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Archive-name: Control/hypno-3.txt

Archive-author: Hypno User

Archive-title: HypnoErotica - 3

                              Chapter 3                        

           "Christina,  I want you to become very, very  horny."  I 

      said  as  I purposely rubbed my growing member.  "I  am  your 

      master.  You must obey me. You are totally mine.  Now  spread 

      your legs and let me explore your body."

           "Yes, master." she said as she parted her legs. Her legs 

      were silky smooth, and felt sooo good. I slowly and purposely 

      moved my hands past her knees and outlined her  secret region 

      with  my hands. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter as  I 

      took  liberties  with her. I massaged her clit until  her  it 

      felt prominent. I felt for lubrication, and then  tentatively 

      inserted one finger, then two inside her, finger fucking  her 

      while rubbing her clit. Her breasts were level with my mouth, 

      so I leaned over and began to sensuously lick her left nipple 

      until it was erect. Desire spread from my loins as I felt her 

      female body react erotically to my touches.

           I  waited  until  I knew that she was  on  the  road  to 

      orgasm. "Christina, let me enter you now." I said as I pulled 

      my erection where she could see it. She had a look of  sexual 

      desire  as  she slowly and sensuously lowered  her  beautiful 

      body onto  my swollen member. She was adequately  lubricated,  

      and she began to easily take me in. We pumped slowly at first 

      and  then  faster  and  harder as the  two  of  us  began  to 

      experience each other. It became difficult to stay on the bed 

      so  we slipped onto the floor. I pushed upward as she  pushed 

      downward  in rhythm as if we had been fucking for years.  Her 

      hair  brushed  up against her breasts as she moved,  and  the 

      sight of this drove my orgasm closer and closer to  fruition. 

      She began to reach for my chest, and I cupped her breasts.  I 

      began  to  squeeze  her mammaries, and as I  did  she  pumped 

      harder and harder. She squealed as the first waves of  orgasm 

      hit  her  body, and I came hard as she grabbed  my  hands  to  

      squeeze  them. She fell on me exhausted and sweaty,  awaiting 

      my next command.  

           I pulled her close to me and counted my blessings.  This 

      beautiful woman trusted me enough to allow me to control  her 

      this way, and I wanted to make sure that she received as much 

      pleasure  out  of our encounters as I did. I  knew  that  she 

      wanted  to  feel  helpless and totally unable  to  resist  my 

      commands,  and that she wanted to remember  her  helplessness 

      after her hypnotic sessions. I was more than willing to allow 

      her these simple pleasures. I also wanted a few pleasures for 

      myself.  I knew that I could accomplish these things  with  a 

      few post-hypnotic suggestions.

           Post-hypnotic  suggestions  are triggered  by  words  or 

      phrases  that  the hypnotist utters at  his  discretion.  The 

      subject  could  be  doing anything, but when  she  hears  the 

      phrase, she feels helplessly compelled to perform a  specific 

      task.  My  hypnotic drug intensified this  effect  immensely. 

      Under  normal  conditions,  a  person  wouldn't  do  anything 

      unusual to them, like stripping in public or performing  oral 

      sex  in a restaurant. Under the influence of the drug and  my 

      hypnotic  commands,  however, Christina  would  do  anything, 

      absolutely  ANYTHING.  It would be her obsession to  obey  my 

      post-hypnotic commands until I released her.

           After  I rested a few minutes, I began to instruct  her. 

      "Christina, I want you to remember our wonderful  lovemaking. 

      I  want you to remember how horny you were, and  how  totally 

      helpless you became. You will feel your submission to me like 

      a  warm shower washing over your body, washing you clean  and 

      making you feel wonderful. 

           "I  also want you to remember this: whenever I  say  the 

      word  'suck' you will feel an overwhelming desire to suck  my 

      cock. You must do it wherever I say, whenever I say. You will 

      suck  me  until I cum, and then you will continue  on  as  if 

      nothing  unusual  occurred. When you are finished,  you  will 

      have  a  fully  satisfied feeling  of  satisfaction  at  your 


           "When  I touch your left breast, you will awaken,  fully 

      refreshed  and  sexually satisfied." I rolled over a  bit  to 

      facilitate  fondling  her breasts. I started with  her  right 

      one,  of  course,  because I love to  fondle  a  hypnotically 

      helpless  female. I moved my other hand downward to feel  her 

      bush. My sperm had mixed with her natural juices, leaving her 

      pussy  region still somewhat moist. I caressed  her  vulva, 

      and  then  when I felt that I had had enough, I  fondled  her 

      left breast.

           Her  eyes  became full of life. Oh, Rudy, that  was  the 

      best time that I ever had with a man!" she exclaimed. I  felt 

      so  totally  helpless and submissive. I had no  control  over 

      myself,  yet I knew what was going on. And you know  what?  I 

      felt  totally at ease! It felt so normal to be submissive  to 

      you. And I want you to know, I've never felt more horny in my 

      life, and so satisfied by a man afterward. I've never had  an 

      orgasm like that before." she confessed.

           "I'm  glad that you feel that way, Christina."  I  said, 

      knowing  that what she said truly came from her heart.  "I've 

      never  been  with  a  woman such  as  yourself.  You  are  so 

      beautiful, I just want to hold you because I'm afraid  you'll 

      go away."

           "I  won't  go away from you." she said.  "At  least  not 

      until I've had a shower and some sleep!"  

           "We  could take one together. I need to clean  up,  too. 

      You'll like my shower. It's very unique."



           We  rose  and  I  led her to  my  shower  area.  It  was 

      unusually large, and the actual shower area was one big  room 

      with  six  stalls, like a locker room  shower.  The  original 

      owner  had  this built for him for reasons that  he  wouldn't 

      specify.  I  liked the large shower, and it was  one  of  the 

      reasons that I bought the house.

           Now  I  had  someone to share it with.  We  entered  the 

      shower  and  each  set our water the way  we  wanted  it.  We 

      reveled  in  pleasure as we cleaned each other  off  for  the 

      first  time. Her breasts felt so unique as I  caressed   them 

      with my soapy hands. I worked my way down to her belly,  then 

      her pubic hairs, and then her pussy. She spread her legs as I 

      washed  off our sex, taking care not to rub too hard  on  her 

      delicate tissues. The warm cloth must have felt good on  her, 

      for  she moaned as I carefully cleaned her private region.  I 

      then continued to clean her legs and her feet. She then  per

      formed the same on me, being careful not to rub my semi-erect 

      member  too  hard. I could feel her love all over me  as  she 

      washed my body with her washcloth. In this way we became even 

      more familiar with each other's bodies.

           After our shower encounter I showed her my bedrooms  and 

      we settled down in my master suite. As we both drifted off to 

      sleep  I  realized how lucky I was, and that  today  was  the 

      first day of many hypnotic encounters.                                                     



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