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Archive-name: Control/i-wt0002.txt

Archive-author: Blackie

Archive-title: Files of the Institute, WT0002

Another side tale in the universe of _The Book_.

This is another from the files of the Institutes in which a telepath 

picked up by the institute has been 'debriefed'.

There were some interesting suggestions for _The Book_ that may not 

get used there, but since this little outlet for more _Book_ universe 

stories has been created, I thought, well, what the hey.

This is non-consensual, m/f, f/f. mind control, power trip stuff, ah, 

er, there's a sex change trip in this one... it's not what I intended 

when I started, but that's the direction the story went.

_From the Files of the Institute_

	Case WT0002

Memo: status- private.

To: Dr. D. Roberts

Fr: Dr. J. Williams

Re: William Thompson, case WT0002

Dt: February 12, 1980


    I thought the following would be of interest. This is the summary

of debriefing from the field agents combined with the thiopental

sessions from the subject and his coven.

    Our tech writers insist a narrative form is better for the

synopsis. In general we all agree, but I know it isn't the normal

form seen in the literature.

    Detailed reports from the agents and transcripts of the subject's

and coven's questioning are only available here on site. Security

will not allow removal of material from this site.

    Subject was 24 when he was picked up. He was a spark for over

8 years. Um, there were some real oddities to the capture of this 

spark. You may guess what type of oddities after reading this.




William, Bill as he preferred to be called, had been through this 

before. Over the last six years he'd learned to use his talent well.

He was bored and looking for a new thrill for his sexual release.

It had begun when he went on 'Safari' in Kenya with his father. It

wasn't a real Safari, but some kind of archeological dig his dad

worked at. His mother was anxious since she and his father had been

divorced since he was eight. She was worried the boy's father

wouldn't let him return. He had.

The strange witch doctor visiting the camp 20 minutes from Malindi

took him off to look at the sea. His father didn't mind, so for a few

hours the two of them, the uniquely painted tribesman, and the boy,

stared out at the Indian Ocean. He told the man he liked to hear the 


The witch doctor told him he should hear the waves people made. He 

didn't know what the odd but harmless quack meant, but put up with the

waving of his strange rattles and bones in Bill's direction. The old 

geezer was bizarre, but friendly enough.

Soon afterwards the talent settled in. He never knew if he'd always

had the skill or if the shaman had woken something new in him. But

afterwards, ever afterwards, he could read minds and manipulate them.

On the flight home, he'd listened in to the thoughts about him with

interest, experimenting on the waitresses, ah, stewardesses, to learn

how to control them. They brought him anything he asked for, even

moved him to the empty first class section of the cabin.

His first sexual conquest had been his own mother when he got home.

She'd been in his sex fantasies since he was fourteen. And after his

African journey she was not only a willing sex partner, but educated

him in many unusual possible sex practices.

After that, there was a string of girls in high school, then in

college. He was erratic in his collection of playthings, keeping only

one or two at a time. He became quite well known in his schools for

being able to get into any girl's pants on a bet.

Once he took a teacher, in front of his classmates, simply on a

wager. It was easy making it look as though he publicly seduced her,

but anyone who really thought about it might wonder just what

happened that day. He had to perform a lot more work afterwards.

Covering up the incident, so she didn't lose her job, so he didn't get

in trouble.

In college he won heavily at poker, but was only marginally better

than others in competitive sports. He found he could only use so much

of the mind reading talent to compete physically, after all.

Graduated, without cheating in classes, he was out and on his own.

He'd gotten a marketing job with P&G and accumulated a little money. 

In time, his talent would take him right up the corporate ladder.

But he tended get bored with the pair of girlfriends he had, changing

them for another couple every few weeks. Typically, he'd pick up a

pair of girls who were already friends and when he dumped them, they

went looking together for another man to share. He liked this odd

little twist.

Bill was hanging out at a roller rink, when a woman, about twenty-six,

maybe twenty-seven, rolled past, swinging her arms in a way that 

displayed her assets nicely. Her five foot eight inch height was 

appealing as well, since he liked taller women.

He decided quickly on having her for the night. Watching her, he

admired her long sinuous legs, the way her bottom was formed as she

stroked her way along the rail, and the smile lighting her face. Her

hair was dirty blonde, tied back to keep it away from her eyes. The

swinging arms were hinged to her body in very attractive rounded

shoulders. Her face was more than passing fair.

He probed her gently, planting the idea she should find an excuse to 

come talk to him, any excuse. A few minutes later she skidded to a 

halt at the nearest exit from the rink.

"Hi, I could help but notice you haven't been skating much." her voice

sparkled, the face lit up with consummate joy.

"I was waiting for you to invite me."

"Consider yourself invited," she yanked him out into the rink, not 

quite what he'd had in mind, but what the hell. The jaunt might be a 

fun little exercise.

He wasn't very good, so he gathered from her mind and muscles the

necessary skill for skating, and started to use some of the newly 

learned ability. She seemed pleased he could keep up with her.

They zipped around the rink a few times, then he began to perform some

of the little stunt twists, backward skating, and the skate dancing 

she liked to display herself. His balance was tricky, but it worked.

"My boyfriend isn't as good as you."

Boyfriend? Ah, yes, the man glaring at us from the area of the

concession stand. He probed the guy, making him interested in finding

another girl and forgetting this one. Hmm. What was her name? Poking

about, rather than asking, he found it, she was Sally.

"Sally, what do you say, shall we go have some dinner?"

"Well my boyfriend," and she began to forget the now vanished 

boyfriend, "gee, I guess that would be cool."

He enjoyed the shimmering motions of her backside as she stepped out 

of the rink, and headed for her locker. She changed into her sneakers,

oh my- we must change that he thought, and hung the skates around the 

back of her neck. He turned in his rented ones, getting his own shoes 

on his feet.

Her date had brought her, so taking her in his car was no problem. He 

drove directly home. At the door, Jill and Peggy greeted him, happy to

see he'd brought a playmate. But he shooed them off, telling them to 

get dinner for his guest.

Sally looked dubious at the idea of some guy having her to dinner at

his house and having his live in housemates preparing the food, but

he easily calmed her fears. He sent soothing thoughts into her mind,

encouraging her to go along, enjoying the moment.

"Well Sally, now we will start a little experiment. You're going to 


"Oh boy!" a little too cheerfully. 

"I want you to go in the bedroom and lie down for a while." 

She frowned, but did as he told her. His manipulations made her

drowsy. Moments later she was sound asleep.

He was uncertain he could do what he intended. He'd been curious about

women for some time, more than just using them. He wanted to try,

well, try on the body of a woman for a while. A little like changing

his clothing. It was something appealing to his sense of adventure.

He went to the spare bedroom, the unused one, there being several 

others in use by his house pets. He lay down and made himself 


He began by putting his own body to sleep. He'd found some time ago 

this was possible now, with his center, his self, still alert and 

active. Meticulously, he began taking over Sally's body. He started by

controlling her arms, then her legs. He slowly connected every length 

of nerve into his self center. He began to feel the soft contact of 

the bed to her body, and air lapping over her face.

He could hear the sounds of the dishes being done. There were the 

sounds of giggling women, sharing some sort of gossip as well. She 

stood. Er, he, well the body he was using, Sally's, stood. 

The balance seemed odd. She was muscular, but the added weight on her

chest was a touch off expectations. S/he looked in the mirror. She

looked pretty yummy. The crotch seemed to dampen immediately. Oh!, she

thought, I've got a cunt. Startled at the gender assumption in her new

mind, she probed her old body, finding it in a mental form of stasis.

Well, she thought, lets try this out a little. She summoned Jill from 

the kitchen.

Jill came in momentarily, long black hair flowing back from her head,

almost forming a lovely mane. Jill was almost five feet tall, slender

with firm, not overly large, breasts. She wore heels bringing her

height up a bit. Her stockings were perfectly smooth, and the come

fuck me outfit she wore was a tight fitting knee length dress, with a 

body tight sleeveless t-shirt.

Sally, because now she was Sally, realized she still had on her skating

outfit. With her legs exposed, the short skirted exercise dress was 

buttoned up the front as one piece, right up to her cleavage.

Jill looked confused by meeting Sally here, but knew Bill's directions

were frequently odd, and she always enjoyed what he had her do.

"Are we waiting for Bill?"

"No we're go to do without Bill tonight."

"Oh." Sally walked around Jill, savoring the confusion radiating from 

the other woman. She issued a mental command to Jill, to obey her and 

enjoy everything she did to Jill.

"Stand still for me." 

Jill twitched, but settled into a pose for Sally. Sally reached out 

and drew her fingers along the other woman's red lips. They jutted out

a little in a pucker as she pressed her red fingernail tip into Jill's


Sally slid the finger all the way in, allowing Jill to lash her tongue

along Sally's skin. She took her time moving it about, knowing the

tip was actually in Jill's throat. Bill had trained Jill not to allow 

her gag reflex to interfere with the pleasure of entering her throat.

Sally worked around Jill's side. Jill's dress zipped down the back. 

She opened Jill's zipper, sliding the metal shank slowly down to the 

end. Bill had the women go braless and panty free about the house, so

the skin Sally found on Jill's back was not covered by bra straps.

Sally enjoyed tracing her fingernails, about a quarter inch past the 

tips of her fingers in a scratching motion along the other woman's 

skin. White lines from the claw like attack left white trails on the 

surface of the epidermis.

Jill was gasping her pleasure at the attack on her back. Sally's 

finger still in Jill's mouth made this a difficult task. Sally let out

a little giggle, to her own surprise. 

"My name is Sally," she said, "and I want to hear how everything 


She took her finger out of Jill's mouth. Then she stepped behind Jill 

and started to nuzzle the exposed neck, while wrapping her slim arms 

around Jill's middle and taking hold of the bouncy tits she knew would

be there.

Jill hung her head forward, letting out a slight moan. 

"Your hands feel very soft on my breasts, so nice, so good.. I like 

the way you're pulling them in handfuls, it's pleasant and ooooh 

yes," this last accompanied a tight pinch at both nipples by Sally's 

strong thumb and fingers. "I like that, your tongue on my neck is 

sending goose bumps down my spine. You, oh, you can get a little 

rougher on my nipples, it makes my knees weak. God yes. I want to turn

and feel you too, but I know I must stand still here. It makes me hot 

to be used like this. Your lips on by earlobe are hot and, oh god!, I 

want to drop. Please don't stop pulling at my nipples, oh god!"

"You don't have to talk anymore if you don't want to." 

Sally stepped back, and yanked the house dress uniform off Jill, 

dropping it down around the woman's ankles. Of course this left the 

stockings on. They were the old style stockings, held by a garter 

belt, and hooks. Bill had liked this, Sally felt this was good too.

The high heels kept Jill standing with her bottom jutting back 


She stepped against the other woman's bottom, relishing the feel of

Jill's skin. Jill leaned back into her as her tongue explored Jill's

ear. Jill's hands reached back and caressed Sally's blonde tresses as

Sally worked the flats of her teeth along the naked skin of Jill's neck

and shoulders.

Sally felt her scalp prickle with the other woman's gentle caress. The

nails scraped lightly along her hair roots, giving her an eye closing 

sensation. She let the other woman run fingers through her hair a 

while, reaching around to feel the naked breasts she was longing to 


As she began to twiddle with Jill's nipples, Jill turned her head and 

pulled her forward in a delectable full mouthed kiss. Her tongue was 

snapped at lightly by hungry and gentle teeth. 

For several minutes, the two stood embraced, Sally holding Jill from 

behind, lips locked together, neither able to hold their eyes open for

more than a few moments. 

Sally felt her breasts were confined. Breaking the kiss she was 

astounded to realize she was still completely dressed. 

"Undress me Jill."

The other woman smiled lecherously. She began by unbuttoning the 

skating uniform from the chest down, exposing Sally's bra, an 

underwire support type. When she finished the last button, she peeled 

the shoulder and arms of the outfit down along Sally's body, exposing 

soft light brown skin as she went. Finally, Sally stepped free from 

the outfit and kicked it to one side. Jill began unhooking the back of

her bra, and Sally turned towards the mirror to admire her own body a 

second time.

As Jill removed the panties she wore, she looked at her heavy

knockers. They hung a little more than Bill would be thrilled with,

being somewhat larger than seemed right for her body. Her nipples were

large brown disks, tipped with slightly darker knobs of flesh. Her

hips were slender forming an hour glass shape worthy of admiration,

the legs were long and shaped down to narrow but strong ankles. The

sensation she got touching her own boobs was very electric, not

jolting, just a tingling rush.

Jill stood behind her now, and on her own, without direction, began to

cup the undersides of her breasts. Jill's face was pressed against the

back of Sally's shoulders. Her nipples pressed into Sally's back, hard

from her arousal.

Sally felt a hand work around to her fuzzy hairs. The slender fingers 

were stroking across the curly little pubic fuzz with a skilled and 

practiced motion. Sally began to feel weak in her knees. The caresses 

were forcing her body into surges of motion, nice surges, but not ones

she'd planned.

She could feel her chest cavity suck in air more rhythmically, a

rhythm Bill could match, but had never managed to produce smoothly

on his own.

She gasped out an "OH!", and through her lust driven haze could make

out her body in the mirror, shuddering and curling into the

administrations Jill was performing. 

A finger touched something between her legs and her knees all but

buckled. The heat and energy generated between her thighs was making

her drip. She could feel a few drops making their way down the

insides of her legs. She crossed one knee in front of the other, 

holding that leg up on tip toe.

She was standing there, being held by a very attractive brunette,

being moved to ecstasy, and not in control of her body at all. The

fingers between her thighs slipped inside her. She felt the motion

with a slow motion quality of unreal objectivity. The intruding

finger was sending irresistible signals through her panting, gyrating

torso. It was a control point, permitting Jill to own her orgasm.

And the orgasm was coming to. The explosion sent her head waving about

in circles. Her hair slapped her in the face, and she heard a scream.

Then another. It wasn't until the third scream she realized it was her


She slumped, the strong arms of the other woman holding her up until 

she recovered enough to use her own legs.

When Sally did recover, she led Jill to the bed. 

Sally lay down alongside Jill and started playing with the other 

woman's nipples. Leaning forward, she covered the nipples of Jill's 

tits with her tongue, one at a time.

Jill closed her eyes and kept her arms spread wide. Sally sucked the 

succulent nipples into her mouth, rolling them about with her tongue. 

She pulled and nipped at them, as Jill moaned and rolled her head.

The rubbery knobs of flesh remained sharply erect as Sally pinched

them between her own thin red nailed fingers. Her amorous acquaintance

was making the most delightful moaning sounds. The trail she began to

trace down the woman's tummy with her tongue ended as she reached the

jet black garter belt.

Rubbing her shoulders against the slippery stockings Jill wore, she 

moved into position so the shoes Jill still had on were laying against

the middle of her back. Sally started to lick the skin around the 

labia before her. 

Her fingers touched the furry patch of the brunette, seeking out the 

opening to the inner sanctum. The pink, moist pussy lips spread 

between her fingers, Sally began to lick the length of the hole. The 

taste was, well, bland. But she enjoyed the way Jill's hands had 

clamped onto the back of her head, pulling against her to make her 

stimulation actions stronger.

Sally tickled the outer cunt lips with her tongue and chin for a 

while, allowing her tongue to slide into the cunt the inch or so it 

would go. Disappointed at how much penetration her tongue could 

achieve, she unwrapped her arms from around one of the silk stocking 

covered legs, and inserted her forefinger and middle finger.

Jill bucked against her tongue, and violating fingers. Jill's fist

worked into her own mouth, clenched to white knuckles. The moaning

came in gasps, and Jill's voice pleaded, begging sincerely, to be

allowed to come.

Sally pumped the fingers in and out, lips and teeth nipping at the

clit at the top of the opening. With her free left hand, she managed

to reach for the right tit. She could see the mounds of Jill's

breasts, heaving as Jill arched her back and kicked with her legs.

The spasms of orgasm began, and Jill began to thrash about wildly.

The primal scream stretched into a screech, and Jill's thighs clamped

the head between them tightly. Jill continued to hump wildly for a few

moments, but Sally knew she'd be unable to come again without special

help. Telepathic help.

Jill started to come off the high, gasping and wheezing for breath 

after her exertion. The pink glow about her face was pleasing to 


Sally, feeling the need, stepped into the bathroom to pee.

After experiencing a woman's use of the toilet, Bill's center began to

attempt reattaching to his own body. The nerves for the extremities 

first, then the more complex nervous systems, then he dropped himself 

back into himself.

It felt odd to be a man, the balance was odd without the weight at the

chest. There was something extra in her, er, his pants. Thinking what

he'd done, the lump there stiffened substantially. There was a

strange dislocation, the angle of view was higher, and the motions

restricted by the bones in the pelvis. He stood and looked at himself

in the mirror. Bill was back.

Sally, very confused, and disturbed about her nudity with another 

woman, was still in the other bedroom. He changed her, programming her

mind to be in love with him, willing to do anything he requested. 

He was going in to fuck her, to fuck himself, to just fuck. One of

the best sessions of masturbation he could imaging would be plunging his

prick in the cunt that would be his on occasion.

For a while, he'd have three playthings. He would be using her again, 

perhaps in new and different ways.


On a sheet paper clipped to the back of the manuscript: "Dave, we

weren't sure we got this spark until we had all of his coven locked

away too. You wouldn't believe how scared the brass were over this

one. -Jack"


Ah yes, those suggestions can lead to unusual stories.

_The Book_ is still being worked on. Episode 9 is in progress.



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