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Archive-name: Control/hypno2.txt


Archive-title: Hypnotized Submissives - 2

                            Chapter 2

  "John, do you have her do this often?" asked Doug.

  "Well, actually, this is the first time that I have asked her

to do this with another man present. You see, I don't really

trust that many men with her. We go back a long way, and I knew I

could trust you with our secret. I hope that we can include your

wife in as well. And that will be up to you. " I said.

  "Like I said, I can't think of how to even bring up the

subject, no less convince her to be like Linda."

   Linda looked at Doug and smiled. "This is the most natural way

for me to be. I am in love with John, and I have completely

surrendered a part of my life to him. He is in total control of

my sex life. It is so liberating for me not to have to worry

about that part of my like. It lets me concentrate on other parts

of me, like my law practice. I don't have to worry about things

like office romances and how I look to others, like I did before.

I have a confidence that I never had, and I am growing more each

day. In fact, I think that I am the envy of a lot of single

people where I work."

  Just a Linda was finished speaking, Julie's car pulled into

the driveway. She parked the car and joined them.

 "I had to go to another store, but I found the wine, she said.

They walked to the dining room where Julie had prepared their

evening meal. She ushered Doug to a more remote corner and handed

the receipt to Doug.

 "Why did you offer to pay! You know that we are having money

problems." she demanded.

 "These are my College friends. It wouldn't seem right to ask

them over without having our favorite drink. I would have gotten

it myself, but we didn't have the money. I felt out of place when

John suggested we get the wine, and I felt as host it was my duty

to buy it."

  "Well, next time ask ME! God, I'm so mad, I could spit!"

 "Don't take it out on our friends. Be reasonable."

  "We'll talk about it later."

  All throughout the dinner, the three friends shared their

College storied with Julie, and she sat there politely, but it

was apparent that she was not to be amused. After the meal, John

took Doug aside.

  "Why is Julie acting so distant, Doug?"

 "We got into another argument. Again. I am tired of these

arguments. Say, do you and Linda get into arguments?

  "What Linda said about her like was only partly true. You

see, I am in control of her sexual life, but also I exert a much

more subtle control over the other aspects of her life as well.

She would never do things like rob a bank, but then again we

never have arguments about things such as finances.I use that

secret codeword whenever things don't go the way I like them to,

and subtly suggest a way that would gently nudge her in the

direction that I want her to go. Most of the time, it only takes

me one hypnotic session.

  "John, I want you to help me with Julie. You have convinced

me, and I think it may be the only way to save our marriage."

  "Take this and play it, starting tonight." I said, handing him

a casette." You have a cassette player in your bedroom, don't


 "Yes, I do," said Doug. "What's it for?

 "This cassette is especially prepared for Julie. It has very

powerful subliminal suggestions that will begin to condition her

mind for what I must do. By tomorrow morning, she will will want

to listen to it all the time. Don't be suprised if she plays it

on your main system, and even in a Walkman, if you have one.

Encourage it by simple suggestion. After about a week she will

ask you if you know someone who does simple hypnosis. She'll say

that because of some problem she is having, and will be looking

for someone to administer a hypnotic treatment. Suggest my name,

and invite us over for the weekeend. I will be ready for her

first treatment.

  "Do you really think it will work?"

  "Linda is living proof," I said.

              To be continued.....



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