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Archive-name: Control/jane1.txt


Archive-title: The Humiliation of Jane

                              Part One

Jane was going to make something of herself. At age 24, she was

determined to get through law school and become a corporate lawyer.

Nothing else matter to her. Other people were merely puppets that

existed only to help her reach her goal. Her beauty was merely a

tool that she used to get others, especially men, to do her

bidding. Unfortunately for Jane, the tables were just about to turn

on her.

Jane was like a hellcat around the law school library. She would

make impossible demands on the library staff, and treated them all

with contempt. After six months of this treatment, the staff was

ready to strike back with vengeance.

"Where are the books that I asked to be put aside for me," screamed

Jane, "You people are all morons, how will I pass my exam if I

don't have my books?"

A young man who was the subject of her barrage remained calm though

her tirade. Tom was used to her tantrums. But today, it seemed like

he was almost trying to upset her by not putting out her books. 

"I have your books set aside in a special study carol," said Tom,

"I did not want anyone else getting their hands on your books. Come

with me, and I'll show you where they are."

"Let's just hurry up with this," said Jane, "I've got hours of

studying yet to do tonight."

Tom led Jane into a small room in the back of the library. On the

desk sat the books that she had requested.

"I think you'll find that this is a much more conducive place for

studying," said Tom, "You won't have as many distractions here."

"I don't know why you didn't just tell me the books were here in

the first place," said Jane, "Now just get the hell out of here.

How do you expect me to study with you distracting me like this?"

"Sorry Ma'am," said Tom as he shut the carol door.

Tom left the room and went into the adjacent utility room. From

that room, he could see Jane through the vent. He took out a small

vial from his shirt, and then reached under the boiler to pull out

an oxygen mask.  He then smashed the bottle on the side of the wall

next to the vent. Upon contact with air, the contents of the bottle

turned into smoke which seeped through the vent into the carol

where Jane was studying.

"What the fuck?," said Jane as she noticed the smoke coming through

the vent. It was the last thing she said however, as the fumes

quickly overcame her and she passed out.

When Jane awoke, it was several hours later. As she looked up from

her daze, she saw Tom. 

"Wake up little Janey," said Tom, "You seem to have dozed off, the

library's been closed for over an hour."

"Dozed off?," said Jane, "There was some sort of smoke in here, I'm

gonna sue the pants off of you and the whole library staff."

"I don't think you'll be suing me, or anyone else for that matter,

Janey," said Tom. "That was no ordinary smoke. It was a powerful

drug that zapped that part of your brain that you might call your

`free will.' From now on you will be at the mercy of anyone and

everyone here. You will do anything that they ask you to do, no

matter how humiliating. Otherwise, you will remain your usual

disagreeable self."

"What the hell are you talking about," said Jane, "I might feel a

little groggy, but I'm in full command of my abilities. I am going

to report you to the Chief Librarian."

"I see that I'm going to have to demonstrate the full effects of

this drug," said Tom, "Stand up!"

Despite not wanted to follow Tom's orders, Jane stood up. 

"I was just about to get up and leave anyway," said Jane, trying to

hide the fact that she couldn't resist Tom's request.

"Oh, you will be leaving here soon," said Tom, "but probably not

the way that you anticipate. Take off your clothes, Jane."

"What! I'll have you up on charges," said Jane, "The very idea of

even suggesting that will land you in jail mister!"

As she spoke, she started to unbutton her blouse. 

"If you think for one second that I'm going to fall for your story,

you're crazy!," said Jane as she removed her blouse and let her

skirt fall to her feet.

"You knock me out, and then try to convince me that I'm no longer

in control of myself. What a laugh!," said Jane as she undid her

bra and let her breasts spring into view.

"There's as much chance of me taking off my clothes for you as

there is me romping naked through campus," said Jane as she slid

off her panties, leaving her totally naked.

"I guess your mind doesn't know what your body is doing," said Tom,

"Nice pair of tits you have there Janey."

"How the hell would you know," said Jane.

At that point, Jane looked down in horror and discovered her


"Oh my god, what have you done to me?!," said Jane as she tried to

cover herself from Tom's intent gaze.

"Me? I haven't done anything," said Tom. "You took your clothes off

all by yourself. Put your arms to your sides and stop trying to

cover up like that. In fact, why don't you turn around and model a

bit for me."

"You bastard!," shouted Jane as she slowly turned around to give

Tom a better view of her body. "Why am I doing this?"

"You do seem a bit more open to suggestions than usual," laughed

Tom. "Let's go into the main part of the library, there's some

people there waiting to see you."

"What do you mean, you pervert," said Jane, as she followed Tom out

of the carol and into the main section of the library where about

ten people were sitting their awaiting her arrival. As Jane came

into view, she was greeted by the hoots, hollers, and whistles of

the men and women there.

"It worked!," said Sam, another member of the library staff,"I

can't believe that that stuff really worked!"

"I'll have you all fired," screamed Jane. "Wait until the head

librarian finds out about this!"

"But I already know, my dear," said Sarah, the head of the law

school library. "I've been fed up with your tantrums for some time.

We sort of hatched this plot together. A friend of mine is trying

to develop a drug that will help people to get more out of

psychotherapy. The only problem with the drug seems to be a

permanent side effect if large doses are administered. If the

dosage is large enough, the drug actually permanently destroys the

part of the brain that controls one's free will. Everything else

remains the same, the person's personality and mind are left

intact, yet they are very susceptible to doing whatever ANYONE asks

of them. If my friend is correct, you are now at the mercy of

everyone and anyone that asks you to do something. Let's test it

out. Why don't you put on a little show for us. I want you to play

with yourself in front of us."

"This is all a bunch of nonsense!," said Jane, as her hand

gravitated towards her pubic area.  "You can't get away with this!"

"Ah, but what are we getting away with, Janey darling?," said

Sarah. "We haven't laid a hand on you, you're bringing all this on

to yourself. Why don't you lie down on this table and spread your

legs so everyone can watch as you rub your little clitty."

"My god! This is sooo humiliating," sobbed Jane. "Please don't make

me do this in front of all these people."

"You didn't seem to mind humiliating my staff with your demands,"

said Sarah. "Why don't you cum for us now?"

Jane started rubbing her clit faster and faster with one hand, and

squeezed her breasts with her other hand.

"No, no..let me stop, I'm cumming! Please, please, no more," said

Jane as her body began going into the convulsions from her orgasm.

"You bastards!, you'll live to regret doing this to me."

"Like you regret treating everyone here like scum?," asked Sarah. 

"Alright, you can stop now, I have some other things I want to try

out anyway."

"Other things?!," cried Jane, "No, please, I'm sorry I treated all

of you like I did. I'll be nicer in the future."

"A little late for that Janey," said Sarah. "There isn't an

antidote to the drug you've ingested. I'm afraid that we couldn't

change what you've become even if we wanted to. Anyone else want to

plant a suggestion in Jane's mind?"

"I have an idea," said Sam. "I think you need a change in diet.

From now on, you will be addicted to sperm. You will live for the

taste of cum. They always say the best time to start a new diet is

now. Why don't you sample some jism from my cock, Janey."

With tears rushing down her face, Jane went over to Sam and undid

his zipper and pulled out his cock. She took it in her mouth and

started sucking it, intent on getting from him the nectar she was

now addicted to.

"Take your time, and watch those damn teeth," said Sam. "Otherwise,

we'll turn you into a whore and make you screw the whole damn


"Please, please cum for me, I need to have your sperm," said Jane.

"This feels worse than an addiction to heroin."

"OK, Janey, here it comes," said Sam as he squirted streams of cum

into her mouth. Then, she rushed over to lick up a splotch of sperm

that had missed her mouth and landed on the library floor.

"Tasted good, eh?," laughed Sam, "Well, if you're nice to me, you

can come to me for a fix anytime."

"Well little girl, I guess we've had enough fun for one night,"

said Sarah, "But before you leave, I want to give you a little

present that I had made for you. From now on, you'll wear it


Sarah laughed as she held up a T-shirt that had, "Your wish is my

command.." written across the front.

"Put on your new T-shirt and your skirt and go on home," said

Sarah, "I hope you get used to your new lifestyle soon."

"I said your t-shirt and skirt!," said Sarah, as Jane started to

don her panties, "Leave the rest of your clothing here."

I'll figure out someway of beating this stuff," said Jane, "And

when I do, watch out...I'll get even with all of you."

"We shall see, my dear. We shall see," laughed Sarah.



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