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Archive-name: Control/imaginat.txt


Archive-title: Imagination

   Up in front of the class, the teacher droned on mercilessly.  As a result,

Jim felt his concentration slowly slip away from him, drawing him into a realm

of daydream and fantasy.  leaning on his arm had become a deadly risk,

considering he had fallen asleep more than once.  Even so, his eyelids

started to increase in weight, and it seemed a sysiphean task to keep them


   Suddenly, a hand slapped down on his desk, and Jim jumped awake. Looking

up, he saw his teacher leering down at him.  A beautiful woman, but much

too uptight.  This time, Jim couldn't see the attractiveness of the student

teacher, simply because he felt so foolish, and his embarrassment flushed

his face, eventually turning into anger.

   Shifting his weight, he watched as she moved on around the classroom.  He

scanned the room, looking for people who he knew would be laughing at him.

He was a personable guy, but one who normally took occasional ribbing from

both faculty and students. In fact, there was one grinning impishly at him.

Sarah.  It figured.  And over in the other corner, Tina.  Sheesh!

   Leaning down on his palm once more, he quickly sat up straight, lest

he accidentally fall asleep once more.  Instead, he began fantasizing about the

various women in the room.  Due to the fact that the room was split in half

with the students facing each other, he had ample opportunity to gaze at

some of the young women's legs.  A smile crept up on his lips, as he tried

to sneak peeks up their miniskirts without getting caught.

   This seemed to pass the time well, and he began thinking about what may

be hidden underneath the dark shadows.  In his mind, he thought about

nuzzling into that darkness, wondering if whatever girl that he happened to

be looking at was shaved or not.  A glimmer of a smile crept onto his lips as

he imagined them being completley shaven.  He looked up to see who he was

looking at now, and saw that it was Tina.

   Tina had been sitting with her legs crossed, one calf draping down

next to the other, both legs highlighted in black stockings, her high cut

miniskirt giving Jim a pleasant aesthetic view of her thighs.  Jim stared

at her marvelous legs, imagining that he was running his hands all over their

smooothness.  He loved legs, and never tired of watching well defined ones

walk in a sultry style. He had seen tina, and boy could she walk!

   Tina began to move her leg up and down, as if trying to scratch an itch.

Jim paid strict attention, hoping to catch whatever glimpse might come his

way.  His imagination began kicking into overdrive, and he imagined putting

his lips between her thighs, just as she was.  He imagined getting on his

hands and knees, right there, in that classroom, and kissing her dark patch

through her nylons.  Somewhere in the back of his mind, he thought that she

might be clean shaven, and nuzzled her slit with his nose through the


  Tina continued to shuffle in her seat, apparently uncomfortable.  She

continued to brush the hair out of her face, even though it hadn't fallen

there. All this time, Jim continuously hoped that she would uncross her legs,

even briefly.  He began hoping she would switch legs, at which point he

might get to see what was forbidden to him.  However, Tina didn't uncross her

legs.  Instead, she did quite the opposite.  She seemed to be pressing them

together, as if she were in pain, or had to use the bathroom.

   Jim hoped and hoped, but each time grew disappointed and fell back

into the comfort of his imagination.  In his mind, he was showering her

crevice with light kisses, pushing the nylon with his tongue, pulling with

his teeth, feeling her softness with his mouth and tongue, tasting her.  In his

mind, she tasted sweet and inviting.  one of the great things abou imagination,

Jim thought, was that there was plenty of room, and no awkwardness.  He

lapped up his tongue, and ran it up her clit, which had become exposed in

his imagination.

   Suddenly, Tina doubled over, and groaned, clutching her stomach.

Everyone looked at her, with concerned expressions.

   "Tina," the teacher asked.  "Do you want to go to the bathroom?"

   Tina looked up, and shook her dark hair out of her face.  A pained

expression came over her face, and she nodded.  She stood up uneasily, and

walked towards the door.  Jim, concerned at first, was once more mesmerized

by her tantalizing walk, and couldn't help but keep thinking about burying

his face into her.  Her step faltered, and she almost fell, but Jim could

only think about how her ass moved from side to side, and he imagined

caressing it with his hands, pulling her into the reach of his tongue.

   Tina made it out the door, and across the hall into the bathroom.  Jim

began imagining that she wasn't sick, but actually overcome with desire

for Jim's tongue lashing.  He pictured her there in the stall, pulling up her

skirt, not even wasting time to remove it, plunging her fingers inside of

her to relieve the pressure building there.  He imagined her fingers

whisking against her thrusting hips, determined to make herself come. He

imagined thrusting his tongue deep inside her hole, feeling the resistance of

her muscle walls against the sides of his tongue, while she stroked furiously

at her clit.  He wiggled the tip of the tongue as fast as he could imagine

himself going, and he imagined feeling her muscles contract sporadically as

she came violently.

   Soon, Tina came back into the room.  "Are you back to normal now?" the

teacher asked.  Tina stiffened, but smiled and said that yes, she was.

   Tina sat down, and looked better composed.  Jim wasn't finished, however,

and imagined caressing her inner lips extremely slowly with his tongue.

Tina gripped the sides of her chair, and shuddered!  Jim's eyebrows shot up,

shocked.  He imagined licking her again, and she nearly jumped off the


   He smiled, and looked right at Tina, who had her hands in her lap,

legs crossed, and eyes closed.  The teacher glanced at Tina, but ignored her,

droning on.  Jim looked at her, and had a devilish idea.

   At that point in time, she had her back to the class, writing something

obviously crucial to her students' very survival on the board.  Jim stared

at her shapely, firm behind, and imagined caressing it with both hands.  Not

rudely, but a soft gentle caress.  The teacher whirled around, expecting

someone to be there.

   Jim smiled broadly.  It worked!  He didn't know how, but it worked! For

that matter, who *cared* how it worked?  She glanced around the room

suspiciously, but everyone was still seated, looking at her as if expecting

her to say something.  Instead, she turned back to the board, and immediately

felt the caress on her behind once more.  THinking it was her imagination, she

continued on with the lesson.

   However, the caresses became more persistent, caressing the backs of her

thighs, down around her knees, and back around the front of her legs, up

her abdomen, dipping down between her legs, and back up.  Her concentration

faltered severely, and she lost the idea of what she was saying.  She

rested her wrist upon the dusty blackboard, taking a moment to regain her

thoughts.  Unfortunately, she couldn't do it, for the massive body rub had

moved to her breasts, moving in circular motions rapidly, but not roughly.

She looked down, and nothing was happening.  For a moment, she thought

she was losing her mind.

   Jim was having an enormous amount of fun.  He watched as his teacher

lost all control, and had unconsciously began moving her body slightly to

his "touch."  He watched the other students begin to talk amongst themselves,

wondering what the hell was going on.  As his concentration wavered, hers

reasserted itself.  She began to write the remaineder of the lesson on

the board with renewed vigor.

   Jim snapped back to attention, and decided to pull out all the stops.

He imagined attaching his mouth between her legs, and licking completely

from the top of her slit through to the very top of her crack. He imagined

doing this over and over, increasing his speed until going as fast as only

he could imagine.

   The teacher had completely stopped.  If she had been facing the other

direction, who knows what kind of reaction she would have evoked.  Her

eyes had completely shot open.  Her stance had spread a couple of inches,

keeping her weight evenly distributed on both feet so that she wouldn't

fall.  She felt her behind spread with the unseen pressure, feeling a pleasant

tingling sensation along her entire being.  Jim imagined burying his tongue

deep within his teacher, exploring her inner recesses with the tip.

   Suddenly, Jim got an idea.  Since he was only imagining things, he

imagined that he could reach far within the young woman, "increasing" his

tongue size.  He began to stroke her insides with his tongue, and she felt

her legs give.  Putting her hands back against her desk, she sought to

regain her balance.

   Licking her lips, uncertain of what had overcome her (teaching had never

been *this* good!!), she decided that the best course of action was simply

to dismiss class, which she did, trying unsuccessfully to keep her

voice stable.  In the back of her mind, she heard the class assemble their

belongings, and chairs squeaked back against the tile floor.

   She could not turn around to watch, however.  She found that she had no

desire to do anything other than revel in her enjoyment.  THe massive

tongue inside her flicked back and forth, and her hips began to press against

it automatically.  Suddenly, it began to withdraw, and she looked down,

almost expecting to see an enormous tongue escape her legs.  Then, almost

immediately, it happened.  Something very *large* pressedup against her

hole, and slid inside of her, spreading her far apart.  Somehow, it just

kept coming, although it didn't fill her up as if it were really there.

She just felt the sensation of it entering her, entering her, entering her

continually.  She backed up onto the desk, and spread her legs, cupping her

hands and thrusting them down her skirt.  She felt her slit, and found that it

was still the same size as it had always been, yet the sensation of being split

had not changed.  She was, however, incredibly wet.  Her fingers fell around

her clit, which was totally encompassed now with her wetness.  The massive

intruder (she hesitated to think that anything penile could be that large)

continue to enter her, first inwards, and then outwards.  Her fingers felt

around the tiny bud, stroking it.  Her eyes closed, and she felt her legs

shudder as the familiar feeling of orgasm encompassed her.

   Her mouth opened wide, and she drew in several quick breaths of air,

coming in a high pitched squeak.  She shoved her fingers inside of her on the

onslaught, feeling her muscles grab and twitch at them.  Slowly, she came

down from her high, and withdrew her fingers from her skirt, suddenly

feeling the urge to taste them.  She stuck first one finger into her mouth,

and then sucked on all the rest.

   Wiping her hands on her skirt, she then readjusted her hair, and tried

to control herself.  She turned around, and gasped.  Jim stood there, smiling

demonically, turned, and left the room.

   This was definitely a new talent to be explored!



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