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Archive-name: Control/hypno1.txt


Archive-title: Hypnotized Submissives - 1

     I had an old College buddie of mine that my wife, Linda

and I had in common. We hadn't seen him and his wife in some

time, and I had heard that he was having wife problems. I had

a solution for him, if he was daring enough to try.

     "Doug, may I introduce the ladies? "  I asked.

     "Of course," he said.

     "Linda, this is Julie. She married Doug, my old College

roomate about 3 years ago. Julie, this is my old College sweet-

heart, Linda."

     "Old. OLD!" she said as she swatted me on my shoulder. We all

chucked a bit.

     "Julie, Would you mind doing us a BIG favor? I forgot to

run to the store before comming here to pick up a bottle of

wine. It's our favorite from back in school, and since you know the

stores here, you could get it probably faster than I could.

     "No, I don't mind at all. I'll be back in about, say, a half


     "Thanks, Julie, I said as I reached out to give her some money.

     "No, no, you keep your money. This'll be on us tonight." said

Doug. I noticed that Julie shot hin a look as she walked out the door.

     Doug saw that I noticed. "We have some disagreements about

money every now and then. Nothing too serious."

     "What about sex?" I asked.

     He looked at Linda. "I really don't want to talk about this in

front of Linda," he said.

     I put my hand on his shoulder to reassure him. "Doug, I want

you to know something very important, and now is the time to tell you

since Julie is away for a while. You see, Linda is very submiissive.

In fact, she has beem my slave for some time now."

     "Your what?!" he said in amazement.

     "It's true," she said submissively.

     "How did this happen?" asked Doug?

     "I hypnotized her."

     "You know I have never been hypnotized before," she said.

     "Linda, show Doug your breasts now," I said. Without

hesitation, she grasped the bottom of her sweater and pulled

upward. Her naked breasts bounced before Doug's eyes,

completely unfettered. She turned to give him a great view.

     "Go ahead, Doug, touch them. Don't be shy. She walked up

to him with her shoulders thrust slightly back. Doug looked

down and cupped her breasts with his hands, then tweaked her

right nipple until it became erect.

     "Really, John. Why is she doing this, and how?"

     "I told you. I hypnotized her to be my slave.

     "You know I have never been hypnotized before," she said

again, exactly as before.

     I walked up to her and cupped her right breast, amd said

"sexy underware". She immediately fell into a trance. "You will

strip naked and assume the position. You will keep your eyes

keep your eyes open normally, but not see us nor hear us. You

will only feel with your lips, and will awaken when I kiss you

on them, feeling fully refreshed. You will dress and forget

that you have been naked, and will remember only that you have

had a good time with us."

     "Yes, Master John," she said as she removed the rest of

her clothing. Her skirt, panties, pantyhose and shoes joined

her sweater on the floor next to her as she assumed her

commanded position.

     Doug walked up to her. She was in a half kneeling, half

sitting with her legs spread apart. He could touch her cunt

without any problem. Her hands were clasped behind her head,

which made her lovely 33C breasts jut out. Her blue eyes had a

slightly glazed look about them.

     "How did you manage to hypnotize her to do this? I thought

that people couldn't he hypnotized to do things they normally

would not do.

     "That's true. They can't. But I have found ways around that.

Go ahead. Have your way with her. Then I want to ask you a


     Doug walked up to her and kneeled down in front of her. He

put his hands on her face and then slowly worked his way down to her

breasts. He cupped both of them in his hands, and played with her

nipples. They became hard at his touch. Then he moved forward and

cupped her perfect ass with his hands, and then reached down to

finger her cunt. She became wet as he played with her clit. All

this time she remained completely still and obedient to her Master's


     "Doug, I want you to think hard about this question. I know

you have been having problems with Julie. How would you like her

to be like this?"

     "Well, John, I don't know how we could do it. First, I don't

think she will let you hypnotize her, and second, there is NO WAY

she would act like this with me, much less other people."

     "You know Linda, here from our College days. Was she like this

that you remember?"

     "Not really. In fact, I thought that she was kinda the pushy


     "She is. But I have found out that in everyone, there is a

dominant nature, one that likes to take charge of situations, and

a submissive one, one that likes to be controlled.

     "I have found a really neat way to bring out the submissive

natures in people in certain ways and supress the dominant ones.

Linda here is submissive, but only to me, and whomever I designate.

But in other aspects of my choosing in her life she is dominant. She

is a lawyer, and is rising fast in her firm. I'll bet she will be

asked to buy into a partnership in a couple of years. I can do the

same with your wife. Think about it and let me know."

     I then walked up to her and gave her the prearranged signal.

Doug watched as she dressed in front of him. As she did the

last button on her skirt, she looked over to Doug.

    "We must do that again sometime!" She walked over to him and

kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you," she said.

                  To be continued.......



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