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Archive-name: Control/harem01.txt


Archive-title: Harem

Tomiko awoke, stretched and smiled.  Her face showed the happiness,

gladness, and eagerness to begin the day which she felt.  She sat up and

looked around her, a contented smile on her lips.

She was happy because she was in Heaven.  She believed, with all her

heart, that this place was literally heaven, and that she was one of God's

chosen Angels, selected to serve Him.  She had no memories of a prior life,

no goals, wants, or desires beyond giving pleasure and service.  She had

been here forever; would be here forever--pleasing, serving, obeying, and

honoring.  She knew she was lucky, honored beyond honor for having been

chosen by her Lord to serve Him.  Every day, every act, for Tomiko was a

religious experience in devotion, submission, and holy service.  She did not

know that these beliefs had been imposed upon her, did not remember ever

not having these beliefs.  They were  true, right, proper. She knew this

with a certainty beyond argument or rational thought.

All around her slept young girls, aged from 6 to 20.  All were dressed as

she was-- in silky underthings.  Tomiko wore a pair of pink nylon bikini

panties and a short, semi-transparent half-slip.  Others around her wore

similar outfits.  Some were clad only in panties, others in baby-doll

nighties, and still others in the panties-and-half-slip combination she wore.

Nearly all the girls were naked above the waist, as was Tomiko herself.

She found nothing unusual or wrong about these costumes. The Lord had

decreed that this was the proper way to dress; and so she accepted it fully

and without question.

Tomiko was an 18-year old oriental, with firm breasts and long black hair.

On her ankle was a golden bracelet which had engraved on it her name,

age, and other data.  She would never remove the bracelet, in fact, she

would do anything, even kill or end her own life, to prevent its removal.

She got out of bed and walked toward the bathing area.  Just outside, she

paused, removed her little outfit, and dropped both items in a hamper.

Now fully naked, she entered the bath area and began the morning

cleaning ceremony.  Her body was hairless, except for scalp hair and

eyelashes and eyebrows.  All the girls in the harem were hairless, from the

youngest six year old to the oldest. On her left buttock was a tatoo.  It


    "Tsunishi, Tomiko

     SN 01241


     Dorm 31


The tatoo gave her name, serial number, date of entry into the harem, her

home dormatory, and a code which detailed her specialties and training.

The data in the tatoo matched similar information engraved in her ankle

bracelet.  All of the girls had similar tatoos, from the littlest one to the

oldest; Tomiko never gave a thought to them. If you had asked her, she

would have said that she thought all girls had them, that they were born

with them.  She did not know the meaning of the tatoo, and since she

could not read, she never would.

The Master had commanded that all girls must pay great attention to their

bodies, keeping them clean, firm, sweet-smelling, and lovely. So Tomiko

carefully began the cleaning ritual, her entire attention focused on

preparing her body for the day. The ritual was detailed, and

time-consuming.  The cleansing, combing, brushing, and other operations

followed a strict sequence which took all her concentration.  The entire

ritual took 45 minutes to an hour.

As Tomiko bathed and brushed her hair, other girls began wandering in. All

were naked, having discarded their minimal clothing at the door. All wore

an ankle bracelet similar to Tomiko's.

As the girls performed the same cleansing ritual that Tomiko was doing,

they chattered and giggled, their clear, sweet voices filling the room.  Their

conversation was essentialy meaningless, filled with talk about clothes, their

daily chores, and, of course, their service to the Master.

"Did you hear about Wendy?", asked one of the girls. "She wasn't scheduled

until next Tuesday, but the Master asked for her specially twice last week!"

"Uh huh.  All the girls want to find out her secret--but she's not telling!",

another exclaimed.

"I think Sarah found some special things for her to wear," said a cute little


"I don't think so--I've been watching, and she wears the same pretty things

we all do," said Janet.

"Did everyone see the tape of her second session with Him?  I watched it

twice.  So nice....", Tomiko remarked, in a dreamy voice.

"Uh huh. It was wonderful. Wendy got to give service for hours.  Did you

see the part where she got to ride on top? Wow..."

The conversation continued in this way, as other girls entered and left.

Finished, Tomiko inspected herself in the mirror, smiled with satisfaction,

and walked out of the exit door.

She entered a large room lined with drawers.  The wardrobe mistress,

Sarah, stood behind a small counter.  Sarah was a blonde, and was dressed

today in a flowered silk chemise with matching panties.

Sarah looked at her, smiled sunnily, and said, "Tomiko, let me see if the

Master has left instructions for, the computer has we

can use our discretion. Let's see..."

She opened a drawer and removed a pair of snowy white panties and gave

them to Tomiko. Tomiko put them on, and turned around slowly.

"Oh, they're darling on you!", giggled Sarah with delight.  Next she gave

Tomiko a short white half-slip to try on.

" pretty.  Yes, I think these will do for today.  If the Master

spots you in those, you'll get an extra turn for sure!"

"Thanks, Sarah!  What a cute outfit! I'm so glad to have your help!"

Now dressed for the day, Tomiko ran to breakfast.

After breakfast, she went to do her chores.  The Master had issued

standing orders for each girl--domestic duties and jobs which must be

performed each day.  These duties were changed often.  Today, Tomiko's

duty was vacuuming and dusting.  She spent an hour, cheerfully cleaning

the living areas and hallways.  When she was finished, she was proud of

the job she had done.  Everything was spotless, the way the Master liked

it, and she knew she had done a good job.

Now it was time for more body maintenance.  She ran off for exercise

class.  The class was spent in vigorous aerobics, swimming, and dance

instruction. Tomiko and twenty others exercised with single-minded

concentration. All were dressed in filmy undies, which quickly became

soaked with the girls' sweet perspiration. The exercise area, like all the

other rooms and areas, was well covered with high-resolution color video

cameras, and it was well-known that the Master enjoyed watching his girls

work out.

It lasted 2 hours, after which the cleaning ceremony was repeated in a

briefer form.

A quick lunch, and Tomiko headed for a classroom.

This classroom was different from most--tranquil, dimly lighted, and filled

with low couches rather than desks or chairs.  She reclined in a couch,

and placed earphones on her head.  She lay back on the couch, and as her

head hit the pillow, she entered a deep hypnotic trance.  In the trance, she

listened to the lesson being presented on the headphones.  Sometimes the

lesson was in obedience; sometimes in dress or demeanor; sometimes in

needed skills.  At a command from the headphones she opened her eyes,

and a video projection was displayed on the ceiling as the headphones

droned on.  Today's projection was on oral technique; it showed several

girls giving oral pleasure to the Master.  A voice made comments on the

methods of maximizing his pleasure and prolonging it.  All of this went

into Tomiko's receptive mind; she drank it in, making it a part of her. At

last, a final command, a soft tone, and Tomiko sat up and removed the


Now she had free time, so she started back towards the harem room. Girls

with free time went there to nap or talk or trade techniques.  As she

walked down a corridor, a little girl named Mindy ran up to her.

Mindy was about seven, and was dressed only in tiny red bikini

panties. "Are you Tomiko?" she asked.

"Uh huh."

"The Master has sent for you."

Instantly, all thoughts of visiting the harem room vanished.  For Tomiko,

the most important thing, the only thing, was to get to her Master as soon

as possible.  She ran to the Master Bedroom, looked around, saw the

Master, approached, and fell to her knees before him, head lowered.

"How may I serve, My Lord?" Tomiko asked, in a small, little-girl whisper.

The Master reclined, naked, on a huge bed.  With him in the bed were

several young girls. He held two of them close to him, and they clung and

cuddled. A third was lazily stroking his penis and a fourth was licking his

nipples. His right hand gently fondled the nylon-clad bottom of the little

girl who clung on his right; his left toyed with the bud breasts of the

nymphet on the left.

"Tomiko, the computer says that it has been several weeks since I have

enjoyed you. Please stand and turn around so that I can inspect your body."

Tomiko stood and slowly turned.  A second command, and she bent over to

touch her toes.  Finally, her Master said, "Lovely, my dear. You have kept

your body very well.  Nice and firm--and I like that little outfit, too."

"Thank you, My Lord," Tomiko whispered, eyes lowered.

"All right, come here and join us."

Tomiko joyfully joined the group on the bed, and soon she was in heaven.

The Master had ordered her to give oral pleasure--one of her favorite

duties--and she happily complied.  Her full attention was focused on his

penis as she moved her head up and down, up and down.  Her saliva had

been altered to have the consistency of K-Y jelly, and her teeth were

retractable.  While giving head, her gag reflex was supressed.  She had

remarkable staying power, and was easily able to continue this service for

30 minutes or more.

Soon, she tasted the sweet taste of the Master's pre-come.  She stopped,

looked up, and asked softly, "My Lord, shall I continue or..."

"No, my dear, I think I will ride you for a while..."

Wordlessly, she removed her pants.  Soon, her entire body was rocking,

responding to the rhythm of the Master's strokes. Tomiko made little noises

of extreme pleasure as she felt her breasts swing to his relentless and

powerful pounding.  She knew the other girls were watching, envying her,

and wished that everyone could see her as she served the Master. As she

was being taken, her body was wracked almost continuously by one orgasm

after another. Shuddering, whimpering, she begged him not to stop--to keep

using her forever.

For another 30 minutes, Tomiko's flesh was ridden and used.  At last, the

Master came within her, and she felt the spurts of hot semen fill her.

Afterward, the Master held her, gently stroking her body.  Tomiko was

happy and content, knowing that she had given pleasure to the Master.

After a while, the Master was ready for more pleasure.  All the girls knew

how quickly he could recover from sexual exhaustion and how insatiable

his needs were.  Still cuddling Tomiko, he sent for another girl, a fourteen-

year-old named Carla.  Carla quickly ran in and knelt in the same posture

as had Tomiko. She wore a pale blue baby-doll nightie.

This time, Tomiko got to watch as Carla was put through her paces.  The

Master put her "on top" and the little girl bounced up and down on his

shaft, her blonde hair and small breasts flying.  Tomiko watched in

fascination, wishing she could replace Carla as the child continued her


Like Tomiko, Carla was experiencing multiple, nearly continuous orgasms as

she rode her Master's shaft.  Her breath came in gasps, and she couldn't

help giving little exclamations of delight as she bounced.  Soon, the Master

was nearly ready to come.

He gently lifted Carla off his slick rod and ordered Tomiko and Carla to

finish the job with their mouths.  They were rewarded with an enormous

spurt of semen, which they joyfully licked up and swallowed.

Too soon, Tomiko and Carla were dismissed from the Master's presence.

They put on their little outfits and walked together to the harem room.

There, the other girls were excited and eager to hear about their

experience with the Master.  There were sighs, excited giggles, and many

questions as the two described the session.  Many of the girls were so

aroused by the story that they began masturbating.  This was not unusual,

and caused no comment.

After dinner, the girls gathered again in the harem room. Some watched

video-tapes of the Master's sessions with their sisters. All sessions were taped

and could be called up on any of the many screens which dotted the huge

room.  As they watched, they commented about the techniques the girls

used, or uttered exclamations about the pleasure being given or received.

Little girls asked questions, and the big girls answered them as they all

watched the tapes.  There was much excited giggling and sighing as the

scenes of pleasure were played out.

Other girls tried on little outfits, giggling and exclaiming as they conducted

their little "fashion shows".  These little activities helped them to learn the

best and sexiest things to wear and how to model them for best effect.

Still others lay on large pillows and talked dreamily about the Master and

how to please and serve him.

The harem room resembled a gigantic, sprawling  slumber party, with

several hundred girls in soft, dreamy, sexy play.  Tomiko watched a few

taped sessions, then joined a small group of girls who were talking quietly.

She sat cross-legged on the floor, with five other girls.  The subject was

"manual technique", and the girls talked about the best ways to give

pleasure with their soft little hands.

Hours passed, but it seemed to Tomiko that only a little time had passed

before the lights dimmed briefly and a soft chime sounded.  As one, the

girls began preparing for bed. The tapes were switched off, the fashion

shows were terminated, and the discussion groups broke up.  In minutes, all

were in their beds, and in a deep sleep.

Several days later, Tomiko was again called to see her Master. This time, she

was dressed in a pale blue baby-doll nightie.  She knelt before him, head

lowered, waiting eagerly to hear and obey his command.

"Tomiko, I've decided that you will join the Special Girls for a while."

"Oh, thank you, my Lord."

The Special Girls were a group of the larger harem who stayed close to

the Master, serving as body slaves and ministering to all his needs and

whims.  Being chosen as a Special Girl was the greatest honor a girl

could be given, and all of the girls dreamed of being selected for a tour of


Tomiko moved into the Master Bedroom. Together with three other girls,

she tended to the Master with single-minded devotion.  The others were a

sweet little 7-year old named Becky, a twelve-year-old named Wendy, and a

15-year-old named Susie.

They bathed him, fed him, shaved him, even cleaned his anus after bowel

movements. Anything they could do for him, they did--including brushing

his teeth.  Body slaves they were, and they loved every minute of it.

None of the girls thought that the service they gave was degrading or


They also served him sexually.  Sometimes they would watch as other girls

were summoned to serve, but more often he satisfied himself with them.

For each of them, it was a dreamy, wonderful, happy time.  Tomiko gave

more pleasure than ever before--and learned more about what pleased the

Master, his needs and desires, than she ever imagined.  Her flesh was

nearly always in contact with his, and she shivered with delight at the

thought. He spent long hours, playing with them, fondling them, training

and instructing them; and the four girls eagerly accepted the training,

incorporating it deeply into their minds.

Tomiko lost track of time, forgot everything in the immediacy of service.

She lost count of the times she was ridden, the times she gave pleasure, of

the orgasms given and received.

She loved serving the Master's body in bed, and she loved watching as

others served.  Sometimes, the Master allowed her and the other Special

Girls to put their hands on his buttocks as he rode one of her sisters.

Tomiko loved to feel the power of his thrusts; she always smiled when she

thought of her Lord's power and Mastery over her and her sisters.

One day, the girls were seated in a circle at his feet, raptly listening to the

Master as he instructed them in the proper ways to dress and behave.

Tomiko sat with the others, clad only in a pair of nylon bikini pants,

cross-legged on the floor.  She looked up at her Lord with rapt eyes as he

spoke.  All of the girls, including Tomiko, were in a semi-trance as he

spoke.  Finally, he clapped his hands and they became fully aware again.

"Girls, today we will have a change in the membership of the Special

Girls," he announced. "Wendy, please stand and approach me."

Wendy stood. She was dressed only in tiny panties and sheer panty-hose.

She approached and knelt before her Lord.

"Wendy, your time with the Special Girls is now finished.  You will now

return to the harem room."

"Yes, Lord."

"When you return there, you will find Carolyn and send her here.  Then

you will forget that you ever were here, that you ever were a part of the

Special Girls."

"Yes, my Master. I will forget."


Once, Tomiko got to watch as the Master programmed a new servant.  A

new girl was brought in.  She was about 16, blonde and beautiful. Tomiko

saw that she was dressed very strangely-- in fact, she was dressed in an

obscene, blasphemous manner. Her chest was covered, as were her legs.

Shocked, Tomiko realized that almost no skin was visible, only her hands

and face.

The new girl was unconcious, asleep.  She was wheeled in on a gurney.

The Master rose and walked over to her.  He inspected her carefully.  His

hands probed her body.  He lifted her dress and smiled slightly.  Then he

picked up a hypodermic needle and injected something into her neck.

In a few minutes she began to wake up, and in a few more she was

awake.  She raised her head, looked around in confusion, and saw the

Master and Tomiko and the other girls.  She gave a little gasp and tried to

get up from the gurney. The restraints held her in place.  She began to

cry and shout, but the Master again went to her and touched her forehead.

A pale blue spark seemed to jump from his hand to her head, and she

became quiet.

"Tell me your name," he commanded.

"My name is Janet," she responded dreamily.

The Master untied the restraints. "Stand up, Janet, and come with me."

She followed the Master to the bed and he told her to sit.

"Listen carefully, Janet. You are my slave and my wife. You live only to

serve and obey me.  You were born to serve and honor me, and you have

always been my servant.  I am your god, your Master, your owner.  I own

you, body and soul, and your flesh will serve my flesh."

"My flesh will serve your flesh..."

As Tomiko and the others listened to the Master program the new girl, they

could not help repeating her responses. Soon, all had slipped into deep

trance, and Janet's responses became a chorus as all of the slave girls

repeated them in unison.

"Your every thought and action, every minute of every day, must be

devoted to serving, pleasing, and helping me.  My happiness and

satisfaction are your only desires."


"You will obey me without hesitation or question, instantly and fully.

Obedience is your purpose in life. To live is to serve, to hear is to obey."

"To hear is to obey..."

"You must have no secrets from me, no secrets of any kind.  In fact, you

will do whatever you can to reveal everything about yourself, your

thoughts, mind, and body to me."

"No secrets..."

"You are now part of my family, my harem.  There is to be no modesty,

no body-shame, here in the harem.  You have no need to cover your body

from me or from anyone.  I must have total, complete, instant access to

your body at all times, for I own your flesh."

"No access..."

"As part of my harem, you will join the other girls in serving me.  There

is to be no jealousy, no envy or competition among you.  Each of you is

part of the great work of pleasing and serving me, and you will work as a

happy and contented team."

"No jealousy..."

"You will dress as I command, think as I command, act as I command. All

of these rules and orders will be completely natural and right, and you

will be unable even to think of a different way of life."

"As you command..."

"Good. Now open your eyes."

Janet and the others opened their eyes, but remained deep in trance. The

Master stood naked before them.

"Look at me, at my body.  I am your Master, your Lord.  My body is holy,

beloved by you. You will worship it and me, and no other.  You will

desire my body and no other.  No other man, no other male, will interest

you.  No other man, no other male, may control or command you."

"No other man..."

"Look at my penis.  It is holy, the most holy part of my body. It is to be

worshipped, served, and pleased with special care and attention. Your

thoughts must always be on giving pleasure to it. When you go to sleep in

the evening, your last thought will be about serving my penis. When you

awaken, your first thought must be of serving it."

The Master stepped closer to Janet, and commanded, "Now remove your

clothing, slave."

She did.

"You are naked before me, which is fitting as you begin your new life as

my servant and slave.  Now you will be bound to me forever."

He reached out and again the blue spark jumped from his hands.  He

passed his hand over her body, and the blue spark travelled over her from

head to toes.  He lingered at breasts and vagina, where the spark became

brighter and stronger.  Janet's body jerked and quivered slightly as he did


He bent down, and affixed a gold bracelet to her ankle.

"This bracelet is the symbol of my ownership of your mind and body.

Never is it to be removed, by anyone but myself.  You will fight, even

kill, to prevent its removal, unless I myself remove it."

"Never to be removed..."

"Open your eyes."

She did.

"You are now a member of the harem, Janet--my newest wife and slave.

You will serve me tonight and will join your sisters in the harem room


"Yes, My Lord."

Then the Master took Janet to his bed. Tomiko and the others watched,

spellbound, as the Master used Janet again and again.  Janet--and only

Janet--served him in bed all night long. She gave pleasure in every way

possible.  At last, soaked with sweat and exhausted, she was dismissed. She

curtseyed, eyes lowered, and murmured, "I hope I pleased you, My Master".

"Yes, my dear, it was a very nice first night--but you have much to learn,

and you will be trained and taught to give even more service. Now report

to Nancy in the harem room. She'll get you cleaned up and started in your

preliminary training."

At last, Tomiko's time in the Special Girls came to an end. The Master

erased her memory of her service in the Special Girls, and sent her back to

the harem room with instructions to find a sweet little 13-year-old named

Melinda, who was to be her replacement.

Tomiko ran up to Melinda, who was dreamily watching a video tape.

"Melinda, the Master calls for you now," she told the girl.  Instantly, all

thought of the tape was forgotten. The little girl jumped up and ran out of

the harem room, her only thought now of getting to her Master as soon as

she possibly could.  Tomiko watched the girl run, her snowy white panties

and transparent slip swinging as she ran, her tanned legs flashing.  Melinda

was beautiful, just ripening, and ready to serve her Lord.  Her face was

filled with a look of pure joy as she ran to serve. Tomiko wished she was

running with Melinda, to kneel before their lord and give service.

She did not know why the Master had called for Melinda, but she was

certain that it was to give some form of service or pleasure, and she smiled

as she thought of what might soon be happening to little Melinda.

Tomiko settled back into the normal routine of the harem, cleaning,

exercising, receiving training, and dreaming of serving the Master.  From

time to time, new girls joined the harem. Tomiko loved to welcome them, to

see them begin their service and participate in the dreamy 'slumber party'

life of the harem. Like Tomiko, they had no memories of any life prior to

the harem, and like her, they wore ankle bracelets and had tatoos.  She

loved to watch the tapes of the new girls' "first time" with the Master;

loved to watch the innocent new slaves begin their long training in

pleasure-giving and total service.

From time to time, as she performed her duties, Tomiko would see the

Master walking though the corridors, clad only in a loose robe. Like the

others, she knelt, lowering her head, as he passed.  On some occasions, he

would have one or more girls with him.  Usually, they were in deep trance,

following him as if sleepwalking, eyes fixed and glassy.  Sometimes, they

were awake, cuddling close to him, eyes full of love and wonder.

Sometimes, he strolled the halls alone, stopping to take pleasure from one or

another of his kneeling slaves.  Twice, Tomiko was able to watch as he used

one of her sisters during these tours.  Once, she herself served him,

bouncing and flouncing on his rigid rod.  She felt she might die of the

mixed pleasure and pride she felt--as her sisters watched her serve.



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