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Archive-name: Control/i-al0005.txt

Archive-author: Blackie

Archive-title: Files of the Institute, AL0005

Another side tale in the universe of _The Book_. Just felt like a 

brief break from the other tale.

This is another from the files of the Institutes in which a telepath 

picked up by the institute has been 'debriefed'. Again, this is based 

on a reader suggestion. See, I do pay some attention.

This is non-consensual, m/f, f/f. mind control.

All characters are imaginary, any resemblance to anyone living or

dead is purely coincidence.


_From the Files of the Institute_

	Case AL0005

Memo: status- private.

To: Dr. D. Roberts

Fr: Dr. J. Williams

Re: Anna Lauter case AL0005

Dt: March, 1981


    I thought the following would be of interest. This is the summary

of debriefing from the field agents combined with the thiopental

sessions from the subject and coven.

    Our tech writers insist a narrative form is better for the

synopsis. In general we all agree, but I know it isn't the normal

form seen in the literature.

    Detailed reports from the agents and transcripts of the subject's

and coven's questioning are only available here on site. Security

will not allow removal of material from this site.

    Subject was 29 when she was picked up. She was a spark for about

2 years. As you've probably figured out, the sparks I send you info 

about are somewhat unique.




Their house was on a hill overlooking a copse of trees by a lake.

Anna looked out over the foliage spying the neighbor's homes scattered

about, as isolated as this one. The spring rains had come and gone. 

Little green buds were popping up in the yard and garden, the animals 

once again poking their noses into the human occupied areas.

She didn't know how, but it all started last week. She suspected it was

the meteor shower she and Todd sat up to watch. The stars dropped at

sharp angles to the horizon. A fuzzy, comfortable feeling dropped 

across her senses as she watched. After a while, Todd wanted to screw.

The sex had been strong as usual, Todd both demanding and gentle. 

They'd done it twice, the second time far more intense. 

It was as though she could feel his sensations from bearing down on

top of her, pinning her with his cock in her moist tight cunt. She

savored her own helplessness beneath him, both from submitting, 

relinquishing the act to him with joy, and from his sense of mastery.

She remembered wishing they had one of their girlfriends around to

join in. But the women who would join them were away on business, or

lived hours away, so they gleefully enjoyed each other that night.

She liked it when Todd took another woman. It made her importance in

his life seem so much greater. She was the one he married, she was the

one he kept. She got the best sex, the most love, all the good fun 

they shared. Besides, she got to make the girlfriends too sometimes. 

Dominating their girlfriends was sweet too, a lot like being an 

extension of Todd.

Starting a week ago, she found she could feel other peoples emotions.

She noticed it today when the man came by to repair the well pump.

He'd been irritated, which showed on his face. But under the

irritation was a desire to go home for tender dalliance with his wife.

She wallowed for a while in the bedroom while he worked, sensing every

imagined orgasm he would give his wife. It was all she could do to

keep from trying to seduce him. But she really wanted Todd. Later

after he left, she visited her neighbor, Janice.

Janice was a lovely woman. Her kindness had helped when they moved in,

but under it now, Anna could sense a boredom. The kind of boredom the 

droll existence as housewife created. 


Anna couldn't see why she'd be bored. The woman was very attractive,

at about five feet six inches her body was in excellent condition. She

was wide boned, with plenty of tasty deep cleavage and soothing

curves at her waist. Almost any man she wanted would tumble her

without a second thought. Todd recently expressed a desire to explore

Janice's body. Anna liked the idea too.

They'd babbled for a while and she invited Janice to come to dinner

tonight while Janice's husband was away on business. She made an

attempt to push the feeling of happiness with the idea at the woman.

It was a little surprising to realize it had worked. The invitation

was quickly and eagerly accepted.

Janice should be here at any moment. Dinner was almost completely 

ready. Todd was cleaning up in the basement, and would join them as 

soon as he'd washed up. Anna could feel him happily imagining

humping Janice after dinner. She smiled at the thought, she would help

in any way she could.

She took her panties off in anticipation, returning them to the 

bedroom. She lingered a moment, wondering if she'd get to use Janice 

as well.

A new Buick pulled up the driveway, Janice's car. She'd come right on 

time. Even from here, Anna could sense her pleased happiness at coming

to dinner with them.

After an exchange of pleasantries, the weather, how Mr. Morgan might 

ruin the view putting up a windmill, and on and on, they sat down to 

food. The roast was cooked perfectly, Anna was very pleased with 


Todd did pretty well over dinner, not openly displaying his lust for

the other woman. Anna could tell his excitement was high, hoping 

they'd find an opening to draw Janice into the sack.

They adjourned to the living room. Janice sat on the couch, Todd sat 

down beside her. Anna, knowing what Todd wanted, as much from sensing 

his desire as from knowing him, sat in the arm chair.

Janice had worn a short skirt, displaying her long tanned legs to

great effect with 3 inch pumps accenting her ankles. She wore one of

her husband's old shirts. It was a soft felt thing, and did a fair

job of keeping her large bustline hidden. That seemed to be Janice's

intent. Her brunette hair bobbed just even with her ears, teardrop

earrings accenting a smooth brown neck.

Janice felt comfortable. She changed her plans to attend a local

artist's meeting tonight to have dinner with Anna and Todd. They were

a nice couple, but she usually wouldn't have come on Art Gathering

night. But here she was.

They'd been talking about local politics, who should be mayor, when 

Janice felt Todd's hand start to explore her knee. She was shocked and 

alarmed. Even if she were interested, which she wasn't, he was doing 

this right in front of his wife!

She reached her hand out to push Todd's away.

Anna immediately felt her consternation. She tried to share sexual

arousal, the arousal she felt just watching Todd, with her friend.

She wanted Janice to feel the heat of Todd's advances.

The change in Janice was immediate. Her eyes locked onto Todd's and

desire seemed to glow from both of them. Her tongue pressed the back

of her own teeth.

Janice didn't know what to make of the hand as it crept up her leg,

but now she didn't want it to stop either. She could feel moisture

between her legs, and a tingling excitement in her chest. Her nipples 

crinkled under the soft bra she'd worn. A run of goose bumps crept up

her back.

"What... are... you...," she managed to sputter out. Then she leaned 

into Todd, offering her lips to him. Todd joined in, sinking his 

tongue between those soft lips, allowing her to guide his body closer.

Anna clapped her hands together in glee. She could make Janice give

herself to Todd! She watched as Todd's face merged with Janice's,

necking passionately. Her own cunt wet in anticipation.

Janice wasn't sure what was happening. A moment ago she would have

screamed if someone suggested she cheat on her husband. Now though,

oh, Todd was so yummy to taste. Their lips wrestled for position as

tongues dueled in the open space between.

Anna could feel the way Todd's body wrapped around Janice. They had 

rolled to a more comfortable necking position on the couch, Janice

across Todd's lap, her legs up on the arm and back. 

Janice reached an arm around behind Todd's neck, help to hold herself 

against the man's face while they necked. She could feel his hand 

working under the felt shirt, trying to get to her tits. With her free

hands, she pulled the shirt free from the skirt, clearing the way for 

his hand. His touch on her nipple was electric.

Anna knew the touch would bring her friend a jolt of arousal. It 

always did for her, so now she projected the knowledge to Janice, and 

amazingly the sensation was almost identical. Janice's eyes fluttered 

at each sensation now shooting through her glorious body. Anna began 

to finger herself, reaching a hand under the short skirt she'd worn.

Her finger felt so nice against the swollen clit. She began to feel 

her own small breasts through the fabric of her blouse, pulling and 

pinching at the nipples.

Janice was humping her hips up and down, using her legs on the back of

the couch for leverage. The long legs in motion caused her skirt to 

fall of it's own accord to uncover the pink panties underneath. 

Anna's mouth watered seeing the hidden delight exposed. She licked her

own lips, applying pressure to help her own arousal along. She 

couldn't help bucking against her own fingers.

Todd managed to undo the front of the felt shirt, revealing a pillowy 

pair of boobs, still embraced by a bra. He undid the front clasp one 

handed, and they burst free. The nipples were large as well, his palm 

just covered one. They were also very stiff from the rubbing and 

caressing he'd been giving them. 

Anna watched her friend's breasts bob about as her husband cupped them

and squeezed them. She strove to feel the rolling flesh as Janice did,

finding herself hotly aroused from the contact her tits felt. She was 

tapping into the sensations as though Todd was making her, rather than


"Why don't you get undressed," he whispered into Janice's ear, "but 

leave those lovely shoes on..."

Anna started to undress, almost believing it was she that he'd

addressed. She undid her blouse revealing her own small breasts,

almost as much nipple as other flesh, completely unrestrained by a


Janice stood, peeling her skirt and panties down her legs. The shape

of her lengthy legs were highlighted as she bent down to slip the

clothe over her feet. Anna had a incredible view of her heart shaped 

tush as she leaned over.

Anna unsnapped her own skirt, kicking it away quickly. She had worn

flats on her little feet, she kicked them aside as well. Standing

naked, she compared herself to Janice. Janice had the shapely curves

to drive men berserk. Anna was almost straight at the hips, and with

so little bustline, she really didn't compare well. But she knew, more

than ever before, Todd liked her the way she was.

She didn't realize what she was doing, but a tendril of thought 

control slipped into Janice. A conduit for Anna to wear Janice's body 

in her mind. A way to share the shape and form of the other woman.

She made Janice drop to her knees and reach for Todd's prick, now out 

in the open. Todd had undressed as quickly as the women. Todd let out 

a low sigh of pleasure as Janice leaned forward, tickling the tip of 

his manhood with her little pink tongue.

Anna sucked in the feeling of Todd's fat cock in the mouth of her 

neighbor. She found herself needlessly straightening her own neck to 

allow him deeper penetration. She felt the little ridges of his skin

as Janice licked the underside with her tongue.

Looking at Janice over Todd's lap, she could see the other woman's

ass, a little pucker at her sphincter. Anna bent to her knees behind

the jutting tush, and reached around for the cunt she knew was

dripping with desire. Janice's high heels rubbed against her ankles,

a reminder of how visually enticing Janice's legs were. Anna's

fingers tickled along the belly button, then down over the light

curve of tummy to the soft furry patch she sought.

"MMMMnnfff!," came the surprised and muffled response.

As she hit the little joy button again, she couldn't help but join

Janice in a little yelp of sudden pleasure. The sensual lust started

to flow through her groin in waves, matching that of the woman she was


"Ohhh, yesss...." Anna let escape from her throat.

"MMnnngff," came from Janice.

"UUnnnggg," came with matching moan, timed with perfect coordination 

from Anna.

Todd could see his wife over Janice's back. He wondered to himself if 

their neighbor had figured out just who was twiddling her twat. This 

didn't stop him from enjoying the moist mouth he was now embedded in. 

She kept trying to plunge him deeper into her, rubbing him against the

soft thickness of her tongue. He was excited about the way both women 

seemed to be moaning with coordinated writhing and sounds.

"OOOhhhnnng," Anna let out, matching a muffled moan from Janice.

Janice felt completely overwhelmed. The fingers in her pussy were

driving her wild. She hazed over with sex, thrilled her neighbor's

wife knew just exactly where to touch. Each contact the exploring 

digits made drew another gasping moan, restrained only by the hard 

cock in her mouth. She tried again to suck it in deeper.

"Mnnnngff," cut off as the prick drove into her over her tongue. The 

matching sound from Anna sounded like Janice's own.

Todd was grunting himself. He had no idea why, but it seemed he was

stroking into both women at the same time. The lips engulfing his

organ were puffed from the sex, soft and luscious on his cock. A

sudden surge grew beyond his control. Flame bursting up from his

testicles pumped the white hot liquid into his neighbor's mouth. She

gulped in every drop.

Anna felt her mouth fill with semen, it felt that way, and the surge

of difficulty swallowing the fluid her husband pumped out. Her throat

reacted exactly as though it was her mouth wrapped about the trunk of

his manhood. The gag reflex had to be suppressed, then there was a

sense of warm liquid sliding down her throat. She knew though, it was

Janice gaining the precious nectar. She wanted to force Janice's

orgasm now, make her take the jolt of ecstatic pleasure while Anna's

husband was still in her mouth.

Janice had a radiating burst of energy, rolling up from her undulating

hips. It surged along her swaying breasts, shooting a painful pleasure

out to her nipples. It felt as though light was shining out of her 

cunt, out of her nipples, out of her eyes, along the tip of her 

tongue,... she screamed with her mouth still full of hard cock.

Anna swayed violently. The surge of sexual energy came from Janice, 

but like a wall, slammed into her groin, and in turn radiated through 

her body almost identically to the way Janice had felt. Her scream, a 

loud and primal sound, was totally unrestrained by anything occupying 

her mouth. The release was strong, and without any physical contact to

her own clit.

Leaning forward, Anna felt Janice's sweaty back against her own sweaty

chest. She lay there panting, trying to recuperate after the heady 


Janice relished being snuggled from behind with her face still in

Todd's crotch. Janice began to lick at the flagging prick she was

nestled against. Unlike her own husband, Todd seemed to come right

back from the sexual burst. His cock was starting to become stiff

again, right before her eyes.

Todd tapped Anna's shoulder and waved her off Janice's back. Janice 

looked up into his eyes as he began to kneel beside her. He pulled her

face into his own again, smothering her tender lips with delicate 

kisses, only occasionally sliding his tongue along her teeth.

She felt her groin begin to grind again. She could tell arousal was 

rising within her, although after the jolting orgasm she'd just had, 

it was hard to believe.

Anna believed the other woman was ready again. Anna sat watching with

amazement how much sexual excitement her neighbor could exhibit. The 

slender woman couldn't know how much excitement she was forcing on her

neighbor simply by projecting it.

Todd tilted Janice over and lay her back to the floor. Her large tits 

sagged lightly to either side. Todd sucked in one of her nipples. The 

shock of his teeth rasping along the nubby knob of flesh sent chills 

throughout her body. Fingers clenched into fists unconsciously, she 

rolled her head in reaction to the succulent sensations rolling about 

her boobs.

His hands were exploring the breast his mouth couldn't please, the 

fingers pulling and pinching. Her chest had never been a particularly 

erogenous part of her before, but the stream of exciting, almost 

electric shots of pleasurable pain was unbelievable.

Janice couldn't tell Anna was watching, thinking how wonderful it

must feel to have such large tits allowing jolts of pure arousal 

centered there. Anna knew it must feel that way, her own little tits 

were so easily excited, such large ones must be proportionally more

thrilled at the attention.

And since Anna thought it, Janice felt it. Her breasts were vibrant 

with sexual arousal. Every lick of Todd's tongue, every touch of his 

lips, every nip, pinch, pull or suck sent another wave of flashing 

heat through her chest. 

Todd felt the rolling abdomen against his hips. Janice went into 

heaving rhythms from his every attack on her lush breasts. Her head 

was rolling as he watched, lips locked on her nipples. 

"yess," she whispered frantically, "yess, yess, yess, yess..."

He bit down on one nipple, hard enough to leave an indentation. She 

yelped, arching her back to thrust the nipple into his mouth again.

He pulled back anyway, pulling her knees apart. The access to her 

shining pussy allowed him to settle in between her legs and rub his 

cock head against her outer cunt lips. She shuddered with the contact,

as if expecting sudden violation of her inner self.

"Oh yes, come in me," her voice low and meaty with arousal.

"I am coming in. Wild horses couldn't drag me away from that yummy 

little hole now."

He pushed in a teasing little bit, and flopped it out again to rub 

against the crack of her ass.

"You're teasing me. I want you in me so bad it hurts," Janice muttered

with a pleading undertone.

"Hmm, maybe you should beg," Todd smiled with the pleasure of the 

whole act.

"Oh, please don't, please don't, please don't leave me unfucked," she 

responded, smiling back through the haze lust had dropped over her 


In response he plunged his cock to its full seven inch length.


He pulled back slowly, and thrust into her again.


He started working to make a rhythm, but she pumped into a pattern 

first. She moaned deeply, letting out a preliminary orgasmic squeal.


BIG COCK!" He could feel her muscles tighten, going into another low 



But he didn't, he kept pumping away, thrusting his pecker into her as 

deep as he could manage. She went into another wildly thrashing 

orgasm, and yet his pumping at her aroused her again, and again.

She was a totally untamed roiling mass of flesh, sweaty and wild. He

felt his own orgasm rise, the jism flooding hot through his own tubes

to enter her. Janice accepted his seed with raw clawing release, still

in an orgasm as he completed his own. He could feel it pump a second

flow into her, intruding even further into her delicious cavern.

She started to come down, successfully this time, as he panted while

planting tender little kisses along her swollen lips. Occasionally he

slipped his tongue between her teeth, receiving a light tongue contact

back for his trouble.

Anna was sweating profusely on the couch. She'd shared every orgasm the

other woman had. She was likewise flush from her own sexual release.

Her whole body was limp from the use Todd made of Janice. She could

hardly wait for the three of them to recover enough to screw again.

This time, she would take Janice and feel her own tongue at the 

woman's clit.


A paperclipped sheet attached to the manuscript: "Dave, I thought 

you'd find the idea of a spark procuring for her husband interesting. 

An entertaining side note; the neighbor threatening to put up the 

windmill dropped the idea after having a chat with her. No big 

surprise there, eh?



Once again those suggestions can lead to stories. As always, I'm glad 

to hear them, but I don't guarantee a thing.

_The Book_ is still being worked on. Episode 12 is in progress.




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