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Archive-name: Control/hypno5.txt


Archive-title: Hypnotized Submissives - 5

                             Chapter 5

    "Julie, open your eyes to your new life." John said. She opened

them, and stretched a little.

    "I feel wonderful! How long have I been asleep?" she asked.

    "Not too long. By the way, have you ever been hypnotized before?"

he asked, testing his programming.

    "I have never been hypnotized, you know that," she said predictably.

"Although, I wouldn't mind if you hypnotized me," she added playfully.

    "Julie, would you mind standing up for me?"

    "Sure, anything you say," she said as she stood before him. Her

previously arrogant attitude of the earlier weekend had faded away,

replaced by a sweet submissiveness.

    "What would you say and do now if I told you that Doug was up-

stairs in your bedroom with my wife?" John asked.

    She thought about it for a few seconds. "I guess nothing at all.

After all, you are both in charge of this part of my life, that is,

my sexual part," she said.

    "Glad to hear that," he said as he walked up to her. He took her

into his arms and kissed her. He felt her warmth as he slowly slid his

hand underneath her blouse. He pulled away from her and began to unbutton

it. Her nipples were buttons, begging to be pushed.

    "Slide out of these," he said, looking down at her skirt. She undid a

button and let them drop to the floor. She was totally nude.

    "Undress me," he commanded. She obeyed, saving his shorts for last.

As he stepped out of his shorts, she kneeled and began to fondle his


    "Please stand up for me and close your eyes. I want to examine your

body," he said. He looked her over. She kept herself very athletic, and

her breasts were very trim yet ample. Her pubic hair was neatly shaved

and trimmed. He had her spread her legs so he could insert his fingers

into her privates. He was rewarded with moisture, and was soon massaging

her clit.

    "Do you want me to stop," he asked, testing her conditioning.

    "Whatever you say, John," she replied. She responded correctly. She

allowed him to make the decision.

    "I want you to cum," he said.

    "Yes, I'd like that," she replied. She began to rub her breasts and

pinched her nipples. He began inserting more fingers into her, manipulat-

ing her clit as he pushed. Her temperature rose as she began her climb

to ecstasy. She found it difficult to stand as the first shudders of

orgasm came upon her. She had to withdraw his fingers and help her stand

as she finished her climax.

    "Did you like that," he asked.

    "It was one of the best I've ever had," she said.

    "That's because you completely released yourself to me. From now on,

all your orgasms will be at least as intense as this. And I think we

can make you come with just a gesture."

    "How can you do that," she asked.

    "I want see your SEXY UNDERWEAR," he said as he cupped her right

breast. As he said the code words, she slipped into a hypnotic trance.

She looked peaceful as she awaited his commands.

    "Julie, whenever I scratch my right cheek and stroke my right middle

finger, you will orgasm as before. You will not let on that you are in

ecstasy. You will orgasm until I scratch my left cheek. You must not tell

Doug about our signal. Do you understand?

    "Yes I do, John," she said.

    "When I touch your left breast, you will awaken, refreshed, and you

will only subconsciously remember my commands," he said.  He then resumed

exploring her nude body. He loved the freedom to touch her, knowing that she

would not remember the incident. He could even cause her to forget that she

was even nude with him. He toyed with that idea, then shelved it. He or Doug

could do that later that night or some other appropriate time. For now, he

was only interested in his new prize. He pressed his body up close to hers

and kissed her on the lips, knowing full well that she would not respond

unless he asked her to. As he kissed her, he began to fondle her left breast.

This signal awakened her. He instructed her to kiss him, and she complied

with a torrid kiss lasting minutes.

    "I feel absolutely fantastic! I haven't felt this good in years," she


    "Good. I think that it's time that we went upstairs to see what Doug and

Linda are up to. Dress me now," he commanded. She picked up all his clothing

and helped him on with them. She playfully placed his enlarged member in his

pants and zipped them up gently. He thought about dressing her, but he pre-

ferred dressing women in their sexy undergarments, and she was not wearing


    "Come up to the bedrooms after you put on your clothes," he said.

    "I'll meet you upstairs," she said as he closed the door on his way out.

           .............To be continued



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