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Archive-name: Control/hypno-2.txt

Archive-author: Hypno User

Archive-title: HypnoErotica - 2

                               CHAPTER 2


           My house is just outside the city limits so prying  eyes 

      can't  see  what's going on. I don't have any  neighbors  for 

      miles around. I've often walked around naked for hours  with

      out  anyone ever noticing. The house has a clear area  around 

      it  for about a quarter acre in size which is  surrounded  by 

      about ten acres of woods. I have many bondage delights in and 

      around my home.

           We  drove  up to the house and I parked the car  in  the 

      garage. Christina waited for me, and I showed her around  the 

      house.  There are many carefully tended  flowers  surrounding 

      it,  and she commented as to how pretty they were. We  walked 

      around back, and I showed her my "jungle jim" set, left  over 

      by the previous owner. She walked over to it and grabbed  the 

      overhead bar with her hands.

           I felt that now would be a time to test her  submissive

      ness.  A person can say that they are submissive, but  really 

      not be. "Christina, I want you to be submissive to me now. Do 

      you object" I said.  

           "No, not at all." she said.

           "I  want  you  to hold the bars like  you  were  before. 

      Spread  your legs. I want you to fantasize while you  are  in 

      this  position.  You  are tied up to the  bars  and  you  are 

      gagged. You are totally nude, and I am stroking your body."       

           "Mmmm" she said as I walked up behind her.

           She  is about 5' 11" tall, which is about  three  inches 

      taller than me. She has very long legs and a shapely ass. She 

      has very little body fat due to regular exercise. She wears a 

      B cup and her breasts are very firm. She almost doesn't  need 

      a bra because they just don't sag.      

           I reached under the top part of her skirt and pulled out 

      her blouse. I loosened it and reached both hands under it.  I 

      pressed  my body close to hers and let my hips press  against 

      her  ass. I reached for her breasts and cupped them with  the 

      palm  of my hands. They were firm, and her nipples were  very 

      hard.  My  cock pressed against her ass, and it  was  growing 

      inside my pants. She started to groan as I reached under  her 

      skirt. I found her panties and slipped my hand inside them. I 

      found a very moist pussy just waiting for my hard cock.

           Her clit was erect so I decided to tease her a little. I 

      slowly  stroked  it  until  she  started  squirming  with  my 

      strokes. Then I started on her labia majora for a while, then 

      I  would  go back to her clit. Even though  she  was  wanting 

      cock,  she obeyed my and never moved her hands away from  the 

      bars.  As far as I was concerned, she had passed  this  test. 

      She being submissive thus far.  

           I  decided that it was time for her to be hypnotized.  I 

      love  submissive  women,  but  I also like  to  be  in  total 

      control. Even Christina said that by hypnotizing her I  would 

      destroy  all barriers and that she would be mine. Besides,  I 

      love  to give post-hypnotic suggestions to nude women, and  I 

      really  get off seeing nude women in a trance,  knowing  that 

      they will do whatever they are told to do.     

           I  extracted myself from her and stepped back away  from 

      her.  "Face me and stand at attention" I snapped. She did  so 

      without hesitation. "Close your eyes". Her eyelids dropped at 

      my command. I love staring at beautiful women with their eyes 

      closed. I can look at every part of her in secret.    

           "Place  your hands on the cheeks of your ass and  spread 

      your  legs." As she did so I moved over to the right  of  her 

      and  started  playing  with  her nipples.  She  smiled  as  I 

      squeezed them. 

           "Would you like me to hypnotize you now?" I asked.     

           "Yes,  I  want to experience being totally  yours."  she 


           "Let's  walk over to my house." I said as I withdrew  my 

      hand. We walked hand in hand to my home, and I led her to  my 


           "Please  sit  here"  I said, pointing to  two  Lazy  Boy 

      chairs  which were side by side. She sat in the  one  nearest 

      the  door.  "Stretch out and make  yourself  comfortable."  I 

      said. She leaned back and put her feet on the rests. 

           "I  want you to promise me some things before we  start" 

      she  said.  "First, please don't make me do bad  things  like 

      kill someone, and second,please, make me feel good."    

           "I can guarantee that." I said. Now, in order to prepare 

      you,  I must give you a drug. It is an inhibition  destroying 

      drug, and it will make you feel a little drowsy. It will make 

      hypnotizing  you  easier. I've put it in a  bottle  of  Coke. 

      Here."  I  said as I poured a glass for her. Will  you  drink 

      it?" I asked.   

           This was her final test. If she trusted me and was truly 

      submissive,  she would drink without hesitation. If not,  she 

      was like all the others.

           "Down the hatch" she said as she received the glass  and 

      drank  it's contents, much to my relief. She  became  glassy-

      eyed as the drug took effect, and then finally slipped into a 

      light sleep. 

           The  drug that I gave her was developed by me for  other 

      reasons,  and I found out quite by accident that it had  some 

      interesting side-effects. The subject looses all  inhibitions 

      for about a fifteen minute period of time. I developed it  to 

      cure  insomniacs, but I stopped testing it when I  found  out 

      this quirk of the drug. I had been waiting for the right  wo

      man to use it on to improve my love life, and I finally found 

      the right woman.

           I  waited  for her to awaken, then I  commanded  her  to 

      strip.  I watched as she drowsily removed her blouse,  skirt, 

      shoes,  hose, and finally her panties. My cock bulged  as  my 

      eyes  experienced her nakedness. Watching a woman strip  nude 

      is every male hypnotist's dream, and I was no exception.  Her 

      task completed, she resumed her previous position.

           I  started admiring her body but then remembered that  I 

      had  many  things to do and only about twelve minutes  to  do 

      them.  I  walked over to a nearby cabinet and  pulled  out  a 

      helmeted device with an attached tape recorder. I placed  the 

      helmet on her head. I leaned her head on the chair and  swung 

      my  hypnotic device in front of her eyes. It was designed  so 

      that  it  was the only thing occupying her field  of  vision. 

      After she was in place I switched on the hypnotic device.

           A  soft multi-colored strobe light totally occupied  her 

      field  of vision, and I could hear my muffled voice  from  my 

      helmet. I could see her eyelids getting heavier and  heavier, 

      and  soon she slipped into a trance. I watched as she  slowly 

      said "yes" to all me pre-recorder commands.     

           Basically  what  I was doing by hypnotizing  her  during 

      this  phase  of the drug was enhancing and  lengthening  it's 

      effect.  I  gave her a very strong post-hypnotic  command  to 

      respond to me every time I said the phrase "sexy  underwear." 

      Whenever  I said those words, she would lose all  inhibitions 

      and obey my commands, which is the way she was under the  ef

      fect  of the drug. I didn't have to keep giving her the  drug 

      anymore.  I could hypnotically extend the effect of the  drug 

      by my uttering a simple phrase.         

           The tape lasted only ten minutes, and the effects of the 

      drug  were starting to wear off. After the tape ended  I  re

      moved  the hypnotic device and put all the equipment back  in 

      the nearby cabinet. I didn't need it anymore. I asked her  to 

      open her eyes when the drug wore off and she immediately com

      plied.  I had to test my newly-created love-slave, and I  was 

      also very horny. I wanted to relieve this shortly, and I knew 

      that I could do both at the same time.

           "Christina, would you stand up for me." I said.  

           "Sure, but when are you going to hypnotize me?" she said 

      as  she released the lever to free the chair. At  this  point 

      she realized that she was naked.

           "How did I get this way? When did I take my clothes off? 

      Did you already hypnotize me?" she asked rapidly.

           "All in due time" I said. 

           "I want to know!" she said emphatically.

           "You  took your clothes off during the inhibition  phase 

      of the drug. You don't remember it because of the side effect 

      of  the drug." I said, making her complacent. "You trust  me, 

      don't you?" 

           "Yes, I do." she said. 

           "Good. Now I'm going to test you." I walked over to  her 

      ear  and whispered, "sexy underwear. She nodded off into  her 

      hypnotic trance.

           "Christina, can you hear me?"


           "Good. Now I want you to open your eyes, but I want  you 

      to remain sleeping. Do you understand?"

           "Yes, I understand." she said as she opened her eyes.      

           "You are totally under my control. I want you to  remem

      ber  how totally helpless you are. Now, bend over and let  me 

      see your ass." I commanded.

           She turned around and then bent over to give me an unob

      structed view of her hind quarters. I walked over to her  and 

      began exploring her with both hands. I put my fingers in  her 

      pussy  and  found it only slightly moist. I decided  that  my 

      cock  needed  attention,  and that her  pussy  needed  to  be 


           I  walked over to the end of the bed. I  stripped  naked 

      and  sat facing the mirror. I reached over and pushed a  con

      trol button on my bed and looked at Christina. "Walk over  to 

      the side of the bed." I commanded. I watched as she straight

      ened up and walked to the bed. My cock rose as she obeyed me; 

      my desire for her sweet body intensified.                                                                      



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