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Archive-name: Control/i-ay0001.txt

Archive-author: Blackie

Archive-title: Files of the Institute, AY0001

This little tidbit is for those reading the _Book_ who think something

is missing in episode 7 and 8. Episode 8 will soon be posted.

This story shows how one story begets another... The following is

from the "Biltmor Rehabiliatation Institute's" files. The Institute

is a entity within the universe of _The Book_. If you've been reading 

_The Book_ you'll have the background...

The story is a mind control short piece, non-consensual m/f, 

contains a minor, although about 17.

	From the Files of the Institute 

		Case AY0001

Memo: status- private.

To: Dr. D. Roberts

Fr: Dr. J. Williams

Re: Andrew Young, case AY0001

Dt: June 16, 1979


    I thought the following information would be of interest. This is

the summary of debriefing from the field agents combined with the

thiopental sessions from the subject and his coven.

    You should note, our tech writers insist a narative form is

better for the synopsis. In general we all agree, but I know it isn't

the normal form seen in the literature.

    If you want detailed reports from the agents and transcripts of

the subject's and coven's questioning, I'm afraid you will need to

come for a visit. Security will not allow removal of material from

this site.

    Subject was 19 when he was picked up. He was a spark for over

2 years at that time.




There was a noise Andy kept hearing lately. It was very annoying. He'd

be sitting in class, especially when sitting behind Ann. 

Ann always made him nervous. She was the prettiest girl in school. He 

wanted to ask her out, but he never traveled in the same social 


When she was in front of him, the noise was more like a single voice.

He kept hearing things about makeup, dinner, ink leaking from pens,

and stuff. Every now and then it was something about pain. This last

seemed to happen once a month for a few days.

The voices kept coming. Last week he could have sworn he heard his

mother tell him to take out the trash, and did it. Before he realized

she was in the front yard, while he was in the kitchen.

Then the other day, his best friend, Eddie, had him over for the

night. Eddie's parrents were away for the weekend. Only Eddie's sister

Paige would be there to annoy them. They were hanging out, talking

about how they'd go to the same college and stuff, when Paige walked


He swore she'd said something about little dweebs, and walked on. But 

he thought he could still hear her talking about organizing her phone 

calls, getting the laundry started, picking the dress she'd wear to 

some dance coming up, and some gooshing romance stuff about a guy 

named Jim.

He told Eddie to wait. He was going to go see if she'd really called 

them dweebs. But Eddie came along anyway.

"Hey Paige?" he said, standing at the laundry room's door.

"What is it Andy?" she responded while dumping some dirty stuff on

the floor. She was certain the pink dress she wanted was somewhere in

the hamper.

"The pink one is in the other hamper, I saw your mother put it in 

about an hour ago," he offerred.

She stopped and stared at him, her jaw hanging wide open. 

"How did you know I wanted the pink dress?" 

"You just said," but he knew she hadn't said anything about it.

Eddie was starting the dance of bathroom need. He dashed away, leaving

Andy to explain to the older girl just what he'd said. He'd seen a 

cloud of anger gathering about her face.

"You wouldn't understand," he tried to cover.

"You just try me buster. If you two guys are trying to pull something 

on me, I'm gonna have your hides."

God how nice she looked, he thought. It'd be neat to get a look at 

those tits she sticks out so far when she's pissed.

"If you guys think for one minute," she began pulling the sweat shirt

out of her jeans. "That you're gonna bother me tonight, you'll have a

war on your hands."

She lifted the material above her breasts, which at the moment were 

unencumbered by a bra. The skin was clear and firm, showing a full two

or three handfuls at each tit, tipped with a rubbery looking red brown

nipple on either side. The nipples hardened perceptively as the cooler

air hit them. 

"You can get the hell outa here, right now," she added to her diatribe

for effect. She seemed unaware of her partial nudity before him. She

lowered the front of her shirt again as he turned to leave.

He was stunned. Staggering back to Eddie's room, he thought about what

happened. He resolved not to tell Eddie about it.

They chatted for a while longer, played a computer game, and talked 

about Ann's nice figure.

Eddie fell asleep first. His snoring was enough to keep Andy wide 

awake though. After a few moments, Andy got up. He wondered if Paige 

was still awake.

Stepping silently from between the covers, he felt around for a pair

of slippers to wear. He'd have to pad about bare foot, since he

couldn't quite find them in the dark.

He worked his way across the mess strewn bedroom and out to the

partly lit hallway. Eddie hadn't stirred.

Down the hall he heard a female voice, one side of a conversation. He

crept closer to Paige's bedroom's door. He was able to open it about

3-4 inches to get a better view into the room. Inside was Paige, in

the buff, talking to someone on the phone.

Her body was stretched out across her bed, feet hanging off the sides.

She would curl her toes, and kick the foot up towards her slender

little bottom. He couldn't see her boobs, they were underneath, but

her hair was a little longer than over her shoulders and curled

nicely from a recent perm.

"Oh James!, you know how badly I want you. How desperately I need to 

see you." Then there was a quiet pause.

"I'm completely naked, just sitting here thinking of you."

Again a little pause, after which she giggled.

"If you want, of course."

She rolled onto her back, she would like this she thought. Bob heard 

it as though she'd said it aloud. Her tits were now out and in view. 

With her free hand, she began to knead the soft flesh, occasionally 

squeezing her nipples. When her hand manipulated her nipples, her eyes

shuttered closed until she moved her fingers elsewhere.

"Oh, it feels so good love." Pause.

"No, I haven't touched it yet. No. The short hairs are curling into

little balls of silk fine thread. I'm a little wet. I can see the

hairs at the opening are getting soaked." pause.

"I'm moving my hand along the insides of my thighs, giving myself the 

gentle caress you always do."

Andy saw her part her legs, exposing the furry patch between. The 

moist red outer lips of her pussy were visible as well. She dipped a 

finger into the opening, letting out a light moan as she did.

His prick was getting hard inside the pajamas he'd brought over. He 

reached down and began to pull at his organ.

"Uh, yes Jim, I've got my fingers inside, I'm imagining it's you 

inside me. Oh God, you're so good to feel. Oh yes, yes, don't stop now

Jim, I'm just getting started." 

Her hips began rotating movements against her fingers. Her hand was 

now moving quickly, stopping to rub the top of her vulva's flesh, then

returning to the penetration of her cunt.

"Oh Jim, yes, you make me so hot, yes I want you to take me. Please 

fuck me Jim." her voice had become low and breathy. Her eyes were 

staying closed now. Her head moved from side to side. It looked like a

struggle to keep the phone against the side of her head.

"OHHH!, yes I love you. I want you. I need you now!" she squeeled into

the phone. Her body was rhythmically bouncing off the bed. She was 

unable to hold onto the telephone as she reached orgasm. Her lurching 

movements continued a moment, then stopped.

Panting she picked the phone up.

"Hi again." "Did you?" "It was great." "God yes, I can hardly wait." 

"Too bad you couldn't visit while my folks were away." "Love you, bye 


She hung up the phone, and saw Andy standing there, his cock stiff in 

his hand.

"YOU! you little snoopy twerp!" she began. 

But he was concentrating on what happened earlier, when she was doing 

the laundry. He'd wished to see her breasts then, now they were 

already exposed. Now he tried to imagine her, wrapping her lips around

his cock, and sucking him off.

"You're gonna get in a lot of trouble snooping on me when I'm on the

phone," she spoke as she marched her naked body over to the door,

opening it very wide. She started to tell him how Jim would tear him

to shreds, but as she continued talking, she knelt. A moment later

she took his penis in one hand, held his bottom with the other, and

plunged his cock between her lips.

"Yeah!" was all Andy could say. In only a moment his jism spewed 

forth, into her mouth, and down her throat. She continued to suck, 

until nothing further came out.

He concentrated on her wanting to invite him into her bed, to make

torrid love as long as possible. At this point, she was kneeling

before him naked, with a look of uncertainty. She seemed confused,

like why had she blown a kid she was throwing out of her room. But

she knew now she was horny and this youngster was just what she

needed. He heard it coming before her mouth formed the words.

"Your kinda cute Andy, how about you keep me company for a few 


He grinned, knowing his luck had just picked up, and stepped over to 

the bed. She helped him peel off his sleep wear, and planted a soft 

wet kiss against his mouth.

Her lips were velvet light on his own, her tongue a serpent of 

excitement within his mouth. She pulled his hand to her breasts, 

allowing him his first touch of a woman's tit.

He was pleased at the supple feel of compliant flesh. The nipple

stiffened up quickly. Her mouth exuded a full sigh of joy into his 

own. She rubbed her crotch against his leg, getting his leg wet with 

her juices. He felt down the bone bumpy skin along her spine to the 

crack of her ass.

One hand on her butt, the other pinching the sharp red nipples, Andy 

was in ecstasy. Her eyes opened occasionally to look longingly into 

his own. Her hair was now moist with sweat at the roots, and slipped 

into their kiss when it could.

Her hand was rubbing at his crotch and balls, trying to get another 

rise out of him. As he felt her tits, he became aware how each pull or

pinch of the nipples seemed to cause her hips to become more frenzied.

His cock began to harden again.

He slipped his own hand down twixt Paige's moist thighs. Her wetness 

was a real serious turn-on, his cock becoming very stiff now. He 

worked a finger in the folds of her pussy. As his forefinger worked 

around, she winced.

"ow, that hurts, be more gentle lover," she admonished. He tried 

keeping the finger straighter, running the adjacent thumb along the 

top, where he'd seen her rubbing earlier.

"Oh yes! Much better," she sighed.

Her legs parted at this touch. He worked his body up to a sitting 

position, allowing him to suckle at her breast. The roughness at the 

back of his tongue drew a deep moan from her. 

He worked both of the hard nipples with his tongue, delighted as he

switched from one to the other with his mouth. He found biting down

gently with his teeth excited the erect red tips as well, eliciting a

deep moan from Paige.

"God yes, more." she whispered throatily. He was unsure whether she 

wanted her tits played with more, or if the thumb and forefinger he 

was using on her cunt were what she was after.

He jambed down harder with his thumb. She rewarded his effort by 

thrusting her pelvis back against him. Her bucking became more furious

as he concentrated on making her come. He felt a bump of harder flesh 

with his thumb and as he rubbed it, her head swung wildly from side to


"AAIIIIEEEEE!" she started with a scream but supressed as much noise 

as she could, not wanting her brother to hear. 

She lay panting trying to recover her breath.

He worked around between her legs. She looked up at him anxiously. 

There was a nervous look in her eyes. She lifted her legs, and he 

rubbed her cunt lips with the tip of his prick.

"Oh my." she whispered, anxiety in her tone.

He pressed it in a little. It went in slowly, with difficulty. He 

adjusted his hips a bit, and it slid in a little more easily.

"aaaah!" came from his own mouth.

"My, oh my," she said, looking at where his cock was embedded. "I 

never thought it would feel like this."

He gulped. He'd assumed from her phone call she'd been fucking Jim

regularly, and knew exactly what to do.

"You mean you never actually fucked before?"

"No, I mean, Jim and I were waiting for me to be on the pill for a 

whole month first..."

Great, he thought. Why didn't I hear her thinking about that? Well, he

was in now, and damn if he was gonna pull out. 

"How long have you been on the pill now?"

"Two weeks."

"I hope it's long enough," he began to pump into her. Her hips helped 

him, undulating slowly in concert with his motions, "so what have you 

and Jim done then?"

"Oh a little necking, heavy petting. I blow him, he eats me. Some 

times we've been very interested in getting started. So I let him, 

well you know."

"uh, uh," no he didn't know. But she said it inside her head. He could

feel her imagining Jim's long hard dong up her ass. He almost lost his 


Her face a red color, she turned it to the side. Her body kept moving 

with his but she'd closed her eyes completely. Embarrassed, she didn't 

say anything.

"Paige, Paige?" he tried softly to get a response. She was beginning

to bounce her chin with the rhythm of their sexual motion. Her mouth

opened a fraction, showing a row of teeth being caressed lightly by

her little pink tongue.

"Paige, if he fucked your ass, I want to fuck your ass too."

"Do you really?" she turned surprised, and somewhat pleased. "Oh god, 

this feels so nice. Having a man inside me, I mean."

"After this, what do, uh, we do so I can enter your hershey highway?"

"Hershey Highway?, where do you get these wierd names?"

"Never mind, ungh, do we need to do anything special?"

"No, I kinda like it, all we need is something to lubricate me as you 

get in."

"Good, I'm gonna come soon."

"Oh good, fuck me baby, fuck me like I've never been fucked before," 

she didn't even realise the double meaning in her own words.

He started pounding away hard enough to make the bed rock. Her face 

was sweating from the activity. Bouncing in and out of her slit made 

his cock feel so nice, he just didn't want to stop.

He really wanted to see her face as she came again. He intently 

focused on watching her, willing her to orgasm so he could watch as he

came. Almost instantly her face started to contort into the instensity

he'd seen before, twisting her muscles, stretching her mouth wide. Her

head shook violently, her hair flopped recklessly above. She bawled 

out an orgasmic screech, squelching as much noise as she could. Her 

orgasm didn't end either, he was watching still, concentrating on 

seeing all of it.

Seeing her go over brought him to the edge of his own chasm. He felt 

the pressure welling up within. It came up from the bottom of his 

pleasure and swelled beyond all proportion, flooding her with gushing 

liquid. He swore he could feel his cock throbbing inside of her, 

vibrating from the heavy flow of semen.

As he came down from this high, she gasped for air, finally finished 

with the heavy orgasm she'd received. She was totally limp underneath 

him. Her eyes were closed, her chest heaving the air in and out. He 

was pretty spent as well. Between his intense pleasure watching her 

orgasm, and his own orgasm, he felt like just going to sleep.

A moment later she did just that. But he got up.

He walked to the bathroom at the end of the hall, and took a quick

warm shower. As he dried off, he spotted the baby oil over the sink.

He filled a cup with cold water and walked back to Paige's room.

She was sleeping lightly. A little shoulder shaking and she smiled at 

him. He decided he wouldn't need the water.

"Hello lover."

"Shall we try your back door now?" 


"Sure now, I brought the baby oil, and I'm sure you can help me get it

up again."  She looked at him dubiously. He could tell she thought she

was too tired, too blown away by the unbelievably strong release she'd

only just had. He thought at her again. He thought at her that she was

horny still, and had at least one more thrill coming.

She perked up immediately.

"Okay, here's what we'll do. You sit at the edge of the bed, and I'll 

try to suck you to erection." she pertly offered up.

Following her direction he sat at the edge of the bed. She got up, her

firm boobs bouncing as she went. Standing immediately before him, she 

spread her legs as if to do exercises, tilted her head back, and with 

both hands stroked her hair down behind her. The globes formed by her 

tits stretched tightly, poking towards Andy's face. He reached out to 

both of them and pinched gently on the nipples.

"Oh yeah, that feels nice," she held the pose a few moments. Andy

could tell she'd only meant to stretch, but was enjoying the

stimulation her nipples received. "Oh yeah."

Finally, she knelt down in front of him, with an elbow over either 

leg. Her hands began to rub on the still damp prick.

"What a nice cock you've got Andy." She smiled up at him enticingly.

He moved a hand across her cheek, resting his middle finger against

her soft lips. He leaned her head into his palm. As her hands were

still doing all the work on his prick, he inserted the finger into

her mouth he'd rested at her lip.

She sucked the finger greedily into her mouth, running her tongue over

the knuckles and nail. She moved her lips up and down the length of 

the finger, while squeezing and pulling on his cock in the same way 

with her hands. 

He laid back, spreading his arms to either side. Now that Paige's 

mouth wasn't worshiping his finger, she devoured his manhood. The 

limp, well not entirely, penis was completely enveloped between her 

lips. For measure, she also sucked his balls into her mouth as well.

After a moment the organ became harder, and she could only fit the 

trunk of his cock into her mouth. As it stiffened, she concentrated on

getting the tip as heavily stimulated as her tongue and lips could 

make it. Every third or fourth stroke, she tried to plunge the head 

past her mouth, into her throat. 

Really stiff now, he tapped her shoulder and sat up.

"Okay," she said, positioning herself on the bed. "take some of the 

baby oil, warm it between your palms, and coat your prick with it."

She knelt on the edge of the bed, facing into the bed. She put her 

shoulders down against the matress and turned her face left, to see 

how Andy was doing.

"Warm a little more up, and work it around my asshole, and in with 

your fingers." She reached back to her ass and pulled the cheeks 

further apart for him.

He rubbed, as she'd directed, the oil on his cock. It felt real nice. 

Maybe he should use this for masturbation too. Although he figured 

with this thought control stuff, he'd never want for pussy, not ever.

He poured a little more oil on his hand. He worked some warmth into it

then reached out to her tush. Seeing her face mushed helplessly 

against the bed helped keep his cock erect. He began to play his hands

over the lovely skin of her buttocks. Her passive position allowed him

a lot of leeway over when he actually entered her.

He slipped his middle finger into the tiny rosette nestled between her

cheeks. He worked the oil in, then added some more. She moaned, a light

sound as he touched this most intimate part of her body.

"Yess..." came muffled from the soon to be violated woman. "Now when 

you enter, do it slowly. It may be tight, but you'll fit."

Using his hand, he rubbed his prick's head against the tiny opening. 

She let out a little gasp in anticipation. Shudders ran through her 

body, expecting the initial thrust at any moment.

He pressed the head of his prick into her.

"OH!" she yelped.

He could read her amazement at how startled it made her each time a

cock entered her nether hole. He pushed in another inch. A gasp came 

from the now completely pinned girl. 

"Don't stop now," she gasped out. "it's just getting good!"

He pressed forward, again only another inch. He relished the meeting 

of their flesh, her grasping rectum and his rock hard prick. Pushing 

on, he lodged himself in her to the hilt. The sensation was of strong 

suction, and squeezing. Her muscled cavity was trying to eject him. He

could sense the tingling feeling she was getting from her overfull 


Now that he was in, he began sliding out again. And in. Slowly he 

build momentum, reaching around to play with her cunt. Her free arm 

was moving to allow her hand access to one of her nipples. Her other 

hand worked underneath to her pussy, and ended up stroking the hand he

was using at her crotch.

He fucked her madly. Her ass came pounding back at him, and with a 

smack, his balls rocked forward against her frontal cavity.

She moaned, gasped, and whimpered as his antics at her back door

accelerated. Soon he felt the squeezing pulses of flowing semen flood

up through his plumbing and into hers. He shouted out his pleasure.

She continued to beg, plead and whimper for him to keep fucking her.

She finally let loose a spasm of release, and commenced to cry. He

held her, draped across her back, leaving her pinned beneath.

Crying still, she dropped into a deep slumber, not to wake even as he

popped his penis free of her tight ass. He rolled her onto her back

and covered her with the blankets.

Then Andy snuck back to his bed in Eddie's room. Paige had been great

fun. And Ann was going to be sweet when he got her alone.

He went to sleep imagining how many ways he would take Ann.


Handwritten on the yellow post-it-note attached: I know how much you 

love these little tidbits Dave, I'll send more if I can sneak them 

out -Jack



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