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Archive-name: Control/hypnodax.txt

Archive-author: Dax Man

Archive-title: Hypnotic Sex

Dax wondered whether he was unusual in terms of his sexual fanta-

sies.  He had married his childhood sweetheart when they were 

both relatively young.  He and Mary had started going together 

when he was seventeen and she fifteen.  They were married at 

twenty-one and nineteen respectively.  After about a year's 

marriage, Dax began his fantasies about Mary making love to 

another man.  He never really analyzed why this idea excited him.  

All he knew was that his cock became eight inches of rock hard 

sex whenever he thought of it.

He wondered how he might be able to broach the topic with Mary 

without offending her.  Their regular sex life was rather excit-

ing.  They fucked often and with a fervor.  She was a fox.  Her 

height was about 5'3" and she weighed about 120 pounds.  She had 

great tits that filled a 34 C bra without trouble.  With a rather 

small waste, she sported the lovely undulating pair of buttocks 

that rippled so nicely when she walked.  Needless to say, Dax's 

mind worked overtime when it came to his libido.

Dax tried some of the traditional approaches like attending X-

Rated movies and playing touch and go with some of their friends.  

She never found any of his friends exciting enough to respond of 

say anything that would suggest she wanted to fuck any of them.  

Then one day she returned home after working the afternoon shift 

at a automobile wiring plant.  She indicated that Ray, a guy that 

worked on her line, was teasing her about her jeans being too 

tight.  She asked Dax if he thought that Ray was right.  Dax 

indicated that Ray probably was just admiring her and was proba-

bly hitting on her.  Much to Dax's surprise she showed a big 

smile and said that if that were the case, that would be nice.

Dax questioned her as to whether that excited her.  She responded 

that she was married and didn't allow herself to think about it.  

He assured her that it wouldn't bother him if she got excited 

about another man being interested in her.  She seemed surprised 

and wondered aloud if that wouldn't make Dax jealous.  Dax reas-

sured her that he would be a little jealous, but told her that it 

excited him to hear that other men found her sexually appealing.  

That pretty much started their dialogue about threesomes and open 


Dax had had a few short-termed affairs in the first several years 

of marriage, but he was never able to convince Mary that she 

should feel free to try some strange cock.  One day, while Mary 

was at work, she decided to meet Ray after work and see what 

developed.  Both she and Dax were disappointed when Ray did meet 

with her after work, and he was so high on some drug that she 

became frightened and left.  She decided never to see Ray again.

Dax began answering ads in swinger's magazines in hopes that he 

could convince Mary to meet with other couples.  She was afraid 

and declined.  Dax didn't let that stop him.  He met with several 

couples over the next couple of years.  Periodically, he would 

share some of his adventures with Mary, and their sex was great 

due to the heightened libidos that result from such activity.  

Year after year Dax would try new ways to lure Mary into experi-

menting with other men.  Dax had to find another way.

Hypnosis was always a hobby of Dax.  He was somewhat of a intel-

lectual and enjoyed reading about such things.  He read every-

thing that he could get his hands on about hypnosis.  As a result 

of his job, he was enabled to attend several seminars on clinical 

hypnosis.  He got rather good at induction techniques, and Mary 

agreed to be one of his subjects.  This began by simple experi-

ments like temperature control of the body, relaxation techniques 

and similar approaches.  Then one day, Dax decided to take hypno-

sis to the bedroom.  He gave Mary the suggestion that she was 

lying on a warm beach.  The gulls were crying, the waves were 

caressing the shoreline and the sun was licking her lovely, nude 


He watched her as she lay on the bed.  Her lovely pink nipples 

became hard and reached for the mind orchestrated sun.  Her legs 

opened to receive that warmth on her hair-covered pussy.  She was 

told to enjoy herself and not to concern herself about anything 

as there was no one around and she had her "island" to herself.  

Dax assured her that she could enjoy herself and the sun and that 

he would wake her after an enjoyable time in the sun.  Dax con-

tinued to watch, his thick cock becoming harder and longer than 

he ever remembered.  His mind was working overtime as well.  As 

he watched her turn over to permit the rays of the hot sun on her 

soft, yet firm buttocks, his mind began to wonder about what 

other "miracles" could be accomplished through hypnosis.

That night ended in Dax having three climaxes.  One occurred 

while he watched Mary masturbate while lying on the secluded 

beach.  He didn't even touch his straining penis.  As his eyes 

caressed Mary's wriggling body, his cock began to erupt into one 

of the most wonderful climaxes in memory.  He buried his blood-

engorged penis in his wife's waiting cunt two times that night.  

Each time he came was like the first.  He had found one of the 

most exciting approaches to sex he had ever dreamed of.  When he 

woke Mary, he offered her a post hypnotic suggestion that she 

would be well rested and remember everything as a wonderful 


About a week went by.  Dax continued to analyze his "new sex 

tool" and try to think of other exciting uses.  The following 

Friday night, he planned to take Mary on her first experimental 

strange experience.  They watched TV for a couple of hours after 

they got home from work.  He tried to think of things to talk 

about that would put her in the right frame of mind for sex, and 

his mind was put to the task of how he would introduce this 

sleep-affair.  Soon it was late enough that he could suggest they 

go to bed.  Teeth were brushed, PJ's were donned and they took 

their respective places in bed.  He had established a post-hyp-

notic suggestion to reduce the time required to put her under.  

He merely had to snap his fingers twice.  As they settled in, he 

looked at her in the eyes and snapped his fingers, telling her to 

sleep deeply.  Her eyes closed, and Dax could see her body begin 

to melt into a deep relaxation.  He indicated to her that she was 

in a large hotel in Florida and that she had made an appointment 

for a body massage.  She would find herself in the massage room 

at the hotel.  She was advised to open her eyes, remove her 

clothing and place a towel over herself when Dax snapped his 

fingers once.  He further indicated to Mary that an attractive 

man would come through the door and it was his job to give her a 

full body massage.  Dax snapped his fingers and left the room.

Dax was shaking as her peered through the crack he conveniently 

left in the almost closed door.  He saw Mary get out of the bed, 

remove the top of her night clothes.  Her breasts looked glorious 

and he wished that another man could see their heavy bounce and 

her pouting pink nipples.  She laid the top aside.  Her thumbs 

were placed inside the waistband of her bottoms, and she slid 

them down over her soft buttocks.  Dax's cock was already rock-

hard.  Mary laid down on the bed and pulled a towel over herself 

in a modest fashion, waiting for the man who would give her a 

massage.  Dax could only wonder what was going through her head.

He entered the room sheepishly, towel over his arm and a slight 

smile on his face.  He said hello to Mary, and she shyly returned 

his smile and said hello.  Dax asked her if she was ready for her 

massage, and she said that she was.  He asked her if she liked it 

soft or hard.  She responded by telling him to use his own dis-

cretion.  Dax asked her to turn over on her belly.  She did so as 

he held the towel in place.  He turned the towel down a couple of 

turns and placed baby oil on her upper back.  As his hands began 

to work the oil into her tense body, he felt as though he was 

touching a strange body.  His cock continued to strain and he 

could feel the preparatory fluids seep from the head of his hard 

cock.  Mary's moans told Dax that she was getting a great deal of 

satisfaction out of his efforts.

More and more the towel was lowered.  He could see the swell of 

the sides of her ample breasts as she held her hair out of the 

way of the baby oil.  Her moans continued as his hands moved 

lower and lower down her back.  Soon the towel was moved down to 

expose half of her buttocks.  His hands ventured onto these 

beautiful mounds of flesh, and his mind spoke to him of the 

"strange" body that he was touching.  As his hands began to 

massage this new flesh without objection, he reached for more 

oil.  The oil ran down into the cleft between these glorious 

mounds.  His hand quickly reached to capture the oil to work it 

into this bouncing flesh.  Mary's moans began to increase in 


Dax put oil on the backs of her thighs and massaged this in.  

With each swipe of his hand he moved closer and closer to the 

heated area between her legs.  Her hips raised each time his 

hands approached her hot cunt.  Finally, Dax dipped down into 

this area, and his slippery hand touched the oil drenched lips of 

her cunt.  With this, Mary pressed her face into the pillow and 

pressed her pussy against Dax's wet hand.  For fear of scarring 

her with this new experience, he moved his hand back to her 

buttocks to continue his assault.  After a short time, he in-

structed her to turn over.  This was the test.  There would be a 

"strange man" looking into her face.

Mary turned over but kept her eyes closed as Dax held the towel 

in place for her.  She again placed her arms over her head and 

had a peaceful look on her face.  By this time Dax's pants were 

wet from his preparatory emissions.  He rolled down the towel to 

expose Mary's heavy breasts.  Her juicy nipples remained hard and 

pert.  Dax poured oil in the valley between her large breasts.  

Before it would flow off her body, his hands were on the lovely, 

spongy tits.  He slowly began to manipulate the firm breasts.  

Mary's eyes snapped open and looked at Dax.  He gave her a slight 

smile and returned his gaze to the moving tits.  She could not 

restrain her pleasure.  Her moans escaped her lips in soft tones 

as her breathing began to shorten.  Dax's hands lingered over her 

thick nipples as his thumbs and forefingers gently pinched and 

manipulated these love buttons.

Mary began grinding her hot ass into the sheets and straining her 

breasts higher and higher.  Dax put oil now on her belly and 

began gently rubbing it in.  His eyes were blessed as he saw the 

oil run down her belly into the fluffy pubic hair covering her 

already greasy slit.  One hand continued working her breasts as 

the other moved down to her mound.  He dipped periodically to her 

clit with the palm of his hand.  At this, a loud moan escaped her 

lips as she reached for his hand and held it to her swollen 

pussy.  Her eyes remained closed.  Dax allowed a finger to slip 

inside of her hot cunt, and he could feel this tunnel tighten on 

his single finger.  He worked it around and deeper into her love 

hole while his other hand remained on her heaving tits.  She in 

turn grabbed her other breast and started to manipulate its stiff 

nipple.  With this assurance, Dax reached forward and placed his 

lips on the nipple he had been pinching.  He body jumped and her 

hands grabbed his head to insure against him moving it away.  Dax 

put two more fingers inside of Mary's swollen cunt and began to 

pump it as he manipulated her clit with his thumb.  She began to 

climax and her body shook with convulsion after convulsion.  

After what seemed like five minutes, Mary's  body came to rest.  

With her eyes open she looked at this "strange man" and offered 

her thanks.

Dax decided not to take it too far the first time.  He washed the 

oil from Mary's body and toweled her off.  He again put her to 

sleep and left her with another post hypnotic suggestion to awake 

feeling well rested and remember everything as a wonderful dream.

                                        THE END

P.S.  If you have had similar experiences or care to know more 

about Hypnotic Sex, please leave mail for Dax Man on Rusty & 

Edies BBS.  



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