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Archive-name: Control/i-mb0004.txt

Archive-author: Blackie

Archive-title: Files of the Institute, MB0004

Another side tale in the universe of _The Book_, 'from the files of

the Institute'. Suggested by a reader comment.

This story's characters are not based on anyone real. Any resemblance 

to anyone living, dead, or otherwise, is strictly coincidental.

The following is a mind control story. A little different from most. 

Maybe worse, Idunno. Once again, I'm not sure I like it.

m/f, non-consensual.

       _From the Files of the Institute_

                 Case MB0004

Memo: status- private.

To: Dr. D. Roberts

Fr: Dr. J. Williams

Re: Mary Benson, case MB0004

Dt: April 21, 1980


    I thought the following would be of interest. This is the summary

of debriefing from the field agents combined with the thiopental

sessions from the subject. This one didn't have the usual coven.

    Detailed reports from the agents and transcripts of the subject's

and coven's questioning are only available here on site. Security

will not allow removal of material from this site.

    Subject was 29 when she was picked up. She was a spark for over

3 years. She doesn't project the way some of the others do.





She'd been working in the test lab for the last two years before the 

incident happened. 

They were working on the irradiated version of the formulae, hoping

to reproduce the batch accidentally produced over 5 months ago. There 

was profit promised by the strange drug.

She was the last one in the lab, cleaning up the mess. Disappointment 

flared, it seemed like too much work to reproduce the original liquid.

When the beaker fell over, she bent to pick up the broken pieces. Cut,

she was startled and slammed backwards knocking over the table someone

had carelessly left the lead lined gloves on. The gloves brushed along

her legs, something sharp puncturing the skin. 

First, the hand with blood dripping had to be dressed. The first aid 

kit was adequately supplied for this. Then examining the leg, it was 

apparent a small fragment of something had entered her skin.

A splinter. A splinter that shouldn't be possible. She found a pair of

forceps and removed the tiny sliver. Uncertain what it was or where it

really came from she turned on the Geiger counter and watched it tick

angrily. She sealed it away in some lead foil and placed it aside for

Frank to lock away with the other radioactive material later. The

brief exposure from so small an object was unlikely to cause her any

problems, but she logged it anyway. The medical staff would look at

her tomorrow.

After finally clearing away the remaining mess, it was time to go 


The bath water was a welcome relief, easing tight sore muscles, 

draining tension away slowly. The soothing soaking eased the day into 

oblivion. She got out, put on her silk bathrobe and lay down.

She could feel odd thoughts in her head. The college kid in the 

apartment next door was thinking about sex. Images of breasts and 

naked women began to fill her head.

The young man was working at his arousal with glee, and she couldn't

avoid feeling some arousal herself. As she sat, trying not to feel

too aroused, to escape the sensations, he thought of her. The image

of her at the laundry was improved, a fantasy figure. And as he

thought about feeling her body, she became sharply horny. Exactly as

the imaginary her in his fantasy did.

She was on her feet in no time. Grabbing her keys, she popped into the

hall and knocked at his door.

Frantic sounds came from within, where she knew him to be hiding his

masturbation reading material. He tried to keep the sexual images in

his mind though. Obviously intending to return to the activity once

whoever was at the door left.

"Hello?," he said, opening the door, "Oh yes. Hello Mary. What can I 

do for you?" He was dressed only in cutoff jeans and a Stones t-shirt.

His brownish black hair tossled from laying down. He opened the door 

wider, exposing the sloppily kept apartment.

She stepped past him into the room. His thoughts radiated desire for

her. She couldn't stop them, she knew the heat rising within her

flowed from him.

"I, uh, I haven't seen you recently," she said lamely.

He'd never seen her like this, he thought. Her hair wet, down across 

her shoulders, the slinky bathrobe was partially open. A slight touch 

of her pale tummy was exposed up to the bottoms of her breasts. 

He closed the door.

Her eyes fluttered, breath catching in her throat.

"I...," She leaned into him, pressing her lips against his surprised 


Recovering, he pulled him close. Holding her body with his arms

nestled along her back. She drove her tongue into his throat, anxious 

to enjoy the lusty body he imagined for himself.

His hands explored her. She could sense the surprised joy inside him,

welling up with it herself. His hardening prick pressed against her

thigh, and the feeling in his crotch filled her's with moisture.

As his fingers entered the slit of the bathrobe, she turned to allow 

him easier access to her breasts. The nipples responded with every 

touch as he thought how she must enjoy being handled. His belief she 

would enjoy rougher treatment led to sharper arousal as he pinched her


He felt certain she loved him secretly, or she wouldn't be throwing 

herself at him now. The sudden visit was spectacular. She must need me

to take her pretty bad, he thought.

He nipped at the sides of her neck. Whispering breathily into his ear,

she said "I've loved you secretly for a while now. I need you to take 

me, badly."

He peeled away the bathrobe, exposing her body, still wet from the 

shower. His hands slipped along the curves from her shoulders to her 

ass, glorying in the soft naked flesh.

She moaned from excitement. His touch played across her skin as if it

were the keys of a piano. The tiny pressures were delicate and sent

shoots of pleasure from the skin to her throat. At her throat played

a symphony of sexual arousal, a steady stream of moans, changing

pitch and tone as the fingers explored.

He paused to pull off the shorts and t-shirt. Two muscular arms lifted

her. She tucked her face into his shoulder. Gently, as though caring 

for a rare flower, he placed her on the mattress in the corner.

She wanted to suck him. Yes, she wanted him in her mouth. She could no

longer tell if this was an original thought, or one extracted from his

mind. As he knelt, she took his cock in her hand, guiding it to her 


She could see the image of her unblemished face wrapped around him. 

His eyes told her the story of how she made love to his cock. Her 

tongue was long and velvety, caressing every curve or edge his prick 

had. She sucked him in as deeply as possible, astounded as she 

suppressed the gag reflex. He'd known she could do it, and he was 

actually in her throat, filling her as she'd never been filled.

She stroked her mouth up and down the manthing she was worshiping. 

The soft red of her lips gliding along naturally as though she did 

this every day. Her excitement was astounding. It rose heavily as she 

felt the come enter her throat and wash into her.

He was shouting his joy. She was gleeful at this sensation, the 

thought of pleasure received. But she also felt his desire to make her

come as well.

She allowed him to suck and nip at her nipples again. The fire that 

raced through her came both from the physical contact and that belief 

he had, that this excited her. She'd never felt this flame rise in her 

chest before.

Her breathing was becoming more patterned. It was deeper and now had a

rhythm to it. She gasped as his fingers reached between the slender 

legs. Palm in, the hand cupped the thatch of hairs, rubbing along the 

entire length of the outer vaginal passage.

Her body rose to meet the hand's motion, lunging after it when contact

was broken. A finger thrust into the cavity, finding moist excited 

flesh to explore.

The muscles in her vagina twitched tightly around that finger. A wave

like movement began at her waist, her pelvis rolling with exertion.

She knew her breasts would be bruised afterwards, but oddly the

brutal, inexperienced attack was driving her excitement upward.

Her fingers were clenched tightly, the nails biting into her palms.

She found any position her head was in was not right, so she kept

trying, neck muscles bound tight, to find a more comfortable position.

Eyes clamped shut, body flopping about hot and heavy, a sound rose

inside of her. It was a loud aboriginal screech, an incredible

blowout of the lung's contents. The orgasm plowed throughout her body.

She started to relax, realization struck that she wasn't finished. The

dampness in her crotch was waiting for the stretching impact of his 

long, hard cock. He hadn't finished yet, his stiff cock rising before 

her greedy eyes.

Legs held back above her shoulders, she waited for him to move between

her thighs. He guided himself in, and she felt the engorged lump of 

flesh grow within her to gigantic proportions. Aroused again, the 

vaginal muscles clamped down as tightly as possible on the intruder.

They humped madly against each other, she trying to force more of the 

ridiculously large cock into her, him trying to get more of himself 

through the opening. He was trying to hold out for her second orgasm.

The pulsating thrusts got through to her quickly, or maybe the 

knowledge he was coming reached into her desire. She began to thrash 

about again, screaming her pleasure, demanding he fuck her, swearing 

loudly how good it felt. He poured his semen into the depths of her 

being, enthralled by the intense response he was getting from fucking 


He was please with her. She felt happy he was pleased. 

When he pulled out, she could see he wasn't as large as he'd felt. He 

was drowsy, and she could feel he thought she was too. Soon, very 

soon, she slept.


In the morning she found a note. Her new love had gone to work. 

Suddenly she realized she was probably late. Rushing into her own 

apartment, she rushed through the morning rituals as quickly as 

possible. As fast as possible, she was out the door, on her way.

She'd put on the sexiest outfit she had, short red skirt, revealing

blouse, stockings, and pumps with the highest heels she owned. She

knew her lover would be pleased when he saw her.

She got to the bus stop just in time for her bus. 

The bus was pretty empty at this part of the route. She knew the next

stop had a man she'd always avoided. His leering always disconcerted

her in the past.

Today he got on and sat across the aisle from her, in the window seat.

Then he looked at her.

His arousal upon seeing her was immediate. She felt the imaginary 

hands inside her blouse, cupping the slopes of her breasts. Her breath

caught, a light gasp slipping from her lips.

She put her head against the rail like back of the seat before her. He

was imagining his tongue along the lips of her labia. She could feel 

the touch along the now moist cunt. Her hips bucked lightly, a very 

unconscious act. 

She could feel her breasts arousal, nipples popping erect. Her 

breathing had become very irregular. A sigh escaped from the man 

across from her. Her mouth could feel the intrusion of his imaginary 

tongue, pushing aside her own, exploring her teeth. The sensations 

from her groin were hot, fluid motions, arousing desire in addition to

sexual response.

Her fingers gripped the seat beneath tightly. She was completely lost 

to the desire climbing within her. Her ass could vividly feel the 

imagined lick from a tongue that wasn't there. Breathing was becoming 

patterned, matching the thrusts her hips were trying to make. 

A moan escaped from her.

The bus stopped for another passenger. She felt a certain relief the 

dark shape remained at the front of the bus. She heard the clatter of 

the coins in the fare box.

A sudden thrust entered her vagina. Nothing there, but she could sense

an embedded cock plunging in and out. She felt very full, knowing he 

could imagine her tightness around his manhood. She could see his hand

on his crotch, rubbing so she could see.

The plunging sensation moved to her ass, forcing a sudden gasp of 

surprise from her. The force of the oddly invisible prick lifted her 

from the seat in rhythmic plunges of passion. Her mouth would not 

remain closed, and her voice betrayed her pleasure at the unseen 

intrusion. She found her eyes would not remain open, giving her a 

hazy, blurred view of the world about her. 

Knowing how far gone she was, she began to play with her own nipples. 

The additional feel of being pinched and twisted lured her body 

further down the road to orgasm. She rolled her head, hair in her eyes

now, and choked out a gasp as the feeling of intrusion was now present

in both apertures.

Although she knew nothing was there, the sense of fullness was strong,

with her body grinding against the cocks that weren't there. Her arms

lifted themselves behind her neck, as though seized by a pair of 

strong hands pulling them violently aside. The assailant then yanked 

her shoulders and head back, stretching her breasts against the fabric

of her blouse. Her nipples were now clearly visible underneath, jutting 

through the clothe to show their erect state.

Her head was forced over to face the man across, who was now

masturbating freely. Her panting continued to grow heavier, her eyes

open to stare at her psychic assailant. She couldn't know it was her

reception, not his sending, doing this to her.

Her bouncing came to a dramatic conclusion as she bit back an

overwhelming urge to scream. Her body driving into orgasm. The surge

coincided with the stranger's spurting a white stream from his purple

peter. Inside, she could almost feel the sudden deposit of semen, in

both cavities. The seat beneath her would be soaked.

Recovering, she began to collect herself. The stop she needed was just

ahead. Red faced with embarrassment, humiliated at the loss of self

control, she slipped past the other passengers. The older women

looked disgusted, she could feel deeply how bad she'd been as she saw

their faces. Her humiliation grew as the women watched her get off.

The teenage boy at the front of the bus seemed pleased, and suddenly

she felt like a heroine in his fantasy. A pride welled at her

performance for this heroic young stud. She hurried off the bus as

his imaginary fingers fumbled with her private parts. She was gasping

on the corner, excited by the idea of his young penis plunging in

between the lips of her cunt.

She was still gasping from the new intrusion, when the bus took the 

kid out of range.

She was late after all. Stopping in the woman's room to clean up and

re-apply her makeup delayed her. The boss wanted to see her in his

office. Jane said he was in a bad mood too. Matt was always in a bad

mood though.

"Close the door." She could tell he'd been reading a memo from his 

boss, and the budget was cut again this year. 

Their privacy ensured, he now looked up at her. As he appraised her 

with his eyes, she saw the outward professional he always displayed. 

Inwards, he was seeing cherry red nipples, the sloping curves of 

unbelievable beauty, and a hot to trot little tidbit. She jolted as 

sudden sexual desire climbed her spine to her brain.

"I want to talk to you about your tardiness today. I've got five 

important studies underway and you...," Matt trailed off, thinking how 

nice it would be to peel away the clothing she wore.

"Unngh," was what came from her traitor mouth.

"Are you all right?"

His thoughts though, had her undressing here and now. Begging him 

to let her suck his cock.

She stood slowly. Her hands worked together, unbuttoning the top two

buttons of her blouse. Turning away from him, she kicked off the pumps

she'd worn. Looking over her shoulder she could see the man's jaw

hanging open, his eyes wide with astonishment.

She pulled the blouse from the skirt, and wiggled her bottom 

seductively. Undoing the rest of the buttons, she made an act of 

removing the blouse, exposing her chest to scrutiny. The bra was a 

lacy black thing she'd snatched up in a hurry this morning, but 

provided concealment to the nipples yet, hinting only at their shapes.

Her red skirt dropped next, unwrapped from her waist carefully,

hinting at the globes of flesh at the back then revealing the black

panties she wore. Matt was amazed how lovely her little bottom was in

black, he could imagine his hands working her derriere free.

She could almost feel the light touch of hands removing the panties,

but they weren't there. She wasn't much more than a dripping,

quivering cunt, waiting for his direct attention.

He walked to her. If he knew he could, Matt would've ordered to stand 

poised, arms apart, palms up, for his personal pleasure. He didn't say

it, but she followed the directions despite the heavy silence in the 


Standing behind her, he slipped his hands around the front to cup the 

ample breasts she all but displayed. Through the fabric of the bra he 

could feel the nipples harden. She moaned, aroused as he touched him. 

He peeled away the bra and yanked her panties down immediately. She 

gasped, suddenly pleased, as he had expected, with her exposed body. 

His fingers ran along the crack of her ass. He pulled her to him and 

their tongues melded as one in their mouths. 

Wavering on the verge of orgasm, she began peeling his clothing away.

It revealed a little paunch, but not much. His hairy chest turned her 

on as he knew it would. She played with the hairs, licking the nipples

of his chest with excited passion. 

His strong arms lifted her, whimpering with lust, to the flat of his 

desk. He lay her back, head hung over his chair. Pulling her legs 

apart, he slowly entered her. One inch, two inches. She moaned and her

thrashing knocked papers aside. 

Hands clasped into little fists, she waved her arms about as though 

uncertain what they could do to help. He was pounding away, excited by 

her arousal. He knew she'd come when he did, so her arousal became an 

upward spiral, a flight into ecstasy.

He was grunting in time with her throbbing moans. She could feel the 

thrusts he made match the humping movements of her hips and waist. She

could feel his hands pinning her to the desk. Finally she found a use 

for her hands, exciting him with an increasingly sensual view of her.

Her fingers reached her nipples and pulled. She pinched and stretched 

them for his leisure viewing. Matt became very excited wondering how 

far she would pull those nipples and how excited it would make her. 

The sensations of pain and pleasure sent her farther up the ecstatic 

spiral she'd been climbing.

His seed pushed deep within her, she felt the sudden release of 

orgasm. She bit back the scream, knowing the secretary outside would 

hear. It came out like a hard violent grunt.

Matt collapsed atop her. He knew she'd been yearning to come to him. 

She would be glad to screw him any time he wanted. She was thrilled by

his interest in her body. She felt joy at pleasing her boss's desires,

since he knew she loved him deeply.

"I love you deeply Matt," she whispered. He grinned knowing she would 

be his secret mistress for as long as he wanted. The hell with Jane, 

the bitch had been threatening to tell his wife. 

Mary smiled with glee. Matt would surely keep her well while they 

slept together in secret...


A taped sheet attached to the manuscript: "Dave, This one gave a whole

new meaning to the term Nympho. Almost every guy in the place had her 

a few times before we clamped down to restrict the abuses. -Jack"



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