navel down to  his  huge 

balls,  getting every bit of cum off of him, until only her  spit 

was  left in his pubic hair.  Then, she moved to his  dick.   Now 

soft,  it  was at least 6" long, but not as thick and  she  could 

move it around with her tongue easily.  Starting at the head, she 

moved  her  tongue in circles after first licking into  the  tip, 

getting all of his cum that was still inside his manly tube.  She 

moved down his shaft, licking all around.  It was hard to do, not 

being  able to touch it, she would lick one way and it  would  go 

the other way, but she kept at it, needing to get all there mixed 

jism  off of the dick.  She licked off each and every  drop  from 

his rod, swallowing the cum with gratitude whenever some hit  her 

taste buds.  

     As she licked, trying to get every last bit off of him,  she 

noticed something.  His member was getting large again. It slowly 

erected  itself under her licking tongue, growing with each  lick 

until it was almost at full length again.  

     Jane moaned to herself.  Won't this guy ever stay down?  She 

couldn't stand much more of this. 

     Brian smiled down at Jane as she worked on cleaning him  up.  

It felt great, her tongue moving all around his penis and crotch, 

licking  up every drop she could.  After awhile, he felt  himself 

begin  to rise again, his massive manhood beginning to  stand  up 

from  his crotch into the air, as Jane's mouth moved  around  it, 

her tongue exciting him more with each stroke.

     "Well  Jane,",  he said, "looks like we're not  through  yet 

after all!  Now suck it!".

     A  low moan of despair and lust escaped Jane's lips  as  she 

swallowed his member, taking it all the way into her throat.

     Brian just grinned even larger to himself.

               That's the end of Part 3 for now.  I'll probably

               write one or two more parts.  If anyone has any

               suggestions or comments, just leave me a note in

               a JaneCom.txt file and I'll get it later.

                         Hope you enjoy it!



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