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Archive-name: Control/hypno3.txt


Archive-title: Hypnotized Submissives - 3

                            Chapter 3

    As I expected, Doug called me around the middle of the week.

    "John, she has been listening to that tape just as you said. And

it has had a calming effect on her. She doesn't argue with me as much;

in fact, she is a lot like when we were when we first met." he said.

    "Most of hat is because of the suggestions in the tape. We'll be

over Friday evening around 7PM. We will have already eaten. And this

time, I think that she will be eager to see us!" I said.

    Friday couldn't come fast enough for Doug and Julie.

    "Are you sure everything is OK in the living room?" asked Julie.

    "Everything is just as John asked. The lights are low, you are

playing the tape that he gave us. He did ask that you wear loosly

fitting clothes." He tried a test suggestion. "Maybe you shouldn't be

wearing any underthings, either."

    "Do you think that it would help? I'll take them off," she said,

walking to their bedroom.

    "Why not here?" Doug suggested.

    She looked at him, then looked at the open drapes. "I really should't

do that in front of the window. Kids might see," she said as she con-

tinued her walk into the bedroom.

    "Well, at least one of my suggestions worked," he said to himself as

he watched her strip through the open door in the bedroom. He never tired

of watching his wife take off or put on articles of clothing, especially

the sexy undergarments that she was so fond of wearing. She looked at her

blouse after taking off her bra, then selected a less see-through one to

take it's place. She buttoned her blouse and removed her panties just

in time for our arival.

    "Nice to see you again." I said as I shook hands with Doug. I was

carrying a briefcase.

    "Thanks for comming. Julie here has been looking for a hypnotist

because of her nail-biting habit, and when I suggested that you had

done some in College, she jumped at the chance for someone that she knew,"

Doug said.

    "I really don't want to go into a trance with a complete stranger. I've

known you since you were best man at our wedding, and since Doug trusts you

I can do no less," said Julie.

    "I'm glad that I can be of help. Are you ready, now? I asked.

    "Yes. I want to get rid of this habit tonight."

    "Good. First, I want to mix this powder in a half glass of Coke. It is

a combined seditate and hypnotic. It will, make you a little sleepy, and

very open to suggestion."

    "I'll get the Coke," Doug said.

    John led Julie and Linda to the prepared living room. I opened the

briefcase and took out a small vial. Doug handed him the glass of Coke,

and poured the powder in it. He handed it to Julie.

    "Let's have you sitting down when you drink this. I wouldn't want you

to fall down." I said. Julie walked over to the Lazy-Boy near the fire-

place, sat down and drank the mixture. "Tastes good, has a lemony

flavor," she said.

    "It makes a good drink with Coke. Julie, just relax now and let

the drugs work. You will begin to feel sleepy, but don'y worry. Remember

that we are all your friends. We will step outside for a few minutes."

I motioned for us to walk outside, and I closed the doors to the room

that Julie was in, preventing her from seeing us.

    When we were out of earshot, I cupped Linda's right breast and

whispered, "sexy underwear." She immediately went into a trance and

awaited my next words. "You will not hear or see us until I kiss you."

I said. She opened her eyes and stood, waiting for the kiss.

    "I need to know from you what key words and action that you want me

to have Julie respond to. I happen to like the phrase, 'sexy underware'

and a cupped breast. What would you like?"

    "I have to think a bit," he said as he searched his memory of

something unobtrusive. "Let's use the phrase, 'sweet submission' said

at the same time as I grab her right ass cheek," said Doug.

    "Nice choice. Now, this will take about an hour tonight. While I

am gone, would you like to have your way with Linda?" I asked.

    "You've got my wife for an hour. May as well swap," Doug said


    I walked over to Linda and kissed her. She smiled as I pulled her

to Doug.

    "Linda, I want you to be REAL nice to Doug. You must do whatever

he says. No limitations."

    "No limitations," she repeated in a low, sexy voice. I could see the

effect it was having on Doug.

    "You must really trust me," he said as he took her hand.

    "You are trusting me with your wife. Have fun. We will join you up-

stairs later. I assume that you will be upstairs, right?" I asked.

    "If you insist. By the way, you were right about Julie listening

to that tape. She must have heard the songs on it for most of her non-

working moments, and I even saw her take the cassette to work. She

probably had a cassette player there, too. And she had a hypnotist

lined up until I suggested your name, then she cancelled the other one.

It was a good thing that I suggested you or she would have called him

to make an appointment." He then went upstairs with Linda.

    "Now, I must get on with matters at hand. Enjoy yourselves." I said as

I opened the doors to the room where Julie was and shut the doors behind

me.I looked at her and noticed her glassy eyed appearance. I knew that

the drugs had taken effect; she turned her head slowly and looked at me. I

propped her feet up so she would be more comfortable, and she separated

separated her legs. With her short skirt and legs like that it was

obvious that she was not wearing any panties.

                    To be continued.....



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