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Archive-name: Control/hypno-1.txt

Archive-author: Hypno User

Archive-title: HypnoErotica - 1

                             CHAPTER ONE

           My  girlfriend and I have a very  unusual  relationship. 

      She is my sexual slave.

           It  happened not too long ago. In fact, she didn't  even 

      know  me  a  year ago. I decided that I  had  had  enough  of 

      "normal"  relationships,  and  I wanted  to  be  in  control.       

      Total control.          

           First  of  all, let me define "total control".  I  don't 

      mean that she runs around looking like a zombie or  something 

      like that. It means that, simply, she will do anything that I 

      ask, with me or anyone that I choose.

           Her  name is Christina, and I met her last year at  Ohio 

      State University. She was a part-time student  taking  beauty 

      school courses; she has since finished and did very well.     

           Like  I said, last year, I wanted a different  relation

      ship. I was sick and tired of all the women that I dated. All 

      of them seemed to want something from me. None of them really 

      wanted  to do anything that I wanted, sexually or  otherwise, 

      so I put a notice on the campus bulletin board which read:


                Am seeking companionship with a special                    

                special woman. She must be extremely            

                submissive, and she must be willing             

                be hypnotized. Send a recent photo    

                and letter with a return address and      

                phone # to box H.

           I  was really surprised to receive ten  responses.  They 

      were  all in my mailbox within three days. I called them  all 

      in  one day, and picked one to interview. I told  the  others 

      that I would eventually get back to them.               

           I  had instructed her to wear a see-through blouse  with 

      no bra, and a miniskirt. She was also to wear fishnet  stock

      ings,  the  kind that had an open crotch, and  matching  see-

      through panties that were easily removable. I told her that I 

      would  be  sitting at the back of a local restaurant  with  a 

      coffee  and Coke. I told her to wear a red carnation  on  her 

      blouse, and to be there at 7:15P.M. the following evening.

           I  was  surprised  to see a very  beautiful  woman  that 

      night.  She wore exactly what I had instructed.  Her  nipples 

      were prominent, and her skirt was quite short. I stood as she 

      came  towards me and motioned for her to sit with me  in  the 


           "Hello, my name's Christina. You must be Rudy." She said 

      with her hand out-stretched.

           "Yes."  I said as I shook her hand. Are you looking  for 


           "Yes,  and it's hard to find the right person  to  trust 

      these days. Do you know what my problem is? Sometimes I trust 

      the wrong guys." 

           "That's easy to do." I said. "Why did you answer my ad?"        

           "I  want  a relationship where I don't have to  make  so 

      many decisions. I've always been submissive, but all the  men 

      I  ever been with have been cruel to me when they find  out." 

      she said with a tear in her eye.

           "I don't want to be cruel, I just want a special  lady." 

      I  said as I put my arm around her to console her. I  figured 

      that this would be the best time to ask her a couple of ques

      tions while she was being so honest.  

           "Do  you  have  any objections  about  female  bondage?" 

      I asked.      

           "No,  not at all. I've seen some of the  magazines,  and 

      one of my favorite fantasies is to be a nude bondage slave."               

           "What do you think about hypnosis?"  

           "I've thought about it since your ad and, although  I've 

      never  been hypnotized before, I will do it if I feel  I  can 

      trust you. I know that it would break down all my barriers to 

      you, and I would be totally yours."

           "Are you submissive?  Will you obey me?" I asked.  

           "Yes. Can I trust you not to hurt me?" 


           After  a few drinks and more conversation we found  our

      selves greatly attracted to each other. I found out about her 

      Beauty school courses, and that she was a great cook. She was 

      also a dabbler in carpentry, which is definitely an asset  in 

      the art of bondage.

           "I'm really enjoying my time with you. Would you like to 

      come to my home and finish our conversation?" I asked.            

           "Yes, let's go now." she said.




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