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Archive-name: Control/hypno6.txt


Archive-title: Hypnotized Submissives - 6

                              Chapter 6

    I fully expected Linda to be in a state of undress when I got to the

top of the stairs, knowing Doug. I wasn't disappointed. Linda was in fact

completely nude, spread eagle in fact, on the bed. Doug had tied her with

some scarves he had and some nylon stockings. She had what looked like

a scarf in her mouth, and he was making some groaning sounds, no doubt

from the attention the semi-nude Doug was giving to her privates below

her waist. Doug felt like a caught schoolboy whan I entered the room.

    "John, I expected you a little later," he stammered. "You were right

about Linda. She is really a dream. I had her doing things that I have

only dreamed of doing to Julie."

    "Well, now you can do them with her, too," I said. "She should be

joining us shortly.

    "Oh, no!" Doug said, as he frantically looked around the room. What

will she think of all this? She will leave me!"

    "Doug, Doug, calm, down. That was the OLD Julie. She is really

different, now. Just wait and see.

     Just as I was trying to calm Doug, Julie walked into the room. She

walked in and looked right at Julie in her bondage, and then at Doug.

     "Are you enjoying yourself?" she asked honestly as she looked at

the bulge in his shorts.

     "Y-yeah, I am," Doug stammered.

     "I see that you are really uncomfortable with all this. Let me show

you something, I said as I walked up to Julie. I pulled her close and

grabbed her right ass-cheek. "Let us see your SWEET SUBMISSION," I said

With this, she slipped into a trance. I could see Doug was very impressed

with her behavior.

     "Will she act like your wife does?" he asked.

     "Exactly. Go ahead, try it," I said.

     Doug looked her over. Her eyed were closed, and she was standing

very still and attentive. "Open your eyes, but stay asleep," he said. She

did so. "Now Julie, I want you to become very horny. I want you to be

more horny than you have ever been. But I want you to wait until I tell

you you can orgasm. You MUST wait until I let you. Now awaken." As he spoke

the last command, she walked over to Doug, with a look that I never saw

in her eyes before.

     She took his hands, put them on her hips and pulled herself close

so that her breasts touched his chest. "Do you want me, now?" she asked

in s sexy voice.

     I could see that Doug was aroused by her act. It must have been a

sexual signal that they both shared. But Doug wanted to savor the moment.

"Not yet. I want to play with Linda here first," he said.

     "You can play with me, too, can't you?" she asked without even a hint

of jealousy. "You could tie me up right next to her."

     "Yes, but I've never seen Linda here before, and I can see you

anytime. I have a different idea. Why don't you strip down to your panties,

here in front of John, and show him how you masturbate when I'm not here.

Let him touch you, but DON'T cum. I want that for later."

                  .....To be continued



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