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Archive-name: Control/drugpt4.txt


Archive-title: Out of Control - 4

Here I was in a gay bar, dressed like a woman, with cum dripping out of

my mouth. This was certainly not my usual lifestyle. Krista had

completely taken control of my mind with her hypnotic drug, so not only

was I in this situation, I actually liked being dressed up, and I LOVED

the cum that I licked off my lips. It's amazing what a few post-hypnotic

suggestions could do to a guy.

   A glanced at the poloroids that Krista had taken of me. Somewhere in

the deep recesses of my mind, I wanted to rebel, but I couldn't.  The

drug was just too strong. 

   After my cock sucking episode, we returned to Krista's house.

   "Now," said Krista, "Let's see what else we can think of for you to

do for your new scrapbook." 

   "I know," said Sandy, "I really liked Freddy begging to wear his

little pink panties. Let's give him his old clothes back, then take him

out shopping."

   "Good idea," said Krista, "But I have a better one, let's but him

under again...kumquat."

    When Krista said "kumquat," I was once again in never-never land. 

    "Okay, little Freddie," said Krista, "Here's your old clothes back.

Put them on."

    Still under the trance, I took off my new wardrobe and put my men's

clothing back on.

    "Now, Freddie, you little cocksucking, panty-assed little jerk-off,

I think it's time to show the rest of the world who you REALLY are,"

said Krista. "You still want to wear women's clothes, and cum is the

only thing you can even think of eating. Today, we're going back to the

scene of the crime...your science class, where you learned your

subliminal persuasion methods that you used on us. This time, WE'RE

going to be in control of you, though. Not only of you, but of the whole

class! You see, I've learned a bit about subliminal persuasion myself,

and I'm going to make the whole class our little theatre.

    A couple of hours later, we were in Miss Johnston's Science Class.

I was dressed normally, but would rather be wearing panties, bra, and a

dress than my Levis and shirt. I found myself staring at the crotches of

my male friends, wishing I could taste their cum (I was hungry).

Although everything seemed normal in the class, the effects of Krista's

subliminal tapes playing over the intercom were soon to start showing

their effects.

    "Now, class," said Miss Johnston. "I feel like trying something

different in today's class. Let's try a few experiments in human

sexuality. First, let's see if clothes make the man, or woman. Fred,

please come up to the front of the room."

    What had Krista done to Miss Johnston?! I feared the worst as I

approached the front of the room.  

    "Fred," said Miss Johnston, "You are going to help us in an little

experiment. First, take off all of your clothes."

    The class gasped at Miss Johnston's words. I was as shocked as the

rest of them. But, I think Krista had planted a couple of subliminal

ideas in my brain, as well. After standing there dumbfounded for a few

seconds, I began to comply with her order.

    As I underdressed the entire class was in an uproar. I soon stood

there stark naked in front of the entire class's hoots, laughs, and


    "Now, Fred," said Miss Johnston, "We are going to find out whether

clothing can control sexual habits."

    With that, Miss Johnston began to take off her own clothing, to the

shock and amazement of the entire class. Within a couple minutes, she

stood next to me in all her naked glory.

     "Quiet, class," said Miss Johnston. "This is a scientific

experiment, I expect that you will all behave as adults here. Now Fred,

I want you to put my clothes on."

      Ever since she removed her clothing, I was more interested in the

pile of her clothes than seeing her lucious body. I was more than

willing to comply with her wishes, and soon stood before the class in

Miss Johnston's clothes.

       "Now, here comes the crux of our experiment," said Miss Johnston,

who did not seem fazed by the fact she was naked in front of the class.

"George, come up here." 

     George, a member of the football team stood up and came up to where

Miss Johnston and I were standing in the front of the room.

     "Fred, our hypothesis is that clothes can control human behavior.

Since you are dressed in women's clothing, you should want to act like

a woman. That includes your sexual orientation. Fred, now that you're a

woman, you should want to suck George's penis. George take you pants and

underwear down."  George obeyed Miss Johnston's command without blinking

an eye....Krista must have given him some subliminal suggestions as


      I was dumbfounded. It was bad enough sucking a guy's cock in a gay

bar, where it was acceptable. As much as I wanted to make him cum in my

mouth, I was horified about doing it in front of all my friends. Yet, I

was powerless to do anything but that.

     "Fred, show the class what a good little cock sucker you are," said

Miss Johnston.

     As I knelt down to take his member into my mouth. Miss Johnston

leaned back on her desk, and started to massage her clit. As I sucked on

George's cock, the entire class laughed and made comments. Miss

Johnston, who by now was on the verge of an orgasm of her own, was

leading the pack.

     "Keep sucking his cock, you little panty-assed little sissy," said

Miss Johnston. " The class roared in approval to Miss Johnston's


      After a couple of minutes, George was violently fucking my face,

grinding his pubic area into my mouth. It wasn't my idea of fun, but I

HAD to have his cum. Krista's post-hypnotic suggestions had put me on a

straight cum diet....and I was starved.

      George soon exploded into my mouth, followed seconds later by

screams by Miss Johnston that marked her own orgasm.

      Krista jumped out of her chair and started taking pictures of the

entire scene. 

      We were still standing at the front of the room, when Mr.

Garrison, the vice-principal walked in the room. Now we were all in for

it! Or so I thought.

      Mr. Garrison stood opened mouthed and speechless at the doorway.

Had Krista prepared for such a contingency?

      While thoughts of suspension and explusion filled my mind, Miss

Johnston spoke. "Mr Garrison!, How good of you to stop by. You're just

in time to help us in another little experiment. Why don't you come up

here....and take off your clothes.

      I was absolutely shocked as Mr. Garrison quickly complied with

Miss Johnston's request. Soon, Mr Garrison's overweight body was exposed

to the entire class. Krista's subliminal suggestions to the class were

to obey every request of Miss Johnston. Once in the room, Mr. Garrison

was absorbed by that suggestion too.

       "Now we'll see if the experiment works in the opposite

direction," said Miss Johnston. "I'm going to put on Mr. Garrison's

clothes. We've already discovered that Fred dressed in women's clothes

makes him a good cock sucker. Now let's see if Mr. Garrison's clothes

makes me a good pussy licker. Janet, why don't you come up here and help

us with this experiment."

         Janet came to the front of the room.

        "Janet, take off your panties, spread your legs, and lay down on

the desk," said Miss Johnston. "I'm going to give your pussy a workout

with my tongue."

        Janet complied, and soon Miss Johnston was slurping and licking

between Janet's legs. The class and Mr. Garrison watched the scene with

great interest.

        Miss Johnston looked up for a second at Mr. Garrison, who could

not hide his errection. "Mr. Garrison, since this seems to excite you

so, why don't you show the class how you jerk-off."

        Mr. Garrison immedietly began to comply with Miss Johnston's

order. The laughed and screamed at Mr. Garrison's actions.

        Within a few moments, Janet exploded in orgasm, quickly followed

by Mr. Garrison. His cum spurted out of his penis and landed on the

floor, and on Miss Johnston's desk.

        "That concludes our experiments for today, said Miss Johnston.

"Let's all get back into our own clothing. But, first, Fred, I want you

to stay after class and clean up Mr. Garrison's cum with your tongue."

        The bell rang, and as I gave Miss Johnston back her own clothes,

I eagerly lapped up Mr. Garrison's cum from the floor and desk.

         When I left Miss Johnston's classroom, Krista was outside the

door waiting for me. 

         "Well, little Freddie," said Krista, "This oughta teach you

that what goes around, cums around."

         As Krista flashed the pictures of me in drag, sucking George's

penis, I had to agree with her. Krista had certainly gotten her revenge

for my treatment of her. However, I didn't know what the future held for


                  THE END?????



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