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Archive-name: Control/girls.txt

Archive-author: Maurice "Mickey" Maschke

Archive-title: Night with the Girls

    The following story is one that I have written from memory.

    it happened to me when I was married to my third wife down

    in Houston, Texas.  I sincerely hope that the board enjoys

    this story.  If there are any Ladies out there who would

    like to learn more about this form of manipulation, and

    control, or would like to express their feelings on this

    matter, please feel free to email me.  All other comments

    are of course welcome.

    Maurice _Mickey_ Maschke


My wife, Diane, had very long and soft auburn hair.  It was

very thick as well.  It fell to the middle of her back in

very large and soft curls that spilled over her shoulders.

One night I had just come home from work and she was

sitting there by her vanity lightly combing her hair.  As I

watched her I began to get very, very excited and somewhat

lost watching her.

"Mickey, why don't you come over and comb my hair for me?"

She said drawing me closer to her.  As I then stood behind

her and began to run the comb through her hair I could feel

myself gettimg more and more lost in her hair.  She began

telling me how easy it was to get lost in it.  How soft it

was, how thick and how deep.  Her perfume began to filter

up and around my entire head, losing me more under her

spell.  The comb began to get heavier and heavier in my

hand until I couldn't hold it anymore and it fell to the

floor.  I just stood there staring into her hair and

smelling her perfume.  She then laughed and suggested that

I bend over and smell her hair and feel it on my face.  By

this time I was so mindless that I could not resist her.  I

bent over and began to brush my face with her hair.  She

then talked about my getting lost in it.  And how I was

becoming mindless and stupid and weak.

"That's it, Mickey.  Just let your mind become blank.  Just

get lost in my hair.  You're getting trapped there, Mickey.

You are getting lost.  Deeper and deeper.  You can't

escape.  You are lost in my hair.  That's it.. Just get

lost, mindless, stupid and weak.  That's it..."

I was now so weak and under her control that when she told

me to take off my clothes I found it to be something that I

had to do.  I stripped naked.  She wheeled around and made

me look deeply into her eyes.  She laughed at me as she

began to caress my C, making me very, very hard.  I was

falling deeper and deeper under her spell.  I was lost.

She told me that I would do anything that she told me to.

And I agreed.  She then asked me if I wanted to be a girl.

And she made me beg for her to turn me into a girl.

"That's it, Mickey.  You will do anything and everything

that I tell you.  That's it.  You're under my spell my pet.

You are under my hypnotic spell.  Now, wouldn't you like me

to turn you into my lesbian slave?  Hmmmm?  How would that

be for me to lose you in softness and make you my lesbian

girl slave?  Would you like that my pet?"

And I begged her to to do it.  At that point she made me

kiss her love canal.  She pushed my face to her soft patch

and I began to kiss her magic place with my lips over and

over again.  She kept telling me how she was going to turn

me into a girl and make me her slave.  I was getting harder

and harder as she spoke.   Her body began to tremble

greatly as she then found my lips to be bringing her to

that point of explosion.  She laughed at me with how she

had so easily now made me her slave and she told me that

she was going to lose me forever in softness.  And with

that, her hips jerked upwards and her back arched with her

exploding before me.

Sitting back into the chair she then told me to crawl into

the closet with her.  I did so.  Once in there she then

bound me to the wall rings.  My hands and feet now could

not move to protect me.  I was completely at her mercy.

She laughed at me again and told me how she was going to

make me really beg to be turned into a girl.  All that

Diane was wearing was a black sattin nightie to the crotch.

She then turned around and put on this full length silver

fox fur, in dark smoke grey, with an oversized shawl collar

and large bell sleeves.  She then turned around and began

laughing at me as she then began to caress my C over and

over.  She was telling how soft the fur is.

"Soft, isn't it, Mickey.  So soft.  That's it.  Get lost in

it, Mickey.  You're getting lost in the fur.  It's making

you so hard.  That's right.  You're getting hard Mickey.

You're getting trapped by the fur.  The fur has you trapped

there on the wall.   That's right.   Now, Mickey... Beg

me.. Do you really want to be a girl?  Hmmmm?  Do you?  I

could put this coat on you.  And that would make you a girl

forever... Would you like that?  Tell me Mickey..."  And

she laughed at me again as my body was trembling and

shaking as she continued to tease my C.

I began whining and begging her to turn me into a girl.  I

was shaking and so lost under the spell of the fur, and

her, that I was begging her to turn me into a girl.  She

then instructed to beg her in a girl's voice.  And I

changed the tone of my voice to be higher, softer and a

little lustier.  She smiled and then laughed and told me

how soft I was becoming.  How I was becoming like the fur,

soft and weak and feminine.  I agreed with her and told her

that I was feeling somewhat feminine.  Laughing, she asked

me if I would like to put the fur on.  I told yes.  She

warned me that if I put it on that I would become trapped

in it.  I would become lost in the softness.  And that

there was no going back once I did that.  I would be

trapped forever.  And she laughed again.  I couldn't help

it.  I was mad with desire.  I was so mindless that I could

only think of looking pretty for Diane and putting the coat

on and becoming her girl slave.  I begged her again to let

me wear it.

Laughing, she then began rubbing the front of my body with

the fur.  I was moaning and begging her to please let me

wear it.  She then backed away from me and slowly undid my

fastenings and let me stand before her.  Swirling around

the coat teased my C as she moved.  She laughed again as

she took the coat and put it on me.  Once on, she then

pulled the fur collar up around my face and laughed at me

as my eyes then went out of focus and I stood there before

her, totally in a deep trance.

"Now don't you look feminine.  Ah! What shall we call you,

honey?  I know.  We'll call you Melissa!  That's it.

Melissa.  How does that sound?"  She giggled as she stood


"That sounds wonderful Mistress."  I returned.

And she then made me walk around the closet with MY

beautiful ladies fur on.  I began to sway when I walked.  I

was lost under her spell.  She then led me out into the

other room and inspected me.  My hair was pulled back in a

pony tail behind my back. She then undid my poney tail,

letting my middle of the back hair fall around my

shoulders.  She then inspected my legs for hair, and my

arms.  Neither had a hair on them.  And then she looked at

my crotch to make sure that it was hairless too.  It was.

She then pulled the coat around me and began to caress my C

with it.

"Feeling soft, Melissa?  Feeling lost and trapped in the

fur, dear?" And her laughter rang throughout the room.

I could only nod.  She then laughed and took me into the

other room and began putting my hair up in curlers.  And

then she applied my makeup.  Once done with this she

sprayed perfume all over my body and put drop earings on

me, and a long black cameo around my neck.  And then there

were the bangle bracelets.  She remarked how soft and

pretty I was looking.  And she made a point to call me

Melissa throughout the experience.

From there she led me into the room and dressed me in a red

sattin garter with black silk stockings.  Then a black

sattin bra and a hot pink chemise.  Then she got out some

4" black leather heels and put them on my feet.  And then

she put the coat back on me and took my hair down and

combed it out.  The large soft curls fell around my face

and shoulders.  Every time that I would move my hair would

caress my face, putting me deeper and deeper under her

trance.  I was lost to her.  She asked me how I felt and I

told her that I was lost in the softness.  And she laughed.

She then directed me to model my pretty clothes for her as

she snapped pictures of me.  And I strolled around the room

extending this leg and that one as I pulled the fur around

me and became more and more a girl with each step.  I was

so lost under her spell that I truly had become Melissa.

She then took me back into the bathroom and sat me down in

front of the mirror and closed  and locked the door telling

me to look deeply at myself and to tease myself into

exploding at least once, if not more. And the door closed

with her moving about outside the room.

As I sat there I looked into the mirror and obeyed

Mistress's request I stroked my C with the fur over and

over.  The image of the person in the mirror was that of a

girl.  My ruby red lips, the light blush on my cheeks, the

drop earings in the shape of a heart hanging from ears.

And the cameo around my neck.  I was a soft and lovely

girl.  My long hair spilled around my shoulders in very

large and soft curls, caressing my face as I moved my head.

I continued to caress my C over and over.  The more that I

caressed my C, the more that I knew that the image in the

mirror was truly a girl.  That I was a girl.  And the more

that I stroked my C, the more that I felt that I was

stoking my clit!!!

Outside of the bathroom I could hear Diane on the phone

laughing and talking with Annette, one of her girlfriends.

Then later it was Charlene, and then it was Shannon.

During the conversations I could hear her tell them about

how she had really finally done it.  How she had turned me

into a girl.  In each conversation they must not have

believed her because she told them that she really had done

it, and that she even had pictures.  Each conversation

ended with Diane inviting Annette, Charlene and Shannon

over to see how well she had done with me.  I was so

excited at this that I exploded in front of me and my body

jerked as I looked at the girl in the mirror experiencing

her first orgasm!  And I dried myself off and began again

to tease myself, as Mistress had instructed me to.

I could hear Diane moving around the room outside.  I could

hear the music playing something erotic on the turntable in

the corner, and hear her laughter as she heard me move

inside the bathroom.  Her movements, and the image of

myself in the mirror, began to get me so hard again that my

body began to tremble and I began to say out loud that I

was a girl.  I moaned and exploded a second time with my

saying out loud in a rather loud voice that I was a girl

and Diane's slave.  I could then hear laughter in the other


Finally, after almost an hour, the door opened.  And I was

truly hypnotized!!!  In front of me stood Diane wearing

this hot pink sattin jumpsuit with black 5" heels, and a

black Lynx coat that came to the knees.  Her hair was

falling softly around her shoulders with the curls gently

framing her face.  Her eyes were done severely with dark

shadow above on the lids.  She then told me to look at her

and then into her eyes.  She asked me who I was.  I replied

that I was Melissa.  And she then told me to get out of the

bathroom and follow her.  As I stepped in front of her she

then began to tease my C with the fur of her coat as she

made me look into her eyes.  I became very, very hard as I

fell deeper under her spell.  She laughed as she could feel

me get hard.  She told me that she wanted to make sure that

I was ready for our guests.  And I got even harder.  Taking

a c-ring out of her pocket she placed it around my C and

turned it tightly.  Suddenly I felt trapped with my C being

hard and that I no longer could control myself.  She then

began again teasing me with her fur. My C got harder and

harder, but I could not release.  I was beckoming so

totally mindless that I no longer knew where I was.  And

she continued to tease me, making me look into her deep


It was about five minutes later that we heard a knock at

the door.  Diane led me to the couch and made me sit on the

floor by her at the end of the couch.  And she told the

girls to come in.  The door opened and there were three

very sexily dress young ladies, their hair falling around

their shoulders, all dressed in soft and full dresses.

They immediately looked at me and began laughing and

giggling.  One by one they told me how much better I looked

and how they just knew that I would behave now.  And they

laughed again at me as they walked over and sat down on the

couch opposite the one that Mistress Diane was on.

Getting up she told me to 'stay' and walked over to the

girls sitting on the couch.  She showed them my pictures

that Diane had taken just before with me.  The girls all

laughed and talked about what a good job Diane had done

with me.  They told her how proud they were of her.  And

how they were sure that she would love having me as her

slave instead of her husband.  And they loved how she had

changed me into a girl.  But there were a bit skeptical

about whether Diane really had control over me or not.

Diane said that I would do whatever she asked me to.  And

Charlene and Shannon just couldn't believe that.

So Diane then came back over to where I was kneeling and

she told me first to bend down and kiss her feet, to

worship her feet.  As I did this the girls began to laugh

and say how nice it was that Diane could make me do that.

Bu they still seemed to doubt that I had been made her

prisoner.  So Diane had me stand up in front of her.  She

told me to look into her eyes. As she did this she began to

caress my C over and over telling me to get lost in the

softness.  Her perfume, my perfume, her hair, her eyes, and

the fur were too much for me.  I was getting harder and

harder.  I was about to explode.  Laughing, Diane asked me

if I wanted to masturbate for her?  I begged her to let me

masturbate.  She reminded me that I would have to do it

right here in front of the girls.  But that she was sure

that I would do it if she asked me to.  I told her that I

would.   And she then took the c-ring off of me and told me

to sit on the floor in front of the girls and to masturbate

myself to exploding.  As I sat down the girls began making

comments about how nice my hair looked and how soft I was.

They told me that I looked so helpless there stroking my C.

As I listened to their words and looked at their hair,

their eyes, and their clothes, I became harder and harder.

I began to moan, at which time the girls then began making

fun of me for being so soft and feminine.  I got all the

harder as they then began talking about how I was going to

learn what it was like to be a woman now.  And with that,

the fur on my C, I exploded onto a towel that had been

placed on the floor.

I sat there saying that I was a girl, my name was Melissa,

and that I was Diane's slave as my body cooled down from my

release.  And the girls then laughed at me, and told Diane

that they were convinced.  That she had truly taken over my

being and turned me into her slave.  And they loved it.

But Diane wasn't through.  She then told me to get up on my

knees and to lift Charlene's dress and to kiss her magic

spot.  I pushed my head between Charlene's legs and felt

her soft thighs on my cheeks as I began to kiss her there.

Charlene was getting hotter and hotter as she laughed at

me, and the other girls made fun of how lost I was.  While

I was down there doing that, Diane then walked up behind me

and inserted her toy.  I was lost in the pleasure of the

moment and I brough Charlene to bliss and I was embaressed

and humiliated into becoming hard again.

Then, with her toy still there, Diane then instucted me to

do the same with Annette and Shannon.  I obeyed.  When I

was done, the girls were leaning back on the couch smiling,

giggling and telling Diane that she hoped that she would

share me, Melissa, in the future.  Diane told them that she

would of course share me with them, all the time.  And all

four of the girls then laughed at how I had become their

slave.  Diane then had me serve the wine to all of them as

they talked about me and how they were going to use me at

the store to wait on the gay guests that would come in from

time to time, and how they were going to use me at parties

to please the guests.  They were all a buzz.

Once the wine was served I was instructed to kneel a the

corner of the couch on the opposite side of the room as

Diane and the girls then finished talking.  She turned

around once and told me to play with myself, and they all

laughed when I began to caress my C with the fur.  They

went on talking.

After about 30 minutes Diane turned to me and watched me

for moment as I knelt there playing with myself slowly.

She told me to come and lie on the floor in front of the

couch.  I did as she told me.  As I lay there, the girls

all gathered around me, one at each limb.  They began using

Diane's fur, which she had taken off, to tease me over and

over.  My c-ring was back on and their hair was falling

around their faces as they looked down at me, laughed at

me, teased me, and taunted me with how lost I was, how I

was trapped and how I was never going to be masculine

again.  How I was going to be a girl and their slave. I was

getting harder and harder.  I couldn't release because of

the c-ring.  But I was getting harder and harder.  I was

trembling greatly as they continued to tease me.  I finally

began begging them to keep me a girl and their slave.  I

begged them over and over to please never let me go back to

being a man.  I begged them to lose me in softness forever.

And they continued to laugh at me. I was begging them.  I

was talking in a girl's voice and was becoming more and

more feminine with each passing second.  I could feel my

mind changing and that I was so lost and trapped that I no

longer felt like a man in any way shape or form.  I felt

like a woman.  Like I was one of them, and yet not.  That I

was one of them in that I was a girl, but that I was not

one of them in that I was their slave.  I was lost.

They continued to tease me over and over, with me begging

more and more to always be allowed to be their girl slave.

And they continued to tell me that they had no plans of

ever letting be anything other than their girl slave.

Finally, they took the c-ring off of me and teased me to

the point of exploding.  They then dried me off and began

again with the teasing.  They brought me to the point of

exploding there three times.  And by the last time I was so

much their slave that I would do anything that they might

ask.  Their slightest wish was my command.

Diane then had me please each of the girls again and then

they sat around again and talked while I played with myself

in the corner.  The evening ended with the girls looking at

me and telling me that they would expect me at the store

tomorrow evening at 6:00 pm, dressed and ready to serve.

Diane told them that she would definitely have me there.

And they walked out.

Diane then sprayed me with perfume again and took off her

jumpsuit and made me please her with my lips for the next

several hours.

After we were through she then led me into the bedroom and

got out a nightie for me to wear to bed.  She then led me

to the bed and tied me down, hand and foot. Taking a large

Ostrich feather duster she then began to tease me over and

over.  She made me explode twice then as she conditioned me

more and more that I was a girl and her slave.  And I truly


The next day for work I wore women's under clothes,

including a bra under my outer garments.  I was to call

Diane at noon, in a girl's voice and tell her how I felt

during th day.  And then I was to wait for her to pick me

up and take me home to get ready for the night.  I told her

that I would do as she told me.

Well, that's the story of my night with the girls.  If

there are any Ladies out there who would be interested in

discussing this I certainly would like to hear from you.  I

hope everyone enjoyed this little story.  It's all true,

and I've been looking for a Lady ever since to allow me to

experience this life again.  Be Well....

Maurice _Mickey_ Maschke



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