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Archive-name: Control/drugpt3.txt


Archive-title: Out of Control - 3

Trapped. Krista's little pill in my coffee had me trapped. Her hypnotic

spell over me, had forced me to masterbate in the cafeteria, then walk

around to show everyone the cum stains on my jeans. Then Krista took me

home where Krista, Betty, Rita, and Sandy worked on transforming me into

a girl. The worst part was that under the hypnotic spell, I wanted them

to do this more than anything in the world. Now, the worst was yet to

come! They wanted to take me out in public dressed like this! 

   "Should we give Freddy some makeup?," asked Sandy.

   "No," said Krista, "I think it'll be more fun if there's no question

that Freddie isn't a girl, but just a panty-assed little jerk off."

   Now that I was dressed like a girl, the post-hypnotic suggestion had

been realized. I began to rebel at their plans.

   "Now, I don't know about going on in PUBLIC like this," I said, "I

mean, funs fun, but let's not get carried away."

   "Freddie, we'll decide what you'll do," said Krista. "However, I do

think it's time for more post-hypnotic suggestions...kumquat."

   At the sound of the word "kumquat," I lapsed into a deep sleep.

Krista's still had me under her power! 

   "Now, little Freddie," smirked Krista, "not only do you want to go

out in public like this, you'll think nothing of your new wardrobe.

What's more, you've developed a yen for cock. You liked the taste of

your own cum soooo much that you want to sample other men's cum. So,

much that it's the staple of your new diet. All you want to eat is cum.

Anything else makes you sick to your stomach. Everytime one of us ask

you if you're getting hungry, you will be starved, and only cum will

satisfy your hunger. Okay, little girl, snap out of it."

   With those last words, I awoke. I no longer felt ill at ease about

going out in my new clothes. All I could think about is how they made me

lick up my own cum earlier, and how good it tasted. 

   "Let's go," said Betty.

With that we went to Krista's car and drove to a nearby by bar. As we

walked in I commented that I didn't know about this place, and had never

been there before.

    "You don't usually frequent gay bars, Freddie?," asked Krista.

"Well, I thought it might be the place to go to help you satisfy your

hunger. By the way, Fred, are you hungry?"

     "Come to think of it,  I'm starved, " I said. The desire to eat cum

was even greater now, it was at a fever pitch. 

     "Well, Freddie," said Betty, "I'm sure one of these gentlemen would

be glad to feed you your dinner." 

     Just then, Sandy came up to us with a man, who was about six foot

two, and about twenty five.

     "Hi, Freddie," said Sandy. "I was just telling Sam here that you

wanted to suck his cock."

     I looked up at the man sheepishly. I DID want to suck his cock!

     "Hi, Freddie," said Sam. "Why don't we all go into the back room."

     All of us went into the back room. Sam undid his pants, and said,

"Okay, Freddie, suck away." 

    I looked at his cock like it was Thanksgiving dinner. I took his

penis into my mouth, and almost immediately it grew to its full six

inches. Soon, Sam was moving his hips into me, and crushing his penis

further into my mouth. I almost choked, but the taste of his pre-cum was

like a fine champagne in my mouth. After a couple of minutes of fucking

my mouth, jets of jism went into my mouth. As hungry as I was, I gulped

down almost all of it, although drips of cum drooled from my mouth.

That's when I saw a flash. I looked up, and Krista was holding a camera

and grinning widely.

    "Just some pictures for our scrapbook, Freddy," said Krista. "And

believe me when we're done with you it will be filled with LOTS of

pretty pictures like this one."

    I was soooo humiliated. Here I was dressed like a girl, with some

guy's cum dripping out of my mouth. I couldn't imagine being humiliated

more than this. Yet, Krista's comment about LOTS of pictures made me

believe that I had lots yet to come.




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