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Archive-name: Control/hypno4.txt


Archive-title: Hypnotized Submissives - 4

                           Chapter 4

    Doug led Linda to the first bedroom on the right. He motioned

for her to enter. They walked in together and he shut the door.

It was a spacious room with a king sized bed. There was only one

chest of drawers, which was located in front of the only window

in the room.

    "Linda, exactly what does John mean when he says, 'no limit-

ations,'" asked John.

    "Just what it sounds like. I must obey whatever you ask of me.

I know it sounds rather kinky, but I have given up this part of my

life to John." she said.

    "What part?"

    "My sexual life. John is in total control. I have given this

to him, in exchange he sees that I am sexually fulfilled. And he

is a wonderful provider.

    "Have you ever been hypnotized before?" asked John, expecting

the same canned comment the last time that she was asked the same

question. He was surprised with the answer.

    "No, and I would resist anyone completely if it was tried be-

cause that could harm my relationship with my husband. If I were

to be hypnotized, it would be only with John's consent, and he has

never brought up the subject."

    He thought to himself, "He really has her under his control. I

want to find out just what she would do for me." He walked over to her.

    "Linda, I want you to spread your legs apart, and put your hands

behind your back. And please don't move or say anything until I

say otherwise. She did as she was told. Doug walked around her. He

looked at her face to see if she was watching back but she kept her

gaze straight ahead. He looked into her eyes at an angle, and even

though he tried eye contact she obeyed him. He walked around behind her

and untucked her blouse from her skirt. He slid his hands under it

until he felt her breasts. He found her nipples and ever so gently

squeezed the right one. "This feels good, doesn't it?" he asked. She

remained silent.

    He liked this control over her. Ever since he could remember he

wanted a woman like Linda; he wanted her to obey his every sexual wish.

And his friend finally helped him realize his boyhood fantasies. Only

now he was an adult and knew what to do with his new found power.

    John opened his briefcase and took out a collapsible helmet. He

fitted it over Julie's head and connected the leads to a nearby VCR.

He fed it a tape into it and started it. The helmet was specifically

designed to completely encompass her eyes and ears, and she would hear

see only what he wanted her to.

    John could see and hear everything that Julie experienced through

TV that the VCR was hooked into. He saw the strobelike flashes she did,

and heard his voice commanding her to relax. The drugs and the hyp-

nosis were slowly reconditioning her, and he was shaping her will to

his. He had specially made this tape so that she would keep all that

Julie. She would have all her emotions and strengths, but they would be

channeled into more constructive purposes. The hypnosis would be the

way that these purposes would be input; the drugs would permanently

impress them chemically on her brain. She could no more resist the

conditioning than resisting hunger or sleep.

    The first new conditioning was to remove the dominance that she

had over Doug's life. The dominance would be placed somewhere more con-

structive, and that would be her job life. And the dominance would be

replaced by a "sweet submission." Those very words that Doug chose would

also activate a very special part of her life. Only Doug or John could

activate that part of her life, and she was conditioned to be in a

trance-like state when the words were uttered and her right ass-cheek

was grabbed, as Doug had wanted. She would be completely submissive

and obey every word of either Doug or John whenever she was put into

this trance-like state.

    John secondly added a "backdoor" command, by using the same words

that controlled his own wife. Whenever John uttered the words "sexy

underwear" and cupped her right breast, she would slpi into a trance-

like state as with the "sweet submission" command. The only difference

here was that only John could use the command, and it would over-ride

any command given to her by Doug. He did this in case he wanted to have

some secret private fun with Julie.

    The third and also a very important part of the conditioning was to

remove any inhibitions that would impede her obedience to either of the

men. All of her inhibitions, especially about sex, were completely

deleted from her. She would be completely free from anything that would

stop her from obeying them, especially any sexual taboos.

    Lastly, John programmed into her what would be best described as a

new identity mode. Whenever he said the words, "Julie honey," she would

immediately go onto a trance and await instructions to revert into a new

identity. He or Doug could program whatever they wanted to into this new

identity; she could be woman who appeared childlike and naive forgetting

her previous sexual encounters, or she could be a slave slut who took

pleasure only in fulfilling her master's sexual fantasies.

    He allowed the tape to run out, and then removed the helmet and

placed everything back into the briefcase. As he instructed in the tape,

she remained asleep, awaiting his signal for her to awaken to her new


                          To be continued....



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